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Pertf? flmbog Evening flews
An Independent Newspaper published every afternoon, except Sundays,
by the Perth Amboy Evening News Company, at
2S2 State Street, Perth Amboy, N. J.
D. P. OLMSTEAD,.Business Manager
The Evening News is on sale at newstands and delivered by
regular carrier in Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Woodbridge,
Carteret, Tottenville and surrounding towns for 6c per week.
By mail, postage prepaid, per year.$3°°
*1 •< “ six months - - - - - 1.50
Newark, . - F. N. Sommer, 794 Broad St.
■ —---... - .
Long Distance Telephone.98
Entered at Post-Office as second class matter.
The PAID circulation of the Perth Amboy Evening News in Perth Amboylls greater
than any other paper published in this city.
Three times the PAID circulation of any Pe th Amboy paper In South Amboy.
Four times the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Tottenville.
Five limes the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Woodbridge.
Six times ihe PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Carteret.
We challenge alt competitors to dispute these facts.
There is no doubt as to the popular
ity of the City Hospital. Tho Even
ing News had hardly appeared on tho
street yosterday beforo one of Porth
Amboy’s best known citizens, Luther
M. Hope, came into the office and loft
$1 for tho fond now being raised to
build a reception room and morguo at
the institution. Tlioro is no doubt ns
to the good of the cause in this regard
■lied upon to
lg. The ball
lowly gaining
aent the do
ing in which
rnboy can feel
interest. It
keep it run
olely by the
i money col
s from their
hus maintain
son that the
people take sneh an interest in tho in
stitution and it is for this reason thnt
they will supply its noeds when they
are absolutely essential. It is evident
that n reception room for sick patientB
and a mprgue are something that must
(be had nnd when this is realizod the
people wiL respond to the call, for it
is the people’s institution. No more
fitting Christmas offering conld be
Action on the part of the Board of
Aldermen, authorizing the issuing of
bonds for the improvement of the fire
department for wliicli the city lias
been waiting so long, was taken last
night. It is almost a year now Binee
the first steps were taken to have the
legislature pass n bill which would
meet the demands of the oity. In the
meantime the matter has advanced
slowly, step by step, some notion be
ing taken, enough to Keep up hopes
just when it was thought the matter
was dead.
As has already been stated the im
provement consists of two new fire
houses, one new company, two new
combination wagons and one now
hook and ladder truck.
While the program does not include
a steam fire engine, such an apparatus
is bound to come in the near future.
The people realize its necessity and
will have it. A good start has been
made. The good worn is bound to go
The Staten Island Rapid Transit
will get a new lease for twenty-five
yenrs on the property at the foot of
Smith street. This is good as it
assures the people who travel between
this city and Tottenville that before
this time next year they will have
ample accommodation and the best of
servioe. Let the good work go on.
More improvements of this kind are
noeded in Perth Amboy and any effort
of n similar nature Bhonld receive the
hearty support of the city.
. — --
iHtlimlnn CnnnI. Panama Tariff, To
bacco and Labor DiactiKNcd.
I WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. -The house
rontinued in session for u little inure
than four hours, during which time
there was a general discussion on va
ried topics. The pension appropriation
hill was before the house, but no con
elusion on it was reached. The isth
mian canal and the republic of 1'aim
nia, the tariff, tobacco interests and
Questions affecting labor were debated.
|Mr. Baker (Dew., N. Y.). speaking on
he subject of labor, contended that
Btnpcnsating wages are not paid, He
Bed the testimony as to wages taken
Bjuiv the anthracite coal commission
^B said it showed “conditions of
M^ery.” He said the Halted States
^V.-i company sold stock to its cm
*es at a figure thirty points higher
^■11 present quotations, in New York,
^■said. the trusts squeezed the labor
■ man until lie was willing to work
^Bow wages. He referred to the ship
PPfrftfHfctrust, connecting it with the
steel trust, and declared that the stock
f of both concerns was watered. With
out reaching a conclusion on the pen
sion appropriation bill the house ad
SckkIcii Whm Spent In DIucmikhIub Cu
ban Trml** 1)111.
WASHINGTON. Due. 15.—The sen
ate spoilt the day on the Cuban bill,
most of the time being occupied by
Hr. Bailey (Tex.) in an elaborate argu
ment against the constitutionality of
the proceeding. He claimed that no
treaty changing the revenue laws that
xvas not llrst authorized liy legislation or
originating ill the house of representa
tives was valid. Mr. Bailey also op
posed the bill as u matter of general
Brief speeches were made by Sena
tors Teller. Depew and Lodge. The lat
ter asserted that Cuba laid adopted the
same Unmlgrntlon laws as those of the
" Culled States in regard to Chinese liu
vdiifid and Party on limit.
