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Latest Reports Tell of Only 866 Survivors Nearly Aij
Woman and Children-Mrs. J, J. Astor and Maid Sav
ed But Col. Astor Is Lost With Other Prominent lion
-Ray of Hope That Allen Liner Virginian Speeding
TowardBoston.May Have Survivors Is Gone.
Answer the Wireless Call for
Assistance But Big Steam
ship Had Sunk When
the First One Reach
ed the Spot.
Special United Press Wire.
New York, April 16:—Hope for
the safety of passengers of the Ill
fated Titanic, which foundered ear
ly Monday morning off the Grand
Banks of New Foundland, other
than those reported by wireless
from the Carpathia as enroute to
this city, was practically abandoned
, this afternoon.
' Latest reports placed only S6 6
persons, and they chiefly were worn
5 en and children, on the Carpathia,
i while even the officials of the White
! Star Line admitted there was prac
tically no hopes for the remaining
1,492 of the ship's company of
2,358" souls.
That all would have had a chance
.o Bafety had there been lifeboats
and rafts enough was the .general
belief of navigators, but the liner
carried only twenty large modern
lifeboats and they were loaded to
j the gunwales with women and chil
dren who, in accord with the un
written law of the sea, had been put
over the side first.
Most of th« men were missing.
Colonel John Jacob Astor, Mayor
Archie Butt, President Taft's aide;
Benjamin Guggenheim, Jacques
Futrelle, William T. Stead, F. E.
Millet, Henry B. Harris, all of the
well known personages who had tak
en passage on the great day of the
Tltanlc's departure, were not in
cluded in the list of those reported
Up until 1 o'clock noon there had
been a faint glimmer that in addi
tion to the Carpathia other vessels
had rushed to the scene on receipt
of the wireless appeals and had been
In time to make rescues.
The futility of money in the face
of appalling tragedy that had over
taken the victims of the wreck was
exemplified in the caBe of Mrs. Ben
jamin Guggenheim, whose million
aire husband waB not one of the
curvivors. She importuned every
one she could reach semi-hysterical
demandlng that something be
done. "Foil God's «ake do some
thing," she demanded of Vice Presi
dent Franklin. "If there is any
chance do not let expense count.
Can't you hire steamboats and rush
An idea of the immensity of the
Titanic may bo gained when it in
known that in length she would
stretch over four city blocks and
would be considerably o\£r 100 feet,
standing on her end. higher than
the tallest building In New York.
The vessel had accommodations
for 2.500 passengers and carried a
crcw of 860. 8&e was built In the
river Laffan, at Belfast, and was
launched May II of last year.
Store your furniture and piano*
at J. Christ Co.'a modern building,
locked rooms; all clean, airy and
dry. Storage from 11.00 up. J,
Christ Co., corner Madison avenue
and Smith street.
For Rent
Dance hall, offices and lodge rooms
!n the Madison building, corner
Smith street and Madison avenue
Steam heat, electric light and Janitor
service. For particulars Inquire
J. Chritt Company furniture store.
them to the scene? There may he
some of the boats etlll afloat and
there may be men and women
clinging to the wreckage." She waa
assured that word had been sent to
every steamer In tho vicinity to
comb the seas and see what they:
could do.
I,:<st Faint Hope («me.
Special by United Press Wire.
Montreal, April 16: The last
'faint hope that more of the passengers
and the crew of the Titanic
might have been saved went glim-!
merlng today when Captain Gambell,
of the Virginian, reported to
his agents here that his rescue trip
had been fruitless. "We arrived
too late to rescue any one," says
Gambell, "and we are proceeding to
This was accepted here as mean-,
lng that the only persons saved were
those taken from the life boats by j
the Carpathia.
No Survivors on the Parisian.
Ipeclal by Uniitt Prtt* Wirt,
Halifax, April 16:—The wireless
station at Cape Race reported as
follows: "We are now In communication
with the Parisian. She has
no Titanic passengers aboard."
