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Take Two Games Straight From
tho Three B's of this
Tho Three 11s lost two straight
gnmes Inst night to tho Aquabongas
of Tottenville, on the Aqnnhonga
alloys. The highost score was rolled
up by Shnrott, of the Aqnnhongas,
who got 200 pins in tho last gnmo.
Schiender. also of the Tottenville
toam. made tho lowest score. Hu got
118 pins in the first gnmo. In tho first
game the Throe Bs lost nv <11 pins, in
the last gnme they were defeated by
13 pins. The following are the in
dividual scores ninde, and the bowlurs:
Three Bs.
Collon 137 14!)
Russell 168 118
Graham 186 175
Koch 131 179
Waling 188 140
810 761
Robedee 169 157
Hopning 180 170
Schiender 118 169
Sharrott 1751 200
Woglom 175 178
817 ’ 874
The Friday Nights held an import
ant business meeting at their head
quarters in the Hartmann hotel, last
night. The date of the turkey suiipor
ut Hartmann’s was changed to Wed
nesday. After a heated discussion it
was decided to change tlio regular
meeting night from Friday to Wednes
W. L. Played
Friday Nights 7 3 10
Aminitias fi 4 10
Aquahongas <1 <> 12
1 Three B’s 4 8 12
B Canolo CJot tho Deelwlon.
NEW BEDFORD, Mass.. Dee. 20.—
V An Injured hand prevented Kid Wil
% liams of Philadelphia from meeting
’ Martin C'anole of Fall Itiver before the
Warren Athletic club, and Kid Mc
<’ree of Philadelphia was substituted.
Canolo hud tilings his own way from
the start and was awarded the decision
In the third round after MeCroe's sec
onds had thrown up the sponge to save
him from a knockout.
lindicN* Day at Anoot Park.
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. Dec. 29.—1The
first “ladies’ day" at Ascot park
brought out 5.(HK) spectators. Favorites
were successful in three of the six
events, and the others went to second
choices except the second, which was
won by Golden Boy. Havilmul was
defeated in the last few strides of the
> mile selling race by Princess Tulane.
Havilnnd carried the money of the big
Schonlein Defeated Wiley.
BALTIMORE, Dec. 29.—Gus Sclion
lein (“Amorieus"), champion middle
weight wrestler of Maryland, defeated
Max Wiley of Rochester. X. Y„ in their
eateh-as-catch-ean wrestling match last
night in this city. “Amerieus” gained
the first fall in twenty-two and one
half minutes and the second in seven
don’t get their almost superhuman
strength by resting, but by continual ex
ercise. Tie up your arm and see how
quickly it will lose its strength. Diet
rest your stomach and see now soon it
becomes impossible to digest the lightest
Eat good nourishing food, and take Dr.
Deane’s Dyspepsia Pills, and see how
quickly your stomach becomes willing and
anxious to do its part. White wrapper if
constipated, yellow if bowels are regular.
Have you tried
them yet ?
Kingston, N. V.
For sale at Sexton's Drufl Store.
Billiard and Pool Parlor
HI Smith Street' Perth Amboy. N. i
' 82-184 Smith St. Perth Amboy J
Won One Out of Three at the Blood
good Alleys Last
The Raritan Copper Works offioe
team won two games and lost one
gnino in the match game against the
yard department team at the Blood
good alleys last night.
Rothwf-U, of the office force, was at
his best last night and in the last
game he rolled the grand score of 228.
Lind, of the yard department team,
made fine spares in the second gnme.
The following are the total scores:
Offioe 660 679 808
Yard Dept. 570 762 683
Handicap nt New Orleans Won bj
Old Favorite,
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. ‘29.—Captain
S. S. Brown's Docile, which ran game
ly, but had poor racing luck in the lirsl
race, was the only beaten favorite hero
First Race. — ICokombo won; Tros
sachs, second; Docile, third.
Second Race.—Callalmn won; Nowc
la, second; Major Miuisir, third.
Third Race.—Louis Kraft won; Short
Cake, second; St. Jolly, third.
Fourth Race, — Dan McKenna won.
Elides, second; Elsie L., third.
Fifth Race.— Sarah Maxim won,
Burning Glass, second; Decoration,
Sixth Race.—Ron Mot won; Hands
Across, second; Charlie Thompson,
third. _
Toe Gorltell-llnnltm Figlit.