[UiHTOWN, S. C., Dec. 15.—
President Grover Cleveland,
jed by Commodore E. C. Ben
! i
edict, Captain (/hidings. General A. G.
McCook and Commander Hudgins, lias
arrived here In a special car. The par
ty were mot at the railroad wharf by
the government launch Water Lily, to
which they transferred and left for
the hunting preserves of General E. 1*.
Alexander at South island, whose
guests the party will be for ten days,
during which time they will indulge in
duck and deer hunting and fishing.
CloHliin; Slock Quotation*.
Money on call firm at 0 per cut. Prime
mercantile paper, 6 per cent. Exchanges,
$140,954,816; balances, $8.657,851
Closing prices:
Amal. Copper... 47% N. Y. Central.. .118%
Atchison. 6“% Norf. & West... 57%
B. & 0. 73% Penn. R. it.117%
Brooklyn It. T. 49% Rending . 44%
C. .C..C.& St. L.. 75 R< ek Island — 24
Chen. * Ohio... 32% Si. Paul .142%
Chi. & Northw.. 163% Southern Pae...48%
D. & II.158% Southern R> .... 21
Erie. 30% South, fly. pf.%
Gen. Electric.'.. 104 Sugar .123%
Illinois Cen.129% Texas Pnelflc .. 25
Louis. & Nash.. 107% Union Pacific .. 79%
Manhattan.140 % U S Steel. 10%
Metre poll tan_122 U. S. Steel pf...
Missouri Pac... 02%
\ow York Market*.
FLOUR Quiet, but firmer; Minnesota
patents. $-1.rtft4.75; winter straights. $4fa)
4.10; winter extras. $3fa8.35; winter patents,
$41/1 35.
WH EAT—Stronger and more active on
foreign buying of May and bullish weekly
statistics; May, 85 5-164(85 9-lGo.; July, 82x4)
RYE—Steady: state and Jersey, 56faG8c.;
N<> 2 western. 63%c . f 0. b.. afloat
CORN—Opened firm with wheat, but
later eased off; May. 49 1-I6fa49%c.
OATS—Nominal; track, white, state. 41<yj
45c. . track white, western. 41 fa45c.
PORK* Steady; mess. $12,751/13.50; fami
ly. $15 251/15.5a.
LA HD—Steady; prime western steam.
RUTTER Steady; extra creamery, 25c.;
state dairy. 15fa22c.
CHEESE Quiet; state, full cream, fan
cy. small, colored. September. 12c.; late
made. 10c.; small, white. September, 12c,;
late made. 10c.; large, colored. September,
12c : late mado. 1"< ; large, white, Septem
ber. 12c.: late made. 10c.
EGGS Strong; stub and Pennsylvania
nearby average best. 34c.; state and Penn
sylvania seconds to firsts. 281/32c.: western
seconds. 2s fa 30c.; western firsts. 31 fa32c.
SUGAR Raw steady; fair refining. 8%c.;
centrifugal. 96 tost. 3%o.; refined steady;
crushed. 5.05c.; powdered, 4.55c.
TURPENTINE Steady at 59%fa«nr.
MOLASSES Firm; New Orleans. 31 fa38c.
RICE -Quiet; domestic, ; Japan
TALLOW—Firm; dty. 1%e.; country, 4%
IT AY Step !v ping. tMKiTDc.; good to
, choice. 85<??92%c.
Read the classified ad p paRe 2.
Secretary Addresses Chair- j
man on Military Affairs.
“False Report* Famished the Preaa
to tlie Prejudice of tut Honorable
Officer and Mutt of Integrity
Flighting In Philippine*.**
WASHINGTON, Dec. 15. — Eliln)
Hoot, secretary of war, has addressed
llie following letter to Senator Proctor,
ruling chairman of tlie committee on
military affairs:
•T inclose a letter from Brigadier
General Tasker II. Bliss asking atten
tion to tin* report of liis recent testi
mony before your committee as a wit
ness regarding certain objections to the
confirmation of General Wood. It ap
pears that tlie press report of General ,
Bliss’ testimony is the precise con- j
trury of what he in fact testified. He j
wishes tills set right for liis own repu-1;
tatlon, and 1 shall take tlie liberty of, I
doing so us fur us practieuble by giv- j
Ing his letter to tlie press. j j
”At the same time I wish to call 5
tlie attention of your committee to the I
fact that some person seems to be per- j
sistestly furnishing to the press false j
statements of the testimony taken be- |
fore you. file perversion of the evidence j
being in every case to the prejudice of j
<,'pii.■nil Wood. It cannot lie doubted j
that tlie newspapers publishing these !
reports believe them to he true and j
that the reports are sent to them by j
tlie representatives of tlie press in good j
faith under tlie same belief.
