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Pertf? Amboy Everting J^ews
An Independent Newspaper published every afternoon, except Sundays,
by the Perth Amboy Evening News Company, at
2S2 State Street, Perth Amboy, N. J.
D. P. OLMSTEAD, ...... Business Manager
The Evening News is on sale at newstands and delivered by
regular carrier in Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Woodbridge,
Carteret, Tottenville and surrounding towns for 6c per week.
fBy mail, postage prepaid, per year ..... $3.00
“ “ " six months ..... 1.50
Newark,.F. N. Sommer, 794 Broad St.
Long Distance Telephone ..... 98
Entered at Post-Office as second class matter.
The PAID circulation of the Perth Amboy Evening News in Perth Amboyjls greater
than any other paper published in th's city.
Three times the PAID circulation of any Pe;th Amboy paper in South Amboy.
Four times the PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Tottenville.
Five times tin PAID circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Woodbridge.
Six times the PAiO circulation of any Perth Amboy paper in Carteret.
We challenge al! competitors to dispute these facts.
Tho political pot in Perth Amboy ii
Retting near tho boiling point. Th
i gaino is fast anil it promises somo in
teresting developments. Tho wood
are. fell of wonhl-lio candidates to
i the Board of Water Cominissioncrs
rnongh, it is said, to fill three or fon
hoards and then each alderman ha
ids own slate which he is nnxious ti
get through and [theJMayor has hi
too, so the report goes. The caucu
previous to tho council meetiui
L Thursday night promises to be a lived;
I ono to say the least, unless severa
p concessions are made in the monntime
As tho annoiutmonts are to be madi
at tho last meeting when the Demo
crats will have absolute control, it ii
k evident the slate iwis got to meet will
ft tho Mayor’s auu^Rl, for any attemp
I to passtbee^^^^Bo'iits over his dis
PgjJ9fc^H(^^^^^voaliniavo to be made be
fore a board in which there are tlirei
Ropnblioans. Ab this would not giv<
the Democrats the necessary majority
the Water Commission would doubt
less bo held up unless the Democrati
compromised and allowed a miiiorit;
representation on tho board. As thii
is what thev want to avoid, it wouli
seem that the Mayor holds the big eui
of the rope. How fur ho will attemp
to ubo this power remains to be seen.
It is said that some would about as
soon see a minority representation ir
the commission and have their man
one of the majority than to have their
candidate shnt ont altogether.
As a gentle reminder to some of the
patriotic societies in this city, it
might ho noted that School No. 1 is
sadly in need of a (lag, judging from
the olio seon Hying from the staff on
that building when school iB in
session. It is faded, torn ami weather
henten and altogether looks much the
worse for wear. It would seem that
some organization would see to it thnt
a banner worthy the cause for which
it stands should roplace this old one.
Leap year just came aronml at the
proper time for those who like n vaca
tion on holidays. This year a great
majority of the holidays came on Sat
urday, and, following the natural
course of events, they would all come
on Sunday, next year. This is not so,
however, for tnov all leap over Sun
day and fall on n Monday. The first
of tlieso is February 22.
If Church festivals and entertain
ments have anything to do with it,
this is indeed a veiy happv Christmas
time. Between the churches, the
Salvation Army, and all the societies,
there is not a child in the city but
who could have a part in the celebrn
| tion.
Attorney filovcr to Il«* Shot SJe
fon* Doing Captured.
CRIPPLE CKF.KK. Colo.. Dec. 2b.
Excitement has been occasioned here
by the action of Attorney John M.
Glover, formerly a congressman from
Missouri, in defying the military, bar
ricading himself in ills office and only
surrendering after receiving a bullet
wound in the nrai.
Colonel Vonliekberg at once dis
patched Major Naylor with a squad to
capture the attorney and his weapons.
The lawyer’s office was found barri
caded, anil Glover appeared with a re
volver. declaring that he would shoot
the first man who attempted to break
down the door. The place was sur
. rounded by troops, and orders wer
given to shoot the man if he appeared
with a rcvoivi r again.
