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Local Men Fall Heavily Before Jhe
Eagles Big Margin in
First Game.
L The Pop Social Clnh went to Me
■ tnolieu last night where they were
L defeated in two straight games by the
V Eagle, bowling clnh. The game was
B commented at 8.30 on tho Kagle
J alleys. Ipoth teams seemed to te in
i. The Pops lost tho first
333 pins, in the second gatuo
jst liv St pins. The following
^io scoros of each team and the
Pop Social.
Rickwood 121) 148
U mdriuksou 118 154
Uliristiausou 131 133
Kirby 137 140
Atlbriok 107 131
if 013 713
n* ».... i....
Graham 188 184
Brack 188 14*1
R bi is 2111 | 5?
boutjilist 182 io4
PiglOl 188 180
845 822
Defeated Ihe Maurer Team After
Three Games Were Played
Excelsiors Get One.
r Tho Peruna bowling club went ont
to Manrer last night, whore they won
two out ol' tlireo games from the Ex
celsior bowling tenm. The Pernnas
were short two men on their team and
they were compelled to pet on two
you the first game
dost tho second
Tox 180 100 1(18
Soy lor Kill 118 104
Bartolf 180 141 101
Colton 151 175 170
Wariug 142 188 101
882 0(17 810
Excelsior B. C.
Meld on 122 181 14.1
\V. Urowney 140 111! 181
Loesar 118 188 115
Bolau 88 110 02
Lew 181 187 112
504 GO 7 (188
In Grand Central Palace on Payette
street, tonight, the Danish Sociable
.JMD. will hold their second grand
jf iHnnl athletic ciiiitests. If u ill I
*■ Meeii tlic idiih il.'.s dty and 'I- •
HpHieh Sociable A. ' . of Id ■ .<d.. lyn,
Alter in-- auiieuo i \ t~ iiiuiu
be a ball ami reception.
W. L. Played
Nights 2 0 2
iioitins 2 o 2
riiroe B’s 0 2
Aquahongas 0 2 2
W. L. Play’d
i, 8 2 10
8 2 10
ii ( 0 II
« ;i
ted:. - 4loaud Brool 1;
Pop Socials 1.
•• AA hat Did Ho llonrif
Malay—Did Jim ki33 you last night?
Daisy—Of course he did:;'' Why do
yo* ask such a question?
Matey—Well, he told ice hn liked your
Cheek.—St. Louis Olobt-Democrat.
(11m PoIltC-'ti’NN.
"But Is he yolite and courteous?”
"Well, 1 should say so! Eeiieve me,
he will not even talk to u lady through
the telephone without removing his
hat.”—N. V T'r>'<‘«
Billiard and Pool Parlor
Smith Street* Perth Amboy. N. 1.
cafe” 1
St Perth Amboy
KIRBY, Prop.
Meet on Hartman Alleys Last Might
Scrubs Have Highest Totals
for the Match
The Raritan Copper Works howling
team defeated a scrub bowling team
at tho Hartmann alleys last night,
two out of tlireo games. It was un
derstood at first that the D Ita fowl
ing club would bowl the Riversides
but at the last minute tho plans were
changed. Tho alleys were given over
to the Perth Amboy Trust company
and tho Copper Works team. The
Trust Company players did not como
ont for tlie gamo so the Copper Works
picked up the scrub team. In tho first
game the rolling was warm, anti the
Copper W’oiks lulled alieail only nfter
the hardest kind at a struggle by 12
pins. In the second game the scrubs
won on!, with 85 pins to their credit.
The last gamo was won by the Cop
per Works who pulled ahead with 82
pins to their credit. Tho following
are the players and the total scores;
Reed, Monaliuu, A. 0. Clark. Scrub:
Seaman, Nolan, Young, Pierco, 1).
W. Blair.
R. C. W. 038 580 (182
Scrub 020 (177 GOG
The total of tho three games for tho
Copper Works was 1805 amt tho total
for the scrubs was 1903 so that al
though the Copper Works wins in the
games in the total amount tho scrubs
are ahead by 47 pins.
The Raritans, of New Brunswick,
went to Bound Brook last night where
they pnt it nil over tho Bound Brook
bowlers on the alleys of the Bound
Brook Hotel. The highest score was
made by Klein, of the Raritans, who
191 ii^the fwsVwt#1'. Riston
of the Bound Brook team, scored the
lowest, getting 90 pins in the Iasi
game. Tho following are tho total
Raritans 830 822
Bound Brook 000 090
lft*r rcniiiu nt.
