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Lumbermen !hr rr<*Kitl«*nt.
WASHINGTON. March 7.—President
llooscvelt was assured that the Inin
1 swing interests of the west were in
perfect accord with his policy respect
ing forest reserves and the handling
of the public domain. 'Phis assurance
was given by Victor Heckman, secre
tary of the Pacific Const Lnmiter Man
ufacturers' association; J. K. ljefo
bs ilgh. editor of the American Lum
berman of Chicago, and F. H. Hub
Inf rd, a prominent lumlier nmnufnc
isrer of centralia, Wash. They called
ou the president with Senators Ankeny
and Piles and Commissioner Ballinger
of the general land office.
Accuses Judge of 1) run ken newt.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 7.—As a
result of the charge of lutoxicattOH
made by Assistant District Attorney
Francis Honey against Superior .fudge
Hebbnrd. who on Monday granted a
writ of error to Abraham Ruef, a
moo mg of tile Bar association Inis
lieen called to consider the charge.
Judge Hebbard now Is at the Clara
Barton hospital under the cure of a
physician and a trained nurse.
Six-year-old Child Mission.
DOVER. Del.. March 7. Three hun
dred farmers and buymeu continue
the search for six-year-old Horace Mar
vin, the sou of Dr. Horace N. Marvin,
the wealthy cattle raiser, who vanished
in tlie most sudden and mysterious
manner Monday morning while playing
at a haystack ou fhe Marvin estate, at
Kitts Hammock, on the Delaware bay
shore. Two eagles’ nests were search
ed In vain for the child.
Husband Held For Murder.
NEWBURU, X. Y., March 7,-Mrs
Mary Wrigley, wife ol' Thomas Wrlg
ley, a roftilhouse keeper at Middle
Hope, a hamlet near Xewburg, was
found dead In the hotel, ami her has
band has been held to await the result
of an autopsy. The woman's body wilt
found on the floor by a neighlior. Hei
skull was fractured, and her face am
laxly were badly bruised.
dope or III,* Hoi* Option.
XE\Y YORK. March 7.- C'bdrged wltl
threatening to kill Mrs. Sarah Jam
Jansen unless she left her husband
and ran away with him to either Call
foniia or England. Adam Kireliner
thirty-two years old. of College Polnl
was locked up Iasi night. The police
say they found a revolver and car
fridges in the pri-one ’s pocket.
( lirnpiv.o * I'm ':n*r IHo*.
PITTSEVR'l. March 7. Colonel II
.T. Lindsay, forty-seven years old. ns
slstant to the presl lent of the Carnegie
Stci'l company, die l here after n:i 111
ness of several months. He was one
of Andrew Carnetjle's “young part
nets.” huvi' , entered the employ r.1
the Canieg!.' ctvvp.t ty a- a leieg.Mph.u
^ when elghttie:.! rs of .1. . He \.ai*
active In national guard ail.-tlrs am
was an aid on the staff of liovi-m u
ALBANY. X. Y., March 7.—Speakei
Wadsworth of the assembly announces
the appointment of Ezra Prentice o
Xcw York as chairman of the com
mitteo on general laws to succeet
Howling of Brooklyn who has beet
made chairman of the cities commit
tee. Mr. Voting of New York is ap
pointed a member of tHo ways ani
means committee.
Hours! AVnntn Mel loHmi |*» Annirr.
NEW YORK, March 7. -Chimtec T.
Sheflni. counsci fur \\. II. Hearst. ap
plied lo .lustice tirceubanni for.an or
I der compelling Mayor McClellan to1
answer Hie complaints of the attorney
general In his ouster suit against the
mayor. Eugene Lamb Richards, coun
sel for the mayor, saiil that every
paragraph in tin' attorney general’s
complaint contained the allegation that
Mr. Hearst had tx'on duly elected qnd
tlmt Mayor McClellan was an usurper;
also that votes east for him hail been
counted for Mayor McClellan. For
this reason Sir. Hearst should he made
a party to the ncllou.
