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Another League Game Rolled on the
Rarilan Alleys Last Night
Big Scores Made.
The Pop Social Club went to New
Brunswick last night, whore they met
defeat in two straight games nt the
hands of tho Raritan bowling club on
the Raritan alleys.
The highest score was made by
Knlton, of tho Raritans, who rolled
up 203 iu tho second gume. The low
est score went to tho credit of Bert
Rickwood, of the Pop Social, who
made only 110 pins in tho first game.
Pop Social.
Rickwood 110 138
Christopherson 158 150
Allbrick ISO 128
Hilker 125 171
Neal 155 151
690 738
Ratti 182 143
Stout 100 158
Knlton 140 203
Miller 149 191
Klieu 181 154
844 849
Men Chosen from the Club Roll on
Hartmann Alley’s Last
Two teams from the Catholic Glut
bowled on the Hartman alloys last
night. The first team defeated the
second team in two straight games.
The bowling of Campbell, of the first
tonm, and Nolan, of the second team,
was good. The following are the
players, and total scores:
First team: Campbell, Clark,
Frauke, Growney, Biennau. Second
team: Kelly, Grimley, Quinn, Nolan,
First team 630 669
Second team 621 631
Tonight at the Hartmann bowling
alloys the Standard Fireproofing com
pany’s bowling team will roll against
the Black Diamonds. The losing team
must stand treat.
W. L. Played
Friday Nights 5 1 6
Amicitias 3 8 II
Three B’s 3 3 <>
Aquahongas 15 6
- (
HllU'licy Murphy Knocked Out.
CHIOAHO, Dee. 1).—Benny Y'nuger of
Chicago knocked out Hugliey Murphy
of Boston in the third round of a six
round bout here Inst night. Yanger
weakened him with blows to the stom
ach In the first and second rounds and
easily disposed of Murphy in tile third
with a series of blows to the jaw.
Favorite Wai Disqualified.
SAN FRANCISCO, Doe. !). — The
sport at Oakland was marked by an
other disqualification. K. M. Brattain.
favorite for the fifth race, heat Marti
nias a neck, lint lie interfered with him
near the finish, and the claim of foul
made by Otis was allowed. The judges
placed E. M. Brattain last.
nnrlun: at New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS, Dee. 0.—Four fa
vorites, two of which were at odds-on
in the betting, won at the Crescent
City track. The defeat of Big Ben and
Raluland, both of which were heavily
backed at a short price, helped even
up the score for the books.
Snle of Whitney llorNcn.
NEWMARKET, England. Doc. 9 —
There was a good attendance here at
the sail1 of W. C. Whitney's stables. The
horses were auctioned without reserve
with their engagements. Hands Down
fetched 3,400 guineas, and Mintagon
went for 1,430 guineas.
Billiard and Pool Parlor
42 Smith Slreet* Perth Amboy. N. J.
■ . -—-■-- M
J 02-154 Smith St. Perth Amboy “
Members will Hold a Private Dance
—Wrestling Matches Planned
for Prizes
Some of the members of the Danish
Sociablo A. C. expect to go to New
York this afternoon to see the six-day
bioycle rnoe at Madison Square Gar
den. Two of the members wont np
vestorday and the reports they brought
home made the others desirous of see
ing the match.
At the last meeting of the club it
was decided to hold a dance in their
club house on Park avenue, Saturday
night, December it), and the following
committee was appointed to make
arrangements: Peter Jensen, olinir
man, Chris Hanson. Chris Larson.
Walter Mathiason and Peter Hanson.
The club will nlso hold wrestling
matches on meeting nights ns they
did last year for prizes and the follow
ing committee has been eleoted to
purchase the prizes and set a dnte for
the first match: Marinus Hanson,
chairman; Walter Mathias m and
Peter Hanson.
Tho Three Bs used the Blootlgocd
alleys last night for practico work.
They say that they are now ready for
the battle with the Friday Nights
which takes plnco tonight. At the
present standing the Friday Nights
have two more games than tho Three
Bs and if the Friday Nights lose to
nighi’s they will he tie for first place.
The following are the highest scores
posted at the Kirby alleys, Smith
street, for prizo bowling for this
month: William Wilhelm, 222; Bert
Hickwood, 218; William Hilkor, 200;
Elmer Christopherson, 209; J. H.
Graham, 210.
I>'t>ollinll Should Not tic nUcnaraged
uh u CoIIcur Diversion.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 9.—The
athletic committee of Harvard uni
versity, which was asked by the facul
ty of arts and science to report wheth
er tho big college football contests
should he discontinued, has reported
that it is not advisable at present to stop
football games between university elev
ens. The report says:
“The question was discussed by the
general committee, and also a confer
ence was arranged between prominent
football coaches and former members
of the football team and the commit
tee Itself.
