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__1 FOR
f .
Chistmas is at hand, and if
you have not yet completed
your Christinas shopping it is
certainly time you did so.
We prepared for this season
in a manner never before at
tempted in tins city, and for
tnat reason wo are st ill able
to offer you a stunning col
lection of
i Goods . . .
jp Just note these items.
PH They’re hut examples ol' what
we will do for you.
Smoking Jackets, from
4.50 to 8.00
Bath Robes, from 4.00 to 8.00
Umbrellas, from 1.00 to 5.00
Gloves, from 1.00 t'o 2.00
Mulders, smart silks, from
1.00 to 2.00
Suit Cases, from 1.50 to 0.00
: Neckwear, from 50c to 1.00
Everything you want.
You will effect a good sav
ing when purchasing any one
of these.
We carry the most corn-)
plete and up-to-date lines of j
Men’s and Boys’
• f
in the city.
^ j ___
i 91 SMITH ST.
» - - - -
, P. O. N.
BW 'Feigcnspan's Ale or
\ Wurzburger brew is as
neecesaary as turkey,
mince pie and cranberry
I sauce to make
dinner complete. It’s
wholesome, nourishing
and delicious, any time.
Order early and try
FOR $1918.44
Lillian Hartman Wins Suit
^Against Estate of Munroe
One Witness Te3tfied that Mr. McHose
was About to Make the Plaintiff His
WifeWhenOealli PartidThem-Defence
Claimed that $500 was All that was
Due for Board.
Spa in/ to the Evening News.
Now Brunswick, Doc. 22:—The case
of Lillian Hartman against George
Eggert, adminstrator for Monroo Mc
Hose, was tried this morning. Ac
cording to the testimony McHose
hoarded with tho plaintiff for many
years and when he died August 23,
1903, lie owed tho plaintiff for hoard
from 181)3. He had agreed lo pay $5
a week. Suit was brought against the
estate for $2,300.
Tho dofonco claimed that $500 was
all that was duo the plaintiff for she
had been heard to say that was the
total, tiucius McHcse, one of the
witnesses, said that Mr. McHose was
about to marry the plaintiff, but be
died before the ceremony was per
formed. The jury rendered a verdict
of $1,918.44 for the plaintiff.
Asks the Aldermen to Authorize
the Appointment nt One from
Ranks of Patrolman.
Chief of Police Bnrko asked the
Board of Aldermen, liiRt night, to in
crease tho oilieienev of his department
by tlio promotion from tiio ranks of
patrolmen, one roundsman. Tlio re
quest was referred to tlm Committee
on Police.
At the present tirao it is necessary
for Sergeant Mulligan to leave head
quarters for several Hours every night
and do tlie duty of the roundsman in
vlsiting_the different posts in tho city.
This practically leaves the department
without a head for that time. The
o'nief wants a roundsman whoso doty
it shall bo to visit all tlio posts.
F.lRlit Persons Killed nnd Thirty
two Injured nt tioilfrey, Knit.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Doc. 22.—In a
bad wreck at Godfrey, Kan., of the
Meteor, a St. Louis and San Francisco
fast train from the south, nine persons
have been killed nnd thirty-two Injur
ed. Of tlio injured four probably will
die, while fourteen were severely hurt.
The wrecked train was one of tlio
finest and fastest In the service. It was
made up of two baggage and one mail
tar, n smoker, two chair cars and a
sleeper. When tile train reached God
frey it was running at full speed to
make up time. The crow of a freight
train that had preceded the Meteor left
the switch open, and the passenger
train jumped the track and rolled down
a slight embankment. The sleeper turn
id over, and so fast was the train run
ning that the engine and the forward
baggage ear landed nearly sixty feet
off the roadbed before it stopped. The
sleeper remained upright, and none of
the passengers in this ear was injured.
Ti it* baggage ears were completely
v reeked, and the smoker was badly
damaged. Five of those killed were in
tile forward end of the smoker, and
fottr of them were killed instantly. A
news agent, who was badly mangled,
ii:ed on tin* relief train that carried the
dead and Injured to Fort Scott.
All the dead lived in Kansas and
i klahtmin, and the injured are resi
dents of the west.
Mni-ncr anil Forgery Charged.
BUFFALO, Due. 22.—The grand jury
has reported four indictments against
Charles Bonier. Two allege murder in
the first degree and the other two al
lege forgery. The murder charges are
I,used oil the killing of Fran;;_ Frehr
and liis wife, Joanna Frehr. The for
gery Indictments are based on the sign
ing of the dead man’s name to a deed.
