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The Evil Day
Wheti the day of misfortune or old age comes to
. you it will not be what you hav· made, but what you
have saved that'will count. Not the money you have
spent but the money you have save.d thît will .tide you
over misfortut^ or care for you in your old age. Any
man with self respect and honest pride will prepare for
such contingencies.
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of aaving a portion of your earnings each
month you will be providing for misfortune and
old age.
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If People Only Knew
VVhat an important bearing
the state of the mouth has
upon the health of the general
• system, they wouîd pay the
closest attention to have their
teeth taken care of today.
Almost every disease has its
origin from an unclean
A perfect set of teeth means
good health to you.
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Modem Dentistry
In the Red Star Bldg.
338-40 State Street
Takes Oath as Nicaragua
Ruler in Defiance of
United States.
Managua, Dec. 21.—Iu defiance of the
opposition of the United States govern
ment Dr. Jose Madrlz, Zelaya'a nomi
nee, was unanimously elected prësl
deut *>t the Nicaraguan republic by the
national assembly. lie" took the oath
and assumed the powers of his office
Dr. Madrid's election came at the
Large ose of rather a stormy session of
(· ■'Λ^-eongress, but the members were all
heartily in favor of his election.
Action on the part of Secretary Knol
Is awaited here with great anxiety by
the large American interests in Nica
ragua. ,
Général Juan I'ablo Iteyes, who led
the unsuccessful revolt agaluat Zelaya
in 18IHJ, lias deserted Estrada. He se
cured a furlough ostensibly to visit his
family, bnt in reality to join Madrlz.
J When Kstrada teamed of the treach
ery of Iteyes he denounced him bltter
ly. - * /■'"
Estrada Appeals te Secretary Knox.
Washington, Dec. 21.—President Juan
J. Estrada Of the provisional govern
ment in Nicaragua has appealed to
Secretary «I State Knox for formal
recognition in the following cable dia
To Secretary of State, Washington:
No change In the person of Zelaya αΛ
chief executive selected by hhn or by the
congrus lie controls will be accepted by
the Majority of the Nlcaraguan people
allied .to our cause In the struggle for jus
tice. Peace In thU, country can only be
anwwl by the complete exclusion of Ze
laya aiiti Ills followers. We will continue
flgfrttng until this Ih secured. In the came
of liberty and Justice on our side w· ask
you to recognize my government.
The United States will uot recognize
the provisional government until it ia
!n complete aud undisputed control of
thejcuacbluery of the government of
Ntcnrugua and la competent to enter
ΙηΙδΊ'η tern allouai obligations.
Live Stock Markets.
CATJ~I.I£ — Dressed beef, Snllc. pei
CAJ^VES—City dressed veals, 10aJ6Ho.
per pound; country dressed. iOaUVtc.
BHEEP AND LAMBS—Dressed mutton,
■tt&lOYfcc. per pound; dressed Jaiwbs, lia
General Markets.
BUTTER—Very strong; supplies short;
receipts. 3,406 packages; creamery, spe
cials. 37c. : extras. 38c. ; thirds to firsts,
„l8n35c. : held, seconds to spactals, ZSa33c.;
state dairy, common to finest. »aSlo. ;
process, firsts to specials. 26aZSMrC. : west
ern, factory, second* to firsts. ?JV4a26o.:
Imitation creamery, 26a28c.
CHEESE — Kir η# receipts. S39 boxes,
state, uew. full cream, specCii. 17Vtalic. ;
September, fancy. He. ; Octooer, best,
teHc ; lute made, best, iSVic. ; common to
good, lSaiCKc. ; skims, full to specials. Sa
EQc; S — Strong; receipts, S.340 cases;
Hate, Pennsylvania and nearby, hennery,
0 White, 40ai0c. ; gathered, white, îiaKlc. ;
hennery, brown and mixed, fancy. 4un
Be.; gathered, brown, fair to prime, SSa
.; western, extra firsts, 86a37c. ; firsts.
34c.; seconds, 2Xa31c. ; refrigerator, sp»
Clal marks, fancy, 28!4ai4iic. ; firsts, 22a
I3c.; seconds, ïOViaîlVic.
DRESSED Ρυυΐ/ΓΗΥ—Flrin; turkeys.
