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local items.
[rs. Carroll, of New York, is visit
ji friends in this city.
nines Martin has returned to South
f v. iboy, after a few days visit with
cousin, Miss Jennie Rue, of 108
shington street.
Ire. Kaufman and daughter, of
w York, are visiting Mrs. Berger,
Washintgon street.
’ostmaster George H. Tice, of
V. rket and State streets, is having
house painted.
'he residence of James T. Watson,
Rector street, is being painted,
it i ,eroy Bloodgood, of 158 Brighton
uue, has accepted a position at
j t iiway.
Irs. Tyrolor, of 121) Brighton ave
| ), was visiting relatives in New
rk yesterday.
ohn Martin, of Elm street, is on a
is ining trijJ today. Ho is searching
woods between here and Wood
dge for cotton tails.
v 'he Dawson house, on Madison
■nnn is hnin" repaired.
ohn Stumps, of Madison avenue, is
ing his house a coat of paint,
ipeneer Dayton is repairing his
tage on Madison avenue.
Irs. Louis Greenley is visiting in
>rof. Reagle, of Boouton High
100I, and son, who is a student iu
Lilileuburg College, Allentown, wore
itors in the High School yesterday,
ferd Rood, who some time ago hail
•t of liia left foot taken off, while
ing to lump on a moving locomo
o, at South Amboy, was in town
drs. William Sharpies, who has
in visiting her sister, Mrs. Alfred
les, for tiireo days, lias returned tc
home in New Brunswick,
d -s. John Hall, of State street, wlic
. been very ill, at her homo, is im
itor of Evening News:
Chore appeared in your paper, Tnos
y of this week, an uncommon fail
d just editorial in regard to a com
tirive bnl for the building of oui
w made streets. It strikes the key^
to to the work of improvement ol
r streets, which I believe will nol
hindered or impeded if tho people
n understand that work is not to be
_ rust upon them at any price that
^^"iy'be demandoib* We do ncTT 'wan
e monopoly of one company or oni
Every one wants a good article,
hen they make a purchase, but dc
it want to be charged an exorbitant
ofit. Some of the people who have
gned for the Warren pavement art
■ ginning to see the force of this ani
e joining in a petition asking tin
! iard of Aldermen to compel this t(
s done by the ordinance which they
ill pass. I believe that if we cat
ild down the prices of these im
ovements by a good strong competi
on the years are not far distant wher
l of our streets will undergo a gen
al improvement that will put ue
' cond to none of our sister cities.
From wtiat I can hear and read re^
irding our own city home industry,
le Barber Asphalt Company, if they
e given a chance to figure on this
ork, they will reduce tlie cost ot
lilding at least one-third the price
. _ j. 1 1_i _ i_ _i. .1 1 i.1. -
uav Aiwa i«ai vnuj uuui ijuuuu viiv
j arren Company. Give them a
>a ' rnnoe or any other company of repn
.tion tliat desires to bid, and then
,, t the lowest figure have the work,
1 other tilings being equal.
Author Ciets Six Month* 31? Prlxon.
I-ttiltLIX, Nov. 12. —Tho military
•>urt at Metz concluded the trial of
lieutenant Bllsen, author of the hook
ntitled "A Little Garrison,” and sen
-iK-i-d the lieutenant to six inoutlis in
rlson and to dismissal from the army
' lie month, the time the officer lias al
aity spent in prison, was allowed tf
e deducted from the sentence. The
ovol was ordered to he destroyed. Tin
ecision of the court was based on tin
let that in ids novel Lieutenant Bil
|*n insulted his superior officers and
rew such a picture of events happen
ig in l-’orbueh. in Alsace-Lorraine, that
ersonages living in the place were
Vurrnnt Out For Mormon Ap o h 11 e •
SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 12.—A war
ant has been sworn out charging II. .1.
irant. one of the leading apostles of
he Mormon church, with unlawful co
abttatlou with Augusta Winters Grant
ml Emily Wells Grant. The apostle
• 'as convicted in 1898 of the same of
ense and was fined $500. Prost-c.ition
f Mr. Grant is due in part to ids pub
e admission t-efni-e the students of the
tali university on Nov. 4 that he lias
wo wives and that he donated to the
luuini scholarship fund $50 for hini
Plf and $5o for each of ids two wives.