“The committee ventures to express
*ue opinion that tlie game of football
is only one of many distractions in col
lege life and that there is no evidence
that its abolition would necessarily
turn the attention of students to more
serious pursuits.”
Nrgro Drfpntrd World's Clinillllfnn.
BOSTON, Dec. 0.—Samuel Langford,
a colored pugilist from Cambridge, bas
surprised the followers of boxing by
defeating Joe Onus of Baltimore, the
lightweight champion of the world, in
* fifteen round bout at the Criterion
Athletic cluli in tills city. Although
Langford won the decision, lie was not
awarded the world’s lightweight cham
pionship, as he was two pounds over
weight. It was expected that Langford
would give Gnus a hard battle, hut
those who believed that the Cambridge
boxer would receive the decision were
A Tin for Husbands.
This Is the reason Solomon
i Was thought to be so wise—
He never bragged unto his wives
About his mother's pics.
—Chicago Daily News.
How It llunncnvd.
Lady Visitor—Poor man, you say you
were brought here by hunger?
Convict—Yes’m;—de judge wouldn’t
let de jury go ter dinner ’till dey’ti
reached a verdict!—Puck.
Gift Cigars.
Hewitt—I’m always happy when I’m
smoking a good cigar.
Jewett—You expect your friends to
contribute too much to your happiness.
—Brooklyn Life.
Caller—Is the man of the house in?
Maid—Yes, but the woman of the
house won’t let him come out!—San
Francisco Wasp.
A Definition.
"Pa. what is eloquence?”
"Eloquence, my son, is ‘gab’ with its
good clothes on.”—Judge.
Angry Patron (to waiter)—Here!
Take away this lobster. Why, it’s as 1
old as I am.—Detroit Frcj- Press.
4Vt» .' -.A-*' it , \
Material in Canadian Provinces to
Swell the Union.
What Would Appriip to United Stntei
If Cunudu €.'nine In—Iiiiineuae
Territory and Vltat
Lc Dobat, a Montreal paper, comes
out flatfooted for Canada's union with
the United States, provided the prov
inces of the dominion be admitted as
statts. Some of them would he ad
mitted thus on the consummation of the
union, even if that event took place
to-morrow, says the Chicago Tribune.
Ontario, with its 2,225,000 of popula
tion, its 7,000 miles of railway, its
abounding fields of wheat and barley,
its generous orchards, its immense
self-replenishing forests, its natural
wealth of copper, nickel, iron, petrole
um. gas and salt, would make a state
which the entire union would hasten to
welcome. Ontario borders upon four of
the great lakes, upon Georgian bay,
Lake St. Clair, the Detroit river, the St.
Lawrence river. Its natural facilities
for navigation in the hfart of the North
American continent are plethoric, and
thp few connecting links in the arteries
of water commerce which a wearied na
ture had neglected art has supplied.
These bodies of water are now the bar
riers of trade between the United States
and Ontario, but were the union effected
they would soon become, instead, high
East of Ontario the Ottawa river and
the St T.ewrence meet the prent ritvnt
Montreal, In'the province of Quebec.
Montreal combines the advantages of a
seaport with an inland port, for the St.
Lawrence flows from it to the open
ocean in a stream of such width and
depth as to accommodate the argosies
of the world, while canals enahie tho
barks of the five lakes to meet deep sea
ships In the continuous harbor which
surrounds the island of Montreal. Que
bec has a population of nearly 2.000.000.
noted as much for their Industry and
thrift as for their detestation of race
suicide. Its people are farmers, lum
bermen, salt and fresh water fishermen,
sailors and manufacturers. They exhibit
the same diversification of industry and
enterprise as characterizes the eastern
states of this country. Quebec, like On
tario, will enter the union a fullilcdged
The three maritime provinces have
together nearly 1,000,000 people—lum
bermen and fishermen, hardy people of
the sort celebrated by Kipling in “Cap
tains Courageous." The incorporation
of such men and women as they are tn
our nation would do much to offset the
hundreds of thousands of the dregs of
Europe which we yearly absorb through
Castle Garden. The maritime provinces
would not be asked to wait for state
hood, though it were well, indeed,
either for the three to combine In one
state, or else for New Brunswick and
Prince Edward to unite. The latter is
small to be a separate state.
Columbia, in the northwest, is doub
ling its population each decade.
Though its greatest length from north
west to southwest is 1,250 miles, yet
its wonderful seacoast has a length of
12,000 miles. Undeveloped as it is its
productions are already a considerable
proportion of the wealth of the whole
dominion—its mines producing one
sixth of Canadian metals, its fisheries
one-third of the Canadian catch of fish.
