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3MC«ir orders F-illed Except Otner^ ise ^tated. . /• / ^
1 ~Y> 1,,Tm» »T n^in/ Day-* BargljnrhT The Ne^ Basement for Hurried Readers. *» J :
1 r ^Tr.'1 rV k.-- —*— - - "■ 1 Women . Man-pellorea Sprln« Bulte..»7.TS | B«1 Sheet.; full el«e: 60o. velue...,....«*« J
t Klemerr.Mc. Ho.e Suppmc;-.; palr...nc Bov.; Wc. Kn«0f ■.V.'.lt’s DFVTAtIRANT EIGHTH f)FLOOR f Mohair.'.', !«£ ™o« ^h 'l^waer: on. to .> «««««..»« k
j Women'. $1 Houm Vnppcrv..* *°>| SeBlou«e*B.l cclom..9c IJ * RFCtlAUHAJ^i ^ AJWA A At #/ _# X W_ Women’. $8 Cloth Top Button ahoe...»l.»7 Heir Bm.h«; velu« up to 75c.W. ¥
A C*wt Cover*; neatly mining. ho*.g. Nc*l!gp« Shirt..20c 1 ^ W W Hi M Women’■ *3 OxfoM Tiei and Ba-*i Me HubbT Qlovy; Bo. ritoM.....»C |
W Cambric Night Gowns. • _ vu;n,g * NcgU^©e Shin- 29c I## U B BIBBMMM Bm ■ i# M Embroideries; manufacturers' sample*; yd. Be French Bristle Tooth Brushes..So I
[ rs^S«?»r^j S.’“:::::;.fS d Uilio&trlv L//VILFfU! U>KSU» KSSSiSaS'Ss.e"
: t sssrsa:::?: -ss w»s=nj: . 7™®%^ »sTBEET.rnew YORK. asnscusd: SBMffle-as I
f Womens 2To. *•**“* , ]0c FaJst Black Hose.0c __ . - ■ ■■■ '■■-^rr===^SISS5S! 1 li.iwwU JniVrS W
l fi.50 Cornet Floxlbone Corsets........48c j . i '■■ 1 '* ——-.. I ■ ■ ■■■ — ■ ■■ ■ ■ ——■
j ---=^ The New Bargajn Basement Opens To-Morrow. 1
Remarkable Values for the First Great Friday.
! AT 8 80 SHARP to-morrow morning we will throw open the doors of this great new"diiferprise. What a wonderful array 1
I of unprecedented barpain surprises awaits you! Read eve[y .re unamrounead and |
/ £ We luvve worked for months, keeping m mind the one fixed j^jpo r0ohies that will serve to fix the new Basement indelibly in their minds
m- ; Y remembered occasion—a day when each patron will carry away genuine bargain tiopines that will sene to 1
... You. York’s acknowledged headquarters for trustworthy merchandise at the lowest possible prices. . 7
iC.l . WARTHV nv ntotf- Tim now Raiment Salesroom has high ceilings, wide aisles^ perfect ventilation, eight elevators running to i •
I L tT A,.„f Etwo KbfSl ° All^appointments "am hjgdgf ,n'eveTpartTculfr. together with all the modern facilities for satisfactory dropping, f
(Smart Dress Hats at *4.98
Handsfwrhelv and fashionab y
trimmed. Wyntend to make S4.9? H‘ jj
our new Basafrent just as famous the world mer 8*^^.
higb-pric.d/ats are. Friday we make our in ■> Q
ofer ngjJJrd you can depend uponlit /g
we’ve ifrer,ie,i T immed Dre s Ha / ja.1 ,, -
that w(Kl at once make th's section nolci ^
foylfflr lest $4.-98 Hat in America..
J?*ch ere tion is from our ow n workrooms, and
has a' smart s.yle and indiv duality ol
I it above and teyond the. ordinary haekney
] A usually sold at and up to
m$~'' it Sample Shirt Waists 98c
i <50 Women’s Sample Waist:—Fine White
J I lawns and batistes Only ore sire, 36 b''*--but 98c
/ if $l.iO to So.00 \slues, While this lot lastsat
/ 1 300 $1.48 Madras Tai orcd Waists 6^.
4 450 Worr.en s $U5 White Lawn Waists “Be
I 25,000 Yards Printed
T Batistes and Organdies.
A resirable for ^ ’lists, Shirt st
A 5unf, l-.ou-c Uses, Wiapr.ers. Ki",',n"s’.
