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We've priced the following items attractively low so as to draw
special attention to this store.
We are determined upon that—and yon will find many unadvertised
articles offering just as important money-saving opportunities as those
Full Size Bed
Spread at J .69
Regular price is $1.U8; hand
some in design and of excellent
quality soft finished, pure white,
with hemmed ends.
Bleached Turkish
Towels 15c
Our regular 20c towel, sizo
20x3!) Inches, fringed ends, soft
finish anil good woight.
12\ Yard Wide
Percales at J Oc
An odd lot of about thirty
pieces, light grounds, tan, rod
and black, with white figured and
dotted patterns.
Women's White
Waists 89c
This lot is worth from 98c up
to $1.40; a fow numbers not
complete iu rnnge of sizes, but
all sizes in the lot.
Odd Lots of Silks
at 39 c a yd.
"Worth from 50c to 75c a yard.
Colored taffeta messaline and a
few satins. Marked special to
close out odd pieces.
LOO Hand Bags
at 89c
These are not bags usually sold
by most stores for $1.00—but
bags like WE always sell at 98c.
5 inch All Sil^
Ribbon 10c yd.
In brown and green only, and
both of these shades aro of rich
soft colorings, messaline finish
and all silk, worth 25c a yard.
Corset Covers
at 1 6c
Good quality, lace and embroid
ery trimmed, sold regularly by us
for 19c each; really worth 25c.
Benson Hose at
19c a pair
These are all firsts—not seconds
—are worth 2oc a pair—all sizes
-—black only.
Women's Fine
All regular $1.49, at $1.05
All regular 98c, at 79c
All regular 49c, at 39c
All regular 25c, at 19c
Odd Lot of Trim
ming Braids 19c
This lot is really worth seeing.
Braids worth up to 59c are in
cluded, and nearly every color is
in the lot.
Reynolds Brothers
136-138 Smith St., Perth Amboy, N. /. I
mrnrnrn—mimmmmi—mmmammmmmmmm mi i~nn mi i himih—w hi—ii —
fka I • »■ I i Tha only authorized fireiqn ex
Steamship Ticket Offioe;^"Vsrr,;sxf;
Jacob Goldberger, Agent »I"n s,T;E;rr
Representing-The Following Lin s—Clyde Mallroy. Atlas. Quebec and Savannah.
£ B Knrih flprman t.hiv/i Russian Amerlcan.Whitestar, Red Star, French:, ilollanl
American. Hamburg" American American Cunard Anchor. :: ::
Has Removed to
665 BROAD ST. (near Central Ave.) NEWARK
(Opp. Shubert's Theatre)
HOURS—Daily 2 to 4 and 6 to 8; also Tuesday and
Friday, 0:30 to 11 a. m.
NO ELKVATOR—One flight up.
Something Interesting Every Day
For Friday Selling
Queen olives iq
Reg. 25c bottle 10
full quart jar, reg. price 35c, jar .... JbV
6 rolls with holder, reg. price 50c . . . £ v
Best Jersey Potatoes OC
Peck CD
89 high Street :: 'Phone 600
> Perth Amboy Building Loan
olatlon and all persons interest
e take notice, that on Friday, ;
rty-flrst day of January, Nine
mdred and Thirteen, 1 shall ap
, he Honorable Peter F. Daly,
5© of Middlesex County, at the
ouse, In the City of New Llruns
->w Jersey, at the hour of Ten
Ithe forenoon or as soon
• as the Court can attend to
for an order to cancel of rec
fallowing mortgages:
Mortgage dated the P^our
iay of June, One Thousand
udred and Fifty-Two, made by
^■pear to the said Perth Am
ing Loan Association, and
a-In the office of the Clerk of
;ty of Middlesex on the Twvn
id day of June. One Thousand
undred and Fifty-Two in Book
ortgages at page 200.
£: Mortgage dated the Fourth
J) anuary One Thousand Eight
3 and Fifty-Three made by Gar
■ear to the Perth Arnboy Build
Jui Association and registered in
c# of the Clerk of the County of
■x on the Twelfth day of Janu
■ Thous'»nd Eight Hundred and
B-ee in Book 20 of Mortgages at
■ iortg*sre dated the Fourth
j rch One Thousand Eight
Fifty Six made by Gar
to the Perth Amboy Bulld
r"soclatlon and registered In
*he Clerk of the County of
' " Twenty-Fourth day
* Fight Hundred ,
• X4 ^-t gages j
Fourth: Mortgage dated the Sixth
day of December One Thousand Eight
Hundred and Fifty-Three made by Ca
leb C. Pierson to the Perth Amboy
Building: Loan Association and regis
tered in the office of the Clerk of the
County of Middlesex on the Twenty
First day of December One Thousand
Eight Hundred and Fifty-Three in Book
21 of Mortgages at Page 81.
