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i $28 SHORT.
_ j
Hospital Fund Was Increased by
$9 Yesterday-Up to
the People.
The effort to make the hospital fund
reach the *100 mark bv the first of the
new year received some encourage
ment yesterday when *0 was added to
the total. This was brought in by
three different peoplo nnd makes the
amount thus far received ?7B. This is
$••>8 short of the *100. It is for the
peoplo of Perth Amboy to say whether
they think tho liospitnl is worthy their
consideration in this regard. The
necessity of a morgne and reception
room for patients has been demon
strated many times. People who liavo
relatives and friends would not like
to visit them and find a corpse in tho
same ward witli their loved ones who
are ill, yet this is just what has hap
pened and is liable to happen again
until the morgue iR built. Tho people
pride themsolves that they are able to
support a hospital. They should see
to it that tho institution is supplied
with these two necessities.
The following is the list of contri
butions to tho hospital fund to date:
Evening News. $10.00
Luther M. Hope. .... 1.00
t). O. Baldwin. 10.00
Mis. P. O. Baldwin. 5.00
H. Miller. 1.00
John O. Heney. 5.00
A. B. C. 1.00
W. B. Pratt.. 10.00
Hessie Johansei. 1.00
Wilson Johansen. 1.00
j Jacob Goldberger. 1.00
George Hardiman. 1.00
I Elks. 12.00
Nets Bjornsen. 8.00
A Friend. 1.00
Mrs. Lavinia Rankin. 5.00
H. Vogelhoffer. 1.00
Anonymous. 3.00

Tho Evoniug News makes a special
ty of real estate.
Typhoid Fever in Oranpe Said to Have Come
from Bivalves.
An outbreak of typhoid fever in
Orange is believed to have been caused
by contaminated oysters. Many cases
reported from different sections of the
city have been investigated by the
Board of Health amt it is declared the
sufferers have been made ill by oysters
procured from a bed lying in water
tainted with typhoid abcilli.
The board does not hold t lie local
dealers responsible for the outbreak,
for the oysters were undoubtedly pur
chased by them from wholesalers in
good faith. Secretary Schuler, of the
board, gives it as his opinion that a
number of oyster beds along the New
Jersoy coast should bo abandoned fat
once bccanse some of thorn are nenr
the month of streams that are sewered
When people want help they adver
tise in 1 lie Evening News. Those
looking for help should bonr this in
On the eve of the Now Year we extend to our friends and customers the eom.pli
ments of the seasons with thanks for patronage during the past year—and solicit a J
continuance of the sain forth. > coming year. *8
Our apprecia.. >n , '. • desy wd'l not be ganged by the quantity of goods you JS
purchased. i
Wo court personal investigation of everything we sell. Our stock is the largest,
our store the cleanest, our prices the lowest to be found anywhere. «
You will be confronted by every good reason why you should trade here, and »
not one good reason why you should not. |
Hundreds have come to. see what our store was like—not one who has made j|
careful comparison has failed to become a customer. . j§
The question is squarely up to you, can yon resist the persuasion of values un- h*
mistakably snperior to any you can secure iu any other grocery store ?
9 ————— — 1
Pork Loins
For roast. Finest, fresh, city dressed Ql/^
Pork, lean and extra choice, worth t/ /2L
14c. lb.
Corned Pork
Choicest, lean or mixed Dutchess ~l A\/ *
County light salted Belly Pork, worth IV//2 i',
■4C . c.’nts lb. |j
j Sauce.
I I,ca & Perrins’ genuine Worcestershire Sauce,
per bottle.1 Sc
Gocoa. 1
Gold Medal Breakfast Cocoa, finest in tlic mar- j»
kct.1 7c a can jp
i.oo in stamps free with every can. M
I $1.00 in stamns with :
I pound of Spice Drops
I delicious.ID
! $1.00 in s'anrs with a
pound of Fig Bars, fresh
■ and delicious. lie
$1.00 in stamps with a I
pound of Animal Crack- |
ers, best. llej
$1.00 in stamps with 2 1
pkgs Peerless Biscuit, M
liest.5c S
I $i 03 in stamps with a
I pound of Layer
I o:ily. I ic
$1-00 trs stamps with a J
pound of Cleaned Dates, j
only.JOc a
l C
1.00 in stamps with a
ound of best new Nuts,
ny kind.1 «»c
$1.00 in stamps with a |
pound of French or Am- jjy
erican Mixed Candy I '£c
I $1.00 in stamps with a
dozen finest Florida Or
I $L00 in stamps with a
quart of choice Cran
berries ...10c
$1.00 in stamps with a
dozen Messina Lemons
at.1 i>c
$100 n stomps with a |
pound of Cluster Rai- g
sins.ԣԣc B
!5-oo in stamps with j
a pound of choice*
Tea ....-50c|
6,oo in stamps witli
a pound of deli
cious Tea at.. <50^
7-oo in stamps with
a pound of Fancy
Tea at.7(>c
Jd.oo in stamps with
f a pound can ahso
| lately pure Making
s Powder.4.1c
2.oo in stamps with &
a pound of finest 1
Premium Java Cof- m
fee.tile £
v $1.00 h Stamps With
2 cans Plum Pudding.20c
2 packages Cough Drops.lOc
j bott’e sweet spiced Catsup.11c
i bottle Worcestershire Sauce. 11c
i bottle Pickles, sour or sweet. 15c
i pkg Cleaned Currants. I Oc
i pkg Corn Starch.Oc
i pkg best Farina.Oc
i pkg choice Tapioca.Oc
1 box Gloss Starch, 3 lbs.20c
6 bars German Soap.25c
2 cans Roast or Corned Beef.25c
SIS, Fifteen Dollars i
In Stamps Free With this Order.
