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I -=-=----r-r-.-'
The Monmouth Market
Drop us a card and have us stop for your orders.
■■I ■lllll 11 ll—l— *
Men’s Suits, worth $10, now. 5.00
“ “ >12-14, “ . 7.50
“ “ 515—18, “ . 0.50
Men's Overcoats, worth $13, now . 0.00
“ “ $15, “ .11.50
“ “ $22, “ .17.50
Boys’ Suits, worth 4.50-5.00. now. 2.00
“ “ 1.00-7.so “ . 1 . i»0
Men’s Fancy Vests, worth 2.50-3.00, new... 1.50
11 “ “ “ 1.50-2.00, “ ... .98
Boys' Sweaters, worth 1.50, now.09
“ “ 1.00, “ ..59
Men's Wool Hose, now.IO
Just Come and Look for Yourself.
-;----- I
L. BRIEGS, 91 Smith St.
—W. J. Donnell, owner of a local]
lumber yard. Is seriously ill at liis
home in Lakewood.
—Nearly a score of local bartend
ers will attend the annual masquer
ade ball of the Newark Bartenders’
Union No. Kll, to be held Monday
night In Newnrk.
—The directors of the Perth Am
boy Trust Company hold their annual
meeting at ;’>.4f> o'clock thisafternoon
-t&TrfStt officers.
—A meeting of Middlesex Coun
cil, Junior Order American Meclian
i, lcs, was held In the Jefferson build
ing last night.
—The slander suit of Joseph
Deutsch against Armln Tomascheff,
which was to have been tried In tile
district court this morning, was again
—The Laborers' Union officers
were installed last night.
Word Has Been lt.veived from the
Voting Men Who Disappeared
from College Friday.
ing Rutger's College suddenly
Friday, word has been received
Samuel Demurest, of Bergen
_ _ Howard Kirkbride Dills, of
FJemington. and Ken.ioih Sherman
Franklin, of Mohawk. N. Y.. three
members of the sophomore class, ni>o
in Brunswick, Georgia. Tito three
students, It Is said, became tired of
the college routine and went out in
to the world to seek thetr fortunes.
Kdwnrd Scaly I, of South Amboy.Pur
|i, ' chases Former Myers Place
From Frank Ross.
Edward Scully, of South Aiuboy,
has purchased the harbor shop at G!)
Smith street from Frank Ross, who
purchased it a short time ago from
Mrs. Charles Myers. Mr. Scully has
been employed In the shop as barber
for some time.
Professor Lit arson Spoke at Our Sav
iour's Danish Lutheran Church.
Professor Laursen. principal of
Oar Saviour's Danish Lutheran
school, delivered a lecture in the
school room last night liefore a good
sized audience. The subject of the
lecture was the organization of the
Lutheran church after the reforma
tion in Denmark In the latter part of
the sixteenth century and the first
fifteen years of the seventeenth cen
tury. The lecture was very Interest
ing and was appreciated by all who
I The lecture next week will he by
\ Rev. V. B. Skov. of the church, who
will speak on the history of the Luth
eran church.
Advertising lu the NEWS brings
good results.
New Brunswick Man Found atfoot
of Stairs With Skull
Special to the EVK.Vf.V6’ NEWS:
William Freese, twenty-two years
old, died as a result, of a fall down
stairs at his home hero last night.
He was found unconscious at the
foot of the stairs and it was found
that his skdll hud been fractured. It
is supposed that he tripped at the top
upon coming down, and fell.
Miwt at North and Moutli Brunswick
and Hope to Complete the
Hearings This Afternoon.
The County Board of Equalization
of Taxes is in session at North and
South Brunswick and expect to hear
the last appeals today. W. A. Spen
cer, clerk of the board, said this
morning that although this is the;
last session of the commissioners, if!
any of the appeals are held over, an
other 'meeting may take place next
week. The board will sign the re
mainder of the unfinished appeals to
day and tomorrow Clerk Spencer will
mall them to the petitioners.
Relief Will Soon Hold u Private
Affair ami a Masquerade Hall.
A meeting of Dana Relief Society
was held in Dana hall last night. The
second entertainment and reception
for the members of the society, which
was to have taken place Saturday
night, lias been postponed until the
following Saturday. An elaborate
program is being arranged for that
A meeting of the masquerade ball
committee, of which John ,1. Johnson
is chairman, was also held last night,
when further preparations for that
affair in Washington hall, February
1C, were made. The affair, which
will be private, will be one of the
social events this season. Five prizes
will be awarded for costumes.