“It is evident that some person is tin- j
del-taking to convey to the press rep- j
rosentatives information of what goes |
on in the committee and is taking ud-,j
vantage of the fact that tlie evidence j
is not published to state it falsely for j
tlie purpose of injuring General Wood I
. I.. 41..1.11..1 11.11 tlmi ait tli.if will Id I
| your committee will act upon the evi- j
ilence actually before it, the public j
judgement as to how you ought to act i
will be based upon an entirely different j
and erroneous idea of what the evi- j
deuce is. j
"If the evidence actually given called ;
for General Wool's presence I should j
of course bring him back from the j
Philippines, but I do not feel justified j
In withdrawing him from the impor
tant duties which lie is performing on I
account of false reports of evidence
which lias never In fact been given.
It hardly seems fair that an officer who
is not here to protect himself, but is
serving bis country faithfully under
orders on the other side of the world. 1
should have his reputation stabbed in i
this way. I earnestly request your i
committee’s attention to this subject.”
Genera! Miss in his letter contradicts
tire report that he strongly opposed the
admission without payment of duty
of the silver service purchased itt New
York by the Jal Alai and that he re
ceived mandatory instructions from
General Wood to admit said silver
service free of duty, lie says he testl
lied most positively under oath that
neither directly nor Indirectly, verbal
ly nor in writing, personally from him
nor through any subordinate nor from
any person whatsoever, "had 1 received
even an intimation us to the remission
of duties updh these articles; that 1 or
dered the remission of duty because
1 believed then and believe now that it
was in accordance with Jlie law; that
if any mistake was made I was solely
responsible for it. 1 further testified
that during the two and a half years
that I served directly under the orders
of General Wood as military governor
of Cuba I know of no action of his
that was not consistent with the char
acter of an honorable officer and a man
of integrity.”
Evidence Given by l)r. Flxlior YVn*
Asaiimt C'liuraeter of IlellnirN.
WASHINGTON, Doc. 15. — In tin*
Wood heal ing Ih'. Eisner testified that
lie told General Wood all he had
learned of the charncV of ltellairsand
that he had offered to General Wood to
produce witnesses who could prove Bel
la in indecent morally. II*' said that
General Wood told him lie did not cure
to know anything about the stories;
that all he asked was that they not lie
printed in Havana.
Mr. La Fontlsee said flint in May.
1000, a convict from Florida named
Johnson came lo him and said that he
had seen Bellnirs and General Wood
together at the races In Havana and
that he recognized and spoke to Bel
lairs. who motioned to him to keep si
lent. According to Johnson's story as
told-by Mr. La Fortlaeo, Bellnirs ex
cused himself nisi met Johnson, asking
him to remain quiet concerning his
criminal record.
Crow'* Condition Critical.
ST. Lons. Dec. 15. The condition
of Attorney General 13. C. Crow, who
is lying ill at the home of A. C. Steu
ver, is still critical. I>r. F. .1. Lutz said
that Mr. Crow had a good chance, but
lie will be confined to ids bed for sev
eral weeks.
Confesses to Forgery.
NEW YORK. Dec. 15.—'The defense i
of Mrs. Slngley, the pretty young wo- 1
man on trial for forgery, is that she
made a confession of the crime to hood
wink the detectives and shield her hus
band, with whom she is much in love,
from prison.
Minn Honaevelt In New Ynrlf.
NEW YORK, Dec. 15.—Miss Roose
velt has arrived here on a visit and
will return to the capital tomorrow
W.nlhfr Probabilities.
Increasing cloudiness and warmer;
fresh north wist to north winds. )
. i, ... a^l ■ .*&■, m * •• •
Sick Headache, Constipation, Wind,
Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver & Female Ailments.
