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| News of The World Briefly Told
u.fkSTJSW'.'* -ly-wn-v. ? WWII tli—ImiMimi—I———
Sieve Atl.'ims Only ,r I'flnn.
YVALLAFE. Ida.. March ft.—‘‘Steve
Admits is only n pawn in the great
game that i« being played, 'Die prosp
ectors in tilts case do not helievp that
Adams ts guilty. They never did be
lieve it." So declared his attorney.
E. F. Richardson. in Ids plea to tile
jury to acquit Steve YV. Adams, a
member of (lie Western Federation of
Miners, of the murder in August. 1‘tO-l.
of Fred Tyler, a claim jumper, lie
based his pica on the theory that the
state is only mailing use of Adams to
convict other members of the Western
Federation and that Adams' trial is
but a minor issue In the great light
be; Vi eni llie Mine Owners’ association
and tile Western Federation of Miners.
\rvt.ie Knoscwlt Hotter.
W A SI IJ Mi l l i.\. March ft. Archie
Rote -veil, tile president's young son
ill w i:'i diphtheria, is b-tter. Dr. Uixcy
visile i the White House and on leav
ing s; id: "Arcide is getting along nice
ly. I,is condition is not serious, and
there is no reason for alarm. The otii
cr children have iH'en isolated as a
precautionary measure. The sailors of,
the president's yacht Sylph sent Archie
a bunch of violets. Mrs. Roosevelt re
maths almost constantly at her son's
bedside, and alt social engagements at
I lie White House have been canceled.
Hedies of Arnold Brothers Found.
NORFOLK. \’u.. March ft.—'The hod
ies of Percy anti Daisy Arnold, agt-d
twenty-une and seventeen years respec
tively. who, with Clarence Williams,
were drowned dan. ft by the capsizing
of a small boat in which they were try
ing to cross Deep creek, n branch of
the Elizabeth river, cante to the sur
face here ami were recovered. The bod
ies were in a bad condition and had
evidently been struck by the propeller
of a vessel. The body of YVillinms had
been previously recovered.
Mi'ni'iiffunu Troop* Meet Defeat.
NEW ORLEANS. March 5.—The t'ol
lowing dispatch, covering recent fight
ing between Honduras and Nicaragua,
was received here from San Marcos,
on the Honduran frontier: "Nicara
guan troops set an ambuscade on Hon
duran territory near the frontier, but
were driven out by the Honduran
forces. Nicaraguan loss, fourteen kill
ed, forty wounded; Honduran loss, two
Missouri I'aolilr Train llcltl Ip.
PITTSBURG, Kan., March 5. The
Missouri Pacific passenger train which
left here at 7:20 last night was held up
by men In disguise. Lou Jeff, a colored
miner, was killed because lie protest
ed. \Y. L. Westlake of Toledo, O., was
shot through the hand by a stray shot
that had been fired at the negro. The
robbers got about $loo in rash and a
few watches and revolvers.
Rn.Nin Most Pay *111.500 For Ship.
I.1BAU. Russia, March V The prize
court has decided that tin* Russian
government must pay the sum of $111,
000 to the owners of a German mer
chant vessel that was sunk by a lilts
sian cruiser during the Ritsso-.Tapa
nose war.
Ilraxil to Have a Dreadnought.
LONDON, March S.— Messrs. Vickers'
Si>iis A Maxim of Barrow-in-Furness
ii.iwi'* iT>i i*i\'t*iI :in nutlet* to construct- n
battleship for Brazil. 11 is said this
new vessel will lie of the Dreadnought
type. t ‘_
'Ii*n. I.ookwaod Dcti'l* A&od 101.
RTAMFORI». Conn.. March 5.- Sal
lie Weed Lock wood, the oldest inhab
itant of tbe city, is dead here. If Mrs.
Lockwood hud lived until April she
would have been 102 years old.