2 cans Choice Tomatoes.20c Sj
2 cans Choice I’eas.20c ■
i can Best Succotash. .1 Me H
1 can delicious Pears.12c ffl
2 lbs Java Coffee, bean or ground.54c h
3 lbs large California Prunes.25c w
i pkg impt Macaroni.10c ij
1.54 I
Id*-I (~\f\ in stamps Free with two loaves of the best Bread in the city, d* f
New Kngland, Vienna, Homemade,Graham, Kntire Wheat or Rye R
1 If8-I2Q Smith St. 1-3-5 lew Brunswick Avenue I
A pretty unit l'or tho winter mouths
requires no trimming but velvet col
lar, cuffs and belt, tho cloth being
laid in folds, making a suflioiont trim
ming of itself. Tho skirt is circular,
with a deep pointed yoke in front,
around the edge of which is laid three
deep folds. The jacket, sleeves in
cluded, iB made in the same wav,
with the (loop point of folds coming
down in the front and on the outside
of tho sleeves. Darn blno ziboline
with tho velvet collar, cnfl's and belt
makes a very smart winter snit from
this design.
Fcriner Reporter Here Becomes Assistant
Treasurer of Theatre.
Tim Teen Ion Truo American, yester
day, contained the following:
“.Tames F. Clancy, for nearly four
years a member of the Trno American
reportorial stutl'.has resigned to accept
the position of assistant treasurer of
the Trenton Theatre Building Com
pany. Ho will assume his new duties
next Monday.
“As assistant to T. B. Taylor, who
is treasurer of the company, Mr.
Clancy will he at tile Trent theatre,
looking after ihe finances of the insti
tution, having control of the income
of that playhouse, while Mr. Taylor
will tievoto Ins whole attention to
Taylor opora house.
"Mr. Clancy is the sou of Detect vo
Joint J. Clancy and was graduated
from the Model school. Ho is 25 years
Editorially the Trno American says:
"The True American views Ihe se
lection of Mr. James Clancy, a mem
ber of its staff, for an important and
responsible position in the thentio
management of this city, as a compli
ment to itself as well as to tho person
selected. Mr. Clancy has the capabil
ity and tho fidelity to make himself
necessary to any enterprise to which
lie attaches himself, as he has demon
strated while with the Truo Americ
an. Good luck to him!”
Provions to Joining tho True Am
erioanjstaff, Mr. Clancy wrsa report r
on the Forth Ambry Ciuouiclo aid
I as many friends hero.
Mrs. Duoey Here.
Mrs. Marin Ducoy, of Philadelphia,
is in town th's afternoon. She was
accompanied hy her husband, Mrs,
Duoey was formerly Miss Mnrio Poir
er, the housekeeper for the Into Path r
Connelly, the pastor of St. Mary’s
C. church. Mrs. Ducoy visitod the
office of S. H. Dalryniple for a short
“AH ft I*iec» . f !• ooJ.NIiucv.n.”
ST. .JOSIU’H, > . Im c. ho. Although
fatally won nth i :*::<l fcuflLY-ring intense
pain, II. <i. Kdnmnscn plead”d with
(Miirf of Police Kraus for the release
of G. \V. Grote, who Imd fin d the* shot
that will cause KdiiiunsPiTs death. The
latter was in the company of Mrs.
Grote when the shooting occurred.
Grote was released in deference to the
wishes of the dying man. ‘’ll was all a
piece of foolishness,” is th.■» only com
ment Kdnmn < n made.
l*orfe Wnntu It'.iHiin <■*»voriior.
