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Broad, New, and Halscv Sts., Newark. .. ...
Choice as Great as inJNow York. * MillIMIS
A feast of light and beauty in fairy land. Magnificent decorations and tableaux. Grand Court
illuminated by 4 000 lights.
Ki-st Court represents the Silver Bell Portal of the Genii’s Palace, with 12 festoons of Kibe lights.
Second Court presents “ Phe Dream of Santa Claus” the whole forming the most fascinating yule
tide picture ever show in any store.
ate displays. Bring the children to see Santa Claus in his workshop, <j to i o’clock only.
Merry-go-round Toy Parade in Amusement Hall. Presents tor everybody, young and old.
Get a transfer Card and make but one payment. Santa Claus will answer letters written him by
children if addresses are plainly written.
Free Deliveries at Mew Jersey R. R. Stations.
very euj>y lentil, uui i m ce v eai uuiiiiatis‘vi“B7'JU B
years to pay for a high grade instrument, will prove interesting to '
you. If you desire to examine our pianos, we will pay all expenses
to and from NewYorkCity if purchase is made here. If you are think
ing of purchasing a Piano, let ns send you our new catalogue,which
will give you all necessary information as to prices, styles, terms,etc.
Manufacturers of High Grade Pianos.
94 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK CITY, n“rl4lh st
(if .!
The Shrewd Landlord
Has foresight and common sense enough to know that if lie equips
h's buildings with all the modem conveniences in the way of healing
and plumbing, etc, lie is going to rent them for more money. Clive
I lio people what they w ant and limy tvjll pay for it. Full information
can be obtained by visiting our Shot Rooms or oalling us ou tele
phone 1841. v
Bailers, Radiators, Valves, Pipe, Fittings, Asbestos Coverings,
High Grade Plumbing Prods. ::::::::::::
200 5 202 215 23
A ’ '*
. (
I Curious Custom Cvists in Some Port?
! of Mortnis— Authorities Tr>
Itttf to Snysimn It,
They have a curious way of utilizing
wives anil daughters in some parts ol
Madras, says Golden Penny. If a man
wants money he puts these members ol
his establishment in pawn, and his cred
itor detains them until the debt is dis
charged. The custom varies in different
localities. In Nellore the Yerealls pledge
their daughters to creditors, who may
either marry them or give them away,
j and a man who has to go to jail deposits
his wife with another man of her tribe
j until his return. In North Arcot un
' married daughters are frequently mort
gaged, and become the absolute prop
erty of the mortgagee until liquidation.
In some parts men sell their wives
for sums of C5 or so, and have no fur
ther claim upon them.
rPVio aiitliitrUliiD nu fry M M. t -
put down these economical expedients,
which, we are afraid, would find l'avor
risewhere were they permissible, and
we cen fancy the si range aspect of so
cial life which would then be presented
Thus a man would he heard saying to
his wife when a heavy hilt had to be
met: "I am afraid we cannot manage
without it, myedear: we must pawr
Juliana;” or, supposing him to have de
posited his wife, he might say to his lit
tle child: "If you are a good girl, my
dear. I will give you n treat, and take
out your mamma.” Under such con
ditions children would become "pledges
of affection" In more senses than one.
Point of View.
“Mr. Brown is outside.” said the new
office boy. "Shall I show him in?”
“Not on your life.” exclaimed the
Junior partner. “I owe him ten dollars.'
“Show him in,” calmly said the seniot
member of the firm, “lie owes me |2.j,’
—Chicago Daily News.
.lllliinferlarlna ltf-nl Pearls.
The Japanese are making “real
pearls by forcing a grain of sand intc^
oysters and planting them until the
pearl is formed by a deposit around the
foreign substance of the material from
which the shell lining Is formed.
The jFSkeutres*
The Clunty Chairman.
“The Count v Chairman”,-the Thank*
giving oilV.rinp at Wallaek’s Theatre.