SfiV I'll AVCISCD. Dec. ‘29.—With
tile arrival of tlie sporting men from
the cast there Is a big boom in tin* bet
ting on the Young Corbett-Eddie Han
lon light, which takes place in tlie
arena of the Mechanics’ pavilion tills
evening. Hen Garson, a well known
New York follower of pugilism and due
■>f tin' visiting delegation, has brought
on $50,000 with which to back the
chances of the champion. Many thou
sand’ of dollars more are known to b*»
in the possession of his party, and it is
expected Corbett stock will now go
IntercnllpR-latc Chenm.
NEW YORK. 1 Ice. 2!). — Harvard
fame out with Hying colors in the first
round of the intercollegiate chess tour
nament, having beaten Columbia by
-Vj to Vs, one game pending, which at
llio worst should net Harvard another
half point. Being, however, a pawn
ahead. Carr, the Harvard representa
tive, looks upon this game, which will
lie submitted to She referees, as a cer
tain win. Yale and Princeton broke
even, each having won two games.
SAN FRANCISCO. Doc. 2!).—The rac
ing at Inglcside was marked by c!os<'
finishes, four of the events being taken
by narrow margins. Position won the
fourth race by a neck from G. W. Trn
hern. Illownho, favorite, made a poor
Man and limit Over Xlagara.
NIAGARA FADES, X. Y„ Doc. 2'.).—
A boat containing a man lias passed
down the river and plung'd overfills
Horseshoe fails. The identity of the
occupant of the boat is not known. The
man could be seen standing up and
waving ids arms.
Train Kills Inventor.
GREEN FI EDI), .Mass., Dee. 20. —
Sumner F. Streeter, aged sixty-eight,
known as an inventor, was struck and
instantly killed by a Boston and
Maine passenger train at the Russell
street crossing here.
i 1
Russian Minister Explains
Why Manchuria Is Held.
Cold Weatlier In Had Far Movement j
of Tri»i|>i. and For the I'rment
Tokyo tioverninent HunI
He Checkmated.
PEKING, Dec. 29— I.ien Fang, first
secretary of tlie board of foreign af
•: irs. lias just returned from a visit to
tie' Russian Minister Lessar, of whom
!i/ requested information concerning
the intentions of the Russian govern
ment regarding the evacuation of Muu
Minister Lessar in reply said that
nothing canid be done at present with a
i iew to ( vacuation for two reasons. In
the first place, tlie minister pointed out
that the cold weather made it Impossi
ble to remove the troops from their
present position, besides which there
were no barrack accommodations to Ue
Iind elsewhere, and in tin* second place
M. Lessar said that it would endanger
Russian interests to undertake evacu
ation during the progress of the negoti
ations between Russia and Japan for
the reason that Japan might seise the
opportunity to invade Manchuria.
The Chinese government is so alarmed
at the prospect of becoming involved in
tlie seemingly prospective war that it
would prefer that Russia should re
main in control of Manchuria. As an
alternative the foreign office has indi
cated to tin* ministers that n settlement
satisfactory to China would lie that
Russia and Japan should retain their
respective treaty rights in Korea and
Manchuria if they agree not to at
tempt tlie obtaining of further advan
tages in either country.
Jn political circles the opinion pre
vails that the attitude of the United
States government will have a definite
influence in solving the situation,
whether it sides with Japan and Great
Britain or remains neutral,
War trembles in the balance, if it
has not already tilted the scale, for re
port affirms that Russia has declined
Japan's requests or demands regarding
Dinlnmne.v js tcrriOed as to what will
happen In Chinn If there ii war lie
tween Hii'sia ami .1. an.
Tile Chinese inipi rial ni’thnritk'-s are
on the alert anil "ill nttnek Russia.
Their best gcwruls* are eager to engag -
the enemy hi MmiHiuriu. hut the real
key to the seriou. n • - of tile situation
is in the question. Will there lie further
terrible outbreaks agaln.-t foreigners in
St 11 [Viol T«rla*y I.rioi.
Remove the bones from th "drum
sticks." al! except an inch or two at the
smaller end. and take out th hard
sinews. Make* a stuffing of a little n.ir.red
bacon or sweet salt pork with the gib
lets of the turkey or any convenient! its
of meat, seasoning highly, and usi: g a
raw egg heater to bind it together with
e half cupful of bread crumb . Sew the
legs up. keeping them in shape as nice
ly as possible. Put in a baking pan wilh
a little water, and bake for half an hour.
These are good either hot or cold. Th«y
may be “devilled” by broiling just
enough to make crisp bars.—Country
French Pniicnke,
Mix and sift one cupful flour and quar
ter teaspoonful baking powder together.
