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1 SOUTH! n
Entertained Visitors from Freehold and
G and Deputy.
Tito Pythian Sisterhood held their
regular monthly meeting at their
rooms in K. of P. Hall Wednesday
afternoon, when Mrs. Newall James
was given her second degree. Thir
teen members of the Tennent Pythian
Sisterhood, No. 2. of Freehold, visit
ed the sisters for tho first time. The
Grand Deputy, Mrs. Morgan, of South
River, was also a guest.
After business was over they had a
sociable and a fine snpper was served.
The Freehold crowd was a very lively
one and tnado the occasion a remars
ably joyfnl one. When the Teunents
started their order they had jnst thir
teen members and ever sinoe that
number lias been conspicuous on all
occasions. When it was proposed that
a number of tho sisters visit this lodge
Wednesday, only eight members were
coming, bnt when they arrived at the
station amt the Chancellor Command
er purchased a rebate club ticket
(thereby saving each member a sum
of money) it was found that there
wore jnst thirteen members waiting
to board the train for tho visit. The
conductor at first said ho didn’t know
whether to let, them como on the train
or not on account of the number and
they said they had a groat deni of
sport coming here.
When they left for home Mrs. Will
iam Slover, Mrs. Walsh aud Miss
Tillio Backalew accompanied them to
tho depot aud pronounced them a jolly
crow .-Ovglhoy roturned on the 5.15.
Christ Church Club invited the Ciris and
all Had a Merry Time.
Tlie Bovs Olnb, of Christ church,
had a party last night or, wlmt tlie
boys terniod it, n “blow out.” The
boys invite ! tho girls, of course, and
all had a dclightfnl time, passing the
evening with music, singing, dnucing
aud games. Tho rector is just as
much a boy as the others and lots
himself ho blind folded in tho game
“Bilnd Man's Buff,” aud creatos a
groat deal of fnu. Before leaving
there was the usual feasting.
The Missos Emma and Mae Compton
pieced .a. .pretty and odd qnilt and
coUtfetcd $20.25 on it. Tho money has
turned in to help pay for tho
l3^n>w porch which has been built to the
Baptist parsonage and the quilt will
bo presented to the pastor, Rov. J. Y.
Irwin. Tho young ladies deserve a
great deal of credit for their good
Tho Pythian Sisterhood met last
week and organized a club called
“Tho Pythian Sisterhood Union
Club.” Ti e object is for work for
fairs aud entertainments. The names
of officers and particulars will be
givon later.
Oliserrntlnim on Some Cionmon Tlap*
pcufltgH In Every liny 1,1 ft-—Shot *
Fired to lilt or MInk.
I have known persons to give up their
room In the Hotel of Happiness because)
the room lacked a southern exposure
and one or two of the ultra-modern eon
ver. knees. says a writer for the New
Orleans Tlmcs-Democrat.
Why try to analyze a sunbeam or a
woman's smile?
The most of men are truly brave either
the day before or the day after.
There nre fellows who will not respect
you until you have Insulted them. II
takes an insult to make them realize
that you possess intelligence and dis
Immediately after Mister Parvenu has
managed to squeeze his prosper
ous form into the sanctum of society,
Mister Parvenu begins to believe that
the door of that sanctum should thence
forth remain hermetically closed.
The weakness of strength Is the
strength of weakness.
Considering the littleness of the ter
ritory to be held, self-possession comes
disproportionately hard.
Surely women are not. to be blamed
for playing with the hearts of men whr
wear those iulimate articles on tkeii
To Foil Ike lints.
To keep rats away from vegetables a
simple way Is to set four bricks on end
and set. the barrel on top of these bricks,
using the bricks for legs of the barrel.
This place", the barrel at such a hight
that the ret. cannot reach it to gnaw,
neither can he climb up, for the reason
that the bricks are inside the chine and
when he reaches up he rt-ikesthc bot
tom of the barrel and cannot go any
further.—Good Housekeeper.