Molineux’M Appeal Fulled.
lt. ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 12.—The ap
ellate division of the supreme court
us affirmed the decision of the lower
tint in refusing to direct the state
iperintendent of prisons to expunge
■oni the Bertillon records in his de
iirtment the picture and physical
leusurements of Roland B. Molineux.
is the most common form of Dyspepsia.
Dr. Deune’s Dyspepsia Pills (white wrap
per), qnc after each meal, cure the most
obstinate cases. They contain no mer
cury, do not purge nor gripe, and impart
a natural healthful tone to the stomach
and bp wets: 25 ct?. at druggists’. White
wrapper if constipated, yellow If bowels
are regular. _
For sale at Sexton’s Drug Store.
Ka.Hty Stove*.
To polish a rusty stove which has
long been neglected is no easy matter,
liegin by rubbing it all over with a
rag or piece of old newspaper dipped
in paraffin. Then add a few drops of
turpentine to your blacklead and pol
ish in the usual manner.
llrtissels Is Healthier.
s. _ 1 - t.. .. ___ n n I /Ml I ,■ h I n rr t*
iJI liOOVILJ v/i MSA .. .
crease in its mortality rate. The aver
age per day has lately been only onc
third of what it used to be, and there
were several days in September when
there weie no funerals at all.
“But why,” ashed the discontented
heir, “why are you so sure that you
can break the will?”
"My dear sir,” replied the lawyer,
smiling patronizingly, “I drew it up.”—
Cincinnati Times Star.
Only $'>0 to California via the pic
turesque Lehigh Valley railroad and
other extremely low fares to points in
Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon,
South Dakota, Utah, Texas and Wash
ington. Be sure that your tickets
read over tho Lehigh Valley, the oulv
line from hero that has through ser
vice to Chicago. Any other informa
tion will bo cheerfully given by call
ing on or addressing agent at 119
Smith street. 8994-11-12-1
I It is certainly to your
own interest to - - -
in the matter of mak
ing a Christmas pres
ent, you probably do
not know what it is
of going into a crowd
ed store shortly be- H
fore the holidays.
Y on must be < iuick in K
deciding and select- fl
ing what you are af- j|
ter, and ten chances ||
to one you will not I
be satisfied. Come
and select your arti
cle now out of one of fl
the largest stocks of
Watches, Clocks, I
I Jewelry, Silver-1
ware, Cut Glass I
Novelties, Gold!
and Silver Ladies’ I
and Gents’ Silk I
U mbrellas - -1
and hundreds of other ■
L. Kreielsheimer, 1
122 Smith St. |
Leading Jeweler and 0
Optician of Perth
*» hereby given that the nnders'gned
i'l intends making application to tlia H ard of
Commissioners el tins City of Perth Arn
•, at their next meeting, for ft lir»nsb to even I.
a v ith flie privilege of S'dling nfll,* a n
• a lie. . ... la I'ltv of Peril, A rpiluv
and in the house owned by Jno Beckman on
15 Fafet'e St. J0». KUTCIiKK.
H9f8 11-12-Bt-o e w
Notice is hereby given that flie undersigned
inlemlsViaking application to Ihe Hoard of Ex
cise Con\nia»ioneis of f lie city of 1 erth Ainboy,
at their n\xt meeting, for a tranafer rf Ida lic
ense to kAI> a saloon with the privilege of sell
ing malt i\h Hpirltous liquors in tin- city of
Perth AuibiW, and in the lionse owned I v Pierce
A Watson ag|s- on 20 Hinitli st. to O. A . IlROS'J'
„. COLON. M»T 11-18 « o e w.
| -fashion S'lieei. |
This is a very pretty design foi a
wiuter suit. It is made of gray home
spun and trimmed with rows of
stitching and mouse-colored velvet.
The stolo and cuffs are made of the
The six buttons aro made of gray
qone. The sleeves aro especially
pretty cut ana stitched with a cireu
A Shell’. Flight.
A shell from a 12-inch gun makes its
Bight of nine miles in 41' seconds.
Ohliipxp \\ omen.
Women are not permitted to be pho
tographed in China.
In fallible.
The man who is quite infallible is
equally Intolerable.
In Two Grent Cities.
London has 2,300 miles of sewers,
Paris only 400.