Another Woman Is Fined.
Petranala Petraski. of 52 Hall ave
nue, was arrested this morning by
Special Officer James McDermott, of
the Lehigh Valley Railroad'Company,
on a charge of stealing coal. The
woman pleaded guilty mid was re
leased after paying a flue of $3.
Cadets Invite Veterans.
The Westminster Cadets extend to
the G. A. R. members of this city an
invitation to attend the exhibition
drill and inspection in the Presby
terian chapel Friday evening, Janu
ary 25 at 8 o’clock.
Hadn’t you intended to look over
the want ads. todavt
The Fashionable Pastime is
Roller Skating
Tin* Finest Equipped Rink
in The State.
New Brunswick Ave. and Jefferson St.
All Ball Pearinu' Skates.
The best of order Always* maintained.
The management reserves the right to
refuse admittance to persons who wiil 1
not obey the rules of rink.
We are open every day except
Morning Session, 10.00 to i2.o<>
Aftern’n “ 2.00 to 5.00
Evening “7.30 to xo.jjo
Admission . . 10c
Except Saturday.
Skates . . . . 15c
including wardrobe.
Middlesex Senator Introduces an
Important Measure Concern
ing the Official Ballots.
TRENTON, Jau. 24 :—At the close
of the final conference on the Sena
torial question yesterday the dtemo
crats named the following committee
to act on questions of prospective
legislation: Senators Sllzer, Geb
hardt, Hinchllffe, Cornish, Price and
Minturn and Assemblymen Baker,
Bradley, Holcombe. Lane and Klen
At a brief business session, preced
ing the joint meeting, half a .'dozen
bills were introduced and a few
others, including the one for an ex
pression of opinion on the election of
a United States siiiator at the party
primaries, were advanced. A bill to
make such a plan operative was in
troduced by Senatotr Sllzer.
The bill. In substance, provides
that il shall be unlawful for the offi
cer charged with the duty of provid
ing ballots to print ,upon tho official
ballot, or other voting device used at
any general election held within
twenty-five months after a primary
election at which the voters shall ox-!
press a choice for United States sen
ator, the name of any person elected
to the legislature at. tho general elec
tion following such primary, who
shall not in both separate and joint
session have voted for five ballots In I
each session for the person named
at said primary' election as the choice I
of the voters of tho party to which 1
said legislator belongs for the office
of United States senator.
Tills act shall not apply to cases
where the candidate so named at the
said primary election for United
States senator shall have died, de
clined by writing, filed in tho office
of the secretary of slate, or shall
otherwise have become disqualified
for said office.
The Supreme Court or any justice j
thereof shall upon presentation of pe
tlon have power to determine in a!
summary way, and after hearing evi-1
dence whether a name shall lie so
printed after refusal by the officer'
providing ballots as aforesaid so to j
Upon an order so,made, it shall be
the duty of said officer to follow the
directions tnereoi.
Black Horses Had a Wild Basil—
The Front Wheels Were Torn
from Body of Wagon.
A team.of black horses owned by |
Theodore Aqderson became frighten
ed on Madison avenue at 5 o’clock ■
last night, and, with a heavy wagon •
to which they wer^ hitched, dashed |
up the street as far as the templet
Shaarey Tfiloh, where they turned '
and again dashed toward their
starting place.
The wagon was badly damaged,
the front wheels being torn from the
body of the wagon at Market street
as the spirited animals were running
towards Smith streot. The horses
were finally caught and taken to the i
stable none the worse for their ex-1
to hear candidate.”
The Congregation Beth Mordecai Hus
Received an Application front
Rev, Joseph Shape.
Rev. Joseph Ci'.apo, of Port Ore
gon, will preach two trial services
Friday and Saturday before the Con
gregatioi tTetb Mo. decal. Ho has
I made an application for the post of
I rabbi of tl»" Temple Beth Mordecai.
which was recently vacated by Rev.
E. Ij. Solomon. He will be heard to
morrow at 5:SO and Saturday morn
iag at 8:SO o’clock.
/* _
It Is Believed that New Jersey Pro
jects will be Well Taken Care
of—Other New Jersey News.
CFrom the NEWS Cnrretnondent.)
WASHINGTON. .Tan. 24:—It was
Riven out yesterday that the'river
mul harbor bill would soon be report
ed. The exact items in the bill can
not be learned but it is pretty well
understood that the New Jersey pro
jects will be well taken care of.