Automobile* (or rent. Plume 1S1.
C. A. Sexton, 70 Smith street.
477 6-2- 2 4-6m.*
The undersigned desire to thank
friends and relatives for the kind
sympathy extended to them in their
recent bereavement. Especially do
they wish to thank the members of
8t. Cecelia Singing Society and employes
of modeling department of
the N. J. T. C. Co. for the floral
tributes and the part they took in
the services,
Mrs. M. Szajkowska & Children.
Members of Perth Amboy Aerie
No. 1688, F, O. E., and visiting members
are requested to meet at C. R.
H. depot, (5:14 P. M. P. R. R. train,
tor Institution of Progress Aerie,
Nevark Tuesday evening, April 16.
Taft Anxious About Butt.
Vpccial bu United Press Win*
Washington, April 16;—President
Taft visibly touched, kept in com
munication with the White Star
line officials in New York today en
deavoring to get "just a word" con
cerning Major Archibald Butt, his
military aide and conipunion, who it
Is feared was numbered among the
hundreds who went to death in the
sinking of Titanic.
Sorrowing CrcmiTs at Steamship
Special Tjy United Press TTir*.
New York, April 36:—A crowd of
men on the verge of tears and a
very few women crowded Into the
offices of the White Star Line today
anil remained in there, hoping that
some word would i orne that would
lighten the gloom resulting from
the disaster ot the Titanic. Go dense
were the crowds both In the build
ing and street that the police re
serves were hard pressed to keep a
passage open for traffic.
There were numerous heart ren
dering scenes witnessed among
stricken people who po anxiously
begged for just one word from the
officials regarding their relatives or
WANTED—(lerk In law
stenographer preferred.
X. Y. care News.
The General Slocum, 9"9 tost;
flic; June 15, 1(X.M.
Thfc Norgn, 760 lost; found*, red
July S 1904.
The Mlskaska, 599 lost; • > ion;
Sept. 12. 190ft.
The Burgoyne, 53- low;; c>u .
July 4, 1908.
The Elbe, 380 lost; coll!' • J;tn
13, 1895.
The Ylng King :;
ed; July 28. 190S.
The iAirchmont, IS;* lost; « MltiMon;
Fe-b. 12. 1907.
The Koombuna, l."> !• ■ : t ; wro< ,.<-d;
April 3. 191:
The Talsh, 150 lost; punk; Nov.
6. 1908
The Fierlln, 150 lost, run on pier;
Feb. 21, 1907.
The Tucapel, 6L lost; wrecked
Sept. 6. 1911.
The Abenton, 70 lost wrecked;
Feb. 2, 1911.
The Folgenfonden, 70 l«»st; Aug
24, 1 m.
The Asia, 40 lost; run aground;
April 23. 1911
The Gladiator, 30 Inst, collision;
April £8, 1908
The Iroquois, 20 lost; wrecked,
April 10. 1911
The Hatfield, 20 lost; collision;
Oct. 2, 1911.
I Mrs. Butts, of Newark, N. J.f
forced her way into the office of the
: lino and asked information regarding
the safety of Mr. and Mrs StenI
gel. When told they were safe she
exclaimed, "Thank God," and fell
on her knees weeping hysterically.
City Magistrate Robert S. Cornell
collapsed when told that the name
j of his wife was not iu the list of
the survivors.
In a statement issued today Post'
master Edward Morgan estimated
the amount of mail carried by the
Titanic at about ten million pieces
destined to all points of the United
At 9 o'clock Vice President
Franklin, of the White Slur Lino,
said that the line was absolutely
without authentic information other
f *: •: n w hft: U J).'4 alrflMi'l; -irtfiVpuf) '
I lie. He was well nigh hysterical
I and said: "This is a horrible, hor'
rible disaster. We have no further
I authentic information regarding the
wreck other than that some of the
survivors are on the Carpathia coming
here. We are trying to get Information
We will probably not
hear from the Olympic until she
reaches the other side. It is terrible,
Agent Charles T. Summer, of tha
Cunard line, gave out the following
statement today which he said was
a delayed message from Captain
Hostren, of the steamer Carpathia:
"The Titanic struck an Iceberg
at an early hour today. The Car
pathia picked up a number of sur
vivors and expects to proceed to
New York. We are at present In
a field of Ice. We have about 800
survivors aboard."
