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I Pertf? Amboy Evening J4ews
An Independent Newspaper published every afternoon, except Sundays,
by the Perth Amboy Evening News Company, at
2S2 State Street, Perth Amboy, N. J.
D F. OLMSTEAD,.Business Manager
I ■' .., _
The Evening News is on sale at newstands and delivered by
regular carrier in Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Woodbridge,
Carteret, Tottenville and surrounding towns for 6c per week.
By mail, postage prepaid, per year.$3.00
it •• <• six months ..... 1.50
Newark . - F. N. Sommer, 79* Broad St.
I Long Distance Telephone.98
Entered at Post-Office as second class matter.
The PAID circulation of the Perth Amboy Evening News in Perth Amboy;is greater
than any other paper publish’d in tlrs city.
Three times the PAID circulation of any Pe th Amboy paper in South Amboy.
Four times the PAID circulation or any Perth Amboy paper ir. Tottenville.
Five times the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Woodbridge.
Six times ihe PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Carteret.
Wc challenge all competitors to dispute these facts.
The movement on the port of the
local phystcinuB to start a school for
trained nnrseB at the hospital, ns told
in the Evening News yesterday,
shows ranch enterprise on the part of
tlio local medical staff. To teach the
various subjects which hnve boon
assigned to the different doctors will
take much of thoir time and greatly
increase their work. They hnve gone
about the matter so quietly and earn
nt+1„ linwnro, that it is OVideilt they
Inrd of the
tly raised
ms ot the
a trained
tlint the
d to give
the hospi
for those
c, to pnr
y without
fenrnre in
pitnl that
% the read
pen evory
> watched
Ei may ho
te ground
m open is
nving the
rr that it
ndance at
ctions nre
!s. There
J is a vast difference between operating
a library and having a place where
people, both young and old, can go to
improve their minds and pass the lew
hours in profitaolo reading.
There is hardly any doubt as to the
scceess of tho experiment. At the
present time, the street corners seem
to be the only plane to congregato on
Sunday, with the exception of the
Sunday schools, and it is hardly pro
bablo that the opening of tho reading
room will in any wav decrease the
attendance. On the other hand the
open reading room will tend to draw
from the crowds that usually spend
tho afternoon on tho streets, the ice,
or at some other pastime. Tho Lib
rary Board is to bo commended for
their action. There is no doubt but
that it is decidedly for tho best inter
ests ol the city.
How is this, is Essex losing its grip?
We noto with surprise that a Newark
man, Cortlandt Parker, Jr., is to lose
the position of Assistant United States
District Attorney, which is to be
given to Theodore B. Booraem, a New
| Brunswick lawyer. Of course it is
not a voluntary retirement, being
j brought about by the appointment of
a new District Attorney. Senator
J Drydon’s reported approval of tho
j change leads to the suspicion that in
| giving up this position Mr. Parker or
i some other Essex man has assurance
of getting “something jnst as good.”
—Camden Post-Telegram.
jam1.3 Ivloro
VC3 in Po:t. \
h'JTM In Sil<‘iit »n to the Silii itimi,
CJt‘!i<*r:sI (ioorKf (K. I'.IlioM M»iy 1’"
Ordered to Make :i HeronmoIm
Mtsnee of i.Nilimiuia t'ouutry.
WASHINGTON. I)".-. 17. — A tils
patch from (’olun says tin I'nited
States auxiliary ends r Dixie lias ju-l
disembarked her marines, numbering
E there. They took a train for Dm
pi re Station, near Panama. where they
will be quartered in the canal emupa
ny’s houses, wliieh already have been
repaired and made lii to r■ •• ■ * Demi.
M a imichftiV gun; am! : 'I'uiniit
|Ms accompany the manm
The remainder of the Dnited States
auxiliary cruiser Prairie’s marii. s nr*
still on board that vessel. It is prob
able that they will be landed also.
The Panama government lias receiv
ed by the Panama Railroad company’s
steamer Allianea 5uu eases of car
tridges, twenty-five cases of rifles and
other war material.
