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The Monmouth Market |!
Drop us a card and have us stop for your orders.
Eye Strain Causes Headace,
Nervousness. Watery Eyes, Etc.
Proper glasses wit) afford immediate
relief. Consult
iVJ. Moiio^iiYtn. Opr.SD.
Fj. 61 Smith Strnet
Dally 1.30 to 6. Saturdays till 9 p. m
Imps of torture make sad
havoc with one’s feelings
when they get at one's teeth.
Yon can keep them away
with my fillings that stay.
Mo fern Dentf»try
122 Smith Street
City Briefs
xxxjtxxjootxxxxxy >00: jc y xxxx
—Inspector John Boyle, of the
Public Service Corporation, was in
town Saturday.
—Chief Burke and Detective Huff
were in New Brunswick Saturday.
.—“Are you a Mason?" one of the
best plays seen In Mils city In some
time, played to a large audience In
Wilder hall Saturday night.
—The Duey building, in Payette
Street, is about completed, and a few
finishing touches are being applied.
■—The debris on the Wuf-ff proper
ty, at Smith and Hobart, streets, is
being cleared away and. in about a
week, excavating will be. started.
—A regular meeting of Denmark
Lodge, Independent Order of Good
Templars, was held in Washington
hail Saturday night.
1 —A meeting of Star of Grace
/ Lodge. Shepherds of Bethlehem, will
) be held ip Dana hall tonight.
—Po Ambo Loft, 'Haymakers, held
tl regular meeting in the Jefferson
building yesterday afternoon.
—A meeting of the senior cuio
cheticnl e.lnss of Grace English Luth
eran church will bo held at the
church at 7:45 .o’clock tonight.
—The Mission Study Cluss, of
Simpson M. E. church, will meet at
the home of Miss A. S. Mend, Ids
Smith street. tonight. Instead of
—Hornet Encampment, independ
ent Order of Odd Follows, will meet j
—A meeting of Middle:ex Council
No. 1,100, Hoyal Arcanum, will lie
held in Odd Fellows' hall tomorrow
*y i: —The newsdealers are again in
trouble with tile officials at the Cen
tral depot in regard to unwrapping
their papers in tlte waiting room
©Very morning.
—The heater in the Snljs store
went back on the employes tills
morning mid some delay was caused
in getting down to business.
—Some mischievous person with a
preparation which, when blown In
the air, causes sneezing, had a lol of
fun with the crowd leaving the per
formance at Wilder hall Saturday
1 night.
Juines Dunham Gets Divorce.
James E. Dunham, of this city, has
secured an absolute divorce from
Lillian Dunham, his wife, in the
Court of Chancery at Trenton. Mr.
Dunham was represented by Joseph \
E. Strieker. of this city. The pro- i
ceedings were commenced several j
months ago In tliis city when tesli- i
roony was taken before Special Mas- j
ter in Chancery C. C. Homniann.
Mr. Kchlottiei' Gluing!1 d Plans.
Rev. Robert L. Schlofcter. of Grace
English Lutheran chnivh, did not
preach his hunt sermon on the com
mandments in the chureJi last night.
On account uif ihe storm, it was post- f
poned until next Sunday night. He
gave a short talk instead last night.
Garben'u drug store, HI Hall Ave„
Is a branoti office for the EVENING
NEWS, where “Want” advs. are re
45 BY THE P. R. R.
Company Finds Refusal to Employ
Men Past .‘15 Hal's Many Who |
.Are Highly Capable.
With the approval of the stock-1
holders at their annual meeting to
morrow. the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will announce that in the
future men up to forty-five years old
will he eligible to enter its employ.
At present no person past the age of
thirty-five can get a position. The lat
ter rule was made so that evevy em
ploye obliged to retire at the age of
isixty-five years would have thirty
years of service to his credit and re
ceive a pension of not less than
thirty per cent. 6f his average earn
fngs for his last ten years of work.
It was found that the thirty-five
year rule put too great a limit on the
field from which the company could
draw its labor. Frequently It has
been demonstrated that men trained
in the various departments reach the
greatest degree of proficiency after
p'assing thirty-five years, and after n
careful Investigation of the work of
these employes the change was rec
Officials of the company, it Is said,
have also had an opportunity to no
tice in the course of the groat, engi
neering operations now under way
in various parts of the system that
the college-trained man in the major
ity of cases will do the railroad more
good than will the man who rises
from the ranks. There are excep
tions to this rule, but It Is a fact that
the company is now employing col
lege men almost exclusively for cer
tain branches of the operating and
engineering departments.