When Glover appeared several shots
were exchanged, and hr was wounded
in the arm, after which lie was easily
v , -
Proa blent Hoo«’V<*lt Will DIncon*
Threatened VIiuniiito M III* Wolf.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2b.-With the
view to enlisting tin* immediate and
active interest of the I’nited State;
against the reported contemplated mas
sacre of Jews in Russia on Jan. 7. the
Russian Now Year’s. Simon Wolf, a
inemher of the executive council of the
E’uai Width and representing the
I’nited Jewish soci • t i< t. today will lay
before the state department an urgent
appeal in behalf of his people reported
to him to be thus threatened.
Following his visit to the department
Mr. Wolf will be received by President
Roosevelt, at which time tin* whole
subject of tin* status of the Jews hi
Russia will hr discuss d.
The .\>w Navy.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2b. The navy
department has been advised Uni- lie
new cruiser Oharh»stcu. now building
at Newport News. Va„ will In* launch
cd on Jam 22. •The sponsor lias not
been selected.
Dead at Jean do I.uz.
LONDON, Dec. Ub. George Ginning,
the novelist, ‘lied of consumption at Si
Jean dc Luz. i** the Pyrenees. Ib* wa
born at Wakefield, England, Nov. 22.
1877. 1
A7>ec1 Decliui d to Itc Taken Rack to
\ew York.
WELLAND, Out.. Dec. 2b. James
Abed was brought here by an olti. er
of the frontier police and Detective
Sergeants Collins and Yallely of Now
York to appear on a warrant charging
him with having forged the name of \i
Western Union olllclal while posing ar
“J. Ogden Goolet. Jr.”
German and Pettit, the attorneys en
gaged by A bool, are preptning to l'rmi
trate the efforts of the Now York po
lice to take A heel to New York.
Brought fr.ee to face with Abeol,
Miss Eleanor Anderson, the beautiful
daughter of Thomas <\ Anderson of
Now York, positively identified him as
the man who had proposed marriage
to her as “J. Ogden Goelet. Jr.,” broth
er of the future Duchess of Roxburghe.
multimillionaire and intimate friend of
Reginald Vanderbilt. On seeing him
she sahl:
"I could not mistake him. I could
swear that this man under arrest and
who claims to be James .Wilson Abcel
is none other than the man who pro
posed marriage to me as 'J. Ogden
Goelet, Jr.’ ”
PurMe Wun on Locomotive.
WINSTED, Conn., Dec. 21). When
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott of Coleman
Station. N. Y., were struck and instant
ly killed by a train at that place on the
ltlth lust, a purse belonging to Mrs.
Scott could not be found. A few days
ago a telegram was received slating
that an engine wiper In New York city
had found the missing purse wedged in
the pilot of the locomotive. Mabel, aged
eight, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Scott,
received on Christmas day a coat, doll
and book which her mother had select
ed for her at a store in Millerton, N. Y..
the day before the accident.
Doctors* to Report on Pneumonia.
NEW YORK, Dee. 2b. On account
of the unusual number of deaths In
New York from pneumonia in the last
six weeks a corps of physicians has
been appointed by tlit* departme nt of
health to make an investigation of the
causes of the epidemic, and their re
port will he in the hands of Dr. Lederh?
in a few days. In the week just closed
272 fatal pneumonia cases were re- j
corded. That is the largest number of
deaths from the disease in the history
of the city.
The Theatres*
Real Shubert In k ‘pr.vai d at the
I Casino at the Aim, rnaincu ot the
“Winsome Win uio’' company. At l.TJ
tho cump.iiiy luauagoment was started l*.y
a telegram announcing that Helen Red
moml, the prima donna ol‘ the company
would not be able to appear at Hie ma
tinee if she was expected to King at. night,
owing to a cold which lmdori an aitor
no oil of doctoring. () i the libels of this
came a letter Horn a physician saying fh^t
the condition oi Wiliam E. Philip's
throat w'i'ii tl not permit li:m lo sing two
perlorinances yesterday, and that there*
lor he had advised him to muaiti away
from the matinee. Ah Miss Richmond
and Mr. Philip work together in all their
si ngs ftu>l scenes tho situation was crili
p utieiihu ly in view of ilie fact that
Mins Richmond’s regular understudy hid
i>ei n permitted to goto her home in Phil
adelphia for the day.