The Pnited States auxiliary cruiser
Mayflower and the Pnited States gun
boat Bancroft are in port.
The speech of Assistant Secretary of
State Loonds in New York, in which
he stated some new things regarding
the attitude of Colombia toward the
Hay-Ilerran treaty, was the subject of
Considerable gossip here, and there was
much speculation as to the effect It
would have on the future course of
General Reyes, the special envoy of
Colombia now in Washington.
When seen General Reyes admitted
that he had read Mr. Loomis’ address,
hut declined to make a statement.
**I am a diplomat,” said he, “and it
would ill become me to make any com
It is reported that Brigadier General
George E. Elliott, commandant of the
marine corps, will 1^ ordered to tin
lath mg;; to make a m-onnoissancc of
tin* country and. shoniu tin* situation
demand, to assume command of the
marine forces there. Tin* matter has
not yet been decided, but it was said
by a high official of the navy depart
ment that tin* subject Is receiving seri
ous consideration.

Closing; Stock Quotation*!.
Money on call steady at u% per cent.
Prime moreuntile paper. »J per cent. Ex
changes. $240,701,040; balances, $10,740,372.
Closing prices:
Amal. t'- ppcr... 4^ Norf. West... 58
Atchison. 08% Penn. it. R.117 *
li & 0.70 Reading . 41%
IJrooklyn li. T. F*o%. Rock Island. 25%
C..C..C.& St. I... 7S St. Paul.142%
Ulus. & Ohio... ?3 Southern Pac... 4S%
i ’hi. & Northw..lo5 Southern Ry—
I). iSi II.158% South. Ry. pf... 77%
Erie. 20% Sugar .121%
(bn. Electric... p’,1% Texas Pacific... 25%
Illinois (’tn.i20% Union Pacific... 7ir%
Manhattan.141%. U. S. Steel. M%
M. tropolitan....f?2 r. S. Steel pf... 53
Missouri Pac... 03 West. Union.... 87%
N. Y. Central_118%
\eir Vurk Markets.
i FLOUR Unsettled and a shade lower to
s 11; Minnesota patents. $ 1.35ft4.75; winter
straight:-. $4Q4.1u; winter < xtras STu.; ;V.;
wlnu r pat* ats. Oft 4.35.
WHEAT Opened steady on cables ami
local covering but later . used off under
additional liquidation; .May. M%QS4 13-10 ;
July. se'.uud
RYE— Hull; state and Jersey. 50ft5Sc.;
No 2 western. 'i3%c.. f. « 1*.. afloat.
CORN -Firmer - u tin* light country of
ferings and commission house support;
May. 4!t%ft l9%c
OATS Nominal; track, white, state, lift'
45c.; track, white. v.- ! t* rn. Me45r
PORK Easv; mess. $i3.rr.ftj3..V:; family.
$15.25ft 15.."a.
LARD—Stearlv; prime western steam,
RUTTER - Qul“t and steady; extra
creamery. slate dairy. 15ft-2c.
UTIEKSE (.pilot; state, full crAam. fan
cy. small. < ulorerj. September. !2c.; lato
made. Me • small, white. September. I> ;
late mad*- PH ; large, colored, September,
12c ; late made. 10c.; large, white, Sep
tember. 12c.; late made. M.\
ISOMS Strung; state and Pennsylvania
nearby average best. 55 e . state and Penn
sylvania Fee.uds to fire's. 30ft3.V.: western
seconds. 24ft27e ; west rn firsts. 33c.
Hl’fiAR-Riuv firm; fair refining. 3V*c.:
r-•ntrifugal. oo test. •!%<■ ; refined steady;
• r asped 5.05c.: powder, d. 4.55c.
TURPENTINE Qub t at 50'.'.ftf,:)c.
ARM ASSES Firm; New Orleans. 31 ft38c.
RR’E Quiet; domestic, ::%ft5%c.; Japan,
nominal. ,
TALLOW Steady; city. 4%c.; I country.