WANTEJ—-GENERALhousework, go
homo nights. Maggie M. Culver,
Catherine st.
Mr. Scripp’s I oil David streot.
It is said that Mr. Kennedy, the
barber, lias become a benedict and lias
ntariied a lady at Mata wan.
Charles Borgnn and family, of Sec
ond streot, spent Sunday at Little ’
Tlio ohildrcn of school No. 1 think
n groat deal of the janitor, Mr. Edwin
Wallis, who thoy say is very kind to
them, sharpening their penoils for
them, etc., as they are not allowed to
carry knives They mndo np over ten
dollars for a wreath for the funeral of
his deceased wile.
John Kellenbaeli, of Elizabeth,
arrived in this borough Wednesday
evening to join a party of gunners,
who left early Thursday morning.
Frank Dey, of Broadway, has boon
on tlio sick list for over a week with
a heavy cold.
The Misses F. Pariseu and B. Jnck
son were New kork visitors Tuesday.
Mrs. Breen and family nave moved
into their new house on Augusta
street, Bergen Hill.
G. Straub was a Now York visitor
Mrs. Emma Learned anil daughter
Mildred spout last Wednesday with
Dr. Albright’s cousin and wife, Mr.
and Mrs. J. S. Taylor, of Fayette
street, Perth Amboy. After their re
turn to this borough they started on
Thursday for a visit with friends at
Trenton and have returned to Charles
Thomas', of Second streot, after an
enjoyable visit.
Patrick Cnmpion, of this borough,
was a Now Brunswick visitor Satur
Recorder Grace was a Now Bruns
ininlr tr i c i t ni> 'Pnocrtn r
Miss Wilhelmina Hoff and aunt,
Mrs. Asa Thomas, of Henry street,
wore Perth Amboy visitors Saturday.
Mrs. George Yeandlo, of Jersey
City, is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Dey, of Broadway.
Miss T. Breen, of Bergen Hill, was
an ont of town visitor Wednesday.
Charles Fowler, of David streot,
was an out of town visitor Wednes
Mr. and Mrs. Schroedor have moved
into the lionso formerly occupied by
Mrs. Cnarles Thomas on First street.
Mr. Scully, of First street, is giving
his house a new eont of paint.
Dr. Albright was a Now Brunswick
visitor Tuesday.
Rev. William Baker will take charge
of the Olivet church in Trenton in
lho month of December.
Blur** Rioting; nnd Arrentn — Mnyor
Hopeful of Settlement Soon.
CHICAGO, Nov. 120. — Despite the
united efforts of Mayor Carter 11. Har
rison and the nldermanic mediation
committee lo bring about a peaceable
adjustment of the Chicago City rail
road strike there is little change In the
situation. Some progress was made,
but nothing definite was accomplished.
As to the prospects of a settlement
Mayor Harrison said:
“Well, I am more hopeful than I was
after our conference, when the outlook
was decidedly gloomy. Both shies
seem willing to continue negotiations,
and while there is life there is hope.”
A serious riot occurred at Thirty
eighth street and Wentworth avenue,
which was quelled by the vigorous
WUIlv Ul lin* juMirr. xnr,i
polled to charge the mob and use their
clubs freely. The trouble commenced
when a wrecking wagon manned by a
nonunion crew amly guarded by six
special policemen pass'll Thirty-sev
enth street. A crowd quickly gath
ered and followed it. When Thirty
eighth street was reached 200 men
were around the wagon, which they
were threatening to destroy and offer
ing violence to the men. Just in the
nick of time two cars carrying eighteen
regular policemen came up. Sts'* aft
er the wagon and cars carrying \
fleers had left Thirty-eighth strec\
cars came tip from the opposite <e
tloti. As they were crossing Thirty
eighth street the mob let fly a shower
of stones, demolishing tlie car windows
and causing four passengers on the
first car to flee for their lives. The
mob then swarmed upon the cars and
had begun to bent the train crows when
the two cars with the policemen and
the crew of the wrecking wagon came
hurrying back. The mol), which had
greatly increased by tills time, was in
an ugly temper and refused to move.