At. 7 o'clock a wireless was re
ceived from the Carpathia stating
that among the survivors on board
were Mrs. John Jacob Astor and
maid. Colonel Astor Is among those
who were drowned.
Anxiety In London.
Special U7iited Press Wire.
London, April 10:—A tearful ex
cited crowd stormed the London of
^ces of the White Star Line, beg
ging, pleading, demanding definite
news of the hundreds lost when the
huge liner Titanic sank off Capo
Race. London went to bed last
night thinking all was well aboard
the Titanic, but awoke today to con
front a terrible death list, but noth
ing In tho way of Information was
forthcoming from the steamship of
fice. Every steamship office and all
shipping lowered their flags at half
mast today for the Tltanic'a vic
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Among; Those on Board Ill-Fated Steamship Were Cou
sin of William Hechheimer; Second Cousin of Mrs.
A. 0. Marsh and Mrs. W. 0. Jordan and Distant Re
latives of the Parkers—Also Brother of Theordore
Oxenham, of Pleasant Plains, On First Trip,
: mm
Wili Be Candidate for Anti
Wilson Delegate.
Special In the E VfSNtXO A'E It's.
Keyport, April 16-—That I)r. O. C.
Bogardus intends to become a candi
date for an anti-Wilson delegate at
the primaries in May became evi-j
dent this morning when a petition
was put in circulation here to have
bin name placed on the ballot as a
delegate to tho Baltimore conven
tion from the third district. Dr.!
Bogardus went to New York this
morning on an early train, but his
petition was In the hands of Ills
friends and had over 100 names, thei
required number, and still more
were signing.
This action on Ihe part of Dr.
Bogardus means that the Smith,
forces intend to put up a lively fight
in the third district. Dr. Bogardus
claims to stand for all tho principles,
that Woodrow Wilson stood for.
when ho wa- a candidate for gover '
nor, but the doctor claims Wilson
departed far from those principles,
Dr. Bogardus's term as a member I
of the State Board of Assessors ex
plred a few weeks ago and although
he was a candidate for reappoint I
ment, he was turned down by the
governor. The doctor, however, de-1
nles that this Is tho reason he Ik
opposing the governor for the nomi
nation for president.
The factional light In the Demo-'
cratlc ranks In Monmouth is now re
newed and a bitter struggle Is an
Scully Petitions Out.
Fifteen petitions endorsing Con
gressman Thomas .1. Scully, of South
Amboy, representing the Third Con
gressional District, as a Wilson
pledged delegate to tho Democratic
national convention from this dis
trict, were placed In circulation to
day by Richard F. White, chairman
of the city committee. The lists are
growing rapidly, Mr. White reports.
Winfiel d Scott Cut and
Bruised--Bike Smashed.
While coasting down Kearny avenue
hill shortly before 1 o'clock to-,
day Winfleld Scott, of Gordon street, 1
ran into an automobile on Market i
street. His Bicycle wan smashed [
and the collision sent the lad to the
ground with great, force. The wheel |
hit the front of the machine, bent
the right mud guard. Scott escaped i
with a few cuts and bruises. The]
machine was bound toward the ferry I
and 1b owned by William Horn, a
butcher of Stapleton, S. I.
Coal ('iims Will be Henrd.
Several witnesses, Including City
Seal Henrj Toft, will be heard by
the grand Jury tomorrow In cases In
which live local coal dealers are accused
of having given short weight.