Columbia would make a glorious cap
stone to the column of Pacific states.
Its name was accorded it with prophetic
Manitoba has over 250,0fln of Inhab
itants. Its numbers are swelling In al
most equal ratio with Columbia’s, and
two seats in the United States senate
are waiting for it.
The northwestern territories of Atha
basca, Assiniboia. Saskatchewan and
Alberta are rapidly filling with popu
lation—much of it, indeed, being Amer
lean, w netner they would he required
to serve an apprenticeship as territories
is a question which would be settled on
the same principles as were applied to
almost every state in the union except
the original thirteen. Whenever their
population warranted they would be
admitted as states.
Locally, the new states would have
the same rights of self-government as
belong to the constituent parts of the
present United States. Nationally they
would have two senators apiece at
Washington and representatives ac
cording to population. Their national
legislators would have exactly that part
in the formation of national legislation
to which the federal system of govern
ment entitles them. In the cabinet of
the president would sit members from
the new states, and whenever the wheel
of political fortune made the proper
revolution an inhabitant of the present
dominion of Canada would be the presi
dent of the United States.
Worse Than Philadelphia.
“Who's the slowest man you ever
“A chap In New York. He fell out of
a third story fiat window and did cot
reach the ground for an hour."
“How was that?”
“He caught in a tree at tha second
story and went in to visit some l'riends." :
—Detroit Free Press.
The One TIiIiik Needful.
She—I am thinking seriously of em i
;ering the literary field. <
He—Well, I hope you possess the 1
:hicf requisile.
“Chief requisite!"
“Yes; postage stamps, you know.”— 1
Chicago Daily News.
Nighti)’ Occurrence. 1
Teacher—What is this word?
Tommy—I don't know, ma'am.
What does a gentleman remove when
le enters a house?”
"Well, If ma is awake pa removes his
ihoes.”—Chicago Daily News.
Effective Dew'trn'* lr» ! itfp, Ilrnida.
Etc., .\oticcnbJe In Wittier
Ctifct CIUl'M.
Broderie Anglalse ur Swiss embroid
ery is now conspicuous even on lnshiun
abie flannel petticoats, where the per
forated design is overcast with white
silk on the hem flounce and band head
ing It. Wheels, cr-cents and heart
shaped devices in white cotton are to he
bought by the dozen lor every kind of
applique work, reports the Brooklyn
Eagle. On a somewhat large scale this
style has been adopted for the trimming
of chic models, in which case Uie silk
invariably matches in -hade the materi
al it is intended to ornament. In one ex
ample the beauty and value of a plain
coat entirely depends on the deep collar .
in black silk lace, displaying a cunning 1
combinatiou of renaissance braid and
the spider web stars of the canary lace.
The same lace is used for broad inser
tions and edgings selting off a tea gown
in dove colored silk. A deep five-inch
fringe in twist silk hangs from three
inch scallops in fine hlarT, silk braid net
ting, forming berthas in mantles and
dressy bodices, or round tunics. On an
tique laces or flint work equally black
are strewn small appliques In white
lace, to comply with this winter’s mod
ish fancy of having a touch of white In
troduced everywhere. An effective
trimming could he concocted in this
wise: One diamond medallion 3*4 by
2V4 inches, with center of picot guipure
worked in coarse black silk, and finished
off at top and base with thrr-> fanciful
scallops in shiny silk outlined 1th thick
silk cord. Flank each of tlie- blunt sides
of the meshy center with two crescents,
each about 2% Inches, with horns turned
downward for the left set and upward
on the opposite. Shape these ornaments
with braid, partly solid and partly open:
stifTen the edges with threaded wire like
cord and fill the vacant spaces with a sort
of herring bone In thick twist silk, re
peating as often as necessary for length
Polnonoim Plants.
Much to be desired is a method of
recognizing poisonous plants at sight.
While no general rule can be given, Dr.
H. H. Rusby finds that there are evident
Indications, and that certain character
istics often go with poisonous proper
ties. One of these Is the lurid purple
color of stems of castor oil, ricuta.
conium. pokeberry and dogbane. A rar
'’ottc odor Is common In many of the
most poisonous plants, though lacking
n others, and a milky juice Is cause for
suspicion. The most general character
istic, however, is an acrid taste. Thk
's our best safeguard, and it can usually
he relied upon to give warning before
i dangerous quantity has been eaten.
Oj*xter Sul ml.