T Sacques and ( hltdreu s School Dresses. Ml k‘rd*“jR°^
1 doto! small and argr figures and aU torts of floral d
A a'gne—both light and dark grounds—^0 icd.es and ana
7 all perfect poods. A limit of 20 yards to /4 l/■»
* each customer. On Farpaln Table No. 3. ‘
i In the Eargain Basement nt, per yard.
4 Bargains—Toilet Articles.
| 10.000 tons "Lye ns” Tooth Powder—enc gfi
A to each customer; veiy special, per bo:..
/ 2,000 Hair Brushes—vaucs up to 73c.; pAc
t a sale you’ll always remember; e ch.
1,000 pairs 59c Rubber Glovc3 29c
If 3,000 Irench Brist’e Tooth Brushes- q
I values to 20c.; in the basement at. encli. .. u
50c Hose Supporters at 11c
3.000 pairs “Kl( inert” sample line, pin-on and
•ew-on styles; all ct.lors; some sl.glnly soiled; 1 1 ^
worth from 25c to 50c. In the ta ement, per pair XXV,
*1 House Wrappers 58c
58c for Percale W rappers —yoke
jronl and back trimmed with lancy Lra.d-collar
and cuffs finished with braid—deep rufile on bottom of
■kirt; in navy, red, gray and black figures.
i, Women’s 35c Underwear, 12
J Women's bprlnfl weight \ ests. lisle thread. In
y regular and extra sixes—some arc straiglit Swiss rib vests
l . —otters arc shaped in regular extra sires; also lace
\ k trimmed umbrella pants For the Bargain | n ,/
] j j Basements vuluea from 95c to 35c at. X« - V,
f i Muslin Underwear at 9c
i Q/» for ***c C°r9et Covers, in two styles,
L high neck nnd low ne< k effect*.
4 RRf* ^or Night Gowns, good muslin.
y wOv. yoke trimmed, with clusters of tucks.
L 35c Framed Pictures 19c
’ Butch Fitfures, also subjects by
) Ho«anl Chandler t hrntv and o.her lamous artists—a
fi inch .hardwood frame—sire ‘txl! inches. • In the iq
¥ Bargain Basement, 35c pictures ut. LifC
$ BoyV 69c. Pants at 29c.
lust l,0i]0 for Opening Day. Such ga menta
i were never lielorc in at any such prices. Mane in ten
I different designs, including plain blue—both straight
and Itnickbncker pants up to l<> years, and bloomers
for boys up to 10 years. Every pair
t double taped. Valuer, up to Cflc. I’er
i Boys’ 1T4 Suit*, wlili two pairs of Pants $2.59
1 500 Boys’ (i'i Rc.rt Kc:iirs. 2.39
. T 650 Eovs’ 1 an Covert Kee.ers.... 1.98
1,000 Boys’ $l.SO Wisn ’.uits .49
f Sheets and Pillow Cases
1COO Full 3l?e Bed Sheets—seamed—s 1 xno;
all perfect. Regular 50c value. Limit, 6 to qq
corn customer In the Bargain Basement.
33,000 1‘illow Cases—Various sizes and
< ualities—wo-ti up to l tcea h—made of yard-wide
muslin. 'Limit, one dojen lo each customer. On <y
, Bargain Tabic In the Basement, each. I C
New Spring Dress Goods.
New Dress Gjods for 1907 Suits—worth from oQ 9^. AOr»
66c. to 98c; at, per yard.
New Jprirnt Tailor Su.llntfs—checks and mixtures-plaln oq
Mohair bicil.an and all wool Panama; in the Basemruit; at. OWC
9Sc Imported tancy In^lish Mohair—all wool Tailor aq„
Voile and Storm Serge; in the Basement; at. t!IJC
*1.50 Gloves, 69c
A sale of Women’s Gloves
that will create the greatest baying
enthusiasm this or any other stone has
ever known.
That ought to tell the bargain
story, and me best pare of it is they
came to us by chance, through a
manufacturer's mistake, these gloves
—ordered to be eight-button lengtn—
were cut short. \ve secured them at
a very low price and offer them for
Opening Day at t9c a pair.
$1.50 Imported Glace or
Dressed Jvid Mousquetaire „
gloves; special at.
3,000 Itrs o; Sample Gloves
ot Lisle thread and taffeta; 50c
and i5c. gloves; In the Base- •»
$2.50 Petticoats, 98c.
for PercaDns Pet
ticoats made witn accordion
pleated t.ounce, edged with narrow
run,e, wide umbrella style, in black.