Add three-fourths of a cupful of milk
or thin cream and one egg beaten very
lightly; add one tablespoonful melted
butter and onc-third cupful English cur
rants, previously washed and dried. Fry
same a- griddle cakes, butttr slightly
md spread with currant jelly, sprinkle
with powdered sugar and roll as jelly
roll; sift powdered sugar over roll anc
serve at once. The jelly should ho Inateu
with a silver fork before spreading on
cakfcs.—Boston Budget.
Deep Sen PliotoKrnplin.
With the aid of a strong electric
light Louis Bonton, of Paris, has suc
ceeded in taking photographs 140 feet
below the surface of the ocean. With
improved apparatus he expects to be
able to take pictures “HO feet below the
surface, or 100 feet deeper than divers
Where People firovr Olil.
The town of Greenland, N. H., with a
population by the last census of (100, can
boast of having ten per cent, of the pop
ulation past the Scriptural limit cl' life.
Two are over 90 years, six between SO and
S5, and 43 between 70 and SO. Nearly r.H
of these are enjoying the best of health
Beth Mordecai, Ilobart Street. Pastor,
Kev. S. K. Solotnan Friday, 8.15 p. m.
Saturday, 10.00 a. m. Hebrew School.
Saturday 1 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a. m.
Congregational (Swedish)—Gordon st.
— Pastor, Theodore Englund—Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
9.30 a. in.
First Perth Amboy, Hebrew Mutual Aid
Society, Elm Stieet, P. Joselson, Trustee.
Services, Friday 6 to 7 p. m. Saturday
8.30 a. m., 4.30 p. m.
First Baptist—Fayette st.—Pastor. Rev.
Percy R. Ferris—Sunday Services, 10 and
and 10.30 x. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
school 2. 30 p. in. B. Y. P. U. Friday 3.45
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7.45
p. in.
First Presbyterian, Market st and City
Hall Park, Pastor, Rev. Harlan G. Men
denhall L). 1). Sunday services, 10.30 a.
in. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 9.30 a.
in., 2.30 p. m., Junior C. E. 3.30 p. m.
V. P. S. C. E. 6.40 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 7.45 p. m.
Grace English Lutheran. Smith Street
Pastor, Kev. E. J. Keuling. Sunday Ser
vices 10.30 a. in., 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
2.do p. m.
Methodist (Danish) Madison Ave and
Jefferson st., Pastor, Rev. A. Ilansc 1.
Sunday Services, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
in. Epworth League, 3.45 p. m., Sunday
School, 2.30 p, m. Class meeting, Wed
nesday and Friday at 7.45 p. m.
Holy Cross Episcopal—Washington ar.d
Johnstone sts.—Kev. F. P. Willee, priest in
charge—Sunday Services ii.oon. m. and
7.30 p in Sunday School jo.00 a. m.
Our Savior’s Lutheran (Danish) State St.
Rev. V. B. Skov, pa9tor. Sunday service*,
10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. in. Sunday
School 2.30 p. m.
Simpson Methodist—High and Jefferson
r> e 'T'_ t —1
» .. - - ~ - J- •
A.M. Sunday services 9.30 and 10.30
a. m. and 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2.3c
p, ni.; Epworth League, 6.30 p. m.; Pravei
meeting, Wednesday, 7.45 p. in.; Bible
traiuing class, Friday, 7.30 p.m.; Young
Gleaners, Friday, 4.30 p. in,; Junior Ep
I worth League, Friday, 7.00 p. m.
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, Center St.
Rev. B. T. O’Connell, pastor; Rev. S. A.
Mitchell and Rev. T. F. Blake, assistants.
Sunday services 7.00 8.30, 9.30 and 1045
a. m. 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 2.30 p.
i St. Paul’s German Church—South First
street—Pastor Rev. Jacob Ganns. Services
every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
Sunday School every Sunday at 2 o’clock.
St. Stephens Roman Catholic. (Polish)—
State St. Rev. J. Ziellnsk, pastor. Sun
day services, 8.00, 10.30 a. m. Vespers
4.00 p. m. Sunday School 3.30 p. m.
St. Stephens Lutheran (Danish) Broad
St. Pastor Kev. J. Christianson. Sunda>
services 10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. m. Sun
day School 3 p. m.
St. Peters Episcopal—Rector Si Rector.
Rev. J. L. Lancaster. Sunday service*
10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday Schoo’
2.30 p. m.
W. C. T. U.—Meets at 27 Smith st. ev
ery Sunday at 4 p. in.
A. O. U. W Meets Odd Fellows Ilall!
Smith Street I9t. and '3d. Mondays. f.