Tho situation was growing critic**,
llieti Ci»ce i t Rhotl", one oi the ten
•Jenny girts in “Winsome Whmh ’ volui -
cored that she knew the lines songs
and sitiiatioiiK, a» d wvs simply crazy for
an opportunity ;o show what, she could
do she would make a deposit of $l .000
as a guarantee that she would “Make
good”, oven with an understudy mi ho,
in the opposite role. '1 lie managemm t
was glad enough lo accept her services
wit hour the depot, which 11m impulsive
girl hid already taken out, of a j \vi*i bug
.i her corsage. Miss Rhode showed her.
pluck and talent by giving a wonderfully J
clever performance of the role. Miuagt
Sam S. Srubdert was so elated that lu
rafced the girl’s aaiaiy, made her firsi
understudy for all the lady principals
and will give her first important vacancy
in the company. Mr. 1) ly. Mr. PldPp’
understudy, played the role ol Capr. Cot
terid very acceptably.
Paula Edwards has certainly achieved
1 rein irkahly success in liar first attempt
a star. With the splendid cast of prin
cipals ♦•ngsged >-y Messrs 8air. S. Shu
belt, Mixon & Zimtivumaii, she is meet
j ing with the most gratifying business in
••Winsome Winnie ’ at the Casino. It b
the concensus of opinion that never be*
forc* Ins a u *w star met w ith such a cor
dially reception on Ihoolway. Messrs
.Ion. C. Mi oil, Janies E. Suiliv^n, P.
C nl* ton, William E. Philip, Dick Temple
William S. (’oi link, William Leonard and
Mi sscs Helen Redmond, Rebel Hall,
•lobyun Howland, Daisy Green, Mildred
Kearney, A unite Cameron and Ciecelia
Rhode all give the most elective support
to llie winsome little star, and it is stated
with confidence that she will shine for
many years at the head of her own coin*
p mies.
Lakewood's Wooded Drives.
1 lie drive, first among Laliowoo l’s sj e‘
ci.il diveislons, still securely holds the
favor of the great majority of reso iters,
and has probably a ivei tised the charm
of the place more ill’ectively than any
other single agency.
Among the first of llie plans for de
velopment inaugurated years ago by the
C )rj oration owning the L u el House was
the well planned cotisriucilon of many
ini'cs of sinoolh, hard gravel load, raoia
Miig from the village in all directions
Tl,o Lane Drive, peiliaps the most popu
lar becaisi of its g limps of water
through the foli g , is but one of a long
list ot drives which are favored both by
driving and riding parties, w bile well-kept
walks, punctuated by an occasional way
side bench, are aUo popular at ad times.
The laying out ol these drives and
walk has done the artist o taste. They
wind in easy curves among the trees over
Rlightly rolling country, aid though par
ing ihrough pine forests at all times,
there is a variety and change of view at
every bend in the road, and no form oi
rest is more perfect than to lounge in the
easy cushions with eyes t> view the pass
iug change of s one, and ears to bear the
ring of hoofs on the hard roadbed.
In spiiug, flowers fill the air with fra
grance, and the birds add life and melody
to the hour. Hero and there you pass
groups of children, with there nurses,
bui ding there forts of moss or waist deep
in rustling leaves, curiously watced by
bright-eyed fcquinels busy with the.i
stores of nuts or frisking fiuai branch to
What winder that the woodland drive
p a daily delight, and t hat it is b.vored
not only by carriages but by riding jur
t,ies auJ cyclists as well.