Tile police drew tbelr revolvers and
clubs and charged at once. The mob
used stones and epithets, while tlie po
lice swung their clubs with vigor.
There was a warm light which lasted
about two minutes, and then the mob
broke and fled In all directions. A
number of those engaged in the rioting
were arrested.
After Service.
“He does deliver long sermons.”
"Very. I should prefer a doctor of
divinity who would administer homeo
pathic doses.”—N. Y. Times.
Kortlie .Beri^;... J^‘ tlie City Iiosj>ital
From the 21st to the 28th of November we will donate 3 Per Cent.
of all purchases to the above deserving institution whose doors are open to the poor, middle class and the rich
alike. It therefore behooves one and all to assist in this worthy cause and encourage their friends to do likewise.
Aside from the above wo will make it worth your while to come here by “cutting” prices to tie- very “hone.”
S “Turkey” Red Cloth
Values 25c, at. l^c
Table Damask
The kind we always sell for 25c some stores
ask 29c, at. 19c
The kind we always sell for 29c, others ask
35C, special at.
With pretty floral designs, value 69c, at . 49c
With pretty floral designs, and handsome
border, very special at. 59c
Fine Linen, Mercerized finished, value 98c
at. .... 99c
Better quality 98c , 1.25,1.49, etc
Napkins to match at... .49c, 79c, 98c, 1.25
And we will show you a handsome line of Linen
Sets at prices within your reach.
Our own importation, equal to many i .00
variety at.. 77c
new pique, well worth 125, at. 08c
Every pair tried on and guaranteed.
The new Nemo and flat wing front Corsets,
at 08c, 1.25, 2.48, 3 OO
all wool Walking Skirts, worth 5 00 and
, 6 00, at. 3.08 and 4.08
the 2.00 kind at . 1.48
Full size, regular 1.50 quality at a pair ... 08c
Heavy Comfortables
nice patterns at. 08c
Fine C^mforlebles
Just like mother used to make, at . 1.40
Go:d Undeswear
for Ladies, at.25c 40c 08c
for Men.45c OSc 1.23 etc
Suecial Sale of Lace Curtains
P. S. Stamps with all purchases. Sale Starts this Saturday.
\66 Smitl? Street, ■' Corner Madison Avenue Pcttfy OwbOV, IX. J.
s..—_- -' ■-8
The Evening Nows is on sale at Ost
burgs’ 44 Main street, and ijt John
Boss' Hotel, formerly John Kail’s
stand. Extra copies of tho Nows and
all NowYork papers can always bo se
Has Inver,ted a Reversible Propeller and
Steering Gear.
John Anthoan, of Main street-, will
shortly npply for a patent on a now
reversible propeller and stearinc genr.
A model has already been constructed
and's being tried on William Colo’s
boat tho “Rickety Ann.’’
A good sized crowd, of Tottcnvillc,
Richmond Yallov and Pleasant Plains
firemen, will accompany the Totten
ville delegates to tho volunteer fire
men’s meeting a Toinpkinsville, Sat
urday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Boyd, of 20 Am
boy avenue, will celebrate their fifth
wedding anniversary Monday night
by giving a party to a numbor of
their frieuds from Tottenvillo and
Pleasaut Plains.
Uult« u Sufces*.
May—I’m so sorry that Nell's mar
riage did not. turn out well.
Pamela—Oh, but it did. She gets
|5,000 a year alinofly.—Town Topics.
True I'liflo«io:»li y.
Neighbor—Ain't 3 011 goin' to hunt up
that teller iha' eloped with your wife?
Smartweed—N-o.. Let the crime bring
Its own punishment.—N. Y. Weekly.