D Hull, M. W.; J. S. Phillips, Sec’y.,
7 Kearney Ave.
B. P. 6. E. No. 784. Meets K of C.
Hall, corner Smith and Rector Street 1st.
and 3rd. Tuesdays. Dr. Frank Crowther, *
E. R.; W. A. CrowtAl, Sec’y., Gordon ]
C. L. B. Father Quinn Council No. 88.
meets 2d and 4<h Tuesdays every Montn j
in K. of G. Hall. William Hallahan, sec- <
D. of L. Meet in City Ilall, every Mon- J
day evening. Counsellor Mrs. J< nnie
Platt, Secretary Chirks Cluney, 444
State st.
Degree of Pocohontar—I. O. R. M.
Meets every 2d and 4th Friday at City Ilall
Mrs. G. Sleinmetz, Pocobontas. Mrs.
William Greenleaf, C. of R. Mis. P. Erick
son, C. of W.
F. and A. M. Raritan Lodge No. 61
Regular Communications 2nd. and 4th
Thursdays, Odd Fellows Ilall, Smith Street
C. F. Hall, W. M.; C. K. Seamau. Sec'y.
High Street.
F. of A. Court Amboy No. 58 meets at
K. of P. Hall, first and third Wednesday.
Frank Rhodecrer, Chief Rang r, F. J.
Dalton Fin. Sec., 95 New Brunswick ave.
F. of A. Court Standard No. Tji nicety
in Odd Fellows Hall 2 and 4 Wednesday.
James II. Devery Chief Rnnger. William
T. Mayor, Fin. Sec’y 73 Washington St.
G. A. R. Major Janies II. Dandy Post
No. 43. S. G. Garretson, Commander.
Adjt. Rev. E. B. French, Westminster.
Imp'd O. R. M. Po Ambo Tribe No. 6<
Council Sleep every Thursday. Pete?
Axeen. Sachem, Hans S. Smith, C. of R
Andrew Jensen C. of W.
Ira B. Tice Lodge No. 309 Rail-Rose1
Train men, meet every 1st and 3rd Sundax
Knights of Pythias Hall Cor. Smith and
High streets. T. J. Griffin Master Roll
Mulvaney Secretary, Charles Miller Trts
I. O. of F., Court Keasbey, No. 3367
Meets 2nd and 4th Monday of ex*ery month
K. of C . Ilall. corner Smith and Rector
streets. G. W. Fithian, Chief Ranger
11. E. Pickersgill, Secretary, 77 Lewis st.
I. O. O. F. Lawrence Lodge. No. 62
Meets Odd Fellows Ilall, Smith Stree
every Friday night. W. A. McCoy
N. G.; F. L. Herrington, Sec’y., Brighton
I. O. of F. Court Perth Amboy, No.
3043. Meets K. of P. Hall, High and
Smith Streets, every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.
Peter PouWn, tC. R. Tl*Os. Maher, R
S., 509 Stale Street
Jr. O. U. A. M. Middlesex Council No.
62. Meets ex’erv 2d and ath Wednesdax
iii City Hall. Charles Cluney, Counsellor,
G. M. Adair, Recording Secretary 2c;
Madiron Av.
K. of P. Algonquin Lodge, No. 4j.
Meets every Monday K. of P. Hall Sniitl
and High Streets. Fred Waters, C. C.
Chris Mesh row, K. of R. and S.
K. of C. San Salvadore Council. Meet*
every 2d and 4th Wednesday in K. of C.
Hall, Smith and Rector Street. W A.
Urowney, G. K.; Recording Sec’y..
Richard A. Bolger, 124 Market Street.
K. of G. E. Meets in Odd Fellows
Hall, Smith street, every Tuesday night.
Beorge Bath, Noble Grand; Frank B. Reed.
Keeper of Records, 129 Mechanic street.
P. O. S. t't A., Washington Camp, No.
79. Meets everv second and fourth Thurs
lay K. of P. Hall, cor. High and Sniitl
street Fred Waters, President;J. M. Mills
secretary, 210 Oak street.
R. A. Middlesex Council No. 1100.
Meets Odd Fellows Hall, Smith Strep
;very second and fourth Tuesday. A. {W
Hope Regent, "\Y. • IT. Moore, Secre
;ary, 60 Jefferson Street.
St. Patrick’s Alliance meets 3rd Thurs
lay in every month, in K, of C. Hall, J
V. Clark, Pres. Dennis Conklin, Secretary
W. O. W. Perth Amboy Camp No. 19.
ncets at City Hall 1st and 3rd Wednesday
V. I*. Bradley (’. C., Emil Waters Clerk,
*53 New Brunswick avenue.