Representative Howell ba^ been
advised that a pension of $30 a
month has been granted to Mrs. Mary
W. Lusk, of Fort Hancock, widow of
the late Lieut.-Col. James L. Lusk,
dating from Sept. 27, 1906; and also
a pension to .1 Pantos D. Herbert, of
English town, at $10 a month from
May G, 1906.
Representative Gardner has in
troduced bills to increase the pen
sions of Mrs. Mary J. Mervin and
Thomas T. Phillips.
Representative Wiley has had a fa
vorable report on the bill to increase
the pension of Frederick P. Guardl
neer of South Orange at $24 a
Representative Fowler has intro
duced a bill to amend section nine of
the act approved July 12, 1832 to en
tiuic uouiuu^ rtSBui liiuuub caicuu
their corporate existence.
Representative VanWinkle has
been advised that a pension has been
granted to James A. Stokes, of Har
rison, at $6 a month from Jan. S,
Pending further advice from Wash
ington, N, J., the body of Isac S.
Jones, who was found recently in his
home, li!6 D. street N W, will be held
by the police until his relatives Indi
cate what disposition they wish to
make with the remains. His sister,
Mrs. Hannah Miller, is a resident of
Andover and two nephews live at
Washington. Jones was found dead
several days ago and had been miss
ing three months.
Attorney General and Mrs. Bona
parte entertained the President and
Mrs. Roosevelt on Tuesday night.
Senator and Miss Kean wore among
those present.
Wm. H. Somers, of Camden, John
J. Deutty, of Jersey CJty, are at the
Normandie; E. Oscar DeCamp, of
Roseville, is at the Roleigh; J. II.
Naranee, of Cranbury, is at the St.
James. C. S. A.
for hosntaTbenefit.
The Proceeds of the Palace Arcade
Tonight, Will Go To the
Ladles' Auxiliary.
• -
This is hospital day at the Palace
Arcade and everything is in readiness
to handle a big crowd. The Ladies'
Auxiliary to the hospital board will
take charge of the Arcade at G;0 p.
m. and the entire proceeds of the
evening's entertainment will go to
the hospital fund.
An entire change of pictures and
illustrated songs has been arranged
for tonight. The vocalists will be
Arthur Colyer and Edmund de Mon
seigle. assisted by Harry Tierney at
the piano. These two singers will
alternate on the program so that each
successive audience will hear a dif
ferent selection with stereopticon il
Edward L. Grldley and Henry M.
Jones will have charge of the Arcade
for the Ladies’ Auxiliary.
Occurred Near the Stand Pipe at ltuii
yoit and Was Duo to Loosening
of Lead Near the Joiut.

A leak was discovered yesterday in !
the * 16-inch water main near the I
al'indnlDD fit P n n vnn Aaaiatiint Sin.. I
perintendont Hardiman and a gang [
of men were on the scene shortly at-1
terward and soon had the damage re- j
paired. The leak was caused by the I
load loosening at a joint.
Sow Brunswick's Facilities for Caring
for Patients to be Increased.
It was Announced today that this
city is to have two new hospitals,one
for the treatment of ordinary cases
and the other a home for incurables.
There is already a hospital here,
the Welfs Memorial. St. Peter’s
Cathode Church is to tsart another
which, like the Wells Memorial, wilt
be open for all kinds of cases without
question. The third is to be built
under the direction of Dr. Henry
Janeway, of this city, by Mrs. Francis
Eyre Parker, as a memorial for her
husband. This institution will be on
the outskirts of the city.
Fred Hirsehhorn Hail*.
Frederick Hirsehhorn, head of the
local cigar company, sailed Tuesday
for Europe. After an extensive tour
through Germany, France and Italy,
Mr. Hirsehhorn will return to this
city on or about June 1.
Half a dozen lines of type ma? ke
the link between you and something
von want. _
| Final Price Reductions!
I .-OF- I
Furs and Trimmed Hats
The extreme and unusual “backwardness” of the weather
is responsible for the phenomenal reductions in price wbieli
we have made on our stock of Furs and Trimmed Hats.
No matter what prices the articles have been sold at before
this—NOW IT 13
and here it is where you can stretch your dollar to make
I it the buying quantity of two dollars’ worth.
j. kreielsheimer!
117 Smith Street. |
(Continued from page 1.)