Hack- After Fifty Year*.
tOM Tli NORWALK. Conn., March
5.— '/or the lirst time in a half eentnrj
lioavers made their appearance In I hi
st clion of -the state and have eon
«! rifted one of flietr dams on the Sil
rer .Mine stream uliout Wood’s pond
live miles north of Norwalk. Wlieact
the heavers came after having been
apparently exterminated for fifty years
Ss a mystery.
'i'rra.lir.r Clliisc IIoIUn Million*.
POSTON. March o. Alfred Fat'low,
llu- recognized siiokesman of the t oris
lian Science church, said that Ktbphei
A. <'lutse of Fall River, treasurer of tin
Clmistlaii Science church, unbonded
lias custody of between S12.ntiil.OCii atu
$):t.0l)b,i)00 clmrcli funds, lie assert
In- vns cured of liload pilsmiug ttveln
\ ::-a ago liy Clivistilui Seleneo metli
•- . ..y...—
Woman’s Charge Dismissed.
Henry Cohn, of 219 New Bruns
wick avenue, was arrested and ar
raigned before Recorder Pick-ersgiil
this morning on a charge of assault
ami battery preferred by Elsie Knp
U>"'iH. Cnhit pleaded not guilty and
Kflwaril 111 I’nrlR 1 m'Oiiltifo.
PARIS, ^Mitn-li .1.—There was a eon
sidoraVile crowd at the railroad station
to greet King Kdward. but as lie is
traveling Incognito them was no offi
cial ceremony, itis majesty drove to
the Bristol hotel, I.ater lie left for
Biarritz, where he will receive flic king
of Saxony and where lie probably will
exchange visits with King Alfonso.
Ills majesty will leave Biarritz April
2 to cruise in the Mediterranean with
ijiioou Alexandra.
Ian I.nrcil Him in llt-nlli.
I.KXOIU, N. March ■>. — Omey
llwr, fifteen years old. a mountain
girl living near this place, testllied in
the trial of John Vickers and Hum
Kendall for tin- murder of Lawrence
Nelson that Vickers and KeWnli bad
given her money to lure Nelson to a
place they designated that they might
kill him. The girl said she ran away,
lint hoard a shot, tired. The body of
Nelson was found ten weeks after.
Kstcriiiiniitloii to Hr I ire I’piicc.
CHIIlAimAV. Mexico, March 5.—
Pedro Alvarado, whom the smile of
fortune converted in a few years from
a fifty cents a day miner to the Oroe
wts of tlie republic, now proposes to be
come ii promoter of pence, since Ids
offer to pay the national debt of Mex
ico was declined. He offers $10,000.
000 or #20.000.000, if need lie,” to re
cruit and maintain a special army to
exterminate the Yatpil Indians.
Junto* Corboll, Thonlrlonl Slur.
CI.KVKjjANl». o., March 5.—James
J. Corbett. actor—theatrical star, if you
I (lease—wishes to have the public for
ge! .Hut Corbett, one time champion
heavyweight pugilist of the world, and,
above all, he doesn't want to be called
a “png." “A umn is either a fool or
a lunatic ta stand up and get his head
punched when lie can earn money In
| any other way,” said Corbett.
To Hattie Willi ItoKNcs.
ALBANY. N. Y„ March 5.—The bat
tle which is to decide whether the gov
ernor or die political bosses are sii
preme in ta.• state government is sehed
uled to begin with a skirmish tomor
row, when the senate committee on
judiciary will meet to consider the Kel
sey case.
Soon Ki'iinttoit In Death.
I’lTTSHTHC, March 5.-Frank Van
Dusen. chief assistant general passen
ger agent of the Pennsylvania lines,
died at 3 o'clock in the morning in Ids
home in the Iroquois apart meats, and
an hour afte—' n-,1 ids wife also diet!.
Chaplain, to Cray VYItliont Pay.
ALBANY’, N. Y„ March 3. - Hie
movement among the Protestant min
isters of the city to do away with pay
ment of clergymen for opening the
legislative sessions with prayer enme
to a head Inst night, when Itev. l>r. C.
