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Pleasant Plains Causes
Some Excitemcnt.
An exciting runaway, while it last
ed, occurred In Amboy avenue, Pleas
ant Plains shortly after 1. o'clock
yesterday afternoon, when a horse
attached to a delivery wagon of L.
Levy and Sons, wholesale confec
tioners, became frightened and made
a dash down the avenue. The driver
whose name could not be learned,
had just taken the bridle off of the
horse and placed a nose bag on it
to feed. The horse made a dash
down toward the railroad station, up
on the sidewalk, barely missing one
of the front show windows of Dr. A.
D. Decker's drug store. The animal
next passed through the • railroad
gates on the side toward the station
and up on the sidewalk in front of
the Pioneer hotel, where the wagon
turned over on its side after strik
ing a telephone pole. Boxes of candy
were thrown about in confusion and
the wagon almost wrecked. The
horse wns caught au(\ turned over to
(he driver. An'.ther wagon was se
cured from William Penton and the
driver continued on his route.
Edwin Paugh, contractor and
builder, of Center street, Tottenvllle,
lias been awarded the contract for
the new building at the 8. S. White
Dental Company plant at Prince Bay.
The new building will be a one-story
frame structure and will be used for
experiment purposes. It will be 152
feet long and forty feet wide. The
plans were filed with the building
department some time ago and the
cost when completed will be between
$5,000 and £6,000. Ground will be
broken shortly for the structure. Mr.
Paugh has Just completed a semi
bungalow for Willis Stanton in Bent
ley street.
The aryiual Christmas tree cele
bration of the A. M. E. Zion Sunday
school, held at the church in Bloom
ingdale avenue, Woodrow, Wednes
day night, was a big affair. The
church was filled with the children
and members of the congregation.
An elaborate program of vocal and
instrumental music and recitations
was given. Rev. J. E. Rodgers, pas
tor, and Robert Landon, superin
tendent, made addresses, as also did
Francis E. Henry, a former superin
tendent. After the program the gifts
to the children were given out. Fol
lowing this refreshments of ice
cream and cake were sold in the
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Cutting
and son have returned home after a
week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Con
rad Miller, Sr., of Milltown, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schwab, of
Huguenot, were in Tottenville last
Charles Schultz, of Great Kills,
has gon»to Florida for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mart and
daughter have returned from a visit
with relatives in Manhattan.
Miss Sophia Cooper, of Prince
Bay, has recovered from a recent
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. William Bessett, of Woodvail
avenue, Monday.
Mrs. Abram Latourette, Mr. and
Mrs. David Latourette and Edward
Willey visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles
F. Moore, of Perth Amboy, on Wed
Nicholas Long, of Great Kills,
who severed an artery in his wrist a
few days ago, is recovering.
Edward and William Church, of
Manhattan, were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Cromie, of Station
avenue, New Year's day.
Work on the new barn of George
Wood, in Excelsior avenue, Is about
City surveyors have been at work
in Bloomingdale avenue the past
Duke Harris was awarded the bot
tle of wine at the Woodrow road
house for arriving at that place first
after the snowstorm last week.
James Cruikshank gave the lec
ture in public school No. 3 last night
on "London and the Coronation of
George V." It was illustrated by
Btereopticon views.
All the news for 10 cents & weeK,
A Common Sense Treatment for
Colds and Catarrh. Gives
Instant Kellef.
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with catarrh or a cold In the head,
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running, dull pain In the head, dry
cough, fever, foul breath, Ely's
Cream Balm will give you Instant re
It gets right at the root of the
trouble, cleanses, heals and strength
ens the raw, sore membranes, stops
the nasty discharge so that you are
not constantly blowing the nose and
■pitting. In a few minutes after ap- I
plied you can just feel It doing Its
work of clearing the head, the pain
and soreness are relieved, the breath
ing becomes natural and the stuffed
up feeling is gone. This cleansing,
healing, antiseptic Calm contains no
mercury, cocaine or other harmful
drugs. It is easy to apply, pleasant
to use, and never fails to give relief,
even in the wor3t cases.
Never ncglect a cold, and don't
suffer the miseries of catarrh nor dis
gust your friends with your hawk
ing, spitting and foul breath. Get a
60 cent bottfe of Ely's Cream Balm
from your druggist, and start the
treatment at once. You will find
that It will be the beat Investment
you ever made.