Wood Choppers of America meet firsi
hinday in every month in City Hall. Wil
iam Sandbeck, M W. C. Fiank Hodecker
2 East avenue, Keeper of Leaves.
Washington Literary Club meets in Un
on Hall Adalaide Building, on the Secon
►unday of Each Month at 3 o’clock p. m
ohn Clark, President, Dennis Conk bn
is the most healing salve In
:he world. It cures Sores, Cuts, i
Burns and all Skia Diseases.!
[t positively
Cures Piles
S. Kingsbaker, So Fast Ohio Street, j
Chicago, writes: *' I hid a bad case o> |
Piles for several years. BANKER SALVE j
;ared me quickly and permanently after j
tereral doctors and remedies had failed j
to relieve me.”

IUuiklerw and Con
tractors Directory.
First Class
Gilder of Furniture arid Altar?. Wants
private work and work for the trade.
Rooms decorated $^.00 and $10.00,
guarantee of 7 yearn.
Highest relerence on application.
All work guaranteed.
271 Washington Street Perth Amboy.
Telephone 163 L.
Masons and Contractors
Office: iSS Madison Ave.
Tel. 67b Perth Amboy, N. J.
Carting to ALL PARTS of the CITY
Residence and Office; 30 Commerce St.
Tel. Call 34.
Sand, Grvel. Brick, Flue Linings and
Sewer Pipe Furnished.!
35 Woodbridge Road. 170 Brighton Ave
Carpenters and Builder*
OBioe and Shop: fi Ea»t Avenue.
Estimates furnished. Jobbing attended to
General Contractors
Sand, Grave!, Broken Stone, Carting,
244 Smith St. 225 New Brunswick Ave
Successor to J. K. Jensen.
Mason and Contractor
221 Washington St.
Eloune Painting, Paper Hanging, Interic
Decorating. 238 Washinuion St
Refidonce; 260 Washington 8t.
Perth Amboy, N. .1
Plumbing & Can Fitting
•Hearn, Hot Water and Hot Air Heating
Dealer In Stoves Ranges and Heatf
Repairing of ull kin i<p)!t*l'.y.
JOT State street, Perth Amboy, N. 3
Buocossors to Farrington A Itnnyn i cV
Alt kinds of Building Material
Office. 188 Fayette street Perth Air boy, H. J
Painter & Paperhanger
ini bins; promptly ttented to 157 Gordo*
Painter and Paper Hanger
i4t Brighton Avc.
Established in <CJ80.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Lumber, Lath, Cement. Doors. Sashe'
Blinds, Mouldings, Builder’s Nardwar
Hair and Nails.
Office and Yard; JefTersnn St.«fcfC. R. It. of V,
Perth Amboy, N. J.
Artificial Stone and Cement Work)
Office: 108 Fulton St., New York City
R. B. SMITH Sanitary Plumbe’
Tinnine an<l Sheet Iron Worker. Htoar
and Gaa Fitter. Jobbingjiromptly
attended to.
%op 55 N. B. Are. Perth Amboy, N. J
Estimates furnished. Jobbing attended ti
90 New Brunswick Av„ Perth Amboy
PI-1 OP; 17 KINO ST.
Makes Kidnuvs an J madder
Trade Marks
Copyrights 4c.
Anvone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably paten table. ^ < omruunica
lions tricny - nflderitlal. HANDBOOK on Patent*
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpcmL notice, without charge, iu the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of uny scientific journal. Terms. f:> a
year: four months, |L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36,B™»1*a! New York
Branch Office, (25 F St* Washington, L>. C.
Xmel Devices for Fire-FIslif ini; Ar*
Being Tested l»> German
Oil! t’ in 1m.
There have been eo many reeeml>
applied inventions for combating fire
that one might think the limit of in
genuity had been reached. But the
German people inclined to invention dc
not seem to be satisfied, says a London
paper. Many of the German methods
were illustrated in the exhibits of the
tire department of the leading German
cities at the municipal exposition in
Dresden. Here, in addition to im
provements on familiar contrivances,
a number of new devices are shown.
The city of Hanover exhibits a mode!
of its new automobile tire train, con
sisting of an engine, fireman's wagon
and an ambulance. The si-am that
propels the engine drives the pump
when the engine stops. By a pressure
vz loO pounds it r.trnisnes a: » rsunns
of water per minute. Beside the auto
mobile train i3 shown a nrw mcchan
ical tower, or revolving ladder.
By compressed air' four iong tubes
put together telescopically are driven
out and with them the four ladders at
tached to the heads r.f the tabes. 1'n
der eft! lent management the w hole lad
der Is ready for use in 20 seconds and
the pressure is sufficient to lift a man
with all his equipment to the top.