Bonier has confessed the forgery.
Two ('onm?i1m of l’nnuma.
WASHINGTON. IJpe. 22—Tile state
department has recognized Nathaniel
Brandon as vice consul of 1’anama at
New York and Juan Franiilseo Arias
as consul of Faniimn nt Mcpllo, Ala.
Fever \Pates nt 1;-.tier.
BUTI.KU. I’a.. Dec. 22."There have
been no deaths during th ' last twenty
four hours from typhoid /'ver and but
. nc new case reported.
Petition Received fat Meeting of
Board of Aldermen Last
The last regular meeting of the
Board of Aldermen was learned bv a
speedy adjournment to meet on the
night of December 81, when the pres
ent board passes oat of existence.
Last night a petition, signed by tiio
Farrington Company and seventeen
others, asking for a fire nlarm box at
tho junction of Fayette and Division
streets and New Brunswick areune,
was received and referred to tho Com
mittee on Fire.
Tho Voting Machine Commission
asked that the city have the voting
machine insured and cared for at the
oity's expense.
The bonds of R. A. Peltier, F. J.
Sohnntz amt James F. O’Brien as
constables, were referred to the Com
mittee on Judiciary.
Tne mayor roturnod approved tho
resolution for the foreclosure of mort
gage pending the decision of the Uourt
of Chancery; resolution to transfer
$400 to tho Pour account; ordinances
relative to tno Receiver ot Taxes and
the Treasurer; ordinance fixing rate
of interest on assessment or improve
men at 5 per cent, per annum; ordi
nance to build Smith street sewer;
motion to purchase 500 feet of firo
hose; ordinance to appoint Board of
Water Commissioners. Elo also ap
proved the resolutions to issue $16,000
worth of bonds to improve tho fire
Tho now tax law, defining tho duties
of tax collc'ctors eulitlod an act for
tlio assessment and collection of taxes,
went into effect Sunday.
Under the provisions of this act
collectors are held to a higher degree
of responsibility than under the old
laws, and are empowered to collect
taxes by levy on chattels, or by arrest,
as soon as the taxes nro in arrear.
The formality of a return of taxes in
arrear and tho issuo of warrants by a
justice of the peace is abolished nndir
l ho new act.
Tlio collectors have no discretionary
power, and should perform llicir
duties strictly in accordance with the
provisions of tlio law. Section 69 of
tile act provides that every collector
who shall wilfully nogloct or refuse
to perform any service or dnfy re
quired of him shall bo guilty of mis
Japan Ilppller* to Itn«Rln:i Demands
IlosrnnHnff Korea.
TOKYO, Doc. 1>2.-The reply of Ja
pan to tlio Russian demands was hand
ed to Itarnn de Rosen at n conference
between the Russian minister and For
eign Minister Komura at tlio Russian
Japan’s reply is in no way in the na
ture of an ultimatum, hut she asks
Russia to reconsider certain essential
points in her reply to Japan.
recovered to r. sumo the negotiations.
Sixty military engineers have been
dispatched to Korea to replace the civil
telegraph operators attached to the
Japanese telegraph lines on the penin
sula. It is otiielnlly asserted that the
step taken lias no military sigiiitlcnnee.
A cablegram from X.ondou says:
"One of tlie must important factors
is whether America will seize the op
portunity to press her claims for open
ports in Manchuria. If she does so it
would certainly help a peaceful solu
"Xo large loans have been applied
for here or in I’arls by either Japan
or Russia. What they would do for
money in cas • of war is a qucsTron
many are discussing.”
Fire*. Dentil and I*ill:;we.
NEW YOIiK. Drc. In a sr,00.001'.
(ire. which destroyed the inteticr of
three buildings here, one fireman lost
ids life, another cannot be found, and
another was severely Injured, l ive
hundred Italian families were driven
in terror from their homes, and an eu
tire neighborhood for half an hour re
sisted the persistent fn-ie's of hinds
of potty thieves, dming which one wo
man was held up. and robbed of all
her savings, a man was treated in a
similar manner, while a third, pluekdy
holding to bis two assailants, linnlly
brought about the only arrest of tie*
evening. Martin Coleman, acting chief
of the Sixth battalion, was the man to
pay with ids life the pou:'ii.v of his
bravery. Holder of tin* Hen nett med
al for bravery on duty, he at la d ven
tured too far and was crushed under
falling wails.
Will Elect Officers at Meeting
Next Monday Paper
Out Today.
