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Statement Made at the Meeting of the Woodbridge
Tcwnship Committee Last Night by John Quin
Who Represents the Elizabethport, Amboy and
Long Branch Railroad Company.
- ©-—-1
than if thoy were placed so a refusal
would not affect them. As a matter
of business Mr. Martiu said the com
pany would work harder to get the
franchise if they were over the tracks
than if they were not.
Mr. Quin said no application has
been made lately for the franchise.
He said: “I believe my company
would build up Main street to Amboy
avenue if they had the franchise.
They do not want to build ‘just now
and be held np by the people of Perth
Amboy. ”
Mr. Quin said he would talk to his
company and see just exactly what
they would consent lo do and on
December to they would roport to the
committeo ana the people of Wood
bridge and then state what they
Take your doctor’s prescriptions to
Sexton, the Druggist. 11-20-1
Have a good time tonight with
Hamlet. 11-20-1 adv
Vvnen Bar Tender Entered Saloon
This Morning He Found An
other There Ahead of Him.
The monotony of tho trolley hear
ings before the township committee
in Woodbridge was varied last night
by tho statement of John Qnin, who
represents the Elizabethport, Amboy
and Long Branch Railroad Company. |
He said that the company he spoke for |
had offered J. C. McCoy fJOO.OOO for
the Raritan Trnction Company and
the latter had refnsed it. There was
quite a lively session and tho hearing
was again adjourned until December
The chairman openod the meeting j
by asking Mr. Quin, if his company j
wanted to come to Woodbridge or not. |
Mr. Qnin did not directly answer the
question. He said that his company,
wanted to go through Woodbridge to
Perth Amboy, but there were certain j
drawbacks and because of these draw-|
backs the company wanted the ordi- (
nance pissed which allows them to I
cross the creek bridge and to run a
branch across the salt meadows from
Sewaron on a private right ot way to
the east side of the Pennsylvania
railroad, coming out on Main street, ;
Woodbridge, and to run this branch .
to what is practically the outskirts of!
Wood bridge and there stop, with the
WjUBege of building a line up Main f
Street to Amboy avenue to Spa Springs
for two voars. After this time an-|
other road could have the right of
tiacks 111 Woodbridgo and go to Spa
Spring the people in Perth Amboy
will see that they must come that
wav and would make them grant all
sorts of concessions. Mr. Quin says
that the people and the council of
Perth Amboy favor the Raritan Trac
tion Company and with what influence
Mr. McCoy could bring on the council
the Rnritan Traction Company would
be granted the Frachiso and the Eliza
bethport, Amboy and Long Brnnoh
would be left in the hole.
Here Mr. J. H. Leisen, of Wood
bridge spoke. Ho suggested that the
committee pass the ordinance with the
two year clause struck oat, thus
allowing any other company the right
to build at once. Mr. Leisen did not
see why the Elizabethport, Amboy &
Long Branch Company should keep
any other road out.
Mr. Quin said he was certain that
his company would not consent to
this. Mr. Leisen now spoke vigorous
ly. He said, let Mr. Quin’s company
cross the creek bridge and if they
would withdraw from the Woodbridgo
branch he had another company that
would come in and build at once. Let
the Elizabethport, Amboy & Long
Branch cross the creek and reimburse
the township each year.
Mr. Quin said that if the company
This morning when the bartender
in ftarl Nelson’s saloon, at 13 Hall
ivenue, entered the place, he saw a
man near the end of the bar with two
bottles of whiskey and a pair of shoes
in his hand. The surprise was
mutual. The man went down the
cellar nnd got away by means of a
window through which he haa affect
sd an entrance by removing the grat
ng. He was recognized as a man
who had been around the saloon until
i late hour the night before. It was
lot considered necessary to catch him
ind he was allowed to go.
; Come and have a laugh tonight at
;he Grand Central Palaco Hall.
11-20-1 adv
rhree Lodges Attended—Masons in Charge
cf the Obsequies.
