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South Amboy : Roosevelt : Port Reading
Keasbey : South River : Old Bridge
Woodbridge : Sewaren : Jamesburg
Metuchen: Sayreville : fords: Spots wood
Guests From Psrth Amboy
Address Woman's Club.
tpeclnl to th« EVKNtyn KKWB
South Amboy, Jan. 3.—The regu
lar meeting of the Woman's Club of
the city waB held yesterday in the
City Hall at 3 p. m. This was the
Second meeting sincc the organiza
tion of the club about two weeks ago,
end the enthusiasm with which the
ladies of the city have embarked in
is work can only be estimated by
the number that have so far enrolled,
there being Bome seventy-four pres
ent at yesterday's meeting. The
membership of the club represents
•ome of our most, popular ladles and
It is expected the influence which this
Organization will exert in our midst
Will redound to the good and well
fceing of the municipality.
Following the calling of the meet
ing lo order and preceding the cus
tomary routine of business some very
fine musical selections were render
ed. At the close of the routine busi
ness Mrs. William H. Rawden, Presi
dent of the Woman's Club of Pert-h
Amboy addressed the assembly. In
a few well pointed remarks Mrs.
Bawden outlined the general work of
the club, exjilained the various de
»a rtments constituting same, and the
particular scope and functions of
•ach department. The remarks were
Bot only interesting .but very hene
®cial as well.
The next lady to address the meet
ing was Mrs. h.a. l!oe, chairman of the
Department, of Domestic Science of
the Perth Amboy club. In taking up
the scope of this particular depart
ment Mrs. I,aMae waB able to explain
the many details that could not be
touched upon in dealing with the
general subject. Her addreBB was
particularly interesting and instruc
Miss Tunie, chairman of the Lit
erary and Music department of the
Perth Amboy club next addressed the
meeting, and in her characteristic
charming manner outlined the meth
ods by which the club might, by sys
tematic means, advance the work in
this respect and at the same time in
stall an element of interest and
Bmusement in the members.
At the close of the above address
es a social hour was spent by the
members and refreshments served.
Taken as a whole the meeting was
A decided 6iiccess, and from the en
thusiasm manifested we predict
much good from the efforts of these
On Monday afternoon next the
Directors and Officers of the club will
meet at tfle home of Miss Margaret
Scully on Augusta street for execu
tive business.
L* The meeting adjourned until two
date at which time they
will again meet, at the city hall and
take un the active work of the club.
William Freeman, of Mechanles
Tille, familiarly known as "Had"
Freeman, on New Year's day met
With an accident In which his leg was
fractured. He was laken to the hos
pital at Newark yesterday morning.
Thomas T^ovely. the Stevens ave
titiop lumber, was engaged yesterday
In putting a new tin roof on the oil
house of the P. R. R. Co. at this city
end after completion of this work lie
goes to Oud Bridge to roof the depot
and tank house at that place.
E. S. Mason, of Broadway, was a
business visitor at New York yester
Thomas L,oveiy mano a nusmess
trip out of town yesterday afternoon.
R. P. Mason, of First street, made
• business trip out of town yester
day afternoon.
Michael Leonard, Sr., of Augusta
Street, was an out of town visitor
yesterday afternoon.
Miss Anna Miller, of John street,
Vast a New York visitor yesterday.
David Hagar, of Conover street,
was a Perth Amboy visitor yesterday
P. F. Fallon, of Augusta street,
was a Perth Amboy visitor yesterday
Mrs. F. A. Deacon, of First street,
was an out of town visitor yester
day afternoon.
William Edwards, of Second street
made a trip out of town yesterday af
William Woodward, of Main street
Was an out of town visitor yesterday
Nelson Moore is visiting his son
in-law, Thomas Orr, who resides on
the Rosedale farm on West Borden
town avenue.
Henry Van Hlse, of Old llridge,
Ylsited relatives in South Amboy yes
John Quaid, of Sayreville, was a
Bouth Amboy visitor yesterday after
Miss Abbie Tatum, of New York,
Who has been spending several days
with friends in this city, returned
liome yesterday afternoon.