Folks who know least are apt to
criticize most.
Don’t act like a child if you aro
f rown up. _
lar piece put in ilke a puff at the
wrist. Tlio skirt is seven-gomi,
with every gore cut about foru inches
longre. When tlio circular flounce is
stitched on, this gives a very good
The hat to bo worn with this should
be of the saino coloring as the suit.
A small turban made of soft beaver
and contrasting wings ould look woll
When people want help they adver
tise in the Evening News. Those
looking for help should bear this in
“ Turns Back Time in Its Flight.”
3J A V9C Heals all scalp (11s- #ll8SSCO
9% Aft 9 O oaucu. .Stops ii.'hlnxljii
■■■* ■ W arj,i curi,3 Uundruff. ^
IB A IB Qultkeus and renews hall1 8\ jft fif 1»
BY ®E; E W*5 gruwili. Itrhigs li a <■ k B 9 jtB STj f H
***"*•■ youth fill color, quantity
I1ICAI TU“^«t)-' Not a ni||~
5*rft8 I II dye. Send 6c. post- BlUrST
nwrnmntm ■ ■■ ago for FREE trial ■
bottle to PHILO HAY CO., 229 Lafayette et.,
Newurk. N. J. Largo 50c. bottles at druggists’.
MasonsZand Builders,
Room II Scheuer Building.
nnen Kv«ntnur«;7 to IO.
The Greatest of All
Money-Saving Opportunities will be
of Unredeemed Pledges, which will take place on
SATURDAY and MONDAY, the 14th and 16th day of November,
at 386 State Street.
Pledges have been accumulating for the last two months, and the
assortment is so varied and extensive that we can only quote a few
items so as to give you a faint idea what splendid bargains you can
expect at this Pawnbroker’s Sale:
Solid Gold Watches, worth 55.00, will go for about.$18.5
2 Ladies’ Solid Gold Watches, worth 30.00, will go for about.. 11.50
1 open face Watch with 20 year guarantee case, 17 jewel Ham
ilton movement, must pay about 28.00, to go for about.... 13.60
2 Solid Gold Watches, worth about 28.00, will go for about- 8.50
1 Gold Chain, 14 carat,’ worth at any time 42.00 to 45.0c, will
go for about... 18.50
1 Radies’ solid gold Watch Chain,with solid gold slide must pay
28.00 to go for about. 13.50
1 Diamond Ring, a beauty, and considered cheap at 78.00, will
sell for about. 55.00
3 small Diamond Rings, worth about 28 00, to go for alrout- 11.25
Solid Silver Watches at a Great Sacrifice.
1 splendid old Violin, about 80 years old, of the Hope make,
worth about 65.00, to go for about. 12.50
All other Jewelry, Rings, Diamonds and Watches in the same pro
portion. Remember, the days of the sale, Saturday and Monday, Nov
14 and j6, at State Street.
, R. A. Peltier, Auctioneer.
-- ^-— -
1— - ...—- --
as traveling salesman. Apply even
ings at office, 836 State st., Sewing
Machine office.
experienced saleladies in a laige drv
goods store. Those who are at pres
ent engaged need not apply. State
previous position and the amount of
wages desired. Address “Evening
Nows, Dry Goods Department. ”
ONE MALE NIGHT watchman hav
ing experience, reference given by
both parties. Call or write. J. J.
Shepperson, 128 Uliurcli st., Now
Brunswick, N. ,T. 8989-11-12-1
wagon for the Grand Central Moat
Market.. One with some experience
preferred. 3891-10-30-tf
cooks and lauudresses. Call or
write, J. J. Shopperson, 128 Oliurch
st., Now Brunswick, N. J.
153 High sc. 3859-10-28-tf
oharaoter and good reputation in
each state (one in this county requir
ed) to represent and advertise old
established woatlhy business house
of solid financial standing. Salary
$21 weekly with exponses additional,
all payable in cash direct each Wed
nesday from head offices. Horse and
carriage furnished when necessary.
References. Enclose self-addressed
envelope. Colonial, Oaxton Build
ing, Chicago. 8302-8-18-tf
THREE ROOM"FLAT and four room
flat to rent. Euqniro 25? New
Brunswick avenue. 3985-11-12-tf
FOR RENT—A SIX room house,bath,
hot and cold wator. Enquire 267
New Brunswick ave.