A. Richmond as chairman of a com
mittee appointed for tlie purpose filed
with the clerks of Hie two houses a
memorial declaring that “we esteem
it an honor and a duty to the state to
render such service, but there lias been
a growing desire on tile part of tunny
of us to render it gratuitously.”
Xpw York I i'll! i n I Hell! Fur Wreck.
NKW YORK. March 5.—President
Newman and (lie directors of the New
York Central railroad were hold re
sponsible last night by Coroner
Soli wan neck e for the .wreck which sent
twenty-two persons to death on the
Brewster express in this city on the
night ot I'ob. pi. In decisive tones lie
announced Unit he would parole the
directors and the president of the road
only until 10:110 o'clock this morning in
the custody of counsel, when lie order
ed that they appear before him to give
Three Cabinet ChniiircN.
WASHINGTON. March 5. - George
B. Cortclyou took the oath of office as
secretary of the treasury to succeed
Leslie SI. Shaw. George Yon L. Meyer
also becomes postmaster general ns
the successor of Mr. t'ortelyou. .lames
R. Garfield is now secretary of the in
terior to succeed Kthan Allen Hitch
cock. who retires to private life.
Seventeen Million Acres Added.
WASHINGTON. March o.—Seventeen
million .acres of forest lands have liecn
added to the forest reserves of the
United Slates by proclamations issued
by President Roosevelt just made pub- i
lie. Thirty-two forest reservations are i
created or increased in area by tlies? 1
nroclantntl'v’ •
ns the evidence was Insufficient to
hold the case for I he grand jury, the
recorder discharged the defendant.
Boss Barlx-rs In Session.
The Boss Barbers’ Association held
a meeting last night at 111 Sniilh
Mountain HUppm* Slowly.
XAPLH8, March 5.—Tht* mountnIn
in the province of Potcnru, above Mon
tenmrro, which for two days past lias
| been slipping down into the valley, ap
' pears now to he moving much more
slowly. The flight of tlie people, how
ever, continues, many fearing a repeti
tion of tlie terrible earthquake of 1857.
in which flOti persons lost tiielr lives
here. The present avalanches have
destroyed twenty dwellings and two
Mormon ApoNtlc Acquitted.
SALT LAKK CITY. March 5.—The
ease against Apostle Iltdier <«rant of
tlie Monnoli church, charged with un
lawful polygamous eohaliitiitiou. was
dismissed by Judge Itlehl at the in
stance of tlie prosecuting attorney. Ac
tint! was brought against A| static
Hinilt two years ago by Charles M
Owen, attorney for the Amerlean par
First to t'artiin- Con fell et-iitc Flag.
OltAXHK, N. .1.. March o. I.icuten
ant Colonel John X. Coyne, who war
tin- first Villon soldier to capture a
i.’oufi "derate flag in the civil war, died
of a complication of diseases at Ills
home here. He was with Sickles’ liri
I guile and for his services received a
1 uivu a I of honor.
Iroquois Disaster Trial Oitrns.
DAXYILLK III., March u.-Tlic trial
of Will ,1. Duels of Chicago, charged
with manslaughter in connection with
tlie burning to death of nearly 1100 |s>r
sons in tlie Iroquois theater, of which
Davis was manager, bus o|smed here.
Brnprul Booth ot Notv York.
NEW YORK, March 5.—The Atlantic
Transport liner Minimal mils, with tlm
venerable head of the Salvation Army,
General William Booth, on hoard, has
arrived here. _
Newark Man Drops Dead.
NEWARK, N. J„ March &.—Ira Kii
burn, sixty Vive years old, a retire .
ninmifneturer and a member of one o
the oldest families In New Jersey
dropped dead In the Fourth precinct
station here last night while making p
complaint of assault against the con
dlictor of a trolley car. Mr. Kllbur.
was riding on the rear platform of :i
South tVauge trolley ear when he go
into n dispute with James Kelly, tin
SiiitfOMUN Remove u Sear.