Delivery nl tile State Prison—Seven
New Prisoners Were Received
During Past Week.
TRENTON, Man 11:—Fourteen
prisoners were discharged from the
state prison during the past week
and seven received.
Those discharged were William
Barber, five years, Cumberland: this
was Barber's third time in the pris
on. He was committed for burglary.
John Blackstone, two years, Atlantic,
completed his second term in the
prison and Garret Van Campon one
year, Passaic, also completed his
third term In the Institution. Olliers
discharged were Joseph Paolo, one
year, Cape May; James Stone, sev
en years, Union: Dennis McBride,
two years, Camden; Louis Wacken
thaler, two years, Bergen; Louis
Shoemaker, one year, Passaic; Al
bert Faeemeyer, one year, Cumber
land; Alonzo Bullock, three years,
Sussex; John Snook, one year, Hud
son; Edward Morris, nine months,
Burlington; Joseph Hubert, three!
years, Essex; Thomas H. Grant, five
years, District of Columbia. Grant
was a United States prisoner.
There were seven prisoners receiv
ed at the prison. They were Edward
Folalen and Bolton Levering, each
eighteen months, Camden; Joseph |
McCrone, three years, Camden; Satu-j
ttel Stern, two years, Bergen; Frank
Blsne, nine months, Passaic; John
Coback, two years, Passaic; Georgel
Edwards, alias Walton, alias Dalton, I
one year, Camden.
SI. Cecilia Vl embers Will Give n
Di'amnti<V Entertainment.
The Liiird annual dramatic enter
tainment and daiice of the St. Cecilia
Singing Society, of this city, will be
held In Pulaski hah Monday, April 8.
The music will be furnished by S. P. j
Rostkonski's orchestra. This society
was organized three years ago with
twelve members. It has now forty
members and Is Increasing steadily.
It is in gooijl condition, both financial
ly and socially. The musical director
of the society is Professor Stanley
Rostkonski. It meets-.the first Sun
day in every month in the school ,
room of St. Stephen’s R. C. church.
The officers are: President, M. J. j
Lakomski; vice president, Miss Helen
Parlonski; secretary, S. P. Rostkon
ski; treasurer. Miss Victoria Osiecka;
and sergeant-at-arms, Paul Kuberski.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14
days or money refunded. 50c.

Leonidas M. Preston, a Suicide,;
Posed as a Millionaire—Took
Poison Rather than Face Jail
NEW YORK. March 11, It is evi
dent tlmt Leonidas M, Preston. who
was l'ouiid dead on Thnrsdit.v in the
Hotel ('ninherland. died a paretic and
a forger. 11 is odd will allowed that lie
was Insane and that Ills insanity led
to what would have been criminal ac
tion in a sane person. JTeston suf
fered before his suicide from delusions
of great wealth, lie lived as though
ills fortune lmd tangible existence,
playing both the stock market and the
races until what money he had actual
ly owned was practically gone. His
wife has been left penniless. She wits
before her marriage a Sixth avenue
saleswoman. He is said to he a de
faulter to the amount of $170,000.
Preston was general malinger of the
Timken Roller Rearing Axle company
and took poison, rather than face the
revelation that in one and one-half
years he had illegally made way with
nearly $170,000.
Prom the coroner’s court, where his
employers, his business associates and
a weeping widow were witnesses; from
expert accountants wbo had examined
his books and from counsel both for
the employers and for the widow the
Immense defalcation was admitted, and
time perhaps will show a greater sum
to lie involved.
Men connected with rare track gam
bling got tlie money. Not only did it!
go in the form of wagers oil the tracks
mul in poolrooms. Imt memoranda left
by Preston showed that something like
$40,000 went in unsuccessful ventures
in backing bookmakers or conducting
poolrooms. There is one item already
discovered of $8,000 which Joseph
Shay, attorney lor the widow, says
went to a sporting man to hack a pool
Of the sum missing it was estimated j
that $57,000 had been obtained by
means of notes on which the name of !
