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i » v *! f'
!>,i- ailed again aud the deal was closed,
tl, Miat was early in the summer, but
lor ho factory is bo far behind in iti
; iti rders that the press could not be de
I*" „ ivered until October.
|tt Another problem then presented it
boy 3lf. The building we then occupiei
Its /as already crowded. With three jo’
ig. resses, two cylinder presses, a powe
l • utter, power stitcher, a steam engiu
O ad a gas engine, onr press roon
a h’. /ould liold no more. It was then tha
day ?e deeided a new building was neces
icru ary. To find a suitable place was th>
lext question. Numerous places wen
ooked at, but none were suited fo;
r he purpose. All were too dark, li
O'1 vas evident a place would have to bt
c milt. We then looked about for a
»■ lesirable site. The lot where oui
i iresent new and complete home Is
t ocated was among the others taken
a nto consideration. It was on a main
street, was but a few doors of the
6r:t iunction of three of Perth Amboy’s
q. main arteries of traffic, was in th<
| demands. We have in mind identical
' lv the kind of a newspaper wo thinl
Perth Amboy should have and wil
gradually strive to reach that ideal.
I Now a word about our new press
) What will it do? It will take a largi
t roll of paper and turn out well-priut
i ed, perfectly folded, and firmly pastel
i newspapors at the rate of one hundrei
t per minute! That’s the whole stor;
• in a nut-shell. But the press with m
i extra attachments will also print ii
i color—that is from one to six color
' can be produced in a single issue o
the paper!
The now press weighs over 24,00
pounds or twelve tons. An unusually
strong foundation is necessary to holt
this. A pit four feet deep was dug
one foot of solid cement foundatioi
placed in and then four brick walls
a foot thick and three foot high, wert
constructed. Huge timbers, ten bj
twelve inches and the full length ol
s hear!; of the business district, and al
together, wns decided to be just the
thing. U. W. Boynton was seen and
ho liked the idea. We named the size
r of a building we wanted, drew a plan
showing how we wanted our presses
>'' located and Gorham L. Boynton, the
architect and builder, did the rest.
:1 today. The Perth Amboy Evening
o News has one of the best equipped
newspaper offices in the Stato. We
! frankly admit that we aro proud of it
and proud of tho wonderful growth
the Evening News has had within the
past eight months since the new man
agement has had charge. No one
lealizes more than we do, howover,
the short comings and imperfections
in the paper as it appears today, and
the advent of the now press is but an
other step in producing that kind of a
newspaper which the live, enterpris
ing and growing city of Perth Amboy
Emperor of Germany Had
Polypus Growth In Laryns.
p; ---
^ The Kaiser Himself Hill Not Suspect
the Throat Trouble Until a l'cw
Dhj-m Aqro, unti Experienced
No Discomfort Erom It.
BERLIN, Nov. 9.—Emperor William
has just undergone an operation for
the removal of a polypus from h!s
larynx. It was not a serious one, ant!
the surgeons expect that his majesty
will he out of doors in n few days.
Tlie operation was performed by J’ro
Ifessor Moritz Schmidt and was en
tirely successful. The only Incon
venience suffered by his majesty is
that he lias been enjoined not to speak
until the wound caused hy the opera
tion has been healed. The bulletins an
nouncing the result of the operation
fi caused much astonishment, even
among court officials, who had no sus
picion that ids majesty was suffering
i from any affection of tin* throat.
The following bulletin lias been is
sued :
“The emperor spent the day quietly
in ills room. lie slept throughout the
: ' night without interruption. The ap
pearance of tl;e small wound is satis
factory, and there is no pain or other
discomfort in the throat. Ills majes
ty’s temperature is 3(1.3; pulse. 00.”
The emperor has urr.tugcd a hunting
trip for Friday, Nov. -7.
The emperor himself appears not to
have known of the growth in ills
larynx until a few days ago and to
have suffered no discomfort from it.