For oyster talad the following dress
ing is used: Take four well-beaten eggs
,r:d add to them one gill of cream, one
easpoonfv.! of mustard, one teaspoon
ul of salt, a pinch of cayenne,, two -is-.
blespoonfuls of butter ant! a gill of
iuegar. Plade in a double boiler and
when it becomes heated cook about five
minutes, stirring all the time. It will
ie like a soft custard. Heat cr.e quart
jf oysters In their own liquor to boiling
mint, drain them and mix with the
re.-sing; put in a cold place. When
ready to serve mix with them one pint1
cf crisp celery cut line.—Good House
Why Traveling is D ngerous
Constant, molioijars (hi kidi eys which
aro kept in place in the body by delicate
attachments. This ia the leas 11 tiiat
tra elers. trainmen, street car men, team
sters, and all who drive very much, suft'ci
from kidney disease in some form.
Foley’s Kidney Cure strengthens tlie kid
■ley’s and cures all forms of kidney and
bladder disease. Geo. II. Hausan, loco
motive engiueer, Lima, O., writes, ‘ Con
stant vibration of the engine caused me
a great deal of trouble witli my kidneys,
and I got no relief until I used Foley's
Kidney Cure.” For sale at Sextons
Ponder—Did you ever notlcethat most
of the fires that break out suddenly and
spread quickly are due to spontaneous
Housekeep—No, but I’ve often thought
what a slendid thing snnntsnenns com
Imstion would be if you could only keep
it on tap to light the kitchen fire with—
Philadelphia Press.
The PuriHuit of Knowlctlere.
"It is costing me $20 a lesson for my
education,” declared the student.
"That's cheap,” eaid the man who had
ieen there. "Mine ir costing me $250 a
"Polygonometry ?” inquired the stu
"No—poker.”—Cincinnati Commer
Fatality oF Pneumonia
Pneumonia is the most fatal of ail acute
iflectious, being second only to consump
ion in mortuaiy lists, all classes, rich aud
joor, young and old succumb to its ra
vages. Foley's Hrney aud Tar cures
loids anil prevents pneumonia and Iras
rured many severe cases of this disease.
'My wile bad a severe attack of pneu
uouia which followed a severe attack of
a grippe and I believe that. Foley’s Honey
rnd Tar saved lrer life,” writes James
iofifee, of Raymond, Mass' For sa c at
sextons Pharmacy
All persons concerned may take
lotice, that the Subscribers, Executors
itc.. of Julia Throden, deceased, in
end to ex Hi bit their Acconnt to
he Judge of tire Orphan's Court for
he County of Middlesex, on Tuesday,
lie 15th day of December, A. D. 190?,
n the Term of December A. D., 1903,
or settlement and allowance; the
ame being first audited and stated oy
he Surrogate.
Charles L. Walters,
Will am Walters,
Charles Walters,
Dated November 10, 1903.
3976-1l-ll-6t-o. e. w.
Is the most healing salve in I
the world. It cures Sores, Cuts,
Burns and all Skin Diseases.
It positively
Cures Piles
S. Kingmaker, So East Ohio Street
Chicago, writes: “I bad 2 bad ca«< uz ,
Piles for several yearn. BAPiNIik oALVZ
cured me quickly and permanently auirj
several doctor* and remedies had failed
to relieve me.M
II tnilile j-v anti CJorj- '
tractors Directory. I
First Class
Gilder of Furniture and Altar?. Want8
private work mid work for tlio trade.
Room* decorated $8.00 at:cl $10.0, \i
L’uaranti o of 7 years.
Highest reference on application.
All work guaranteed.
271 Washington Street Perth Amboy.
Telephone 1GU L.
Masons and Contractors
Office: iSS Madison Avc.
Tel. 67b Perth Amboy, N, J
Carting to ALL PARTS of the Cir
Itesideuee aud Office; 30 Commerce SI
Tel. Call 34.
Sand, Grvel. Brick, Flue Linings am
Sewer Pipe Furnished.
35 Woodbridge Bond, 170 Brighton Av
Carpenters and Builders
Office aud Shop: Ci Bast Avenue.
Estimates furnished. Jobbing attended 1
Gencraj Contractors
Sand, Gravel. Broken Stone, Carthur. K
244 Smith St. 225 New Brunswick Avc
Successor to J. K. Jensen.
Mason and Contractor
221 Washington St.
r. A. UnOANuril
House Painting, Paper Hanging, Ititerir
Decoration. 238 Washingtan S'
Residence; 250 Washington St.
Perth Amboy, N. .
Plumbing A Can Fitting
Steam, Hot Water am! Rot Air Heating
Dealer In Stoves Range* and Pant*
Repairing of ail kin i *o Mi *»• v.
