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1 south sHunr.*
Trolley case"
Borough Council Defers Actior
Owing to Absence of
Company's Attorneys.
Regular meeting of the council was
called to order at 7:40 p. m. Pres
ent—Coumllnien Dev, Dewan, Fore
man, A, M. and J. H. Gordon, Bor
ough Counsel Pearse and Clerk Ful
ton. In the absence of Ills honor, the
mayor, President of the Council J, H.
Gordon presided.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved.
Bill amounting in total to some
SI.428 were ordered paid.
The clerk read the following peti
tion, signed by a large number of
property holders, etc: We. the un
dersigned, do most humbly petition
your honorable body that, as there Is
Buell opposition to the trolley on llor
dentown avenue, yon will change the
route so that the depot will be reach
ed by the way of Pine avenue and<
John street, and your petitioners wAll
ever pray, etc. On motion of Xfit.
Gordon it. was received and IJTil on
table until further disctissloiyof trol
ley matters. /
J. H. Gordon remarked Jiat lit! saw
a representative of the■ Jfrolloy com
pany present and would'' like to hoar
from him as to tho ,n'on-presence of
either Mr. Brown pr'Mr. Wilson, rep
resenting that company. Mr. Bangs,
superintendent <Jf the Jersey Central
company, remarked: I nave not
much to say'tonight. I notified Mr.
Bcoy'll atuJ/Mr. Wilson, ottr attorney.
” " 'ip&Svn Is unable to get here and
mis Mr. Wilson is not going to
ere. I should like to have this
uver until another meeting until
tu gel our people here.”
e clerk read the report of M.
Ct sey, of the fire department, stating
; that on the nineteenth he was obliged
jf;;' to remove box 63, located near the
Jfir yardmaster’s office of Pennsylvania
” railroad, which has been giving trou
ble for some time past. The trouble
was caused by acid or some substance
which formed a white coating on the
inside which made a contact and
grounded the circuit. Ho stated he
was holding the box awaiting instruc
tions, but would suggest it be not
placed so close to tho yard or tracks
again. He had advised the chief of
its removal, also the yardmaster’s
otfice. The report was recoived and
placed on tile.
Councilman J. H. Gordon offered a
resolution in connection with the
death of Bernard Roddy, expressing
the deep grief of the mayor and coun
cil and community at large, etc., and
providing that a copy of tho resolu
tion bo Bpread upon the minutes of
the meeting nnd a copy presented to
the family of the deceased. The reso
lution was adopted.
The financial report of tho borough
was as follows:
Balance borough account. .$ 1,740.01
Balance school account... 4,896.67
Balance water account. . . . 582.47
Balance all sources.$7,218.15
The report was ordered received
and filed.
Under delinquent taxes Mr. Poarse
first |)aiional Bank
Capital .$ 60,000
Surplus . 60.000
Ilihdivided Profits. 23.000
/Assets .. 650,000
On and after March 1st., 1907, will
pay Interest on Commercial Deposits
at the rate of two per cent por annum
on average dally balance of $600 or
over payable monthly.
Interest at the rate of three and
one-half per cent, per annum on bal
ances of $200 or over payable Janu
ary 1st. and July 1st. Deposits made
January 10, April 3rd, July 10th and
October 3rd, draws Interest from the
first day of such months.
President—H. C. Perrlne.
Cashier—R. C. Stophenson.
Directors—Benjamin F. Howell. '
Daniel C. Chase. Christian Straub.,
Henry Wolf, Harry Perrlne, Rufus
Rlodgett. J. Baird Perrlne.
Sick Headache
brain-fag, dull head pain, whether
• caused by overwork, biliousness,
constipation or stomach disorders,
yield quickry to the wonderful
curative properties of
Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c. and 25c.
reported thul he hud started proceed
ings to collect the old assessments.
That It had been necessary for him
to expend some money in court fees
and also for starches, that although
this money will be returned by the
collection of the assessments when
the proceedings are finished, he
would like to have the sum of $50
appropriated so he will not have to go
down In his own clothes for it.
