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Convincing Price Arguments
that should brine you to this store at tomorrows HOUR
, ii* !§
8* • j
in >
, y
Bf tween 8 and 9 o'clock.
IOC per pair, boys’ Byron 25c
; Bel t puspenders, 5 stamp with
eac'a Ipair.
95c per pair, the largest and
• bes t heavy fleeced 1.50 Blahket ;
j in town. 20 stamps with each pr.
2 —T
fSottvean 10 and II o’clock.
5:5c each, Gents dark Outing
Cloth 39c working Shirts. 5
stamps with each.
35i: |per yard, heavy mercerized
wh ite Vestings for Shirt Waists,
10 :jtamps with each yard.
Between 9 and 10 o'clock.
5c per pair, Childrens’ black
Wool Mittens.
39c each, gents 75c Wool I
Shirts and Drawers. 10 stamps
with each garment.
Between II and 12 o'clock.
5c for 3 Ladies’ white hem- I
stitched Handkerchiefs.
75c each, Genuine Angora
Tam O’Shanters, best make sold
elsewhere at 85c and 1.00. 20
stamps with each.
The Designer for Christmas is here.
All pay 500 ($50) stamps with each Ladies' Tailor made Suit at |
1198 and over.
Afor.ien Had to be Assisted Out
ot; Predicament and Was a
Sorry^IgllT. r,‘
A Toftenville woman had a narrow
?soai ie jfrom serious injury at 7 o’clock
last i lifl:ht, on Brighton avenue, by
sinki tig into the mud where a sewer
had liedn dug and filled in on the
sidevralk to make connection with the
dwelling house which is being erected
for P eti;r Swinson, nt Brighton ave
nue anti Gordon street.
Foi tme last three days men have
been nr work digging the sower from
the main in the roadway to the house
so tlial; connection could be made.
The pipe had been connected and the
dirt put back, when the rain started
in, tho laborers quit work and last
nlglilj the place was pretty soft. No
light had been placed to show that
tho s ewer was in bad condition and
the \ foman walked into it.
John Oleson, a carpenter, who lives
on B richton avenue, was going home
aud hearing the cries for help ran tc
the lady’s assistance. Two other
men, who were passing, also gave a
hand and the woman was helped out.
3he ’vns covered from head to foot
with mud, but was more frightened
than hurt.
£ ftrawhoiii’rt I'liimt Di Hlroyoil,
hvo story Imbuing lli-12'.i North
Four 111 street, occupied by tlie I’lilla
delpl i i Stniwboard company and si*v
'■nil ' it her tenants, lias been pructicalh
destroyed by lire. Tlie loss on tlie
; build! itg is estimated at $15,0(10 and
on tb i contents $475,000. The heaviest
( j loser is the 1‘liiladelpliia Straw board
, cominuy, whose property was damag
ed to the extent of $4b0,000.
1’or Canadian Ili-ciiiriH'lty.
OTTAWA, Nov. lit is officially
static that no uveriures have lately
t , been I made to (Tinada for reciprocity
with [the United States. Senator l-’air
tmnlwrote to Sir Wilfrid Eaurler
last jipring with tlie object of having
p., the jjilnt high commission reassemble,
but jvVHS told that nothing could be
) i don» until the Ciuiadian parliament
hud J3 rorogued.
Sj>roi>SM*<l lOO Over Cllft,
rWTEllSON, N. J„ Nov. IS.—Wil
iiari Smethors, employed by James
Ractdliffe, a farmer of Bergen county,
X. J , drove Rartcliffo’s horse over a
stecn cliff at I’emdale. Horse, wagon
t. , and driver dropped about a hundred
b(- f feet: [to the tracks of tlie Erie railroad.
is, - rise (horse’s neck was broken, the wng
'> e an was smashed, but Smethers was
1 " able)to get up and disappear,
a t _
ll arularn fic-t Brewer’s Jewels.
CO ;ANGE, X. J., Nov. IS.—Rur^lars
,1 vislled tlie residence of Michael Wln
ii it ter, proprietor of the Orange brewery,
It s- he'fii and ransacked three bedrooms
I t rt will e the family was at dinner. Jew
r -li cby and watches valued at about $2,
| 50 j and rings worth $1,200 were taken. 1
To the ladies of the Good Government,
I wish to lay this complaint before
your honorablo board, hoping it will
receive attention and quick action for
the benefit of the public and especial
ly lor the heartbroken mothers, whose
grief is hard to bear for the loss of
their dear ones through some person’s
fault in neglecting his or their duty.
