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What Trenton Paper t!as to Say of the
New Pastor There.
The Trenton Daily True Amorican
of Decomber 7, lias tho picture cf
Rev. William E. Balcer and quite n
long article concerning his first ser
mons in the Olivet Baptist church of
that city. It says:
"The congregation heard two able
discourses Sunday from the new pas
tor. At the morning service tho right
band of fellowship was oxtendod to
the pastor on behalf of the church hy
Harry Coates, a deacon of tho church,
and a licentiate studying for Ilia
ministry at Poddio Institute, Higlits
town. ” Rev. Me. Baker preachod in
the morning on “The Growth of the
Kingdom or the Extension of tho
Canse. " Text Matthow 18; 31 to 33
and 45 to 40. The sermon on the
three parables of the mustard seed,
the leaven and the pearl of gieat price
-- must have been very interesting, ns is
set forth in the Tienton paper.
At the conclusion of the service
several volumes of sermons and other
books woro presented to Mi. Coates
on behalf of the congregation as a
token of esteem as he returns to tho
institute. Mr. Baker bIbo presented
him with a book. In the evening Mr.
Baker preached from Isaiah 1; 18
An anthom was snug by tlis choir and
Mr. nnd Miss Coates sang a duet.
Then followed a description of Mr.
Baker’s course of study, where he was
born, South Amboy, nnd that he will
be officially installed on Tuesday
evening, December 5. Besides the
local Baptist pastors, Rev. J. L.
Ooote, of Keyport, a former pastor of
Olivet, the Rev. S. V. Whitmore, of
Philadelphia, Mr. Baker’s predecessor
there, nnd the Rev. J. Y. Irwin, of
South Amboy. Mr. Baker’s picture
is an excellent one.
Will Install Officers January 4 in Welsh’s
|8 Ha"
On Monday night, December 7,
William Truax Post 118, Department
of New Jersey, South Amboy, nomin
ated and elected officers for the en
suing year. They will have an instal
lation on January 4 at Welsh’s Hall,
First street. As the department Com
mander of tlie State of New Jersey
cannot be present at the installation,
he, with his staff, will visit the Post
on December 21st, the next regular
meeting, when there will be a recep
tion. A fine supper will be served
and the wives of the members of the
Post will be present. A very enjoy
able time is anticipated.
w ---
1 - -
tThe now machinery in the gas house
was started yesterday and worked
very successfully. The gas engineer,
Mr. Fitzgerald, who has been placing
the machinery in the gas house, ex
pects to start for Cleveland, Ohio,
Saturday, or the first of next week,
now that his work is about through.
Mr. Fitzgerald likes South Amboy
and has enjoyed the time spent here.
Mr. Miller started for Long Island a
few days ago. where he has some
work to do.
?■ — Rev. H. Hamilton was unable to
attend the practioe- for Christmas at
his chnroh, the Methodist Protestant,
•s Thursday evening, as he was on the
sick list with probably the grippe.
He lias not been well for a couple of
The fnneral of Steven Cannon took
placo from the clmpei on the Heights,
Rev. H. M. P. Pearse officiating, yes
terday at 8 o’oloc.k. J. J. Scully wns
undertaker. Interment was made in
Christ charch cemetery. Among-tliose
present wore Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles
v DeWorth, of Perth Amboy. Mrs.
Cannon is very ill and was not able to
attend the fnneral.
Ianthe Connoil No. 6, D. of P., will
hold their second annnal fair an en
tertainment at K. of P. Hall, Feb
ruary 10, 11 and 12. The door gift
will be a handsome sideboard. Tick
ets are being sold now by members.
J. J. Scully buried the unknown
tramp who was killed noar tbo sand
| house last Thursday morning, alter
having kept him about a week, hopfbg
tbfjS aoineone would identify him. wi
An electric wire in front of Parisan
& Jackson’s millinery store, set lire
to n limb of a large willow tree Wed
nesday night. The blaze at ono time
was abont two feet high.
The snow js going off fast. There
were a number of sleighs out while it
The body Of Mr. Steven Cannon has
boon taken from Tompkins Home to
the homo of the widow of his son
Barney, on Stevens avenue.
Mrs. Stidfole, of Main street, was a
Perth Amboy visitor Monday.
Mrs. William Campbell, of Main
street, Sayrnville township, was a
Now Brunswick visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. William Hilyer and grand
daughter Gladys Johnson, spent Tues
day at New Brunswick.
Mrs. Cook and son Charles liavo
moved to Manasquan, N. J.
Mrs. Eugene Doolan, of Moclmnics
ville, and daughter, Mrs. Pnxon, of
Eergan Hill, spent Monday with Mrs.
Doolaa’s sister at Pertii Amboy.
Mrs. John T. Dill, of David street,
Mrs. Charles Campbell, of Catherine
street, and Miss Melissa Chasey, of
Main street, wero Pertii Amboy visit
ors Monday. i
Mrs. Israel Ward and danglitor, Miss
Ada Ward, were the guests of Mrs.