AuslDV 2ia23c.: selected > «stern, dry
(ticked, 25a26c. ; tfcalded, 2Kr\ Ic. : fair to
brime western, 24a2*Hc. ; old t ( 'lfl. 22aZ3e. ;
broilers, nearby, fancy, squab, per pair,
SOaTBc.; 3 lbs, to pair, per lb.. £ia»c. ;
western, dry picked, milk fed. MaJSo.;
nom fed, 18a20e. ; roasting chickens, near
by, fancy, 20a26c. ; western, milk fed, fan
cy, ffiaSiSc. : corn fed, fancy, lSaiKHe;
mixed, weight chickens, nearby, fancy,
Ua'Or.; western, milk fed. l»c.; dry pick
ed. coi n fed. average beat, ieHc.; scalded,
average beat, lOalSV.
A pleasing, goo a,. high grade,
►uly flavored amber colored cup of
)offee can be had—and without the
jeal Coffee danger, or damage· to
lealth—by nimply U8ln„- Dr. Shoop'a
lew substitute, called "Health. Cof
fee." Pure, wholesome, toasted ce
reals. malt, nuts, etc., make Dr.
Jhoop's Health Coffee both healthful
itpd satisfying. No 20 to 30 minutes
tedious bolting. "Made in a minute,"
lays Dr. Shoop. If served a· coffee,
Vr taste will even trick at expert,
lold by Frank Hilsdorf. d-j-f-in
10,313 SLAIN
Interstate Commerce Board
Reports to Congress
105,234 Were Injured.
Washington, Dee. 21.—The report of
the Interstate commerce commission,
presented today to the senate and
house of representatives, shoSvr that
the total number of casualties to per
sons on the railways for the year end
ed June 80, 1808, was 114,418, of which
10,188 represented the number of per
sons killed and 104,230 the number in
These ligures do not include acci
dents reported by switching and ter
minal companies, as follows: Employ
ees, (15 billed, 880 Injured; passengers,
2 hilled, 8β Injured; other persons, 58
killed, 88 Injured; total, 125 killed,
1,004 injured.
Casualties occurred among three gen
eral classes of railway employees In
the service of carriers other than
those classed aa switching and termi
nal, as follows: Trainmen, 1,842 killed
and 85,821 injured; switch tenders,
crossing tenders and watchmen, 137
killed, 1,068 Injured; other employees,
1,420 killed, 45.ΑΘ8 Injured. The casual
ties to employees coupling and uncou
pling cars were: Employees killed, 222;
Injured, 8,378.
The total number of casualties to
persons other than employees from be
ing struck by trains, locomotives or
cars was 5,018 killed and 4,572 Injured.
Amendments to Law Needed.
Urging the need of amendments to
the law, the commission says:
"The experience of the past year
confirms our conviction that certain
amendments are necessary to enable
the commission to more fully accom
plish the purposes of the act.
"There Is, In our opinion, urgent
need of a physical valuation of the
Interstate railways of this conutry.
Even assuming that the valuation of
our railways would be of no assist
ance to this commission In establish
ing reasonable rates. It is still nec
essary If those rates are to be success
fully defended when attacked by the
carriers that some means be furnished
by which within reasonable limits a
value can be establls^o4'Which shall
be binding upon tine conrts and the
commission. r* *
Muet P-event Sudden Rat· Increaees.
"It seems plain to us also that some
method should be provided by which
railroads cau be prevented from ad
vancing their rate· or changing their
I regulations and practices to the disad
vantage of tho shipper pending an In
vestigation into the reasonableness of
the proposed change. Confusion and
discrimination result from present con
"Nothing can be more fallacious than
to assume that damages are in most
Instances a remedy for the extortion
of an unreasonable rate, nor, If It
should be Anally held that courts have
authority to prohibit advances, are the
Injured parties In most cases able to
conduct an expensive litigation and tile
the enormous bonds which are neces
sary to the obtaining of an Injunction.
Wider Authority Necessary.
"If this body Is to be relied upon to
correct unreasonable railway rates,
regulations and practices, Instances
must frequently arise In which no
formal complaint will be died, but
where Investigations ought to be had
and orders mude.
"We believe that wherever It ap
pears, either from a formal complaint
tiled or from Informal complaint re
ceived or from the general knowledge
of tho commission, that a given situa
tion ought to be Investigated, the com
mission should have authority upon Its
own motion or by modifying a com
plaint already filed to prosecute an
adequate inquiry upon notice to the
carrier ami to make a relieving order
if one be required.
