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[ 5vei?ing J4ews
1. , every afternoon, except Sundays,
Evening Nevv3 Company, at
t P rth Amboy, N. J.
Business Manager
»■ . •'..scrmtion:
i i' t newstands and delivered by
South Amboy, VVoodbridge,
h ding towns for 6c per week.
- - ... 1.50
K( >fkick:
F. N. Sommer, 794 Broad St.
. . . . - 98
s second class matter.
i<;mbkr ■ 2, 1903
r -
M c »ond water at Rnnyon entirely aid
B Ins is greatly to be desired.
The pictures of the roads between
few York and Chicago, which were
Mown Tuesday night, are enough to
nake an American blush witn shame.
Hiero is nothing that benefits a
ountry more than good roads. They
iBi i
,re used in timo of pence for the com
norco of tho country. By them the
armors to a great extent, keep the
ity markets supplied. In tin -s of
vnr the roads are of prime importance
or inarching troops. Thousands of
ollars are spent every year to (lis
ribute seeds to the farmers, not
\ I
uoutioning the millions that go for
tlier unimportant things, yet not a
eut is given toward road bnildiug by
lie national government. If put to a
on •
oto, there is no doubt but, that tlio
t I •
armors would favor spending tho
loncy for roads rather than seed, of
I hich they can raise plenty ilicm
•Ives. Congress should take some
ction in this matter while the
mutry’s treasury is full.
l\rth Amboy should take no little
i. ecu selected as the first place to
root a Consul Booth-Tuckor memorial
uilding This movement is general
11 over the country and, judging from
lie work of Mrs Tucker before her
oath, tliero no doubt but that tlio
tan chosen to perpetuate her memory
■’oulil please her much better than to
avo some big monument erected,
'ho people of this city, who realize
io good work of this uoblo woman,
lion Id contribute generously toward
10 laud now being raised.
j Tlio New York Board of Trade lias
ost its ease to liavo tho drawbridges
ver the Newark meadows closed dnr
lg tlio busy hours of tho day. The
far Department decided that the
resent system shall remain in vogue
util such times as the railroad bridges
a re so constructed as to permit pnss
ge beneath them of barges and tugs
t all tides.
} Torppd'tod ii \iivnl Iuk.
XEWPOHT. a. I.. Nuv. VJ. li!ir;n:r
mi lu* maneuver# lit'n* t!i<* :tnny j*:i •*!
rltli tlm nav.v in resisting t’e- atm ;
■f tile torjM ill) I>iints, Imtli surface an t
nhtunrinc. ami while the fnrnes- w-n
•nsily picked lip hy tin1 powerful »-tr-h
ights on Fort Adams ami the torpod .
taflntl the stllnniirllies Stole Into tie
mrlsir j»; Helically undetected, and nu
ll them, the Adder, succeeded In torp.
loing n naval tug.
llnssluii VmhriMHiiiinr Itelorrs.
WASH I NtJTON. Nov. 11 — Count
'assttd. the Uussiau ambassador to
Ids country, who lias I.. in Itiisslu
>n leave of nliseiee. has returned.
In. i - —
W. J. Rryati. off for I'-.mpc, deelar -d
•lint Ihunocnits will have inueh to say
i ihout Fanauia Inter.
Fifty Inmates of tlm Kim Ira i.N. Y i
reforniatory have diphtheria, half of I
them of a malignant type.
Miss Douglas Calhoun was thrown
from her horse III front of n ear at !
Memphis. Tenn.. and killed.
In consequenceof the suicide of Sign
ir Itosano. Italian minister of finance,
Premier tJlollltl may resign.
Acting Adjutant fjcneral Hall In Ills
inininl army report has criticised de- i
einlahfllty of the militia for service. )
A negro who xtnhhcd a white mad
was tied to a tree neat Aurora, Mo
uld left to starve, hut was resctlid b.V
i ptirty of hunters.
It is believed the Demoernts In con
gress will attack the pres'dent for Ids
|f - action in the Panama matter. The r.d
ndnlstratlon uml Hepuldlcan lenders
""’Tare <-onlideut of popular approval. It
lies been authoritatively stated In
Washington that It Is too late for Co
lombia to resurrect the canal treaty.