After it is lifted the entire ladder and
its working force can he revolved with
out turning the truck. It can. in emer
gency, he handled by two men. while
for all other mechanical towers shown
four are required.
Leipsic shows a model of a fireman
equipped with an apparatus for pro
tecting him from smoke and providing
him with oxygen. Kiel shows another
model of. a fireproof outfit provided
with a tube for breathing.
The Leipsic fireman carries com
pressed air with him in a steel recep
tabie fastened to his back and con
ducted to his mouth through a tube
The breath exhaled goes into n drum
where it is purified by a chemical
process and returned to the receptacle
l sunll.v.
The man who has time to burn has to
borrow.’ a match to start it.—Chicago
Time Table in Effect Dee. 7, 1903.
{ ars Live M^iucli-n for Perth \nPoy and all
nrinit East 1 o V..> dbridge Creek it 5 uud 35
minute* past **'irh h 'ur lr tn ti a. m. to 7 35 p.'n
and 7 35 p. m. to 11 3 p, m. at £5 minutes past
th hour.
Cars hove Feashey Schorl for Me'uchen af
5 end 3 niinutt s i n’*t I ) nu from » .IK* p. tn
c s.80 n. m. an i e' wry hour fr.ou 8 to 11,30 r .m
Curs Lavt K'ttsb y ii-rallpoin s Eist every
i5 ini' u
tars leave B idtr* at Woodbridg** Creek for
K a bei a foot ofSmilh sveer every 33 miriu
t s iro ’ t> Is a rr. ‘o 1 45 p. m.
Cars ** five Bridge M Woo a ridge Creek for
"lemclien ' n the ev. n hour and ha f hour from
<; m toii.Op. nil the half hour only frotn
u/0 t«. 1030 »• m.
Ca" le o e S at-n Ii’and Ferry for Metuchen
p* Fe.-sbey 8cho tl ai atnl 4* ni'liule- pat
** ch li » r from i. Uu a m.to 7.00 p. m. an i f om
7. «• t l.i Op. rr r 49 m mites only hii1 tor
Keasbey at not of Fmi ii s reet a' 3 and mic
n.es p«s- the i OU"
Cars leave Stueu Island Ferry for Bridge at
H'ooubrfdflr® * reek a* 11. -0. 43. itnl .*0 p iuu.es
pas:each hour from6,u*J a. in. to li.41 p. in.
Sr» r»»H *i ♦ .4 pn t
Taking effect Oct. 12,1903.
Opens at 7 A. M. Closes at 7 P M.
Malls Arrive:
New Yorlc. Western and Southern. 7 .00ft m
BaL. way—Wood bridge.. a ni
Sown Jersey way Mail. 9*00 a m
Fords and Kean bey. 8.15 a m
Vew York and Northern Way. 9 » a ni
Kahwnv. direct... . 12.00 am
V uu- V . .rL- I. nH X- >rt hern \ ...... 1 ?.30 P 111
South Jersey Way.. 1 :V' P «•
Wood Midge direct. 1
New York direct . 2. so pit
New York and Noutoern Way... 5 J'r n
South Jersey W av. . pvSO r» n
Broun ivn, Penntyvania and N. Jeiaey »-.*J.p
Rahway, dir-et. ujh) p m
Fords and Keasoev..6.35p.m
Malls Close.
Rahwav and Wood! ridge. " 15 a to
New York and Nortl ern Way. 7 30 *m
South Jersey Way.. • OW.iiu
New York and Eastern Slates. Wham
Fords and Keasbey. a m
Rahwa * and W’oodl ridge. 12.10 am
South Jersey Wuj. 12,00 p m
New York and v< rthern Way.. 12.80 am
New York and N< rthern Way. 4.30 p ir.
**outh Jeivev Way . 4.30 p m
Rahway and w oodbridge . 4 »ip m
Fords and K»asbey . 7 00pm
All point?. 7.00 pm
Mon** Order department opens at 7 a m closes
at 6.45 t m Saturday at 6.80 p m
Guo. II Tick. P. M.
23 Raritan Copper Works
26 High and Lewis
27 Madison ave and Paterson st
•2*< Marker and First sts.