TIAY—Steady; shipping, GOft75c.; good to
choice. 85ft B2%o.
I.Ivo Stock Market.

i ir. $3ft3.G0; vetd
• Senate Makes Treaty Effec
tive by Large Majority.
Twin Object* of tlie Government
Were to Rentier Justice to Culm
mill llle OlKMtillK of lew lllir
ket* lo the l niteil State*.
WASHINGTON. Dec. IT. After nn
nil day debate* the senate passed the
Cuban reciprocity treaty. The vote
was 57 in favor of the treaty to 18
against it. As tlie measure was passed
by tlie house of representatives during
tlie special session, it now only awaits
tlie president's signature. This will be
allixed at once, ns tlie special session
was called for the purpose of disposing
of tlie treaty.
With (lie passage of tlie hill to make
effective the treaty of commercial reci
procity with Cuba tile end for which
the administration has constantly striv
en. with the twin objects of justice to
Cuba and tin* opening of a new market
to (lie United States, will lie in sight
and will be attained ten days after the
exchange of ratifications of tlie treaty.
epitomized, tlie new treaty admits
into tlie United States all products of
Cuba now dutiable at a reduction of
20 per cent upon the rates of tlie Ding
ley tariff. In return Cuba admits prod
ucts of the United States at an equal
reduction from its own tariff. In addi
tion to tlds general concession Cuba
agrees to three lists of imports from
tlie United States upon which It grants
reductions of duty respectively of 25,
3o and 40 per cent.
Another important provision of tlie
treaty is that no Cuban sugar during
tlie life of tlie treaty shill! la* admitted
Into tlie United States at a reducion of
Dingley rate and that no other foreign
sugar shall be admitted during the
game period at any reduction of duty
whatever. The treaty is to continue in
force for live years and thereafter un
til terminated by the giving of one
year’s notice by either parly.
This summary of the treaty is perti
nent because it is expected that many
Inquiries as to exact terms will he
made by manufacturers and exporters
! in the United States. They will need to
j study the schedule of articles upon
j which Cuba has made concessions of
duty greater than 20 per cent. The in
! terest of the general public lies in
knowing the broad expectations that
are held as to the advantage that this
country will gain in Increased export
trade, a trade that should grow with
the growth of Cuba in population and
Industry, due to the Insular prosperity
that reciprocity is expected to foster.
Kown tif I'asNJisyr of ISH1 Hrct'lvpil Kv«
cry tv liert* Willi MillInj.sinmn.
HAVANA. Dee. 17. News of the
passage by the United States senate
of the lull for reciprocity between the
United Stab's and t’libn, conveyed here
by a bulletin, soon spread through the
'city. It came somewhat as a surprise
both to the Cuban and Spanish mer
chants. the prolonged negotiations and
the many delays having caused a feel
ing of skepticism as to the outcome,
which was relieved only by the news.
Expressions of satisfaction are uni
versal in Havana. Many Americans
1 engaged in enterprises in Cuba are en
thusiastic ind believe that business
generally will find relief from the de
pression of the past four months, dur
ing which stocks ran extremely low.
It is believed tint the passage of the
: bill will result immediately in heavy
buying both from the United States
and Europe.
South Dakota to Cnlm,
MOIllEE. Ala.. Dee. 17. A party of
twenty from Smith Dakota, Iowa,
Michigan and Illinois lias nun-bed Mo
bile en route to Tuba, whore they have
purchased 21.000 acres of grazing land
and JS.OOO acres of timber land in
Puerto Principe province. They will
locate there.
Three Drowned In n Hnntvny.
WATERTOWN. N. V.. Dec. 17.—A
special from Massena says that thro**
m«*n wore drowned in the Man ama ca
nal there.and a fourth narrowly esc aped
a similar fate. The victims were Wil
liam Wilkinson. (leorgo Moffatt and
an Italian whose name is unknown.
Tin* men were in the nnplpy of tlie St.
