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Perth Amboy evening news. (Perth Amboy, N.J.) 1903-1959, February 08, 1907, LAST EDITION, Image 3

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A brilliant event featuring alluring arrays of new white merchandise at prices exceptionally magnetic. A WHITE SALE
, but so iar-and-uway ahead of ordinary White Sales, in point of quality, beauty and variety of stocks and richness of
values presented that we ve chosen a now and distinctive name for it—THE WHITE SHOWER. j
suBimcm br ch.’ tool, old . ,V, . . ALjlj BJIUK1
iliK blushing brides With linen_though pos- 1,1 depicting the beauties of the display. Our
sihly it would he nearer the mark If we eallcd the whole stoic is immaculately arrayed in .snowy
wonderful profusion of while tilings we have col- wldti-—-every counter, every shelf and table laden
leeted, a deluge instead of a shower. with crisp stnil's fresh from packing rases, redolent
BI T A SHOW KB IT IS lutclllH'.K, *" ' ' I*""' * I ■
Every Piece ol White Good.
been made oil all goods featnml in tills sale, and l n”1°.p pur poof is embraced in the event—and
anything chosen is yours «t a very considerable everything that's white is fresh, new, spotless,
saving. 4 .prominently displayed, and low prieed for tills spe*
♦ eial selling event.
Each Day of The Sale will Have Its New White Companies °f Specials to Keep Up the Enthusiasm to the Last
The White Shower off Lady-like Undermuslins
Worth White Values in Women’s High Grade Lingerie
.Splendid qualities from best known makers, perfect to the last detail in
material, make and finish—thoroughly up to the standard fixed by critical
women who appreciate the satisfying comfort given by full size, perfect
fitting, smoothly made underclothes—and priced to spell e-c-o-n-o-m-y.
Corset Covers, made of good r-.uslin, worth 3 5c, White Shower Price. JOc
Corset Covers, embroidery trimmed, made from good muslin, worth 20c,
Wlilte Shower Price . t7c.
Corset Covers, of nainsook, trimming of lace, embroidery and ribbon, value
25 c, Wliite Shower Price. 21c
Corset Covers, of nainsook, with trimming of torchon lace, insertion and
ribbon, value 50c, White Shower Price. 43c
Women’s Drawers, made of good muslin, with five fine tucks, value 29c,
White Shower Price. 23c
Women’s Drawers, made of cambric, with hemstitched ruffle, trimmed with
line tucks, another style made of fine muslin, with lawn ruffle and
four hemstitched tucks, value 45c, White. Shower Price. .35c
Women’s Drawers, made of muslin, trimmed with tucks and embroidery:
another style, of cambric, with hemstitched ruffle trimmed with
torchon lace, value 60c, White Shower Sale. 43c
Women’s Drawers, made of cambric, with lawn ruffle, trimmed with four
fine tucks, and insertion; another style, of muslin, with lawn ruffle,
trimmed with four fine tucks, and embroidery, value 8(5c, White
Shower Price . «3c
Women’s Drawers, made of cambric, with ruffle of fine Swiss embroidery,
edge insertion and four tucks; another style, with ruffle of lawn,
trimmed with two rows, of val. insertion and one row of val. edge,
value $1.00, White Shower Price. 03c
iwumuus uuwiis, uiuue ui guuu uiusiiu, vviiu yuuc .ubiukuluucu auu hub
tucks, value 09c, White Shower Price. 47c
Women's Gowns, made of fine muslin, yoke with four clusters of six tucks
each, and line embroidery Insertion, value S5c. White Shower Price 0.1c
Women’s Gowns, made of line cambric, yoke made with four clusters of
twelve tucks and two rows of fine Swiss insertion, collar, front and
sleeves trimmed with embroidery insertion, value $1.25, White
Shower Price . 89c
Women's Gowns, made of cambric, with yoke of fine embroidery insertion,
neck amf sleeves trimmed with Swiss embroidery edge, value $1.39,
White Shower Sale . ..... 98c
Women’s Skirls of cambric, with deep lawn ruffle, trimmed with torchon
luce and insertion, value $1.19, White Shower Price. 83c
Women's Skirts, of lino cambric, with rufflo of tine lawn and embroidery
and live line tucks, worth $1.39, White Shower Price. 98c
Women's Skirls, made of cambric, with deep ruffle of lawn, trimmed with
two rows of torehoii insertion and one row of wide torchon edge,
value $1.50,White Shower Sale .*.$1.19
Women's Skirts, of fine cambric, with several rows of lace and tucking or
hemstitching, value $1.75, White Shower Price.$1,3S»
Women's Choniise—French styles, knee length skirts with extra full
lace edged ruffle at knee.au assortment of handsome designs in yokes, with
pretty embroidered effects..