Tho Young Men’s Forum hold their
lirst meeting in their new home on
High street last night. It was u very
diort meeting as the the building was
jold, tho coal supply being short. At
[he meeting next Monday everything
will be in order and tho Forum will
bold a meeting iu comfort.
Amos Newton, tho recording secre
tary, resigned, as he leaves very
shortly for his former homeiu Canada.
Edward DeMouseigle, of South First
street, was ( looted his successor. At
tiie next met ting nil m cabers nre ru
auosted to bo present as tho election
of pflioeiH will take place.
Tho Forum pnper, “Tho Forun:,’’ is
out today. It is n “knockers” issue.
Trial Continues.
Tho trial of the Japanese sailor con
tinued today. Nothing of unusual
interest was brought oct iu tho testi
mony this morning.
Thomas J. Burke, tho nn it rtafcer,
is making arrangements lor the funer
al of M;s. O’Brien, w! o (lied late lust
night at iter home cn Penn street.
Mr. and Mrs. Weeper's three cliil
drer, of Brighton avenue, who iiavc
been sick with scarlet fever, aru im
Prayer meeting tonight at 7.43
o'clock instead of tomorrow night,
when the Sunday school scholars will
fchoir rSiiriMtmnH I'tifr-rf
Regers Trial F-.wI«: 11 vy Onf.
REXXINCTOX, Yt.. I' o. 22.— Tim
case of Mary II. login's. <■!.. ■ d v. ::h
the muriler c<- her husband Mai'ciis M.
I tigers, by the us- of chloroform on
tile night of Aug. J2, It).*2. was given
to tlio jury last night. The judge's
charge occupied one hour. More than
a thousand people crowded into the
narrow coniines of the courtroom. Mrs.
Rogers bore herself yell during the
final arguments rf q. M. Harbor for
the stale. His spe eh to the jury was
a merciless unaiunnient of tic prisT.i
it, wl o: i he eharucte zed ns a woman
devoid of all feeling except where her
personal instincts were to he gratified.
He sc.id tint the defendant had for
live days durbig lie prcswralinti of
most ■lamc.ping evidence r.gntu t 1. ••
cat calmly heft,re the bar if jus;tee
and exhibited a hear. :i oifrna! -ry and
calicusuess that was astonishing.
A Tnrliej- TrnJn: Valnr. $100,000.
ST. I.OITIS. I >c ■ T’irk<\\ s r<• n* t
scarce in Mis ottri. One linn has >■
pert 112,1 it'll of tiled to Xew York in a
single l ad. If is said to lie the first
“turkey special" ever run out of ft.
l.ouis. The train consisted rf nlwtien
ears, carrying i in turkeys, weighing
ia all about iVhVino pounds, and r, pre
sented a vnIii:» of from Silit.000 to slii'i,
i ill), tile Xew York price of turkeys be
ing from IS to 2u esnts a pound.
Clirislmim nt Wnlitort For ISnnna.
XEW YORK. Dee. 22.—Senator .Mar
ius A. !fauna may be forced to cat ins
('hrlstr.u: ' dinner in this city, lie lias
been attacked by rheumatism, from
which lie has suffered severely at linn s.
and is now confined to his rooms in the
Waldorf-Astoria. w!—ro ho is under tit
care of a physician. While it is sai.i
nt tin- hotel tint there is nothing alarm
ing in his condition, he is fore :! to de
ny hints If to visit irs.
The Theatres.
Red Feather.
‘•lo d Feather” emtinues to wave tri
iiinpli^idly hi the Lyno Theatre, wi'h
1» " p! t of r.*mainiit;f until 11r> r the
h».'liiH\s. i he lnsunifioepci* of tide pro
duction wi.h Us coli irt beauti.’itI women
j*owded in the nio*t Kiiilciii£of P irishm
oiiv.'ii ts i- eqimlled on'y by its innsic*'
ell.o ms Mi h V’mu Slltdoibull’s rendition
' f the snjieib vocal numbers alh.ued to!
‘•Countess Dings”, 1 y the i?ornpo.-i*r Mr.
!l*‘u :: Id De ICovt li, has i ivar«:d no ei.d
of favorable eomn tji L among m. si-dans
and tbeam-,4 m ix ^cueially. No more
I o tiitiful love m>u r hrs b • n vrr.t v P. in
years than , linden divatns”. Mr
Sc a'.‘rooks ms ihilvciKir.ms.s is scoring a
coinedv triumph Indy equal to his hit
10 “A Chinese Honey moon”, oudl is shi^
neie’s a l.i*i le Street it \ lei vci.