Lawrence Tower company and were
passim; through a runway on the canal
| when their boat capsized. Tho men
I were soon out of reach of ropes, and
I their bodies were carried down the
rapids of the St. Lawrence.
firnor Atwood Henrrewted.
8PRI NO FIELD. Mass.. Dee. 17.—
(5 race Atwood, olios Grace Gibson, who
claims to ho the wife of George K. At
wood of Boston, the self confessed
postoffiee thief and ox-convict, when
released by the Springfield police was
Immediately tea frosted by T’nlted
States Marshal I’leUerlng for alleged
complicity in robbing the T'nited States
Xnv Cure For Typhoid.
NEW YORK. Dec. 17. All over the
lower cast side has spread the fame o!
the wonderful new cure for typhoid
fever in use at Toth-Israel hospital. II
is a serum Imported from Italy awl
Switzerland, where it has astonished
medical scientists. Remarkable cure?
i have been made at the new hospital
and not one patient has died.
Former \rehhiMhop of Snnfiiiffo Dond
| MADRID, Dec. 17. Mgr. T’stl, th(
l last Spanish archbishop of Santiago di
i Cuba, 1ms died at Zarnttz. near San Se
! bnstinn. IBs body will lie interns
there by the side of 1 he remains o.
General Martinez de Campos.
for Rev. J. M. Stevenson, Hawthorne,
N.J., who writes: “By rare accident I
was made acquainted with Dr. Deane’s
Dyspepsia Pills. They act gently, correct
ing the secretions and preventing consti
pation. I subscribe myself your friend,
as your pills are welcome friends to me.”
Every one of the thousands of testimo
nials to the virtue of Dr. Deane’s Dyspep
sia Pills is genuine. They cure—white
wrapper if constipated, yellow if bowels
are regular. Send for a free sample.
Are you out of
sorts ? Try
Kingtictow N. V.
For sale at Sexton’s Drug Store.
Cienernl Acting I tnlcr Oritrrs From
tin* War Department.
WASHING TON, Dee. 17.—Seerctn ry
Knot at the Wood investigation was
asked especially about the elmvgt
which Major ItnthUonc had liuide that
Gonornl Wood hud Iniliieueed the
courts tu the prosecution of Itntliboiu
and had tnnipered with the courts.
The secretary explained at sonu
length the court system In Cuba, say
ing that the court of first Instance was
in reality an officer directed to prose
cute and to obtain evidence. He was
something like a grand jury in finding
evidence, but was fnrtl, r empowered
In ..n oot Mini obtain eviili in-' minvlt
with the people, procure atlidavits and
otherwise to collect evidence against
alleged offenders.
The secretary said he !:n°\v what
General Wood was doing in this matter
and approved it. The secretary said
that, in fact, he directed that the prose
cution of the offenders b vigorous, and
General Wood was acting in this mat
ter under orders from the war depart
Murderer. Ilnrrlrnricd In HIm Homo,
I!ol<l« Off Police Pcimnc.
RIYKRIIKAD, X. Y.. I> •. 17. Sher
iff Henry II. Preston, with a pass.* of
lift}' armed men. has left here for tic
home of A. Tuttle Reeves, who has
barricaded ldmself in lbs home at
Aquabogue after shooting and killlii-.
Wi Ilia in A. Italford, a deputy sheriff
and warden of the county jail.
It is expected that when the sheriffs
posse reaches the Reeves homestead a
determined effort will be made to cap
ture the murderer. It has he 11 plan
ned to make an assault tiiid'T cover of
Friendly ronccrn.
“Have you heard the latest? Brown’s
wife has run off with hi chauffeur.”
“Mercy, what, a pity! He was such a
good chauffeur.! Brow a will never be
able to replace him.” Smart Set.
Tike Tlieatres.
Repertoire Fcr Grand Ope'a Season At
West End.
The on’y opportunity to hear a reper
toire of tiie classic music drama sung iu
English in New Yotkthis season will be
that offered by Henry \V. Savage’s lam
ous English singing organization which
opens a live week’s season at the West
End Theatre Christmas week.