Tile emperor received Count von Bil
low and afterward lunched witli the
empress and the count in ilia bedroom.
Count von Billow found the emperor
„ as chatty and animated as usual. The
emperor wore a dressing gown instead
of a coat. He took liquid foods and
did not indulge in the courses served.
Ills general health lias never been so
good. He has not felt the our affection
whli^ troubled iiiin for years and has
quite outgrown the nervous trouble
L. i i I
Hie press, wore laid in coment ou the
top of the brick wall, and the result
is a foundation so solid that a person
in any other section ot the building
can hardly tell when the press is run
The press was sot np and this edition
was printed under the direction of L.
ing the Evening News pressman how
to run and properly care for this press.
For simplicity in mechanism, where
one considers the work to be perform
ed aud in ability for fast *and well
executed work, the double-drive angle
bar and color press is without an
equal. It takes its paper from a roll
70 inches wide, 30 inches in diameter,
weighing a half ton and containing
nearly four miles of papor when un
rolled, and delivers the eight-page
papers, printed, cut, folded, pasted
aud counted—in fact, protected in the
operation ready for the reader.
that formerly impelled him to Inces
sant physical activity. It Is stated
that the emperor will continue to re
ceive visitors on olilclal business.
The growth In the larynx at once
suggested that th<> emperor might he
suffering from something worse than n
simple polypus, hut Professors am
Lentliold. l.iberg, Schmidt and Orth
supplement the bulletins In replying to
Inquirers by the most positive personal
declarations that the affection was
merely a “good lintuml polypus,"
which is not likely to return or to he
followed by any evil effects.
I fl’nj'Nlde Phllosopnv.
’ Goodman Gonrong—Wo don’t git
nothin’ at that liouso. I asked the
woman fur some cold vittlcs, a cup ot
cawfey, some elothln’, an’ a place to
; sleep In the barn, an’, by gum, she
I paid I was oomln’ tt u little too strong
an’ she sbet the door in my face!
Tuffold Knutt—That’s wot yo^glt, ye
blame fool, fur puttin’ all yer begs In
one ask it.—Chicago Tribune.
lint IS’ot IsprjiiiiK- It.
"It’s not a hardship to attend
church.” said the Rev. X. Ilorter. "If
a youth is trained to keep the Sab
bath. you’ll find as lie grows older lie'll
enjoy it.”
"That’s so,” replied the unregencratc
Mr. Hardka.se, "they made me keep
the Sabbath when I was a boy, and
now I put In all m.v time enjoying it.”
—Philadelphia Press.
T!ie Patna! tVnj-.
"That was old Grasper who passed
us just now, wasn’t it? Is he still wor
rying his life out over that disputed
"Oh, no—he put the whole case in
the hands of the lawyers last year.”
"And they won It for him?”
“Well—er—no—the fact Is, there’s
no longer any estate to worry over.”—
Ally Sloper.
As Compared.
Ethel—What do you think of young
Mae—Oh, he reminds me of a blot
ting pad.
Ethel—Indeed! What’s the answer!
Mae—He bears the impression ol
some good things, hut lacks Hie ability
to make use of them.—CinAnati En
quiicr. tm
* \
Between 8 and 9 o clock.
IOC P^ Pa*r’ Ladies 25c and
50c Hose supporters.
5 stamps with each pair
1 choice of any of our H &
| 1.00 Corsets.
Between^ and 10 o'clock.
> 75fi Per Pa“‘> Ladies’ kid
1 « ••Gloves in black and eolor
* ed. 20 stamps with each pair.
j £»{|| choice of our 1.98 Ladies'
, "■•• white Madras Waists,
latest droop shoulders.
Between 10 and II o’clock.
(a each, children’s school
Ra per pair, children’s black
ioc Mittens.
Between II and 12 o’clock.
% for a large cake of floating
Toilet soap.
7Em each, choice of any of our
■ 98c Juvenile Sweaters.
20 Stamps with each.
C. A. Sexton is Selling Popular Medicine
at Half Price.