Aaron VanPelt, of Pertii Amboy,Mon
Mrs. Lyle King and son W. Preston,
of Second street, returned homo on
Monday after spending a few days
with her sister, Mrs. Elsie Walker, of
Perth Amboy.
Mrs. Carrio Giihonse and daughter,
Mrs. Carrie White, of Atlantio High
lands, Bpent^Monday with Mrs. Her
man Kolliseh, of Broadway.
Mrs. Worthing, of Brooklyn, is
visiting relatives on Bordentowu avo
Hezekiah Johnson, a former brake
man in the P. R. R. yards, wliere he
was badly injured on Thursday, No
vember 5th, ‘and had one of bis legs
taken off by Drs. Haines and White,
is expected homo Thursday from St.
Michael’s hospital, wliere ho was
taken by Dr. Haines after the ampu
Superintendent of Water Quiulau
has had sand placed around the lire
pings in the sheets.
Miss Amiabel Rue celebrated her
nineteenth birthday with a party of
friends from New York mid this bor
ough, ut the house of her Hunt, Mrs.
Charles Berrieu, on First street, Tues
day evening.
Mr. Willinm Hilyir, of Catherine
street, spent Friday and Saturday at
Port Reading with his son, Mr. Bert
Hi Iyer.
Protection Hall lias been draped in
mourning and tho flag is at half mnst,
on account of tho death of Mr. \v.
I!fll For u New National l'ar!; In tli«>
\\ ASIIIXGTOX. Dec. II. — Senator
Gallinger has introduced a hill provid
lug that after March 4, Dm. salaries
of senators, representatives and d
gates in congress shall he .VT.oO') p-. r
Senator Gallingcr 1ms introduced a
bill for tin* purchase of a national for
est reserve in the White mountain1-.
Now Hampshire, to be known as th *
national White mountain forest re
serve*. The bill makes an appropria
tion of *o.(MWUHM> to enable tie* secre
tary of agriculture to obtain tin* lands.
Nor<11 (aa*m Suit For Divorce.
NEW YORK. Doc. II. Mine. Non’.:
ra's multitude of friends hero nnd
abroad will learn with surprise that
she has begun a suit for absolute di
vorce from her husband, Zoltan Doeme,
and that the suit is to be tried in this
I'n(roln<un Weiek Im Dead,
CLEVELAND. ().. Dec. If.—Patrol
man holds ]>. Weiek. who was shot
twice here, is dead at the hospital.
Weiek Usd arrested Guiattana l’isclot
ta for creating a disturbance, when the
latter whipped out a pistol and tired
two shots into Weick's abdomen, in
flicting ftital wounds. Kveu after hav
ing received tile bullets into bis body
and while I’lselottu was running away
Weiek drew ids own revolver and tl: ■<
three times at his assailant before fall-'
ing to the ground semiconscious.
_ . _, -Si
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cause and
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Switch was Open but no One was
Hurt—Another Delay at
New Dorp.
Yesterday the commuters on the
Rapid Transit railroad had the pleas
ure of putting up with some trouble.
The train which nrrives in Totteuville
at !) o’clock in the morning, was be
ing drawn past New Dorp by engine
No. 6, in charge of Driver Lovell, j
when a steam valve burst. It was!
necessary to send to St. George for |
another engine to pull the train. A
delay of 25 minutes was caused by the
But more serious was the accident
of the engine pulling the train due in
Tottenville at 11.05. The engine was
going past Princess Bay at a good
rate of speed. The engineer did not
notice that the switch was open until
he was right on it, then, although he
put on the brakes, it was too late for
the engine and the first coach ran olf
the track. No one was linrt, although
all of the passengers were shaken up.
At Princess Bay there is only a single
track, so all traffic on the Rapid
Transit road was delayed until 1
Tl.ft WTTml PlnH io tnn.lv
for their bail and reception, which is
i to be held in K. of P. Hail tonight.
! Yesterday the committee cot oo«n to
work. They scrubbed and waxed the
floor until it looked like class and
when the dancers come tonight, they
| will find the floor in the finest condi
tion. Many tickets have beer sold
and tin railroaders expect a large
The Ladies Ail Society, of tlio
South Baptist church, ar<> anticiput
, ing a large audience for the entertaiu
I menl “The Sign of the Ciosf,” by
t Miss Gar Zeuola MacCiaren, monolo
j gist, tomorrow night at 8 o’clock.
Miss Mar Conlin, of Harts Heights,
spent yesterday in Tottenyille.
Miss Anna Kelly, of South Aml or,
was a Tottenyille visitor yesterday.
Knstlioant! Pnnhnii'llc t’ci.rris Rn»
Off Open Sm Itch.