Resolution by Councilman Dewan:
Resolved, that the sum of $50 he ap
uroprlated for the use of the borough
attorney for cost of proceedings In
relation to delinquent assessments.
Resolution was adopted.
''Councilman Foreman: 1 would
like to ask our counsel what is being
done with the hole-in-the-wall.
Mr. Pearse: I Intended to make
the statement some time ago, but It
slipped my mind. When Vice-Chan
cellor Stevenson came hack from the
south, I think the first of February,
he scut a letter to the various attor
neys who had business before him
and set a day for each case, and I re
gret to say he put down the hole-in
the-wall case for the twentieth of
March. We hoped to have it some
time in February, but he said he
could not possibly arrange It before
that time, so the hole-in-the-wall will
come off on the twentieth of March.
I'nder Poor, Mr. Pearse reported:
The overseer of the poor, and myself
have been doing a little charitable
work, strange to say. There Is a fam
ily here in town who live on John
siret'i; ooui me uoara oi neaun ana
overseer of the poor have been some
what worked up over the condition of
the children of this family, not prop
erly clothed, no bed to sleep on, noth
ing to eat apparently, no fire in the i
house, no windows in the house, very J
distressing condition. I attempted to
arrange so that we might take cer
tain proceedings and turn the chil
dren over to the State Board of Chil
dren Guardians or some other insti
tution which has the welfare of the
children in ntind and try to thrust
the expense, of it on the county, hut
I found the only way it could be done
was to make a complaint against
those people for neglecting their chil
dren and commit them and then to
turn the children over to the charge
of the overseer of the poor. That
was done last week. He spoke to the
mayor about it and I believe the chil
dren are now at the poor house. We
have thirty days !:• which we car
leave them there before they must be
turned over to the State Board unless
we are able to place them Bomewhere
else in that time. I might say I am
in communication with the society
known as the New Jersey Home So
ciety, which has its headquarters in
Trenton and looks out for finding
homes for children all right bodily
but poor. We may be able to place
them with them, If not they will 1>p
taken charge of by the State Board
i find we cannot put the expense of
them on the county, as there is no
county almshouse in which they could
be committed and apparently in this
county each municipality must take
care of its own poor. That means if
they go to the State Board it will
necessitate the paying of their board
until some place is found for them.
I saw the superintendent, a very de
lightful lady, and told her we did not
care to have any more Abbott bills
coming in and she assured me she
would use every effort to get these
children placed without expense at
the very earliest moment. Even
though we did have to pay for them
+ *!■ + » H- + » » 4- +
i j
' Stato and Smith Streets *
■ .i
r Cor. New Brunswick Ave., 1
»»•«■* *-»■♦ <4. 4. * 4. ■» 4. 4.
WHOM 1)0 YOl' THINK 18
Write her name on the line below. Cut out
this coupon and send it to M. SEA MON, Secretary,
care of Tue Acmk Underwear Factory, So. Amboy.
To the young lady in the employ of The Acme
Underwear Co., who receives the GREATEST
NUMBER of votes, will be awarded with a beautiful
This contest closes April 15th. Any young
lady not now in our employ may join us and be
eligible for same.
This coupon must be handed in by March 6.
pebth amboy news. Winner announced May I.
| it soernh lnhninnn6 almost to leav
them in the condition they were an
i the overseer of the poor and mysel
i thought we would take (hose pr<
' ceedings anyway and if the councl
did not agree with us in the motiv
I that moved us to do it, they ooul
censure us and tfc would be wlllln
to take the blame.
Upon,inquiry of Mr. .1. H. Gordo
he was informed there were three o
the children.
