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Library Board is Waiting for the
Furniture Now-BuildingN
is Complete.
Board will Have Postal Cards Printed and
Supply Doctors with Them so as to Gov
ern the Circulation of Books—Do not
Want to Get Them in Houses Which are
Tho Library Board held a meeting
last night. Tho library will be moved
as soon as the furniture arrives. This
may be any time now. The furniture
was to be shipped November 10.
An important resolution was adopt
ed. It authorized the secretary to
have printed and distributed among
the city doctors, postal cards similar
to those nsed in notifying tho Board
of Health of contagions disease. The
physicians will be asked to send snch
.car Is to the pnblio library in order
that the circulation of any sncli
diseases, by infected books may be
The building committee gave its re
port. Tho litrary is practically com
pleted. The furnace is woraing satis
factorily and the lights are good.
The house has not yet been formally
accepted, but will bo so shortly. The
pavement is about to bo laid. An
application will be made for the in
stallation of a telephone.
Rev. Percy R. Ferris will Preach
About the Public Schools
Sunday Night.
Rev. Percy R. Ferris will preach a
special sermon on the school system
in the Baptist church Sunday night.
His genoral topic will be what the
new public school means to Perth
Amboy and his subject is, “Onr Pnb
lio Schools, the Hope of the Nation.'’
It is expected that as many of the
people interested in the public schools
will be present as possible. Mr.
Ferris will probably have something
to say about the Bible in the public
schools and to what extent there
should bo religious teaching.
DIED—Mrs. Carolino Gilman on
Tuesday, Nov. 10, in her 79tli year.
The funeral will be held from her
home, 40 Jefferson street, on Friday,
Nov. 13, at two (2) o’olock in the
I " " " ■■■■■•


1 Frost Cream!

Does not leave the skin ■
i sticky and greasy.
15c Bottle.
I 70-72 SMITH ST. I

a • • .. - ■
a *
Answer to yesterdays puzzle |
■ was slate.
■ *
i Winner of yesterdays prize j
j was A. Borlund, So. Amboy.
■ "

■ ■

Big Cistern being Erected at the Chemical Works {
Caved in and Injured Three—One is Now in
the Hospital—Injuries are not Serious—Had
to be Dug Out. I
- v
Jolin Levisky, a Hungarian, John
W. Hangon and Abijali Riggs were
injured yesterday iu the cave-in of a
portion of a cistern which they aro
building at the new plant being erect
ed in Buckingham avenue for the
Chemical works. The acccident
occnrrod at 4 o'clock. Levisky is in
the city hospital and the other two
men aro cut and scratched in soveral
places but not enougli to confino them
to their homes.
The cistern is eight feet long, ten
feet high and twelve feet wide. It
has been building for three weeks and
is being done in sections ot ten or
twelve feet. The part which caved
iu was near the end. The top of the
cistern is curved and the masonry is
built over false work known as
“centre.” It wus in moving this
centre, 8x12 and weight 5b0 pounds,
that the accident happened. Eight
men were engaged. When the braces
were knocked out the center came
down too suddenly and the mason
work was unable to stand the strain
of its own weight. It fell and about
two tons of iron, mortar bricks and
the heavy centre fell. Riggs and the
Hungarian were directly under it and
Riggs, seeing that his companion was
in a tighter place than he, attempted
to hold the centre np. This was im
possible and he narrowly escaped be
ing crushed under the wreckage.
Tho Hungarian could not get out
and the whole mass covered him. His
screamB were so agonizing that it was
thought he was dying. Men tore
away the bricks with their hands.
The man was taken out bleeding from
cuts in the head and shoulder. The
Raritan Copper Works ambulance was
called and the man was taken to the
hospital. Now he is doing well.
None of his injuries are serious.
The weight of the falling mass was
increased by an enormous iron cap
which has been placed on the manhole
opening. The cistern has two of these
and one was at this place. The other
five mon got out from under the mass
before it fell and were unhurt.
Froshven and Junior Basket Ball Team
Happy Over Their Victory.
The Freshmen and Junior basketball
team are jubilant over their victory
over the Senior team yesterday. They
played a good game and deserved
their victory. Tho score was G to 4.