ROM.10, l)*»c. IK). Kcchid Bey, the
Turkish ami i ;n!or. has presented to
the Italian government the request of
the norte for the appointment of an
Italian officer to ciminumd tin* interna
tional gendarmerie in Macedonia.
Cillinn JUnlnter in Siinl.i III.
HAVANA. Dec. 30.—A special cable
gram li'iim MmlrUl says that Scrim' Ra
fael M. Alerclmn, the Cuban minister
to Spain, is conlinc.l In the legation suf
fering from mentul Inipnirment ns the
result of former Illnesses anil that the
minister anil liis family will soon sail
for Havana.
Sentenced um llaliltnlll Crliutiinl.
I>Ki)TIAM, Mass.. Dee. 30. —In the
Norfolk county superior criminal court
Judge Aiken has sentenced George
Nichols of Philadelphia, a notoriisis
criminal, to twenty-live years at hard
labor in state prison on the ground that
lie is (in habitual criminal.
HnKKinn Jpwn \ot I*IIInp;e«I.
ST. rKTEltSHUItG. Dee. 30. — The
correspondent of n Hnssiau news ugen
i-y nt Kisliineff. Hcssnrabin, teiegrnplis
ii denial of the statement that the Jew
ish population is being pillaged by the
riorilnv Stock Qnolntion*.
Money on roll firm at 5% per rent.
Prime mercantile paper, 5U'dO per cut.
Exchanges, $1..'1,283,341; balances, $7,784.5-4.
< M' .sins: prices:
Amal. Copper... 51 N. V. Central. ...121%
Atchison. (19% Norf. West... 7.8
II. * 0.80% P'-nn. R. It.119%
Urooklyn R. T.. 54 Reading; . ! •%
Ohos. A-Ohio.... 31% Rock Island_24%
<'hi. A- Northw.. 170 St. Paul .l!i:%,
I). & H.16.8% Southern Pnc... 7i>'%
Erie. 19% Southern Ity— 21%
Gen. Electric... 177 South. Ity. pf... 79%
Illinois Con.1.31% Sugar .lie!
Lackawanna — 270 Texas Pacific .. 20%
Louis. & Nash..110 T'nion Pacific .. sou
Manhattan.114% U. S. Steel. 12
Metropolitan —127.% U. S. Steel pf... 57%
Missouri Par.... 30%
FT..OT7R—Dull, but firmly hold; Minneso
ta patents. $‘1.55®4.75; winter straights. ;<
4.1- ; winter extras. $3.15®'3.40; winter ; i
ents. $44/ l.:r».
WHEAT Had a strong opening on
blcs and further war talk, but turned m !i
under heavy southwest selling and w ••<!'
neys at St. Louis; May, 87 /ST 7-lGc.; Ju!v
RYE—Firm; state and Jersey. 5(/./>\;
No. 2 western. G3e. nominal, f. o. I)., all * it.
CORN Stronger and more active on the
snow in eastern corn states and room cov
ering: May. .MM/MUe
OATS -Nominal: track, white, state, 42®)
4"dHack, white, western, 424/4f»G»\
PORK—Firm; in«.ss, $13.25® 14; famll’*.
LARD—Firm; prime western steam,
HI TTER—Firm; extra creamery, 23c.;
state dairy. l!®2:v.
CHEESE—Quiet; state, full cream, fan*
cy, small, colored, September. 12c.; lat
made. lOe.; small. white. September. 12c.;
late made. 10c.; large, colored. SopLunib.-e.
12c.; late made. 10c.; large, white, Septem
ber. 12c.; late made. 10c.
EGGS—Strong; western extras, 8G®37c.;
state and Pennsylvania nearby averng
finest, 37c.; state and Pennsylvania sec
onds to firsts. 21(T/Sfic.
SCOAR Raw nominal: fair refining. 3®
;{ 1-10c.; centrifugal. !k» test. 9-p;< .; re
fined <iulet; crushed, 5.( 5o.: powdered, 4.55c.
T\ *RPEXTINE -Quiet ;11 5!,®re.
MOLASSES—Firm; New Orleans. 31®'38c.
RICE-Quiet; domestic, 3^j/</5!J£c.; Japan,
TALLOW—Firm; city, 5c.; country, 4%r(6
HAY Steady; shipping, GO®75c.; good to
choice, S3®92Gt\
Live Stock Market.
CATTLE—Market steady; choice. $5®
5.15; prime. $4,704/4.75; fair, $84/8.00; v al
calv«*p. $74/7.75.
HOGS—Market active; prim^ heavies.