Edward It. Hewitt, son of former May
or ITewltt and president of the Timken |
company, had been forged ;*s indorser, j
Fifty thousand dollars, it is estimat
ed, was obtained on hank paper which
Mr. Hewitt indorsed in the belief that
Preston was tin* inheritor of an ('state
in the south of more than $2jMXt,000.
Forty thousand dollars, it is charged,
was taken from the cash drawer of
the company in the ordinary course of
business, for which I. O. TVs were de
posited to quiet the bookkeepers.
These T. (>. TVs disappeared a few
days before the tragic death of Pres
Mrs. Pres tot l said that after their re
turn from.New Orleans, where her hus
band had been a constant visitor at
the race track, lie had seemed very
nervous and ill at ease. He always
had been kind to her. She had literally
all tin* money she could desire and
weekly received a comfortable sum.
which she was told to devote to her
self or to charity, as she saw lit.
Elizabeth Man Wilts Case from Her
man Ellis for $123.
Hyman Isaacs Sons, junk dealers,
of Elizabeth, received a judgment of
$ 123.Gr> against Herman Ellis, a lo
cal junk dealer, in the district court
this morning. The suit was for an
amount of iron which was unpaid
for on a'ccount of an alleged short
age in weight.
Lawyer George J. Plechner, of this
city, represented Mr. Ellis, and Law
yer Lovett acted as counsel for Isaacs.
Mr. Ellis says that he and Isaacs
were partners tn a certain .transaction
with the Raritan Copper Works. Ac
cording lo the story Isaacs and Eltis
purchased a quantity olLjron from the
concern and Ellis says that some of
the consignment was sold by his
partner and that he did not receive
a part, of the receipts. This latter
case will be tried in the Supreme
Court, according to a statement made
by Mr. Ellis, at which time he de
clared he will start suit against Isaacs
at once.
Three landlord and tenant judg
ments were rendered and four cases
were adjourned. A contract case
was tried in the district court this
No I ml lent ion of Breaking of the
('oil Ins-Mat her Ilemllock.
TRENTON, Mar. 11:—The field
officers of the Second Brigade of the
New Jersey National Guard will meet
here again Tuesday evening to Ballot
for a successor to Brigadier General
Quincy O'M. Gillmore, resigned, and
the candidates, as before, will he Col
onel Dennis F. Collins, of the Second
Regiment, and Colonel John C. Math
er. of Camden, the latter command
ant of. the Third Regiment, who a
few weeks ago deadlocked for forty
three ballots.
Officers of both regiments are still
committed to the advancement of
their respective colonels, and the
chances of an election seem to be re
mole. Colonel Collins Is a democrat
iiud Colonel Mather is a republican,
but the Guardsmen are endeavoring
to keep pr itics out the election.
The democratic house of assembly
has threatened to reduce the military
appropriation it politics enter into
the controversy and Colonel Collins
is turned down for Colonel Mather.
8u*«cribe for the NEWS.
John Alexander Dowie's Home
Seized by the Government
for Benefit of Creditors
ZLOX CITY. 111., March 11.—Having
in delirium,denouncing liis enemies anil
calling upon his Zion guards to throw
out ail disturbers, John Alexander
liowie. founder and deposed lender of
(he Christian Catholic church and of
Zion City, died in Ills home here at
twenty minutes to N o'clock in the
At the bedside when the fnd came
were Judge V. V. Barnes. Deacons
Shadd and Drank Hntchficld and O. L.
Spelcher, Dowie's secretary. These
men denied that any medical assist
ance had been offered the dying man
or that he had asked for any.
Mrs. Dowle and her son arrived late
at night from Ben MacDhui, their
home in Michigan, which Is practically
all that remains of the wealth once
controlled by Dowie, estimated to have
been many millions.
Soon after Dowie’s dentil Shiloh
House, with its furnishings, was seized
by John C. Hntely, the Zion City re
ceiver. In the name of the United
States court, for the benefit of the
creditors of Zion City. The house is
valued at $50,000 and the furnishings
it $80,000. A custodian now is In
charge of the'rooms whore the body
of Dowie lies in state.
The future of Zion City, it was de
clared by General Overseer Wilbur
Glenn Voliva, Dowle's successor as
mad of the church, will not be affected
by the death of the founder.