Hull l'elcr. Henry null I'erey.
JERSEY CITY, N. J„ March 7.-‘T
liked I’eter, 1 thought I loved Henry,
but when I met Percy 1 knew that 1
had never loved before. I worship him
AA^th all my heart, and even If lie is a
burglar It makes no difference to me.
If he goes to jail 1 hope I may go, too.
for 1 want to be as near him as possi
ble. Yes, I knew I had two husbands
living wlii'ii I married Percy.” So
spoke Mrs. Lillian E. Bonedlct-Uilmnn
O’Brleu at police headquarters after
being committed on a charge of big |
a my , preferred by her first husband.
Tried lo Corner Atnrrlane Market.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 7.—All
justices of the pence loudly rejoice and
cry exultantly, "The attempt to form u
wedding trust Is busted,” for the legis
lature has rejected a bill' Introduced
by tbe clergymen of the state, giving
to them exclusively tbe right to tie
tbe nuptial knot. It seemed for a time
that the bill would pass. Blit the jus
tices rallied to defent It and denounced
1 the clergymen’s attempt to corner the
; marriage market.
\ AVron111 For Mnn He Shot.
Baltimore. March 7.— wiiiiam
Howard, a convict now serving a twen
ty year term in the Maryland ] >en I ten ti
er.v. borrowed $5 from Warden Weyler
with which he bought a wreatli to be
placed upon the eolliu of ex-Polioeman
Doyle of Oatonsvllle. It was for put
ting seven bullets Into Doyle seventeen
yours ago that Howard is now In the
. Spooner ( ounncl For Hill.
ST. PAI'L, Minn., March 7.—Instead
of heading the legal forces of the Har
rlmnu linos, as reported. Senator John
O. Spooner of Wisconsin will become
general counsel for all the diversified
interests of James .1. Hill, the Great
Northern’s president.
Don't I,Ike the Philippine.,
OMAHA. Neb., March 7.-Of 150 sol
diers of the Thirtieth infantry, now un- j
der orders to sail for the Philippines,
who were discharged here on account
of expiration of their terms of enlist
ment, only nine showed any disposi
tion to ve-enllst.
\o Strike on I’euitMylvonia.
, PHILADELPHIA, March 7. - The
differences between the Pennsylvania
Railroad company and its trainmen
mist of Pittsburg and Erte were set
tled at a meeting held here last night.
Hannn Will >'ot Oppose Divorce.
CLEVELAND, <).. March 7.—It is
said that Dan 11. Hanna will offer no
1 defense to the charges of gross neg
lect, abandonment and extreme cruelty
laid against him in his wife's suit for .
1 divorce Hied here
John II., *t nkmm n. Won Snulihi'tl.
ST. LOIT8. March 7.—Andrew Car
negie’s conditional gift of $ir>,00h to
Rhnrtleft college In Upper Alton. 111.,
has revealed the fact that John 1>.
Rockefeller visited the school incognito
while efforts were being made to id>
tain a donation from lilm. When Itock
(•toiler visited Alton he registered at
the Madison hotel as John Davidson,
using his middle name, lie rode to
Sliurtleff college and asked to 1«'
shown through the buildings. Tlic
president was busy and did not greet
Rockefeller or accord him an inter
view, and none recognized him.
Frick’* Coup In Rending Stock.
NEW YORK, March 7. By a re
markable Wall street coup in Reading
common stock a condition in the Wall
street stack market rapidly ripening
into demoralization was changed as if
by magic into one where stocks be
onmo strong, and a rout of the power
l’ul bear clique followed. To II. C.
Prick, who has Just returned from
Florida, the credit for the coup was
Declines Bryttii** Aid.
CHICAGO, March 7.— William Jen
nings Bryan will not be one of the
speakers In the coming mayoralty cam
paign in tills city. “Mr. Bryan offered
to speak in my campaign, and I thank
ed him for Ills friendly Interest,” said
Mayor Dunne. “However, It seems to
be the consensus of opinion amoug the
members of the county central commit
tee that the speakers in the campaign
shall be local men.”