CINCINNATI, March .‘.—Miss Laurai
Stallo, daughter of E. K. Stallo mid
granddaughter of Alexander McDon
ald, the Standard Oil multimillionaire,
hns had removed by an operation a
scar on her neck and bosom, caused by
a burn a few years ago. She has bere
tofore been tumble to appear hi so
ciety in low necked dresser, on account
of this blemish to her remarkable beau
ty of face and figure.
Daobliry Block Horned.
DANBl'RY, Conn.. March !>. — A
brick block, owned by Hull Brothers’
company, occupied in part by them
aud also by the furnishing store of
Hearne * Keane, the fruit store of
John Costell and l’rogresslve lodge of
Odd Fellows, was totally destroyed by
lire here, and an adjoining building
owned by Ilenry Berud. was burned
out in’ the upper doors. The loss Is
about $ 1 L’o.Oi K f
Unity Canto I'.' Truitt.
COLL MBPS. O., Mint'll 5.--A ten
pound Iniby boy was horn on the
Southwestern limited arriving here
from I lit* east on the New York Con
trul. Mrs. A. E. Swisher of Rochester.
X. Y., Is the mother, and she is now In
Christ hospital here with her baby.
The passengers made up a purse o:
if.il for the youngster who had so un
expectedly heguu life In their midst.
nisoiitllno Stm-rl I'upll*.
NEW YORK. March 5.—Owing, to
perfect drill and discipline pupils ol
school No. 8it, Lexington avenue and
Ninety-sixth street, (he lag sehoolhouse
occupying almost a quarter of a bloc]
and containing njtmil 2,500 ehlltlrei,
was emptied In less than two minute
after Principal Joint O'Reilly soumlei
th<‘ tire gong.
flu I non anti Grntly 111.
ALBANY. N. Y„ March 5. — Join
Raines, president pro tein. of the sen
ale, and Senator Thomas L. Orady
tlie minority leader, are very ill in thi
city. Botli are suffering from sever'
colds, caused by the foul air in III
capllor, unit are threatened with puer
street. No action was taken on the
Idea of forming the association Into a
benevolent league, as the recently
ippointed eommlttee on the matter
lid not report. The association has
not yet heard from the journeymens
anion, hut the matter was discussed.
All Regret ;he Loss of Senator
Spooner—President at Cap
ital to Sign Bills.
WASHINGTON. March .-. The Fif
ty-ninth ..gress ad i mnied sine die
shortly after i>nnu* the hands of the
clock having I teen tinned hack that ad
journirient might lie offirlallv taken at
In tlie house songs were snug, flags
waved, anil Uncle .loc t'unuon was
given a great ovation.
John Sharp Williams t.Miss.i, the mi
nority leader, addressing the house,
said that the work gicrfornicd h.v the
Fifty-ninth congress would stand as
the best work the nation has had in
many years, lie spoke of "the speaker
whom every one loves for Ills big
brain. Ids big heart and Ids impartial
ity.'' lie congratulated the house on
having such a hum as its presiding of
Great surprise, ns well as regret, was
expressed by senators of both parties
after the announcement by Senator
John c. Spooner that he would not re
turn to the senate when fi should meet
again. Mr. Spooner has served sixteen
years in the senate and was regarded
on all sides as one of its ablest mem
bers. His term has two years to run.
^Senator Spooner retires to take up the
practice of law. President Roosevelt
on learning that Mr. Spooner had re
signed issued a statement of regret.
One of the interesting features in
cident to the close of congress was
the visit of President Roosevelt, who.
with his cabinet, White House staff
and a mtmlier of guests occupied the
president's room In tlie senate wing.
Forty bills In nil were signed by the
president ut the cnpltol. The last bill
to reach him wus Senator La Toilette's
measure limiting1 the continuous labor
of railroad employees to sixteen hours.
