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■ IPerth Amboy Even ng news.
Home Found in This City by th(
Salvation Army-Children
will be Provided for.
En9lgn Wiseman Conducted a News Repor
to tha Place this Morning and he Des
oribes What he Saw—Little Children ir
Extreme Want—Mother Drinks anc
Leaves them Alone.
This morning Ensign Wiseman, ol
the Salvation Army Post, took an
Evening News reporter to a house on
Front street. The Salvation Army,
always the first to discern distress,
discovered a woman and three chil
dren in lowest stage of poverty last
night. The way in led througli a
most foul Bmellmg alley, bo small tha!
one must literally crawl through it.
The two emerged into a little back
yard littered witli rubbish and re
sembling a garbage dump. In the
house the sight was enough to sicken
the most hardened to such sights. No
furniture, but a broken chair, a dilap
idated table, a stove and a bureau
r«o in lino tuuwii inn iioui mie
originally laid with a strip of old
matting and linoleum, bat is now so
coated with filth that the original
covetipg is difficult to distinguish.
Windows are broken out and staffed
# with raas. The bedroom is a little
coop about five by eight feet. There
is uo light in it. The odor is foul.
Laok of pore air and inulight and an
l abundance of dirt have made the place
unfit for an animal to be kept in. The
' bed has a mattress, no other clothes.
In it the mother and three children
sleep, huddled ud in their wearing
apparel. The children and mother
wore found eating a meal from provi
sions brought in by the Ensign at
10.80 o'clock last night.
The children were seated oil boxes
huddled oyer the stove, and drinking
ont of three tin cans, a mixture of
coffee. The youngest child is two
years, the oldest is six years. Two
havo shoes and the third is barefoot
ed. The youngest is clad in an old
apron. The next, in an old dress
made of rags, and the oldest in an
overcoat. The mother is clad after
tho same fashion. The children were
covered with dirt. Their faces have
not been washed for over two woeke.
( Continued on page 2.)
i The only real
Blue Point Oyster s
in this city. 30c a quart, 60c a
hundred in the shell at
. Masterson’s Restaurant
118 Smith st. Tel. Cali 162-W
i i
Huyler’s Candy
Elegant Writing Paper.
70-72 Smith St.
Tne Board of Governors of the Uity
Hospital held their regular quarterly
meeting at the home of the president,
S. R. Farrington, 118 High street,
last night. The affairs of the hospital
were thoroughly discussed. It was
pointed ont that the institution is
under heavy expense just now and it
is important that the people take even
more of an interest in it than they do
at present.
One of the most important needs
now >b a morgue. Patients may die
and they now have to be pnt in a
ward where sometimes there are
patients, a thing very unpleasant to
them. Such a place built near the
hospital need not be large] or cost
much money. About $400 would be
sufficient. The authorities have had
to make a larger purchase of bedding
this year than last and even more is
An offer from a Arm in Newark to
supply a refrigerator for less than
half the regular price, was brought
up. Tho refrigerator costs $150, but
the company has agreed to let the
hospital have it for $05. It is n good
large reoeptaclo and just what the
hospital needB. Much ice is consumed
' ~ i
by patients and the mantis of keeping
it are now very limited. The board
sees the necessity of the article and
wonld purchase it if they cuuld do so
without going into debt. Now is the
tio>e when the hospital needs the pnb
lic help. The financial secretary, Mr.
3. G. Garretsou, lms been empowered
to solicit funds.
Following are tho receipts and ex
penditures of the hospital from Marcli
1 to DeoemDer 10, 1903:
March 1, cash on hand, $405.05; De
cember 10, cash received to date from
all sources, $4,557.30, making a total
of $5,022.55.
Disbursements; Building improve
ments, $60.20; General repairs, $21.00;
Grading, $125.00; General expenses
and misoelaneous supplies, $113.07;
Bilectrical equipment, $84.29; Interest,
$200.00; Printing and stationery,
$4.00; Postal, Telegraph nnd Tele
phone, $79.85; Milk and dairy pro
ducts, $282.58; Light, $86.93; Goal,
$621.97; Ice, $61.01: Meats and grocer
ies, $1,234.34; FarnishingB, linen,
bedding,etc. ,$157.77; Melicalfsupplies
and intrnments, $276.38; Drugs,
$259.45; Wages employees, $1,384.49;
Cash on hand, December 10. $120.52.
AT 7jrCL0CK.
Miss Me Hose Becomes the
Bride of Walter A.
The marriage of Miss Hattie L.