J> Great Reductions in Prices of High-Class Men’s f
0 and Boys’ Clothing, ©
1 Pot Pmday and Saturday f
l I
y It is good for men to come here—to this clothing store of ours. They have found g
O that out, that’s why they come in such steady and ever increasing numbers. Wo ©
V have the most perfect Men’s and Hoys’ .Clothing Store in the county. Come here £
& Friday and Saturday and you will acknowledge it in liftceh minutes, no matter
q what your taste desires, no matter how large or small your purse you will leave q
5 here more than satisfied with your purchase. £
y i
o m o

■ ■
y c
° 9
km m
| The law Winier
£ A very important garment at
q this season oi the year. It is a.
n necessity, not a luxury. Pre
Jt vention is better and cheaper
y than cure. It is easy to catch
0 cold, not so easy to get rid of it.
i Long and short Winter Over
£ coats, in Coverts, Oxfords and
y Black. Cravenctte Rain Coals,
O lit for evej'y occasion, morning
it noon and night.
y ___
0 ---““--—
1 _
Range of
I -- -----
The Mm Faii Suits f
In (lie first place we call atten- 0|
J lion to the lit of our garments, 2L
no matter as to your height or
weight, your size is here. Se- Q
lection of fabrics- Black, in all O
textures; new autumn colorings A !
in sedate and striking effects; ^
smooth finish Cashmeres; bright £
Cheviots and Tweeds and Wors- q
teds, splendid designs. Our r
special models--1)ouble breasted jf
Sacks in new shapes; single 5
breasled -Sacks in or 1 button. ^
Models for "every tall, short, or O
stout man.
=-■======== Q
> ---j-A
0 Gold Medal I Silver Medal
y Stiff Hats \ Stiff and Soft Hats
O All Shapes and Colors I Every Style
j---— ----—S--—---*
y Why They Come in our Boys’ Department f
0 There is u reason for everything. If you lmvo not seen our Hoys’ Deport- O
1 incut, then von perhaps marvel at the ever increasing popularity of our young o
0 Giant. (Mie of the wonderful series of magnets that attract families is the sonsn- &
if tional S-.'.KS values. i
n - - ————-—-. .————-- A
| Fa!! Suits.
Tlie choicest Fabrics fashioned
V* into Hoys’ Subs for all ocea
J sions. Models for every build
m and age, every new idea is here
y Your choice of every style .
lop" Top Goats. |
New autumn shapes of Coverts ^
Oxfords and black, ideal over- PM
garments for the boys, 3 to 15 ^
years of age, made like papa’s |Ja ^
■ your choice of these coats .
u-————---—-—-—- o
i Our Price at Retail is less that Competitors pay at Wholesale *
o _ “o
o %J$ ® 1
| to Men and Boys. £
!— \ ■ ..
I | j : r
• 234567 .... 12345
S 91011121314 6 7 S 9 10 1112
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 13 14 15 16 17 • 8 19
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
j 29 ;o. 27 28 29 30.31 ....
Nov. 12— Entertainment, Et) worth
I.enuno, Simpson M. E.
Nov. 13—Delta Baseball Club, Braga
Nov. 17—Pink Tea, Baptist Chapel.
Nov. 17—Ball. German Vorguoguugs
Club, Braga Hall.
Nov. 18, 19, 20—Pair, Presbytorian
Nov. 18-Ira B. lice Lodgo, Braga
Nov. 23 to Dec. 3—Fair, St. Mary’s
*-»l 1 t- *>/• li Wilrlnr Hn11
Nov. 24—Roll Call, Baptist cliarch.
Nov. 26— F. of A. Coort. Amboy No.
68, Braga Hall.
Nov. 28—Danish Brotherhood, Braga
Nov. 2(5—Concert, Simpson M. E.
Doc. 1— Ball, .Tolly Sooial Club,
Dowoy Park.
Deo. 4—Braga’s Couoert,Braga Hall.
Dec. 10—Private Reception, Braga
Dec. 31—Ball, Woodohoppers, Cabin
Amboy, 49, Wilder Hall.
Dec. 31—Stenmfitters Union, Braga
Jan. 21—Ball, Original Hebrew Cadies
Benovolent Society, Grand
Central Palace.
Fred. Lupton. Hkrebrt A. Busrmeli.. 1
buockssors to Lupton & Lupton I
..Granite and Marble..
and ^Fencing.
Your l*alromiKe Solicited.
New Bruns’k Av. & Central R. R.
Mr. Upperten—Do you Know, my dear,
I think your new evening gown is ridic
ulously low?
Mrs. Upperten—I’m so glad, dearie; I
was afraid when you saw the bill you
would think it was extraordinarily
high.—Chicago Chronicle.
Rhyme unci Reason.