867 Stale street, Perth An. toy. N
Tiir r a nrtiiii-tTnn ft a
i lit. r nnniiiu t un v/u.
Pucccmopp to Farrfnyton <*• Ilnnyoi O
All kinds of Bundle? STatcrlal
Office. 128 Fayette street Perth Amboy, F. J
Painter & Paperhanggr
obbfne promptly ttented to 15? Gordon ►
Painter and Paper Hanger
i4* Brighton Ave.
Established in * *380.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Lumber, Lath, Cement. Doors. Sashes
Blinds, Mouldings, Builder's Hardware
Hair aud Nails.
Office and Yard; Jefferson St.&rO. E. B. cf N,
Perth Amboy, .V J.
p. skov & co.
Artificial Stone and Cement Work: |
Office: 108 Fultcn St., New York City
R. B. SMITH Sanitary Plcmbet
Tinning and Sheet Iron Worker. Stem
and Gas Fitter. .Tobbing'promptly i
attended to.
Shop 55 N. B. Ave. Perth Amboy, N. J ■
Estimates furnished, .lobbing attended t' 1
90 New Brunswick Av., Perth Amboy ,
1 f
Makes Kidnevs and Bladder Rl^lit 11
I'nwIt ion :i I*!•• • •* I > »•.•*!:%** In
Ifmii e \\ i» i:•« I: \ is: c ra 11 >
‘Tirain far” is the new term for what
>ld-!a: hioned people ‘.;T - u ■'nerves,”
md is just now attractir;- much atten
ion because it is thought to be a novel
i) a lady, says the N‘w York Herald. To
iverwork a brail. l;/.;>!rs primarily the
.-.xi.reiu o of the or , „n. and kfr.ce th«j,
liser -.e which attacks the thinking op-:
>ar:uus ir quit* likely to become fas::
onabie. There is always ready sym
pathy for the - ictini whose active brain
rum. away with him. i: who e brilliant
genius so soon \v. ars its setting. It U
pitiful, inn'l l, lor th*- poor mar. who
-ai.not help thiol 1:. too profo- ndl> at
ill times and in a. place? Intellect
ihon become* an actual our.---* rather
than a blcs-.ir.g. To be -.pared } lie in
fliction should be the cry of evmuting
The hard-h-'-'.r* ! ir.'dlc?! ‘Vic'e
lowr ver, are very t p r* gardlntj
any special danger .r • r v " Th *
brain may tire a* tic.'*--, with the other
part of the body, but such ‘ ul.au.‘Ion is
physical rather than mental. W* must
not blame Hie poor brair. for «v rythir.g,
ever, for too deep thought. No one has
been known to have been l hy th-*
latter, hut. on the rontrarv rou? " -
number- have lif.cn benefited when t.hn
thought was worth anything There Is
really no proof that the brain can b-1
overwrought by legitimate work of its
own. Eliminate physical strain. worry,
hustle nnrl hurry, ar.d the more the
brain has to do the b» it r for its for
lunate possessor.
All weal, organs t.irr quickly, ar.d to
acknowledge the ' fag" for what it really
is places the unfortunate sufferer be
yond the pale of ordinary sympathy.
There is no measure of brain ability ir.
f;iiet, w-'-l! ordered wo- .;, and t*:r> nr..*
who attempts to fix a standard of endur
ance Is plainly nn incompetent and a
shirk. It is always tl.« fr• : rather than
•J’.e work font lands ‘he fa peed one
where he b? lor es. Mere nerve tire is
one thing nnri rr-al ir.t til actual tire is
itiite ar.olhrr thing
Bci.edale In efTn.-t, Nov 29 19T8.
j, ' ir v *
.I ■ < * ~ -<r ~ ~ S3
* * • • • • ■ • • • I li ciwhoecgo io .
> •• ~lt*l~l~l~<~Q- ■> fr* *e«<r.ar,innigo .
I . . --•
' / • , - '
■*• • 222 £ * * - r. c - - - - - .
* *.- =^6|s'oi31
C “ • - *C» 3F
£*i?S5f?H5n**-****5 :S
'■*'-—-— UJ <5IW9>r>9( . M
—• ■# = .-: ■
'■_ • ** y «r x -r •©_* , r I 6. j«<5 - ** :« 42b- ?#
* ’ ='"•■•;■'— i tf!fc*-rSSJi»li
* * __1_E » |'JO ® to
5 j|S«t.»S5iS
c - :—' *. n_ > . ■*.L-)m>oe-£a£ • ©
: y :r ^'•eapisr:
’ .2S2 = s = -"r - » :
< ' ii¥iusssfg|S •; ssss»s*a •«
.;.=r.coc:r-> i.