A QcPKtton of Figure*.
Church—Her grandfather was a skip
per, and he settled in Canada.
Gotham—IndPed! How much did ho
get away with?—Yonkers Statesman.
Girl Prmt Clerks.
There is a demand for girls as clerks
in German drug stores. The course of
instruction requires three years, ex
cept In ike case of high school gradu
ates, who need only two.
Ilii* Silk Ontrr*.
Milan and Lyons are at the head of
the world's silk Industry, havingrc-spee
tively conditioned 21.C0S.o70 and !7.7C?,
,2511 pear, us of silk last year.
En’eavorcrs from all Pcr:s of the Irian !to
Meet in January.
It lias been decided to hold a Chris
tain Endeavor Convention of all the
Staton Island unions in Tottenvillo
some time daring Janaary. At the
next mating of the Tottenvillo Chris
tian Endeavor Union, a dato will bo
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mnyrohinuoy,
of Stanford, N. Y., aro visitors at the
homo of Captain R. W. Audrovettc, (it!
Johnson avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Yotman, of
ruuauwny, ure visiting mr. aim turn.
A. VunDorn, of Euglislitown, N. J.
John Jones, of Mountain View, N.
J., is n Tottenvillo visitor today.
Folly In Sopicty.
The Twentieth Century Miss—Cousin
Edythe was a foolish girl.
Her Maid—So?
The Twentieth Century Miss—Yes;
she married away beyond her means.—
nuiGiiT i.ittIjE hoy.
His Mother—If you really were at Sun
day school, as you s;iy, it's very rtrangi
| that you smell so Ashy.
I Bobby—I guess that’s because the les
son was about Jonah and the whakv—
Chicago Journal.
Wouldn't Have the .Toll.
"The millionaire l as so much care
Collectin’ bills and rinte.”
Said Mike McFee. "Ol wouldn’t be
Lolku him fur lilt, i-luts.”
—Philadelphia Public l-edger.
The Theatres.
If llic Now Yokr critics are to be be
lieved, another tremendous hit has been
s. ored at that home of big productl'in.
| the Broadway Theatre, New York. This
time it ii that incomparable artist,
FritxiSchaff, in a bright new comic opera
called “Babclte”. The eiitios unan
imous in the opinion that Miss Solicit' is
the one rial sensational success of the
season and declare with enthusiasm that
no such lir*t night has been seen in New
York in many years.
The New York Ilervld Raid themoruin#
after the first production: “The *tigo lias
gained a real queen of comic opera in
Piitzi Solicit’, w ho is nowr appearing at
the Broadwry Theatre in “Bibetto”.
Charles 1J. Dillingham lured Miss SchefT
from the Metropolitan Opera House,
wh .re for three years she was the pet of
i lu patrons of grand opera, and instated
li ;r at the head of a largo company to
pro sent, a new romantic comic opera by
Victor Ileibert and Harry B. Smith.
Tlrs opera “Babetto” was presented in
New York for the first time on Mon bay
nii'li! and made an instant triumuh wi*h
public and critics. The Sun said “the at
tractions of “Babette” are many and
ciptivatiug.” Tlio world said ‘Fritzi
Sjbcft' sang like one possessed.” The
American said “the audience arose to
their feet shouting bravos, aud cheering.”
The News said “Fritzi Schell” and “Ba
b_*ttc” nredestined to a long and prosper
ous run-on Broadway”.
Mr. Dillingham has surrounded Miss
Schell with a com| any of unique dis
tinction. Eugene Cowles, Biehie Ling
1 la llawley, Loirs IIorison, E. .1, Con
u »’1y and .Jos piline Bartlett are some of
th • Mincipals. In ;1, ilie organization
numb us one hundred and fifty people.