$5.10®5.15; mediums and heavy Yorkers.
*5.10; light Yorkers, $5; fags, $4,907/5;
roughs. $34/4.40.
SHEEP AND LAMBS—Market *>idy,
prime wethers. ?1®.4.25; culls and common,
,T.o0®2.25; choice lambs, $'i.l0fcG.25.
| Evening. News Classified Ads.
i pz ■ ——^=x ::-■- ---^r --—*0=* \ I
No Ads. Less Than 10c. Extra Charge if Displayed.
clmraoter and good reputation in
entdi state (one in this county requir
ed) to represent and advertise old
established weatlhy business house
of solid financial standing. Salary
|21 weekly with expenses additional,
ail payable in cash direct each Wed
nesday from head offices. Horse anti
carriage furnished when necessary.
References. Enclose self-addressed
envelope. Colonial, Caxton Build
ing, Chicago. 3802-8-18-tf
HOUSES Foil ltl'.NT.
HOUSE FOR RENT—Desirable loca
tion, improvements. U. M. Van
Unseu & Bro., 231 Madison avenue.
HOUSE TO LET—No. 8 Ball Block,
Brighton avenue. Possession at
once. Enquire No. 2 Ball Block.
one or two gentlemen. 136 Smith
st. 4364-12-14-tf
improvements, with board. Good
German cooking. 45 Gordon st.
DELAY MAY MEAN loss. Take that
Fire Insurance policy today at lit)
Smith st. F. L. Brown.
STORES FOR RENT cheap. Enquire
at News office.
FOR RENT—A BARN and stable,
suitanlo for one horse. Enquire at
News oifioo. _3154-7-25-tf
sets are the popular thing. Orders
taken for studs, cuff buttons and bolt
buckles, also hat pins, at 111 Rector
YOUNG MAN desires position nt
anything. Warren Wiuaut, Folds,
N. .T. 12-28-4
aged man (Dane) with good recom
mendation as clerk in a grocery store j
or assist in any line of business. Ad- j
dress Vv. Beck, 8(i Shipman st.. New-1
ark, N. J. 4873-12-1 C-tf
Select Your
from our larjjo stock of Diamonds, Watch
es, Jewelry,silverware and Cut Glass,etc. ,
Honest Goods at Moderate Prices j
A.I1 goods guaranteed as represented.
99 Smilh Street.
If you liavo a vacant room, tho
Evening News can fill it.
K. Runyon. New Durham, Motneli- 1
en. 4545-12-30-3 '
FOR SALE—COAL yard and ico house
property, subject to short lease.
Bids received for sixty dnvs. Enquire
P. E. Gordotr, Miller st.
__3815-11 -8-tf
FOR SALE—High Grade 10 l.orso i
power steam engino and boiler. *
Second hand. Excellent condition.
Manufacturer, care of Evening News.
_ 4-8-tf
BOILER AND ENGiftE for sale at a
bargain. Stnrtevant 10 horso power
steam engine and boiler in A 1 romli
tiou, cost ¥11)0, will sell for ¥250. In
use 3 years. Address O. D., News
Ofiioo, !t-12-tf
FOR 8AuE-^FOUR_lots on Market '
st., near Goodwin. Address “Real
Estate,” Evening News.
FOR SALE—AT a bargain, house and
lot on Hall ave. Address "tiav
aaiu,” Evomug Nows ofiioo.
Choice lot on Smith will be sold
for $875 two hundred dollars down,
balance 011 small monthly install
ments if desired.
Tlie 1 Jishop Company
123 Smith Street,
Eeality and Construction
Business properties am! resilience in all
patts of the city for Halo for cash or ou
monthly installments
_ Fast Office Building.
“Turns Sack- Time *n Tin Flight.”
II.” Peru re.*: ji^l! lorjo by pro- i
serving youthful look -•. Kota
__ dye. DocsnotEtaiulinen. A
FREE trial bottle tu PHILO IIAY. 220 Lafayette
et., Newark, X. J. Largo Cue. jottlo ut drugglstu’. ^
E^ti o Outfl s for
y^'-v Plays,Entertainments anti Parties
Vet A full linn of Wigs, Tights, tboca etc.
%-for ,i t ur te it.
Perth Amboy X, .1.
Try an Ad. in the EVENING NEWS
II [Well Placed Money [
In fact, the best placed shoe money, 4
is that invested in I
I* Such money buys more style,
Buys more comfort,
Buys more wear than in any other
j You may make your selections
from several leathers, made on the
nobbiest lasts; whichever you choose
is bound to he satisfactory.
S( To help make a quiet week busy
, we offer these specials: ’

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