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Several Long Distance Run
ning Events Soon to
Take Place.
Should the ancient athlete of Greece
lie permitted to retnra to earth Jnst
now the popularity of on· form of
content would make him feel Immense
ly at home. The Marathon race, the
modern revival of the moat notable of
all tests In the days of ancient Greece,
when the development of the physical
body waa accounted the most Impor
tant of all man's duties, has become η
veritable rage in this country.
In the past we have paid much at
tention to all forms of track and Held
athletics, sxcept distance running, and
there we have in the main been lam
entably weak. But now that the coun
try is troubled with "Marathonitls"
wo may safely count on the rapid de
velopment of more than a few native
runners, who will before the year is
oat give promise of making new his
tory In this excellent event.
We are dally reading of the New
York Marathons, the Chicago, Boeton,
St. Louis, western nnd Paclflc slope
I 1
who mat oomfktb ςν rnisco RACK.
«rents and even the southern Mara
thon. In fact, there la hardly a week
passes but what there le a Marathon
of some sort being run. Recently one
Was held on the deck of the monitor
Wyoming. Eleven sailors entered the
face, a 130 yard lap being possible.
3. P. White came out the winner.
The first event of Importance of this
nature· In the south will take place In
New Orleans Feb. 23, and already half
Λ dozen of the cracks from New YoA,
Chicago and St. Louis and elsewhere
•re entered, and a field of forty men
.Will start.
Ban Francisco Is to hold a profes
sional Marathon ruu on Feb.®7. The
•rent will be the regular distance, 26
miles 286 yards, and will be held on a
track that will be lnld out around the
ball Held at Recreation park. The
track will be of cinders and a little
over five lape to the mile. It Is ex
pected that Connoly, King and Miller,
•11 prominent Marathoners on the
coast, will enter.
It has been decided to limit the field
Ï) six entries, and three other well
nown athletes will be obtained. A
puree of $1,000 has been offered, of
Which $000 will go to the winner, (250
to the second man to cross the line and
$100 to the third.
Sanction bas been granted to the Los
Angeles Athletic club by the Pacific
Amateur Athletic association to hold a
Marathon run on Feb. 22. The race
Will be run on a track Instead ot across
country, and the spectators will thus
(be enabled to see all the contestants
ifrom start to finish. It Is proposed to
turn the gate receipts Into a general
fund the object of which Is to further
•mateur athletics In Los Angeles.
The annual Boston Athletic associa
tion Marathon road race will be run
on Patriots' day, April 10. All the
prominent long distancera of the east
•re expected to participate In the Hub
•lassie, and preparations are already
under way to make the run the most
Successful that has ever been held In
that section.
▲ novel idea will b« introduced in
that electric drays will follow the
Marathoners, ready to pick up the men
In the event of their suecutnblng to
the pace. It Is also proposed to have a
dray carry the athlete·' clothing from
the starting line at Ashland to the
HlBish at the clubhouse.
Ruth Dillon After Record·.
There ta · strong possibility that
jttuth Dillon, the four-year-old Indiana
trotting Ally, will be trained to break
the world's trotting record.
. W. L. P. C.
Kirbyltes 14 4 .778
Aquehongaa ...... 9 9 .600
Amicltlaa 8 10 .444
Keystones 6 IS .171
Be an advertiser—le, a word.
The interior of the Pop Social gym
nasium in Hobart street, is taking shape
and will put to use about next Monday.
Proprietor James Kirby is securing a
full equipment of gymnasium appara
tus from New York, which is due to ar
rive tomorrow and will be put in place
immediately. A roped arena has been
erected upon which Johnny Dwyer will
give exhibitions. Mr. Dwyer will be
the instructor in athletics.
Joseph C'oncannon, who at present is
the star among the contestants in the
state championship pool tournament, is
getting in trim to give Byan and Walm
slev the dose he has meted oat to his
former opponents in the series. Ile lias
put a full-sized regulation Brunswick
Balke Collender table in the front part
of his parlor at 178 Smith street, upon
which he intends to practice. Joe has
a good chance of going through the
tournament with a perfect score.
The Keystone bowlors are scheduled
to practice tomorrow night on Blood
good's alleys. There is a possibility of
William Pemberton again joining the
ranks of this club.
The Friday Night bowlers practiced
last night on Hartmann 's alleys.