Much Interest is.felt in a “final mes
sage" which Dowie gave some time
igo to Judge Barnes, who enjoyed con
fidential relations With the “prophet"
for many years.
Judge Barnes admits that such a
statement was dictated to him some
lime ago by Dowie. who foresaw his
loath and desired to set Ids house in
Dowie's "$21,(1011,000 will," as the
loeuraent which left that amount to i
the Zion City corporation was known, j
has been supplanted by a new will. .
Whife Dowie had been gradually fail- j
mg, there were' no indications of ap- !
proaching death until near the end.
He received a few followers and pray
ed for some persous Ills condition
seemed to be about the safne as for
the last two or three weeks.
It has lloan decided that the inter- j
ment will lie iv Mount Olivet come- {
tery, not far from Zion City, on Thurs
A touch of tlie ostentation that mark
ru uir tin* v»* 'mmiii .in . ........
In the Christian Apostolic Catholic ;
church in Zion which ho founded will i
ho observed during the funeral serv- ;
Ices of* tlie deposed leader. The while j
robed choir which was shorn of its :
vestments when Overseer Vollvn as- I
smiled control in Zion City will take :
(tit active part in the ceremonies, which ]
will he held in Zion tabernacle. Judge j
V. V. Barnes, one of the few elders of j
the church who remained faithful to j
Dow to. will conduct the services and j
will deliver the funeral sermon. Our
ing Tuesday and Wednesday tlie liody j
will lie In state in the reception hall of
Shiloh House.
John Alexander Dowie’s dentil lay. j
ended a career unexampled by any of |
the thousands of men who have laid I
claim to divine Inspiration for their
words and nets and brought their fel
lowmen to their support. Where they
won scores he won thousands to his
cause: where they gleaned thousands
of dollars for themsotves or their
propaganda. Oowie, within n dozen
years, accumulated more than $20,000,
000. II is energy, industry and deter
mination of character. With a business |
ability which, exercised in ordinary
channels, would have made him coni- j
mercially great, all brought hint for
ward as the most successful ot those j
whom the world bus called religious ,
Oowie was horn in Edinburgh, Scot
land. on May 25. 1847. and lived there I
until he was thirteen years old, when
he went with his parents to Adelaide, j
. ..!
consider Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic a 1
necessity in the hygienic care of the ;
person and for local treatment of
feminine ills. As a wash its cleansing,
germicidal, deodorizing and healipg
qualities are extraordinary, tor sale i
at Druggists. Sample free. Address j
The R. Paxton Co.. Boston. Mass 1
Boston Physicians Weigh InJ
mortal Spirit Claim Proof
From Many Dying Men
BOSTON, March 11.—1*1 ve .Massachu
setts physicians of the highest profes
sional standing have just- attained
what they hellove to lie decisive results
in the investigation, rcvc-eiitly under
taken, to determine (lie existence or
nonexistence of a soul in the human
body and to determine aim whether
the departure of that soul from a hu
man hoily is attended hy any mnuifes
tatlon of a nature that can he made'
evident to material senses.
These investigations, guarded with
the utmost privacy, have continued
about six years in a sanitarium in tills
state. The results are known to hut
half a dozen scientists, nl!ho*gh it is
planned to make the whole discovery
public soon.
They have determini-d Hint the de 1
parture of tiie soul from tiic body is
attended hy manifestations evident to
mortal senses—in other words, that at
tiie Instant after “death” the body is
lighter by a measurable amount. j
Every known test lias been inmh-|
which would he in any way likely to
disprove the facts. Instead of doing
this each subject has added to the
confirmation of results which were ob
tained when the first experiment was
The difference between (lie weight of
the live human body and tiie body a
moment after death, or when the sou!
has quitted it, was found to lie from
one-half ounce to one ounce, and to
this it is said (here can lie no other
possible solution except itiat il is tiie
weight of tiie human soul.
after all known scientific deductions. J
such us the loss of respiratory air. of
moisture and of all excretions and se
cretions of the IhmI.v. hud been (liken
Into consideration.
Dr. Duncan McDougull of Haverhill,
one of the experimenting physicians,
describing the experiments, said:
"in nearly all eases under test the
diminishment took place upon the in
stunt life ceased to exist In the body,
although in one ease there was a de
lay of nearly a minute, believed to be
due to the sluggishness of that partic
ular soul in realizing that its physical
fetters had been broken.