Captain Chas. Childs, of Borden
town avenue, was an out of town vis
itor yesterday afternoon.
Campbell "Strusholm was a New
York visitor yesterday.
Charles Snilth, of Henry street,
■Was a visitor at Newark yesterday.
Michael Cleary, of Mechanicsville,
was a visitor at Sewaren yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Stuart, of First
■treet, spent yesterday out of town.
Miss Gertrude Coyle, of Yonkers,
Jf. Y., Is making a week's visit with
her relatives In this city.
Miss Margaret Donovan, of David
Btreet, was a Perth Amboy visitor
Cracks In ths Fingers.
The tissues of the body hare more
■alts than arc usually found in fresh
Water. Wben you have more salt on
•ne side of nn animal membrane than
•n the other nature tries to equalise
LTrfUiH»uut un both sides. Salts, le«v
t'dh Piny six0'tUe hauds t0 e° lntu
Lto the Perth AmbopUg Partly emp
soctftUon and registered In 40 not
lie Clerk of the County of £ld «„
Twenty-Fourth day Jtf'r. !"
Pl»ht Hundred , mor# "
"-'tgngeg I
t /
Miss Sara Perrine, who is at home
from Bryn Mawr for the holidays,
entertained the members of the Tri
angle Club New Year's night. The
young people enjoyed a jolly time
and refreshments were served.
Miss Delia Bergen entertained at
cards New Year's eve, her gueHts
being Miss Alice Applegate, of Red
Bank, Mrs. David Petty, of Phila
delphia, Miss Emma Ford, Miss Em
ma Mershon, Miss Elsie Bergen, Miss
Margaret Bergen, Edward Chamber
lin, David C. Lewis, Jr., Stanley Con
over, Asa Davison, Charles Groves.
A few friends of Miss Olive Petty
enjoyed a pleasant time at her home
Tuesday evening watching for the
coming of the new year. One form
of amusement being the making of
new resolutions. Refreshments were
served. Those present were: Miss
Florence Perrine, Miss Sara Perrine,
Miss Emma Mershon, Miss Mary
Spaulding, Waldo Perrine, David C.
Lewis, Jr., "William Huffman, Charles
Symmes, James Carton of Philadel
phia, George Smock and Miss Ethel
Smock of Freehold.
J. J. Bradley was surprised by a
party of friends New Year's eve, the
affair being planned by Mrs. Brad
ley. A jolly time was enjoyed while
waiting for the new year and refresh
ments were served. The guests wore
Dr. and Mrs. B. S. Van Dyke, Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Perrlnee, Mr. and
Mrs. D. N. Croshaw, Mr. and Mrs. E.
S. Barclay, Mr. and Mra. W. Russell
Silvers, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Mer
shon, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Stlllwell,
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Perrine, Mrs.
Frank S. Perrinre.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Groves enter
tained on New Year's A. S. Edsall,
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Groves, Miss
Sarah Hoagland, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Groves and son Judson of Jamcs
burg, Mrs. John Frazier of Philadel
Joseph Hutchinson for long years
a resident of Cranbury, died New
Year's morning at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Wm. H. Thomas, or
Dayton, aged seventy-nine years.
He was a blacksmith by trade and
continued in business In Cranbury
until a few years ago, when he went
to live with his daughter. The fun
services will be held from his late
home this afternoon.
Dr. A. H. Allen, of Philadelphia,
spent New Year's dHy with his fiancee
Miss Florence Ten Broeck.
John Sulu was awarded a basket
of wine for rolling 223, the highest
score made on the Washington hotel
alley, which Is under the supervision
of August Wagner.
Mrs. Louise Kennedy has returned
to her home in Long Branch after
spending a pleasant visit with Miss
Lulu Allgalr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gladson, of
Bablyon, L. I., spent New Year's day
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Conover Bowne.
Mrs. Charles Booraem was the re
cipient yesterday of a shower of post
cards in honor of her birthday.
Bray. Martin, of New York, Is vis
iting relatives and friends in the bor
Mrs. Mary Armstrong and Mrs.