They are: Joseph Jedatchek, Peter
Larsen, Consumers' Coal Company,
John SchulU Ik Company and John
ringerote. The cases were recently
dismissed by Recorder Kehoe.
Phone 48-J. for carpets. Rugs
cleaned by vacuum process.
8087 4-9-tf*
WANTKl)—Clerk In law office;
stenographer preferred. Address
X. Y. care News,
(J307-4-1 8-11 *
i Carpets and rugs thoroughly
cleaned by vacuum process. I.. J.
Hope, 215 State street. Tel. 644-J
Also agent for American Steam
] laundry.
6U25 4 fl-St-wk-Sa-Tu-Th.] mo.*
Don't forget the eighth annual
concert and nail of the Singing Society
Arbeiier Maennerchor to be
held Saturday evening, April 20, at
Kroeger Auditorium, corner Prospert,
and Market streets. The following
societies will assist, Frem,
Perth Amboy Danish quartet, Perth
Amboy I.iederkranz, New Rrunswick
Relatives Still Hope for Word
that Passengers Are Safe
--Patrick Convery and
James WcAlinder^X","
Ta !iatuMvJ^w
Their Experienl'bUsh
Great anxiety 1b felt In this city
today by the members of the Parker, - |
Jaudon, Marsh and Hechhelmer families,
who had near and distant relatives
among the passengers on the
Ill-fated Titanic, which sunk at 2:20
o'clock yesterday morning following
a collision with an Iceberg, and carried
over 1,000 souls It Is believed
to an ocean grave. The members of
the sorrowing families have found It
Impossible to secure JlTrtfrrt'e information
as to the whereabouts of
the missing relatives and whether or ^
not they were taken off 111 the lifeboats,
to be rescued later by tho
Cunarder t'arpathla.
Owner of Loonl Plant.
l'erth Amboy's Interest In the
greatest calamity of the sea In the
i lac't
f' passengers were on board and
,iy have gone down with the largest
steamship afloat to repose in undisturbed
slumber at the bottom of
the Atlantic: Benjamin Guggenheim,
prominent in the smelting and
refining world and one of the principal
owners, of tbn A merlin. S'ujiU
Ing & Refining Company's plant III
this city; Arthur L. Ryerson, wife,
two daughters and a son. of Philadelphia,
who are second cousins of
Mrs. W. B. Jaudon, Mrs. A. B. Marsh
and distant relatives of the Parker
family of this city; Mr. and Mrs.
Edgar Meyer and baby, of New York,
who are first cousins of Mr. and Mrs.
William Hechhelmer, of State street,
this city.
ricA-stint I'laiUN Man in Sorrow.
Theodore Oxenham, ot Pleasant
Plains, Staten Island, 1b also be
reaved by the loss of a brother,
Thomas*, twenty-three years old, who
I lie believes went down In the huge
Titanic. Thomas Oxenham, who re
sided with his parents, Mr. and Mm.
Charles Oxenham, at Nt. London,
England, sent word to his brother In
Pleasant Plains, that he would make
the trip on the Titanic on Its maiden
voyage and expected to spend the
coming week-end at the little town
on Staten Island. Thomas expected
to reside with another brother,
Charles, Jr., at New Dunham. Mr
Oxenham, of Pleasant Plains, calM
up the EVENING NKW8 this morn
ing for latest news of the disaster
and sobblngly replied, "What a
shame, what a shame," when In
formed that It was believed nearly
every man on board had gone dowti
with the glgantlo vessel.
Mr. Hechheimer Anxious.
Mr. Hechhelmer, who Is owner of
"The Globe" clothing store, is very
much upset as result of the accident
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t is Not Cost to Buy, But Cost to
» — —*—
1 Runjin Automobile that Counts Most | v
We can show you fOKD Cars
run steady ali last year for
less than 1 cent per mile
A. JENSEN, 336 State Street or
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