Fifth: Mortgage dated the Eighth
day of May, One Thousand Eight Hun
dred and Sixty made by Caleb O. Pier
son to the Perth Amboy Building Loan
Association and registered in the of
fice of the Clerk of the County of Mid
dlesex on the Twenty-Fourth day of
May, One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Sixty in Book 25 of Mortgages at Page
The above Mortgages are liens upon
property situate in the City of Perth
Amboy and more particularly described
as follows:
Beginning at a point in the Easterly
side of High street distant Southerly
from the Southerly side of Washington
Street, Fifty (60) feet; thence running
Easterly In a line at right angles to
High street, forty-six feet six inches !
(46' 6"); thence running Southerly In a 1
line running parallel with said East- I
erly fcldo or High Street, Fifty (60) ,
feet; thence running Westerly In a line
parallel with Washington Street, forty
six feet six Inches to a point In said
Easterly line of High Street; thence
running Northerly along said Easterly
line of High Street, Fifty feet to the 1
point or place of beginning. Be the
said several distance* or dimensions
more or less. i
•Attorney for Pet1*
Staunton; Va-, Birihp'ace of President
E'ect Wilson, Hives Him Great Welcome
Staunton, Va., Jan. 2.—:This town
the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson,
gave him a most splendid welcome
when he returned to celebrate his
fifty-sixth birthday. The main street
was gayly decorated and illuminated
ri his houer, public and private
buildings were gay with flags and
bunting and the entire population
turned out to do honor to the dis
tinguished guest. Mr. Wilson was
entertained by Dr. A. M. Praser, who
occupies the house in which Gov
ernor Wilson was born, iiore than
^5,000 visitors came to the city to
join the 12,000 residents in the pa
rade or in cheering the paraders.
Governor Wilson met a number of el
derly persons who knew him as a
Siamese Clothes.
Ill Siam both men anil women wear
tlie "pauuug," which la described as a
piece of silk or cotton cloth wound
round the hips, the slack being rolled
up, passed between the tegs and hitch
ed up behind in such a way as to give
the appearance of a pair of loose
knickerbockers. For waist coverings
the women wear Jackets or blouses,
and the men wear coats.
Read the rlasslPed aflB. on pago 3
Our $3.00
If you prefer moderate price
shoes, Sir, it will certainly
be worth something for you
to know about the excell
ence of our
3 Dollar Shoes
Take a look at these splen
did moderate priced shoes!
You'll think our $3.00 shoes
are worth more than we ask
for them. They are the best
$3 shoes the price can buy.
Perth Amboy, 3T. J.
Loading Wagon In Now
York With New Mail Piece®.
Photo by American Press Association.
Yesterday, Jan. I, 1013, the parcel post
system wont into cffect. The above la
from a snapshot taken in front of the
New York yostoffice.
In the latitude of New York n pen
dulum must be 39.1 Inches to vibrate
every second. Nearer to the pole such
pendulum would vibrate more rapidly
and nearer to the equator more slowly,
for the reason that the pull of the
earth Is less, since nt the equator the
pendulum is farther from the center of
gravity of the earth.
Established In 1897
The Plaza Restaurant j
Smith and State 8tre«ts. I
Everything Up-to-Date.
Clean, Wholesome
Food with Good
Service at all
ofen sat
Tit Best
in Town.
tenew Talk of Tuba Under
Delaware River.
Camden, N. J„ Jan. 2.—Reorganiza
tion of Camden city and county bodies
was effected. James E. Hewitt was
re-elected president of^tty council for
the fourth consecutive term, and May
or Ellis In bis eighth annual message
urged favorable action should council
be culled upon to grant a franchise for
11 tube under the Delaware river.
John 1'reutlce was again chosen di
rector of the county board of free
holders. Council elected James H.
Long as chief of the water department
to succeed Harry M. Herbert, whose
term expires.
Other olllclals were chosen by coun
ell as follows: City clerk. William D.