H. R. Puller, Who bus been repre
senting the various railway brother
hoods at the capita! during the consid
eration of the Ea Follette measure,
was hi the room at the time it was
signed. The president shook hands
with Mr. Puller; remarking. • You
know the president only gets a per
centage of what lie wants.”
The ship subsidy Idll died In the sen
ate, Senator Oalliiiger agreeing not to
press It when the Democrats announc
ed tlielr Intention of talking it to death.
In addition la the songs and stories
that usually mark .the close of u ses
sion there was a beautiful picture
formed by the entire house rising and
waving Sags and singing “M.v Coun
try. ’TIs of Thee," as the gavel fell at
12:15 p. ni.
In the senate tIn- last of the proceed
ings was the spee di by N ice President
Fairbanks prior to adjournment. His
remarks were applauded by the thou
sands of visitors, and the applause
continued as the audience watched
with interest the farewells of senators
<>n the floor.
Rig l.ist of Appeals for Term is Un
usually Hong.
TRENTON, Mar. 5:—The open
ing of the March term of tho Court of
Errors and Appeals takes place at the
state house today. The printed list
of causes number 1G2, this being the
greatest number of appeals that has
ever been listed for a single term.
Unless the majority of tho cases
are submitted upon briefs, the bot
tom of the list cannot bo reached for
it lejlHl two months. It Is expected,
towever, that, the lawyers will con
sent to submit their cases upon briefs
rather than let them go over for an
other term.
It has been said that the very poor
aeople do not read the ads. Perhaps |
t 1r more accurate to say that they
to not remain very poor long after ,
becoming ad. readers.
Someone DID read tho ad. you
overlooked the oilier day—and is j
low telling her friends about her | ,
'luck” in securing tho “bargain of;'
uhe season.”___ f
Delegates Suggest Home Radical
Changes Which Will Keep Mis
mnted Couples Out of Jersey.
TRENTON, Mar. 0:—New Jersey
"ill take an advanced position in the
matter of divorce reform, particular
ly in barring persons who come here
from other states to secure annul
ment of their marital obligations, if
there is placed on the statute books
a new divorce law such as has just
been recommended by Judge William
M. banning, of the United States
Court: Vice-Chancellor John H. Em
ery, and Rev. Dr. Henry Collin Min
ton, former moderator of the Presby
terian General Assembly, the New
Jersey delegates to the National Di
vorce Congress. They have complet
ed their work and submitted a report
gecommendini,' radical changes in the
New Jersey divorce laws.
Among the changes advised is the
abolition of star chamber proceed
ings before masters, the making pub
lice of all divorce matters. The
commissioners say they desire to em
phasize the following considerations:
First, that the present adoption in
all of the states of that portion of the
law describing tbe causes for annul
ment and absolute divorce Is not ex
pected or even recommended by the
divorce congress, the congress recog
nizing fully the sovereign rights of
each state. Second, recognition by
all states of common principles of
divorce based on natural Justice Is
absolutely necessary to root out the
scandals and evils of "migratory di
The commissioners earnestly rec
ommend the adoption of a uniform
divorce law relative to jurisdiction
which provides for a bona lido real
dence In the state of one of the par
ties to the action of at least two
years to meet the migratory divorce
Another Important recommenda
tion of the commission which is in
line with the. uniform divorce law
makes every hearing for divorce In
open court, before the chancellor or
one of the vice chancellors. This is
■xpceted to prevent collusion and
fraud nnd stop the scandalous haste
with which many marriages are
brought to the chancery court for an
An effort ^flll be made to get the
new bill through the present legislat
ure, and If it is enacted It will be
come a law, for Governor Stokes Is In
hearty sympathy with the movement
for belter divorce legislation.
Miss .Maud liennett Left Lost June
for Asbury I’nrk.
Miss Maud Bennett, of Asbury
Park, who taught grade 3 In school
N'o. 1 of this city from September,
1905, until last June, died yesterday
at her home from consumption.