Miss Vera Plane—I always endeav
or to be very distant to Mr. Nccrslte,
and yet ho is infatuated with me.
Hose Budd—Yes. dear. I think if
you weren’t quite so distant he’d soon ;
act over his infatuation.—Judge.
<;«»?(inr* Heady.
"My wife Is busy gating ready for
• What has she done?”
"Oh. she’s priced hpndrcda of things
she hasn’t the slightest Idea tf bujIPit.”
—Chicago Iiccord-Keraid.
NreiKciM Ferir.s.
Dinah Ebony—Auniy, de papers say
rnebby de black plague will come to
dis country.
Aunt Ebony—Don’t you worry 'bout
dat. honey. It won’t show on us.—N
Y. Weekly.
Too Siiu^ost I •. p.
“If you could suggest a nice Inscrip
tion for his tombstone,” began the
“Why not 'Peace To His Ashes?’"
suggested the marble cutter.
“Well— or—he was rather a gay per
son, and I don't exactly like that word
'ashes.' ”—Philadelphia Press.
“Hobby :
:H&ts ■
0 ■
n iii all tlio Litost stylos, o
| The' best line of B
ff &
: Underwear:
■ «
y in the city. a
D- |
u Hawes Celebrated $3.00 Hats.e
*- •a i
sAgts. American Steam Laundry. B
l1 « ■ ■ ■ a ;'l a B 9 « I N ■
:J. H.'HOPE&CO.:
R *
77 Smith Street. ,
a s
| Sol. llabouHtuln, Howard JIojkj. h
1 iWiiiiBii’amnitmiiiWiiiim'iiiiBiiMiiii v. ■ ■mi ■ » ® ■
Bogota Government to Assert
Her Right to Isthmua
CuloitiliJuDN Hope Thnt All Fair
Miiulctl People III tile Poiletl
Htutpa Will ANiitil Tllem to
Keep Pmi:ini:t.
110(3 OTA. Colombia, Nov. 2.“i. — A
prominent politician here who is close
to tlie government anil thoroughly post
ed in the affairs of the administration
lias characterised the action of the
Vnlteil States on the isthmus of Pana
ma as most unjustifiable. He said:
"Colombians hope that the reasona
ble and fair minded people of the Vnit
cd States will bring such pressure to
hear on the government at Washington
that the result will he the saving of
the Isthmus to Colombia and the pro
tection of Colombia's uui|Ucstloncil
rights there. All Colombians protest,
ns would the people of other nations,
against this aggression of the Vnlteil
States. Colombia is confident that jus
tice will he done to her, and all Colom
bians are unanimously resolved to sus
tain and defend the national integrity
even at every possible saeriliee. The
liogota government is receiving the
support of all political parties, and
there arc daily made g. muons dona
tions of gold and jewels to meet such
expenses as may become necessary.
Allieru .III n -Hl' llls ai HIT
surprised at tile action of the i n ted
States on the isthmus and are e nli
Uent in view of the enormous damage
that would result to commercial inter
ests and in consideration of tin* most
friendly relations existing between the
United States and Colombia that the
United States government will retrace
tl*e steps it has taken in Panama.”
It 1m Thoiiuht That Colombia 11 Army
Will Si** Mol)ill/i‘il.
COLON, Nov. 25. A person who is
in intimate association with General
Keyes, who has sum much of tin* gen
eral during the past few months ami
i who is thoroughly familiar with the in
terior of Colombia said concerning the
probable course which General Keyes
will pursue ui Washington that Keyes
would make every effort, no matter
how hopeless, to effect such a settle- 1
meat of tin* Panama situation as would ,
preserve tlu* integrity of Colombia.
Thinking his position to negotiate to
this eml would he stronger if lie had
an armed force in the Held, it was not
impossible that Keyes would order
preparations for an attempt to invade
the isthmus.
General* Sarria and Bustnmente left
General. Keyes at Port Linmn, Sarria
returning to Bogota and Bustnmente to
the province of Antloquia. It is possi
ble that they carried General Keyes’
orders to undertake warlike prepara
tions If It can he proved that such prep
arations will strengthen Keyes’ position
or if the generals think that the people
of Colombia require such propitiation.
General Keyes hopes that the United
States will to some extent withdraw
from the position it has taken on tie*
isthmus, jxtssildy to the extent of giv
ing Colombia an unhindered opportuni
ty to recapture the isthmian territory.
Austria to ItocoKniu* Panama.