"The method of finding these results
was to place the dying patients in bed
upon one of the platforms of a pair of
scales made expressly for the experi
ments and then to balance this weight
by placing an eipiiil weight on the op
posite platform. These scales were so
delicately constructed as to be sensi
tive to a weight of less titan one-tenth
of an ounce.
"In every ease when the soul was set
free by death the platform opposite the
one in which lay the subject, of the test
fell suddenly .last as naturally would
have happened if a weight had been
taken from the opposing ha la nee. The
figures on the dial index Indicated the
loss in weight/'
Mr. Southwick Kilters Xeiv York Boat
Company Agency, ami Will
Have a Branch Here.
E. K. Southwick has sold his elec
trical contracting business to F. P.
Freeman, of Rahway, who will con
duct the local business under the
management of Max Epstein. The
local business will be ii branch of the
Rahway place, and an automobile
sarage will be opened in the rear.
Mr. Southwick has entered the
arm of Cantlne & Southwick, New
fork and New Jersey sales agents for
he Truscott Boat Manufacturing
flompuny, with a temporary office at
•oom 613, SO Wall street, New
fork. They may open a bralnch here.
VI. Znnictikin Spoke on “Class and
Class Struggle'.
The Workingmen's Circle held the
Irst of a series of lectures last night
n Washington hall, which was well
ittended in spite of the disagreeable
(veathej-. M. Zametikin. a well
known Jewish lecturer, of New York,
delivered a talk on “Class and Class
Struggle.” The lecture was inter
esting and instructive.
Another lecture will be given
March 31 in Washington hall, when
li. Feigenbaum, will lecture on the
lews’ escape from Egypt. M. Rip
l>en and A. Altsuder are the commit
tee In charge of the lectilres.
Identified as Captain Scott.
NORTHPORT, L. I.. Mar. 11: —
rile aged man who created a panic
it the Satpleton, S. I., railroad sta
tion Saturday night by committing
uilcide has been identified as Captain
John Scott, of Northport. The body
ivill be buried with Masonic honors.
Re left an estate valued at more than
1100,000. He is survived by a
Subscribe for the NSVv si
9 • - J
To - 3XTi«Tit
March 8
v {.Scmerville
Roller Skating
New Brunswick ave., end Jefferson st.
Come root for your home
team. The LYCEUM’S have
not lost a game, but have got to
hustle to beat the strong
Admission - - 10c
Spates - - - 15c
including wardrobe.
Some of the Most Popular Pub
lications Just Placed on
Iihe Shelves
Tlio following books have been re
cently added to the public library:
Benson—From a College Window.
Benson—House of Quiet.
Call—Every Day Living.
Clute-—AnnaJs of Staten Island.
Davis—-Real Soldiers of Fortune.
Danne—Dissertations by Mr.
Ewald-—Two Legs.
Ford—Trilegate of Magador.
Fowler—Starting in Life.
Hough—Story of the Outlaw.
Ibsen—Peer Gym.
Ireland—Life of Sir Henrv Vane.
Keith—Silver Maple.
Kephart—Book of Camping and
Kobbe—Famous American Songs.
Paine—Sailor of Fortune.
Prudden—On the Great American
Train—Prisoner at the Bar.
Velvin—Behind the Scenes with
Wild Animals.
Wilkins—By the Light of the Soul.
Fords Property is Purchased by a
Local Mail.
The Thomas Feeney estate at
Fords has bpen sold to a local man
through the, Brower & Bolger agen
cy. The new owner, whose name
cannot be learned as yet, intends mak
ing many improvements about the
premises, which contain a two-story
building, barns, wagon sheds and out
The same egency also recently sold
a lot at Market and McClellan streets.
Junkman Hays He Was Attacked.
The police received a report from
a junkman this morning stating that
ho had been assaulted at Fayette
street and Watson avenue. The
junkman asserted that he was driv
ing past the corner at. the time when
ho was attacked by another
dealer. A warrant will probably be
sworn out tomorrow morning before
the recorder.
F. R. C. O.
Organist and Choirmaster
of St. Peter’s Church
87 Rector Street
Voice Culture, Piano and
Pipe Organ.
The Largest and Most Complete
Resort in the County.