I hat They (.’si lToadway” calls f -i'li a
t nmi’t of 1 lighter anil applause .leach
pi i f Jl Ilia: C :•
Rifficrf The Amateur Cr.tcFsT.an.
I i there day** of fierce cmnnurci >1 sciife
it is seid..m that one theatrical tuauag r
pay** a b:isiu'*s}» lival a compliment. yet
Weber v‘c r i.-i.Js have unheeit •-tiri^l.v
placet! tie nn-e'vis oh rectird p» gaying
that •Ttiiries. The A nut cur Crack-iiisn’'
| in which Kvile IJellcw i.- Appearing at the
Princess 1 hvsl.rc iu the, only new ji'ay of
the season "worth l utle?ojuioo ’ Incon
sequence, under t he t tleoi'**\V IV,o<. The
Cracker’', the de 'gidfui dramatiza i m ol
P. W. Homiing's detective s*orywil !»•
11 i * * first Mavis y of the season Ht WkIii'I
U Fields’ M..-i Hail. ‘ by the
srf in^ destined to make the record
run of the M ~*t«>pdit* a diamati • seaso n
It is now in i ts third month at ihe Prii.
ciss, and Mo? i»*i roy >1 between tin
A mateur( tMi ksinan ut.«i < lautai » II. dfi.r ]
the pursuing d. t- .tiv**, is acc-frtip.ii ini
ttiiuli! y h.v the m r y j ngle of coin in s h?
I ox oil; .t h .
Visitors 'o Lrkewocd
Uccal'i ig tin eplgtam of olden
when ad joaw-t i< >i to Horn**, a sirnitui
thong1 i might easily he appl ed to La e
woori as a point < l rt-ii'.-c/.vouR for ill©
wo.Id’s celebii’l vs ami men an 1 wont n
•)! mark i1 v.ivi-nn walks of life.
‘ In toe relative location of a -uburh for
two pleat eosmopo <tan cities, i*, is a mat
ter of corns* that at one t;ino or another
during llie :-ej»son tlm p-isaing throng in
Lnkcw ood ►lnnild iuchule tin; most highly
honored represeutatsv.-s of pub io or pri
ulu life. From »€•;■.• on t.» season the As!
of such vlaitorH would he an interesting
out1-, including whit may he termed “the
home guard” of those who have c’uojch
Lakewi o i as a w inti r home.
The cottage list of the p!a. e Gallic-; the
i a me of stmi nts and worker-: people
whose accomjdtshuieiJiK have bien not.a
he in tin* worid, and whose interest in
their suirouud’i gs guarnutf - v continued
improvement. A. d when »he casual vis -
tors to Lakewood am consult*!ed tlm list,
stretch out imh tiui’.eiv. In the corridors
of ti c e hotels during ji season, onejtouei -
cs elbows with grave college pruiessun*,
i miuciit clergymen, learned doctor* of
i tw and let tens and abtiuse Ktiences of
:«II classilicat i ms. Government attaches
aid ambassadors, pmminate politicians
! w ho are readily masked, and quiet ones
unsuspected as the actual k j ower behind
many a petty throne. The great k-m g
hods of the opera*it* and concert world
t oo »• here for occasional rest, ntid artists
stid litterateurs and scientist? arc noted in
tlie crush.
While millioiiair operators, successful
’ umiipsh men and wuneu of the first so
cial pinnum .: cc. make up tlm ici-ort s
LUf'st. li-d. Ami Late*ood r« eeives Unin
. 11 with ready wclcotn . She opens her
• ioors and invit s them in for the rest
:h'*y need; j rollers them cither the juac '
and quiet of the wood, where none in
trude or the pleasant arsoeirilious to b.!
loutid in cluli society or 1 ottl anu col*
j tag© circles, as their prefmeuoeft may turn
il you wish t<> know about Lakewood,
s^ud postal to M. Hurt. General l’as
| .'•enger Agent, New -L-rsey Central. 141)
I Liberty bireet, J?u\v Yoik City, for Book.
; 40(10 10-15-It
• i ( n’t htle*
I mar., “why ih-ne reformers ar> doin’ a:
j much talkin' about makin* this a bettei
j town. It’s a good thing right now.’ —
: Chicago Record-Herald.
rdinfnl I'rospect.
‘‘Cheer up,” said the minister. “You'll
| meet your three wives in heaven.”
“Parson,” gasped the man, ‘‘that’s just
' what’s bothering me.”—Atlanta Consti
tution. _
Oil, \V7int n Hump.
