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livening J4ews
very afternoon, except Sundays,
lr.ii ' News Company, at
Ibi h Amboy, N. J.
S .... - Editor
I Business Manager
Is :ription:
fc > newstands and delivered by
c> South Amboy, Woodbridge,
piiji ng towns for 6c per week.
.$3-°o I
H <. kick:
F. N. Sommer, 794 Broad St.
9s _
j second class matter.
BER 13, 1903.
e!. ithinc seonis to be known, bur a big
fir al estate sign is noticeable on the
j i igh street front ot the tract, lbe
* Westminster purchase is too much
f ; ko so many other noble ideas and
1 j ovements that have been started
t ;ro. It blazes np and makes a big
■ re at first and then is allosved to die
e nietly. When the Chamber of Com
e lerco committee touk hold of the
s latter, otliers held off so as not tc
e I iterfere with their plans. The West
linster should not he allowed to slip
e j 'rom tho city's grasp because of lack
0 , f interest.
It was necessary to go to the
, Supreme Court before a definite deci
ion as to where Jersey waters ended
.ud New York waters began in New
. fork bay. The court said that the
lividing line was in the middle of the
Judsou river and likewise, in the
I nubile of the bay. In this vicinity
lie middle of Staton Island sound has,
r 'or several years, been considered the
lividing line between the two States.
This understanding has been held to
. to firmly, in fact, that it was but a
short time ago an alleged “speakeasy ”
an board a boat was doing a business
( until officers appeared and then the
■foraMgp-iBabrffHffptiBiil iliiatH j»
i : the middle of I lie sound and neither
1 I
; side dared touch him. IJe was sur
. 1 prised on the Staten Island shore one
, lay and caught.
With the decision of the boundary
lino in New York bay comes tho case
in the southern end of the State m
which Delaware claims jurisdiction
over all Delaware buy and attempts
[ ■
to collect a feo from Jersey men who
make their living thereon. Unless
; there is something that has not been
brought to light ns yet, tho same sort
uf a boundary holds good on Delaware
jay as on theso waters.
Elizahetli has signed a contract for
mother lire engine and supply wagon.
'Nougli said.
rlostns Stock (luntatl ::tN.
1 Money on < all lv sil cent
Prime merrnnttk- 11:1;>• r. ; per c - 111 Ex
changes. $S21,7-S»,(K2; 1 itlunci*. 311,2 9.
Closing prices:
& . Amal. Copper... 3SV4 X. Y. Central.. 11474
Atchison.G2?i Norf. .7- AWst "1
. ■ , It. & 0. 73 Penn. R. n .11114
Brooklyn R. T.. 3G Reading .
! C c..C. & St. I.. CSC Rock Island .... >
j Ches. & Ohio.... 27*3 St. Pad .13:
: ' Chi. & Northw. 1G2 Southern Fur... r<8»
j D. & II.131 Southern Ry_ 1 4
-'•> Erie. 2G South. Ry. pi'... 77
Gen. Electric....147 Sugar .11574
Illinois Ceil.I27H Texas I’acllic .. 27
Bouis. & Nash.. Sid, Union Pacific .. C374
j Manhattan.137 1'. S. Steel. l'.'.j
. Metropolitan....lio’a U. S. Steel pf... 5Pi
! Missouri Pac... ST’, West. Union ...8254

Sew York Markets.
FT.ovit Uull and • . ; Minnesota pnt
■*nts. $4.G*d/(.73; win ,-r .-;r;iigi.:.-*. $3.M.Vff4.10;
winter extras, $2 j3.i' ; winter patents, $4U$
1.O0. 4
\\ HEAT—Opened firmrr un f -reign buy- .
ing of December, but lat< r I. ided r.» local *
hort selling and i.-w-r .-ah: . December,
3 > I 3-16( ; M V. ’ ■
RYE—Stendy; staR* and ,f vsev. BG'JrfiSe.;
No. 2 western. 01c. nominal, f. o' b.. allnnt. I 1
' ORN—Firmer on continued ah >wers
\ we-st rind a demand from room shorts;
* December. 4*V?M9»4r.; May. 47%(047%c.
fj .OATS- Nominal; track, white, state, 1 \'<t *
I be : track, white, western. 4K(i4T>o.
DORK—Dull; mess. $12.70(013.50; family.
LARD—Easy; prime western steam,
■j RUTTER Steady; extra creamery,
% !2V,c.■ state dairy. 1 ofj2Qc.
* CHEESE—Quiet; state, full cream. fan
•y, small. colored, September, 11%e-; late
* ^ade, l'-Wfce.; small, white. September.
i• •' : late made, i-•1 • : large < 1 red
i lepl-mW. U«4c.: late made. Kflic.: I.ng '
1 vnite. Septcmliur. ll:;4c ; bate made, 1.. v .