FoR SALE—AN English cob and run
| about, will sell horse separate,
j Horse perfectly safe for lady and chil
I dreu to dnvo. Afraid of nothing.
Apply Packer House or Peiffers’s
1 livery stable. 8396-10-30-tf
FOR SALE—COAL yard and ice house
property, subject to short lease.
Bids received for sixty days. Enquire
P. E. Gordon, Miller st.
' STOVES FOR SALE—2 parlor stoves
for sale at a bargain. Enquire
News office. 1897-11-10-tf
__■ _
FOR SALE—High Grade 10 horse
power steam engine and boiler.
Second hand. Excellent condition.
Manufacturer, care of Evening News.
BOILER AND ENGINE for sale at a
bargain. Stnrtevant 10 horse power
steam engine and boiler in A 1 condi
tion, cost $-190, will sell for $250. In
use 3 years. Address O. D., News
Office. 9-12-tf
TWO GOOD WORK horses for saffi
cheap. Enquire P. E. Gordon,
Miller st. 3927-11-5 tf
Lost anything: A cent-a-word ad.
in the Evening News will find it for
* Cor. Hroad and Market; Streets, W. W. WINNER, Principal. +
M Modern Course of Stndy, Facilities Doubled, Large Attendance. Popular Tuition—payable Jf
■^c monthlv. Day and Night—all year. Knter any time. Studies optional. Individual lnstrue
tion. The leading school of Shorthand and Typewriting iu the city. Send for catalogue, or, J
m better call. J
J Three Applications for Each Qualfied Student This Year.
-ti ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥■¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ ¥¥ #
The result of Twenty Seven years of
Twenty seven prosperous years means thousands of satisfied custo
mers, why not have your name added to the list ? Our methods Of
selling permit those of moderate means to purchase a good piano on
very easy terms. Our special Three Year Contract giving you three
years to pay for a high grade instrument, wall prove interesting to
you. If you desire to examine our pianos, we will pay all expenses
to and from NewYorkCity if purchase is made here. If you are think
ing of purchasing a Piano, let us send you our new catalogue,which
will give you all necessary information as to prices, styles, terms,etc.
Manufacturers of High Grade Pianos.
94 FIFTH AVE., HEW YORK CITY,nearl4,hst
PIANO AND ORGAN lessons at
reasonable rates. Mrs. S. MacFelly,
480 State st. 8983-11-11-tf
STORES FOR RENT cheap. Enquire
at News office.
PROF. F. J. ROSS & Keefer’s danc
ing school. Waltz, two step anil
sehottische guaranteed in six lessons.
Terms very reasonable. Room 18,
Scheuer building. 3996-11-12-8
FOR RENT—A BARN and stnble,
suitable for one horse. Enquire at
News office. 8164-7-25-tf
sets are the popular thing. Orders
taken for studs, cuff buttons and belt
buckles, also hat pins, at 114 Rector
street. 7-17-tf
a college graduate, also a journey
man machinist, seeks a position. En
quire Evening News.
as waitress and upstairs work. J.
■J. Shepperson, 128 Cnurch st., New
Brunswick, N. J. 8989-11-12-1
FURNISHED ROOM to let with
board in urivato family. 280 High
st. ' 3991-11-12-8
board, modern improvements. 98
Gordon street. 8974-11-10-6
FOR RENT—THREE rooms to smell
family, 155 Madison avenue. Et»
berg, 9 Water st. 3988-11-12-1
in private family, suitable for two;
Scandinavian preferred. 221 Wash
ington st.3971-11-10-tf
Gordon st. Price $5,000. Terms to
snit. Lot 66x120, ten rooms, all im
provements. A. M. Johnson, 89 Water
street. 3498-0-14-tf
FOR SALE—FOUR lots on Market.
st., near Goodwin. Address “Real
Estate,” Evening News.
FOR SALE—AT a bargain, honse and
lot on Hall avo. Address “Bar
eaiu,” Evening News office.
Choice lot on Smith will be sold
for $875 two hundred dollars down,
balance on small monthly install
ments if desired.
The Bishop Company
122 Smith Street,
Realty and Construction
Business properties and residcnco in all
parts of tlio city for sale for cash or on
monthly enstalments.
Post Office Building.

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