Mlltnn Mease Disappears.
TRENTON, N. .1., March 7.-Doubt
Icks feeling that she hail no legal riglit
to the support unit care of Mr. ami
Mrs. Charles Meuse, eleven-year-old
Lillian Meuse lias disappeared from
her home here because of the wagging
tongue of a neighbor who revealed to
tlie child tlie fact that the man and
woman she regarded ns her parents
were in reality not such.
I ale Men Want to Dig Canal.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 7.
Ynle will send a squad of adventurous
members of the senior class to help dig
tlie Isthmian canal us soon ns they re
ceive their diplomas in June. Fully
twenty-live students have written to
Secretary Taft asking ids help in se
curing an opening.
Ilrilaln anil Italy .loin Hiiniln.
ROME. March 7. V report here an
nounces the existence of an alliance
between Great Britain and Italy. It is
stated thiit the alliance covers all Med
Iterranean questions.
BrtlUli Holders Don't Like It.
LONDON. March 7. -British holders
of the bond# of Santo Jlomingo are
protesting against the agreement made
with tlie L'nited Stales government, be
cause they consider that (hey have nc
tually been rob lied of 111 per eeut of
their .lust claim's in die scheme for the
settlement of the Santo Dominican
He S:mg l niler Operation.
NEW YORK. March 7. The l-.diali!
lion of ether affects persons v.iiimislx
Some light, some pray, some sweat
some weep. Hail;tic! Wi'irocl;. unde
ether, broke into song so sweet tii
the two surgeons who were cutting n
Ids lingers were stir.'l mil fair w.
men in the n:‘:;t r > >tu were more’ *
Pctuiftj Ivuniu Defeated In Iutereol
legfute Sn-iiumlnK Tonrnument.
PRINCETON. N. J.. March 7
Princeton strengthened her hold on
first place lu the intercollegiate swim
ming league U.y defeating the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania in a dual meet
here last night by the score of 31 to 22.
Pennsylvania wou the water polo
game by the score of three goals to
two and won (he plunge for distance
niul the 220 yard swim. Princeton won
all the other events. Summary:
Fight hundred foot relay race, Prince
ton won; time, 8 minutes no 1-5 sec
Fancy diving, first. Deems, Prince
ton, !>1 points; second, Down, Prince
ton. 7-1 points.
Two hundred and twenty yards, first.
Set her, Pennsylvania; second, llopkin
son, Pennsylvania: third, (Jordon,
Princeton: time,*3 minutes 5 4-5 sec
Fifty yards, first. Clin in hors, Prince
ton; second. Dawburn. Princeton; third.
Sylvester. Pennsylvania; time, 211 1-5
Plunge for distance, first, Hopklnsou,
Pennsylvania; second, Dcliow, Penn
sylvania; third. Itliclnsteiu, Princeton.
One hundred ynrds. first. Chambers,
Princeton; second. Sylvester. Pennsyl
vania: third, Hopklnsou. Pennsylvania;
time, 1 minute S seconds.
I'onklln und Dcniaroxt Won.
NEW. YORK. March 7.— In the
fourth game of (he national amateur
billiard championship tournament play
ed at the Llederkranz club hero
(diaries F. Conklin of Chicago defeat
ed T. Mortimer S. Rolls of Philadel
phia. Conklin finished the game with
nit unfinished rim of 27 in the thirty
third inning, the filial score being:
C.mklill, 300; Rolls. 100. Ill tile fifth
game the young Chicagoan. Calvin
I^euiaiest, met .1, Ferdinand Poggen
linrg of New York, who won the ama
teur title three years ago. Demurest
won out lu the sixteenth inning. fcnk
ing the 300 mark, while Pnggmilwg’s
-score was 130. ■
The “trouble” of reading the
. is the chief “trouble about PR1
AllI-iB SHOPPING—sometimes
IPUliiz \gntii nt Oablnwn.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March T.-An
injunction was served on Constable
Smith at Oaklnwn restraining him
from interfering witli ojicrutloiis in
tlie betting ring, and after the second
•nee bookmakers did a good business.