Kathryn Gilbert spent Wednesday
with Mr. and Mrs. William Arm
strong, of Bound Brook.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fisher and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lorkhart and
son Edward, were guests on New
Year's day of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Morgan Smith and sister Dorothy
have returned home from Ocean
Grove, where they have been visit
ing their aunt, Mrs. John Jernee.
Harold Phalr is out again after an
attack of grip.
Emanuel Bowne is confined to his
home with illness.
The Guild of St. Mary of the Epis
copal church held a pleasant session
last evening at the home of Mrs.
E. B. Fisher.
The annual election of officers In
the Methodist Sunday school will
be held in the basement Friday night.
Mrs. John Applegate, of Bruns
wick avenue, was a business visitor
in Perth Amboy Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ward, of
Brunswick avenue, were shoppers In
New Brunswick Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson, of
Perth Amboy, were the guests of the
latter'B parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
Andrs, of Main street, New Year's.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Arsdale,
of Elizabeth, enjoyed New Year's
with the former's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. I). Van Arsdale, of South Old
Miss Maida Jolly, of Main street,
spent New Year's with her niece,
Miss Blanche Jolly, of Jamesburg.
Miss Susie Reid, Edna Osborne
and E. C. Osborne, of South Old
Bridge, enjoyed New Year's day
sightseeing in New York.
Mrs. Eudora Ellis, of White
Plains, N. Y., Is visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Rue, of
Brunswick avenue.
George Stout, of New York, was
the guest of friends in the borough
New Year's day.
Mrs. David Lambertson is enter
taining her mother and sister, Mrs.
D. Spires and daughter Alida, of
Mrs. Julius Kribs has returned
home after a two weeks' visit with
relatives in Brooklyn.
Walter Yates, of Maple street,
was the guest of friends In Perth
Amboy New Year's night.
Miss Ollia Rogers, of East Orange,
Is enjoying a few days' visit with
her brother, C. S. Rogers, of Church
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis W. Appleby, of
Asbury Park, enjoyed New Year's
y.'ith the latter's mother, Mrs. Mar
garet Montgomery, of Maple street.
Robert Van Dusen, of South Am
boy, was a business visitor In the
borough Tuesday.
Clifford Stonaker, of Helmetta,
visited his uncle, D. V. Stonaker, of
Main street, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Magee. of
Prince Bay, S. I., spent New Year's
with the latter's parents, Mr. and
Sirs. Judson Green, of South Old
f things'' as
>er. If you
care for yoitr
«t JOB,
Dr. and Wirt. Lockwood En
tertaiR on New Ytar's.
SpecM to the EVENING NEWS.
Woodbridge, Jan. 3:—On New
Year's day Dr. and Mrs. Seth Lock
wood entertained about thirty of
their relatives and friends at their
home in Rahway avenue. Those
present were: Fred Dockwood, of
New York; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
Jones and family, of Rahway; Mr.
find Mrs. John Pfeiffer and family,
of Maurer; Mrs. Emma Lockwood
and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Pot
ter and family, Mrs. Mlttie Randolph
and family, Misses Sadie and Amada
Harriet, Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Perry,
Mrs. Fanny Demaregt, Campion
Cutter, Mrs. J. H. T. Martin, Sr.,
Miss Susie Freeman, and Rev. R. W.
Mark, of Woodbridge.
Miss Verna Hoagland spent Tues
day morning in Perth Amboy.
Mrs. John William was a Rahway
visitor Tuesday morning.
Miss Mary Huber was an out of
town visitor Tuesday.
Miss Helen Dick, of Elizabeth, has
been visiting Miss Marguerite Camp
Sumner Oilman was an out of
town visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Campbell spent Tues
day afternoon In Perth Amboy.
Mr. Burtlss is visiting relatives In
Miss Sadie Huber visited Rahway
friends Ttiesday afternoon.
Rev. and Mrs. F. Bindenberger are
visiting out of town.
Miss Rae Osborn Is visiting friends
In New York.
Mrs. Ivans Brown was a Perth
Amboy visitor Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Dally, of Rahway, visited In
town Tuesday.