New Yor1*, will hold the stage of that
favorite plajhluso until after the holi
day season is'over. George Adc’s new
aud quaint c medy is looked upon as a
singularly appropriate selection for this
p?iiod ol t he year; partly on account of
its prevailing spirit of jY.lity; and partly
J also by reason ol its wholesome sirup!i
jciyaud fidelity to rural home life and
character. It* love interest is wholly
charming; its drollery is d licioin; aid
its drama: ic episodes au* i iti ns ly stirring
j “I’he County Chairman” is tin* first play
without music to be presented l»y Henry
W. Savage; but it employs the services
of more pe rsons than most opera compan
ies. There arc more thin a score of
speaking character* in the comedy, aud
in some of the scenes one hundred aud
fifty nun, women and children tike part.
For these rousing ensembles the great
organization has be- » carefully drilled by
George F. Marion to d > most eHuotive
work, aud ho action and tableaux aro
fairly startling in thcac realism. Individ
ual acting of the very highest quality is
contributed by Machyn Arimckle, Wi! is
I*. Swo.t.nam, \V. J. Gross, Klward
Chapman, Cli nics Fisher, Miriam Nes
bitt, Anna thick ley, Hose Deaudet, Grace
I’ixlmr :iinl in fant :ill ' !:r> m. mln-r^ nl'
Mr. Savage's carefully chosen cast
The show scheduled for Proctor's
Twenty-third Street Tlieatr next week
w ill 1 e far and aw ay one of the bo-t pre
forms men shown at this ho He this
season. Aim >st every act is a headliner,
and by that is mea it “feature acts,”
possessing quality a id qu ‘.nlity of merit
M'. Dan Duly whoso pronounced success
last week has made him a prime favorite
is to be li dd over for this week, lie will
b)8ccnlin hUtho ou;lily< riginal andu i
<1 no specialty, of imp r>omtons of bin
self. Mr. Daly lust w.ok give sj cmI
bits from his various successes. Tnis
week he will present new parts from his
various plays. His success last week
.vas i .stuntanoons, and his presence at
his lheat rc served to i icre i>o the patron
ige considerably.
At Proctor’s Futi Avenue TheaP0
text week a sumptuous revival will bo
uude of Uronsmi Howard’s musterpiooo
''Saratoga.*’ Til's p’ay l»a; been a .suc
cess from its initial product! in. 'l'lic
tilth or, Mr. Howard, needs no extended
ntroduction, as liispliy* have been pro
lueetl year i ft* r year. The east will he
headed by Miss ^lorcneo Reed and
Mr. Walter Hodges,.the latter huviug
•tarred in this beautifjUlly comedy o i the
road. Othois portraying the various
diaraeters will be Mr. Geruhl Griffin, Mr.
Albeit It die its, Mr. John West'ey, Mr.
Joorgo Friend, Mr. Charles He iuinn.
Mr. Joseph Eggentou, Miss U iso Mu art,
Miss Loretta lli-aly, Miss Alijo G ilo,
M ss Lorna Elliott, Miss Noel G irdoin
vlis; Marguerite Kir tor, Mr. Sumner
bird. Mr. Julian Heed, and others of the
| Proctor favorites.
Next, week at Proctoi’s One Hu ml nil
md Twenty-fifth Street Theatre, a mug
uiticiont revival will he made of Henriet
ta C.osemati's greatest piny, by U fa id
McDonald, entitled “The Sw ord of tin
King.” It is a particular y brilliant
drama, with a part that aflTrds the lead
iug woman ample opportunity for the
dashing, da“c-dovil stylo of acting. The
play will be produced with all the original
auuuvijr auu uiii'.ijf ucn lUv-uia tiuu liuuu.'
1 isll llieilts.
‘ The Funny Mr. Poooy,” the non
musical Trace comedy, begins an cugag. -
at Proctor’s Fifty-eighth Street ncxl
.rock. Tibs new production is desci ibc<!
as(113 of tile n ust original and pectin
tious of llie far e comedies s uit out Uni
season. Th > title a'uno suggests ana
bundauco of fun. and lots b en an inspire
.it'ou to Fiauk I). ISryan, its author, n
p it. together the most ainusings t latiom,
comedy lines, and iniorpolaliou of h iglit
oitchy mu ic 1 mini- ers that aro clcvcily
interpreted by a big iIiiim of pretty
girls with well tra ued voiois.
Proctor's Newark Thoat, o next week
will have auoll er big bill. The future
act will bo the 1 Mys er. us Age,” one ol
the most wondorful of mod.irn illusions.
Foy and Clark, in a hnud new c niuily
act, entitled ‘‘Oh Fudge;” Mr. and Mrs.