Brown; commissioner of highways. A!
fred Bayers; nBststaut commissioner of
highways, C. Henry Price; city engi
neer, Levi E. Farnliam; city counsel. E.
G. C. Bleakly; assistant counsel. Albert
8. Woodruff: ehlef clerk of the water
department, Frank 8. Fithlan; superin
tendent of city hall, James Brown; as
slstant superintendent, William Miller;
third assistant tax collector, Louis H.
Leigh; building inspector, William H.
Day; superintendent of aspbalt plant,
Harry Reading.
The board of freeholder* re-elected
Frederick W. George, clerk, and George
J. Bergen, solicitor. J. C. Remington
of Haddonfleld was chosen county en
gineer In place of John J. Albertson.
There was a change In the board of
health. Dr. Henry H. Sherk, Twelfth
ward, was named by the mayor to suc
ceed E. Wilmer Collins, whose term
expires. The term of Dr. W. F. Mid
dleton also expires, and he was mimed
to succeed himself.
All the other officers were re-electeci
with the exception of M. F. Ivlus. the
treasurer, who is succeeded by W. Fenn
Corson, Ninth ward. Dr. Henry II
Davis gets another term as presideut.
and these were named as their own
successors: Dr. J. F. Leavitt. medical
Inspector; Eugene B. Roberts, secre
tary; Dr. William H. lszard, food In
spector; Joseph A. Starr, nuisance In
spectoi, Henry B. Francis, plumbing
Inspector; Lewis H. Lee and Lewlrf P.
Muuion. fumlgators.
24th Aifliil
Show Ohm
Sat iu. 4»
Grand dtsDlmr of all
breed* Plitom,
Ouw Birds. Ban
tams. Fanex Fowl.
Rjhlbl'loo Yarda.
•to., etc.. i: :: :i
Admission, 50e.
Children, 25c.
Winston Churchill Howled
Down by Angry Unionists.
I,on<Jon. Jan. 2.—Ulster must accept
the home rule bill as well as every
other province In Ireland, according to
a vote In the house of commons. An
amendment was pro[x>sed by the Un
ionist members to exclude Ulster from
the operations of the bill. Tills amend
ment was debated at some length and
with considerable rancor, but It was
finally beaten by a vote of 204 to 197.
When the debate opened Sir Edward
Carson, the chairman of the Ulster
Unionist organization, earnestly depre
cated what he called the tendency of
file ministerial members to latigti at
and treat with levity the attitude of
the Orange Ulster men. It was a stern
fact, and he (Sir Edward) was con
vinced that nothing but force could
compel the Ulster men to break their
covenant, and submit to home rule
Premier Asquith in reply said the
government In framing the measure
had taken all precautions possible to
guard against the Irish parliament mis
using its powers and was still prepared
to add any safeguards that could be
shown to be necessary, but they could
not accept the proposed amendment
If Ulster was excluded the bill would
he wrecked.
Bonar Law, the Unionist leader, said
disaster would follow if the bill were
carried against the will of Ulster. He
expressed the belief that the Unionists
In Ireland would rather be ruled by a
foreign country than by the Irish Na
Winston Churchill Interrupted with a
sarcastic reference to Mr. Law's re
mark about a foreign country, saying,
"This is the latest Tory threat; Ulster
will secede to Germany." This stung
the Unionists, and a great uproar fol
lowed. There were shouts of "Ger
many!" "Which Germany?" "Who said
The Hpeaker appealed in vain for or
der, while all the time Churchill stood
up and attempted to continue his re
marks. Every time he attempted to
speak he was Interrupted, and finally
he sat down after having apparently
succeeded in achieving his bile stirring
purpose by his gratuitous allusion to
The amendment was then put to a
vote and beaten by the governr'ent.
Might Hsve Been Better Put.
A missionary who had served in Chi
na for ten years paid what some of
them probably considered an "objec
tionable" compliment to the female
section of a fashionable London audi
ence In the course of his references to
the Chinese custom of foot binding.
Remarking that there were 400,000,000
»f people iu China, at least half of
whom were women and girls, he in
quired, "Of that number how many do
vou think have nice large feet like the ;
ladles whom I see before me?"
detains Peck as Public
Works Superint«ndent.