Control Over Capitalization Urged.
"The need of exercising control over
railway capitalization Is again urged
upon the attention oUbe congress.
• "The commission also recommends
that Λ have broader authority to pre
scribe and enforce general regulation·
relating to the movement of ti n the.
When u standard of reasonable prac
tice hue been established by tUe volun
tary action of the carriers or can be
fairly ascertained by suitable Investi
gation conformity to that standard
should be made obligatory, and this
can best be done, In our judgment, by
empowering the coinmlsslou to make
suitable regulations. This gives to the
approved practice the sanction and
si.w.jport «>f public authority and oper
ates to see us? Its uniform observance."
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not there's a chance today to buy
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you have "mlseed your voratlon"—
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< 1111
Butler Testifies Against
Mistress in Suit—Girl
Was Also Kicked.
Mlneoia, N. T., TN»c. 21.—Testimony
to tira effect that the gentle eyed, soft
voiced M re. W. Gould Brokaw kicked
her maid and beat her with a whip
was introduced during the séparation
and alimony ault which the young wife
haa on trial in count here.
The maid, according to the narrator
of the lucfaent, waa so badly used up
in the encoonter with her slender mia
tresa that-she had to take a cocktail
inwardly and a lot of witch hazel out
wardly to restore lier composure. Then
she was discharged.
Sidney Woods, the butler at Bro
ke w North Carolina bouse, told of the
kicking and whipping episode. There
had been a quarrel between husband
aud wife. Mr. Brokaw had gone away,
and Mr. Blair, the wife's father, had
been culled to High Point to pacify
her. At his request the key of the
telephone booth had been given to
Woods, the butler, with instructions
not to allow Mrs. Brokaw "to use the
phone. This was because she wanted
to run away from High Point.
Mr». Brokaw Put» H«r Foot Down.
"Miss J>ee, the nurse, had occasion
to use the telephone," said Woods,
"and 1 let her enter the booth, which
closed and locked after her when the
door swung. Then Mrs. Brokaw came
to the booth and Remanded the use
of it.
" 'Vèry sorry, madam,' I told her,
'but Mr. Blair'· instruction i* that
the booth must be kept locked.' She
stumped her foot—she was very im
petuous—and aaid: Open it. I am
Mrs. Brokaw and must be obeyed. If
1 choose to do anything about here no
one dare to stop me.' Then she stamp
ed her foot again at the nurse and
said, "I'll make things hot for you
some day.' "
Woods, it appeared, locked up the
phone when the nurse was through,
and Mrs. Brokaw didn't go to !t. But
when Miss Lee departed and went up
stairs she followed, and when the but
ler next saw the nurse she waa cry
lug. Asked what he did for ber, he
"1 mixed her a cocktail and gave her
a bottle of witch hazel." *
Port Win· and Remark·,
"I had been ordered to bring a glass
of port wine and some crackers to
madam," he said, "and when I gave
them to her she said, 'Woods, I hare
discharged Miss Lee.' 'Very sorry,
ma'am,' I said. Ί have Just given
Miss Lee some witch hazel, because
she bas been whipped, and her hand
and leg needed rubbing.' "
"Do you mean to say," demanded
Attorney Baldwin in cross examina
tion, "that you, a servant, addressed
such a remark to your mistress?"
Woods became greatly embarrassed.
But be went on:
"1 told her, sir, that she and Miss
Lee always seemed most friendly, and
at that moment Miss Lee was rubbing
her band and leg in the hallway out
side—beg pardon, sir (he became more
embarrassed), 1 don't know about her
leg, sir, but her hand anyway, and I
thought Mrs. Brokaw would be sym
pathetic when she heard Miss Lee #as
Serv*d Cocktail· In Taaoup·.
"Who hadk^done the kicking and
whipping?" he was asked. He was
not allowed to reply directly, but he
said with averted face, "Mrs. Brokaw
knew quite well, sir, who had done It."
"Hid you ever serve cocktails to Mrs.
Brokaw?" the husband's lawyer, Mr.
Bush, asked.
"I've sent them to her room, sir,
many times," he replied.