5 LGGe*—Firm; state and Pennsylvania v
I tancy mixed 5 a: U stat< and Pennsyl
! . nia seconds t<* firsts. i.fj'f/20c.; western
irsts. W/iiflc.; western seconds. 25<f/27c.
SfOAR—Haw rinminul; fair refining, J
)-16c.; Centrifugal. 9(> test. 3%©3 13-16c.;
■ nned quiet; crusl powdered

' TURPENTINE -Firm at tiOlftGOt&e.
MOLASSES—Steady; New Orleans, 31(0
B '2c.
1 RICE-Steady; domestic, 4(00c.; Japan, 1
j 'ominal.
I JALLOW-Steady; city, 4Hc.; country, *
• HAY—Quiet; shipping, 65(?T75c.; good to
3 noice, 86^9 Hoc.
Faultless Fitting Shoes.
I. G. MOORE GO. 85 Smith Street. ,
Fortunately it is no longer necessary to endure
physical discomfort in the matter oi shoes.
The “DOllOTHY DODD” lias solved the prob
lem. That the ideas incorporated in the “Dorothy g <
Dodd” shoes are correct has been demonstrated beyond
I question. The phenomenal and unprecedented success 'i
it has achieved is proof that such a shoe has long been •
needed in a s:j shoe for women ,
We have them in all the latest Fall and Winter styles.
The celebrated and well known 't
“SOROS1S"’ for women still leads tlio J
procession for $3.50 Shoes. (
We recommend both these lines j
and guarantee every pair to give per- *
feet satisfaction. |i
■ . - — := I
Shoes in all leathers ’
For all weathers. E
11. 0. MOORE COT.™~ ' '
Headquarters for FINE FOOTWEAR.
ipieciec-tiee .AUvniiBOiir, nsr. j\ |'
SnppoN«*i1 Sr.ft* Crni'kor'N Hwiat* l«
U rccktMl ThronRli EiiM‘ri:iic»nt.
plosion of jjynnmite wrecked tIn* lions'* j
at 733 Wood street ttttd seriously blti'ii
ed James l’atton of St. Mary's. I’a.
Ten other Inmates of the lodgings he- (
came panic stricken and ran into the
street in tlieir night clothes. Tlie police
believe the house was tlie headquarters ;
of a gang of safe crackers and have j
arrested the following:
William Marshal]. New York; John '
Moore. St. Louis: Fred Davis, a one j
legged peddler, Boston; .Limes Patton
of St. Mary's, Pa.; Joseph Anderson. |
Scranton, I’a., and William Jones, no
In the wrecked house detectives;
found six dynamite fuses, two skeleton [
keys, two revolvers and a quantity of J
gun cotton. It is believed the accident1
was caused by experimenting with the
Uobert Gilman of Port Kennedy, who 1
was bound jjid^ gagged by burglars \
*R'llilP,;ney w-'l'e robbing tliefidijt olle e
there lust Saturday, came here rind par
tially identified Patton ns one of th '
live men who robbed the place.
Kil’.v:: i-l IlociiR ii I/.od I’ctcr.
PKT.HKADL. Xnv. LI. It is officially
announced that King l’eter personally
congratulated King Ldwu.nl on t!in oc
casion of the anniversary of his birth
arid received a reply thanking King
Peter for his kind attention.
Pai'ktiir; Company's I’liuit Bnt-nerl,
EAST ST. IiOFIS. 111.. Nov. 13.—Fire
broke out here in the fertilizing build
ing ef tlie Nelson Morris Packing com
pany's plant and destroyed that lniild
ti... .1 t eirvi non
C. A. Sexton’s Selling 50o. Size Dr. How (
ard's Dyspepsia Specific for 25c.
Don’t lot this chance pass.
To-day is worth iwo to-morrows.
When this notice was sent to the Eve (
ning News, Mr. C. A. Sexton the leading
druggist ol Perth Amboy, had just re
ceived olios it stool: of Dr. II 'ward's speci- ,
lie for the cure of constipation and dys
pepsia, the regular 50 cent buttle size ol
(i0 doses, w hich to get new users for tlu {
remedy, was to bo sold at half price.
This stock w'll not last long, ami you
should nut delay taking advantage of this i
Dr. Howard’s specific for tho cure oj
Constipation and dyspepsia is note a “ !
cure all.” It is simply a specific for the
enro of indigestion, headaches, constipa
tion, and liver troubles. If conics in the (
form of tiny granules, GO in a \ ial, is plea
sant and eazy to t.ako, ami it is sold by
Mr. C. A. thytou With tit understanding
tliat if it diyrfs not give p il’eet satisfaction
it will cost you absolute'; notliiug. '
If you feel dull and mit-of suits, the
chances are that you an that you tire that
you tire const)] ated or your stomach i.