Members of the Lyceum F. C., are
getting together on basoball matters,
though the season is yet away off. Dan
Thomas will twirl the coming season
and Albert Antonides will in all prob
ability catch. -
According to the views of former
Manager Albert 0. Waters, of the Na
tional baseball clubr the Cable works
will have a fast nine in the industrial
league, If It is formed'this season.
Class No. 2, of the D. 8. A. C., met
last night and studied gymnasium work
under the instruction of Prof. David
Hahn. A number of beginners were on
Two basketball contests in school 3,
at Pleasant Plains, and school No. 1,
in Totteuville, will keep the juvenile
sporting enthusiasts interested for a
while tomorrow afternoon. The senior
teams of schools 1 and 8 will play in
Totteuville, and the junior teàms of
those schools will meet at Pleasant
Those interested In the formation of
a Y. M. C. A. here,, who play basketball
each Tuesday night, are elated over the
excellent turnout last Teusday night.
The Young Men's Club bowlers will
be on hand tonight at 7 o'clock, at Kir
by's alleys to hold their weekly prac
Several members of the D. S. A. 0.
plan another run tomorrow night along
the Amboy-Metuchen road.
A number of boys who held a short
race last Saturday morning intend to
hold a similar race Saturday, and to
increase the dietance.
Endurance contests in cart games
are the latest novelty, but the first one
here ended unsuccessfully, inasmuch as
an hands quit at ohe time.
An Expsrisnoo In (totting Acquainted
In Nsw York.
Getting acquainted In New York la
thus described by a man from Atlanta.
He brought a letter of Introduction te
tb· peraon be was to meet at the tat
ter's office in Nassau street
Tbls Is the Atlantan's report to bis
"Called at 2 p. m. Boy on tbe gate
asked my name and business. Gave
him the letter of Introduction., Boy re
turned and told mc to sit down.
"Sat down twenty-flre minutes. Saw
a man come out of bis office and break
through tbe gats as If he was chased
by hornets.
" 'Who's the man from Atlanta who
wants to see me?' asked the hurried
" Ί am the man,' I replied, trying to
act as If I was also hurried.
" 'Come along with me,' said the man
as he grabbed me by the arm. He
dragged me through the main door Into
the hallway. He caught sight of a de
scending elevator and shrieked to the
man in tbe car to stop.
"Tbe door of tbe car slid ajar, and
the man who had me by tbe arm said.
*Come along; let's get acquainted as
we go down.'
"By tbat time the car bad reached
the landing on the main floor. As the
door of tbe car was pushed back the
man who bad my letter In bis band
" Ί haven't had time to read this let
ter, but we know each other. Come In
day after tomorrow. I've got to make
a train. I'll know you when we meet
again. Goodby.'
"Before I could say goodby be bad
turned the corner and was out of sight
That's business In New York."—Suc
cess Magazine.
Young Loughrey Defeats Sullivan,
New York. Jan. 28.—Young Loughrey
of Philadelphia defeated Paddy Sulli
van of Brooklyn in a ten round flfbt
at tbe Bharkey Athletic club her·.
If you do not read the NKVV8
every day you will miss a great des'
Patrick White & Sods
Telephone No. 8.
General end Special Machine. Patten
Boiler and Blackamlth Work.
Billiard and Pool parior
Clears and Tobaooo
Λ9 toll h St.
Try tbe Home Cooking
At the Beat Restaurant ία Town
387 State Street
Ckargee Moderate.
State of Washington to Make
Pool Selling or Bookmak
ing a Felony.
Olympia, Wash., "Jan. 28.—Without α
dissenting vote the Banden race (am
bling bill making pool selling and
bookmaklng on hors· race· a felony
ha· passed the assembly.
Under tt the possession of gambling
paraphernalia 1· prima fact· evidence
of a violation of th· act
A meeting of the Franklin F. C. was
held last night at the home of Harry
Applegate, in Madison avenue, at which
several matters were discussed relative
to the baseball season.
The Franklins propose to put a fast
juvenile nine in th· field the coming
season. They have much good material·
A schedule is under way and they would
like to hear from sixteen and soventeen
year old teams in this city and vicinity.
Address A. A. Qulnn, Jr., Hobart street.
Bloodgood's—S. Yatos, 184.
Klrby's—J. I)wyer, 225, 180; N.
Johnson, 206; L. Peterson, 189.
Ormond-Dayton· Contest to B· Hold
March 23-28.