98c for 150 to 2*50 Pftti"
coats, in several styles in
black Saieen, 1 cauuc bole, Heatiier
hloom Serges and other materials.
Some trimmed with uc.ordion pleats,
run.es, tucks, circular bounces. Also
many other styles. Great bargains.
Handkerchiefs 2]c
For Ope .ing Day you may
choose fWfci fully lojjoo r.andker
chiefs. Don’t let the bw price keep
you away from this real bargain
treat 'lhese handkerchiefs are man
ufacturer’s reyeche—raa iked seconds,
but you cannot find the taw.
Handkerchiefs for men, women and
children in the basement at
2Kc, 5 c 8 c.
Infants’ Dresses, 19c
1 Lies for Chi.dren’s 29c u.ng
ham Dresses—yoke tr.mmed
with fancy braid, in red, pink and
blue. Sizes, 2, 3 end 4 years.
50c Roses at 29c
50 d^z. Rose Montures. Six
hoses and Foliage in packet ; del
icate colorings. A regular OQ/»
50c. bouquet. Special at.
100 Cartons Imported Muslin
hoses—3 roses in a bunch—all beau
tiful shadings—two-regular -« C „
25c. bouquets. Special at..
27c Ribbons at 19c.
3,000 yards of beau.iful qual
ity imported Fuille Ribbons, white,
pink, fight blue, mais and black. A
regular u7c. yard Kibhon, 1Q»
in the Busemeut at..
1,000 New Spring Suits
batin-lined Eton Jackets.
These were expressly created to impress upon
you the excellent style standard'of the new Basement
—to prove to economical shoppers that it’s possible to make garments
poskess.ng superior lasnii n excellence at a nominal price.
ltiude or an excellent quality of 1 unarm in blue, black and ffi mggm 70
brown—Eton Jacket, trimmed with silk braid, satin lined— S' r / • • ”
new pleated model skirt. Would be considered wonderful M
value elsewhere at $13.50. in ihe Simpson Crawford Bar- 9
ga n Basement Friday.
ift QIL for Women's $10 Silk Jumper Suits—smart, effective
styles—made of fine taffeta—all Spring U*0/ new shades.
$1 A Q 7 for Women’s 425 Tailor-Made Suits—made of the new
-***•*' I erhiffon Ktnama—new desiruble colors—Eton jackets, serai
anil snug fitting—handsomely trimmed.
>9 Q7 for Women’s $5 Spring Jackets—full loose box back
I model; 2d inches long—black broadcloth and tan covert.
nQ7 for Women’s $2.25 Walking Skirts-black, blue and
•«* • brown, in me Lon, cheviot and Panama; kilted and pleated model.
*1.97 for Women’* Sample Wash Suits. Very special.
Misses’ Suits and Coats. ,
*7 79 for Misses' #12 new Coat Suits in Panama and new mtx
* * * 17 tures. tveal smart stylish creations.
*3 97 for Misses’Coats in all- &Qc ‘or Girls’ *1.50 Dresses
y * wool laucy mixtures. _a|j the newest wash mate
*1.94* for Misses’#2.95 Skirts ’riais a„a designs. Wonderful values
in banama, Sicilian and
I new Spring Novelty Checks. await you ere.__
Oilcloth at 9c. yd. i
Choice oi marcled, tans, j
blue and white and ull the
popular styles for table use q _
slight factory imperfections. •7C
Opaque Window Stiades
at Oc each—choose trom tne best
colors—complete with slat, bracket,
etc.—31 to 36 inches wide by 78 q
inches long. Mill seconds at.. o'
Odd Lace Curtains.
Mill second, of tine Nottingham and
Scotch Lace Curtains—3 and 314
vaids long.
29c, 19c £y 12' c.
Ruffled Muslin Cur
tains at 33c. a pair—1,000 pairs of
dainty and durable muslin, well
made, 8,W yards long aud 30 q,.
inched wide, at..... OOC
Household Linens.
ia«c. Hemmed Huck Towels
—5,000 grass bleached, witli q
red borders. Each.
$1.10 Bleached Damask Nap
kins—400 dozen Union Unmask Nap
kins — full bleached — 19 OQ
inches square. Per dozen.. CJI7C.
59c. Hemmed Dice Restaurant
Napkins — 10,000 siUer bleached—
hemmed and ready lor use.
Exce llentquality. Per dozen «JI7V.
29c. Table Damask—200 pieces
of Union Table Damask—excellent
for Kitchen Clo.lis und lies- -s q
tuurant use. ’lard. AUC.