VIKNNA, Nov. 25. The Austria Hun
garian government has derided to rec
ognize tlie republic of Panama. In
structions to this effect will he given
to the Austrian ambassador at Wash
Monui'H fill* Snv**M a Child.
NEW YOKK, Nov. 25. He was only
a shabby, mongrel dog. but lie lay all
night on a windy, open lot and kept an
abandoned little baby ruddled to Ids
shaggy breast so that it should not
freeze to death. John Korinoyle, who
lives in the Bronx, was crossing a lot
at One Hundred and Sixty-eighth
street earl* in the morning when lie
heard the piping wail of the bah.*. At
a loss to understand the sound at such
n time and place, he looked about until
in a clump of hushes he came upon ihe
strangely assorted sleepnmtcs.
I£ ui; I ii err Will IH«*.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 25. Three men
what is believed hy tin* police to have*
been n boiler explosion at tin* plant of
tin* l'nion Sirup Uetlning company
lien*. Employee*, however, assert that
the second tloor collapsed. Tin* interior
of the building is a wreck. It has not
been d» terniined how the accident hap
pened. Fritz King, the engineer, was so
badly crushed that he will die. and Ja
cob Sclav n. the oroprtetor. and Ids son
Albert were both badly cut.
Asked the Kntln* Town to Dine.
CINCINNATI, <>.. Nov. *25. Senator
Fora ker lias just received an invita
tion to a unique banquet. The host U
George A. Beaton of New York, and
the banquet will be given next June
in Athens. O. Every man. woman and
child in the town has been invited to:
tin* feast. Mr. Beaton Is a native of i
Athens and was a clerk in the gov-1
ernor’s otiice when Mr. Foraker was'
governor He went to New York,
where fortune smiled on him.
< linriroil With FammIiigt Stolen Checks
NASI IF A. N. IF. Nov. 25.—A mail
who registered ;it the Tremont House
ns Edward Mi Elroy of Meriden. Conn.,
was arrested here charged with pass
ing checks which had been stolen from
the store of F. O. Wentworth at Sum*
ersworth, N. II.
F.urtleiiiHlvi* at Salt Luke City.
SALT LAKE CITY. Nov. 25. Two
disijmt shocks of earthquake were felt
in tlds city. No serious damage was
Its influence has been felt by so
many Perth Amboy readers.
The southing influence of ivligf
After s offering from Itching piles,
From Ecxetua or any itch mess of the
Makes one feel grateful to the remedy.
Doan's Ointment has soothed hundreds
Here’s what one Per tli Aim toy cittern
Mr. A. B. WooIrtiff, of Vai'sbi-g,
N. says: “For the benefit of those
similarly aft’iioted as I was w ith hemor
rhoids or piles, I waut every reader < f
this paper to know, that I suffered w i h
attacks of this tormenting nuisance for
over (fifteen years. During that time, I
spent a lot of money trying “sure cures”,
and exhausted all my own knowledge a
ho it salvi s and oiutmeuts, and also the
advice of my friends. One day while
reading an advertisement about Doan’s
xxxxxx Ointment I concluded to make
one more effort ami omtucuccd the treat
ment. Greatly to my surprise the aiea
of itching gradually contr i ved untill it |
o unp’etely dried up. What is of con
tii<1 t«r 11 tin tn iii'A immtrrnni>.« fit nut
in no indication of a recurrence.”
Plenty of such emphatic endorsement
t > be had right hero in Perth Amboy.
Drop into (3. VV. Pariscn's drug win re and
a«k w hut his oustcmeis report.
Fore sale by all dealers. Price fio cents.
Foster-Mi I buru Co, H.illalo, N. Y., solo
agents for the United States.
Remember the name-Doans-iiul take
no other.
Ten-Yeitr-Olil I.ud I'oulii
\oi lli'niriitlM'r I£w*r liio i«U' Ho
ei i > cd 1 he Tender ( arc
I once made a tour of tin almshouses
of the state- of New York, describing
:hem exactly ns they were. Every emo
Lion that can be awakened by sorrow
was felt during the trip, writes Julius
Chamber.* in the Reader Magazine. The
most pathetic incident occurred at the
poorh<;i!.»e of Essex county, located in
the hills Ikyoiul Whal’.oisburg, near
Lake Champlain. I should ay Unit tin
trip was made at. the request of a state
commissioner of charities, who dtsired
that the truth should he told.
