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Evening flews
An Independent Newspaper published every afternoon, except Sundays,
by the Perth Amboy Evening News Company, at
2S* State Street, Perth Amboy, N. J.
D. P. OLMSTEAD,.Business Manager
The Evening News is on sale at newstands and delivered by
regular carrier in Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Woodbridge,
Carteret, Tottenville and surrounding towns for 6c per week.
By mail, postage prepaid, per year.$3.00
«< “ “ six months ..... 1.50
Newark, .... - F. N. Sommer, 79* Broad St.
Long Distance Telephone * - * - * 98
Entered at Post-Office as second class matter.
The PAID circulation of the Perth Amboy Evening News Is larger than any other
newspaper published in Perth Amboy.
Three times the PAID circular on of any Pe'th Amboy paper in South Amboy.
Four times the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper In Toltenville.
five times the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Woodbridge.
Six times the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Carteret.
We challenge all competitors to dispute these fact».
Mnvor Seaman's opinion of tho city
charter bb published yesterday, is
worthy of much consideration. He
says that nine-tenths of tho provisions
in the charter have boen changed by
subsequent legislation and what is
left is not worth much. The mayor
is right. The charter is a usoless
document and only serves to confuse
For a stranger who lias never Jbecn
to Perth Amboy to read tho charter
and then visit the city, ho would not
recognize it. Tho charter was ap
proved March 17,1870 and amended by
a supplement approved April 5, 1871.
To show how utterly out of dato it
is we quote a few of its provisions
which have long since been discarded.
i — In the it provides for
^pix eouuoilmen;
ers are to be
Leif election:
___ 15ns shall beCTi^Btho second
Tuesday in April; it slinll*be tho duty
of tho mayor to preside at the moot
ings of the connou. 10 ueuuing ™
term of imprisonment mi
i C !'li 'll I'Ji'.vj • m v
sJKys^B oncli offwse. Ti**f otiim;,!
^Pterm ofpersons newly elected to ofliee
Y shall begin on tho last Monday in
April next after election ; tho official
terms of officors newly appointed shall
commence on the first Monday of May
The council shall eleot a vice presi
dent who shnll preside in lie absence
of the Mayor. Among tlie powers of
the oonncil is to license nud regulato
or prohibit inns and taverns and sa
Victor Herbert (ioeti to Xctv York.
PITTSBURG. Doe. 1.—.Tunics I. Buch
anan, chairman of the Carnegie Insti
tute orchestra committee, makes pub
lic the fact that Victor Herbert will
sever his connection with the Pittsburg
orchestra at the close of the present
season. March 19, 1904. The commit
tee expressed much regret over his ac
tion.hut unanimously tendered him their
gratitude for tin1 splendid work lie has
accomplished with the Pittsburg or
chestra. Upon Ids retirement Mr. Her
bert will make New York city his fu
ture residence.
loons and no other license granted by
any other body shall be lawful.
Regarding the poll tax tho charter
provides that every male resident over
tho age of twenty-ono shall be assess
ed $2 as a poll tax.
The assessor must mako ont a list of
the children capablo of attending
school between five nud eighteen
yenrs of ngc. The assessor gets $2 for
every 100 names thus enrolled, and by
his roll the city shall get its jU6t
share of the State appropriation. Ac
cording to tho charter the treasurer,
colluotor of revenue, city clerk, city
marshal, overseer of tho poor, city
surveyor, street commissioner, and
pound keeper shall be appointed
annually by the mayor and counoil.
All of thoBO provisions are different
now and an ordinance is now on its
second reading to ,'mnko tho term of
the latter offices threo years. While
theso have been chanced thoro are
other provisions ill the chnrter which
liavo not been affected yet which are
i\ ilimr.t 11 i mlrnimn fn flin ftrnrmiBB nf
rihe oily. Now tlmt Perth Amboy is
! soon to get (-bo benefit of her increased
I valuations and will take some great
strides forward in the lino of muni
cipal improvement, would it not bo a
wise thing to begin at the bottom and
| either have tho old charter repealed
and rejected or have’a new one drawn'.'
At present it is a handicap. As is
hero shown it is practically useless as
far as city government is concerned
and it only serves as a stumbling block
for things which aro desired and
should be done
Cnlmii‘1 H«**lt*r Dtoul.
KINGSTON. X. V.. Doc. 4. Colonel
Clin rip* V. I Ion ter, a brother of Colo
nel William V. Hester, president of tin
Brooklyn Engle company, is dead here
from paralysis. He was about sixty
years old and was well known.
Miner* WnrkinK Out Fine*.
TELEEUinH. Colo., Dee. 4. Eight
of the eleven striking miners who were
arrested on the charge of vagrancy
were put to work on the streets undei
guard. Some of them had money, but
they preferred to work out their tines.
