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Their Property in New Jersey As
sessed at $228,07 0.6S0 Against
$223 486,392 Last Year,
Trenton, Nov. 6.—The State Board j
.f Assessors filed yesterday with the
' date Comptroller a list of their assess
11 neuts of railroad and canal properties
n New Jer ey for the current year.
Tiie total assessed valuation of rail
r1' on 1 property in this State is $228,
i;0 Ci'.K) as against $223,480,392 a year
mo. The railroad companies will pay
■ i total tax on their assessment of
• 1,5T4,802. of which amount $1,140,353
yill go to the State an 1 $443,418 will
>0 divided among municipalities in
.vhich is situated second class railroad
The railroad compauies that will
lay the largest amount of tax aro the
9i,nnn>lvonfn «.lJT tMlfi ! N('W .JerSOV I
Uentrnl, $329,409; Delaware, Lacka
wanna atul Western, $271,656; Lehigh
Valley, $157,688; Erie, $156,323;
Philadelphia and Reading, $55,384,
ind New York, Susquehanna and
ffesteru, $44,607.
I Month’s Hunting Trip.
William H. Hartmann, of this city.
A’ mil Frank Hadkins, of Tottenville,
leave Saturday for New Clmrch, Ya.
r “ They will spend a month or so hunt
ing in the Old Dominion State. They :
: s.iHCt to bag deer, quail, rabbits and
squirrels, galore.
01 ft __
Hans Hanson was arrested at 8.50 1
0 cluck last night charged with being
Jrr.uk and disorderly. This morning
he w as lined $10.
Andrew Sammick. of Huntington
street, was arrested last night by
Policeman Morris. Andrew was paid
yesterday and celebrated. This morn
iug he was fined $5.
Mrs. Annie Johnson and her hus
band nad a little trouble at their
Smith street home last night. About
1 o’clock, Mrs. Johnson, who was a
litti intoxicated, started to raise a ,
litui rumpus. Her husband joined in
a .1 a crowd collected. Patrolman 1
i Long arrested Mrs. Johnson. She
was lined $10.
1 Simmons I
I Watels Chains I
I* Just as stylish and hand- S
I some as all-gold ones, wear V
| just as long, and a good |
deal cheaper. They are f
| guaranteed to give entire Kj
- • jj|| satisfaction to the wearer. IIj
UjH °ff* for Hie ripht time-have ft
• In reliable watch of your own. No
:f (2 n atter what your taste, vnui
^ :«? needs, your price, we can satisfy
? A
NOV. 7.
Stronger, Bigger, Bet
ter than Ever
Special Features engaged for
next Saturday night
Don't fail to see the Soub
r— ' rettes Trip in a grip
Schaffer and Schaffer, the Comedy
Musical Artists.
Nibbie and Bordeau, high class
Vaudeville stars.
Humes and Lewis, Acrobats, intro
ducing eccentric comedy.
Lavine and Alma, the crazy Ir
““ ghman and the Soubrette
taughable^ Farce, “Our
jug Fun.” Fast^
>r the patrons
Sat. Nov. 7
Boys Shoes S>
that give satisfaction. Boys are
admittedly hard on shoes and
many parents find it impossible to
purchase shoes that will stand the
test of time. Satisfactory shoes
can be purchased however but not
without unusual care and attention
having been given to it’s making.
We claim for our boys’ shoes all
these essential features.
Torres, Seeing tlie Situation Was
Hopeless, Withdrew Ilis Force.
COLON, Colombia, Nov. 0.—After a
conference Colonel Torres, commander
of tlie Colombian troops here, seeing
that the situation was hopeless, em
barked with 2S officers, 435 men and
30 women on the lloyal Mall steamer
Orinoco and sailed from here for Car
tagena at 7:00 p. m.
The people of Colon are now jubi
lant. The Hag of the new republic
flics from the railway stations at Oa
tun and Ilohio Soldudo, near Colon.