After Inspecting the wards for the
aged women and insane. I w« Hod across
in open court, deep with mud, to visit
(he children’s quarter. . While tin re, a
small, red-faccd, red-hro d lad intrud
ed my notice. 1 p^tid him on the
shoulder and asked Isis name, lie gave
It promptly, told nr.* he was ten years
old and that his fatli'i* and mother
were dead. I felt d< ; y touched by the
rhild’s words. Soon after I left the mis
erable shed in whi-h these children were
herded togethrr and started to rrcross
the yard. I frit a tug at my mat ami
found my little ;ri ud behind me. Hh
eyes looked up into mine so pitifully
that 1 asked:
"What can 1 do for you, my boy.”
"I want you to ki. s mo.”
"Certainly; but why?”
"I never was l:isi d In my life!”
When I came to write tlmt story for
publication I developed Its full pathos,
giving the name of tlie fatherless and
motherless lad. As a result he was
adopted by a wealthy family near Sara
toga: ho has been well raised, given a
college education and is to-day heir to a
MinDi Maxim.
"The child is the father to the man,"
remarked the proverb dispenser.
"Don't you believe it,” replied the
observer of human nature. "The child
howls when it is empty, and the man
howls when he is full.”—Chicago Daily
Nswa. _
Aldernrn Smith Well Again.
Alderman J. F. Smith of Indianapolis,
link, contracted a severe cold which grew
rapidly worse until I N physicians said In?
1 * 1 :tll till1 k V 111111 ■ i' ■ i k nl' li'iutu 11 ik n in 11.
tit n. T lie physician’* prescriptions ami
several proprietary preparations failed to
licli> him. A friend recommended Fo
ley’s Honey and Tar. and in a few days
ho began to improve and the second bot
tle cured him completely, lie says it is
the best remedy tor coughs, colds, ami
lung trouble bo lias ever known. Accept
IIO substitutes.
debt at Sexton’s Pharmacy, 70-7J
Smith Street.
Pop I'iiIhk In tlie Hark.
An excellent remedy for pains in the
bach of the neck or side, the result of be
ing exposed to draft, is a plaster com
post d of vaseline and mustard, two parts
of the firs't to one of the latter. Mix and
sprtad on a piece of muslin, applying in
t.io affected region.
Duf-Sluti»i*il Kites.
The bat-shape d kite invented by R. F.
Cody. F. K. M. R., has bc-en adopted by
tin* Uritish admiralty. The kite is made
from bambo and silk and will tarry a
man. It may be used for reconnoiti ring
on land or sea, ami will be able to haul
a sledge over Arctic ice with blit one
man to steer it.
More Than One Third Die.
The principal reason wliy more than
one third of the people die from kidney
diseases in tonic form is because it is mi
im-iduoiiK that the kb,1 ,eva may be badly
affected before t ho - ct.ira realizes bis
danger. If you liave^any indication of
kidney troulde take Foley’s Kidney Cine
at. once ns it corrects irregulaiitics and
males the kidney and bladder light.
Iteiiiember the name, Foley’s Ividucy
S »'d at S' xtoil's Pharmacy. 70 7*’
Smith Street.
la the most healing salve in
the world. It cures Sores, Cuts,
Burns and all Skin Diseases.
It positively
G&fifiTBS P$i®S
S. Kiugsbsker, 80 East Ohio Street.
Chicago, writes: " I had a bad case of
Piles tor several veers. DANKER SALVE
cured me quickly and permanently after
several doc tor 3 and remedica had failed
to relieve rue.”
Oil ARAN TEED. Prloe 25 Oan tm
Masons and Contractors
Office! i#¥ MaHkoh Ave.
Tel. 67b Perth Amboy, N. J.
Carpenter and Builder.
•lobbing promptly attended to.
170 Rector street, Perth Amboy, N. J.
Carting to ALL PARTS of the CITY
Keaidenco and Office; 30 Commerce St.
Tol. Call 34.
Hand, Grvel. Brick, Flue Linings aor
iSewor Pipe Furnished.
.’iii \V‘*odhr:dge Koad. 170 Brighton Ave
Carpenters and Builders
Office aud Shop: C East. Avenue,
Estimates furnished. Jobbing attended r.«
General Contractors
Hand, Gravel. Broken Stone, Carting, E.«
244 Smith St. 225 New Brunswick Ave.
Successor t.o J. K. Jensen.
Mason and Contractor
22i Washington St.
v-urpenier Job'-mg, steam Rawing, Turuir.i
Scroll and all Mill Work.
Hhop and Office; 123 Brighton Ave
Residence State «Sr I.ewls St.
rniRiTtlSKi ”
House Palntipr., Paper Hanging. Infcori«
23R Washington S
Iteaiilcuce; 250 Wasliiugtou St.