Charles T. El.i% prime favorites in New
ark, in a brand u nv sk. t dt; Louis Dres
ser, singingcoino Iipiiuc; 11 ii cy and M ib
ison, knockabout comedians; .lack Noi
wood, black face oomediau; Stelling and
Itevci, Europe’s greatest g itesqno com,
diaus; LaMar and Ittham, in a pretty
little society sketch, and fifteen other
star acts will complete a spk nlid show.
Mosquito 1 iimimlirn.
The Suez Car,al company reports that
in consequence of the campaign conduct
ed by Ma.i. Hors, of the Liverpool Seller.1
nf Tropical Medicine, the number cl
cares of malarial f'vcr at Isr. r.ilta bar
decreased in a most marked manner.anl
that the ordinary mosquitoes have been
annihilated almost absolutely, so that
even in the worst period of the hot sen
son il has b<'"ii found possible ;o dis
pec re with mosquito-nets: AYntcnviop
are rystemnticaily oiled, and all pis.—
where larvae can he hatched arc unceas
ingly guarded.—T union News.
The December Century prcflcutH a
I irge variety of seasonable niatcri d bo’li
in text and iu pictures, and is panLular y
rich iu color work. The new cover, pre
sented in the November uimbei, is furth- r
embellished by a picture by Ueorge II
Hallowed of the coronation of Chtrle
magtn, which to*k place on ChiiM'ina
D.»y, 800 A. D. The col»red froutipiecc
•a a * M id mm at) l Child,’’ hy lingo
I>.ii in, and thr e pictures in c dot hy Mr
fi d l\ii r.sli a ?m: any Edith Wharton’s
p.ijierori * S!ei so Villa-.’* M V ole
O-ikley cjnt'ibr.es a novelty iu two
Christ ina« pictures iu color, entitled
•*Lig tof toe World,” in a pre ll iphaelte
manner, au l with a some a hat mystica
significance, and thcro arc two pictures
iu color by Ellen IJ. Thompson to accotn
' piny a pnpor by Jacob A. Kiis entitled
“Children of the People,’’
Dr. James M. Jiuckley, author of the
paper published a yeir ago iu The Cen
tury ou “Dowie Analyzed an 1 C’ ass li »d’
writes of * I’anatiei tn in tin United
States,” in which time is additional
reference to * E.ij ih the Iteitorer.”
Franklin Clarkin dis *ri!»e«, w'.ib specifi
cation, “The Daily Wakofthe W.Thing
‘ Delegate.’’ There is a wi ;ty of p > 'ln
I and shorv liumorous sketches. Aprupo.
■ of the Jo:» ithill Klv.irh <xh*brr •» \ tli
editor wiir**s of I'll ‘Growth of It lig'uut
Tolerance." ’
An hsuo of extraordinary beauty mti
inter, st w i I be • lie C i"'ntm i< (i) ; ;em > • •
Metropolitan Magazine. While Kpae«
w !. not permit in »ru than a oriel in in
ti >n of the m »ro striking features of thi
great holiday issue, a sufiiciout number
of items from itw ejntents may be quoted
to give worn*) hint of its charm. Thi*
numb r will b.3 i.i eff et a (loin miration
of tli > a l / m vjnnut of reproductive
metho Is ami the art of printing. I* wi !
Ic profusely illustrated in color. Thj r
will lw Hum ■ seven!v-flvo pictures, iiiokI
of w lfeh w ill bo fn'i- ago siz*-. No mon
attractive periodical will be offer red t)u
discriminating public duu lg the holiday
season ilian The Christina* Metropolitan
Stephen Bonsai, the well-known trav
eler audj o >rr«sp >11 dontfJcontr b it’s tin
loading article, which U superbly illus
trate in tint. Ill this article Mr. Bonsai
describes with a vivi I an l sympathetic
pen the return t) J’crasrfern of an ug»!
Hebrew who gins to the II »ly Lind t i
dt). Incidentally the coadi'ious of to
diy as tiny exist- in the Lind of the Bibb
are graphic illy told.