Prepared only bv the Proprietor, Thomas Bkkcham. St. Helens, Eng .and
305 Canal Street, fi e w York, bold everywhere in boxes, 10c. and 25c.
. iihi'b ■ ■iii!iai!iiiBiniiaiinmiiiiB ■ ■■"•?
i a
IReductions in:
1 I
| For 1ft days beginning Dee. I
i 10th, all oiir2.50 lints at
i $2.00;
! All our 2.00 hats at |
; $1,501
' I
'Hawes Celebrated $3.00 Hats.i
1 1
| a i:!bi!mbi iia.iina i.'nniBiiiiiB a a.vn *m-,m V
i 77 Smitli Street. ?
i I
. Sol. Rubetistnii), Ho ward Hope. |
j am: ■iii.nu. Bn!:■iii'miiiiBi; x ■ ®
Colonel Pone, of bicyclo fame, re
:ently said that the first essential to
msiness success is “advertising;’'
hat the second essential was “hi?
.dvertising;” and the third, “bigger
The undersigned will dispose
of the entire stick of Men’s,
Boys’, Ladies' and Children’s
Shoes at gscatly cut prices to
make room for a complete new
stock which I have purchased
Rubbers and Rubber Boots will
be sold at cost prices to close
them out.
Our stock consists of the best
makes of
and must be sold by
December 15, 1903.
A call will convince you that you
can save money. Our best 3.50
shoe will be sold for 2-50. Our
2 50 shoe for 2.00- 3-oo shoe
for 2.25. Oilier Shoes equally
as low. All kinds of repairing
neatly and quickly done cheap.
105 Smith Si. Kempson Bld’g. I
Opposite i. Weinberg.
.Yfteelcr & Wilson
Sewing Machine,
Rotary Motion and
Bail Bearings.
If You are Thinking
About Rett nj a first-class Maobine
lu vo ono sent to your liouso ou a
free trial. Teacher will tad and in*
struct on the best steel attachment*
made ; or call and examine at office.
So d for very reasonable pric s.
A. JENSEN, Dealer
336 State Street
1 J_..MimWfWHIilii 'I I" i T"'fllh'I'H nfJ—KHF~
P. O. N.
There is that satisfy
ing something in a bot
tle of Feigenspau’s Ale
without which no dinner
is quite complete. Try
it. You'll always have
a case in your cellar.
It's delicious any time.
Bottled or on draught.

The result of Twenty Seven years of
Twenty seven prosperous years means thousands of satisfied custo
mers, why not have your name added to the list ? Cur methods of
selling permit those of moderate means to purchase a good piano on
very easy terms. Our special Three Year Contract giving you three
years to pay for a high grade instrument, will prove interesting to
you. If you desire to examine our pianos, we will pay all expenses
to and from NewYorkCity if purchase is made here. If you are think
ing of purchasing a Piano, let us send you our new catalogue,wliielj
will give you all necessary information as to prices, styles, terms,etc.
Manufacturers of High Grade Pianos.
94 FIFTH AYE., NEW YORK CITY,«rar 14,11
fcl ^ „ AISIY „ '
fe*S ml written by
& ¥ ANY
ANY ■ l
Blank will be properly dispensed by us £
i 335 State Street Lu
1 sj>v
L I ^AJ«jfW_
.... I 2 3 4 5 . 1 2
6 7 8 910 II 12 3456789
13 14 15 16 17 IS 19 IO II 12 13 14 15 16
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
27 2S 29 30 31 .... 24 25 26 27,28 29 30
..|..l. 31 ■
Deo. IB—Ball, Central Pleasure Club,
Dewey Park.
Dec. 18—Oonoort, Miss B. Campbell
Wilder Hall.
Dec. 28—Thontrical entertainment foi
children, Braga Hall.
Deo. 26—Thontrioal performance,
Braga Hall.
Dee. 27—Herman VerguneAnngs Olnl
Christmas Tree, Braga Hall.
Doc. 81—Ball, Woodchoppers, Cabin
Amboy, 49, Wilder Hall.
Dec. 80—Alumni dance, Wilder Hall.
Doo. 81—Steamfittere Union, Brags
Jan. 2—Private entertainment, Brags
Jan. 8—Braga’s Society Christmaf
Tree, Braga Hall.
Jan. 12—Masquorade pall.Imp’d Ordel
Red Men, Braga Hall.
Jan. 9—Hnndred Mens Clnb No. 1
ball, Braga Hall.
Jan. 14—Masquerade Brill, Hebrew
Progressive Association,
Grand Control Palace.
Jan. 19.—Masquerade Ball, Coait
Perth Amboy, 8034, I. O. of
F., Braga Hall.