Forth Amboy, N. J
Plumbing *. Gas Fltlln,:
Hearn. Hot W ater aud Hot Air Heating
Dealer in Stoves, liarge.* and Boater
Repairing of ail kin * nps daily.
J67 State street, Perth Amboy, N. J
Buccesaorfl to Farrington & Runyon Oc
All kinds of llulldlncr Material
Office. 128 Fayette street Perth Amboy, N. 3
Painter &. Paporhangor
ol-b’njf promp*’y ttented to H»? (Jordon k
Painter and Paper Hanger
I4J Brighton Ave.
Ktitablittlunl in * S80.
Wholesale am! Retail healer In
Lumber, Lath, Cement. Doers, Sashes
Blinds, Mouldings, Builder's Hardware
Pair aud Nails.
ifllce and Yard; J«sJT**'aon Ht.AX'. 11. tt. of N,
l*»*rth Amboy, N. J.
Painter and Paper Hangor
1$R Brighton Av<
pTTkov a col
Artificial S’.one and Cement Work;
Office: 108 Fulton St„ New York City
A SMITH, Mason and Builde'
Estwates Cheerfully given.
<4 0»’hfrlne at., nr Rail Av*. Perth Amhn
1. B. SMITH Sanitary Plumber
finning ami Sheet Iron Workor. P’earr
ami Oat> Fitter. Jobbing,promptly
attended to.
'hop r>5 N. II. Ave. Perth Amboy, N. J.
tCHtimal.es furuiahed. Jobbing attended ti
90 Now Brunswick As’.. Perth Amboy
a Makos Uldi.nvs and Bladder ll._Ut j
I I — ■■ —- - - ■■■ ■■■-'.
Scientist Thinks tlx* Yl'ondcrful*'ti1i
Mtftix*«* Cnn !l«* CrpiI «<» Cure
l'tiIiiionurj Tuhere*uIon*a.
Frederick Soddy. who was Prof. Ruth
erford, assistant at McGill university.
In Montreal, has suggested another use j
for radium. He argues that as it has
been found to cure consumption of the
skin (lupus), it should also cure con
sumption ol’ the lungs, if iis rays can he
brought to hear directly on the diseared
lung tissue, without any intervening
substances, such as the chest wall. At
first sight, sa; s the Scientific American,
this seems, rather a difficult thing to do,
as it is. of course, out of the question to
place any solid mass of radium within
the lungs themselves. Hut recent stud
ies have shown that radium in a solution
gives off a gas anil that this gas is itself
radio-active. Ho ail tHat is necessary to
subject the internal lung tissue to the
direct action of radium rays is to breathe
a mixture of air and the radium gas. By
this means Mr. Soddy believes a new and
valuable remedy for consumption will lie
available to the pathologist. The rays
from radium have already proved use
ful lu the treatment of several forms of
skin disease, and it has been suggested
that, the insertion of minute particle,',
of radium In the Interior of a career is
worth trying. 11 should be remembered,
however, that even if radium proves val
uable in the treatment of pulmonary tu
berculosis, its cost Is .>-0 high—-several
hundred dollars a grain -that It could
not c'uue iniu general use under present
tllrils I II.-iI lEluuli.
An observer finds that some
birds blush. He writes: “We have a
very lino specimen of the blue and yel
low macaw which displays this trail
not often, for he is remarkably good
tempered—and the ‘blush’ Is an Invari
able sign of anger; so much so, that we
warn all lrleuds that while his cheeks
remain white ali attacks are ftigned
and in play and can lie disregarded,
yet if the ‘danger signal’—red—shows,
to look out and keep out of reach."
The owner of a blue and orange macaw
says that Its while, parchment-like
face becomes bright pink, especially
above the peak, whenever It Is angry
or excited.
AI-ik3.;uii Salmon.
Alaska now supplies half the salmoi:
-,r the world.
KcroMfMip for I’orcolniii.
Nothing equals kerosene for cleaning
porcelain bathtubs. The ugly blaek
streak around the sides that requires
such vigorous rubbing when only soup
and water is used disappears as by mag
ic when wiped with a soft cloth mois
tened with kerosene.
Salmon Toast.
A delicious breakfast may be made
by heating a cupful of thin cream to
which has been added one spoonful
hotter and a little salt. Stir into this
one can salmon picked up fine, pour
over toasted broad ami eat while very
hot.—Farm and Home.