35 Smith and High st
87 State and Smith sts
48 Buckingham ave and Hartf
45 Commerceard Front sts
47 High and Washington str
54 8tatest and Buckingham ave
56 hall ave and Charles st
57 Railroad ave and Wajne st
62 Washington and First sts
6 • Turnpike and Elm st
64Smith St and Watson ave
65 Commerce and State sts
72 Front and 8mifh sts
78 Water and Gordon sts
74 Kearny ave and Gordon st
P2 Smith and Herbert Sr
B3 Woodbridge road and Washington st
r4 Lehigh aver Stanford st
To s*»nd in an alarm, open the door of the box
and pul* down the lever and let go once only.
r?tay at box until firemen arrive.
SPKOIAI. calls.
1 tap—Break iu circuit. 2 taps—Brill and fire
alarm test. Hydrant at corner of Jefferson and
HiglLStreet always to be used for this trial S
laps Fire out. 5 taps-Police call. 12—Call for
Lincoln nose. 18—Call for Washington Hose
14—Call for McClellan Hoee 15—Call for Pro
tection H. and L.
,i- ^ *
Schedule lu efTe* t, Nov. 29 19<«3. f
1 i*!112llaII !JBI
2 -la i : 3 *S :
5 f*i : :# :i| t? 12 : $ • :«•=#;
s? 55K«s«>l
ni}sh*tlm rtssKMs**
iris'sziz^s ?5£;zixSfcfc
My’ Slope only tc take on or let off neeeengrre
for or from Perth Amboy oc notice to Ager.1 or
For further information see timetables
Tickets for all points on the Penney.v a
Railroad and connections. Puiitmsn »»r'm
uaodPti''-.p »r. at flrkrt oir.ee.Perth Arr'Ycy
w. W. ATTERBURY. r*#n~r*» v*ntgtr.
' Pass* r Traffic Manager.
GEO w. ; OYD. Qen’lfase. Ag’t.
Corroctwd to Nov. £9 1903 M
Kor Ni v Vo'k. Newurk ar.d Klim**;** at
9 83, 7 17. ".45. Nev. York muly) 7.58 6 24. 9 51, M
il «5. 11 5/ a. in., 1 1 i. 8 fc’. 4 r0, 5 09. d au, 7 4ft, ■
3 03, 9 17. ra*. onlrt 9 55, p. m. Sundays, X Jp,
v , ti. a., i 29, 9 4f, p. tn. H
Fur PblKdon bia a..O ' rent on via V
Brook, 7 17. 11 IS. 11.59 aai 110, C 09 p za ■
m- dpj o, t 37 a. na. 5 29 p. in ■
For J ong Trr-ucb, <*oeur etc. 5.07. /M
9 20. a. m. ’2.2*2 i ! 07, at only; 4 ;7 7.19 p. tn H
12.'8 t'-und>ys exciAeJj i xM'** s except .d$$
Ocean Grove*) V 57 a^^k. 45', 023, p. iu.
OrFrtenold, 5 .. u... x2 2 2/
5.if r> *-’.
s ci/Lional iralrs 2 ,7, r 17. G.38,
• • th
lu. f. 5.52 9.23.
Leave New York, 4.U», 5.*0. 8 8t». 10.00 li.'O, 3
u. /ii.. ( 2 ,Sa». on 1 ) 1.30 COO, 4 1*»# 4.30, 5 W», :$■
5/.w. t; 3(>. s ;j3, U. o p. in. buuia>b 9.00 a. il. 4.00 |S
B 30. p.in. B
Leaves Eliz «be<h 4 07. G.C2. 8 1', 0/4, 11.6', 9
а. ni. 1. 49. 2.1 7. :: Ei.-1.12, 1.48, 5.1b. 15.42, P. 58, J
ii 5a, p in Sundays. 9 if>. a m. 4 <2 8 37, p. m. 1
I.e vt-s Newark 0 12. K 36, 9.•»•», 11.>fi, a m. j|
1 20. 4.' 5. 4.40. 5.4'». G "*. 8.46 11 60, p in. Sun- \
ilu^s, 9.uj a.hi 4 8 1*, p. in. A
Thr^nph tic.tet# to ?.li point# at iowMiw**
may be had on application Ip a.':mnr.c- tr it#
ticket agent at the station
W Q. E*sl#p, Yice-Fres. g Ours I Mar eg
C. M. Cck", General Fnaaenger A^enl.
Time Table in effect Nov ' 1) 1903.
Stations in New Fork, foot ot Gortlardt, 1* •
broesn# and W jHt 23rd etraett. Poena. V B
6.10, 7.4*> ain 4 20 p.rn 1,3.> p.m. dallv "erneein
w.i Y».iv C’-'lu for Pound Brook.Mauch Chunk
Weatherly, tfazeiton Pottevllle and luit-ruiedi
ale points.