They used small band slates and did
not issue any tickets. In the handicap,
nt n mile and seventy yards. Wing
Ting made ail the running and won
from the favorite, Terns Itod.
Min. liurKVNH nt
NKW YOHK, March 7. Mrs. S. \l.
Burgess of St. Louts, challenger for
the woman's chess championship of
the Butted States, made It tiirce
straight in lier match with Mrs. C. P.
Frey of Newark, X. .1.. the champion.
Mrs. Frey huving won the ilrat game
of the series, the score now stands at
B points to 1 in favor of Mrs. Bur
gess, who needs but one more game to
win the match.
Tliomns llml lies! of Ilont.
PHILADELPHIA, March 7. — Joe
Thomas of California had a slight ad
vantage over William Mellody of
Charlestown. Mass., In their six round
bout before the National Athletic club.
Thomas dropped Mellody in the open
ing round with n left to the chin, but
the latter was quickly on his feet and
lushed to a clinch.
Inflammable nt Frisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. March 7.-Three
favorites qud as many outsiders divid
ed the card at Oakland. The two mile
race was easily captured by Inflamma
ble. In the third race Belle If cell
stumbled and threw her jockey, Gra
ham. The hoy escaped Injury, how
ever. and the horse lintslicl riderless.
A well known American music crit
ic, who is at present living on the
edge of the Desert, the mysterious
‘■Garden of Allah,” dofc not appear
to agree .with Mr. Hiohens’ glowing
descriptions. To a friend who wrote
to him recently congratulating him
on a residence in so beautiful and
haunting a laud, he replied laconi
cally, “ 'Tain't so.”. But tho weight
of opinion seems to be agatuBt him.
and to agree that 'tis so.—The Travel
| Magazine.
- —i
Commandant at Sevastopol ITus Nar
row Escape From Death.
SEVASTOPOL, March 7.-As Gen
eral Neplueff, commandant of the
fortress here, who has just been trans
ferred for duty at a less hazardous
post, was driving through the city last
night to attend a farewell banquet at
the palace given In Ills honor by Ad
miral Skrydloff a bomb was thrown
under his carriage, where It exploded.
The carriage was shattered, and I lie.
general sustained Injuries about the
feet. His coachman was wounded, a.
woman who happened (o lie passing at
the time sustained serious Injuries,
i and the horses that were drawing the
vehicle were crippled. The man who
! threw the bomb got away. Tills is
| the second serious attempt made upon
( the life of General Neplueff within a
The general lias had several strenu
ous experiences while acting as com
mandant of the Sevastopol fortress.
He was captured by the mutineers in
November, 1905, but was released aft
er one day’s detention. Troops under
Ills command then moved against the
mutineers and subdued them after a
ilesiierate battle, and on this occasion
lie directed the sinking of the inutln
! ous cruiser Otchakoff.
In April of 1900 the general had a
I serious conflict of opinion with former
i Premier Witte on a matter of policy,
and one month later he was wounded
! by the explosion of a bomb during a
review of troops at Sevastopol. A
' sixteen-year-old boy was Implicated in
1 the throwing of this bomb, which was
; ilie work of social revolutionists.
The Average Man’s Doom.
Of all the facts about the middle or
mean American brought out. in the
March American Magazine, none is
more solemn than this prediction,
. backed by statistics:
"He will die of cancer.”
(Henry Austin In the Century.)
Alas! that hidden habit in the lllood,
baffling the Will that /would erad
Elusive as an eel that, lurks in mud
To anap out sudden at the Tempt
I We have all our Pianos greatly
reduced fur this mon h or.ly.
No deposit required, just
pay us $100 a week.
Piano Lessons .