Albert Leon was introduced as the
man who belongs to a race which gets
the money. Mr. Leon laughingly re
plied and told a funny story witch
he said would illustrate how the race
to which he had the honor to belong
"got the money.” "The only thing
I could never understand,” said Mr.
Leon, “is, where you people get the
money that we take from you.”
Joseph B. Quick followed Mr. Leon
and spoke on the "Object of Organ
ization.” Mr. Quick spoke to the
point and told a number of interest
ing facts in regard to his subject.
"We are a body without factions,’1
said Mr. Quick, “and I think that in
'all organizations, factions should be
Judge Lyon a Speaker.
Judge Adrian Lyon was next intro
duced by Toastmaster Crowther, who
said the ex-assemblyman would speak
on the bar, "Not the Packer House
bar,” carefully added the doctor.
Judge Lyon told a number of facts,
and said that he had not chosen his
own subject, but would nevertheless
tell a few things about the bar. The
judge told a few stories to illustrate
some points, and was greeted with
much applause at the close of his
Toastmaster Crowther then made
a short address and told the members
that, one of their old comrades was
present and would talk to them. Dr
Crowther told of their members’ work
in this city at one time, and intro
duced Thomas Armstrong, of Phila
delphia, as one of the charter mem
bers of the Garfield Battery. Mr
Armstrong formerly lived in this city
and was a Schoolmate of Captain
Ferd Garretson. Later he went to
Philadelphia, where he became sue
cessful in business and politics tint1
president of the common council of
that city.
Mr. Armstrong s .vauress.
Cheering and applause greeted Mr.
Armstrong, and it was evident that
he had not been forgotten.
"Toastmaster, Captain Ferd, my
old girl, and fellow comrades,” said
Mr. Armstrong, after the applause
had subsided, "I want to thank you
for your kind greeting, and I am here
tonight, not because I had nothing
else to do, but becauso nothing could
keep me-away. I left this city a num
ber of years ago, but I did not forget
the place and my friends hero. 1
have said many times if there is a
garden of Eden it is my old home,
Perth Amboy. I have been success
ful in the city of brotherly love, in
fact every one is trying to give me
something. I am now president of
the common council in that city, and
while I have not always been success
ful in that work, I have always tried
to carry out my convictions.
'Things that are not morally good
can’t be politically right, and I have
tried to remember that motto. The
crown of success is not for the man
that does the most, but for the man
that does his be3t, and 1 always hope
every member of this organization
will do his best.
This afternoon I took a walk
around the town with Ferd and many
fond recollections were brought be
fore my eyes. We tool; a walk to
that little cemetery where we all
have departed treasures, and I want
to request that when I have passed
away that my hones will be brought
to this city for their final resting
place. I made a trip to Palestine last
year and in a number of places left
my card, with the address of Phila
delphia on it, but I want to tell you
that I also wrote the name of Perth
Amboy on the card. 1 tell you, com
rades, if there Is a garden of Eden in
existence, I never say a place that so
much resembled It as Perth Amboy.”
Mr. Armstrong told a number of
Rtories, and concluded his address
with a short poem.
Mr. Armstrong's speech closed the
ceremonies and the banquet broke up
at midnight. The affair was * In
charge of the banquet committee and
its success was largely due to their
world wide cold and grip remedy, re
moves cause. Call for full nhme.
Look for signature E. W. Grove. 26c.
ordered passed on its first reading.
A resolution providing for a loan
of $20,000 for three months, from
the Perth Amboy Trust Company, at
f Vz iter cent., was read and on mo
tion adopted.
Commissioner Convery presented a
■ communication from Street Commis
sioner Fullerton, who wished to have
the board act on the matter of widen
ing Smith street at a point opposite
the old city water works at Eagles
wood. The board dropped the com
munication, as the matter did not
come under their jurisdiction.
Several bills wero ordered paid
for supplies, extension repairs and
(Continued from page 1.)
but his name is not much heard aside
from (hat. State Treasurer Briggs,
who is also state chairman, is men
tioned but itis candidacy is not con
sidered in a very serious light.
Whether former Governor Griggs
could win in an open question. Sen
timent on his chances seemed about
evenly divided.
As to the democratic candidate the
igns yesterday favored Dr. Wilson,
resident of Princeton University.