Miss Bennett was to have returned
last September but on account of her
health was unable to do so. Recent
ly she told Sunt. Shull that she w:is
better and would shortly he able to
accept, a position as a teacher again
in this city.
In speaking of Miss Bennett this
morning Supt. Shull said that she was
one of the best teachers that he had
ever employed and that it would be
impossible to say too many good
things about her. She was ro-ap
polnted us a teacher las; June and
would have again taken charge of
her class In September. Miss Dennett
made many friends while teaching
and a handsome floral wreath will be
sent by the teachers of this city for
ho funeral which will be held at
1:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Measure Unjust to Railroads, Sn.v-s
Republican Senator.
TRENTON. Mar. 5:—Tho Iwo-cent
maximum rate for railroad fare lu
tills state, which was introduced by
Senator Gebliardt, of Hunterdon, ear
ly in the session, is doomed. One of
;lie best Informed Republican sena
tors in the legislature said last night
that it was Ills belief that the hill
was sure to be defeated.
He said that, opinion prevalent
among the senators seemed to be
that It was illogical to expect the rail
roads to pay $3,000,000 in additional
laxes and then to say to them that
hey must carry passengers at a max
imum rate of two cents a mile.
The senator said this would be
asking tho railroads to cut down
heir sources of revenue in the face
>f the fact that they were being taxed
o a much larger extent than they laid
ver been.
•‘Want" advs. for the EVENING |
JEWS received at F. KillenbergerN- j
tore 247 Smith street. .
Senator Hillery Has Introduced
Measure for a Constitutional
.TRENTON, Mar. f.: At- drafted
by a special commission appointed
under a legislative resolution, there
was introduced in the senate last
night a concurrent resolution provid
ing for constitutional amendments tc
make possible a rearrangement ol
tlie present, judicial system of New
.lerse\. Th«| measure, which has tin
beany approval of lie State Bar As
sociation, was introduced by Senntoi
Hillery. of Morris.
The measure provides for Severn!
amendments to the state constitution
It hiakes the court of pardons con
■ sist of the governor, chancellor, chiei
| justice of the supreme court and twe
citizens. The terms of the latter art
to l)e for live years, it also provides
for it supreme court, county courts
and such other courts as may be
necessary, and fixer, a division of the
state courts as appeals, law and
chancery, with a chief justice and
eighteen associates. The chief jus
tice and six associates are to be as
signed to tin' division of the court of
made a part of the chancery division.
And finally it empowers the state sen
ate. upon a two-thirds vote, to re
move any county judge.
Tlie meeting of the senate lust
night was opened by the introduction
of numerous petitions against the re
peal of the bishops' law.
The petitions against voting ma
chines were presented by Senators
Oebhardt and Hiller).
The Passaic rive,- pollution bill
was laid over until this morning. A
'resolution was offered by Senator Kll
zer asking that senate bill No. 17,
abolishing the hoard of arbitration,
be called from the committee on the
revision of laws to-day and Senator
Robbins gave notice that he would
offer an amendment to the rules re
quiring a majority vote of the senate
to place a bill on second reading after
an adverse report, which has caused
much dissatisfaction during the pres
enl session.
In executive session these appoint
ments were received from Governor
Stokes: Abram Lie Ronde, Bergen,
Palisades park commission; Dr. Hor
ace G. Norton, of this city, state med
ical board; Henry Huston, prosecu
tor, Sussex county: county tax
boards, Camden, Willard T. Gibbs,
Joseph E. Mottrey, Irving Buckle;
Hunterdon, Henry M. Voorhees, John
C. Haynes, Charles N. Residing; Mor
ris, E. A. Quayle, E. J. Cahill, Chaties
A.. Barker. All of these were re
ferred to committee as is customary.
The re-appointments of Thomas B.
Holmes, of this city, Mrs. Frederick
Johnson, of Newark, and Dr. Mitgena
Hart, of Jersey City, as trustees to
tlie state home for girls, were cun
Adjournment was teken unlil 1 l
o'clock this morning.