A. M. Gordon commented upon th
awful condition of the children, stut
Ing he had seen them on exceediugl
cold mornings with no shoes or Stock
Ings, out in the snow, and withou
any hat. Overseer of the Poor Lock
er also commented upon the distress
ing condition, Btatlng some Ide,
could be gained when he said the
looked as though they had first bee:
|coated over with kerosene oil, the:
1 had been greased with lard and thet
rubbed In some coal dust, and in th
lease of one all that was between th
child and the outer world was an ol<
I cotton shirt and that was torn hal
way down and put together with pins
Counsel Poarse Inquired as to tin
j work on Borden town avenue and wai
I Informed that the curbing has beei
| laid, but as yet tho (lagging is no
Airs. James Rea, of David street
has been quite 111 for n long time
having been treated by a number ol
local physicians for some time past
decided to place herself under tin
care of a specialist on the fifteenth ol
February she entered the private san
itarium of Dr. James A. Campbell, lri
New York, where she underwent an
operation which terminated success
fully and at the present time is re
covering rapidly, and if her recovery
continues with this rapidity of pro
gress she may be soon expected to re
turn to her borne.
LOCAL items.
Dr. Lyons, Sr., of the Catsklli
Mountains, visited our borough on
Saturday last and was entertained b>
Mrs. Philip Render, of Augusts
Miss Bessie Wilson, Mrs. E. Ham
ilton and Mrs. John Heston indulged
themselves in a very pleasant ride on
Washington's birthday by way o!
Trenton to Morrisvllle, Pa., and re
Miss Susie Patrick and Miss Lizzie
Patrick were visitors at South Amboy
and spent Sunday with Miss Miriam
Pearce, of Second street.
Miss Eva Lavee. of South River,
is spending some time with her moth
er in South Amboy.
It is rumored about town that Wil
liam Hehfuss, of Broadway, lias be
come a benedict by taking Miss
Maggie Nan for better or worse
through life.
The Leiderkranz Club, of South
Amboy, at their regular rehearsal
Monday night, was practicing some
new and very fine music they have
recently purchased. This hand of
singers lias become very proficient
under the leadership of Professor
The Daughters of Rebecca, Lady
Grace Lodge, are contemplating hold
ing an anniversary in the near future.
1 suppose the suspense will soon be
ended as to who will be the next post
master, as it is rumored that the
bondsmen of the late postmaster have
notified the authorities at Washing
ton that the placo must be filled as
they will not be responsible under the
existing state of things.
Mrs. William Woodward, of Main
street, had the pleasure of entertain
ing her nephew from Morrisvllle’ on
Sunday last.
Charles Carnell, of Main street, has
resigned his position with the Citi
zens Light and Fuel Company.
William Sexton, of Broadway, is
still confined to his home with the
Master Ambrose Hubbard, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hubbard, has
been very sick for some time past.
He was out for the flrsl time on Tues
iay and resumed his studies at the
jublic school.
Lazarus Sorrentlna, the shoemaker
)f Augusta street, opposite the par
H'hial school, moved from there on
I'uesday to the house owned by Mrs.
Berry on Augusta strei'.
The South Amboy 1,umber and
Sntstslt* Pnmnonv Via a oAiniiniiourl rrnl _
iug in a supply of lumber at their
tew yard. They were unloading sev
»ral curs of lumber on Tuesday. Their
dace of business Is located on Feltus
greet along the Raritan River Rail
A new building has been erected
tdjoining the South Amboy Lumber
tnd Supply Company's place of IjubI
less by Bohi & Fritz, of South River.
:t is intended for the manufacture of
nnbroldery, as soon as their ma
diiues arrive from Switzerland, as we
iearn these particular machines we
not made in this country. South
Amboy is looking jip in the way of
factories. We now have the Acme
Underwear Company, the IT. S. Khaki
Uniform factory, the Swiss Embroid
ery and the terra cotta, where a few
years ago we had none.
The person that weeks to smirch a
man’s character in an underhand
nnftiner that he may profit thereby by
securing to himself an office of public
trust is not a desirable person in the
community in which he is located.
Mrs. J. Walters, of Blazing Star
■ond, spent yesterday in Newark.
Miss Inez Woods, who hus bean
risking Walter Quin, hus retimed lo
jer home in Brooklyn.
The funeral of James Wisley, who
Rod Sunday, was held from his late
lome on Blazing Star road yesterday
norning. High mass qf requiem was
:Jlel>rated at St. Joseph's church at 9
j'clock by Rev. Father O'Farrell. In
erment was made in Woodbrldge
Mi>b. Boram and Mrs. S. Shuck
have been visiting friends in Bllza
Mrs. M. Bolapsky and daughter are
spending a week in Perth Amboy.