Mrs. Edward Coffey was a Perth
Amboy visitor Tuesday evening.
Mrs. I,lppIncott spent Tuesday af
ternoon In Rahway.
A watch meeting was held in the
Presbyterian church New Year's eve
from 10 o'clock until midnight.
Miss Ruth Valentine was an out
of town visitor Tuesday afternoon.
Master Hinsdale Boynton enter
tained a few of his young friends
New Year's eve at his home in Rah
way avenue.
C. A. Campbell, Jr., spent New
Year's afternoon and evening out of
miss verna i^ove was uie gimsi ui
Rahway friends New Year's eve.
Miss Ennis, of Brooklyn, waa a
guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
T. F. Dunigan New Year's day.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Campbell vis
ited out of town New Year's day.
Arthur Peterson visited out of
town friends New Year's day.
Misg Marguerite Campbell Is visit
ing out of town friends.
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams and
family spent New Year's day out of
Miss Ethel Inslee is visiting rela
tives In Newark for a few days.
The members of the ICingwood A.
C. gave a banquet In the club rooms
New Year's eve, which was a very
enjoyable affair. The early part of
the evening was spent in music, both
vocal and instrumental, the banquet
being served about 10 o'clock. The
last course was served 5ust. before
the bells began pealing the old year
out and the new year in After the
New Year greeting the young men
left for their homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Leraberg were
out of town visitors Wednesday af
MIsb Nevada Beck of Perth Amboy
was the guest of Mrs. John Ohmen
hiser New Year's day.
Miss Ella Byork spent New Year's
night In Perth Amboy.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
William Voorhees, who has been se
riously ill with pneumonia, Is re
ported slightly improved.
Mrs. Hinsdale was the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. E. H. Boynton New
Year's day.
George McCarter spent New Year's
day out of town.
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Scott, of Cran
bury; Mr. and Mrs. William Major,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mershon, Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Barlow, Br., and
Harry Barlow were New Year's
guest* of Mr and Mrs. T. C. Perrine.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carson en
tertained Leroy Orover and family on
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Dey and Mr.
and Mrs. Lewis Oksen spent New
Year's with Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cur
ran, of Plainfleld.
The Rev. Henry Harris, of Rose
land Mills, will preach In the Plains
boro church next Sunday morning
and evening.
Robert Schwartz, of the Walker
Gordon farm is spending the holidays
in Harrisburg, Pa.
Miss Edna McKenzie is entertain
ing Miss Marion Mount, of Morrls
ville, Pa.
H. W. Jeffers is in Boston on busi
Mrs. Henry Boyd is convalescing
from pneumonia in Mercer hospital,
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
George McNamee on New Year's
Roy Okeson is spending the holi
days ■with his aunt, Mrs. Jennie Per
rine, of Jamesburg.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Babbitt are In
Newark for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perrine, of
LawrencevlUe spent New Year's with
Mrs. Mary Kerr.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Wrigley on December 29th.
Miss Rose Byrnes Is visiting
friends in Jersey City.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Schenck enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Barkley Schenck
of Stony Brook, Miss Emma Schenck
of Dayton. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Mather, Miss Luella Hultg and Miss
Anna Grover at dinner on New
i'VENlNG NX.WS cover* the field.
August Thomas, who is studying
at a theologlcol seminary In Iowa, re
membered his friends here by send
ing them cards.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mertel and
children of Arlington are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nelson.
The Danish Sisterhood held their
Christmas party in the town hall
Monday evening.
The class of Miss Anna Rohda. at
the German Presbyterian Sunday
school, won the missionary honor for
the last quarter of the year.
Mrs. Anna MaaB has returned from
several weeks' visit spent with out
of town friends.
The German Presbyterian church
held services on New Year's Eve. and
alos on New Year's morning.
Mrs. Peter Phatlcon, Jr., injured
her foot quite badly by stepping on
a nail. This confines her to her
Mrs. Minnick, of South Amboy was
the gueBt of her mother, Mrs. Jacob
son, Tuesday.
Mr. Dooley, of Philadelphia, spent
Monday with Mr. Frederick Townley.