STEPHENVILLE, ().. Doc. 11.—Fif
teen injured and oue dead is the re
I suit or tne wrecking of eastbcmnd Pan
handle flier No. 14 at New Cumber
land Junction. Steubenville. The
wreck was caused by an open defective
switch. The flier plunged across a
connecting track to the westbound
track and crashed into a freight en
gine. Both engines were wrecked. The
second mail car telescoped the com
bination smoker and baggage. The in
jured were in this car. Only the front
end of the forward mail car was
smashed. The dead man and the in
jured were brought to Steubenville hos
The dead man is Frank A. LaSalle,
an oil stock sale. man. who lived at In
dianapolis. lie was caught when the
mail car telescop td and instantly killed.
The injured arc: J. H. Slater. In
dianapolis. left leg fractured: Eng. no
E. Hagan. Perth Amboy. N.- J.. bruised
on head: William Leark. New York
city, h ft leg hurt; Ellis Mills. Knights
town. lnd„ cut on head: l>avid M
Fisher, Lima. O., fracture of both logs
and head bruised; O. A. Baker. Fhrichs
ville. O.. fireman, back injured: Mi
chael Woods. Dennison. O.. engineer,
internal injuries. Eight others receiv
ed slight injuries.
1.fitly RuKMell Get* ller rrofilom.
LONDON. Dec. 11. Mabel, Lady
Russell, attired in a flowing fawn col
ored ulster trimmed with ermine and
wearing a hat of the same shade sur
mounted by an aigret, told in tlie di
vorce court here the story of her sec
ond marriage to William Brown, a
groom, who posed as a nobleman, and
obtained a decree nisi on the ground
of her husband's cruelty and miscon
. duct. No defense was offered.
Admiral Gliernrdi Dead.
STAMFORD, Conn., Dee. 11.—Rear
Admiral Bancroft Clherardi Is dead,
! aged seventy-one. He bad been serlous
j ly ill since last Monday from an at
tack of nephritis, following a long .ill
ness from diabetes, lie had lived he
since his retirement from active serv;
ant Walter Cherurdi. F. S. N.. stating
i'd In Washington, was at his bedsit!
j during his fatal sickuess.
■ __ _ i
Election of Arthur Kill Council Held Last
At tiie meeting of Arthur Kill
Kouuoil 1108, Royal Arcanum, the
following officers for the new year
were elected: Regent. Thomas Thom
on : vice regent, Alfred Larkin; '
jrutor, DeWitt H. Pepper; secretary,
B. March; collector,C. W. Knight;
rreasurer, John M. Perry; cliaplain,
S', S Maccimiior; guide, Geroge T.
Leven: warden, John F. Ryder; past
regent, John H. Newsted.
The new officers will be installed
he first Tuesday in January by the
■date Grand officers.
•WOHCKSTBR. Muss.. I>ec. 11.— -jj
Bonis Murphy. fifty-live year* old and
inurried. c::i:ic from behind some coal
•ars iicar Fitchburg. Mass., and was
‘i ruck by a New York, New Haven
mb Hartford railroad train, dying
wcnty minutes later.
Lumiicr Mill
SUMMHiiFIKDD, Fid., Dec. 11.—The
Wo t Lumber mill at this place has :
[M i n destroyed by lire. The plant was
valued lit .«"!),000. In addition, 300,000
- _____
Mo Tickets f r Sale—Attendance Limited M
to Subscribers and Friends. 9
<irj lK-ns will give its first concerf^9
of i in s-ason in the- Methodist vhurrh^^H
'li. s lav night,December 2». Haydn's 9
oratorio, "The Creation,” will b« J
Among the soloists will be Julian 9
Walker and Mrs. Charles Herberi^J
Clarke. Mr. Clarke will condnct a^9
nsnal. i o! lowing tbs owner>49
.. i vgjjl
tickets wii! Tip Mr tMdJSI(i#,^tn^9
attendance being lfthitfd to the sub
scribers and their friends. Those de- s
siring to subscribe should communi- .'
cate with Captain Frank I. Perry, ]
Mrs. Rachel Jewell, of New York |
city, was the gnest of Dr. and Mrs. !
Seth Lockwood, the first of the week, i
Mr. F. C Clarkson has been doing
some work in the school at Keasbey*
Miss Rebecca Turner lias been qnita |
ill with a li^acy hold, Vaw*l/ now 1
Mrs. W. A. Osborn and Miss Raed
Osborn have jnst returned from a
to Philadelphia. ' •* *9
Mrs. Ar'hur Liddle and daughter 1
Florence visited Mrs. Walter SmttiM
last week and remained over SundaydH
The Sunday school committee of JbS8
Presbyterian church, will meet^P^Sj
Mrs. Howard Tappen’s to dress
for the Christmas tree. "
Mrs. Walter Brewster and Sr?*",
Anna Coddington were in Rah'7^ ■•’J
Sunday. . ■ ■
- ~ =—>
C. S. Walling and Jack T
spent Wednesday in New Yor'/vx, / *
H. V. O. Plattspenl Jrloutoi I i f !
New York. 'J ' jl ■■■
Miss EUn Rigley has returned from^
a visit to her home near Princeton.
Charles Ellis has pone for an ex- j
t nded tup to North Carolina.
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