The New Jersey Central is the only
road reaching Lake wo. >d and its sot vice
• is the best in ihc land. A booklet on JVikr
I wood is sent free to any address by (Jon- [
tral PaKsenyer Department, I*. 1». of
N. J.. New V<n k < lit-v.4-1 >7 I’d 21 1 r.
A, It. Carpenter Killed 7»y Train,
WOItCESTEIt. Mass., Deo. 20.—i
special from I’ntnnin, Conn., says: “A
It. Carpenter, cousin of J. 1'. Carpen
tor. cashier of the I’litnrim Nations
bank, was killed on the side line lien:
the Union station last night by tin
10:10 freight on the New York, Ncv
Haven and Hartford railroad, lie mi
walking home from the Odd Fellows
’ftttCaXi j i i zu-i. tit 'in ■i«t— aa^igamaiCT»mmaaBwiB!na?
I3ut two weeks to demonstrate to the public that you
don’t have to give inferior goods with stamps. When we
oiler a Stamp Special the quality is never lowered, and
wo back our groceries with our guarantee. We built our
business on honest dealing, and honest dealing goes with
stamps as well as other things. We continue to howl I
high grade groceries at the lowest nriccs.
Lea & Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce,
per bottle . .
——t—— —BtMM—!■ IMBUBM mu n— ■ n nmui i^n mm i ■ mn I , . -
per box.
i.oo iii stamps with' every
20c, 2.1 c and J»Oc a dozen.
I Unceda Biscuit, plcg.4c
S Almond lion Bons, pkg_lOc
| Fruit Cake, pkg .‘Z~ic
jj Holiday Mixed, pkg.2',\c
Fig Bars, 1!>.12c
Sensations, 1!>.12c
Spice Drops, 11).12c
Chocolate Wafers, lb.12c
$1 CO in Stamps with th3
i pkg Dates..10c
1 lb Figs.1 i)C
2 lbs Mixed Nuts, Walnuts or
I $2.00 in Stamps
With a lar,;e bottle of Va
nilla or Lemon Extract,
$1.00 in Siam;)3
With a large can of Potted
9c j
$!i G(J in Stamps
With a box of Favorite
Baking Powder,
$1-00 in Stamps
^Yitli 3 Iks of Ginger Snaps
or Lemon Cakes,
$1.00 in Stamgs
With a quart of Sugared I
Pop Corn,
3':; lbs Granulated Sugar. JSc
i large bottle of Blueing.Nc
i bottle of Ammonia.'.l <)c
1 large bottle Vanilla or Lemon Lx tract.15c
2 cakes of Gloss Soap..$c
1 lb Perfection Baking Powder.45c
2 lbs M. and J. Coffee, pkg. ... (J()c
i pkg Satine Washing Powder.5c
'/• lb best Mixed Tea. ... j}()c
— " « - ™
i box Hoopla's Jelly Powder.fOc
i bottle Heinz Mustard Dressing.] ,rjc
i glass Jelly. |<)c
i bottle Fongfield Sauce.Itic
1 i bottle Curtice Bros.’Jam..
J i pkg Favorite Mince Meat.. Oc
9 a cakes Scouring Soap...
9 2 bags Table Salt (5 lb bags)..
9 1 Ralston Barley Food..
§ 1 Snider’s Chili Sauce.2!>c
3.00 in stamps with i pound of our 40c, 50c, 60c Teas
•5.00 in stamps with i pkg of Mocha and Java Coffee 30c
~ .OO in stamps with 1 lb Maracaibo Coffee 25c
with the failswistg
i box Caracas Cocoa.
i bottle Chop Sooy. lOc
r pkg Grape Nut. 13c
i pkg Malto Rice Flakes. 1 3c
i Mason Jar Syrup. 9c
i bottle Maple Syrup.10c
i bottle Alpha Salad Dressing. lOc
l package Presto . l()c
i can Dull's refined 'Molasses. 18c
i pkg Purina Pan Cake Flour. lOc
,-■• Perfume for
I Nl* VEtR Presents
fc| We have them in nice boxes from 25c up to 3.00
fc Sweet odors from California
l 335 State Street fcj
.... I 2 3 o 5
6 7 8 9 10 II 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 3I ....