Mrs. Margaret Cochran, of New
York, is visiting her sister, Mrs. D.
H. Bleir.
Mrs. Onderdonk, of Now York city,
is the gues of Mrs. Charles W.
Miss Ruth Dlsbrow, has returned,
after several days visit with Miss Mil
dred Roth of New Brunswick.
The Misses Way spent New Year's
with relatives at New Brunswick.
Miss Tina Goodmanson was a
South River visitor Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John McKeon and
baby were the New Year's guests of
relatives in South River.
Miss Amelia Maxsteln spent Wed
nesday with relatives in New Bruns
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reese and
baby were guests of relatives In
South River Wednesday.
Mrs. Raymond Amerman of Mld
dlebush spent New Year's with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Naylor.
Master Charles Gildersleeve was a
Perth Amboy visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Fred Petty of South Amboy is
sick at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Naylor.
Miss Dorothy Hendrlckson, of
Freehold is spending a few days with
friends In town.
Frank Merrltt, formerly of Free
hold Is at present filling a position In
kuo i ri nun x- inur,i v'MH|;au; oi.uio,
Mr. and Mrs. James Van Cleef and
family spent New Year's with Mr.
Van Cleef's mother in South Amboy.
Mrs. Theophilus Bright, spent New
Year's with Mr. and Mrs. James
Roth in New Brunswick.
Misses Elizabeth Freyer and Miss
Wrench were out of town visitors
Mrs. Ely has returned to her home
in Red Bank, after a short visit with
the Rev. and Mrs. Johnson, at the
Methodist Episcopal parsonage.
Charles Gildersleese, Jr. spent
Tuesday with friends in South Am
Miss Celia Standerson, one of Say
revllle popular young ladles, and
Louis Zack, a machinist, in the Sayre
and Fisher Company were united In
marriage, on Tuesday night by the
Rev. Robt. Schlotter, pastor of the
English Lutheran church, at his
home in Perth Amboy. Miss Wilhel
mona Standerson, sister of the bride,
and Leo Zack, brother of the bride
groom, were the attendants.
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Zaclc enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schrnit®,
and Mr. and Mrs. Jensen, of Nowark,
On account of so much sickness In
the township, the public schools will
not open on Monday as intended, but
will remain closed until further no
Miss Marlon Oliver of South Am
boy, spent Thursday With Mr. and
Mrs. Oildersleeve.
Mrs. McCullough and daughter.
Miss Dorothy of Perth Amboy were
the guests of Miss Oliver, Thursday.
Joseph Norman, who for the past
twelve years has been employed and
made his home with his uncle, Jos.
Schmidt, a butcher in upper Sayreille
has severed his connection with his
uncle, and gone Into the wholesale
candy business with his brother,
George in River street.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dusenberg, of
Jersey City are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
August Chevelier.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bossong had a
family gathering on New Year's Day
and entertained the following at a
turkey dinner Mr. and Mrs. J. Heath,
Miss Bertha Heath, Miss Lydia Heath
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heath, Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Hamilton and children of
South Amboy, from ISayreville, Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Bossoug, Misses Mar
tha and Mary Bossong, Miss" Kate
Stier and Mr. and Mrs. Casper Boehm
and son.
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Disbrow enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Lindhurg and
daughter of South River Wednesday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Murray Townley and
daughter, Dorothy returned to their
home in Paterson on Thursday, after
spending the holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. Townley, Sr.
Miss Mary Tuekerson of New
Brunswick is visiting her parents In
Hillside avenue.
Mrs. Herbert Meeker and Miss
Reed of Highland Park were guests
of Mrs. B. F. Samsel on New Year's.
My pa nri, "Step ltrelv, son,
An' do aa yo.u are bid."
My sister, too, th' biggest one.
Culls out, "I want you. kldl"
Ms wants some ktndlln' from below
Or sotnsthta' else Hks thst.
An' grandpa'* goln' out. an' so
fvo got to hunt his hat.
If I start oat to go en'
It doeea't matter when
Somcbedy fore I gK away
Will call me back ngaln.
An' when they git me back a tout
Th' only thing they do
la look at me an' holler out,
"I've got a Job fer you!"