The pr iduction is pronounced one of the
ni 'st artistic of the season. All New
York is now talking of the instantaneous
uopr •cedentob triumph scored by Fritzi
Ileury W. Savage’s English Grand
f)pera Company began on Monday even
ing a four weeks’ engagement at the
Studebaker Theatre, Chicago, having
made the journey from Boston direct by
two special trains of Pullman “sleepers”
and baggage and scenery cars. The
transpoitatiou of this great organization,
with its itnmence quantity of luggage aud
the complete scenic equipment of a dozen
elaborately staged operas, is quite the
most niportant task the railroads have to
shoulder in their relations with the amuse
ment world. The company has been so
vt iy siiccexslulthat Mr. Savage finds him*
m 1» amply justified in making additions
to it from year to year, aud it is verj
considerably larger this season than Iasi
4‘The Piinco of Pibsen” op^od et 8t
Puiil Sunday night, Nov. l/, auil it
1'wiu cities have lud in quick succession.
All ilio others ueie making westward.
Hie “Pilseu” company (western) made
a single jump last week of more than 110
miles,-Helena Mont, to Duluth Minn.
Ilcnery W. Savage's ‘ Prince of Pilseu 1
and * King Dodo” companies come te
get'. er at Seattle. Wash, ou Sunday Oc ■
25th. “Pilseu” closed a nmarkable en'
gagement of fine preformauces that night
at the Crawl, and the only king and hi -
cohorts locked on aud applauded. As
the house was sold out before the O. K
and his cohorts got into the town tbej
were compelled to p it up with S, H. 0,
space and m ike the most of it.
Helen Byrnu, an exceptionally pretty
and talented girl, now plays the title
1 art in “Pegjy from Paris’’, iu which
she has madia stiong hit at Wallack’e
Thra're, New York.
Closing Stack Quotations.
M T'i'V i.n call nominally at 5<fPJ per cent.
T’rini'1 met- ant!! • paper, u per cent. Ex
change.’. $192,003,587; balances, $S,832.254.
Closing prices:
Amal. Copper... 39% N. Y. Central .119
Atchison.C5% Norf. A* AY. st... 5 %
L. & 0.7b Penr. K R.11!%
Lroaklyn R T.. 39% Reading . 41:
C..C..C. <fc St. L. 71 Rock Island .... 2 ■ >
Ches. & Ohio... 30% St. Pa cl .13S%
(’hi. Sc Northw. If.4% F uthern Pac... 43%
IX Sc H.157 S< uC.-tm Ry.... 19%
Erie. 27% S<»uth. Ry. pf. . 75%
Gen. Electric... 157 Sugar.118%
Illinois Cen.1.9% Texas E.-r ilk* .. 23%
Lackawanna_22(9 Eni"n Pacific .. 7-'%
Louis. Sc Nash..lik** E F F:• ■ ... H'r,
Manhattan.J3i % l*. S. Fte pf... 527-„
Metropolitan_n<% AAYst. Enmn ...*4%
Missouri Puc— 9(5%
>»•«■ York llnrketK,
FT.OT'R—Steady, but quieter; Minneso
ta put -His. 7c; winter straights.
$3.95(5/4. lo: winter extras, $31.'3.35; winter
patents. $ 1'/1 -”-*.
WHEAT -opened firm and somewhat
higher in I>• cember, but later cased off on
liberal northwest receipts and outside sell
ing; December, S7%@Si%c.; May. S2 15-10%
93% e.
RYE -Nominal; state and Jersey,
'9c.; No. 2 western, (Sc. nominal, f. o. 1».,
all at.
CORN—Dull and lower, reflecting fine
weather and local short sales; December,
OATS Nominal; track, white, state. 41k
45c.; track, white, western. 11% 15c.
PORK -Steady; mess. $i:ral3.75. famil.*,
LARD—Dull; prime western steam,
LETTER Quiet to firm: extra cream
er.'. 23. .. state dairy, 15%20c.