Mr. and Mrs. John Neflll went
sielghriding to Elizabeth Monday.
Bright Eyes Council. Daughters of
Pocahontas, met Monday evening at
Firemen's hall. Fourteen members
Were initiated.
i Miss Constance Murray is ill with
f tcnsllitis.
" A party of seven enjoyed "The Girl
1 and the Governor" at the New Bruns
J wick Opera House Monday evening,
i The third and last iff the Von Ende
’ concerts under the management of
Miss Miller will1 be given in V. M. C.
1 A. hall tonight. The program in
f eludes the following artists: Herr
Hans Schroeder, baritone, and the
• Von Ende String Quartet; Herwegh
• Von Ende, first violin; Samuel Saron.
’ second violin; Jacob Altschuler,
■; viola; and Modest Altschuler, violln
(| cello.
'I Mrs. George Tail is quite ill.
■ Miss Miller is visiting Mrs. Morris.
>i Miss Gertrude Stelle Is visiting
I friends in Philadelphia.
1! Mis. Clark returned to her home In
1 New York yesterday.
1 j Mrs. C. C. Campbell Is critically 111
jwith pneumonia, atfil her physician
'| gives very little hope of her recovery.
[ An Interesting musical entertain
ment will be given in the Baptist
i church, of Stelton, Friday night.
‘j The ladies of the B. I. E. are plau
ning for a luncheon, to be given at
! the home of Mrs. Frank Paulson on
J the ninth of March. Tickets will be
! sold at flfty cents each.
The Salmagundi Literary and Mus
ical Society was very pleasantly en
tertained on Tuesday evening at the
residence of Mrs. I. T. Spencer, on
Upper Main street. The program Cor
the evening was:
Plano solo. Miss Edna J. Brown.
Paper, “Washington's Military Op
erations in New Jersey.” Mr. William
Vocal solo, Miss Schmidt.
Paper, “The San Francisco Earth
quake and its urobablo Cause,” Mr.
J. H. Love.
Plano solo, Miss Whitney.
Reading, Mrs. W. H. Demurest.
Paper, “Social Upheavals and tffeir
Causes," Mr. Ellis Freeman.
i Miss Blanche Lausley, of Upper
! Main street, is able to be out after
! her recent illness.
I Mr. Thomas Brown is ill at his
residence in East Woodbridge.
Mr. W. H. Carpenter is having his I
| house, on Perth Amboy avenue,
I painted.
Mr. Ray Hancbck is ill tit his resi
j dence on Rahway avenue.
Miss Mazzur and Masters Frank
! and Joseph Mazzur. of Sewaren, are
| the gubsts of Mrs. Randolph, in Rah
| way avenue.
i Mr. F. Craig, of New York, was in
I town Tuesday.
At the bowling mateh Monday
night between the Bachelors, of Am
boy, and the W. A. A. team, on the
Woodbridge alleys, the W. A. A.’s
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Jone3, of Rail
way, spent Tuesday night with rela
tives in town.
Tickets for the turkey supper on \
Thursday night are only fifty cents.
The supper is given by the ladles of
the Congregational church.
Mrs. J. O. Pearson, of Brooklyn,
formerly of this town, is very ill with
J. J. Bolan and the M(sseB Bolan
have returned home after spending
a few days with their aunt, Mrs. J.
Mrs. John Leonard is ill at her
home. i
...i__ _*
The next meeting of the Huguenot
Engine Company will be held in their
bouse, near Amboy avenue, next
Thursday night, March 7. It is ex
pected that several matters of im
portance will come up before this
The United Contractors, of Jersey
City, who erected several buildings at
the foot of Huguenot avenue last year
and also the largo club house of the
Terra-Marine Club at that place, are
contemplating erecting several more
cottages during the coming sitring.
Another large shipment of pack
ages containing "The Homeless
Child," a paper printed at the Mission
of the Immaculate Virgin, Mt. Lor
etto, was made from the local post
office at this place yesterday. About
twenty-five of the laTge mall sacks
; were sent out in this shipment. This
1 makes about the largest shipment
| that has gone out from this office
I since the first of January. These
papers are sent all over the world.