The lineup was:
Freshmen-Junior Pos’t’n Seniors
R. Fletcher Centre R. Blnme
G. Pfeiffer baskets Loretta Kelly
Emily Land ” Betli .Watson
A. Stahr opp baskets H. Meade
L. Colyer ” Hattie Hartman
Elsie Mercer side centre O. Anderson
Jetta Stacey ” J.|Peterson.
r%_!__ J. T!J« tl/.i.. P..< 11 nn 111 a 4a
I I IUV HI I I U u liutvi VMS SV VMS
tail Production.
Another reduction in the price of
bituminous coal at tidewater was an
nonnced yesterday. The out is
twenty-five cents for prime grado coal
and ten cents for the inferior grades.
Coal is stored very extensively m cars
and all legitimate means have been
taken to curtail production, without
If you have a vacant room, the
Evening News can fill it.
The Alonzo Hatch Electro-Photo
Musical Company.
The Finest Collection of MOVING PICTURES
in existence, illustrating the complete story of
Scenes from life in streels and homes of ltus
sis. Japan, China, Phillipines, Frunce, ltily,
Germany and America.
Admission, 8:80 P. M„ for Children, 10 cts.
Adults, 3:30 and 8 F. M , 25 cts. Reserved Beats.
S3 cts. Diagram at Parisen's Drug Store. Aus
pices of Juniou Epworth League, Simpson M.
E. Church. \
Two South Amboy Boys Are Ac
cused of Stealing a Blanket
Valued at $5
Special to the Evening News.
New Brunswick, Nov. 12;—Fred
and Edward Johnson, aged eighteen
and fifteen respectively, both of South
Amboy, were arraigned in court this
morning accused of stealing a blanket
at South Amboy, valued at $5. John j
Gaub, is the owner of the blanket. t
Their trial was fixed for Saturday f
morning. t
When the judge saw Edward, who
is small for his age, he ordered that
the boy be sent home until the dav
for trial. The boy’s mother is dead ,
and the l'ad said he would rather stay (
in jail with his brother. Both are ,
kept in women s wards on account of ,
their size. ' ,
Dock B is Not Yet Fully Repaired—
Men Working Every Oth
f r Day.
The Lehigh Valley dock A is being i
worked full timo every day, twelve
hours. The men from B dock alter
nate with the men from A dock. This
makes the men work every other day.
A dock is being worked very much
lately. There is a large amount of
coal in the stock yards and a lot in ,
South Plainfield. Much of this is
nosv being shipped. A number of
Bee Line barges are lying idle at B
dock awaiting orders.
Since the B dock shut down on the
1st of August, the dock working has
only been used two nights. It is very
likely that it willjjbe three weeks be
fore the B dock, which has just been
repaired, will start, as the repairs are
not yet completed. The rails have
not been laid on B dock yet but it is ;
likely they will be soon. A delay
was caused by the frogs not arriving.
They are now on hand but it will be j
the end of the month beforo the dock
is ready for work.
Office Force of Two Big Industries to Meet
on Bloodgood’s Alleys.
The office force of the Federal Clay
Ml'g. Co., and the office force of the
National Fire Proofing Co., will bowl
three games at Bloodgood’s alleys to
morrow night at 8 o'clock. The losing
team will pay the expenses to New
York, to a theatre party and a dinner
at the Hotel St Denis. The bowlers
are: Federals; Sofiold, Cheshire,
Stevens, Weaver, Graham. Nationals;
Main, Fritzinger, Hall, Miller, Rossi.
J. C. Rossi, foal line tender and gen
eral judge of game.
Taken Violently Insine.
Enstina Bediua, a Pole, was taken
violently insane three days ago. Yes
terday Drs. B. L. Lnnd and W. E.
Ramsay committed her to the insane
asylum at Trenton.
Geobob W. Rogers. Walter A. Snow.
Pyrographic Portraits a Specialty
gvo-Avt studios
Novelties in Burned Leather and
Water Color?. Original Designs
Submitted and Executed.
15 Wllliard Place, Kontclair, N. J.
ield Their First Annual Ball in
Braga Hall Last Night-Event
Was a Big Success.
lall was Filled with Friends of the Order
and all had a Delightful Time -Good
Music and a Excellent Floor—Refresh
ments were on Hand and Nothing was
The Woodmen of the World gave a
ance last night in Braga Hall. It
ras one of the most snccessfnl affairs
ver given by any order of this city
,nd it reflects the excellence of that
rder in its very canablo management
,nd execution.