It makes no dlff'runce how I try,
Them joba Is never done,
'Cause 'fore I git one finished, why,
They find another one.
Aa' If I leave some doggone task
An' go to play Inatld
They all say they're surprised an' ask,
"Whatever alls th' kldf"
Tou bet I know what alls me too.
I ain't no regMar duncep
They always want that I ehould do
Tot, many joba to once.
But I don't see why they ehould call
Me naaybonee." Well, yea,
Th' thing feat alia me most of all
la too much folks, I guess.
—New York Globe.
Appointments Art .Madi by
Mayor Samuel Clark.
Jpectal to the BVBNINQ NBW8.
Metuchen, Jan. 3.—Common Coun
cil at noon Wednesday met and or
ganized for 1913. Mayor Samuel
H. Clark has completed the first year
of hi« term and it will go down In
local history as one of great achieve
ment. His record speaks for itself.
With the close of 1912 there step
ped out of office one man who long
ago won the sobriquet of "Watch
Dog of the Borough Treasury." He
is Edward Kramer, who has served
the town a number of times as coun
cilman and who has rendered valua
ble service. As chairman of the
street committee, Mr. Kramer set a
pace that will be difficult for his
successor to follow.
In addressing council yesterday,
Mayor Clark called attention to the
fact that the town was practically
free from debt except the school
bonds, and he advocated the borrow
ing of $30,000 for needed Improve
ments, calling attention to the fact
that the Interest on such a loan
would be of small moment compared
with the returns on the Investment.
The police force this year will con
sist of ten men instead of sixteen.
John J. Flaherty was reappointed
chief marshal and the other marshal8
for 1913 are: Willard Hutchinson,
Frank Schenck, Oeorge L. Clarkson,
Titus Smelzer, Charles B. Schenck,
Fritz Hokanson, Jesse C. Wenlger,
Sam P. Watson, Ellas GueBt.
Howard S. Wilson was reappointed
borough clerk. F. M. P. Pearse bor
ough attorney; James A. Grimstead,
overseer of the poor; C. P. Hull mem
ber of the Board of Health.
In making his appointments Mayor
Clark proved his disregard for polt
tlce Inasmuch as two of the marshals
appointed are Republicans, three are
Democrats and five are Progressives.
Recorder Weber is a Progressive,
James A. Grimstead is a Prohibi
tionist, C. P. Hull Is a Republican.
These committees were named:
Police, is. H. veen, H. j<\ sanrora;
water, C. B. Veghte and H. B. Jolin
|son; streets, E. Soper and C. B.
Veghte; finance, II. B. Johnson and
D. D. La Forge; lights, I). D. T,a
Forge and E. H. Veen; poor, H. F.
Sanford and E. Soper.
Assessor John W. Breen asked for
and received an Increase In his salary
of $75 per annum. It was the con
census of opinion that the assessor
was entitled to this Increase; also
that the salary of the horough treas
urer and borough clerk should be in
creased An increase for these offi
cials, also some provision for the
compensation for the borough recor
der may be brought up for considera
tion at an early meeting of the coun- '
cil. The recorder is dependent alone
on feeH for his compensation. The
rent of his office for the year is near
ly $76 and there are many months In
the year when the fees in the office
amount to less than $3.00. For the
past four months he worked for
honor and the sum of $4.eo. ;
After Borough Treasurer Tauslg
pays the premium bond the amount
of salary he receives is small com
pared with the work he must do.
The salaries are the same today as
they were when the town was incor
porated as a borough, and Inasmuch
as the labor in the case of every
official has increased it would seem
that the salaries should increase in
the same proportion.
For a year Metuchen has been
without a street commissioner and
none has been named this year.
Borough treasurer and collector,
Charles M. Tausig filed his bond for
$10,000, which was accepted.
Sayreville Schools to Reopen.
Bpeeial tn tlu EVKNISO NBWt.
Sayreville, Jan. 3—All the schools
will reopen next Monday except No.
1 schooJ, which will remain closed
until further notice, on account of
The Descent of Man.