$1.19 Hemstitched Lunch
Cloths—),a00 cloths; very strong
aid serviceable—good size, oq
New 1907 JbmDroiaeries.,,
We really dislike to quote such a low price in
connection with such high-class embroideries, but tuese,
too, have caught the bargain spirit.
Manufacturer's sample lines, embracing 10,000
odd lengths, widths, odd materials acd broken assort
ments—edges, Insertions, Bands, L’louncings, skirtings,
Corsit Covers, worth up to toe. a yard,
2c., 5c. and 9c. a Yard.
50c Sample Laces at 14c.
We never had an opportunity to show jou just
what we could do in the way ot low-price laces he tore.
We re going alter a reputation equal to our upstairs
department on the very first Bargain Basement an
nouncement. Laces worth up to 60c. a yard.
Fully as,000 yards of all kinds of Laces—pos
itivelv the greates. values ever ot.eied! Rich, handsome
designs in torchon, cluny, blackand white and \ al.laces.
At 2c - 4c - 9c and 14c.
Allover Lace at 24c. yd.
That’s tr.e startling price, and^ust
think oi u—there a.e over uu styles, and some ot tuem
are worth up to »9 per yard! The most wonderful array
we’ve ever uttered, and you know what that means.
Waistings, Ailovers, Yokings,
18 to bu .nenes vv.de, Emcroidery Nets, trucroidered
Vais, French Waitings, Lnglish Waistirgs, Flatten
Ailovers. Valais Ailovers, Vemse, Cluny and catiste
A.t 24c., 39c. and 48c
Messaline Pongee, 34c. yd.
U.000 Karas Satin Foulards—All polka dots,
in navy, brown and black grounds—all size dots; oc.
6lJe. value. In the basement at, per yard.
5,000 Yards All-Silk Co.ored Pcntfee —23
ii cues wide—heavy, superior quality end lustrous. All
colors, including cnampagne, white and black, o *
In the Bargain Basement at, yard..
C9c. Novelty Check Taffeta at 52c. yd.
2,200 yds or 3b-inch Wnite Habutai at 38c. yd.
Iwonme£?9d 25c. Hosiery at 9c.
Men’s are medium and heavy black, tan,
iflo, y embroidered and black cotton, with maco q
split leet; in the basement, at..
Women's very sheer gauze lisle, me- Q
dium weight lisle, meuium weight black cotton, at
Children's black medium weight lisle— lxl rib
—atwolutely fast black. All values from 19c to q
gfic. in the bargain basement, per pair. *'*•
Men’s £>Boys* Furnishings
1,000 Men’s Negligee Shirts—Neat designa
te. to 75c. values—attaclicd and detached cuffs o o
_sizes from 1* to 17. In the basement at.
100 dozen Boys’ Blouses at 19c,
Men’s 25c. Wash Neck Ties at 12}ie.
1,000 Boys' 50c. Negligee Sb.ris at 29c.
2,COO Pairs Men's 25c. Garters at 8c.
•1.50 Corsets at 48c.
Coronet Flexibone Corsets—Every pair MQ„
guaranteed not to break; slightly soiled. At.. TOG
75c. C. B. line Batiste Corsets at 48c.
75c. Bust Supporters—sizes 32 to 48, at 59c.
•1 Hand Bags at 49c
f 1.00 Leather Hand Bags—Real Leather—
No imitation—black and a lew colors. Each at.. ‘hifC
Smart 43d Leather Belts. This season’s - Q
styles in black and all colors. Choice at, each.. IsfC
•2 Silverware at 89c.
$2.00 Values Fern Dishes Bread Trays
Choose at Bon Bon Dishes Berry Dishes
QQ Syrup Jugs Butter Dishes
(JtsC Combination Sugar Bowl and
AU quadruple plate, Spoon Holder
highly burnished. Cracker Jar
Rogers A1 Plate Fancy Cold Meat OQ
Forks, instead of 50c, in the basement at. eS\fC
Rogers 75e Silver Plated Tea Spoons. % doz.39c .
$14)0 Silver Plated Table Spoons, half doz.,7dc
25c Silver Plated Steel Dinner Knives, each, 11c
48c Novelty Brooches at 9c
Novelty Brooches. Hat Pins, Cuff Pins Q
and Novelties. In the basement, 48c. B.-oocbes at.. »C
Fancy Novelty Nether sole Bracelets, 0/.