The hall was filled and every one
tad a good time. There was dancing
o music furnished by Prof. Morris
ev’s orchestra. It lasted until early
his morning. Plenty of refreshments,
erved by Masterson, completed the
uccess of the undertaking.
The grand march was led by Thomas
lolger and Mrs. W. V. Ash. The
lommittee of Arrangements was J.
I. Ludwig, James J. Flynn, E.
Switzer and Paul Kroeger. The floor
lirector was W. V. Asb, James J.
<Tynn and Tliomas Bulger assisted.
L'ho reception oommittee was H. Hitz
er, E. Ash, J. H. Brown, J. P. Hun
:ou, C. Larsen end Thomas Crowe.
Perth Amboy C'mp No. 19 organ
zed on the 18th of April 1903. No
rember 1 it numbered 230 members,
tfow it has 330. This is believed to
)e the largest number in any society
n Perth Amboy.
The following are the present
jfflcers: Past Council Commander,
Sov. W. P. Bradley; Council Com
nander, Sov. C. Matninsen; Advisor
Lieutenant, Sov. E. M. Gardner;
Escort, L-harles A. Helmer; Watch
nan William Olsen ; Sentry H. Clark ;
Dlerk H. K. Mason; Banker A.
3ollschweiler; Physician G. J. How
>11; Managers E. Ashe J. Ludwig J.
Central Pleasure Club Ball.
The Central Pleasure Club will hold
heir second annual masquerade ball
n Dewey Park on December 15. The
nnsic for the occasion will be furnish
id by Prof. Steinhauser’s full orches
;ra. Fonr prizes will be awarded,
;wo for the liansomest costumes and
ind two for the most comical cos
umes. The committoe of arrange
nents is as follows: Andrew Ander
iod, chairman, Charles Johnson,
\ndrew Johnson and Jacob Lamp.
Copper Mines Resume Operation.
Operations were resumed at all of
;he Amalgamated Copper Company s
iroperties in Montana, yesterday as
;ho result of a promise made by Wili
am Scallon that he would reopen the
workings at once if Governor Toole
inline » nnnniol COCCinn n f fllP TiPS'lS-l
lature to enact legislation providing
i’or the hearing of litigations by un
prejudiced judges.
Performed Operation.
Dr. H. M. Brace performed an oper
ation Wednesday afternoon at 3
o’clock. Mrs. Adrian Johnson, of 129
Brighton avenne, was the patient.
Mrs. Johnson lias been ill for several
w ks and an operation was tlie only
means of relief. She is doing nicely
at present.
To Return to Mexico.
Stacey Tuttle, who has been visit
ing his family on State street for the
last month, on a vacation from his
duties in Mexico, received word this
morning to return to his duties in
that place.
44 Fayette Street.
Teleplioue 63 w.
Effort Made to Ship 200 Pounds of Nitro-Glycerine I
Over the Central Railroad is Held up and the I
Explosive is Still at the Station—Men Walk I
Carefully While at Work. fl
Arranged in Court this Morning on
Two Charges—New York In
terpreter Present.
Special to Evening Sews
New Brunswick, Nov. 12:—The
Japanese sailor, accused of killing a
companion at Carteret, was arraigned
in court this morning to plead. An
interpreter, Goroku Jikeda, an editor
of a Japanese newspaper in New
York, was present. Through nim the
prisoner said his name was Jinkichi
Matcushima. There were two charges
against him. One of killing and the
other of atrocious assault and batterv.
Tne prisoner pleaded not guilty to
UUIU> J. lit MHVV iVt ** ID V* i‘UD “VW
been fixed. No lawyer has been
assigned for the defense, bnt it is said
a Japanese lawyer from New York
will be engaged.
Assignments to School Fo- 6 Causes
Vacancies Elsewhere Which
will have to be Filled.
The appointing of teachers for the
new school No. 6, will occasion many
changes in the other schools. Miss
Lillian Snow will be brought from
No. 5 to No. 1. Miss Mary Mercer
will go from No 4. to No. 1. The
teachers, who go to the new school
leave the following places: Miss
Nellie 'Hartshorne and Miss Rose
Langan are to go from No., 1 where
they have been assisting. Miss Agnes
Hardiman and Miss Anna Parks will
go to the new building from No. 2
school and No. 5 annex respectively.