"Stone walls do not a prison make, ;
Nor Iron burs a jail," l
But that's no consolation when
You can't get out on bail. j
—N. Y. Tribune. j
Sp_-_■ ,
Beth Mordecai, Hobart Street, Pastor,
Dr. M. Kopfstein. Friday, 8.15 p. m.
Saturday, 10.00 a. m. Hebrew School,
Saturday 1 p. m. Sunday School g.30 a. m.
Congregational (Swedish)—Gordon st.
—Pastor, Theodore Englund—Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. ni. 7.30 p. ni. Sunday School
D.30 a. in.
First Perth Amboy, Hebrew Mutual Aid
Society, Elm Street, P. Joselson, Trustee.
Services, Friday 6 to 7 p. in. Saturday
8.30 a. in., 4.30 p. m.
First Baptist—Fayette st.—Pastor, Rev.
Percy R. Fen is—Sunday Services, 10 and
and 10.30 1. m. and 7.30 p. 111. Sunday
school 2. 30 p. in. B. Y. P. U. Friday 3.45
p. in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7.45
p. in.
Fiist Presbyterian, Market st and City
Hall Park, Pastor, Rev. Harlan U. Men
denhall D. D. Sunday services, 10.30 a.
m. and 7.30 p. in. Sunday School 9.30 a.
in., 2.30 p. in., Junior C. E. 3.30 p. m.
Y. P. S. C. E. 6.40 p. in. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 7.45 p. in.
Grace English Lutheran. Smith Street
Pastor, Rev. E. J. Kculing. Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. m., 7.30 p. in. Sunday School
2.00 p. in.
Methodist (Danish) Madison Ave and
Jefferson st.. Pastor, Rev. A. Hansc 1.
'Sunday Services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
in. Epuorth League, 3.45 p. m., Sunday
School, 2.30 p, m. Class meeting, Wed
nesday and Friday at 7.45 p. in.
f Holy Cross Episcopal—Washington and
Johnstone sts.—Rev.D. A. Wilies, priest in
charge—Sunday Services 10.30 a. m. and
7.30 p m Sunday School 9.30 a. m.
Our Savior's Lutheran (Danish) State St.
Rev. V. B. Skov, pastor. Sunday services
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
-— -.J- t.
Simpson Methodist—High and Jefferson
Sl.s. Pastor, Rev. S. Trevena Jackson,
A.M. Sunday services 9.30 and 10.30
a. m. and 7.30 p. in.; Sunday school, 2.30
p, m.; Epworth League, 6.30 p. m.; Prayei
meeting, Wednesday, 7.45 p. m.; Bible
training class, Friday, 7.30 p. m.; Young
Gleaners, Friday, 4.30 p. m,; Junior Ep
worth League, Friday, 7.00 p. in.
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, Center St.
Rev. B. T. O'Connell, pastor; Rev. S. A.
Mitchell and Rev. T. F. Blake, assistants.
Sunday services 7.00 8.30, 9.30 and 10.45
a. m. 7.30 p.m. Sunday School 2.30 p.
St. Paul’s German Church—South First
street—Pastor Rev. Jacob Ganns. Services
every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.
Sunday School every Sunday at 2 o’clock.
St. Stephens Roman Catholic (Polish)—
State St, Rev. J. Ziellnsk, pastor. Sun
day services, S.oo, 10.30 a. in. Vespers,
4.co p. m. Sunday School 3.30P. m.
St. Stephens Lutheran (Danish) Broad
St. Pastor Rev. J. Christianson. Sunday
services 10.30 a. w. and 7.30 p. m. Sun
j day School 3 p. m.
St. Peters Episcopal—Rector St. Rector,
Rev. J. E. Lancaster. Sunday services
10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. in. Sunday School
2.30 p. m..
W. C. T. U.—Meets at 27 Smith st. ev
ery Sunday at 4 p. in.
liOUU E9,
A. O. V. W. Meets Odd Fellows Hall,
Smith Street 1st. and 3d. Mondays. I. B.
.MandeviHe, M. W.; J. S. Phillips, Sec’y.,
7 Kearney Ave.
B. F. O. E. No. 784. Meets K of C.
Hall, corner Smith and Rector Street 1st.
and ;rd. Tuesday*. l>r. Frank Crowther,
E. R.; W. A. CrowcM, Sec’y., Gordon
! C. E. B. Father Quinn Council No. 88.
meets 2d and 4th Tuesdays every Montn
in K. of C. Hall. William ' Itallahan, sec
1). of L. Meet in City Ifall, every Mon
(lay evening. Counsellor Mrs. Jennie
Platt, Secretary Chailes Cluncy, 444
State st.