out of oreler. Here is a ehauee to gat j
well for a trifling sum. without haviug to
pay a cent if the medicine does uot cute
Child Injir-ed !»>■
NEWARK, N. Nov. Id. A drill
engine on the Edaware, Lnoktnvannii
and Western railroad broke through n
temporary bridge ttcross Ogdon street
and injured three trainmen and a lit
tie girl. The bridge was used for f.-n-i|- |
itating the work. A little girl passing
under the bridge at the time of the
accident was knocked down and one (
leg fractured. Tile trainmen r. oeiv d
slight bruises. /
- V
Mi ney-Saving Opportunities will be
of Unredeemed Pledges, which will take place on j
SATURDAY and MONDAY, the 14th and i6th day of November, «
at 38b vState Street. ^
Pledges have been accumulating for the last two months, and the j
issortment is so varied and extensive that we can only quote a few g
terns so as to give you a faint idea what splendid bargains you can <i
:xpect at this Pawnbroker’s Sale: . £
solid Gold Watches, worth 55.00, will go for about.$!8.5Q j
: Ladies’ Solid Gold Watches, worth 30.00, will go for about.. if50 ^
Aiao»i fo T T To fnli hi 1 1, ^ 1. .... . _ 1 T T 1
. . ■ — - j ^ hiaj. cm Lv.v v.uov., i j j v. \y >_ 1 nuui ^
ilton movement, must pay about 28.00, to go for about- 13.60 £
Solid Gold Watches, worth about 28.00, will go for about.... 8 50^1
Gold Chain, 14 carat, worth at anytime 42.00 to 45.0c, will |J
Ladies’ solid gold Watch Chain,with solid gold slide must pay If
28.00 to go for about. 13 50 I *
• • 1
Diamond Ring, a beauty, and considered cheap at 78.00, will '
sell for about.... 55.00 ! t
, small Diamond Rings, worth about 2S 00, to go for about. ... 11-25 £
Solid Silver Watches at a Great Sacrifice,
splendid old Violin, about 80 years old, of the Hope make, J
worth about 65.00, to go for about. 12.50 ^
All other Jewelry, Rings, Diamonds and Watches in the same pro- C
ortion. Remember, the days of the sale, Saturday and Monday, Nov. j
4 and 16, at State Street. A
R. A. Peltier, Auctioneer, c
l ' • |
9 c
I %
I f
l ?
£ m
5 A
3 O
i *
S 1*
5 3
3 O
MA _ A
$ Great Reductions in Prices of High-Glass Men’s #
3 and Boys’ Clothing. O
i 4
I f
3 O
| It, is good for men to come here—to this clothing store of ours. They have found
3 that out, that's why they come in such steady and over increasing numbers. We Q
£ b.ave the most perfect Men’s and Hoys’ Clothing Store in the county. Come hero
£ Friday and Saturday and you will acknowledge it in fifteen minutes, no matter Y
what your taste desires, no matter how large or small your purse you will leave q
n hero more than satisfied with your purchase. ^
£ -- ---r====-- ?
* r.wnrWMHmwu...,)Rira»<nW■iWBwm.wtwuint ■ »i.—‘
J :_ 3 1 __ O
I I l
i 9
f ?
J <?>
I f
» gg, A
^ A very important garment at
this season of the year. It is a
^ necessity, not a luxury. Pre
jg. vention is better and cheaper
$ than cure, it is easy to catch
i) cold, not so easy to get rid of it.
^ Long and short Winter Over
pi coats, in Coverts, Oxfords and
f black. Craveiictte Ha in Coals, k
? lit for every occasion, morning I
t noon and night.
V j
J = = ’ ' "™“ |
-— — $
■WTOWr-.n.a na- ana -■ a
In tlic first place we call atten- j
tion to the lit of our garments,
'no matter as to your height or 5
weight, your size is here. So- £
lection of fabrics Black, in all O
textures; new autumn colorings ^
in sedate and striking effects;
i smooth finish Cashmeres; bright 5
Cheviots and Tweeds andWors- Q
teds, splendid designs. Our x
special models--Double breasted
Sacks in new shapes; single 3
breasted Sacks in or ■!. button,
Models for every tall, sliort, or ®
stout man. &
_ _ __. f
...- = Q
r > I
>_ ^_____ O
£ Gold Meda! J Silver Medal tfP
f Stiff Hats ) Stiff and Soft Hats ?
) All Shapes and Colors j Every Style Q
l Why They Come in our Boys’ Department f
} There is a reason for everythin":. If you have not seen our Hoys’ Depart- ©
t mont, then you pernaps marvel ;it the ever increasing popularity of our younc ^
£ (riant. One of the wonderful series of magnets that- attract families is the sensa- m
i tional $2.1)8 values. 5
\ Suits. i
)Tlie choicest Fabrics fashioned
into Boys’ Suits for all occa
? sions. Models for every build
5. and age, every new idea is here
► Your choice of every style .
R . ..... .i.ii
New autumn shapes of Coverts ^
Oxfords and black, ideal over- W
garments for tire boys, 3 to 15 ^
years of age, made like papa’s w
your choice of these coats . ^
i • 2 ■/. f '/ }rj . . ' ■

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