Some real estate dealers in British
Columbia were accused of having vic
timized English and Scotch settlers by
selling to them (at long range) fruit
ranches on the tops of mountains. It
Is said that the captain of a steam
boat on Kootonay lake once heard a
great splash In the water. Looking over
the rail, he spied the head of a man
who was swimming toward his boat.
He hailed bim.
"Do you know," said the swimmer,
"this is the third time today that I've
fallen off that bally old ranch of
mine?"—Everybody's Magazine.
Pimply! Well, Don't Be
People Notice It. Drive Them Off
With Olive Tablets.
A pimply face will not embarrass yon
much longer if you get a package of
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The pim
ples will vanish after you have taken
the tablets a few nights.
Nothing ever cleansed the blood, the
bowels and the liver like Olive Tablets,
Olive Tablets are the only successful
substitute for ealomel—they oil the
bowels; theTe's never any sickness or
pain after taking them
Olive Tablets do all that calomel
does and just as effectively, but their
action is gentle and safe instead of
severe and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets
is ever cursed with "a dark brown
taste," a bad breath, a dull, listlese,
"110 good" feeling, constipation, tor
pid liver, had disposition or pimply
Olive Tablets are made of pure vege
table compounds mixed with olive oil.
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa
tients afflicted with liver and bowel
complaint*, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely effeetivo result.
Try them. one nightly for a
week. Then look at yourself in the
glass and im how yea feel. 10c and
The Olive Tablet Company, Colum
bus, O.
25o per box
' 1. . > -
Department Store
Cor. Smith & State Sts. 'Phone 367. Perth Amboy, N. J,
All Shoes Must Be Sold
Closing out our Shoe Department to make room
for spring stock.
Hence— %
The greatest shoe sale with the biggest list of sen
sational bargains ever offered. Compare the REGULAR
and SPECIAL prices.
Women's, Misses' & Children's Shoes
Women's Tan Calf Shoes, Regular Price $3.00;
Sale Pric6 $2.25
Women's Vici Kid Shoes, Regular Price $2.75;
Sale Price $2.05
Women's Gun Metal Calf Shoes, Regular Price $3.00;
Sale Price f $2.25
Misses' Tan Calf Shoes, Regular Price $2.25;
Sale Price $1.79
Misses' Calf Shoes, Regular Price $2.69;
Sale Price $1.99
Children's Tan Shoes, Regular Price $1.98;
Sale Price $1.49
Children's Calf Shoes, Regular Price $1.75;
Sale Price $1.39
Men's Work and Dress Shoes
Men's Tan Calf Shoes, Regular Price $2.25;
Sale Price $1.79
Men's Patent Leather, Regular Price $2.50;
Sale Price $1.89
Men's Gun Metal, Regular Price $3.50;
Sale Price $2.50
Men's Calf Shoes, Regular Price $3.00;
Sale Price $2.20
Boys' Shoes
Boys' Patent Leather, Regular Price $2.50;
Sale Price $1.79
Boy's Gun Metal Calf, Regular Price $1.89;
Sale Price $1.49
Boys' Tan Calf Regular Price $1.89;
Sale Price $1.49
Odds and Ends in Juliets, fur trimmed. Also Black
leather Slippers, felt lined; regular Price
59c, 69c, 79c, 89c, 98c and $1.25. Sale Price
49c., 59c., 69c., 79c., 89c. and 99c.
Mr. and Mrs. William Crouch and
'amily, of New Brunswick, spent New
If ear's day at the residence of Mrs.
Crouch's mother, Mrs. E. Jolly.
Clarence Phillips, of New York,
ipent the holiday at the residence of
tils parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Mr. and Mrs. William Berry, of
•■Jew York, were entertained on Wed
lesday at the residence of the for
mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Miss Bessie Morse spent New
l'ear's day at the residenoe of Mayof .
jnd Mrs. A. B. Appleby.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Appleby
iiave returned to their residence In
Rocky Hill after spending several
Jays at the residences of relatives in
iXUSH 11(1X11 i y J_/t3 »UO 11US ICIU1UCU
to her studies at State Normal
school, Trenton, after a pleasant va
cation spent at the residence of her
parents. Borough Clerk and Mrs.