Miss Hattie Sharrot and Miss Grace
Carman have been teaching in the
Elm street annex. Miss Laura Ernst
has been teaching at No. 1 temporar
ily. Mr. Reagle has been assisting in
the High School. Mrs. Bertha Huff
will substitute until February when
she will be replaced by a local young
lady who graduates from normal at
that t ime.
The new school will be occupied
Monday. Everything is ready with
the exception of the blackboards. The
seating capacity of the building is
650. There are 492 transfers alone.
No account is taken of those on the
waiting list, those living in the Sixth
District are those who may apply.
LocomoDiie Broke uown.
A locomobile No. 2,609, from New
York to Philadelphia, brose down in
New Brnnswick avenue this morning
and was stalled for over half an hour.
Finally repairs were made and the
journey continued.
To Give Ball January 14.
The Hebrew Progressive Association
will give a masquerade ball in the
Grand Central Palace, Fayette street,
near Madison avenue, January 14.
Every effort is being nut forth to
make this a great success.
Planning for Masquerade Ball
The Harmonie Singing Society ii
planning to hold a masquerade ball ii
Wilder Hall on the night of Decembe:
Buccessor.to L. Albert A Co.
... Photographic Studio..
Evjrythlnp in Portrait, Landscape
and Interior Fhnograpby.
P.O. Building. Perth Amboy, N.J
Yesterday afternoon the authorities
at the Centrnl freight station notified
Officer Wood that there was a large
amount of nitro-glycerine at their
office and they feared an accident if
it was not removed at once. The
police cannot act upon the matter as
Chief nnrke says that as anything
affecting the lives or safety of the
people from an agency which is not
human, comes under the Board of ,
Health’s jurisdiction and that as a t
menace they should take steps to re- ,
move it. Dr. W. E. Ramsay says the ,
matter does not affect the Board ot
Health. Who is to dispose of the ,
matter, furnished food for mnch
There are four cases of the nitro
glycerine, fifty pounds each. This
makes a total of 200 pounds of an ex
plosive ten times as powerful as ,
dynamite and three quarters of a *"
pound of dynamite will blow up three
tons of solid rock. What will happen
if it goes off is worrying the officials
of the freight station.
John H. Gregory had the stuff taken
to the station Monday. He had sold
it to a New Y’ork man and wanted it
shipped by freight. The boxes have ,
each a little printing on an end tell* £
inn the nature of the contents. When
the freight men read these notices ^
they held fthe packages until”word
could be received from the General ,
Traffic Agent at Jersey City. They
consented to hold the stuff until ad £
vice was received from headquarters. ,
Headquarters refused to have the
explosive taken over the road. Mr.
Gregory was notified and requested to
remove it. He refused, saying he had
sold it to another mao. This morn- j
ing Mr. Gregory went to New York, j
It is thought he may have gone to -
untangle things. Just how long the .
stnff will stny at the Central station
is worrying the men there. If that ^
two hundred pounds comes in violent
contact with something else, Perth ^
Amboy will think that the dynamite ^
boat Vesuvius had thrown one of her
projectiles into the city. Nitro is
queer stuff. Unconfined it will burn
without causing nny more mischief ^
than so much paper, but put it in a
tight can and strike it hard enough
and there will be trouble.
- s
Movement on Foot to Establish One Here
in the Near Future. t
- 1
Plans are being completed to start a t
turn verein in this city. E. K. South- a
wick, the electrician, is at the nead v
of the movement. He is a member of q
the Newark Turn Verein. of Newark, 0
and believes one conld be established ^
here with much success. The turn x
verein is devoted entirely to gymnas- a
tics and similar exercises including t
all sports JMr. Southwick has spoken t
1U " v* K* --
about the matter and they have 1
approved the plan. As soon as enough 8
interest is assured to make a turn
verein a success, the organization will
take place. In Newark both turn
vexeins own well equipped buildings.
All interested should see Mr. South
More Men Put to Work.
There now seems every prospect
that the Raritan Copper Works will
have plenty of work all winter long.
Besides the large number of men put
to wora on Monday, another gang was
given work today. The Copper Works
is one of the largest industries of the
town, and every one will be glad that
there is plenty of work.
Mattetucks. Blue Points and Rock
away Oysters, Lobsters, Quail,
Partridge Woodcock, Rabbits and
. Wild Duck.
WORRELL’S, 46 Smith St. >
Tell 200 L 2. «

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