89c. Bracelets in the basement for. cfeC
———————— >
7 No such wonderful SHOE Bargains have ever been orrerea oerore.
We couldn’t very well make a stronger statement, could we ? Read on, and see how well we ,l*ve ”P _C m 60 *
our Shoe Section shall be the largest department in the new nurgain basement Here s the introduction, w ie i we \e planned
$1.97 for Women’s New $4 Gray Cloth Top. Patent Foxed Button Shoes.
$1.97 for Women’s New $4 Gray Cloth Top. Gunmetal Calf foxed Button Snoes.
$1.97 for Women’s New $4 Black Cloth Top Kid Foxed Button S^oes.
5,000 Pairs of Women’s New Spring Style Ties in colt, patent kid—i“ $ 1
fact, « little of every grade and style low shoes, from ohe of Boston’s most widely known, best amt lurgest manufacturers. 0
Not a pair in the lot ever offcred^regulurly anywhere for less than S3.AO, $A and $3.A0. tor Opening bay Sale, per pair...-,,
*1.19 gefe £3 *1.69 98c.^»J
Boys |2 Gunmetal Calf Lice Shoes, factory-small lots of every kind and style of of Women’s Oxford ^'*9,an^?10°t^“kid
iu sizes 3 to A^, at 91.49 s^air. [shoez-aU absolutely perfect. and patent leathers— mostly small sizes.
’’ /xn f.-.,, r;rl’c 91 ein P . 90 Just l.«) pairs for Opening Day. Button end lace, patent leathers and kid—batten and lacei sises 11V4 to 3 and o'to 11. We
'i Cl ^4/* tor Uiri S 1«DU Cr <- snoes count thisas one'ofthe best Shoe bargains ever offered iu America, especially planned to acquaint parents with the perpetual
y saving advantages of this new department. These shoes are all made with special attention to durability, solidity and the requirements oi growing feet.
2.0C0 pairs of Little Men’s an^Yj^uths* Patent Leather, Kid and Calf Shoes —Sires 9 to 13 1-2. Values up to
♦wninem, V -. ,-r. » vm • ihiMllK«>;. ‘ ->*1 || f Ilium -r-var’’ *T
_—j 1 t i .s'. •141 M
Kemarnauie jaie ui a
Women’s New Dress Skirts, j
/\ This is a sale in vhich 8
prices on five distinctively >
new Spring styles of Brew *
Skirts are a third below what B
they shon'd be, even figur
ing only the cost of material {
and the workmanship.
Why ? Because f/e placed
orders for the materials in <
the piece, and gave two big
makers the ordef to copy I
the styles from the plates we i
So the following is the ex- 1
traordinary sale news for |
Women’* $6.75 f
Dress Skirts, $4.50
The ftill box and side-pleated E
model; of fine Panama, trimmed T
with self folds in bla-k and blue, }
- - UiVM.UlU HUU O*—J*
Women’s $7.50 Dress Skirts, $5.95.
Handsome gray woollen mixtures, plaid effects, also blue and black
Panama in full kilted model; trimmed with two wide folds of self material.
$7.50 $8.50 $10.75
for $10 Skirts, for $12 Skirts, for $18 Skirts.
Fine quality Fanama, Of Chiffon ’ Panama. Fine quality Voile
dull 31 box pleated, A variety of colors ; models, over taffeta drop,
graceful model; in black handsome, well tailored Four styles- to choose
tnly. I models. from. 43- Third Floor.
Men’s and Boys’ Clothing.
About New Styles—and a Clearance.
The new clothing is coming m |
hourly now. Every new Spring idea
in Clothing for Men, Youths and F
Boys, from the conservative to the }
radical, will soon be found in the b
Simpson Crawford Clothirjg stocks. [ I
To make room for the new arrivals, we I
have priced all the ’tween season clothing in
stock at extraordinary reductions.
Priestley Cravenettes $10.
All genuine Priestley garments and all sizes in all
materials. Priced as above for special clearance.
The materials are plain tack and fancy effects in
stripes and checks. The coats are correctly fashioned
after the new Spring models.
Every garment Priestley rainproofed, therefore
absolutely guaranteed.
Men’s Overcoats, $12.50. * ^
Every Winter overcoat in stock—and there are
many that have sold up to $30—all to go in this great
sale at $12.50. Each coat is fiuely tailored, equal
to the best custom make; in ulain or fancy ma
terials, all sizes are to be found.
Boys* Suits (with extra Trousers), 55. 1
Just five hundred garments in an initial showing of Boys’ Combination ¥
Suits—double breusted coat with belt and two pairs of panto. New Spring J
models; sizes up to 16 years; ail the newest fabrics. KT Second Floor. I
Prunes—10 lbs., 47c. !