We Give RED STAR >
with every purchase $ ■
It is the wearing quality
of the shoes we sell that makes friends for us. We make it
a point to so satisfy our patrons that they feel that they get
—■'thejr money’s worth in the shoes we sell them. One satisfied
customers brings another, don't you know. We sell Shoes
to fit all feet All the latest styles, all si/.esand an honest price I
The best slipper to wear
in the house is the
RUBBER BOOTS “ol£^ll,e
have the call, we have I" Git OlippOPS
them, you may need
them warm and comfortable,
easy to slip on, we have
them in all colors
I J. Slobodien
126 Smith Street
Teachers End Their Annual Ses
sion in New Brunswick—Mr.
Mulford Gave Address.
S. E. Shull of this City Elected Treasurer
—H. B. Willis is Made President
Annual Banquet in Mansion House at
Which Guests from this City Were
Speciai to Evening A'ews
New Brunswick, Dec. 4:—The Pub
lic School Teachers Institute closed at
noon today. At 10 o'clock this morn
ing Dr. Muli'ord, of Trenton, gave nn
exhibition of the working of wireless
The annual banquet of the Middle
sex County School Board was hold
trdav at the Mansion House. Address
es were made by prominent speakers.
Those present from Perth Amboy
were E. \V. Walker, Jesse Colyer, J.
H. Poulsen and William Massopust.
From South Amboy, Leo White, A.
L. Brady, R. A. Gray, E. Gegar, and
W. P. Nichols. From Woodbridgo,
William Edgar nnd Edward C. En
The Superior Principals held a
meeting this morning and elected S.
E. Shull, of Perth Amboy, treasurer;
John H. Love, of Woodbridgo, vice
president; and H. Brewster Willis, of
this ciry, president.
Dr. Green, Principal, Shows that
Smaller Counties Send More
Pupils than Larger.
Principal James M. Green, of the
itat? Normal school, in his annual
report no a in the possession of Gov
ernor Murphy, deplores tiro sural!
attendance from the larger cities of
tlio State at the school.
This is borne out by the figures of
the report itself, which shows art en
rollment from the little county of
Burlington exceeding that of Essex,
whilo Mercer has an enrollment but
little less than that of Hudson and
Essex combined. The distribution cf
scholars for tho year was as follows:
Atlantic, 11 j Berger:, 1C; Burling
ton, 51; Camden, 14; Cape May, it;
Cumberland, 88; Essex, 8'j; Glouce,st
ar, ti; Hudson, 44; Hunterdon, 88;
j ■ m i ^
arm neavy uaps win ue apprueiaieu, anu
knowing exactly what you want we have
many united a special sale for your personal
will Last All Day |
Friday and Saturday
Men’s yray Overcoats
worth 7.00 at 5.00
Men’s black Kersey
Overcoats, worth
10,00 at 7,00
I Men’s Extra fine jiray
I Overcoats, 48 inches Ions,
1 v.meseo lined equal to
■ cost of made, worth 12.50
1 at 9,00
size's from 3 to 8, marked
in our show window $4
will be sold at 3.00
Brown melton Overcoats,
size's 3 to 8, marked in our
show window at 3.50, will
be sold at 2.50
Boys’ Overcoats, size <S to
16, prizes range from 2.00
to 4.50
Our big sale of
still continues
Men’s short Boots, worth
3.25 at 2.50
Boys high top Boots,sizes
11 to 2, regular price 1.90
sale price 1.25
Men’s storm king Boots,
worth 3,75, at3.00
Our lino of Caps is the
most complete in the city
Mens 50c Caps at 40c
Boys heavy winter Caps,
roe,', prices 25c, 35c at 20c
Morcnr, 74; Middlesex, 38 jJMonmoath
14; Morris, 27. Ocean, i); Passaic, lli
Salem, 15; Somerset, 17; Snssex, 21
Union, 25; Warren, 13.
Repairs Being Made.
Frank S. Monde Sr., is linving ;
new metal ceiling put np in his Smitl
street store. Schoner & Sons store
it the corner of Smith street and Nov
lirunswick avenue, is receiving ro
Lost anything: A cont-n-word ad.
in the Evening News will find it foi
One death and several now cases of
hvphokl are reported at Patio?, Pa.
The Hosier, cabmen's strike luis caused
Inconvenience to thousands because of
a snowstorm.
The Gorman reiohstng was opened by
■ rimncellor von Ilulow, wlio represent*
i i d Emperor William.
Stories about Emperor William's plans
fdr a journey south and n possible re
gency are denied at the German for
eign office.
A jury at T-os Angeles. Cal., has giv
en Mrs. Corn Vernon a verdict against
tlie Southern Pacific railroad of $2r»,.”00
for the loss of her husband.