It has been decided to hold the sev
enth annual Florida beach races on
the fast sand course, as usual, the
dates selected being March 23 to 26,
There will be radical changes In the
conduct of the races. One of the
events will be a sweepstakes price
■tock car race, the cars being handi
capped according to price and not en
gine power. This will give the public
a good idea as to "what Is what" at a
certain price. The βίτ Thomas Dewar
$2,000 trophy for the international one
mile race will be given outright. There
will be several thousand dollars in
cash prises hung up for the races.
There will be one special race open
to competitors in past Vandcrbllt cup
taces, for which a cash prize will be
offered. The stock car event will
probably go over a part beach and
part road course, crowing two bridges,
provided permission can be secured
from the authorities, and It is thought
that the average of 52.BO miles pel
hour, made by the winning stock car
at Savannah, will be beaten at Day
tona, as a speed of sixty miles per
hour can easily be made by some stock
One of the big races will be that for
the Minneapolis trophy, which was
won last year by the Flat, the late
Bmanuel Cedrino driving. This trophy
must be won twice, so thst if a Flat
wins It again It will become the prop
erty of the Flat Automobile company.
There will be a two mile a minute
speed crown race similar to the one
captured by Victor Demogeot, the
great French driver, who in 1906
hurled his racer over the two mile
stretch In B8 4-6 seconds. Cars In this
race must equal two miles a minute
to win. Of course this speed Is only
possible on the farfamed beach on the
east coast of Florida.
Americans Start April 12 and Na
tionals Two Days Later.
The datée and games for the open
ing of the major league baseball sea
son were given out recently by the
presidents of both organizations. April
12 will witness the opening of the
American league, and the teams will
begin the season on that date as fol
lows: Boston at Philadelphia and New
York at Washington. On April 14
Cleveland will play at St. Louis and
Chicago at Detroit.
The National league will begin to
play April 14, and on this date Brook
lyn will play at New York, Philadel
phia at Boston, Pittsburg at Cincin
nati and St Louis at Chicago. The
order will be revised for return dates
to follow.
Michigan Not en Schedule of th· Big
Elevens In West.
Coach Stagg of the University of Chi
cago, Dr. Williams of Minnesota and
Director Hutchine of Wisconsin met In
Chicago recently, and the big football
games for the western teams next fall
were agreed upon. The dates were not
given out, but the Chicago-Wisconsin
game will be played at Marshall field,
Chicago-Minnesota at Minneapolis and
the Wisconsin-Minnesota contest at
It I· a conspicuous fact that Michi
gan was not mentioned during the con
ference of the three football managers.
That makes It positive that no game
will be scheduled by any of the three
big teams with the Wolverenes.
Featherweight ChampTon to Meet
Β ronton Feb. 20.
Aba Attell, the featherweight cham
pion, and Jack Bronson of Indianapo
lis will meet at Dayton, O., on Feb. 20
In a twenty round championship bat
tle. The men bava agreed to scale Ι2β
pounds ringside
All of the contractu for the work of
irranging tho Essex Troop armory for
:he Newark Automobile Show which
trill be hold there from February 20
io 27, have been awarded and the nec
sssary preparations for the show are
now being made.
Laggren Brothers, au Elizabeth con
:ern, received the contract for the dec
orative work and have already beg·. ',
arranging the massive flag decoratiour
tliat will prevail while the Beaver Con
itruction Company, of 232 Market
«treet, Newark, received the electrical
work. This will include the lighting
[>f the building with more than Ave
hundred incandescent bulbs in addition
to the many arc lamps that are now in
use there. The electrical contract calls
for exterior illuminations as well and
the armory will present a beautiful pic
ture during the week of the show.
A huge automobile wheel completely
surrounded with lights will be perched
above the main entrance to the build
ing, while the several hundred small
globes will be strewn along the balcony
rail and through the center of the big
African Natlv·· Who Were LavUh In
Their Use of 8oap.
MUs Mary Klngsley, who made many
Journeys in the wtlds of Africa, used
to relat· bow once, flnding It necessa
ry to clean·· a much soiled and stained
blouse, she carried It, with a cake of
aoap, to a neighboring spring, where
an Interested group of native women
watched her wash it They were much
Impressed by the way In which the
spots disappeared, and it emerged as
good aa new.
The next morning when it came time
to break camp Miss Klngsley missed
her soap—a precious commodity In the
wilderness. Suspicion soon pointed to
a certain woman, who, on being ac
cused, confessed boldly that she bad
taken It and cast It Into the spring
that Its extraordinary powers of re
newing old garments might be perma
nently Imparted to the waters. She
was deeply mortified te learn that tier
effort had been In rain.