Society Formed at Jersey City Will
Agitate for Unionism.
JERSEY CITY. Mar. 5:—The New
Jersey State Label Agitation League
effected a permenane organization nt
a meeting held at 89 Montgomery
street, Jersey City, yesterday. The
following were elected officers ;
President, John J. Jennings; vice
president, James S. Muldoou; treas
urer, William F. Kavanngh; secre
tary, Alexander Law; sergeant-at
lrms, Joseph Wagner.
It Is the purpose of the now organ
ization to place a committee in the
Held in the near future who will visit
the towns and cities in the state and
endeavor to have merchants and
storekeepers adopt a union shop
goods and sell only union-made
At Wilder Hall Saturday Night.
The announcement of the coming
of "Are You a Mason?" to Wilder
Theatre next Saturday has intensely
Interested the lovers of laughter and
omedy iu this city. There is noth
ing so popular with the theatre-going
[tublic as a good farcical comedy and
one with a record like this clever
adaptation from the German can- j
not fail to draw capacity houses wher-'
ever it is presented.
F. R. C. O.
Organist and Choirmaster
, of St. Peter’s Church
S7 Hector Street
Voice Culture, Piano and
Pipe Oigan.
Replying to Cabb gram Sent til
Mnss Meeting l>e:,< aiwiog France
He Expresses Pleasure. §
TRENTON, Mar. a;—Tills cable- :
gram was received yesterday after- - -f
I noon by Bishop McFanl from Rome:
: His holiness received your cable
! gram presenting the sentiments of
i the mass meeting held in Trenton to
! denounce French spoliation with
deep satisfaction and as a sign of the
filial homage of yourself united with
your clergy and laity, his holiness
lovingly bestows on you and all under
>our charge the apostolic benedic
tion. Cardinal Merry del Val.” .
This was an answer to the cable
gram sent to the papal secretary of
state at Rome by William L. Doyle,
chairman of the mass meeting, which
tool; place Sunday night to denounco
the art ion of the French government.
The cablegram read as follows: V
"To Cardinal Merry del Val, Rome: Vv-SSI
"Joining with American Catholics
everywhere, clergy and laity of Tren- '
ton diocese, in mass meeting assem- \
bled denounce French spoliation and a
renew allegiance to the holy see.
McFAl'L, Bishop.”
Send Cc. postage lor Illustrated
book with complete list of hotels and
boarding houses. Board $4.00 and
upward per week; new and Improved
train service.
Solid trains without change be
tween Urand Central Station New
York, and Vermont, Green Mountains
and Lake Champlain.
Tickets, parlor and sleeping car
accommodations, and all Information
at the principal City Ticket Office,
Central Vermont R’y., 3 85 Broad
way, N. Y. A. \V. Ecclestone, fc. P.
C. V. R’y., 385 Broadway, N. Y., .
1813-5-1 l-tu.f.tf.
"Stay awhile and lose a mile” ap
plies to the “art of hunting WANT
! 1
“Human nature is wonder
fully selfish” is the only explan
ation which can be offered for
the fatt that when one sees
another prospering the first
thought is to offer some dispar
aging remark about how he
came by this property. In ah
probabi ity his good luck was
- • A m*
all the result of good, hard work fff
coupled with the ability to se^^JT
and seize an opportunity. AnciQtf
this human nature seems to
think it is a Providence to see
that the other fellow doesn’t git
a "swelled head” by indiscrimi
nate boosting. Now, we don’t
want to give anyone any knocks,
but we do want to boost our
own business p little and give
> our bank account a similar
boost by telling you where you
can get stylish and well made
clothing for men, women or
children on credit at cash store
prices, allowing you to pay in
weekly or monthly payments.
Try us and do a little boost
ing for us as well as for yourself.
IIS Smith Street.
S Iit . 1 v * is . M

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