The Place I wish your committee to
visit is Methfllnic street between De
Kalb and Buckingham avenues. I
hope your female delicacies will not,
be shocked when you will see the hot
bed for hatching germs of all deadly
diseases which are too numerous to
mention. The water which fills the
holes on the east side is so heavily
loaded with pollution, it turns into a
state of fermentation and rises in
The above is without exaggeration
which yonr committee will see. Now
you want to know something that
yon won’t see. You won’t see the
manhole which is covered with about
two feet of dirt. It is natural to
think that iron will rust and decay
which in a course of a short time a
horse will go through and perhaps put
the city in litigation.
I reported this in the city chamber,
not when the president was in the
chair, but after adjournment in a
verbal manner. So you can see that
the city ordinance is Hung in the mire
of Mechanic street in the face of pro
My opinion leads me to believe that
because we are all blessed witli the
stamp ot honorablo toil that the city
fathers and other officials think that
we are lacking of something that wo
don’t know. We carry our nnequaled
t.n fho rnvonnr* nnll«r»frr\r I in
spent to beautify the place before the
homes of those who are blessed with
more of the world’s goods than we
Tnis is the third time I made appli
cation for the preservation of the
health, hoping your honorable board
will do its best to keep this unsym
pathetic plague from the homos of the
people of Perth Amboy and vicinity,
as it is an unwclome visitor.
131 Mechanic streot.
Vrtrmn Iniliun Flxhtpr Henri.
WASHINGTON, Nov. is.—Brigadier
rjencral Reuben F. Bernard, a veteran
of the civil war. who participated in
103 battles and skirmishes in that con
flict and in subsequent Indian cam
paigns, is dead at bis residence In this
city. Ilis remains will be interred at
Arlington tomorrow with the usual
military honors.
Jewell* Worth $40,000 In mb.
LONDON. Nov. IS. Colonel E. Har
rison Power of New York l’orgot $40,
•XXI worth of jewels in a cab while
driving about the city, but the cabman
returned them and will get 20 per cent
reward under the law.
Head After Twenty Y.-nrn In Hospital
MIDDLETOWN, N. Y„ Nov. 18.—
Henry Long of Now York, once pronii
lent as a publisher, is dead here at Bu
lge of eiglity-three years in the State
lospital, of which lie had been an ip
nate for nearly twenty years.
■ ■
These threo pretty /tailor-made lints j
will all bo populnr styles this winter. 1
It is ns necessary to have a tailor- ]
made hat in the winter as it is to have
a shirtwaist hat in the spring and j
summer. The Jfirst is of red felt,
slightly turning up all around and!
fitting closely Yo the hack ot the head.
Tho trimming |s a large white bird
with a red comlAund whose plumage
[hangs over the back of tho hair.!
These conventional birds can bo had
in most of the shops.
The second hat is a white felt,
slightly turning tip all around and
bound with black velvet. Its sole
trimming is a band of velvet around
the crown and a flat bow on tho left
side. It has a great deal of style.
The turban is made of graceful folds
of beaver cloth and faced with velvet
of the same color. The rosettes on
either side are made of bias velvet
gathered in around a cut jet button.
Strike sit M'jriiten.
MEUIDEX, Conn., Nov. 1.8.—Aside
from the arrival of about twenty-five
new workmen. < 1 rooks and Italians,
tliore were no now developments in
tlie strike situation here. Police es
cort was given the nonunion workmen;
but, though hundreds of people lined
the streets at noon and night to look
at the new oamt's, no sign of disorder
was shown.
The Diphtheria. 12pitleniic.
ELM II!A, X. Y., Xov. 18.—Despite
the optimistic lieues of the New York
State reformatory officials the diph
theria epidemic seems to make prog
ress at that institution. Three new
eases developed and that notwithstand
ing the fact that every inmate in the
institution has I >en inoculated with
antitoxin serum for a week.
SnnOi l.'iaiilnso Invested.