Agent, Lauer Drug Co. -]
The ninety-ninth precinct station,
Tottenvilie, has received one of the
official calendars sent out by the po
lice department to be used in every
station house in the city. The re
ceipt of the big green calenders for
the year 1913, inscribed with num
erals representing the days of the
month and the words, "Police De
partment," was the first intimation
forthcoming that Police Commis
sioner Waldo has barred all calen
dars except the official one of the
department from the station houses.
In the past the station house wallB
have been adorned with calenders of
all descriptions. It is this practice
the commissioner says In the order
accompanying the new calendar,
which he wishes to stop.
Newton Stawart is Now Head
of Unitad Council.
Deputy State Councilor William
Wheeler and staff, composed of mem
bers of Friendship Council of Port
Richmond, Installed the newly elec
ted officers of United Council No. 17
Jr. 0. U. A. M. of Tottenvilie, at a
meeting of the council last night In
its room in Mechanic hall. Newton
H. Stewart was Installed councilor
to succeed George William Wood.
After the Installing ceremonies, a so
cial time was held and refreshment!!
Berved. Addresses were made by De
puty Wheeler, Councilor Stewart,
Past Councilor Wood and others of
the deputy staff. The other officers
are as follows: vice councilor, Oscar
Oumudsen; recording secretary Geo.
B. Sprague, assistant recording sec
retary Walter A. Wood; financial sec
retary, Henry Woodruff; treasurer,
Edward C. Cave; conductor, Louis
Riverly; warden, Peter A. Scott; in
side sentinel, Irving W. Sleight; out
side sentinel, Theodore Sleight; trus
tee for three years, M. F. Palmer;
trustee for one year, Abram E. Price;
chaplain, James Ryder; representa
tive to funeral benefit association,
Henry Woodruff; adternate, George
William Wood.
Rifle Shot Struck Boy in
Left Cheek.
Walter Lebert, thirteen years old,,
son of W. M. Lebert, of 6401 Arn
boy road, Pleasant Plains, an inspec
tor in the water department of the
borough of Richmond, came near
having his eye put out yesterday af
ternoon by a shot from an air rifle.
He was walking along Sharrot ave
nue, near his home, about 3 o'clock
when a bullet fired by some unknown
person struck him in the left cheek,
inflicting a slight wound. The boy
ran to hia home and reported the
matter to his parents. The police
of the Ninety-ninth precinct station
were notified and Patrolman Street
er made an investigation. The boy's
parents afterward, it is said, refused
to make a complaint. It is believed
that- the rifle was owned by some
boy In the neighborhood and is one
of the dangerous weapons given a
boy at Christmas time.
Man Is Held For Trial.
Magistrate Handy in the first dis
trict court at New Brighton, yester
day, held William Carroll fifty-two
years old, of John street, Rossville,
in $100 bail for court of special ses
sions, Carroll is charged with assaul
ting his wife, Mary Carroll, on Dec
ember 20. He war released on bail
furnished by his wife.
James Little, of Amboy avenue, is
away on a business trip.
Miss Rhoda Park has returned to
Harold Scales has returned to
Richmond Hill, L. I., after a visit
Mrs. Susan Boyd, who has been ill
Is improving.
Miss Ray Sugarman has gone home
to Manhattan after a visit here.
Captain Horatio Young, of the
99th precinct, reported sick last
Deputy State Councilor Miss Addle
Lane, of Manhattan, will come here
tonight to install the ofllcers of Wel
come Council, D. of A.
Leroy Peters, nine years old, of
Amboy avenue, who received a slight
bite on the s'de of the face and arm,
from a dog belonging to Mrs. Frank
Stoney, a neighbor, on Tuesday,
whllep laying with the dog. was out
yesterday and was apparently unin
jured, from what was said was a fe
roclous attack from the animal.
James Powell, day operator and
ticket agent at the local depot, has
been 111 the past two days. John
McDonald la In his place.
A social time followed the com
munication of Huguenot Lodge. No.
381, F. and A. M., In Masonic tem- j
pie last night.
A numDer or people irora ut™
have planned to attend Empire Com
mandery ball at the German club
rooms tonight.
A meeting of the Aquehonga Ath
letic Club was held at the club house
last night.
A. Franklin Ross, Ph. D., will lec
ture at public school No. 1 tonight on
Richmond Lodge, No. 80, K. of P.,
meet tonight.
3 *or * f* A wo* *
BuooM«or to
WtUUna A Peteraoa.