CHEJCSE-Enscttled ; • it- full cream
fancy, small, color .1. S pt-mber. ll%c.
late made, l"i<.: small, whit . Sept cm -
her. U\c.; late made. 10% : largo. colored
September. ll%c.; late made. lo%e.; bug*
wbit ■. September. 11'*,i .; late made. 10%e.
EGGS—Strong: ut :: • and Pennsyl vanir
average firsts. 33c.: state and Pennsvlva
nia seconds to firsts. 2S /3:e , western ex
tras. 33c.; western firsts. ?»Kt 32c.
FEGA.R Raw nominal: fair refining
r.Qe.; centrift gal % test. 3%e. . r«-liiUH
oriel; crushed. .MM-.; powdered 1.90 c
TERi'EXTINK Quiet at
K1«‘K Steady; domestic. •I'fn'.e.; Japrtr
Me Minal.
—• I ‘V1H
leral of Lonritz \
j' old in the News
l< is home, botweer^
ja Beading, early vfeBgj "M
r was buried this a®;. ....J1
j 1 services were )ieldB8&..'f
f unchurch at 2.30V
|R i. M. McNnlty oflicit '&
ia Warn cuds, of this town*
li milay mzlit, of paralysis,^!
' at u of lier niece, Miss Sadie; T(pY
I In New street. The fan era l9H|
wi j the house on Wednosday^H
ul, I 3o o’clock. On Thursday^
nn I e body was taken to Fair
mi I ery, where it was interred.
I T. Spencer and daughter
yj; -e visiting IrieudB in New
3 odists had a very success
ful md fair on Thursday even
j e Jones, of Babway, was
in Wednesday.
3 u Valentine spent Weducs
da; itl) Miss Florence Liddle.
J Dolard has recovered from
his illness.
I of New Y'ork, will spend
Sui b Hr. Richard Child.
J th Scott spent Thursday
nn t I
Crteret. I
i Jones and Miss Mamie
Wednesday in Elizabeth.
)h Havon and her sister,
Mi «1, spent Monday in New
Yc Mri. Atwood, who has been
vif . sister, returned to her
ho ! ovidence. R. X., on Toes
I i’yle will leave for Mata
wd. orday.
1 Platt spent Wednesday in
Nt " ! 6
jph Rynn, of Patapso, Car
ro I Md., and Mrs. William
Isl 1 her three little children,
of :, were guests of Mrs. T.
T. if Port Reading, Thursday.
ilsou attended the I. O. O.
F. ion at Trenton, on Wednes
da inrsday. g&J
ala' Leber spent Thursday i
, af _^itVi’oodbriilRe.
The I
• Odrrr<l <» Tcllnrlilr. -J
!, Nov. 20.- Governor James ;|
H v has slated that he lias or
de is to Tellnrlde to guard the
ill mills there so that tlie *per
■: make an effort to resume.
T1 lor said that today between
4o to soldiers will lie sent, itt
•li fantry, cavalry r ud artil
I Anil Start 8 1,0**0 Fire.
K. N. J.. Nov. 20. An ax
tit a nail in a naphtha barrel
ea explosion in S. Halsey &
So it at Helmont a venae and
W . street here and started a ,. ;■«
Ur used a loss of ?ti.tXK>.
' riean Federation of Labor
ha I a resolution urging Presi
de 'volt to examine into tlie J
ea- . A. Miller, assistant fore- j
" government printing nf
'in testimony is veritiisl. t
tnt I
rare ll.ill ti.i
.■ A, Ga.. No .
ha campus of the
of was burned.
•it her ^robibll
1 i cloudiness a
'I lieen more
ed American
ros / ,.
J Keene’s S
oiu 1 lerby go! I
wo ietcn.
ro spi
titary Plumber.
Rahway Av®.
H Depot, Carteret,N J
arand Papaihanger
by mail promptly attmdod o. j
urtrrbt: N. J. •
•ti nn, So cpietaa

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