CIO. 7 11 a w, 181,1 20 p n. ?r;’ day#
б. 35 & iu 1.80. C 15 p m *
PuKOTUKR Pot vt*
7 46 3. m. Rally Except Sunday t’rnnf-ct with
tr n exnrvss tor hut-ton. Betbb ham Al’eo
town, Pott-rille. Buffalo. Fo'l* «nd Chi
'»air> 1'arlor Car New York lo Buffalo, con
nects with local train for ail points east of
Mauch Chunk.
s .ST. a. tu. Sundays only. Express train for
Buffalo. Niagara Failn, and Chicago. Mopaat
Flemingtou Jet.
4.*i' r». it. Diuiv JCTcept Sunday Express for
for Wilkes Biu-re 8cm i. ton. IT are! ton,
and prinrlrp' <rteru'ed nie stations.
6.1B p. n . Su-deys only Through train 'or
Buffalo. Niagara Fulls, PuBpoii^'r-n Triige
and Chicago, connects for New York.
n.lo, a. T**. 8.45. 5.00. 7 60, p. m. Pundav*:
10 35 a m.. 5.90, 7 5L> m. Trains arrive f'er'h
Ambor- O.Si' a in 8.10 4 05, 5.26. 8.10 p. m. 8un
day, 10.57 a. m. 5 25. 8 1»’ u. m.
Tickets sold ♦''%?’ Wpotrnt Point#
For further information arpiy to tiftkm
Staten Island Rapid Trarsit R. Ry
Time Table in effect on and after Oc\ 11, l'.rif
Pert' Amboy to New York—Leave foot of
Smith St. daiiv except Minday« nna •
Holiday 5 1ft. <i 12 6.58, 7.tin. 7 35, 8.03 3 08
8 55, 10 05. and U.2ft a m. 12 55. 1 5ft z. o, 8.55,
4.81 5.3'J. C.4\ 8 00, 9,10,10.80. 11.15 P M,
/undays and Legal Holidays
6.80, 7.bft. 8.56. 9.55. TO.ftft 1.56 A. M. 12 65. ].5f,
2.55. 8.55, 4.50. 5.6u 6.50. . 7/0. 0.40,P. M.
Nea* York io Perth Amboy:—Leave foot of
While hall ut. daily except Sunday ami Legal
HoM'avs. 5/5, G.^. 6 00.9.00 10 00. 11.00a.
12.80 13*2 Me. H HO 4 M0 5.10 A.30 ft.45. C 15.
6.35. 7.30, 8.30, 12.25.
Sundays and Legal Rolida a.
Leave New 5'crk.7 0 , 9 1 0. 10.00,11 00.1« oo,».m
1.00, 2.CO. 8 14', 4 00, 5.00, 6.00, 7.(0, 8.10, C.0Q
F»rrv bet ween Perth Amboy and Tottervill*—
leave Perth Amboy dm y xft 15, 36 12.6.32,
*0.58. x7 85. x6 08, XB.5R. 9.1*. xlOOfi, 10.BJ
xll 2>a m, 1: aft. xl2.55, xl.55. x2 5*. xM.ffi,
x4 80. 4.55. xc 3 . 6 <»!. XMS. 7 06. 7.10, x8 CO,
r9.C0 8 55, x 10.30 xll .15 |*. m. 12.80a.m.
Sundays md I.* ~al Holidays x G 20, 6 45. x7 65
XS fn X9.ft5.xlO..ft? . X 11.56. a III V 12.5ft. xl.*5,
X2.65.X snn. x4 ?(*. *6.50,x6 50, x7.!0 8 40,
*0 4 ,10.30. p m 12.40.a. m.
Leave To teriville dally xl.30, 5.55, R.22, 6.43
xT.10 7.60 xS 15. x9 1C. 9.40 *10 15. vll.CB
m x 12 06. 18 4 » xl t2 85, t* 37. 4.10, x4.H7,
5 1b X.5H7. *4.18, X6.55, x7.l7, : 7 40, xf.37,
x9 37 10 l’x'O.Lft. p m. X12.1 . xl.30 A. M.
Puna a vs ard Legal Holidays *6:1*'. ?.t6. xS.10
9. td.'x’O.l), xll.19, a. ra. *12.10,xi/o.xl .’0
x3 ’0. x 4 10 V5.1PT xO.10. x7.H',xS.10, x9.1J
xlO 12 10 45. p ’a. *12 10a.m.
•Legal holidays only
xTrain Connection
Receive-. Oph’I tinffir Ars**t
Cures Golds; Pr. vcr.ti> Prcuu»>nia

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