Degree of rocohontas—T. O. R. M.
Meets every 2d and 4th Friday at City Ilall
Mrs. G. Steinmetz, Pucohontas. Mrs.
William Grcenlcaf, C. of R. Mis. P. Erick
son, C. of W. •'
F. and A. M. Raritan Lodge No. 6t
Regular Communications 2nd. and 4th.
Thursdays, Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
C. F. Mall, W. M.;C. K. Seaman. Sec'y.,
High Street.
F. of A. Court Amboy No. 58. meets at
K. of P. Mall, first and third Wednesday.
Frank KhodecVcr, Chief Ranger, E. J.
Dalton Fin. Sec., 95 New llruuswick ave.
F. of A. Court Standard No." 111 meets
in Odd Fellows Mall 3 and 4 Wednesday.
James M. Devcry Chief Ranger, William
T. Mayor, Fin. Sec’y 73 Washington St.
G. A. R. Major James If. Dandy Post
No. 43. S. G. Garretson, Commander;
Ad|t. Rev. E. 11. French, Westminster,
Imp'd O. R. M. Po Ambo Trilie No. 65
Council Sleep every Thursday. Peter
Axcen, Sachein, MansS. Smith, C. ol R.
Andrew Jensen C. of W.
Ira 11. Tice Lodge No. 309 Rail-Road
Trainmen, meet every 1st atui 3rd Sunday
Knights of Pythias ilall Cor. Smith and
High streets. T. J. Gridin Master KoLt.
Mulvanty Secretary, Charles MilUr Trrs
urer. *
I. O. of F., Court Keasbcy, No. 3367. /
Meets 2nd and 4th Monday ol every month,
K. of C . Mall, corner Smith and Rector
streets. G. W. Fithian, Chief Ranger
H. E. Pickersgill, Secretary, 77 Lewis st.
I. O. O. F. Lawrence Lodge. No. 6a
Meets Odd Fellows Mall, Smith Street
every Friday night. W. A. McCoy
NT l\ . V I I I,.-,;.,C.,..'.. ltrt.,1.#....
— — , - . —...e>-1 --j • • o
Jr. O. U. A. M. Middlesex Council No.
63. Meets every 2d and 4th Wednesday
in City Ilall. Charles Cluney, Counsellor,
G. M. Adair, Recording Secretary 203
Madiron Av.
K. of P. Algonquin Lodge, No. 44.
Meets every Monday K. of P. Ilall Smith
and High Streets. Fred Waters, C, C.j
Chris Meshrow, K. of R. and S.
1C. of C. San Salvadore Council. Meets
every 2d and 4th Wednesday in K. of C.
Ilall, Smith 'and Rector Street. W A,
Growney, G. K.; Recording Bec’y.,
Richard A. Bolger, 124 Market Street.
I. O. of F. Court Perth Amboy, No.
3043. Meets K. ot P. Mali, High and
Smith Streets, every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.
John K. Sheehy, C. R. Peter l’oulsen, R
S., 165 Elm Street
K. of G. E. Meets in Odd Fellows’
Ilall, Smith street, every Tuesday night.
George Bath, Noble Grand; Frank B. Reed,
Keeper ot Records, 129 Mechanic street.
P. O. S. ot A., Washington Camp, No.
79. Meets every second and fourth Thurs
day K. of P. Ilall, cor. High and Smith
street Fred Waters, President; J. M. Mills,
Secretary, 210 Oak street.
R. A. Middlesex Council No. 1100.
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
every second and fourth Tuesday. Henry
McCullough Regent, N. II. Moore, Secre
tary, 60 Jefferson Street.
8t. Patrick’s Alliance meets 3rd Thurs
day in every month, in K, of C. Hall, J.
N. Clark, Pres. Dennis Conklin, Secretary.
W. O. W. Perth Amboy Camp No. 19,
meets at City Ilall 1st and 3rd Wednesday.
Chris. Mathiasen C. C., Dr. II. K. Mason
Clerk, 63J Smith street.
Wood Choppers pf America meet first
Sunday in every month in City Hall. Clias.
Johnson Pres., Dennis Conklin 79 Elza both
fc'trect Keeper of Leaves.
Washington Literary Club meets in Un
ion Hall Adelaide Building, on the Seconl
Sunday of Each Month at 3 o'clock p. m.
lohn (.'lark, President, Dennis Conklin
a . 11 ..mm

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