? : -r^=tii-=5 ; * 4s-«s=*a •*
£ , ,» .kS'uSSSe£ J , *-.»»-„
/, . cr 9 9 » 9. 9- © c !Z ® *c »r. ■*■ - »
C - --=_;l, ■*«=<=-">-> :
; >- i:ts.s;vS£ § , 2222--''*-- :
' t-r-1-t*. cc xgc e. e. I 2 • l** _I
r ; „«; 1« 4 5
£ . ; — *fit- — -si -*■-"= | = 3C=oc— — — —
— «. • f- 1-tCT TJQlgg. * a — ~ -
i»|* :S8sSS8&£p . *S*Sfc*»#B *
j<;r *»->-». Tly. I * »©K-»9»*C O •
;ri^ 2sv.*:¥Tl?j - 7f -."ssas -a
-1 —_*J.~.~~._".*. :ii1: * !© 'scs oi> -t*
6 S ! k a S I i * V-w- T 0 -
> ■ <* . . . . ■ l„f_'»W^r»C© • — »
f ■: ■ ! c- • ■ .• * t* ?!—ci *> — : — :
il :-J
s : : x '-os I s ■■ -X : :<-K
° io : : .S '• «■ * ?S • :s : : -b-'m
< f|ii|si|3ill ?2 : :S I \.4£
£ f^is-a|S!;gc *|=|*5 :afl
r§l^|2|^E t
"y* ’ Sfwpa only to takt- on or let off nn.aenr.rs
r.T or frr.ro Perth Amboy oc notice to Ayeni or
For further information see time tables
llelrcis for all point, on the PenneyWarla
Hal]roan and connection.. Pullman aecmvt.,
motl.tlnn. *r ..t tiolr.*t office.Perth Axclrpy
W . W. ATTEHBUKy. )**ra*fz.
* <vo< • Piuttf’r Tr ffie Manager.
CEO W. •OYD.<j«p4Jrna..A*k?“
invention Is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Mur.u & Co. receive
tpecial notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms. f3 a
year: lour months. fL Sold by all newsdealers.
Tim** Table in Ef'ect Dtc. 7 1903
Tatalea es Met lichen for Pe’lh Aml>o7 ard
•nl points a-t to Woo bri ’ge Creek Ijrdge half
i. uh from 6:01 a to 8 3.3 a mi. Hourly f oin
*.'i» a. nv to 4.3 p. n>. Half hojrlv fr -m 4.83
p. m. io7.i5p. m. ai.U h urly fr in 7.*i5 p. tn. to
• 1.3 p. in.
Cars leave Kestbey School f r M tueh m3
and 33 minults pnat *:ac »l our tr.*m 3.35 a.in. t i
- 5 a.in. and h urly fr*ni l. 5 a.tn. to j.< ft p. n\
.ijul half hourly from 4.0. p.in. to 703 p. in. ami
*i. mi l horn 7.03 p.ni. to »l.U • . ir.
"'Car’ letneK a-bey for II points Eus: eier •
13 niunutes
I'a's leave Bridge at Woodbrl ge Creek f< r
Ku.tsbey ot foot of Pmith H feet every ll.ieen
ininiKrs f'om 6.0) n. tn. to 12 night
Cars Itave Bri‘ge at Woodhndge reek fo*
Met ugh u half hourly font 6.00 a. m. to 7.H3
h in. Hour only from 7. 0b. in. to8.80 p. mi.
Ha f hourly from h * p. in. t« 0.30 p. in. and
hourly from u p. in. to 30.31 p. m.
Cars lt-ave Mateo Liana Ferry fo* Meturhei
and Peashv Scho.d at 8 and 4" miuut s past
each lu-ur from t5.!N a. m. to7.4sa.ui. from 7.4 <
i-. in. to 8.48 P. in. p. in. at -8 minu es past the
hour only Loin 8.48 106.18 at Jb and 4 minu es
pas* 1 he'hour and from <'■. 8 m 1 . 8 at 48 hi tiute
• til• . For Ktasby at fooi of Suii .u etredt at 3
an 33 miuu es past the hour.
Cars leape f..r ta«en Island Ter.y for Bridge
atWoodbddgi Cwk at U, 17, 4.1. a* d 87 mm
utes„past each hour fioin 3.42 p. in. to 11.4i p. m.
<4. BOCK.
*•'»»•** »*•»*•! Aft. 1
Taking cffSCL Oct. ir.190*
Oiipun at 7 A. M. Closes »t 7 P. M.