Contractors Btraet Ur»dln*. Concr»t»
•r TUm Walk*. Curb*. QutUra. St*.
Second .»Cours« Start in
Island School.
The public lecture season was re
opened in Beven centres of Richmond
this week, and will bo reopened In
four centres on Monday and Tuesday
nights. At Public School No. 6,
Rossville avenue, Rossville, Monday
night, James Walter Doughty will
speak on "Life and Industries of the
Japanese." Eight lectures on Asia
are to be given in this centre.
Europe and sociology are to be
dealt with on alternating Tuesday
nights at Public School No. 12, Steu
ben street. Concord. Next week
Henry E. Northrup will speak on
"Homes, Habits and History of the
.French People." At No. 13, Penn
sylvania avenue, Rosebank, the samo
night Herbert L. Bridgman will lec
ture on "Africa, from Sea to Cen
tre." Africa and electricity are to
be considered on alternating weeks
at this centre. Africa will be the
subject of the first three lectures of
the course at Public School No. 18,
Broadway, West New Brighton.
Cyrus C. Adams will speak next
Tuesday night on "Development in
North Africa Since Exploration."
The following week his subject will
be "Development In South Africa
Since Exploration."
At Public School No. 3, School
street, Prince Bay, Thursday night,
Jo^n Henry Frome will lecture on
"Wonders of the Heavens." "Athens
under Pericles" will be the Bubject
of William D. P. Bliss at No. 30,
Fisk avenue. West New Brighton,
the same night.
The complete program follows:
Monday, January 0.
Public School No. 6, Rossville
avenue, Rossville, James Walter
Doughty, "Life and Industries of the
Japanese." Illustrated by slereop
ticon views.
Tuesday, January 7.
Public School No. 12, Steuben
street, Concord, Henry E. Northrop,
"Homes, Habits and History of the
French People." Illustrated by ster
eopticon views.
Public School No. 13, Pennsylva
nia avenue, Rosebank, Herbert L.
Bridgman, "Africa from Sea to Cen
ter." Illustrated by stereopticon
Public School No. 18, Broadway,
West New Brighton, Cyrus C. Adams,
"Development in North Africa Since
inuraviaaY, ^nuiuii.T i»
Public School No. 3, School street.
Prince Bay, John Henry Frome,
"Wonders of the Heavens." Illus
trated by stereopticon views.
Pul c School No. 30, Fisk ave
nue, 1 st New Brighton, William D.
P. B1A , "Athens under Pericles."
Illustri ed by stereopticon views.
Friday, January 10.
Curt^» high school, St. Mark's
place a£d Hamilton avenue, New
Brighton, Frank H. Hanson, "Anda
lusian Spain." Illustrated by stere
opticon views.
Public School No. 1, Academy
place, Tottenville, A. Franklin Ross,
Ph. D. "France: The T^nnd, the
People and the Government." Illus
trated by stereopticon views.
Public School No. 14, Broad and
Brook streets, Stapleton, Albert B.
Tait, "Phases of Life in Persia." Il
lustrated by stereopticon views.
Public School No. 20, Heberton
avenue, Port Richmond, Henry E.
Northrop, "Tripoli and the Arabs of
Africa." Illustrated by stereopticon
Public School No. 2G, Richmond
Turnpike, Linoleumville, Darwin
Bardwell, "From Glasgow to Iver
noss by Water." Illustrated by ster
eopticon views.
John Ilerrel, seventy-four years
old, a brother of Jacob Herrel, of
Johnson avenue, Tottenville, who
died Sunday at his home, 70 Brew
ster street, Tompkinsville, after a
brief illness, was buried on Tuesday,
the funeral being held from his lato
residence. Mr. Herrel, who was a
veteran of the civil war, had been an
employe of the United States light
house department for forty-five
years. Besides his brother here, he
is survived by two sons, John and
George Herrel, and a daughter, Mrs.
Anna Feist, and several grandchil
It always givo me pleasure to rec
ommend anything that is right and
so I feel it my duty to herald the
praises of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root.
For years I was troubled with kid
ney disease and it was so Intense that
I was bedridden for days at a time.
I gave up all hope and doctors for
miles around gave me no help. Inci
dentally I tried several patent reme
dies and at last tried Swamp-Root.
From the first it gave me relief and
it was no time before I was able to
be up and around and now I am per
fectly well and able to work as I
used to before my terrible sickness.