! This lot contained papers for Eng
land, Canada and the western part of
I this country. The amount that will
be sent out from this office will ex
ceed all former years by about fi.OftO
papers. Postmaster Sprague and his
assistant, Miss Mitterway, were kept
busy from early Monday morning un
til yesterday morning cancelling the
stamps and getting the mail ready for
shipment to Now York city, where it
i3 sent out from the main post office
in that city. Another large shipment
will be made by express from the
local office, probably this week.
Leave “WANT” advs. at branch of
fices _
* Dyspeptics
If you arc too fat ft la because your food
turns to fat instead of muscle— strength.
If you are too lean the fat producing foods
that you eat are not properly digested end
Lean, thin, stringy people do not hare
enough Pepsin in the stomach, while fat
people have too much Pepsin and not
enough Pancreatine,
Dyspepsia Cure
contains ail the digestive Juices that ere
found in a healthy stomach, and in
exactly those proportions necessary to
enable the stomach and digestive organs
to digest and assimilate all foods that may
be eaten. Kodol is not only a perfect
digestant. but it is a reconstructive, tis
suo building tonic as 'veil. Kodol cures
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach.
Heartburn, Palpitation of the Heart and
Constipation. You will like it
Digests What You Eat
Rests the stomach, rebuild* the
tissues and gives firm flesh.
Dollar bottU holds | Froparod at tfco Lab- |
time* as ouch as tho oratory of E.O.DoWIM i
trlal^rJ^Ojsont^alio^ ^Oo^hfoajo^U^ijhJ
C. a. SAXTON, Druggist.
Thu general prayer meeting will be i
held in St. Mark's M. E. church to-1
night at 7:45 o’clock. The meeting
will be led by the pastor, Rev. J. B. J.
Rhodes. The pastors’ conference and
rally of Methodist churches In this
borough will he held in the church
tomorrow afternoon and evening. .1.
T. Egbert, of Mariner's Harbor, will
speak in the afternoon and Rev. doha
Krantz, I). I)., of (he Methodist Book
concern, will deliver the principal ad
dress in the evening.
Mrs. J. B. .1. Rhodes has recovered
front her recent attack of the grip.
Cornelius B. Rodner, of Pleasant
Plains avenue, purchased a fine leant
of horses in Brooklyn this week.
A meeting ot' Molly Stark Council.
Daughters of America, will be held
in (heir rooms In Amlcltia* hall to
A business meeting of the Wom
an's Christian Temperance Union was
held in the basemeht of St. Mark's
’hurch Monday night.
The next meeting of the Citizen
Engine Company will be held at their
house, in Amboy avenue, Monday
Several of the local members of
the Christian Endeavor Society will
attend the convention in the Reform
ed church, in Port. Richmond, tomor
row afternoon and evening.
Clarence George has returned
again after a few days spent with his
parents in Philadelphia.
.Tnunnh A nHpnvi'tfvi nf Amhnv ii vo- .
tnte. is slowly recovering from Ills
recent attack of the grip.
No date has as yet been set for the
social and entertainment of the Fifth
Ward Democratic Association. A
meeting will probably be held the
flrst part of next week.
A number of people from here at
tended the lecture In the Reformed
nhurch. in Huguenot, Monday night,
given by Richard A. Purdv. The
subject was “Othello,” one of Shake
speare’s best plays.
The Amicitia Quartet held a re
hearsal in their rooms Monday night.
Several new selections were gone
over. Tlie members of the quartet
are Frank Oechsli, tenor; Topsey
Walley, baritone; Thomas Moore,
basso, and Percey Marshall, second
tenor: George Harden, piano accom
A meeting of the Young Men's
Brotherhood, of St. Mark’s M. E.
thurch, was held in the library of the
thurch last night at 7:45 o'clock.
Further preparations were made for
heir entertainment to he held in the
■hurch March 22. The tickets will
be put on sale next week.
The Evening Euchre Club will be
mtertainod at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. John Peters, in Amboy avenue,
onight. Cards will be the feature.