Stool and Scarf r|PP
Delivery.I 1UU
Ludwig’s Music House
150 Smith St.
The old masters used such care In
the selection of the woods for their
instruments that, having found a
piece of wood of proper fiber and
vibrational powers, they treasured
every fragment, no matter how small;
and, rather than waste even n par
ticle of such a Strip, they frequently
constructed the backs and bellies of
j patches so delicately put together
j that "the seams are only discoverable
j by microscope, so perfect Is the cab
inet-work.” It was ever the aim of
the old masters to "marry’’ the back
of hard sycamore, which produces
the quick vibrations, and the belly of
soft wood, producing the slower
sound-waves, in such a manner as to
give the mellow but reedy timbre of
tne perfect instrument. Anatomical
ly, a violin made by an old master is
a miracle of construction; it can be
taken to pieces, patched, put togeth
er, repaired indefinitely, and Is almost
Indestructible. Repairing lias been
i he means of exposing many clever
forgeries. The inside of a violin
made by Stradivari, Guarnerlus, or
other old master is as perfectly fin
ished iuside as outside, and the
clumsy interior work of a forgery be
trays an imitation at once.—Eliza
beth Mitchell Stephenson, in the
Mai cl) Circle.
tfita Ainu vt unfit rx
L'h*> ni>{ <> for unnut uro
•lincitarMH*.ini'amnia tiotu
irritation* or tilwniioi"
of in 11 coU“ lofMiiltrntip
Pairiir-s, nm! not uMrl*
gfint rr poi-on..1)*.
5SoI *. Ir.r I>rnrtgl*l*
or nent in plain vmppH
l»y oKPir** * .«l, i
H .no hot11 «*•'
I1 —TO——IHMiMaa—M—i—amgW—HBMHaHl—MB H Mill IB II—WIT. -1WW1T a
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Carpets. A large and carefully selected stock, not surpassed by any
New York city store, we never allow ourselves to be under sold.
Our mutual credit system makes new customers and keeps them.
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simply your promise to pay as best suits your circumstances.
The Steinfeldt
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144 146
i .Men mul Boy s Wanted to learn
plumbing, plastering, bricklaying,
: electrical trades; tree catalogue; pos
j itions secured. Coyne Trade ScUooIb.
; New York and San Francisco.
Wanted—Strong boy. Call Evening
News office. 2-23-tf
Wanted—Maid for kindergarten. Ap
ply at kindergarten. No. 1 school,
between 11 and 12 o’clock.
Wanted—Afternoons, clean, neat
girl to care for two small boys.
Apply to Mrs. C. W. Bovnton, Sewar
en, N. J. 7024-3-5-tf j
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housework, high wages. Apply j
| Evening News office.
uni iui ^runai uunocnwin
In family of two. Apply 9 Hector
street. 7070-3-7-tf
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply 41 Main street, Tottenvllle.
| Situations Wanted—Situations at
general housework, plain cooking,
' etc., for women with babies Dr small
children. Small wages expected. Ap
i ply to "Joint Committee for Securing
| Situations for Destitute Mothers
! with Infants,” 10 Academy streot,
Newark, N. J. _ 13763-10-26-tf
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our low-priced scissors, razors and
household necessities. Manv making
$5.00 a day. General agents wanted
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IjoM—Female Blue Belton English
setter. Reward. Address Mrs. E.
Rusk, Great Kills, Staten Island.
Wanted—Music pupils on piar.o and
organ. Mrs. Mortensen, 12S Gor
don street. 6926-2-27-3-6-2t
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family. State particulars. A. D.,
'care Evening News. 70 55-.1-7-31
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gage at 5 per cent. Pierce & Wat-,
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SuKscrlba for tho NEWS
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is a good crted;
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You are usually
able to practice it.
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ient to school, stores, and trolley faro
only five cents from Perth Amboy,
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ing, heating ami roofing. Mounguan
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llroadway, South Amboy. 3-3-tt
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Napoleon said: “You can't tnnke
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ter publicity c a tn pa i gfi s — I

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