Worth 1.25. White Worth 1.49; White Worth 1.98; White
Shower price 89c Shower price 1 • 19 Shower price 1.39
The Jhite Shower of Sheetings, Sheets * Pillow Cases
Hundieds and hundieds of yaidb, and dozens and dozens of ready made Sheets and
Pillow Cases, all made of standard materials, and well made. No limit to the quantity
you may buy.
•1 2-inch, worth 16c, White Shower Pile*-. titc
45-inch, worth 17c, White Shower Price. 14c
54-inch, worth 22c, White Shower Price .... 181
72-inch, worth 28c, White Shower Price. 24c
81-inch, worth 30c, White Shower I*rice. 2Cc
90-inch, worth 32c, White Shower Price. 28c
42- inch, worth 15e, White Shower Price liHic
43- inch, worth 16c, White Shower Price ljj<.
54,inch, worth 20c, White Shower Price . , 10,.
7 2-inch, worth 26c, White Shower Price •»»,
81-inch, worth 28c. White Shower Price ~>4,
90-inch, worth 30c, White Shower Price. 2«c
All lorn and hemmed with wide hems.
72x90, worth 75c, White Shower Price. Ole
81x90, worth 80c, White Shower Price. 03c
90x90, wortli 85c, White Shower Price . . . 08c
7 2x90, worth 65c, White Shower Price. SOc
81x90, worth 70c, White Shower Price. OOc
90x90, worth 75c, White Shower Price. 04c
7 2x90, worth 80c, White Shower Price. 71c
81x90, worth 85c, White Shower Price. 75c
90x90, worth 90c, White Shower Price. 70c
4 2x36, of good quality muslin, worth 15c. White
Shower Price. 11c
43x36, of good quality muslin, worth 16c, White
Shower Price. 12<
4 2x36, hemstitched, good muslin, worth 19c,
While Shower Price. Kic
45x36, hemstitched, good muslin, worth 20c,
White Shower Price. 17c
r <;!! :,izc crocnei. ecu siueitUB, resumi < ", mine
Shower Price. 00c
Full size crochet bod spreads, regular $1.00,
White Shower Price. 8!)c
Full size crochet bed spreads, regular $1.25,
White Shower Price. $1.01*
run size crooner irea spreads, regular
White Shower Price..til.-5
Pull size Maraoilles bod spreads, regular $1.98,
White Shower Price.tjil.OP
Pull size Marseilles bed spreads, regular $2.98,
White Shower Price.Sii. iS
The White Shower
Of Table Linens, Napkins and Towels
Table Linens
r>s-lncli cream damask, several designs,' worth '•
29e, White Shower Price .. 22e
00-inch cream damask, always 39c, White
Shower Price. 310
60-inch cream damask, a’l linen, always 50c,
White Shower Price. 43c
M-Inrh cream damask, all linen, always 65c,
White Shower Price. 53c
BS-inch bleached damask, always 39c, White
Shower Price .*. 31C
60-inch bleached damask, always 50c, White
Shower Price. 43c
<*i-lnch bleached damask, always 05c,* White
Shower Price. 53c
* 2-Inch bleached damask, always 73c; White
Shower Price.
’-'-inch bleached damask, always $1.00, Whll:e
Shower Price. 83c
"2-imli Ideaebed damask, always $1.25, White
Shower Price..$1.05
Napkins sold at 7 3c, While Shower Price ...... 59c
Napkins sold at $1 .00. White Shower Price ..... 85c
Napkins sold at $1.23, White Shower Price . . $1.05
Napkins sold at $1.50. White Shower Price . $1.29
Napkins sold at $ 1 . 9.8, White Sltower Price ..... $1.05
Huck towels, 1X.\2i>, good weight, always 10c,
White Shower Price. 8c
Hltck towels, 1 9x4<>. extra quality, always 12V&C.