Refreshments will follow.
Weather and Suicides.
Suicide travels in waves like various
kinds of crime, and in large cities
they come in rapid succession. Dull
November has been called the suicide
month, but August shows a larger
number the past year, and it is believ
ed that the great heat has a very great
deal to do with suicides. In extreme
cold weather there are few suicides
iu this or any mhor country.
ManZan Pile Remedy put up In
:onvenient, collapsible tubes, with
nozzle attachment so that the remedy
may be applied at the very seat of the
trouble, thus relieving almost instant
ly bleeding, Itching or protruding
piles. Satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded. Sold by Sexton,
Bookkeeping Stenography Typewriting
Teachers with years of experience in charge. Personal attention
is a particular feature. Students may enter at any
time. Day and Evening sessions. ,
Write Today For Circulars.
| !j TOTTEBYlttE.|
Three Boys Hail to be Rescued Hy a
While playing on the ice along the
‘shore near ihe trestle of the Staten
Island Rapid Transit at the local de
pot here, three boys, Charles Van-;
Winkle, of Johnson avenue, Frank j
Tysen, of Henry street, and Herbert j
Simonson, of Tyrrell street, all ubont ;
sixteen years old, got adrift on small
cakes of ice about 3:4f> o’clock yes
terday afternoon. As the tide was
running In at the time they were be-1
ing carried up the sound directly In
the channel and were In danger of be
ing washed overboard by the large
boats plving these waters, paptaln
Richard Pearsall, of the tug Jacob W.
Heath, of the Arthur Kill Towing
Line, hearing their cries for help, put
(but to rescue them with his tug and
brought them safely to the dock at
the foot of Main street. They were
probably drifting around the river
about an hour before they were res
cued. When they were brought in
their clothes were wet as the ice had
become softened in their efforts in:
running back and fotsh on it trying;
to attract the attention of some pnss
ing boat to rescue them. There being
so much ice along the shore no small j
boat could,be gotten oul to them.
They were around last night telling
of their experience.
The fourth quarterly conference of
St. Paul’s M. E. church was held in
the lecture room of the church last
night. Presiding Elder Daniel Hal
leran, D. D., of the Elizabeth district,
presided. Reports were read from
the several societies of the church
and the usual transaction of business
was gone over. Rev. Robert A.
Brown, who has been pastor of the
church for the past three years, is ex
pected to be returned by the coming
conference. At the third quarterly
conference it was asked that he he
returned for another year. Mr.
Brown has made many friends since
he has been here and is well liked by
his congregation.
A meeting of the fair committee of
the Church of St. Stephen was hold
at the home of Mrs. C. T. Smith, in
Johnson avenue, last night. A num
ber of the members were present.
The date for the fair has been set for
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May
•2, 3 and 4, in Knights of Pythias hall.
Preparations will now go right ahead
and the ladies of the church and com
mittee expect to make this one of the
most attractive fairs that has ever
been held in this place.
The Board of Estimate has ap
proved the proposal of the local bor
ough officials for the acquisition of
sites for section houses to he used by
the bureau of street cleaning. One
of the sites will bo at Rosebank,
which will cost $9,000. Ono at Pori
Richmond to cost $1,700 and the
third will be ut West New Brighton,
which will be procured by condemna
tion proceedings. It Is thought that
one will he established here also.
Arthur Price entertained a few of
Ills friends at ills home Tuesday night
in honor of the anniversary of his
twentieth birthday. The evening was
pleasantly spent in music, games and
dancing. Supper was served at. an
early hour, which all thoroughly en
joyed. The guests departed at a late
hour wishing him teuny more happy
returns of the day.
A rehearsal of the choir of the
Church of St. Stephen will be held
after service tonight.
Court ToUenville, Foresters of
America, will meet In the Lehman
building tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. Abram Cole, of Man
hattan, entertained Mr. and Mrs.
Gabriel Dissosway, of Riverside ave
nue, Washington’s blrthdfiy.
A food sale will he held in the lec
ture room of St. Paul’s M. E. church
Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
A meeting of Wasniugton Council,
Daughters of Libert”, was held in
Mechanic hall last night.