In the first ballot lie received ten
'ot.es, and on the second he got (if- 1
een. This ballot stood sixteen for
Stevens and fifteen for Wilson. Nine
teen votes arc needed in the demo
cratic caucus to nominate the candi
late. It. seems likely that next week
Dr. Wilson will receive the caucus
votes of the Essex delegation, at least ■
a portion of those from- Passaic and j
enough from Hudson and the other '
democratic counties to give him the
South Shrewsbury River Reudy for
the Boats.
LONG BRANCH, Jan, 2-1:—lee
vachtsmen are again busy, the three
tnch ice which covers the South
Shrewsbury bringing out the boats
yesterday afternoon. The shallow
point course, where the big races are
sailed, is not yet fit for racing, but
will be by Friday if the present cold
snap continues. The fourth-class
boats sailed over the short course
yesterday afternoon, hnd this alter-]
noon boats of the South Shrewsbury |
river sailed over the short course for
the championship pennants. The
Board of Trade Cup is here, and will
be sailed for the first of the week.
Competition is open to all recognized
ice yacht clubs. The Shrewsbury
Club will also bring its yachts out to
day to sail over the short course.
The lonu, the new boat of Captain
John Vannote, was given her maiden
sail yesterday afternoon. She, is a
third-class yacht and very fast.
Zprincipals to meet.
Those Having Charge of the Public
Schools of the County.
The supervising principals of Mid
dlesex county wl,ll meet in New
Brunswick Saturday afternoon to dis
cuss matters of school interest '
throughout the county. It is expect- ;
ed that the question of teachers’ sal- ]
aries will be taken up. Superintend- i
ent Shull and several of the local
principals will attend.
Said Husband Beat Her. •
Mary Shultz, of 10 Charles street, !
reported to the police yesterday that ,
her husband had severely beaten her. t
She was advised to swear out a war- i
rant for his arrest, but. as yet no com- ]
plaint has been made.
The NEWS gives the news when it
Is news.
ECONOMY and want
Are seldom or never companion*. Thrttt is the
word for those who would n. t only keep the
wolf from the dour, hut have » dollar or i wo
laid aside for old age. bee how we he'P thrtlt.
We allow 8* inteieston ihe smallest deposits—
and cornpout d even that.
With one dollar von can open an account at
the Perth Amboy Trust Company.
-"this COMPANY
Is ft legal depository for the
of New J ersey. the County of Middlesex and is
also a depository for the municipal funds of the
City of i’ertn Ambov.
When on the trail for a thirst quench
ing bracer—follow the path that leads
you to the bar where Our Beers Are
Served. You will tiud its rich hop
flavor most pleasing to your palate. It
is a strength giver too, and just the
thing to make you feel right on a Janu
ary day.
Pilsner, $1.00 a box Porter, $1.00 a box
Pabst, $1.20 a case
The Hygiene Bottling & Distribut
ing Works,
The only exclusive wholesale and rectifying
house in the city.
254 O New Brunswick Ave Phone 108-K
Headquarters for Choice Mottled Deers.
Premium check with every case.
152-154 Smith Street
Great Western Buttling W’ks
Manufacturer of all kinds of Beverages.
Agent for Lembeok & Beta American Club
Bottled Beer
CAPERING $3.00 a room including
nice paper. PAINT(?iG S2.00
a room.
Shop—121 Fayette Bt.
Residence Fayette at. I
Choice Family Groceries, Provisional
etc* Fresh stock constantly received.
Cor Prospect and Smith Sts.
□ YOU arc thinking about having
your house papered, you should
consult us. \\ e have the most up-to
date line ever shown in this city* You
CAD Save MO npr PPtlt hutrimv hl<
H. Sliansold & Bro.
355 State Street.
Sterling Bottling Works
Bottlers of
Ballantines Beer
and dealers in Imported and
Domestic Beers, Ales, Porter
and Half and Half.
David Eisenberg, Prop.
43 New Brunswick Avenue
_ P«rth Amlioy. N. J.
Mr-H- Ellis
has been appointed a
Notary Public
Office: 1S2 Fayette st.
Dealer in Carriages, Busiress
Wagons, Farm Wagons, Eic.
—-Horse Commission Dealer
43 New Br’swick Ave. and door
R’uMw-Wl Mania
S. Mainzer, M. D.
Sucoewor to Dr. Howell.
294 Madison ave. Perth Amboy,Nji
OKFXOE HOI'HB:t ?$ £‘JtS fr &
t ' 6.80 R.on p.
EtR?MBC<S'.!7? briohtoh ave
pl»no movl* promptly «t&<lt£",tqr» “«

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