Von Blumcr—We’ll have to get rid o'
! this cook. Why, the dinner v’h.n’t b
| any worse if you had ccoi., .1 i your
i „if.—Brooklyn Life.
tdscnd. I
CO'ild li st i!i.<!:«.• a • -s • -r:
will»ui the proviso, * m,h j>: 1 have sick
hcada« i.e.* Nj.v : .•/ health is excellent,
and a!i from the* n*? -i Dr. Deane* D*;j j>
liia Dills. ’ So write*, i ’
Richmon . t ;
J >r. li^anc’ ; Dy*;> : *,ia hills ar a sure i
c ire for sick h a I :c!ie. a:: 1 . : it!•••:». '
Why not try their.' At driv.-tp*,;},', 2r>c..
or a sample maiied !• e«*. White wrapper ii
constipated, y ’.low if 1jcw<.-1 . are regu.ar.
For salt at Saxton 8 Drug Store.
Enil! Totterninn In Ifrifi For .lack
tlic Hipiicr Crime.
NEW YOBK. Hoc. 22.—Both Assist
ant District Attorney i.arvnn and in
spector McClusky of the detective bn
mai iiavc declaim'd that abundant evi
dence lias been secured uiion which to
bold Emil Tottennan, the Swedish sail
or who was arrested in connection with
the brutal murder of Sarah .Martin in a
sailors' lodging house in Water street.
Dive persons have identified him at po
lice headquarters.
Two of them are salesmen for Mrizs
k Co. of Bridgeport. Conn.. L. I’. Bald
win and Darker T. Silvernale. The for
mer identities him as a man to whom
liivl Hilvemale says lie said the sailer a
In tin- room in will h the murder was
commit! il were found an old sweater
an old pair of shoes and a piece ol
wrapping paper hearing Meigs & Co.'s
naive. On it was written "Fred I!
!ie!e:i the nau:<> ci th 1 ship frcn
whielt Totteruian was discharged, and
below it "Emil Totrennan." They ulsc
id ntitied tile sweater and shops worn
by ti:e prisoner as articles they soiti
James Kelly, proprietor of the lodg
ing house where the murder was com
milted, and hi" wife, the inspcctoi
rays, have identified Totterman as tin
man seen with th'.1 Martin woman the
night she was lulled.
Totterman was remanded without
hail at the request ci Assistant District
Attorney tint-van.
Mot -or. tho Tov.fr 1! tinier Ftupecf.
WILLI A MS TOUT. Pa.. I)w. 121.—
l^lwnrd Moyer. arrested r.t Sunlmry
on sasjiici .m of !>.dug implicated in tin
iniirdM* of W. II. Glenucnnln r.'
\v:iV tower. }r< 1»- :i taken to Loci
Ha veil, where he will have* a hearing.
e icr & Wiisofl j
Sewing Machine* l
s I if / X* 1 ;
* ‘M
. a
Bail Bearings.
If You are Thinking
About gett'n* a first-clans Mac ii e
have otio sect to your house on a
free trial. Teacher will rail anil in
struct on the best steel attachment*
made ; or call and examine at Office,
rij d for very reasonable prices.
A. JENSEN, Dealer
33S State Street
A I.Sterr:ry Winner.
Scriblets—I've got z look that will 3C-U
his time.
Friend—New historical novel? fjg
S: riblctE—No, it's a book of czensp*
or borrowing money. They’re all cat
alogued—five for every cay in the jcar.
Weis. r.vIUer:
‘‘I was to astonished.” she said,
when Charley ashed mo to marry
him that I couldn’t speak.”
‘‘But you recovered before he got out
the door, didn't you, dear?" her glad
•rlend asked.—Chicago Kccord-Herr.nl.
11 | THE W. F TWAY P!
! —■—-——l—:—... --
The resuit of Twenty Seven years of
If 4
it Twenty seven prosperous years means thousands of satisfied custo
( mers, why not have your name added to the list ? Cur methods of
selling permit those of moderate means t > purchase a good piano on
very easy terms. Our special Three Year Contract giving you three
years to pay for a high grade instrument, will prove interesting to
you. If you desire to examine our pianos, we will pay ail expenses
to and from NewYorkCity if purchase is made here. If you are think
ing of purchasing a Piano, let us' send you our new catalogue,which
will give you all necessary information as to prices, styles, terms,etc.
Manufacturers of High Grade Fianos.
| 94 FIFTH AVE., MEW YORK G1TY, "ear l4,h *

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