Tho T T 'T Soninl Plith will moot 1
ct the home of Miss Ethel Rogers, in
Raritan Bay Parl^, tomorrow night.
The Montauk Social Club will meet
at the home of David Coleman, in
Amboy avenue, tonight.
Miss Gertrude Fountain, of Main
street, has recovered from her recent
attack.of pneumonia and has return
ed to her duties at the local telephone
The Fleur De Lis. Euchre Club will
be entertained at the home of Mrs.
William Mathes, in Fisher avenue,
tomorrow afternoon.
The flag is displayed at half mast
on K. of P, hall for Rinalder Fisher,
one of the members of the lodge, who
died Sunday.
Tonight is ladies night at the
Aquehonga Club.
A meeting of Local 1388, Carpen
ters Union, was held in the Lehman
building last night.
Mrs. Anna Warford, of Rochester,
formerly of this place, is visiting
friends in town,
A. M- Sprague was a visitor In
Manhattan yesterday.
Mrs. H. Kreps and grandson,
Arthur Kreus, are visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. .George W. Moore, in La
fayette place.
Mrs. Lena Cole, of Roselle Park. N.
J., Is visiting her brother, W. D,
Frerichs, in Amboy avenue.
Arthur Kill Council No. 1,408,
Royal Arcanum, held a well attended
meeting in their rooms in K. of P.
hall last night. Several applications
were received that will be acted upon ;
at the next meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Arnill. of Black
stock. Canada, spent Monday and
Tuesday as the guests of Mrs. Arnill's
sister, Miss Emma Parr, of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnill were here on
their wedding tour.
Rennie King is still seriously ill at
his home in William street.r
Special Announcement Regarding the
National Pure Food and Drug Law.
We are pleased to announce that
Foley’s Honey and Tar for coughs,
colds and lung troubles is not affect
ed by the National Pure Food and
Drug Lnw as it contains no opiates
or other harmful drugs, and we rec
ommend it as a safe remedy for chil
dren and adults. Sextton’s Phar
macy. _•« rib,- t# M-W-F
jVrjJjte L-j; “ S,.,’ .. ' v.v.i
Because it contains the very
elements needed to rebuild
wasting tissues and replace
feebleness with strength.
We return mdney if it fails to benc6t.
r i vryifiv
Rev. James H.« Northnip. of Perth
Amboy, Made an Address.
An interesting program was given
ft the parents’ meeting held in pub
lic school No. 1, in Academy place,
yesterday afternoon. Principal N. .1.
Lowe, of the school, presided. He in
troduce# the speaker of the after
noon and was in charge of the pro
gram. Rev. .Tames H. Northrup, of
the First Presbyter*n church, ot
Perth Amboy, was t lie principal
speaker. He gave an excellent ad
dress to the parents and teachers of
the school in regard to the duties of
the parents to further the best means
for the education of the children. Ho
also told of the many hard tasks that,
the teacher had to go through in
teaching the children. His remarks
were good and appreciated by all.
Miss Mary Saleski. head librarian
at the New York city public library
in Amboy avenue,, gave an address on
the work that the unite library was
doing toward the education of not
only of the scholars of the school, hut.
also among (he older people. She
also explained the workings of the
library briefly and extended a cordial
invitation to all Io visit that place
and become one of Its patrons. The
program that had been arranged by
the teachers was carried out.
Miss Bessie Cronk rendered two
piano solos and eleven boys of the
school sang two two-part songs,
"Dance of the Elves,’’.and “Erin, the
Tear and the Smile.” Miss Lena
Hoehn accompanied on the piano.
Professor Lowe made a few re
marks in which he thanked Mr
Northrup in behalf of the parents and
the teachers for his address, after
which he invited everyone downstairs .
Io partake of refreshments. A social
hour followed, at which everyone
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The platform was tastefully decor
ited with flags and hunting.
The Staten Island Christian En
deavor Union will hold a convention
in Port Richmond Reformed church
tomorrow afternoon and evening.
Walter E. Sharrott, of Main street.