SANTO DOMIXt.rO, Nov. 18.—The in
surgents arc bombarding the city, (ion- j
orals 'Woneoslao Figuoro and Juan I
Francisco Sanchez are refugees in the I
foreign legations. The city is com- j
pletely invested by 4,(XKI men under j
Pichardo. A general attack is expect- j
od nnv hour.'
For Floors (’astJo on Ilonrymoou.
NEW YOUK, Nov. 18.—Tlie Duke*
and Duchess of Itoxburghe have sailed
for England on tlio steamer Kaiser
Wilhelm II. from tills port.
Edwin Lord Weeks, the American
painter and writer, is dead at Paris.
Sovereignty lias been assunnd by the
United States over the Guantanamo
naval station, in Cuba.
A bequest of KX) for a Masonic
orphanage made by William L. Elkins
has been declared illegal.
Louisiana will commemorate the
Louisiana purchase by elaborate exer
cises on Dec. 18, 10 and 20.
The revolutionists of Santo Domingo
have applied to the state department
for recognition, which was refused.
James It. and Koxliall Keene are
selling off their horses in England and
v.ii! retire from the turf in that coun
Little attention has been paid In Ber
lin to reports of interference with Ger
man steamers at Colon by United
States naval officers.
ifcvi.jyJ. ■v:;: ••' }.vx«aas8f!:-.iua;.:ii;i;%wiaSs8BB855S.:£rc:;:«SBKBg325ZS39ScaH
■ ii the “The Light That Failed” now playing in the Knickerbocker
Theatre, New York,
> ‘ jf
m__,___ _juLzmx^A
;| Evening News Classified Ads.
No Ads. Less Than 10c. Extra Charge if Displayed.
as traveling salesman. Apply even
ings at office, 33(5 State st., Sewing
Machine office,
WANTED AGENTS, either sex for
new 50c household article. Sales
tremendons. Endorsod by this paper.
Wolverine Supply Co., 45 Clint >n st.lj
Newark, N. J. 40(50-11-18 1
character and good reputation in
each state (one in this county requir
ed) to represent and advertise old
established weatlhy business house
of solid financial standing. Salary
$21 weekly with expenses additional,
all payable in cash direct each Wed
nesday from head offices. Horse and
carriage furnished when necossary.
References. Enclose self-addressed
envelope. Colonial, Caxton Build
ing, Chicago. 3302-8-18-tf
THREE ROOM FLAT and four room
flat to rent. Enquiro 257 New
Hrunswiok avenue. 3985-1 1-12-tf
FOR RENT—A Hxroom house, bath.
hot and cold water. Enquire 257
New Brunswick ave.
man would like position at any
thing, driver preferred. A. Jorgen
sen, 94 Woodbridge road.
cook and waiter, also bartender, de
sires a position. Address L. Evening
News. 11-16-4
TWO GIRLS WANT places ns wait
ress and upstairs work, also a man
wants" position as night watchman.
Reference given, eall or writo. J.
Slieppersou, 128 Church st., Now
Brunswick, N. J.
l'Olt SALE
FOR SALE—A good wora horse.
Apply C. M. Peterson, 85 Smith st.
FuR SALE—AN English cob and run
about, will sell horse separnte.
Horse perfectly safe for lady and chil
dren to drive. Afraid of nothing.
Apply Pncker Honso or Pciffers’s
livery stable,8396-10-30-if
FOR SALE—COAL yard and ice house
property, subject to short lease.
Bids received for sixty davs. Enquire
P. E. Gordon, Miller st.
STOVES FOR SALE—2 parlor stoves
for sale at a bargain. Enquire
Nows office. 1807-11 -10-tf
FOR SALE—High Grade 10 horse
power steam engine and boiler.
Second hand. Exoellont condition.
Manufacturer, care of Evening News.
BOILER AND ENGINE for sale at a
bargain. Sturtevaut 10 horse power
steam engine and boiler in A 1 condi
tion, cost $490, will sell for $250. In
use 3 years. Address O. D., News
Office. 9-12-tf J
PATENT FOR SALE. State rights
of a patent used on every farm.
Will sell at a low figure for cash at
once. Address K. Evening News.