Ham in Garland will appear in Tin
Christmas Metropolitan with an appreci t
tion of New York City, viewing the m e
tropoiis from tin standpoint of the west
erner and commenting critically on tin
| nig town in a way that has never be fori
been done. Mi. Garland docs not di
, enounce nor yet praise. He states plait
The sixth installment of “The Queen’s
Quair,” which is the love sto-y of M try
Queen of Scots, will be one of the fiction
j al features of tins special holiday n inn lie
| The novel is by Maurice Hewlett, who <
‘•Forest Lovers” made him famous, al
though literary critics are unanimous ii
declaring “The Queen's* Quail1” a inur.
masterly work
-Ah-InIpiJ" I ,n isi ! wm n t. Mrh r<
C'on-d-fereil mi V (trtli
I S'*. Thun Ilrfieilvial.
Gorman oarr> which were put in snm
cf the southern lakes of Wisconsij
years ago seem to have done mon
harm than good in eating the eggs o
bass and other fishes, and a plan ha
been suggested for getting hold of th
lazy, almost wortniess. creatures n
1 large quantities, shipping them e3S
! nncl ritliiing the lakes of their unde
sirable presence. But the east doe
: not want German earp. alive or dead
; They are a coarse, rank, unpalatabb
fish, dwellers in mud. It was a mis
! take ever to import them, as it wa:
] to import English sparrows, says th<
j New York Tribune.
I \Ye had an abundance and a variot;
of excellent food fishes in the nev
world before well-meaning but mis
| guided ichthyologists brought abou
the shipping over from Europe of thi
gross and sluggish mud habitat. th<
carp. It the I'nlted States could gc
■ rii! of every carp and every Englis!
! sparrow in every part of its domain
1 their extirpation would be of genera
benefit. Don’i send carp from Wiscon
sin to New Y'ork! They may be fi
for fertilizers, but the states on thi
I Aiiamic coast prefer menhaden to car]
i for the enrichment of the fields.
English sparrows still hold a plact
I on the bills of fare of cheap eatir.i
houses under the disguise of ‘Tret
birds.” But the legislature of tbii
| state became so thoroughly convince!
that sparrows were not only useless
but injurious, that It passed a lav
which is now on our statute books mak
ing It a misdemeanor to give then
food or shelter. The Orrman carp ant
the English sparrows were “assisted'
Immigrants which ought no’ er to havi
been admitted within our borders
They should be banished.
Ridicule is most impatiently endurec
from one's own family. It is becausi
they echo one's innermost convictions'
—N. Y. Times.
Model your character and conduct or
the best lines; then try to live up to the
Idea!—Philadelphia Bulletin.
Amos H.VanHom,!1
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f accounts "
Iron Structure au Grate Work. None
but experiencyJ men employed.
Best work. Lowest Price.
N. B. Ave. near Post Office
§it Smith St.,
Ifc» Rig-Tit Off.
i "Ah.” sighed the wretched Mr. Now
■ pop. "what can be more wearing on
’ the nerves than a baby that cries all
! night long?”
"Twins.” answered the man who has
i been through it.—Chicago Record-IIer
: aid.
Tbo I’^npip Ktnrel.
Mr:. Spendcash (the possessor of anew
Worth costume)—Did you notice how
people stared at us last evening?
Husband (meekly)—Y-e-?; I made a
mistake and had mend- I my o'.il dress
coat with white thrrad.—X. Y. Weekly.
Badly Broken English.
"Give me ar. illustration > f broken
Ergl'sh,” said the teacher
"The ten commandments,” pip"d a
. shrill voire frem the tall of the class.—
, Philadelphia Record. I
' _

_ ,
ova ...
No Smoko or Smell. Cle»D,
Cool ami Comfortable Con
venient anil Economical.
ir»fS Smith Sti*eet.
Coiner Academy ami Halgey
One block roar of Newark Post OfHee.
Some Reasons Why You Should Attend the Cvitm
1—It jf the host equipped priva*e school In
-fate. 2- It cm;ploys ilie .’urgest faculty
teachers. •—Jr will «ire you the most for your
eMuny in the least tine, C-lt file more inmi
t ions nt better put* than nnv other tchool In
N* w Jersey. 5- I1, is th*» oldest and beat tchool
ic lh«‘ Fr.*r.
*• •! »nr caiaio^ue and booklet. !
*d ■ I ’ K. i’OR EM AN, '
■v\ J XUUI.ER,
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! 7" ^
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