* * * * * * * * I * * * * * *
Dec. 30—Alnmni ilnnce, Wilder Hall.
Dec. 31—Masquerade Bnll, Woodr hop
pers, Uabiu Amboy, 49. Wild
er Mall.
Doc. 31—Ball, Woodohoppors, Cabin
Amboy. 49, Wilder Hall.
Doc. 31—Stoamfitters Union, Braga
Jan. 2—Private entertainment, Braga
Jan. 3—Braga’s Society Christmas
Tree. Braga Hall.
Jan. 9—Ilondred Mens Club No. 1
ball, Brnga Hull.
Jan. 12—Ball, Improved Ordor of Red
Men, Brnga Hall.
Jan. 12—Bnll, Po Amho Tribe, Imp'd
Order Roil Men, Braga Hall.
Jan. 14—Masquerade Bull, Hebrew
Progicsaivo Association,
Grand Central Palace.
Jan. 19.—Masquerade Ball, Court
Perth Ambov, 3034, I. O. of
F., Brnga Hall.
Jan. 21—Bnll, Original Hebrew Undies
Benevolent Society, Grand
Centrnl Pnlaco.
Jan. 28—Vergunegnngs Club ball,
Brnga Hall.
Fob. 2—Ball, Congregation Beth
Mordecai, Wilder Hall.
Feb. 18, 19—Bazaar ill Simpson M. E.
clmrch. i
Fob. 20.—Braga’s 8th animal mesquo^^jJ1.
rgde ball, Braga Hall.
! Forrest I„. Smith
ScnicrKR Building. B ^B
•» ~.c-r«5h^i«urrrT. S3 Vr
“ ^E^r^iOirnNKU?
..Granite and Marble.. |
1 Monuments
and Fencing.
Your Patrounire Solicited.
New Bruns'k Av. &. Central R. R. | jk
Before nn«l After.
During her courtship a girl wonders
what takes tha place of marriage in
Heaven, but alter being married a yeaf I
she doesn’t care much what it is.
•InckNOii'N Mr.tnc.
Gen. Andrew Jackson's statue in La
fayette square, Washington, is the old
est esquestrian stntue now standing in
the United States. JHkjjaj
Whv Trnwnlinn ia H - nnerrum
Constant motioujars the kidneys whic]
are kept, in place in llio body by delica]
attachment s. This is the least’ll tli
tia'clers, trainmen, street ear men, teat?
sters, and all who drive very much, suffe?
from kidney disease iu some form.
Foley’s Kidney Cure strengthens the kid
ney’s and cures all foimsof kidutyaud
bladder disease. Geo. II. Ilausan, loci- j
motive i ugiueer, Lima, ()., writes, ‘-(.’on- A
stant vibration of tlie engine caused mo ji
a great deal of trouble with my kidney11, I
aud I got no relief until I used Foley’s
Kidney Cure.” For sale at Sextons J
Pharm »cy. J
Great minds, like Heaven, are pleased
in doing good, though the ungrateful
subjects cl their l'avors arc barren in
To Crush Ice.
When making ice cream a larg^ 7 8
wooden mallet crushes the ice suffi
ciently fine and does not break the bur
lap bag.
Germany’s Ilest Customer.
Germany’s best customer is ICngland.
The value of her tradewith thatcountry
during 1902 was $379,537,000.
Fatality of Pneumonia
Pneumonia is the most fata! of all acute
affections, being second only to consnntpf
tiou in tcortuaiy lists, ail classes, rich and
poor, young and old succumb to its rg-j
vages. Foley’s H< uey aud Tar cutes
colds and picvtnts pneumonia and lias .
cured many severe cases or this disease. 1
"My wile had a severo attack of \neu- P
monia which followed a severe uttalk of .
la grippe aud I believe that Foley’s HAiey L
and Tar saved her lire,” writes .iAich A
Coffee, of Raymond, Slats- For sal at ^B
Sjxto-js Pharmacy I ^A

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