4036-11-16-3 I
(Jezitlemuzzly Utficrvc.
“Didn't you steal tile complainant’s
coat?” asked a magistrate of a seedy in
dividual who was arraigned before him.
"I decline to gratify the morbid curios
ity of the public by answering that ques
tion,” responded the seedy individual,
with a scornful glance at the reporters.—
Nodd—I told my wife to let me know
at least a week ahead when she was
coming back to town from her vaca
Todd—Why so far ahead?
Nodd—I wanted a chance to get hack
myself.—Town Topics.
“Mrs. Nibbleton Is a great temperance
woman, isn’t she?”
“Yes. She hardly speaks to me since
I gave her a recipe for cake, in which one
of the directions was to take a wine
glassful of milk.”—Chicago Becord
gcIcnttntN In Itenl I.Iff.
First Passenger—Who is that man
drinking from that rusty mug chained
to the water cooler?
Second Passenger—That i3 Prof. De
Science, author of “Disease Germs in
the Communion Cup.”—N. Y. Weekly.
Copy from report of United States Bureau of Education for 1900—1901.
Name of School N? of Students No. of Students Per Cant, o f Student
Enrolled Graduated Graduated
Wood's College 1040 573 55
Wood’s N. Y, Scho|ol 1224 438 30
Trenton 1 lOOO 110 10
Coleman ( 021 127 20
Drake Collage ) 397 35 9
New Jersey College 240 59 24
'I he above figures verify the statement that Wood's College is the largest and most
succeasaul. 1
'Mil lUlBItlMMil iliHlllllii ^
PIANO AND ORGAN lessons at
reasonable rates. Mrs. S. MaoFelly,
480 State st,_ 3983-11-11-tf
STORES FOR RENT cheap. Enquire
at News office.
STORE AND FLAT to lot. latest im
. provement. 0. C. Fugel. 267 Smith
st. 4032-11-16 6
FOR RENT—A BARN and stable,
suitaDle for one horse. Enquire at
News officci._ 3154-7-25-tf
sets are the popular thing. Orders
taken for studs, cuff buttons nnd belt
buckles, also hat pins, at 114 Rector
street. 7-17-tf
WARM SUNNY ROOM furnished,
central looation, terms moderate.
Address by letter, C. News office.
4057-11-18 2
in private family, suitable for two;
Scandinavian preferred. 221 Wash •
ington st. 8971-11-10-tf
Gordon st. Price $5,000. Terms to
snit. Lot <i(ixl20, ten rooms, all im
provements. A. M. Johnson, 89 Water
street. 3498-9-14-tf
FOR SALE—FOUR lot- on tlnrket
st., near Goodwin. Address “Real
Estate,” Evening News.
___ _ 1987-11-10-tf
FOR SALE—AT a bargain, house and
lot on Hall ave. Address “Bar
gain,” Evening News office.
tdioice lot on Smith will be sold
for $875 two hundred dollars down,
balance on small monthly install
ments if desired.
The Uisthop Company
122 Smith Street,
Houses n* Lots
For Hale.
Wo have a splendl 1 list,. Yon w II be astonish* 4
ed nt the low prices which we are off riug some
'■f ou- properties. Ca l and sen u*, we will
cheerfully tell you about them. Four sp< c al
lurgai h cut me out.
Comegys & Brcs. Ken.1 Estate.
Money to Lo*»u« Iiimunilko
Realty and Construction
Business properties and residence in nl,
parts of the city for sale for cash or on
monthly en.stahncnts.
Post Office Building.
Situation Want ads. printed freo.
prickly at homo by an invisible device ; helps ears an
flasses lielp eyes,after all remedies have failed. Music,
ion versa.! ion, whispers heard. So pain.
Self-adjusting. Used and endorsed by
>hysicians. Write lo F. Hiscox, 22y [.a-#
iyttte bu Newark. N. j.,for 4*$-page bock {
'Tla not because they ask so much.
Our children bore us so, l
I5ut that they always asl: about
So much we do not know.
—Philadelphia Lodger.
, /
"So you expect that hawg to take a
prize at the county fair, hey? I’ve seen
ots fatter hawgs than that one.”
“Mebbe ye hev; but ye never seen a
Jirtier one.”—Chicago American.

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