Mails Arrive: _
New Yorlr Westn and Southern. 7.00am
ah way- Wood bridge... ‘ a n’
South Jersey wa\ Mail. 8 00am
Fords and KraRbcy. 8.15a U
vew York and Northern Way. 9 80 a m
Kanwav. direct. 12.04* a rn
Sew York and Northern Way.I"5*' l> ni
?outh Jersey Way. . 1. 3t» p ■
Wood bridge direct. * *5!
New York direct . •• 2.80 pm
S'e«p Y"rh ami Noridern v\ ay.... J,o r
south Jersey Way. • • •• 6*^ n ■
Broo- lyn, P*-nmy.vania and N. Jeisey 1.80 p
Rahway, diet ct. 6.80 p m
Fords and Keaabev ..6.^5 p,m
Mm Hr Close.
Rahway and Woodbridjre. 7 1* a m
slew > ork and Northern Way.. 7 8n %m
<o»u h Jersey Way.. . • 9 00 i m
Jew York an* Eastern States. 9 30a m
M>r«»t*and Keashey. 9.8U a it
tahwa. and W cod bridge. 18.10 am
South Tov»ev Wav.12,00p m
Jew York ai d Northern Way. .. 12.30a m
s'ew York and N rlhem Way. 4,30 p rn
loutb Jer-ev Way . 4.80 pm
iahsvay and Woodbridge. 4.80p m
■ ords and heasbey .. 7 00pm
Ul points. 7.00 pm
Money Order department opens at 7 a m close*
kt C.4G p tu Saturday at 6.80 p ui
Giro H T
8 Ear it An Copper Works
0 High and Lewis
T Madison as e and Paterson st
* Market and First sta.
5 Smith and High st
7 Mate and Smith sts
3 Buckingham ave arid Hartf
A Commerce ami Front Rts
7 High and Washington str
4 State st an.i Buckingham ave
G Ball ave and Charles st
7 Railroad ave and Wayne st
2 Washington aDd First sts
. Turnpike and Elm *t
J Smith St and Watson ave
5 Commerce and State sta
2 Front and Smith sts
3 Water and Gordon sts
1 Kearny ave and Gordon at
2Smith and Herbert St
3 vv rod bridge road and Washington st
J Lehigh aver ' fc tan ford st
To »*nd in an alarm, open the door of the box
nd pull down the lever and let go once only,
tay at box until firemen arrive.
1 tap—Break in circuit. 2 taps—Drill and fire
larm test. Hydrant at corner of JefferRon and
ligh street alwny^ to be used for this trial 9
ups Fire out. 5 taps—Police call. 12—Call for
,incolr» Hose. 13— Call for Washington Ho»e
I—rail for McClellan Hoae 15—Call for Pio
*ction H. and L.
arABjxru hvstejm
Corrocted to Nov. 19 19C3
•'or Now Yo-*r, Newark and Kllthat J
s'iJ, 7 1 “ 7 45, New Yorcfonly) 7.58 8 ?4, 951 J
1! ! r r« ft. 1 1 1 8 2". « 0. f> 09 j *, T'4% M
'■f\ i#.,*
* Philadelphia *>.0 1 ronton via Boat d jfl
BrooP, 7 17, 1118 11.59 am 1 10, 5 09 p. m ■
v. i (5£^8, 8 27 «i. m 5 29 p.m
Fn Lonjr Bn-*U‘h. hnr*
9-2 .a. m. IS 22, (2 05, Fat only) 1 17 7.19 * p‘. m
12 *8 (-und-»ys exutpied) *.t • exceuft
Oceah Grove; 4 0j, * •. 4 5', 9 21. u. j
‘•or Fr-ew^iJ 5 o7 6.51 » 20 to. *«., „*.*•,• g
B. ti p m )
Additional train* for Red Perk 2 77, * 15. 8.8* 1
P.M. r cr South AmK’* 6.W, 7 11, 9 20* n* m 1
2. 2 , 4. 43 p m. 6 15, f .QS 9.2®. 1 ’ I
Lear.-NewTotll, 4. Mr, li
u. Y'iM
i. .js, j7s^”7v#77”Ii8^B®
. 1 s. r. n.rftVa c3. ul T»s 2
; 5i, i> m suuiuij.. u .r.r d m ~
I..-.WS Newark HIS 8 45, 1. - .
1 S '. I. 5. 4.11, 5.4'J. 'J III. 8.45 11 Sf.; N u:. bun
da^ s, D.lLa.ni. 4 !*♦, 8 l , p.m.
Thr'nth ticket! to ai] holms at lowest rata*
m*y De hud on application to a D ance to th.*
ticket ageal *t the vi-utot*
W. (4. RxeLrii, Vice Prey A G<r*ral Al&neg
C. U Eob' , General Easuenger Agent.
Tln.e Table In effect Nov 9 lgrs.