Time Table in Effect Oat. 1, . 1903
Cars leave Metucheu for Perth An boy and all
points East to Boynton Beach at 5 and 86 minu
et j>n-1 each hour from 0 a in. to 7.86 p. in., and
from 7.85 to 11.86 p. m. at 36 tuiuutee pa:»t tlio
(jura leave Keaabey School for Metucr.en at 5
mil 35 minnttiri past, each hour flora 6u. ro o
j..;u p m aid every hour from 8 to ll.Si p. m.
Caralenv* Kcaibey for ali points hast every
6 icinut.ee.
Car* leuvet Bridge at Woodbridge Creek for
Keawbey at foot of Smith Street every 80 raiuu
eu from 0.15 a in, to 11.4' p. in.
Cara leave Bridge at Woodbridge Creek for
Vletuehen on the even hour aud half hour from 6
i m. to 0 30 I*, m. and on the* half hour onlv
’rom o 80 to lu.oOp. m
Can* leave HU ten Island Ferry for Metuchen
iml Keasbey School at IS and 48 minute? part
Mich hour from Ga m. t" 7 p n». und from 7 to
p. m. at 48 mlnutrs only and for Keasbey at
oot of Briilth .Street at 3 and 33 minutes past the
Cars leave Staten Island Ferry for Bridge at
Woodbridge Creek at 11,26, 41 and 5G minute?
jasf.eaeh hour from G «. to. to 11 • d 1 p. ru.
Taking effect Oct. 12,1908
Open* ut 7 A. M. Close** at 7 P. M.
Mall* Arrive:
New York. WeBtern aud Southern. 7 .00 a m
Rah way - Woodbridge.. 7.30 a m
South ileraey vay Mail. 8 00 a in
Kotd? and Keiwboy. 8.16am
New York and Novthevn Way. 9 80 a in
it ah way. direct. . 12.1*0 a m
New York and Northern Way.18.HH pin
■touth Jersey Way. 1.30 pm
Woodbridge direct. 1 30
New York direct . .. 2.30 pm
New York and Northern way— 5 00 u
south Jersey >vay. . ••• o.n«* p u.
Brooklyn, Pennsylvania and N. Jersey * .HD p’»
Hahwny. rii"« ct. H.80 p m
Fords and Keaacev .C.HTi p^m
Mulls Close.
Kali way and Woodbridge. 7 15 a m
Sew York iirul Northern Way.. 7 HD am
South Jersey Way.. . 2 00.1 in
Sew Yolk an i Eastern Stales. 9 HOa m
Funis and Keashey. 9.&J a ra
Ltuhwav and Woodbridge. 12.10 a in
tout h J etney W ay. 1 2,00 p m
Sew York and Northern Way. 12. HO am
Sew York and Northern Way. 4,HO p m
touth Jersey Wuy . 4.HO pm
Itahwuy and Woodbridge . 4.8Dpm
Ford* and Keasbey . 7 00 p m
Ml points. 7.00 pm
Mon*; Order '1 apart men t, opens at 7 a m closes
il 0.45 p in Saturday at t5.HD p in
(1*0. H Tick. P. M.
?.'• Uarltan Copper Works
J0 High and Lewis
!7 Madison ave and Paterson st
JS Market and H irst sts.
55 Smith and Highst
17 Ntate and Smith sts
IH Buckingham ave and Hartf
15 Commerce and Front sts
17 High and Washington Htr
^4 Stalest and Buckingham ave
>0 Hall ave and Charles st
u Railroada»e and Wayne st
ii! Washington and First sts
#» Turnpike and Elm st
n *»mith Rt and Watson ave
J5 Commerce and State sts
ivj Front and Smith sts
I’D Water and (Jordon sts
M Kearny ave and Cordon st
<2 Smith and Herbert, 8f
vj Woodbridge road and Washington st
iH Lehigh ave r Stanford st
To s°ntl in an alarm, open the door of the box
and pull down the lever and let go once only.
Stay at box until firemen arrive.
1 tap -Break In circuit. 2 taps Drill and fire
Harm test. Hydiant nt coiner of Jefferson and
High street always to be used for this trial 8
laps Fire out. 5 laps-Police cull. 12—Call for
Lincoln Hose 18— Cull for Washington Hose
It—( all for McClellan Hose 15—Call for Pro-,
section U. and L. j
Sehwlulo In oir«<4. Oil 0 | (HCI.