Albany, K Y.. Jan. 2. — Governor
tVIUlnm Suizer walked from the er
•ciitive mansion to the capltoi. where
le took the oath of office in the as
ierably chamber. Afterward he ad
iressed the thousands standing in Cap
tol park who were unable to pain nfrj
nissloti to the ceremonies. Governor
lix walked with the governor elect
rom the executive mansion. The mili
ary staffs of tin outgoing and lucom
ng governors and the major general
vent to tiie mansion in carriages from
he Hotel Ten lCy* k, but followed tliw
ead of tiie two governors in walking
o tiie ciipltoi. The score of carriages
railed along beside the gubernatorial
irocession, hut lie," were empty.
An ideal da.r made possible tiie slm
>licity of the gov^ruer's inauguration
ilaus Despite the abseuce ot a mili
ary parade the number of visitors In
Ubany was even larger than usual.
Svery element of democracy and every
lection of the state was well repre
iented. Even the suffragists took a
land in making Governor Sulzer's in
lugnration an enthusiastic one. Not
n yea re have so man. citizens crowd
ed the executive chamber to greet a
lew governor as shook .hands with
jovernor Sulzer during his first public
■eception after his address from tha
•apitol steps. Later in the afternoon,
it the executive mansion. Governor
ind Mrs. Sulzer held a reception for
>ver three hours. They were assisted
jy the state officers and tlieir wives
md by Mrs. William it. Hearst. Mrs.
ferry Belmont. Mrs. J. Charles IJp
jincott of Baltimore and Mrs. Andrew
3unle, Mrs Clarence J. Shearn. Mrs.
3\ W. Straus and Mrs. Carl Von May
>f New York.
The governor announced a number of
ippointments, the most Important of
vhich were Duncan W. Peck for super
ntendent of public works, Neu, Wolf
ind Lavery for civil service commis
lioners: Hofer. reappointed state archi
;eot, and Robert L. Luce (indorsed t>7
Uurphy) for city court judge.
Be what t'heuaecmest; live thycreed;
Mold up tc narth ihe torch divine;
Be what tsiou prayest to be made;
Let th«. ^real Master's steps be
Sow love and taste its fruitage pure;
Sow peace and reap its harvest
Sow sunbeams on the rock and mew
And find a harvest home of light.
Rend the Classified Ads. on page 8.
udgment in the district court, which
t is thought the results will more
han cover.
Bargain Friday
Twelve special items will be on Bale tomorrow to start tlie New
Year. All our old friends and patrons knorw that Friday is the day we
don't look for profits. It's the day we offer you reliable merchandise
at cost price and in some cases even below cost. Glance over the items
advertised for to-morrow and see if you don't think every one a big
Ladies' Underwear 21c
Ribbed vest and pants, short
or long sleeves, ankle length
pants, the 25c and 29c grade,
at, garment 21c
Children's Sweaters 75c.
Grey or white, all wool sweat
ers, sizes 3 to 0 years. These
sweaters have been selling at
$1.49 and $1.98. Choice to
morrow, each 75c
Men's Underwear 35c.
Gents' fine ribbed shirts and"
drawers, nearly all sizes in the
lot; our 50c seller, at,
garment 35c
Children's Gloves 42c.
Gauntlet Gloves in all sizes for
girls and boys, colors tan and
gray; the 50c quality, at .. 42c
Well known makes of Corsets, slightly soiled from window
display, almost every size. $1.00 Corsets at 69c; $1.50 Corsets at
95c; $2.00 Corsets at $1.19.
Blankets $1.39.
11-4 Wool Nap. a eood and
heavy Blanket, pisk or blue bor
ders; value $1.79 a pair.
Friday Bargain $1.39
Children's Coats $1,69.
Size 1 to 6 years, materials
broadcloth and bearskin, choice of
black, navy, brown and white;
coats we have been selling
at $2.98 to $3.98. Friday . $1.69
72x90, full cut sheets, with
from a good grade muslin and s<
Friday Bargain, each
Amoskeag Gingham 5%c.
Choice of anv pattern in stock;
the best gingham on the
market; yd 53/*°
Curtains 85c.
314 yds. long Nottingham Lace '
Curtains in several choice de- !
signs; come in white and (
ecru. Tomorrow, bargain . 85c
Ladies' Hose 11c.
Black or tan Ladies' Hose, no
seams; fast colors; the 15c
grade; at, pair ... lie
3 inch hem. This sheet is made
Us at all stores for 49e.
Outing Flannel 7%c.
Light or dark colored Flannel
in chocks and stripes, good and
heavy material, regular price
10c and 12c yd. Friday .. 7%c
The Up-to-Date Department Store

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