Troops from Panama will doubtless
take charge of the city today.
The municipal council of Colon hns
just notified flic provisional govern
ment at Panama of its adherence to
the new republic.
The United States auxiliary cruiser
Dixie has just arrived.
The Unknowable.
Binlts—Winkers is a great friend of
Tin the world)—Can’t soy.
I haven’t had to borrow money since ' |
knew him.—N. Y. Weekly.
' iSrim-iuSiifyWJFMl *i* JWSV. TBiHE —
Real Estate column page 2
for your own Deeds one to pivs nt to a friend,
we would v suggest that 3011 look
over our .‘issoriiDen ,iof time pieces.
We have utmost esre, aided b}*
judgment years of experience
in the .lew selecting every watch
oraru'elecf our establishment, and
wo claim and price, art
icles ruplicttted.
39C> Sfstte Street.

8 Mill November Iff! j
BECAUSE we are giving you the best groceries at the lowest prices |
We are giving you trading stamps free of charge as a cash discount,
more than anybody else. Compare our prices with others.
* —————— ■■■■■ " «-— ■
Tliisi Sale will last lor Saturday,
TV 3v» T^tli olid iVIonclny INov# i)tli only
Best this year’s pick Tomatoes can 8c
Best Early June Pcas4 call. 8c
Malta Vita Breakfast food p'jg.12^
Force best breakfast; food.12J
Best Sugar cured Ilam nice and
Best Butter per lb.25c
New Pruues 3 lbs for.20c
Best California Ham. 7Jc H
Good fancy Butter.28c B
New Currants 8 boxes for.23c I
Best Salt Porlc.11 Jo I
Best Leaf Lard.lie I
Large bottle Bluelabel Catsup.18c E
Beat Bacon..13Jc H
Good Lard 8 lbs for. 25c B
Campbell’s s on pa 8 cans for.23c 1
We just recaived a largo consignment of Cigars, specially manufactured fori
us, and wo guarantee the quality aoul price to ba to your advantage. Cigars to I
satisfy the most fastidious smokers. To inroduce our braud wo will give 5.00 I
worth of Stamps with each box. Pds tively the best 5a cigar in this city. I
“Purity Brand” box of 25 for 90 ctS.
®*3iS worth in stamps with the
QlV following useful order
1 lb Best Elgin Butter.25c
1 can Best Corned Beef.15c
1 box Noodles.10c
1 bottle Vanilla or Lemon.10c
2 lb3 best Java Coffee.58c
1 bottlo best Mustard.10c
1 can best Lima Beans.12c
Yz lb can Purity Baking Po.vder.2'lc
1 large bag Salt.10c
1 can best Boston Baked Beaus.10c
1 jar Syrup.10c
1 bottle best Catsup.10c
Yz lb best Tea any flavor.29c
1 pkg Tapioeo. Pc
K y a WUItll 111 oldlTipo E
^ S s 41 si with these articles
| 1 good iJnioiu.25c
i 1 large bottle Blueing.10c
! 1 pkg Purity Corn Starch.10c
| 1 large bottle Maple Syrup.18u
1 large bag Salt.10c
1 lb best Buttciiue.19c
1 lb C< coanut..■.15c
2 bo I ties Vanilla or Lemon.20c
1 box Wlieatlot good breakfast
$8.00 worth in stamps free wi!h
■ this small order.
] 1-2 pkbest sweet Potatoes.15o
! 1 lb best Butter.25c
i lib Coffee.29o
| 1 can best Milk... 9c
1 box x. R. Stov “olisli. 5c
1-2 lb nest Tea any .lavor.29c
1 can Cocoa.10c
1 l>kg Cocoauut.-L..10c
8 00 worth of Stamps free with
1 lb can Purity Bakiug Powder 45c
5.00 worth in stamps with
1 lb best Tea . 58c
2.00 in stamps with
1 IK / iV_ on,.
tow. 11
As Christmas is drawing near and realizing the fact that the thousands of stamp collectors in
Perth Amboy and surrounding towns are anxious to have their book fillled in order to get a fine
Christmas present without cost, and to enable them to fill their books quickly, we offer for tomorrow
i the following liberal amount of
Extra Stamps to our Customers. m
i * - —
O n O Special. Ladies’ Scotch
H MX Mi.- ture tailor-made
U . U U Louis XIV Suit s.