I* j : i : : : i i : : * : : • : : : : : :
fc i : : : : : i : :
„ «■ 4 « S98fgai& 4
« d v t, a,aaaas„0 )o
< * 8 ;sasxg38S < » iS*s3i«§gl
2 i :s88fesssgj5 - ■ aisMssslji
• hhhht- ^ SftC>C3CC C3 •
. S .S«S»S3si ~t~—:•. ; >r~
•/> 2 I'Ea ^—'N-N or- : :
- * Ws»s»tffc £ r~-: ; : I4-;
f .. * :-s33s£SSr i »sssaasSa :~
s; &»zi ;;!551 ;• ^‘’w •«
| 5 slMSssIss1 2 ill IJjjjjj
0 fc a !g53"-"<H» c * s*23fe!&as :s
► • tsasttsssas s
® ’ :=S2s2aaaa $ > SISilSlB T9
< x pTsssSsSIs ? *: gaggjj|jf»g-T
£ * « jssassssa 5 , siszsMsaH
1 i •SioKSia^fl g , ^SIsajsfaTg
sj* ^ :a^s2£38S « » Bsaass-— :
£h | < - • E* IS** TJ ■« or- T *■ * « *** :
j* * iftlUMf&a ^ . WUB=saaK>Tb
| jNlUIgH
2 p.*e.: i |j :«» j ;• : 1 :««
? «]ti|j iflj
" «SiSS^S ~s&£l»ll!
a,cu^a;wz ®Zr«fc sr,&-«c5-ofctaor:{fca»a«
"y” Stops oniy to take on or let off passengers
for or from Perth Amboy on nolle# to Agent or
For further Information see time table#
Tickets for all points on the Pennsylvania
Hail road and connections, Pullman acrom
tuortMions. *o. nt ticket ofhco.Porth Amboy
W. W. ATTKRBIJKY, C4#n«nd '“«naK»x.
.) u ’voon Puns'r Tr» the Manager.
GEO W. BOV I>. uen'i 1ase. Ag’t.
Corrected to Oct. 20 1903
For New York, Newark unit Elizabeth at
8.00 Moiulai'S excepted to New Ym k
(only) 6 36,7 17 15.45, New York (only) 7.68,
9 51, 11.13. 1169 u. in., 110, 822 4 r0 5 09.
d 90, 7 46, 8 08,:» 5ft. p. m. Sundays, 3 ut), 8 87
а. rn 6 29, 0 4.% p. m.
For PM’aQolpdla a*»d Trenton via Uou d
Brook, 7 17. 11 18. 11.59 am 1 10, 5 09 p. m
‘tiii duvs, 8 'jT a. v) 5 29 p. m.
For Long Branch. Green Grove, etc. 5.07.
»«(\ a. in. 12 2*. 4 42 615. 7.19 p. in 12.R#
(Sundays excepted) Buudays except Ocean
Grove) «55, a. w 4 54 p. m.
or Freehold, 5 07. 6.51 9 80 a. in., 12.32 3 27,
5.16 p m
Additional trains for Rad Bank 2 97, 5 15, 6.SP,
P. M. For Boul.h Amboy 6.51, 7 11, 9 20 p. ra
з. 2«, 4. 43 p m. 6 15, 6.53 9.29.
Leave New York, 4.00, 5/0, tt.r, 8 03, 10.00
11. (i a. in., 1.80 2.00, 8 li, H.iS, 4.80, 5 10, 6.38,
б. 80,8.8c, II.'0 p. m. Hunuu> s 9.00 a. lu. 4.00 p.m
Leaves Eli/.,.belli. 4 0.i, 6.22. 8.1 , 9/4, 11.51,
и. in. 1. 40, 2.17, 8 CO, 1.12, 4.48, 5.18. 6.42,8. 68,
li 55, p in Sundays, 9 -ft, a. in. 4.(2 p. m.
Leaves Newark 6 12, 8 35, 9.12, 11. 2, a m.
1 80. 8.35, 4.10, 5.40, 6 19. 8.15 11.50, p m. Suu
days, 9.0j,a.iu. 4 05, p. in.
Through ticlcols to all points at loweal rates
in ay be bad on application In advance to the
Octet agent at the Mention.
W. G. Bxblrr, Vlcc-Pres. A Grtieial Manag
C. M. Boa'., Genoral Passenger Agent.
Time Table In effect Aug. 0, 1008.