Lhls place, president of the union, will
preside. In the afternoon several
pastors will speak on "Christian Citi
zenship.” Refreshments will be
served between sessions. The feat
ure of the evening will he an address
by Rev. C. D. Case, Ph. D.. first vice
president of New Y’ork State Chris
tian Endeavor Union.
At the annual meeting of the Stat
en Island Boat Club, held at the Cove
last week, the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year; Presi
dent, Edward W. Gould; vice presi
dent, Frank C. Jansen; secretary.
Oliver T. Johnson; treasurer, Henry
W. Miller, Jr.; captain, Edward M.
Sextdh: governors, Nicholas A. Don
nelly, Norman H. Donald, R. Edgar
Williamson and Paul Voss. Prepara
tions are complete for the annual din
ner to be held Saturday night.
Foley’s Honey and Tar cures the
most obstinate coughs and expels the
cold from the system as it Is mildly
laxative. It is guaranteed. The
genuine Is in the yellow package. Sex
ton’s Pharmacy. M-W-F
Lareest circulation—enough said
Perth Amboy to New York:—5:10,
5:10, 7:00. 7:30. 7:30, 8:00. 8:0d. 8:62,
1:52, 10:52, 11:48 ft.m., 12:48. 1:53, 2:63.
1:35. 4:33, 0:33, 6:35, 7:65, 9:05, 10:18,
L1:18 p.m.
Sundays Rnd Legal Holidays.
6:15, 7:47, 8:47, 9:47. 10:47, 1 1:47 a.m.,
12:47. 1:47. 2:4*7, 3:43. 4:43. 6:43, 8:48.
b 10, 9:40 (11:18 p. rn H'di'iayH only).
New York to Perth Amboy:—6:00,
7:00. 6:00. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.in.. 12:00
n., 1:00, 2:00. 2:40. 3:40, 4:40. 5:15, 5:30.
1:45. 6:'o, 6:80, 7:40, 10:00, 11:80 p. n>
2.80 a. m.
Sundays and Legal Holidays.
7:20, 9:00. 10:00. 11:00 a.m.. 12:00 m..
1:00. 2:00. 3:00, 4:00. 5:00, 6:00. 7:00.
1:0°. 9:80. 11:00 p. m. 112:80 a. m. Holidays
Leave Perth Amboy daily:—5:10, 6:10,
1:32. 7:00. 7:30. 8:00, 8:52, 9:52. 10:25,
10:52. 11:20, 11:48 a.m., 12:20, 12:48, 1:35.
1:53, 2:20, 2:53, 3:35, 4:00, 4:33, 5:00,
1:33, 6:10, 6:35, 7:05, 7:24, 7:55, 9:05,
10:18, 11:18 p.m., 12:60 a.m.
Sundays and Legal Holidays.
6:15. 6:45, 7:47, 8:20, 8:47. 8:47, 10:47.
11:20, 11:47 a.m..,12:20. 12:47, 1:20, 1:47,
1:20, 2:47, 3:20, 3:43, 4:20, 4:43, 6:80.
1:43. 6:20. 6:43, 7:30, 8:10, 8:45, 9:40,
10:20. 11:18 p.m.
Leave Tottenvllle dally:—1:33, 6:56,
1:22. 6:42, 7:10, 7:45, 8:12, 9:06, 10:05.
10:40, 11:05. 11:30 a.m., 12:05, 12:80,
1:05, 1:35, 2:05. 2:30. 3:06, 3:43. 4:10,
!:«. 6:15, 'g;«, 6:«3, 6:50. 7:14, 7:88, 8:18
1:48, 11:03 p.m., 12:33, 1:38 a.tn.
Sundays r^d Legal Holidays.
6:30, 7(16, 8:00. 8:35.* 9:25, 10:06,.
11:05, 11:*) a.m., 12:05, 12:30, 1:05, l:3g.
!:d5, 2:30. 3:n5, 8:30, 4:05, 4:30. 6:?t
1:30. 6:06,; 7:05. 7:45. 8:18, »:0%.
.. ""03 a.m.
f;<C L^BRO 1

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