So now let me thank you for your
wonderful discovery and take this op
portunity to recommend it to all who
suffer from kidney troubles.
Yours very truly,
Hope, Ark.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me, this 25th of March, 1912.
A. V. Ware, Notary Public. !
I/Ctter to
I)r. Kilmer & Co.,
Bingham ton, N. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do
For You.
Bend to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y., for a sample bottle.
It will convince anyone. You will
also receive a booklet of valuable in
formation, telling all about the kid
ney* and bladder. When writing,
be sura and mention the Perth Am
boy Evening News. Regular fifty
cent and one-dollar size bottles for
sale a' all drug store*.
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To make cowWh# l«* painful. —m the
"wKoop'' btx! iooMB *ad raise the phlesm.
«!▼« r«M akuki
f Go#*im kanaUn a»4«#»cti?e. M«<4«
mttmly tram common b«*4w « ^oar
fwnt grmtUmoltw omcI lo nakcit It fo>u*at
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laken ta rise wards «# m ■Neck at femora*
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lor Ceu^h*. Cold*. Grippe, Broncnitk.
Croup ana Hoaneaeat. C«T ■ 25-«et kettle
U-iar- Tke isakr vH rytrna
••Mr U k Wt HafcTeU
Miss Annie Stork, forty years old,
who was committed to the Richmond
county jail on December 23, for trial
at the Court of Special Session, ill
default of $100 bail, charged with
stealing six penny roiig from a house
In Canal street, Stapleton and was
compelled to remain in jail on Christ
mas day, had the pleasure Thursday
of eating dinner with her husband
at their home. The woman will bo
arraigned next Wednesday for the
alleged theft. Stork got a friend to
go on his wife's bond and she was
released from jail after six days im
prsonment. Mrs. Stork denied she
stole the rolls and said Bhe found
them on the sidewalk.
Wallace Brown, William Corson
and David Sprague of Bentley Lodge,
No. 570, of Tottenville, were at the
installation of Neptune Lodge, No.
152, Odd Fellows, of Stapleton, last
night. District Deputy Grand Master
Adolph Zorn, of Neptune Lodge, in
stalled the officers. A supper follow
ed the ceremonies.
Look at the "prices of things"
advertised in today's papor. If you
know values, and have a care for your
purse, these prices will interest you.
Observations of the United i!
Ststes weather bureau taken at 'I
8 p. ra. yesterday follow:
Clondy ';
■ I
Albany 44
' Atlantic City... 48
Boston 42
BuEfalo 48
Chicago 40
j;evr Orleans... 54
New York 48
St. Louis 82
Washington .... 48
Beware of Fakirs!
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Your eyes are too important to you
to be ruined by incompetent service.
If you buy glasses from peddlers you
not only obtain incompetent service,
but you also pay exhorbitant prices.
' A competent man is not afraid to
remain in a fixed place he guarantees
•Ilia goods and offers redress for dis
| satisfied customers but the same ped
| dler is i-ever seen twice by his victim.
I For this very reason he does not
hesitate to offer inferior goods and
yet charge higher prices,
j Patronize a home man—one who
!has stood the test of time, who guar
antees his work, and who offers re
New York Registered Optometrist
87 V4 Smith Strset,
Perth Amboy, N. 3.
Opposite Woolworth'B Ten Cent Store
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Leon's January Clearing Sale
A Steady Flow of Real Old Fashioned Bargains Every Day
A sale that affects every line in our vast stocks; starting with a positive determination to close out every odil piece and all broken assortments
in order to prepare for the coming season. A store like ours doing such an enormous business is bound to have a number of odd pieces after a busy
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From a Quarter to a Half Less Than Regular Price
The loss wc are taking is well repaid by the satisfaction of giving our customers this great bargain opportunity twice a year. It turns a dull
eeason into a busy one. It makes hundreds of new friends for this sto re and it omphasizes the policy wo have laid down for us—never to carry
anything over from one season to another.
We want everyone to share in the bargains. You are welcome to open a credit account and buy what you need at the clearing sale prices
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Only one of each number and no duplicates—
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Reg. $45.00 China
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Odd Chiffoniers--Half Price
An absolute clearance of every odd chiffonier in
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mahogany and Circassian walnut. They are taken
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be matched up with dressers.
Regular $4.'!.00 Chiffonier S22.50
Regular $3>.00 ^liffonier S17.50
Regular $32.30 Chiffonier . $16.25
Medlar »3U.w cmnomer .
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