Stations In New fork, foot of uortlandt, lie#
brosasB .\nd WjBt 23rd atreeto, Penna. K. B
C.IU, 8.00 am 4 20 p.m. 1.80 p.m. dally connoct#
w.i. v av until foi Pound Brook,Maucb Chunk
Weatherly, Ilazelton Pottsvllle and intermedl
ite points.
fi.io, 8.00. am. 1.80,4.20, p. m. surdaya
1.85 JL. m 1.80. 6.15 p. in*
8/0 a. m. Daily Except Sunday Connect with
tr^ii. exp-ess lor Easton, Boi.hleham Allen
.own, PoitHville, Buffalo. Nisi/an Falls and Chi
sago. Parlor Car New' York to Buffalo, con
lects with local train for all points east of
Bauch Chuuk.
3.85 a. in. Sundays only. Express train for
L'ulTulo, Niagara Falls, uud Chicago. Stops at
[•'ieiniugton Jet.
4.20i>. in. bully Except Hunday Express for
for Wilkes Dario. Herat.ton, Pur el ton,
tnrt principal interniGdlale stations.
6.16 p. w. Bun day s oniy Through train tor
Buffalo. Niagara Falls, Suspension Bridge J
;nrt Chicago, connects lor New York.
9.10, a. tn. 8.45. 5.00, 7.50, p. m. Sundays:
10 85 a. hi., 5.00, 7.60 m. Trains arrive Perth
6mbov-9.30 a. m.. 8.104.05, 6.25,8.10 p. m. Sun- '
lay, 10.57 a. ni., 6.25, 8 10 p. n».
Tickets sold t/iall Western Points.
For further information apply to tieke*
Staten island Rapid Transit R. R.
rimu Table In effect on and after Oel, 11 1998
Pori 11 Am hoy to New York - Leave foot of
Smith St. dally except Sunday* »nd Legal
Holiday 6 15, 6.IS 0.68, 7..*15, 7 88, H.OU 8 08
8 65,10.05, and 11.25 a in. 12 65.1 65 2.£*>, 3.56,
4.3J 5.£0, 0.45, 8.00,, 11.16 P. M,
ouinlay* and Legal Holidays
fl.Wt, 7.56, 8.55. 9.55, 10.65 1.65 A. M. 12 55, 1.65,
2.65, 8.66, 4.50, 5.60. 0.60, , 7.f0, 9.40,?. M.
How York to Perth Amboy.—Leave foot of
Whitehall st. dall\ except Sunday and Legal
Holiday*, 6.65, 0.M-, 8 00,9,00. 10 00. 11.00 a. in.
18.30 1 «» 2.86, 3 80. 4 30. 5.10. R.80 6.45. 6 15.
6.85, 7.80, 8.30,9 41,11.06 12.25.
Sunday* and Legal Holiday s.
Leave New York.7 0 , 0. 10.00,11 00. 18 ro.a.m
I. 110. 3 C4), 8 10,4.00, 6.00, G.Oj, 7.00, 8.10, 'J.C0
II. 05,p.m.
F» rry between Perth Amboy and Tottenvllle—
leave Perth Am hoy dai y x5.15, x5 12, 6.32,
x6.68, x7.85, x8C8, x8.5*. 9.V6, x 10.05, 10.60
x 11.25a. m. 12 25, xl2.55, xl.65. x2 60. x3.56,
x4 8n. 4.65. x5 31, 6.00. xO 46. 7 <’6. 7 10, x8 00,
x& co 9Si, xlo.ao xll.15 p. m.12.80a.m.
SunduvH ind Le’al Holidays x 6.20, fl-45, X7.55
X8.f6. x9.55.xl0.6S. x 11.66. a. IU.xlS.B6, xl.65,
xS.NC.x H 56. x4.ru, s6/0,x0 60, x7.50. 8 40.
xU 40, IP. SO. p in 12.40.a. m.
Leave Tot tonville dally xl.UP, 5.66, 6 82, 0.42
X7.10. 7.60 XH.15, x9.ll). 9 it), xlO 15. xll.CB a.
m xl0 06, 2 40 xl rift. X9.H5. x«87, 4.10, x4.37,
6 10, x6 37, x6.18, X6.&5, x7.17, x 7.40, x8.87,
x9 37 10 I5x:t).46, p m. x!2.1« . xl 30 A. M.
Sunday* and Legal Holiday* *0 30. 7.16. x 8.10
9.40. xlO.10, xfl.11, a. ra. xl2.10xl.!(kxi .10
. x« *0 x 4 10 x5.10. x0.10 x7.l0,xB.10, x9.1J
x 1 o lit 10 45. p in. xl2 10a.m.
•Legal holidays only
cTraiu Connect.on.
Hecelver OenM Traffic Agent.
Cures Coldsi Prevent* Pneumonia

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