MeHose to Walter A. Snow, formerly
of this oity, but now of Montclair,
took place at the home of Rev. Peroy
R. Ferris, pastor of the Baptist church
at 7 o'olook this morning. The early
hour was fixed at the request of the
bride and groom.
The couple were attended only by
Miss Lillian Snow, sister of the
groom, and Floyd MeHose, brother of
the bride. At the close of the cere
mony Mr. and Mrs. Snow left the
city. They will make their home in
Montclair. Both are well known in
this city. Mr. Snow is connected
with tlie clay works of which Mr.
Penfield was at the head. He is nlso
one of the proprietors of the Pyro-Art
Studios at Montclair.
Take your doctor s prescriptions to
Sexton, the Druggist. 11-20-1
Want an Arch Light.
The Library Board made application
to the Board of Aldermen last night
for an arc light to be placed in front
of the new linrary bnilding in Jeffer
son street. It was stated that it is
extremely dark there at night, the
nearest light being more than a block
away. The request was referred to
the committee on lights.
Boxing Gloves 11 to |5 a set. D.
V. Rash, 383 State st.
To Let.
Nice Inns*. 280 Ptat* street, all impror*
m n*H. $35 Fla*, Or isei Block, & rooms and
balli, $16 6 room Flat, $!2, on (Jordon bt.
Neilsen Bros,, ggilh
It burns up clean. This weather gives
notice of approaching winter. If you
want to be comfortable you must buru
our Gaylord Coal.
Tel. 42 h. 85 Smith Street.
47 Smith Street
Family Wine and Liquor Store.
Established 1889.
Miss Ingebor Jensen Becomes
the Bride of Thore
A pretty home wedding took place
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jens
Jensen, on New Brunswick avenne, at
7.30 o’clook last night when their
daughter Ingebor, became the wife of
Bakkensen. The bridesmaid was Miss
Marion Mekkelson, tho best man, Jens
The bride was dressed in a gray
traveling gown and carried white
roses. The bridesmaid was dressed in
pink taffeta, and also carried white
roses. The marriage ceremony was
performed by Rev. J. Christiansen,
pastor of St. Stephen's Danish Luth
eran chord). A reception was given
at the home of the bride.
Iluyler’s bon bons and chocolates.
Sexton’s Drug Store, sole agency.
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unknown brands but goods of
world wide reputation, known from
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ask, don’t forget our guarantee if
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We give away FREE a good bot
tle of wine to every purchaser of 50c
dr over of Wine or Liquors during
the Holiday month.
Reliable Wine and Liquor House
Cor. Smith and Stale St. Tci,i62-w
8. .1. MASON
Civil Engineer
103 Smith St.
Dana Relief Society — ^ _ To raise funds to
,m be held in C A I D ^^3“
DANA BUILDING, | | || the Society's 20th
Dec-17, 18, 19, '03 ' Anniversary, 1904.
■ T" '
Had Been in New Mexico for
Two Years and Was Coming
Says he Owes His Life to a Desire for a
Drink of .Water—Arrived in this City
Shortly Before Noon Today—Paper
Yesterday Had the Name Hagen—Will
Remain East.
In yesterday morning’s New York
papers appeared the name of a man,
Eagene E. Hagan, injured in a wreck
it Steubenville,Ohio, Thursday night.
The address given was Pertli Amboy.
Yesterday no one could be found who
aonld recall any one of the name.
This morning the mystery was
solved. Eugene Elliott Higgins
irrivert here on crutches. He had
been injured and a mistake made in
his name. DeBree Higgins, his broth
er of this place, recognized the first
swo names and the similarity of Hig
gins and Hagan led him to believe
the man was his brother. Mr. E. E.
Biggins was returning from the west,
ind was traveling to Perth Amboy.
Wo InfE lioro fivn vnnra nerr* nnH wonf
to New Mexico Deciding to return
to this city he took a train from Silver
3ity nud started east. He wrote tell
ing of the route he was to tase. This
route and the likeness of the names
convinced the family here it was their
Mr. Higgins, in telling of the
wreck, said his life hnd been saved by
his thirst. He was in the smoker,
the first car of the train ana had been
sitting near the man who was killed.
He got up and went for water and
started back when he felt a slight jar
ind tiie otiier train came plowing
through. He was brnised and his legs
wrenched ami so pinned down by
wreckage that it was fifteen minutes
before he was rescued. He was taken
to the hospital and treated. He
irnved in Newark this morning and
came here on a Pennsylvania train.
His injuries are not serious. Mr.
Higgins will remain oast.
Pianos. Cash or time at the old
stand. Peaer Olsen, 86 Smitn st.