8 aliens in New fork. foo» o» «iortl*?dt. Use
and * jBt 22rd strata, Pen no. R. H
i BL 1>"& L*iVl Stati 3tb*»t Statio*.
6.10 7.45 a:n 4 20 p.m i .Ho p.m. dally cor* n«v**
w. 4*7 train fnr Pound Brook,Manch Chunk
5\ Pflrr.«riv, Haielton Pk.ttsvllJe and utt timed!
u’t* pointy.
A R*. 7 4> am. i.80,4 20 p. in. 8m day a
8 85 a u* i.30 C.l6p m*
FOR other POl NTS
7 45 i. m. Daily Except Sunday Connect with
ir i» express tor l>»6U»n, Ueihleham Allen
town, Rot taville, Buffalo. V.n£a(V V'»i|(i and t'fep
chco I arlnr Car New York to Buffalo, con
nf-cts with local train for all points east of
Mauch Chuuk.
- ■* »• Sund v< only. Express train fa'
>' •:*»»>"- Niagara Fail*, and Chicago, btopsd
I- emii gton Jet,
4.&‘ i- ui. DaJiv Except qurday Express/
fo- W :kf*r I'v.i’e. r'-f-P'i tor, H«re,r
and rrinolrui G.teru efl'Mi Ht.vjnns
t> lf» p. u . Su:?dnvs riuv hrcuivh t.rsli
uttrrum. Magma J*sills, Scewr.eHm
and Chicago, connects lor New York
9.10, a. '■ 3.46. 5.00. 7.50, p. m. 8
10 35 a. in.. 5.00,7.60 n». 1 lalne errtv
Amhov- 0.80 a. .-t.. 8.104.05, 5.25. 8.10 p
flay, 10.57 a. m.. 6 Vi. 8 JO n. rn.
Tickets sold -« all Western Poin
For further .nicrn &tion apply
Staten Island Rapid
Time Table In effect on a^d
Peru: Am toy to New
Smith St. dally except
Holidav 5 15, 0.12 6.58, 7
8 65,10.05, and 11.2
4 8j 5.30, C.45, 80Q,
Sundays and Legal\ 10 55 1.55 A. M.
2.55. 8.55, 4.50, 5.50. 6.10, . 7/0, 9.4U.P
Ne York to Perth Amboy:—Leave
Whitehall St. dail\ except Sunday and
Holidays, 5.r5. 6.56.8 00,9.00. 10 00. 11.00
12 >0 1 8> 2 30. 380. 4 80. 5.10 5.30 5.46.
G.33, 7.30, 8.30, 0 4Ml.d5 12.25.
Sundays and Legal Hollda' a
Leave New York ? O ', 9 • 0. 10.00,11.00.
I. 0". 2 00,8.00,4.00, 5.00, 6.30, 7.CO, 8.< 0,
II. 05.pni.
F« rry between Perth Amboy and Totten ville—
leave Perth Amboy da'y x5 15, x6 12, 6*32,
xCA«, x? 35, xS 68, X8.66. 9.:5, x.O.Cfi, 10.50
X11 25a m. 12.25. X12.55, xl.55. X2 50. XM.55,
x4 8«i. 4.55. x5 3 ', 6.00. xh,45, 7 l 5. 7 10, xg 00,
x?i 10 3 5 .. xlo.80 xll.15 p. m. 12.80 a.ra.
8undav*ii»d I^'al Holidays x G 20, 6 45. x7 55
xS -e5 x9.55.xl0.56. x 11.55. a Ut.xl2.55. xl.*%
x8.65.x a 55, x4/0. x6.?0,x6.60, x7.10. 8.40
x9 4'1,40.80. p m I2.40.a. m.
Lenve Totenville dally x1.9P,5.r.5, 6 “’B, ft 4g
X7.10 7.50 x8 15. x9 10. 9 to xl ’ 15, xll.tB
m xl2 06. *2 4 i xl 85. x*3 85. r* 37. 4.10, x-i s?
5 1". x5H?. t6.18, xG.55. x7.l7, x 7.40, x« 37
x9 87 m l”x‘0.4fj. p m xi2.i . x» W a. M. j
Sunday* at d Legal Holidays *€:!<) 7.15 x 8 10 J
O.«o xUl.l i, x11.1*1, a m. xW.lO.xl.JOjtl J*l
xS *0 x 4 10 x.5.10. x#.0 x7.10,x8.l0, xMj
xh» 12 10.45. p ?u. xt2
•Legal holidays only*
rTrain Connect.on
Receive-._ Ge»»l Traffic Agent
Cures Golds; Pi vent* Pnr'

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