"They were sent sometimes in metal
shakers, other times In teacups and
As to smoking, Woods said: "I often
took her cigarettes. I saw her one
night, sir, pick up a cigarette in the
dining room, light it and walk off
smoking toward ber own room."
He Telle Syracuse Students to Learn to I
"Driv· With On· Arm."
Syracuse, Ν. Y., Dec. 21.—Chancellor I
James B. Day In bis farewell address j
to the student· on the eve of the
Christmas vacation delivered lh chapel
"I hope that you are favored with
good sleighing while you young people
are at home. I hope also that all the
young men know how to drive with
one arm. If I were a girl I would not
go driving with a young man unless
he could drive with one arm."
The chancellor's addreaa waa receiv
ed with enthusiasm.
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' "Thin rrfia I
Leopold's Daughters Want
a Share of the $50,
000,000 He Left.
Brussels, Dec. 21.—Princesses Louise
and Stephanie have definitely decided
to take legal proceedings to recover
the fortune of the late King Leopold,
the value of which la stated to be g60,
000,000 in real estate and shares in in
dustrial companies and fβ,000,000 in
object· of art and jewels.
Lawyers for the Princesses Louise
and Stephanie will shortly commence
legal proceeding· with this object in
view. The action wDl be brought
against the Soclet· Immobilière Ahon
ywe, which was founded by. the late
king, and also against the royal en
dowment in respect to the Kongo and
against the Countess Vaugban. » ;
The Countess Vaugban has left here
for the Chateau de Balllncourt in
France. A dispatch from Rome says
a long communication has been receiv
ed at the Vatican from the Belgian
authorities in regard to the status of
the Countess Vaughan and' her chil
dren. The Belgian minister, it was
said, had discussed the matter with
Cardinal Mer φ del Val, the papal sec
retary of state.
Fifteen Bound Fight a Draw.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 'Ί— Jeff Do
Aurty and Bunny Ford fougfc*. a fifteen
round draw before the Olympia Ath
letic club here. The tight was a Here·
one from the start.
Weather Forecast.
Fair; continued cold; moderate west
erly wlnda.
Widovt of I. B. Stetson, the
Hatter, Back from Europe
Without Count.
Philadelphia, Dec. 21.—Much curiosi
ty was aroused 1» society circles her»
wbcu it was learned that Countess
Eulalia, who was Mrs. John B. Stet
son, widow of the millionaire hat man
ufacturer, had returned from Portu
gal without her husband, Alexlo de
Querloz Itiderlo de Sotto, Count de
Sauta Eulalia.
She ha# retired to Idro, her country
estate in Elklns "Park, and will sue
for divorce.
The count and eountess went abroad
in October, shortly after Mrs. Jo
sephine P. Ernest of Chicago announc
ed that the count owed her $10,000
for having Introduced him Into society,
presented btm to Mrs. Stetson and
taught him to make love to the wealthy
Count Eulalia ts an artist and re
cently ha£ a studio in New York. Re
cently be has been engaged In · me
morial of Augustus St. Gaudens.
The countess is worth several mil
lion dollars. The wedding wis cele
brated in July, 1808. after a special
dispensation, the bride being a Protes
tant, had been grunted by Archbishop
Can't Piece U. 8. Steal on Paris Bourse.
Paris, Dec. 21.-rThe syndicate form
ed to secure the listing of United
States Steel securities on the bourse
has been dissolved and the project
Tet the NKyyB tell your want».
Revivalist Stirs Merchants to Glv·
Their Stocks to the Flames.
Carson, Nev., Dec. 21.—Dr. F. H.
Koakum, foamier at the Ptsgah move
ment In Los Angeles, who professed
to heal cripples and all diseases In the
name of Christ, la here.
He bas started the greatest revival
In the history of Nevada. 'He has burn
ed hundreds of gallons of liquors and
many pound» of tobacco given to him
by mercantile establishments that bave
seen the error »f their ways.
French Academy of Soience Remem
ber· Zeppelin ami the Wright·.
Paris, Dec. 81.—The Academy of Sci
ences ha· decided to award gold med
als for aerial Sights to the following
aviators: Blertot, Ilenry Parman,
Count «le Lambert, Latham, Hantos
Dumont. Count Delavaulx, Gabriel
Voisin, OrrlIIe and Wilbur Wright and
Count Zeppelin.
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McAdoo Tunnel System
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the -
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