Jan. 21—Ball, Original Hebrew Cadies
Benevolent Society, Grand
Central Palace.
Fob. 2—Ball, Congregation Beth
Mordecai, Wilder Hall.
il'orrest I.. Smith
Cl T Y 8 UR VEY O It, |
Fcbeukh Building. _ I
..- -.mv T i'i?
I Freh. Luptos. Herbert A. Bush*ell.
..Granite and Marble..
and ^Fencing.
Your Pntronnire Solicited.
New Bruns'k Av. & Central R. R.
- - _ ; - _ . :. . . -'■l-.-l - -■■■■
Beth Mordecai, ITobart Street. Fast or,
Rev. S. E. Soloman Friday, 8.15 p. m.
Saturday, 10.00 a. m. Hebrew School,
Saturday 1 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a. m.
Congregational (Swedish)—Gordon st.
—Pastor, Theodore Englund—rSunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
9.30 a. in.
First Perth Amboy, Hebrew Mutual Aid
Society, Elm Street, P. Joselson, Trustee.
Services, Friday 6 to 7 p. m. Saturday
8.30 a. m.. 4.30 p. m.
First Baptist—Fayette st.—Pastor, Rev.
Percy K. Ferris—Sunday Services, 10 and
and 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
school 2. 30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Friday 3.45
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7.45
p. m.
First Presbyterian, Market 9t and City
Hall Park, Pastor, Rev. Ilarlan G. Men
denhall L). D. Sunday services, 10.30 a.
m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a.
m., 2.30 p. m., Junior C. E. 3.30 p. m.
Y. P. S. C. E. 6.40 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 7.45 p. in.
Grace English Lutheran. Smith Street
Pastor, Rev. E.J. Keuling. Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. in., 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
2.30 p. m.
Methodist (Danish) Madison Ave and
Jefferson st., Pastor, Rev. A. Ilansc 1.
Sunday Services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
in. Epworth League, 3.45 p. m., Sunday
School, 2.30 p, m. Class meeting, Wed
nesday and Friday at 7.45 p. in.
Holy Cross Episcopal—Washington and
Johnstone sts.—Rev. F. P. Willes, priest in
charge—Sunday Services 11.00 a. m. and
7.30 p m Sunday School 10.00 a. in.
Our Savior’s Lutheran (Danish) State St.
Rev. V. B. Skov, pastor. Sunday services
10.30 a m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
School 2.30 p. m.
Simpson meinouisx—mgu ailu jcunauu
Sts. Pastor, Rev. S. Trevena Jackson,
A.M. Sunday services 9.30 and 10.30
a. in. and 7.30 j». m.; Sunday school, 2.30
p, m.; Epworth League, 6.30 p. m.; Prayet
meeting, Wednesday, 7.45 p. m.; Bible
, training class, Friday, 7.30 p. m.; Young
Gleaners, Friday, 4.30 p.m.; Junior Ep
worth League, Friday, 7.00 p. in.
St. Mary's Roman Catholic, Center St.
Rev. B. T. O’Connell, pastor; Rev S. A.
Mitchell and Rev. T. F. Blake, assistants.
Sunday services 7.00 8.30, 9.30 and 10 45
a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 2.309.
St. raid’s German Church—South First
street—Pastor Rev. Jacob Ganns. Services
every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.
Sunday School every Sunday at i o’clock.
St. Stephens Roman Catholic (Polish)—
State St. Rev. J. Ziellnsk, pastor. Sun
day services, 8.00, 10.30 a. m. Vespers.
4.00 p. m. Sunday School 3-3op. m.
St. Stephens Lutheran (Danish) Broad
St, Pastor I<ev. J. Christianson. Sunday
services 10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. m. Sun
day School 3 p. m.
St. Peters Episcopal—Rector St Recur,
Rev. J. L. Lancaster. Sunday services
10.30 a. m, and 7.30 p. m, Sunday School
2.30 p. m.
-W. C. T. U.— Meets at 27 Smith st. ev
ery Sunday at 4 p. m,
A. O. U. W Meets Odd Follows Hall,
Smith Street 1st. and '3d. Mondays. 1'.
D: Hull, M. W.; J. S. Phillips, Sec’y.,
7 Kearney .Ave,
B. P. O. E. No. 784. Meets K of C.
Hall, corner Smith and Rector Street 1st.
and 3rd. Tuesdays. Dr. Frank Crowther,
E. R.; W. A. Crowdll, Sec’y., Gordon
C. L. B. Father Quinn Council No. 88.
meets 2d and 4th Tuesdays every Montn
in K. of C. ll/ill. William liallahan, sec
retary. I
l). of L. Meet iu City Hall, every Mon
(lay evening, counsellor Mrs. Jtnnie
Platt, Sterctary Charles Cluney, 444
State st.