It. was a greet disappointment to many
of Druggist C. A. Sextons, customers
when they learned tiiat his stock of Dr.
Howard’s specific for the euro of cousti
acion and dyspepsia, his special intro
ductory half price offer, was exhausted.
Fortunately ho has been able to obtain
a further supply which ho offers on the
same terms,-a regular fifty cent package
containing 00 doses, for 25 cents.
Mr. C. A. Sexton has so much eonfi
douce in llie merit of the medicine, and itH
power to cute even the worst casts of
of constipation and dyspepsia, that lie
agrees to return the money to any one
whom it does not euro. This guarantee
from a reliable business man cannot fail
to inspire confidence in the specific.
After a hearty meal, take one of the little
pillets ol'Dr. Howard’s specific, and you
will have no trouble from indigestion or
that full Ceding. It strengthens the
whole digestive syetem, gives natural and
ca^y action to the bowels, and stimulates
tlio torpid liver. Unlike ordinary remedies
for constipation and dyspepsia, the dose is
reduced after the first few day’s use, and
tbo cures it makes are permanent.
Take advantage !" the real bargain Mr.
Sexton is offering If the spooifie did not
possess uusual vjfc[uo._lie would mil, ho so |
Colonel Pope, of bicycle famo, ro
contly said that the first essoutial to'
business success is “advertising;”!
that the second ossontial was “big
advertising;” and the third, “bigger
Tlic Flrut anil the F.aftt*
Mr. Misfit (savagely)—Before I mar
ried you \va3 there any doddering idiot
gone on you?
Mrs. Misfit—There was ono.
Mr. Misfit—I wish to goodness you'd
married him! !
Mrs. Misfit—I did!—Tit-Bits.
Hntl n Girl, Tlinnsh.
Friend—I thought you had a girl.
Mrs. Suburb—I have.
“But you are doing the work.”
"Yes. The girl is a coasutnptlve, ar.il
was ordered into the country for hei
health. We couldn’t get any other kind
to come here.”—N. Y. Weekly.
“Mr. Bligglns seems to be a wonder
fully bright young man.”
“He is,” answered Mies Cayenne; “in
a certain way. He is careful to select
topics of conversation so abstruse that
you have to take everything he says foi
granted.”—Washington Star.
Dublin* for Hat*.
Immature dahlias are of a greenish
hue and theso have been used on an im
ported white hat.
No! a Hlffn of IVIbiIoki.
No man la so big a fool that he 1b
not asked for his advice.—Washington
4U4 Ik;iat?scat—, ^ „_ „ . J
Social Standing.
About the only social standing some
folks have is that they can go to all
funerals. _
llnlltvny Ifln»i»loyes.
The railways of the world give em
ployment to something like (>.000,000
This is a vyry pretty way to make a
house frock; it is simple and neat, yet
has a great deal of style. It is made
of lightweight material such as voile,
etamine or grcMdino. The.trimming
is of Persian bmds.
Tho epanletl hang loose on the
shoulders, as dops also the band dov^n
the front; .the rest of £the Persian
trimming is stitched down to the
material. A yoke on the waist and
the tops of the sleeves are tacked to
give fallness.
The skirt has a plain front width,'
tucked sides, and a double box-pleat
in the back. This frock is pretty'
mado in navy blue or pale ton with
the trimming of contrasting shades. '
\ The Food Tonic of Pure Lofoten Cod Liver Oil, r
/ Fresh Beef, Malted Cereals and Milk. Thorough- /
/ ly peptonized and predigested, combined with the /
\ Peptomanganats of Iron \
S and the Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda. /
J A Powerful Nutrient Tonic. Reconstructor and /
Remember this VIN-TONE is a builder, it gives
you health and strength and makes you well.
Sold on a Positive Cua>antce by our Exclusive
Keasbey & Barnekoy,
Leading Druggists
I _ _ _ _ _ _ « _ _ _
Any BooR You '
choose and
For 13 Weeks $1.25
Subscription begins at once.