Tlie funeral of Henry Seyler was
leld from his late home on 103 Wnsli
ngton street at 2 o’clock this after
loon. Mr. Seyler was fifty years of
ige. He is snrvived by Mrs. Fanny
Seyler, and his son, Edward W. Sey
,er. He was employed as carpenter
m the Lehigh Valley docks and lias
seen a resident of Perth Ambov for
:wenty years.
The funeral was Masonic. Members
if the Masons, Royal Arcanum and
•Lmerioan Mechanics were present,
rhere were pillows and wreaths from
sach and from Mr. Seyler’s fellow
workers. The pillows were of chrys
anthemums and roses trimmed with
ivy leaves. A profusion of flowers
was brought by friends.
Mr. Seyler was well known and re
spected in this community where he
spent the last years of itis life. Inter
ment was in Alpine cemetery. Rev.
E. J. Kcnling, of the Grace English
r.nttiernn church, officiated.
Mr. Loisen spoke of would take the
axpenses of the ordinance they could
some in at once. In the course of the
balk Mr. Quin said:
“I offered Mr McCoy $100,000 more
;han his 8% miles of railroad ever
:ost him. My company would have
laid $300,000 for the Raritan Traction
Company but Mr. McCoy refused the
imount and said that he would not
ook at double the money. ”
Mr. Quin took this as a refusal to
sell as he said Mr. McCoy would never
;et double. He stated again tiiat his
jompany did not want to cross the
iracks and be placed in a position
where the people of Perth Amboy
sonld demand anything of them.
J. H. T. Martin thought that if the
Elizahethport, Amboy & Long Branch
road was compelled to cross the tracks
ind conre up Main street to Amboy
ivenue the fact tiiat they would have
;o go to Perth Amboy would inspire
;hem with more activity to get the
franchise and that they would he
ready to spend more money to get it
way if they failed to build.
To the township committeemen this
looked as though the company did not
care mucli about the Woodbridge |
branch and wanted to run the railroad j
with tho two year clause inserted ^
only to gain permission to cross the j
Woodbridge Creok bridge. Sovoral of |
the committeemen said they would
not consent to such an ordinance.
The chairman, turning to Mr. Quin,
“I do not see where Woodbridge is
to gain by such an arrangement. We
want a line that will make it possible
for a large number of people working
in Carteret and living in Perth Am
boy to live in Woodbridge. This can
be secured only by a line from Car
teret to Woodbridge and into Wood
bridge. The people of Woodbridge
would not be benafitted. ”
Mr. Quin says his company wants
to run only to the railroad at present
and have tho right to build up Main
street to Amboy because they do not
wish to be placed so the people of
Perth Amboy can demand everything
of them. They have not, they think,
any very good chance to got the fran
chise over the new bridge and at
present if they cross the Pennsylvania
Don’t forgot tho Hamlet tonight.
11-20-1 ndv
This picture represents the name of au
nrticle found in the school room. Can you
guess itf
The prize for to-day will be
2 Live Gold Fish and Aquarium.
Our store will remain closed all day
Thanksgiving day, open Wednesday
until 10 p. m. S. bchener & Sons.
Successor^ L. Albert & Co.
...Photographic Studio...
Evarything in Portrait, Landscape
and Interior Photography.
P. O. Rnlldlntr. Perth Amlwr, N. J. 1
GIeorgr W. Rogers Walter A. Snow.
Pyrographic Portraits a Specialty
Novelties in Hurxkd Leather and
Water Colors. Original Designs
Submitted and Ex ecu ted.
5 Wllliard Place, Montclair, N. J.
Thanksgiving Service to be Held
in Baptist Church in Which Five
Congregations will Join.
Rev. Peroy R. Ferris of the Baptist Church
will Preside and Other Pastors will have
Some Part—Rev. Dr. H. G. Mendenhall
will Read I President's Proclamation
Concerning the Day.
The Thanksgiving union service will
be held in the Baptist church this
year. It is the turn of the Presbyter
ians to entertain, but as thev are now
having a new organ installed, the
Baptists offered the use of their
edifice, whieh was accented.