George W. De Voe.
J. Randolph Appleby, Sr., of Perth
Amboy, spent New Year' day at his
summer home In Spotswood, "Bide a
Wee" farm.
Robert Hazlehurst, of Baltimore,
who has been entertained for the
past week at the residence of his un
cle, Hamilton Hazlehurst, started to
day Tor Maryland. He will visit
friends in Philadelphia en route. 1
Chares A. Hodapp and friend, Mr. I
Martin, of Perth Amboy, who enter-1
tained over Wednesday at the resi
dence of the former's parents, Post
master and Mrs. Joseph Hodapp, Sr.
The local students at Jamesburg
high school will enjoy another week's
vacation. Inasmuch as a smallpox
Bcare now prevails In Jamesburg.
B. Feldbaum spent New Year's
daj with frleritia lo New York city.
Arthur Tienkeln, of New York,
was a visitor here on New Year's
day, j
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Turner were
Perth Amboy visitors Saturday.
Miss Ora Chance has returned
home after spending a few days in
New York.
Mrs. Doctor Lofd has returned to
her home at Sterling, after spending
a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
James Turner was an out of town
visitor Tuesday.
Miss Margaret Eak spent Wednes
day in Perth Amboy.
Miss Minnie Johnson, of Rahway,
spent Wednesday in town.
WUllatn B. Turner was an out of
town visitor Wednesday morning.
Miss Ethel Remmlck, of New York
spent Tuesday and Wednesday with
her parents.
A. Glrdner spent Wednesday eve
In New York.
Miss Julia Remmick, of New
Brunswick, spent Wednesday with
her parents.
Mrs. A. Libel spent Wednesday out
of town. „
Plans are under way for the an
nual fair of St. Anthony's churcli,
which will be held some time this
month in D. B. S. hall.
Mr. J. Thompson, who has been
quite 111 at his home, 1b able to be
around again.
Ah tl»« mvb tor 10 cents a WNk.
Dr. Van Dyke of Cranbury
Nearly Masts Death.
Special to the BVKV/.YG KBWB.
Cranbury, Jan. 3:—Dr. Benjamin
S. Van Dyke had a marvelous escape
from death New Year's afternoon
while returning home from visiting
patients at Plainsboro. In crossing
the Trenton and New Brunswick
trolley tracks three miles west of
town the doctor lost control of his
automobile and the machine darted
down an embankment and turned up
side down, pinning the doctor fast.
Passengers watting at the trolley
station went to his aid and after
some hard work succeeded in extri
cating the doctor from his painful
position. His left arm was broken
above the wrist, his face was gashed
so as to need several stitches, an4 no
was suffering greatly from shock.
Dr. H. C. Symmes was called and
took the unfortunate man to his
home, where he cared for his In
The news when It is news in th»
East Neuralgia Mtw
With Masforole
Massage with MUSTEROLE and-no
tice how the pain lessens, and the de
licious comfort that takes it* place.
Sufferers all over the country write- u»
about this amazing, quick relief.
MUSTEROLE is a clean, white oint
ment) mad s with oil of mustard. Sim
ply rub it on—no plaster necessary.
Better than a mustard plaster and
positively does not blister!
Doctors and nurses frankly recom
mend MUSTEROLE for Sore Throat,
Bronchitis, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheu
matism, Lumbago, Pains and Aehas of
the Back or Joints, Sprains, Sore Mus
cles, Brnisos, Chilblains, Frosted Feet—
Colds of the Chest (it prevents Pneu
At ysnr druggist's in 25e and 50c
jars, and a special large hospital glee
for (2.50.
Accept no substitute. If your drug
gist cannot supply you, send 25c or 50c
to the Musterole Company, Cleveland,
Ohio, and we will mail you a jar, post
age prepaid.
'' Musterole is the first and only prep
aration of any kind that ever helped
my weak lungs. Can truthfully aay it
is far superior to any other prepara
tion of its kind."—Leo S. Hoag, Ath
ens, Michigan.
I /

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