Send us $ 1.25, money order or I
check, and we will mail to you
LIFE for 13 weeks and any
book of fiction published pre
vious to Oct. 1902, and listed
by publishers at $1,$1.25 or
In selecting book give full title,
and.il possible, author and pub
lisher. we pay postage.
LIFE is published Thursdays, j
10c. a copy. $5 a year, $! .25
for I 3 weeks. GIBSON draws
for LIFE every week.
1 7 West 3 1 st Street, N. Y. City
—ifcgr-t-ffr na..—■ , .ft. ■ ,T
IIIk. Location*
Visitor (in insane asylum)—Ah, ar
empty cell! May I 6tep in and exam
ine it?
Attendant— Guess you’d better not
The occupant—a hopeless automobiU
crank, you know—is under the cotthere
trying to find out why )t. won’t go. 1.
you disturb him he is liable to think ym
want him to tell you all about it.—Tows
Not Yet Pntfl.
‘‘They’re saying you’re just like all the
other members of the house," remarkee
I he newly elected legislator’s close friend
“They say yon have your price.”
‘‘That'3 a lie,” declared the new mem
“I thought so.”
"Yes. I haven’t got it yet, but I havt
Lopes.”—Catholic Standard and Times.
Perfume* to Match Colors.
Perfume to “match” the shade of the
dress is a rule that some ladies now
adopt, the following costume-colors,
amongst others, being used with scents
of the same name: violet, heliotrope,
lilac, carnation, roue and lavender.
IFhi-iI to Be Jn.it.
It is practically impossible to be
Just to a friend, an enemy and one
self. The friend 1b always overrated,
the enemy overliatod and oneself ex
onerated.— N. O. Times-Democrat.
The largest and best
equipped furniture and
carpet house in the State
This is what we claim for our establishment.
Take our Carpet Department, it is 65x100 feet
in extent, and no matter what you may need in floor cover
ings they will be found here, from the beautiful Gobelin &
Savonerie high pile fabrics to the ordinary hemp and rag
carpets, the selection is great. Do not go elsewhere 'for
your floor coverings. We will save you money and give
you the best satisfaction right here. We quote a few prices
from our Rug stock:
Size 9x12 Kasmir Rug, fine pattern, elegant
_Hi... _4.1. 1_1_ in *7c
uuu \.y | v*vyi in mm m. • w, uuiv. ^nv.Va • • • t • i \J • M
Size 9x12 Reversible Brussels Rug, worth
15 oo, sale price. 11.75
Size 9x12 Axminster Rug, worth 30.00, sale v
price... 24.75
Furniture, Cai’pets arul Pianos.
105, 107, 109 FIRST ST.,
Peri Amboy Loan
Branch of New Brunswick Loan Co.
Room 15 Subeuer Jlulldluu
(Jor. Rmitb Street Rnd u ■
New u-unswick Ave, rertn AmDoy, N. J.
Hours: N n. in. till (i p. in.
P. 8.—If you cannot call, drop us a lino,
and upon receipt of name our represent
ative will call at your house and ex
plain terms, etc.
No Ctiaroo Unless Loan Is Made.
The men who havo made tho largest
fortunes In business are those who
have been tbo most extensive adver
tisers \
--—- »
|Hgw Goa! Yardf
| Just Opened 4
iPertii AmboyJ
1 Coal Co. i
5? Will have tlicir new coal yard and ^
S ollieo A
^Corner Division & William St.i*
^ Oi>eii for business on Sat- x
J urday, October 10t.lt. They i
x will carry a full line of
fLehigh and Hazelton?
I goal |
A At Hcasonablo prices. Full weight A
-ja guaranteed. Orders may lie loll jm
V at. .lake’s Fruit Store, corner oltj?
r Smith and St.ato St. or Greenspan q
X Hros., coiner Smith and Elm St. c
S> Tel. 143a 9
$ 8. FOLENSKY, &
i Manager.**

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