The service will begin at 10.80
o'clock and the sermon will be preach
ed by Rev. A. Hanson, pastor of the
Danish M. E. church. Rev. Percy R.
Perris, pastor of the Baptist church,
will preside. The churches which
will join in this service are the Simp
son M. E., Presbyterian, Danish M
E., SwodiBh Congregational and
The service will opou with an in
vocation by Rev. Mr. England, of the
Swedish chnrch, prayer, by Rev. S.
T. Jackson, of Simpson M. E., Scrip
ture reading by Mr. Euglunci, Presi
iwuii b iirucuunaiiou reaa Dy xvev. ur.
H. G. Mendenhall, pastor of the
Prosbvterian chu-oh.
Having had years of ex
perience and devoting
our time solely to this
line of business we are in
a position to make better
goods and sell at lower
prices than stores who
carry candy as a side line.
We want every person in
Perth Amboy to
Just give it a Trial. If
it is not all we claim for
it go elsewhere if you wish
Special <£
Salted Peanuts
15c lb.
Orders taken tor Churches,
Sunday Schools, Societies,
Parties, etc. at reasonable
Remember the place.
| 106 SMITH ST.
Effort to Increase the Fund Being
Raised for Father Mitchell was
a Great Success Last Night. |
No Committees Were Appointed and Every-!
thing was Done to Make the Cues s
Merry—Large Crowd was Present and
Danced Until an Early Hour—Ladies
are Much Pleased.
A neat snm of money was cleared
for Father Mitchell at the reception
given by the ladies of St. Mary’s
parish in Wilder Hall last night. The
hall was crowded and besides accom
plishing the desired result, that of
raising money for the priest’s contest,
a good time was provided for all who
The reception was entirely inform
al. No committee was appointed, all
the ladies having a hand in the suc
cess of the affair. They worked hard
and well earned their success. As a
result, Father Mitchell’s fund is con
siderably increased.
The music was excellent, the floor
smooth and glassy. Nothing was
lacking to make the reception one
long to bo remembered. The attend
ance was evidence of the interest be
ing taken in the contests between the
nwinnfn nf lliin nitn Gnn f h A tnl intT OnH
Now Brunswick. The local parish
ioners are aroused and every effort is
being exerted during this week to
keep the prize fn this city.
Be at the Grand Central Palace,
Fayette street, tonight. 11-201 r,dv
Godesky at Police Headquarters
Search of His Own Trunk
Reveals $32
Steve Godesky, a Polander. was
arrested this morning by Patrolman
McDermott while he was at work in
Patrick Whito’s fonndrv. Grand lar
ceny is the charge. It is said he
entered the honso of Ferrick Tiuky at
Goodwin and Smith streets, and took
$13 from a trunk. Godesky gave his
address as 276 Prospect street. His
brother and another man saw him in
Tinky’s bedroom, they say, and wit
nessed his takiDg the money. They
told Tinky. This morning Godesky's
trunk was taken to the station house,
a search revealed $32. It is thooght
this may be part of the $33. He is
being held.
Godesky lias served time in the
I county jail before. August 7, 1900,
I he was convicted of grand larceny on
1 a charge made by Jacob Tollin. He
; got three months. He gave his resi
! dence as Brooklyn. He will get more
; than three months this time, it is
I thought. Godesky refuses to talk.

Be at the Grand Central Palace.
Fayette street, tonight. 11-20-1 adv
Mrs. Julias Aachenberg entertained
ja number of her friends at her home,
on Cortlandt street, Tuesday after
noon in honor of her birthday. She
received very many handsome presents
Those present were Mrs. John Hille
berg, Mrs. H. Anderson, Mrs. Thomas
Klink. Mrs. Carl Nelson, Mrs. John
son. Mrs. Zangenberg, Mrs. William
i Aachenberg, Mrs. T. Aachenberg,
^ Mrs. Mathiason and Mrs. M. Nelson.