This is one of the many important specials in the Simpson Crawford f
Grocery to-morrow.' • These are the famous Santa Clara Prunes from i
California—they are tender and meaty. Mail and phone orders filled. A
Salt Imported Golden Santos Red Alaska
3 Herring Sardines Coffee Salmon A
i. Mariannic brand Extra quality fresh C o 1 m a n flag J
Large fat bloaters. ^ pure - oil; Joe roasted; 7 fits. SI, brand. Specialise f
10 lbvpail.. 78c can....- IQc , per lb.J5C can. llC 1
itv rolled wftlte oat- | fiv* BEETS — Golden Tip the ovens of the National A
flakes. 5 n>«...... brand, packod In gold Biscuit Co.. Peanut Wa- M
PEA BEANS—Best Suit*, lined, sanitary cans; 1 On fers* Currant Fruit. Va- f
laand-pleked Pea 1 Q/» large can. ■*“** nilla Fru«t and Fig N®w. »
Henna. 5 lbs....-- , TEA — Exceptional valuo tons; per lb., 12c.; l
FRJTNCH RED KfcDNBY in «roen. black, or our 4 lbs. for. ^***** A
^ BEANS—Summit bi^ahd; regular 40c. mixed t^n#; HUNTLEY & TALMBR'S f
rijer* dozen/ 8O0.; T>» special, 4 lbs.. OQ/» Celebrated English Bis
... IJ.OO; Per !b_,. . . ^OC cult, m balk: Fruit. Oat
llBMON cling £J3ACH- SARDINES—Crossed Fish en. Diet, frtit Beurra.
PS—Sucano brand, choice brand, selected Norweg- Milk, Monarch,
fCalifornia golden Peach- inn Smoked Sardines; fancy alsortad} O^Kn
If®*’ "dozen, $1.85: 1 go carefully packed in pure j per lb. • *****
'S&Z&ni- ‘ PlVE.VP- eai’i. .r.eg“'.ar.. !??•. 1 lc , e^fnn/v *£
JlK-rici., m.ty armouri corned "'cn«S 553, Pn0lr;
squares: large flat JT^ ^LLV HASH. No. Q/« I heavy syrup; regu- 1 Ty*
, c&^r+jrtrVs.TlilCkon- “BiOME-MADB ' BAKERY .
Nuts Black xYPyinuts: Sunshine Cake. C!r,|,t I.EMON8 — Fancy, Jt n
«c per ib.; 8 lbs. O“If Caka. Ansel Cake: OK- skinned, iulcy lem- 1JJ
}~J p . ...s-iJC regular 30c. cake «5«>C one, dozen.x*”"
PEAS — Bolden Wedding grapefruit — l,nrue, ORANGES—Extra heavy,
brand selected, tender bright. l'-rlous fruit; so thin-skinned, Indian R'v
peu: dozen, *1.23; Ilf Incase. 53,»S; do«„ I er Orangee: 1T0 In OSc
3/u .a aw ; caru. VIA . case. *8.401 dozen —<ww
Andrew Usher’s Scotch Whiskey, 9Qc.
. Special Reeervs—White Label.
WHISKEY—W. As Gaines -Gallon, $2,S5; Typo L«n Gatos Vine
World - Renowned Rye quart .a**C yard; squal to Imported:
or Bourbon, distilled API; i GOT BRANiiv— dozen bottles. Af)c
spring 1885: bottled at fine at'Lw-dlnner OR. *4-2S: bottie. xtzw
the dl.tlllery. FrankfoYt, col-dls.1: botllc... . SUPERIOR amfanrtcl, at.
Ky.i guaranteed ' by W. j- v botti.inu i-n Macaire -Burgundy,
A. Game * Co. 3 3 pVlErct* tpoe ) m oe°' Mountain Rleellng: true
years old: regulr- prjeo. rt,v*,V„ 8cr' u5c of best California wines;
.xcltt’:$1.20 gawfornia'cl/ret- b!!:. . $3.50
KEY. «ma ouam-/ KSI Vj n . : gallon«ln« PORT. Sherry. Anrellca,
Ion. $4.25t IU11J125 73c.. UCt\.tpl.05 Munoaul. T«fc»y, Cataw
VAN OKLDER'S HOL- *0 Cl ^neal
dicmal aIpurpo«es:f0r very SMS.
iaig'.i»-,1’0OhOf »:.!5P>*7”25 ^ ^ 5
tl3. . . . W* **• • •

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