<^j^)'SgZ83&x$s •''vS2SS*Si (gfsesa&t tes£astSZSS&z® ®sss£^^^!®^«^^3i^®ass2^ C^
| i; The grand Central Meat Market |
1 Good Goods j
m Speak for themselves, and doubly so when offered at prices mentioned here. These are J)
the values you wonder at—the kind you talk about-—the sort you arc anxious your friends s
|| should know about. We were rushed last Saturday—very busy this week—Why? Because ||
s' the people are satisfied and know that they are not paying an unreasonable price for their N
& meats, Just examine these offerings and remember that you receive Extra Stamps with a m
I great many articles. gi)
F Legs of Lamb, i i }4c; $1.00 in Stamps.
S Hamburger Steak, 2 lbs 25c; ,$1.00 in
Forequarters Lamb, 6 ' je; <Sr .00 in stamps.
f A Fine Lot of Chicken at 14c
W Lamb—Shoulders, 8c; Breasts, 5c.
S Lamb Chops—Loin, 2 lbs 25c; shoulder, 3
M lbs 25c.
|| Fresh Hams, 11 '4 c.
* Bologna, all kinds, regular 12c goods, 3 lbs
i 25c: Spare Ribs, 3 lbs 25c.
Pot Roast, ioc; Cross Rib, ioc.
Round Steak, 12c; Sirloin Steak, 14c.
Pork Loin, “Western,” ioc; Pork Loin,
‘‘Jersey,,’ our own cutting, 1 ic; Pork Roast, 9c;
Pork Shoulder, Sc; Leaf Lard, 9jjc; a splendid
opportunity to buy Lard.
Plate Beef, fresh or corned, 4^c.
Pigs' Heads, 4J2C.
Rib Roast, ioc and 12c.
Bacon, 14c.
Salt Pork, ioc; Bellies, ioc.
Fresh and Pickled Pigs’ Feet, Tripe, Kid
neys, etc.
1 Roesch Bros.1 Famous “Philadelphia Scrapple,” 16c 1
I THE \ j
| 397 State Street ?
if ' Perth Amboy, N. J. |
^ A Series of Important J
f Special Sales j
2 The values will bo better than ever—much ^
s better, if we have your faith, they will strengthen it, ^
if you are a sceptic, the sales will make you a con- &
^ vert to the SPEEDY OUTLET STANDARDS. That >
^ is their purpose.
* """"— ————— 7:
Sfc J
I 1
| for Women and Children at j
special 'prices ^
x Women's Stockings fast back, value 15, at 10c a pair n
iw Women's Stockings fast black, value 20c, at 15c a pr A
Women’s Stockings in lace and lisle, value 30c at 20c y
5 a pair. k
m Children’s Stockingo of fast black cotton, medium or v
y corduroy ribbed spliced knees, heels, and toes val- £
£ uo 25c, special at 15c a pair £
f at special prices
£ A varied assortments of model colors white, gray
T; blue, and pink sizes 18 to 80.
j A fine Corset former, value 05c, at 40c
A A line Corset former, value 98c at 75c
y A fine Corset former value l.‘J5 at 98c
£ A good line of Misses’ Corsets.
A good line of Children’s Corset Waists at half form
5 or prices.
i ----
y AVomen’s and Children’s g
* Women’s Vests and Pants fleeced and ribbed former Q
i priced 35c each special at 23c each ?
jj Children,s Vests, Pants and Drawers heavy fleece $
? lined, former price 35c [each, all sizes special ^
£ a t 25c each £
y Women’s fine natural wool Vests and Pants, made y
j to sell at 1.25, special 75c X
A Children’s fine natural wool Vests and Pants at one
y third off former price. £
? Handkerchiefs ? i
X • »*.
i Immense assortment. Men’s and Women’s initial £
j Handkerchiefs, in fancy boxes, per box of 6 at 4<»c ^
i also large assortment from 2 cents nj> J .
Misses’ and Children’s wool knitted Blouse Sweaters &
^ white, red, blue and black, 49c, 98c, 1,49 W
| Bargains in f
£ Cloaks, Dress and Walking Skirts ^
& Kars, Table Covers Towels and Toweling #
¥ Xaj kins, Lice Curtains Men’s blue top Shirts 5
A Men’s and Women’s Gloves Wrappers j
W Men’s and Boys’Sweaters Blankets & Comfortables A
£ Muslin Underwear Mens and Boys Caps. ^
x Two clasp Kid Gloves Dress Shirts and Underwear I
f Shirtwaists in Silk Wool and Cotton. %
In short we have everything for Men Women and 5
^ Children. A
| This Bargain Sale t© last from Decern- f
I her 4th to December Dth, 1903 I
% E 1
| Wiseman & Rosenberg |
If 397 State Street £
| 1
I )

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