5526-9-19-2t-e. w-tf
F.J. LARKIN, 857 STATE Street,
will do plumbing, steam, hot water
ind hot air heating on monthly pay
A Great Employment Opportunity.
The Public Service Corporation of
Sew Jerso.v is receiving its new cars
inrl preparing to put on additional
iervioe. Personal applications for
mmediate and steady employment as
conductors arid motormen will be re
ceived at 21 Hudson Place, Hoboken,
Mondays, Wednesday, Sutordays, 9 a.
n. to 4 p. m. At 815 Market street,
Sewark, Tnesdav, 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
\t Car House, Market and Jersey
itreets, Paterson, Thursdays, 10 a. in.
o 2 p. m. At 206 Broad street, Eliza
ieth, Fridays, 10 a. m. to 2 p. in.
4293-12-10-3t e. w.-2w. adv
Punching Bags, all prices. D. V.
iush, 383 State st. 12-ll-2t-adv
Heavy whipping cream at Sen on's
Drugstore. 11-20-1
This is the
coupon for the
e w i n g Ma
chine Contest
given by A.
Jensen, dealer
in all kinds of
Sewing Ma
chines. 336 State St.
Successor to L. Albert & Co.
...Photographic Studio...
Evarything in Portrait, Landscape
and Interior Photography.
P. O. Building. Perth Amboy, N. J.
An effort was made at the adjourn
ed meeting of the Board of Aldermen,
last night, to pass upon a new lease
for the Staten Island Rapid Transit
for the property at the foot of Smith
street. The effort failed and an ad
journment was taken until Monday
j The matter came up in the form of
a report from the Committee on Pub
lic Grounds and Buildings to whom
the communication from the company
waB referred Monday night. The
committee recommended that the
present lease be cancelled and that a
new one be granted the company from
January 2, 1904 for twenty-five years.
The annual rental to be $100 for the
first ten years and $200 for the next
fifteen years. It was also recommend
ed that the company be compelled to
start work by March 15 or that they
be compelled to have the work on the
improvements finished by the latter
Dart of November of next year. T1 e
recommendations were in the shape of
a lease.
Alderman Gannon moved the adopi
tion of the report aDd resolution.
Alderman-at-Large Eokert said there
was a doubt in his mind as to whether
a lease should be granted by a resolu
tion or ordinance.
“Booking over our city charter, he
said, “I find that council has power
to control docks and ferrieB to and
from this city. As the charter says
nn ordinance is required, in order to
avoid declaring the resolution out of
order, I would like this matter laid
over until the citv attorney gives an
opinion.” He moved that the matter
lay over.
Mr. Gannon opposed the delay as
the recommendations of the commit
tee provided that the approval of the
city attorney be secured before the
final steps were taken.
Mr. Eckert's motion was lost. Mr.
Gannon then moved that the recom
mendation and resolution of the com
mittee be acoepted and Mr. Eckert
declared the motion out of order as
being contrary to the provisions of
the charter. Mr. Gannon then asked
for a recess and the aldermen held a
conference in the back room. When
they reappeared the adjournment was
From what could be learned, there
is some objection as to the annual
rental. It is held that $100 for ten
years and $200 for the last fifteen
years is too Bmall for such a valuable
trauchise. On the other hand, it is
argued that the value of the franchise
will be greatly reduced, if, within
the next twenty-five years a bridge is
built over the sonnd.
Alderman Runyon brought up a de
cision rendered some time ago, he
thought, bv John W. Beckman, that
the city conld not lease any of its
property for a higher amount than $1
per year. He favored getting the city
attorney’s opinion.
Special Addresses to be Made
Before Five Different Con
gregations Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will bo known as Temp
erance Dav among some of the
churches of this city. Representatives
of the Anti-Saloon League will be in
this citv and will speak before five
different congregations.
In the morning Rev. Dr. Gotwald,
of Newark, will speak in the Baptist
chnrcli, and Edmund B. Gerhart, of
Newark, will speak in Simpson M. E.
church. At night, Rev. Gilbert P.
Raynor will speak in the Presbyterian
church. Mr. Gerhart’ will speak in
the Danish M. E. church, and Dr.
Gothwold will speak in the Swedish
Congregational church. Their re
marks will be entirely on temperanoe.
It is understood that this is the be
ginning of a united effort in this city
to oppose the saleous and dance halls.
The movement of the Anti-Saloon
League is backed by the Minister's
Alliance, and the Good Citizen’s
Best sewing machine, lowest prices,
at 336 State street. A. Jensen (Deal
er). 11-25-tf—adv
Ladies Skates, all sizes and prices.