Degree of Tocohontar—I. O. R. M.
Meets every 2d and 4th Friday at City Hall
Mrs. G. Steinmetz, Pocohontas. Mf(a.
William Greenleaf, C. of R. Mis. P. Erick
son, C. of W.
F. and A. M. Raritan Lodge No. <il
Regular Communications 2nd. and 4th.
Thursdays, Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
C. F. Hall, W. M.;C. K. Seaman. Secy.,
High Street.
F. of A. Court Amboy No. 58 meets at
K. of P. Hall, first and third We dnesday.
Frank Rhodecker, Chief Ranger, E. J.
Dalton Fin. Sec., 95 New Brunswick ave.
F. of A. Court Standard No. m meets
in Odd Fellows Hall 2 and 4 Wednesday.
.Tames II. Pevery Chief Ranger, William
T. Mayor, Fin. Sec’y 73 Washington St.
G. A. R. Major James II. Dandy Post
No. 43. S. G. Garretson, Commander;
Adjt. Rev. E. B. Fiencb, Westminster.
Imp'd O. R. M. Po Ambo Tribe No. 65
Council Sleep every Thursday. Petf*r
Axeen, Sachem, llansS. Smith, C. of K.
Andrew Jensen C. of W.
Ira B. Tice Lodge No. 309 Rail-Road
Trainmen, meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday
Knights of Pythias Hall Cor. Smith and
High streets.*- T. J. Griffin Master Bold.
Mulvancy Secretary, Charles Miller Tres
I. O. of F., Court Keasboy, No. 3367.
Meets 2nd and 4th Monday of every month,
IK. of C . Hall, corner Smith and Rector
streets. G. W\ Fithian, Chief Ranger
II. E. Pickersgill, Secretary, 77 Lewis st. |
I. O. O. F. Lawrence Lodge. No. 62
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
every Friday night. W. A. McCoy
N. G.;F. L. Herrington, Sec’y*» Brighton
I. O. of F. Court Perth Amboy, No.
3043. Meets K. of P. Hall. High and
Smith Streets, every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.
Peter Poulsen, jC. R. TUos. Maher, R
| S., 509 State Street
Jr. O. U. A. M. Middlesex Council No.
63. Meets every 2d and 4th Wednesday
in City Ilall. Charles Cluney, Counsellor,
G. M. Adair, Recording Secretary 203
Madiron Av.
K. of P. Algonquin Lodge, No. 44.
Meets every Monday K. of P. Ilall Sniitb
and High Streets. Fred Waters, C. C.;
Chris Meshrow, K. of R. and S.
K. of C. San Salvadore Council. Meets
every 2d and 4th Wednesday in K. of C.
Ilall, Smith‘and Rector Street. W A.
Grcwney, G, K.; Recording, ttec’y.,
Richard A. Bolger, 124 Market Street.
K. of G. E. Meets in Odd Fellows’
Hall, Smith street, every Tuesday night.
George Bath, Noble Grand; Frank B. l<eed,
Keeper of Records, 129 Mechanic street.
P. O. S. ot A., Washington Camp, No.
79. Meets every second and foutth Thurs
day K. of P. Hall, cor. High and Smith
street Fred Waters, President;]. M. Mitts,
Secretary, 210 Oak street.
R. A. Middlesex Council N«>. 1100.
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Street
every second and fourth Tuesday. A. [W„
Hope Regent, “W. JH. Moore, S* cp
taiy, 60 Jefferson Street.
St. I atrick’s Alliance meets 3rd Tliurs
day in every month, in K, ot C. Hall, J,
N. Clark, Pres. Dennis Conklin, Secretary.
W. O, W. Perth Amboy Camp No. 19,
meets at City Hall ist and 3rd Wednesday.
W. P. Bradley C. C., Emil Waters Clerk,
253 Ne* Prurswick avenue.
Wood Choppers of America meet first
Sunday in every month in City Hall. Wil
liam Sandbeck, M W. C. Prank Rodecker .
42 East avenue, Keeper of Leaves.
Washington Literary (Bub meets in Um
ion Hall Adalaide Building, on the Seconl
Sunday of Each Month*at 3 o’clock p. m.
Tohn Clark, President, Dennis Conklin

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