Eight Billiard and Pool Tables
Hobart St., Porth Ambov. N J.
Billiard and Pool Parlor
Cigars and Tobacco
A9 Smith St.
Sealed bids will bo received by the
undersigned until noon March 12 for
the building now standing on 328 l
State street, corner Jefferson. The
purchaser must agree to remove the
building before April 1. The build
ing will be sold to the highest bidder.
Deposit of 25 per. cent, required
182 Fayette St. |
r'977-3-2-12t*« _'_
Sold at all the largest drug stores in United SI leS and amm a la A ■
highly recommended. Rheumatism Cnre, Headache K #11 |lfil|l fl U Jkj# IFHiTF I
Fruit Lax for Constipation. Fig Syrvp for Infants. Cough Cure ulsion I# HI IIWHU 1 12£ I IS I L
Syrup HypophospbaUs Blooif Punier DRUG S I OR£ 335 8T.1TE ST I
I h 1 ~—mm
tA ■
f fv V' f'J- +’:**'*, }^K
If 1 fail to reach your heart it will not
be the fault of the good beer I sell.Only
standard brews are good enough for my
customers aiul those are the kind I sup
I ply. Why not ’phone me an order for a
'case of
Pilsner, $1.00 a box Porter, $1.00 a box
Pabst. $1.20 a case
The Hygienn -ot»lwy & Distribut
ing Works,
The only exclusive whole-wle and rectifying
f house in the city.
254 6 N«w Brunswick Ave Phone 163-R
Headquarters for Choice Mottled liters.
Pre niura check >»ith every case.
’Phone your order to us today.
152- 154 Smith Street
; Great Western Battllag W’k>
Manufacturer of all kinds of Beverages.
I 840 -STATE 8T
j Agent for Lem beck A Betz American Olu *
buttled Beer
“APERING #3.00 a room tncitniln*
alee paper. PAINTING 42.*>
ja room.
Uaim- •> ■»(>>.*
Shop—121 Fayette at.
I Keatdence—186 Fayette rtk
Choice Family Groceries, Provisions
etc. Fresh stock constantly received
Cor Prospect ano Smith Sta.
i ■■■■»■ .HI ■ -■■■■!■!!■
a ail YOU are thinking about having
1 fl your house papered, you' sho Id
consult us. We have the most up-to
date line ever shown in this city. You
cau save 30 per cent, by buying of us.
II. Shangrold <& Bro.
355 State Street.
Bottler of Krueger’s EXTRA LAGER
Wstch for my wagon. Bottles washed by elec
198 New Brunswick Ave.
-4*-4. 4 4«—.fr-tfr—ifr- 4>- 4.- 4.---4.
15 women to strip r gs. i
Enqu'ro, i.
| Herman Ellis. 182 Fayette -f
Oaaipr in Carriages. Busirnss
Wag m, Farm Wagons, Etc.
—Horse Commission Dealer—
A3 Naw Br’swick Ave. and floor
^ ' J *Tonlo
M. S. Meinzer, M. 0
8uccHHnor to Dp Howell
294 Madison ave. I'erth Anibi»y,Ntl
I 8 Hi to 1(1.18' A. M
I'FFICK BOTIRR: > 1.80 to 8.00 h M
1 fi so 1 -i Q.nc i' o
Residence. 176 BRIGHTON AVE
stable, 156 BRIGHTON,AVE.
All kinds of heavy truoWiiR f imlture «no
pmno mnvintr prom, tly attended to.
Telephone No. 8
■eneral end Special Machine, Pattern
’*» a*»r| R1pr»lr**nW->i Wnr|>
Arthur Garben
Prescription Work a Specialty
Branch Office Evening News.
31 Hali Avenue.
Poikowttz Bros.,
Boarding. Livery, ',ale & Each ge Stable*
Horses and Hi-. to hire at all hour*.
( ottcheK for all uttOMions.
93-95 New Bruns, av Perth Amboy
Htat>le 'Phono 30-L, Reaidouce Phone 140-W
Furniture Moved by Experienced Men
HOUSE MOVI 6, Grading, Digging Cellars
and sewers, all kinds of General
Contracting Work.
;o3 Street. Pf^kf 17--W
f ij(m\ e "WANT" adva. at branch o£*

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