D. V. Rush, 383 State st.
Milk and Cream delivered every morn
idg in bottles.
Our motto; “Cleanliness is akin to
Godliness.” We have only first-class
trade. Would you Uke to be one of our
patrons? If so we will guarantee first-class
service. Milk delivered at any hour iu
the raonrne to suit customers.
Tel. 16’ L.
until 1904.
A bottle of California
Port or Sherryi Wine
Given away to every purchaser
of 50c or over.
WARE HOUSE, 382 State street,
Tel. 80-w. eor. Commerce st.
For Specials see Page 2
St. Patrick’s Alliance Will be
in Session in St. Mary’s
Hall Tomorrow.
The fifteenth annual convention of
St. Patrick’s Alliace, District No. 8,
will be held in St. Mary’s Hall,
Center street, tomorrow. The dele
gates from every lodge in District
No. 8 will be present.
At 10.45 o’clock they will attend
mass in St. Mary’s church, after
which they will oe weclomed by the
pastor. Rev. B. T. O’Connell. At 1
o’clock the convention will be held.
The first thing to be done is to finish
np all of the old business of the year
after which the secretary and tieasui
er will each read his report for the
year. The election of District officers
for the period of one —ar will follow
the reading of the reports. A date
and a place of meetine for the nest
annual convention will also be set.
Althongh this is the fifteenth annual
eonvention of St. Patrick’s Alliance,
District No. 8, it is the first time that
they have ever met as a body in Perth
tayies mil Leicurdic.
The Eagle Athletic Clnb will have
a sauerkraut supper at 8 80 o’clock to
night. The snpper is held to cele
brate and christen the Eagles new
honse, lor they are now comfortably
settled. It is understood that only
members will be allowed to partake
of tonight’s supper.
Sewing machines for sale by Peder
Olsen, 86 Smith st.
If von are out of work put an ad.
n the Evening News, it will cost you
White Pine and Tar
F>*r Coughs and Colds.
Large Bottles. 25c.
Cor. State and Washington Sts. Tel. 89L.
George W. Rogers. Walter A. Snow.
Pyrographic Portraits a Specialty
J?yvo-|u*t jHudios
Novelties in Burned Leather and
Water Colors. Original Designs
Submitted and Executed.
15 Williard Place, Montclair, N. J.

High School Students Hold Elec
tion Yesterday—Wilbur La
Roe President.
The Juniors Named all Officers Tram Their
Class and the Freshman Claimed they
Would Have a Ticket cf Their Own—
Interes'.irg Debate Followed and ne
Election was Held.
Since the two literary societies were
organized in the High School • little
over a year ago, they have liad for
their chief executives, members of the
classes for which they were named.
In the Senior Society and in the
Jnnior Society the presidents and
chief officers were always from the
Senior and Jnnior classes respectively.
This was the custom established on
the grounds that older cnpils should
rnle. the Sophomores and Freshmen, 1
however, wish to prove that old heads 1 M
mav be on vonnger shoulders and ■
accordingly they demanded nominees M
from their classes in the election beld H
In the Qni Vive Society one Sopho- 1
more ran against several Seniors and
was elected president and two more J
were also eleoted to hold offices, al- > J
though the Seniors think much of M
their dignity, they made no ohjec- U
lions. The electioms posy. Wiiii&r JBj
• oe, - JHident: Oaonto Barter.
made an important motion. It was
to the effect that a Bet of Robert'a
Rales of Order and copies of the
Scientific American and Ontlook be
purchased for six months each. These
are for reference aud will be pur
chased with the dues to be paid next
The current topics were discussed
by several. New York’s water ways,
Fred Healing, Panama’s Treaty, Miss
McGuire, Isthmian Oanal. Miss Ctr(4.
topherson, and Home for SI *•B
Bessie Sofield. “How Gills React.■
a humorous reading, was given by
Panline Philo.
The debate was very lively. The
resolution was one on which every
member could apeak and the question
of representation was well disci
“Resolved, That the Freshme
a grievance for not having an e
ticket." The dobate was ext<
aneons. For the Freshmen
Andrew Wight, Jennie Broggc
Margaret Connors, for the J
Continued on page 6
Genuine Boston Lobsters,
tuck Oysters, finest In the
Natural growth Blue Points
best. Deep Water Rockawa;
as butter.
WORRELL'S, 46 Smith
Tel. call, *00 L «.
The New York Herald foreeaet ie: for
Sunday partly cloudy to clouady and can* .
tinned cold ^weather probably fallowed

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