'l itis year mauagoi Savage lifts ft su
perb company, his corps of principals in
cluding twenty prims donnas, tenors,
baritones and basses, liters is a great
singing chorus of all American voices for
tiie first time in the history of grand opera.
1 li j opera season at ills West End will
open wi’ll an elaborate scenic, production
of Verdi’s masterpiece, “Othello”, to be
given for the first time in English in New
Yolk. This opera will alternate durii g
the first wtc k witli Bizet’s •’Cainieu ’
with Marian Ivell, tint pheromone 1
American contralto iu tlio picturesque
title role.
‘‘Othello” will bo sung on Monday,
Thursday and Saturday evenings and at
tiie Wednesday and Cluistma* matinee
on Friday. “Carmen” will be tlio bid
Tuesday.' Wednesday and Friday evenings
and at the Saturday matinee.
Ten operas will be sung during tbs five
w eksGouno I's “Faust ’and Verdi s “lil
I n vatore” being the hill for the second
Third week'n i 1 be devoted to Punoidi’,
masterph ce, “Posea” and Wagner’s
“Lohengrin", tiie former being su"g in
English for tlio first time in New Yoik
For the fourth week Wagner’s Tami
liauscr” and Vetdi's “Aula” will be tiie
For the farewell week there will be a
sueuio revival of Halle's “Dcheniian UtI
mil four operas select il from the reper
In ••Oiliill i" .lobliep Sheehan, Araeri
ea’s finei-t English singing tenor, will
have the tills rule with G-rirudo Bemiy
»ou. the beautiful prima donna soprano
is Deademoua and Winfred Goff, the ar
tistic baritone, as Iago. These three
singers were last heard in New York at
the Metropolitan.
Dmingthe season caelt opera will 1»»
accompanied by an orchestra of full
eland opera proportions mid r the iliree
lion of Chevalier N. 11. Emanuel and Mr.
Elliot Selielick. There wi 1 also be a
-pecial scenic pioduction Ibreach opera.
... singers Mr. Savage lias 10
l,lined the cream of bis old organization
md l>as added this year six new artists
all of European fame. These are Jeau
Eai o Brooks, ilraui iti.i soprano. Marga
ret llied. Lyric sopijxiio llila Newman,
mezzo-soprano, Pietro Gherardi. tenor,
Itemi Maiisano,baritone and llanison W.
licuueti, liasso
The advance sate of scats for tlio first,
four weeks of the opera season w ill opeur
Tuesday morning. All mail orders t^m
taining remittance and stamped rml nd«<
dressed euve op fil'ed at* n e.
___ I
When people want help they ndver
tiso in tho Evening Nows. Tlioso
| looking for help should bear this in
I mind.
^aasafiaSHiisgaB ^astssFTsxmasmi?.
p t.. I
| Perfume for |
Qhristmjs Presents §
fe| We have them in nice boxes from 25c up to it. OO
h Sweet odors from California g
335 State Street lb
pj 3
Dec. 18—Oonoert, Miss B. CampDcll,
Wilder Hall.
Dec. 23—Theatrical entertainment foi
children, Braga Hall.
Deo. 26—Theatrical performance,
Braga Hall.
Deo. 27—Gorman Vergnnegnngs Clul
Christmas Tree, Braga Hall.
Doc. 31—Ball, Woodchoppers, Cabin
Amboy, 49, Wilder Hall.
Dec. 80—Alumni dance, Wilder Hall.
Dec. 31—Steamfitters Union, Braga
Jan. 2—Privato entertainment, Brags
Jan. 3—Braga’s Society Christmas
Tree, Braga Hall.
Jan. 12—Masqnerade hall,Imp'd Ordei
Rod Men, Braga Hall.
Jan. 9—Hundred Mens Club No. 1
ball, Braga Hall.
Jnu. 14—Masquerade Ball, Hebrew
Progressive Association,
Grand Central Palace.