Only 2 left, hence the price. Real
value io.oo,
9f^ A Our Ieac^er- Ladies’
U M all wool Zibeline Suits
■ V U Louis XIV style. Silk
lined. Real worth 12.50.
5 a Children’s all wool
Zibeline full length
■ U W Cloaks, double cape,
collar, cape and culls edged with
velvet. Sold elsewhere at 6.50.
18 C fl Per Pa*n Towne’s iiu
h I] ported Kid English
I ■ W U Walking gloves for
Our stock of Eiderdown Dressing
Sacques is the largest in the city
Dressing Sacques at 75c that other
dealers sell for 98c.
I.QO for, 1J39 Dressing Sacques,
1.25 \ 1.50
One lot of Children’s Reefers
that sold for i‘25- CO
Your choice to-moirow Hi I I
at.■ V 0
One lot that sold for 1.50 &•■**
Your choice at. /
2/~\/‘'V worth of extra
#V«/vy stamps with all
purchases ofx.oo
worth of goods or ove r. ,
5/^v/^v worth of extra
, stamps with all
all purchases of
5.00 worth of goods or over.
"1 worth of ex
X v/ • V/ \«/ t r a stamps
with all pur
chases of 10.00 worth of goods
or over.
These extra stamps are
given besides the stamps your
purchase entitles you to.
Miss S- G. Garretson re
ceived the full book of stamps
given away by us last Satur
a each, all sizes childrens all
M x wool sweaters, iu all colors
i M U a sample lot, some worth
each, all colors Tam O’
K U shanters, long angora hair
< w V the kind that fit over the
:ars when cold.
p for 2 pair childrens all
y wool ribbed hose. All
■ w sizes.
1a per pair the best and
Mil largest 1.50 blanket
■ U U made.
Ia a for u full size heavy
■ MM white Bed Spread.
Marseilles patterns reg price 1.25 I
■ each all colors 25c crochet I
» I M shawls.
m a each, gent, natural wool |
iTU 75c.Shirts and Drawers.
a r each gents outing cloth work- I
,35 ing Shirts.
per pair, misses peerless
M Lf mb wool soles.
ijg ■ I
IN. Y. State Corn Power § \
Early June Peas Highland Fruit Jams g ^
Standard Tomatoes Victory go*pg |
Stringlcss Beans . . , f
. Amoma, bottle
Baked Beans, large
can. each per can Black Pepper, 1-4 lb. |
Eggs Herring Potatoes Hams
Fancy Western a Milclxam, in «J7|P» Fancy Jerseys, Small lean Califor
doz. k‘^8 Vk fcUC u,alIam8
I Teas and Coffees. 1 I
Best Formosa, Japan, and English Holland Mocha and Java, lb. - 30c 1
and Mixed Tea, lb - - 50c Best Maracaibo, lb. - - 25c I 4
Other grades. ■ ■ 25c, 30c, 40e Small Bean Maracaibo, lb. - - 15c I M
Liptons Teas, lb ... (30c Our Blend, lb. - . • - 19c j|
Heinz Mustard Dressing - Mustard, bottle - I U|
Sniders Salad Dressing - Catsup, “ 1 ^
Heinz Evap. Horse Radish - Royal Cocoanut, plcg - f
My Wife’s Salad Dressing Powdered Bath Brick ■ I ■
John Bull Sauce, imported Celery Salt, bottle -
I J H. & F. Hills
I 132 Smith Street, Perth Amboy, N. J. ,

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