White Shower Price . 10c
1.hit'll huck towels, 18x28, line quality, always ' I
20e. White Show er Price.17c
Linen damask towels, 22x4 4, fine quality, 25c'
value. White Shower Price... 20c
I'ubleached and bleached Turkish towels, 18x20,
a regular lOe value. White Shower Price 8c
l it bleached ji mi bleached Turkish towels, extra.
heavy, 16c regular, White Shower Price.12>£c
Unbleached and bleached Turkish lowels, regular V) |
25c. White Shower I*rice. 17c
Good quality cotton toweling, sold at tic, Wliito
Shower Price . 4 He
All towellugs, sold at 8c, White Shower Price . 7C
All towellugs, sold at 10c, White Shower Price. . kuc
All towelings, sold at 12%c, White Shower Price lotbc
All towelings, sold at. 15c, WhitedShower Ih-ice .18c
_■ ■-’S • A! sj®
White Shower Specials for Men
UnlaOndred'White Shirts of fine shirtinj; muslin, linen bosom, neck and waist bands, worth
White Shower Price. . • ■ • "§5rU
Men s l Night Shirts, plain and fancy trimmed, with regular and military collar, worth 59c, IC.
White Shower Price.WC
at 9c at 11c at 13c
WORTH i2^c WORTH 15c WORTH 19c
The White Shower of Snowy White Dress Materials
Here's u chance to choose from the most beautiful and substantial products of
Foreign and Domestic makers at prices to suit the thriftiest housekeepers.
1U-1.M It H IIITK li.tH S
Fine quality, worth 18c. ..
Will to Shower Price. 1 1<*
Extra flue sheer quality, worth
White Shower Price. I OC
Soft and sheer quality, worth
18c. „ ^
White Shower Price. li . <*
Extra tine soft and sheer quali
ty, worth 33c.
Wldte Shower Price. 15C
:{() indies long, very lustrous mill f || J
silk like, in neat ligurcs, stripes $
and (lots, as well as plain Oxford j
weaves, worth up to 35c. J
White Shower I’rico. 20C
2,000 YARDS OF
Checked Nainsooks, latce Striped <
Pawns and Dimities, divided in three
lOc 12#c 14c
Worth up Worth up Worth up
to 12 Wc to 16c to 20c
White Shower of White Waists
WhitoJAfaists You’ll Wear.wilh Pride.
Ami your friends will think they cost u grout deal
more than wo arc charging. More Waist Winsomeness
was never offered you at smaller prices.
Fancy Lingerie Waists
made with fine tucked yoke in back and front,
also collar and cuff tucked and base trimmed
Fancy Persia Lawn Waists
White Shower of
Thousands of Yards
Of new, desirable patterns. You’ll find every width
here. Every yard is a bargain.
Worth 12‘/2c. 9c
Worth 15c.15£c
Worth 20c .15c
Beautiful French Lawn and Batiste Waists
Values i.00 at .79c Value 1.25 at.98c \alues1.49at .1.19
Space does not permit us to enumerate' them all here, but there are dozens and dozens of styles of
better ones that will all share ir. this White Shower Sale.
White Shower of Lace Curtains as Well
Nottingham Lace Curtains, ::<£ yards long, full
width, sold at. 98c, White Shower Trice. 8.»c
Nottingham Lace Curtains, of fine Nottingham
lace. 3% yards long, 60-in.' wide, regular price
$1.00, White Shower Trice.$1.21*
Ruffled Swiss Curtains, 3 yards long, full ruffle,
worth $1.00, White Shower Trice. 80c
Ruffled Swiss Curtains, extra wide, 3 yards long,
worth $1.50, White Shower Tricee.$1.10
White Shower Specials in Neckwear
and Handkerchiefs v
Just a look und you won’t bo able to resist this crispy '
allowing of stylish Neckwear and Handkerchiefs. The
White Shower is chock full of surprises. \
Women’s Handkerchiefs
Hundreds of dozens, bought for tills sale long before
prices of materials advanced, hemstitched, scalloped or
embroidered. We mention only 3 lots here. Many
more await you.
hot 1. I ait 2. Lot 3.
•tc 9c
Worth 8c. Worth 15c. Worth 18c.
Neckwear Specials—Turnovers and Collars
Worth i2j£c Worth 19c Worth 29c
at 7c at at
11 -■
1 bis Store W ill Be Closed reoruary (laiicoln’s Birthday) atlNoon.

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