Jau. 19.—Mnsqnerade Ball, Court
Perth Amboy, 3034, I. O. of
F., Braga Hall.
Jan. 31—Ball, Original Hebrew Bodies
Benevolent Society, Grand
Central Palace.
Jan. 38—Vergnnegnngs Club ball,
Braga Hall.
Fob. 3—Ball, Congregation Beth
Mordecni, Wilder Hall.
i nCor- '^“S.Trk x.".j!tet St,00,s’ w. W. WINNER, Principal.
* Modern Course of Srrdy, Facilities Doubled, Large Attendance. Popular Tuition—payable *•
* month!*'. Day and Night—all year. Kilter any time. Mttdies optional. Individual Instruc- Jf
4c lion. The leading school of Shorthand and Typewriting in the city. Send for catalogue, or, *•
■it. better call. jf
£ Three Applica'.ions for Each Quatfied Student This Year. J
£4 4444444444444444444444444444444444 44444444444444^
Handsome j Goncert
Souvenir Saturday
Given away Saturday, from From 7 till 10 P, M. Iland
7 till 10 P.M. i < a,• e* *11 some Souvenir given away
Concert free. 143 aim 14o Smitll bt. free to every visitor.
Yes wc arc doing the business of Perth Amboy and sur
roundings. Our business is growing fast, the people are
learning to know by dealing with us that thsy can save
money. Yes this is a cash store, and if you have not the
ready cash we are willing to extend you time by paying us
weekly or monthly payments, without charging you any
more. Come here to our store for your Carpets, Furniture,
Clothing, Ladies’ Suits and Furs. You will not delay buy
ing your Christmas (lifts where the assortment is large. If
you wish to hvae some information liow to open an account
with us, just till out this blank and we will return same to
you by mail.
Mens Clothing. All our 7.50 and 10.00 Suits reduced to 4:00.
AH our 11.00, 12.00 and 13.00 Suits reduced to 6 00
I,ook at our window display.
We will make a clean sweep of them this week; prices do not cut
a figure with us. All our 12.00 and 15 00 Overcoats reduced to 7 50
• * _
If you wish your boy to have a nobby Suit bring him here.
We have a full line of Shoes and Gents’ Furnishings. If you do
not know what to buy your husband for Christmas just come here and
look over our stock, and we will surely have something to please you.
Just to make it worth while for you to come here this week we
will give you 25 per cent off the real value. All the latest styles.
Long Coat Suits, mixed colors, and prices are so low you cannot afford
to go elsewhere.
A ddross--—
Clothing amount you care to purchase
Furniture amount-I
IIow much deposit —
We are showing a beautiful holiday line of Fancy Rockers, Music
Cabinets, Morris Chairs and Rockers, Parlor and Library Tables,
Parlor Suites and Couches, Sideboards and China Closets, Parlor
Lamps and Clocks.
Re^d and Rattan Rockers in endless variety, as well as one of the
best selected stocks of Furniture and Carpets in the city. We cor
dially invite an inspection.
The Fur Dept, has doubled its space this year and is busier than
e'er. Perth Amboy women are pretty good judges of Furs, as a rule,
and are even better able to pick out the right place to buy them—that
is why our Fur Department grows so fast.
Double Scarfs of genuine marten, both sides of fur, about 54
inches long, finished on each end with genuine marten tails, 12-00.
Isabella Fox Scarfs, fine color and silky fur, dark stripe through
centre, finished with four tails, 9 00.
Four-in-Hand Scarfs of gray squirrel, soft and warm, lined with
gray and white squirrel, 13.50- Muffs to match, 16.00.
Mink four-in-Hand Scarfs, veiy stylish; rich natural skins, beau
tifully lined, 22-50
\\ e carry a lull lino ot I'LA.mjs, all ino best makes, a ana iu |ear guarantee witn oacn, rnces ranging irom
$175.00 and npvard. Sewing Machine Special, 15.00.
D. WOLFF <fc CO. . WOLFF cfo CO.

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