The Rev. Peter McQueen of Charles
town, Mass.. tolls a kindred story. His
soap, however, was not lost, although
misused. He still had It with him.
"1 told our native serrants to be sure
to lay in a supply of clean water
when we crossed the Tarn desert, a
scorched belt of sand stretching some
seventy-six miles," he relates. "Tid
ings had reached us that an English
explorer who had attempted to cross
that desert shortly before us bad per
ished from thirst, so we wanted to be
"You can Imagine my surprise when,
upon taking my Qrst draft of water, I
discovered that It tasted strongly of
soap. ^11 the casks were similarly
tainted, and we rounded up the natives
and held a hasty court martial.
"It waa a tough predicament, but I
couldn't refrain from smiling within
when the leader of them meekly con
fessed that as the master bad Instruct
ed htm to lay in a supply of clcan wa
ter be had seen to it that bars of soap
were added, for soap, he said, was
used to clean things."
They did not perish of thirst, but
after sixteen days of drlnkinsc soap
suds. which agreed with neither palate
nor stomach, no native of that partic
ular gang was agnin likely to try to
purify water with soap.—Youth's Cora
—Between Citizens Building and
Loan Association, Complainant,
and Fredericka Wedel and others,
Defendants, Fl. Fa., for sale of
mortgaged premises, dated Janu
ary 23, 1909.
By virtue of the above stated
writ to me directed and delivered, I
will expose to sale at public vendue
at two o'clock in the afternoon of
the said day, at the Sheriff's office
In the City of New Brunswick, New
All tract or parcel of lands and
premises, situate, lying and being In
the City of Perth Amboy, in the
County of Middlesex and State of
New Jersey, and known and desig
nated as Lots Nos. Four Hundred
and Eighty Five (486), Four Hun
dred and Eighty Six (486), and
Four Hundred and Eighty Seven
(4^7) on a map entitled, "Map of
571 Building lots at Perth Amboy
Heights." Beginning at a point in
the Easterly line of Rarltan Ave
nue distant seventy five feet from
where the southerly side of Pulaski
Street If extended would intersect
the said Easterly lino of Rarltan
Avenue; thence running Southerly
seventy five feet to a point; thence
Easterly about eighty seven feet
more or less to land owned by Hen
ry Maurer Co., thence Northerly
along said lands of said Maurer Co.
about seventy Ave feet to a point;
thence Westerly at right angles to
Rarltan Avenue about eighty seven
feet to the point or place of begin
ning. Being the same dimensions
more or lees. Being the same prem
ises conveyed to the said Hans We
del and Fredericka Wedel by deed
from William P. Carlock anil others*
dated July twenty eighth, j906, and
recorded In Book 370 of deeds on
pages 383 &c.
Together with all and slngular
tbe rights, lluprties, privileges, her
editaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise
ADRIAN LYON, Solicitor.
|0.7« . 21952-1-28-ôt-Th
Defeats South River Marks
men by Close Score
Eleven to a Team.
Special to the RVSNINO NEW ft.
Morgan Station, Jan. 28:—The
Morgan Gun Club, of this place,
bested the South River Gun Club on
these grounds yesterday. The score
was exceedingly close for an eleven
man team with fifty birds to a man.
The affair was one of the most en
joyable ones held at Morgan in some
time. After the match, refreshments
and lunch were served.
There were to have been but ten
men to a team, but two profession
als were at hand, Apgar and Glover,
one of whom was each placed on
each team. Apgar represents the
Peters Target Company. The In
dividual scores yesterday were:
Morgan Club.
A. Ivens, 44; Glover, 41; Wilson,
39; Applegate, 39; Kennedy. 37;
Bloodgood, 36; Deitz, 35; Wood, 35;
E. Ivens, 80; Androvette, 30;
Cheeseman, 29.
South River Club.
Apgar, 4 2; F. Blssett, 40; Mc
Dowall, 39; Bennett, 39; Harkins,
30; Willet, 31; Muslch, 30; Hansen,
30; A. Blssett, 29; Farley, 29; Fay,
■ Saturday afternoon the Morgan
Gun Club will shoot against the Ma·
tawan Gun Club, on Kennedy's
grounds at Matawan.