Have a good time tonight with
Hamlet.11-20-1 adv
Local Lodgemen Went to New
Brunswick to Attend the Cele
bration of Eighth Anniversary.
New Brun3w'ck Lodge Celebrated in a
Royal Style—Addresses by Exalted
Ruler and Past Exalted Rulers Maks
Speeches and New York Men Entertain
in Pleasing Manner.
A number of local Elks went to
New Brunswick last night where they
were guests of New Brunswick Lodge
No. 324 B. P. O. E., who celebrated
their eighth anniversary by giving an
entertainment and supper in Masonic
Talent from New York kept the
crowd in good humor until 11 o’clock
when a “grand feed” was had. The
tables were beautifully decorated with
cut flowers and plants and the good
things were of the best. After the
dinner, speeches were made by Exalt
ed Ruler William Everson, and Past
Exalted Rulers Louis Wolfson, Sen
ator-elect William H. L. Jackson and
Andrew Zahn. Peter F. Daly, and
ThomaB Mansfield, Mayor-elect of
Oswego, N. Y., also made short
speeches. The local Elks got home
early this morning.
Huyler’s bon bong and chocolates.
Sexton’s Drug Store, sole agency.
Entertainment Given in St. Marks Churcl
Staten Island was Greatly Enjoyed.
Rev. S. Trevena Jackson, in re
sponse to a request of Rev. Mr. Jones,
of Princess Bay, Staten Island, spoke
at an entertainment in the St. Mark'e
M. E. church last night. Mr. Jacksoc
received several pieces. Among them
were “The Fireman’s Wedding,”
“The Blacksmith’6 Story,” and “A
Yankee Courtship.” His heareri
applauded and wanted more. Mr.
Jackson is a very successful elocution
ist. The evening was a most enjoy
able one.
Don’t forget the Hamlet tonight.
11-20-1 ads
More Opera House Rumors.
Another opera house rumor is float
ing about the city. It is said tin
structure will shortly be erected anr
will cost $35,000. The name of Sher
man Bros., of New Y'ork. is connected
with the rumor. It was said that J
C. McCoy was connected with th<
real estate deal, but when questioner
over the telephone, Mr. McCoy said
he had not been approached about i
theatre for several months.
Heavy whipping cream at Sexton’
Drug Store. 11-20
Auxiliary of Simpson M. E. Church Me
Last Night—A Pillow Sale.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Simi
son M. E. church held a dollar roll a
the home of Mrs. Lavinia Rankir
No. 5 Centre street, last night. Abot
twenty ladies were present and
pleasant social evening was passed.
Routine business was disposed o;
It was proposed to hold a pillow sa!
in the church in the near future. Lai
year the ladies made pillows and hel
a very successful sale ot them. R
fresbments were served.
Come and have a laugh tonight i
the Grand Central Palace Hall.
11-20-1 ac
T T h e b e s~
That's all wo claim for i
• A trial will convince vo
^ ~.....—
Jk Ask your dealer for j
Vyomen who Died so Mysferious
lly in New York Recently was
Employed in this*Cify.
Y^uag Women Worked for Mrs. Brink in
Smith Street—Has a Husband Living in
| Denmark—She has Worked as a Dress- j
maker in Several places—Christensen j
Ssid to Have a Wife Living.
_ -v.
A few facts relating to the Danish
g' rl who died under mysterious cir
cumstances in IJew York, Wednesday,
iioive been tfhearthed today. The
woman said she had been in Perth
Amboy and had left a small child
th >re. Waldemar Christiansen had
gone to the nity with her.
! it appears that MrB. Annie Nielsen
Ft one came to this country last
MiLich. Three weekB later Christian
sei i followed.
I'or some time Mrs. Fenne worked
as a dressmaker in New York. Dur
ing this time she left her child in a
ton floor to keep her from harm dur
ing the day. From New York th^^g
wtman went to Staten Island wher«
shi i worked for some time. She tbeH
wont to South Amboy and worked a^®*
a housekeeper for three weeks and
web discharged.

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