On February 12 and 13 the Mor
gan Club will hold two big shoots
on their grounds. On Lincoln's
birthday, February 12, a contest
will commence at 10 o'clock in the
morning, and there will be numer
ous prises of live stock and cash.
Princeton, Jan. 28:—The 1909
schedule of the Princeton track team
was announced yeeterday, as fol
February 13, Columbia University
indoor meet at New York; 20, Fede
ral track and field indoor meet at
Washington, D. C.; 26, Trenton Y.
M. C. A. Indoor meet at Trenton, N.
J.; March 6, Georgetown University
indoor meet at Washington; 16, New
York Athletic Club indoor meet at
New York; April 24, annual relay
races of University of Pennsylvania
at Philadelphia; May 1, thirteenth
annual lnterscholastic meet at
Princeton; 8, Yale at Princeton; 15,
Cornell at Ithaca; 22, Navy at An
napolis; 28 and 29, intercolleglates.
Newark, Jan. 28:—Arrangements
have been completed by which Al
fred Shrubb, the English runner,
will compete against Robert Hallen
and Michael Spring, who defeated
Tom Longboat In this city last Sat
urday night. The race will take
place in the First Troop armory here
next Tuesday night. The distance
will be ten miles.

Jockey Eddie Dugan is planning to
desert the American turf March 1 for
the English game.
The national motor boat races at
Palm Beach, Fla., hove been moved
forward to March IB. so as not to con
flict -with the Orniond-Daytona auto
Both Chicago and Illinois universi
ties are seriously considering entering
men In the Intercollegiate tennis tour
nament next fall. Chicago also has in
mind an eastern' trip the coining
It has been announced that Syracuse
university and the Carlisle Indians
will contest In a dual track meet on
May β in Elmlra, Ν. Y.
The naval athletic authorities are
considering a proposition of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania to send a
wrestling team to Annapolis on March
14 to compete against the midshipmen.
John L. Sullivan has started on a
world tour that will Include all the
English speaking countries, as well as
many continental places, where the
fame of the one time heavyweight
champion Is as well known almost as
It Is at home.
That James A. Rector, America's
premier sprinter, will not represent
the University of Virginia on the cin
der track this sear Is now definitely
deckled. Harry^Vl. Thurlow of Buffa
lo, Ν. Y., has been elected captain of
the track team for the coming season
to succeed Rector.
Harry Fox won a game from Captain
Samuel Hornsbv in the Elks' pool tour
nament last night. A number of games
in the euchre tourney were also played.
Subscribe for the NEWS.
Notary Public and Commissioner
of Deed·.
Tel. 80-W. 100 Smith St^
Joe Concannon
Cigars and Cigarettes
"Why, of course," say you, "haven't I the deed,
and haven't I paid all the interest and taxes?"
Well, let's go further back. Now about the title.
"Why, that was searched."
Come AU right_but ha6 it been GARANTEED?
Fidelity Trust Company,
over when It guarantees a title, assumes all the risk of
undiscovered or undiscoverable defects.
Special to the EVEN IN a HEWS
Newark, Jan. 28:—The game In
the state championship pool tourna
ment, at the Elite parlors, went to
John Dahl. of Passaic, last night.
He defeated Edward O'Brien, of
Somerrille, 150 to 101.
The match was Interesting and
was cautiously played. There was
little varying In the tally until near
the finish, when Dahl ran ahead.
Tonight Joseph Ryan, of Jersey
City, will oppose Charles Walmsley,
of Paterson.
If you hate an Idea that will be a
winner If "pushed," use a want ad.
in your oaeet for "backing."
! Special to (λu EVENING NBWB
\ Tottenville, .Ten. 28:—The Aquelion
ga Athletic Club, of this place, is plan
ning for a friendly bowling contest be- '
tween members of the Richmond Bor
ough Bowling Association and the Ami
icitia Athletic Association, which will
probably be held some time next week.
A Dumber of Aquehonga bowlers were
recently the guests of the Richmond
ι Borough bowlers.
Many a young man starting oat te
conquer the world considers himaelrM
Alexander when he Is in reality bat a
■mart Alec.—Puck.
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two forces, actively at work.
This newspaper—in its policies, in its practices," 1n its edi
torials, In its advertisements, représenta the pushing-forward
civic-self; and it opposes, and shames (let us hope) the reac
tionary forces in this civic life—not least among which le the old
heresy that business can prosper, or grow, without the aid ot
newspaper advertising.
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