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Bperlal to the EVBNIiiO NEW8.
Spotswood, Sept. 1: —Mr». George
W. Helme, of Helmetta, widow of the
pioneer siiuff manufacturer of Amer
ica, is receiving congratulations from
her many friends upon Her safe ar
Tlval yesterday from the scene of the
European conflict. Mrs. Helme, who
ie eighty-one years old, was touring
In Europe at the outbreak of hostil
ities and immediately hurried to
London. She was accompanied by
her daughter, Mrs. Charles Strater,
of Kentucky, who remained with her
mother until her arrival in this coun
try. For several days Mrs. Helme's
friends and relatives were alarmed
over her whereabouts and l.er condi
tion, hut were later somewhat cheer
ed to lçarn, through the columns of
a New York newspaper, that Mrs.
Helme and Mrs. Strater had register
ed at the American embassy at Lou
don. Mrs. Helme arrived last week
In Canada, but decided to rest before
making the tiresome railroad journey
down to her Helmetta home. In
speaking of her experience, Mrs.
Helme told friends that she did not
become alarmed until they began the
trip across the ocean from London to
Canada. No unfriendly vessel was
encountered, however.
Among those who anxiously await
ed for Mrs. Helme's arrival was her
son, George A. Helme, the retired
president of the American Snult
Company, of New York City.
New Brunswick. Sept. 1.—An
agreement between the Board of
Education, of Woodbridge, and Con
tractor John <'. Fowler, of Perth
Amlioy, has been (lied in the county
clerk's office. It is for the erection
of an addition to school No. 7 at
Fords, for $13,690, subject to change
by agreement; eighty-live per cent
of labor and material furnished at
first of each month; balance within
thirty days from completion. Work
is to be started immediately.
The following deeds have been
transferred and filed at New Bruns
wick, as follows: Soren Jensen and
wife to Anna Hansen, iota 54 9-550,
map Perth Amboy heights, Rarltnn
avenue, Perth Amboy; Batz Building
and Construction Company to the
Heidritter Lumber Company, lots 22,
23, map Woodbridge Land and Im
provement < oiupany, Woodbridge
Mrs. F. W. De Voe and daughters,
Miss Sarah De You and Mrs. joaeph
M Hodson. of New York city, were
entertained last week at residence
of Mrs. De Voe's cousin, Mies S. Ap
pleby. Dr. Hodson came here from
Spring Lake Saturday, having return
ed only a week ago from Europe.
Mrs. J. J. La Rue and daughter,
Miss Grace La Rue, were entertained
a few days last week by the former's
son, Wellington B. La Rue, in Perth
Louis Kahle, of Bloomfleld, was
entertained last week by his wife,
who is visiting ber mother, Mrs.
I.ydla Behringer.
Miss Anna Fitts and Mastery El
bert and Clinton Hodapp have re
turned from a visit at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Appleby, Jr.,
In Perth Amboy.
Mrs. C. Baquet has returned from
a week's visit with friends in as
bury Park.
Oarner De Voe, treasurer of the
De Voe Snuff Company, was a visitor
last week in Richmond, Va., on the
company's business.
Miss Jean Underbill returned Sun
day after a visit at the residence of
Miss Grace Anderson in Brooklyn,
Because of the absence of a quo
rum, there was no council meeting
last Thursday night. Those who ap
peared were: Mayor Arthur B. Ap
pleby, Councllmen John O. Ceaaena
and Joseph Hodapp, Jr.
Miss Alice De Voe has returned
from a visit at the residence of
friends at Freehold.
A horse driven by Alfred Kise, of
the Old Brldce Milling Company, of
Old Bridge, was taken 111 with the
colic Sunday afternoon In front of
Hodapp's meat market, and Mr. Klee
was forced to send the animal home.
Axis of the Earth.
The axis of the earth never hag been
nor will it ever be I» line with what
we call the north star. The axis
gyrates precisely as does the ails of
' rotation of a peg top, also a gyroscope,
once In 25,878 year*, describing a circle
47 degrees lu diameter. But this
grand motion that no buniau could ex
plain until the master of humans
Newton—rose and explained has abso
lutely uothlug to do with changes of
seasons here ou earth. Changes of the
terrestrial soasous are caused by the
inclination of the earth's axis of rota
tion to the plane of Its orbit and to Its
annual revolution around the sun.—
New York American.
In addition to plenty of fresh air
»nd proper diet, those suffering from
or who are predisposed to Tuberculo
sis are recommended to use Eckinan's
Alterative to stop night sweats, banish
fever and hasten recovery. This medi
cine, by reason of its successful use dur
ing the past, warrants the fullest inves
tigation possible by every sufferer.
Eckman's Alterative is most effica
cious in bronchial catarrh and severe
throat and lung a if actions, and in up
building the system. It contains no
narcotics, nor harmful or b«hit-form
ing drugs. Accept no substitutes. Sold
by leading druggfcts. Write to the
Eckman Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa-,
r-r booklet telling of recover!·*.
îfter nf tfë *l aad ** ·
Goodwin's Kami Given <lue of Great
est Concerts in Cranbury.
Goodwin's Band gave one of the
finest open air concerts Saturday
evening ever known in their history.
People from many neighboring towns
were present. 1. C. Hoffman, the
leader, distinguished himself by his
grace and efficiency. A program of
nine selections was given and at the
close about eighty gueate assembled
on the lawn at Mr. Hoffman's home,
where refreshments were served. A
pretty sight was made by the snowy
tables graced by a generous serving
of watermelon at each plate and
large bouquets of flowers. This was
followed by ice cream and cake. Tho
band Is nearing the close of a suc
cessful season and they have won
much favor wherever they have play
I*renbyterlan Oliajiel Opens.
The Second Presbyterian chapel,
which has just been remodeled and
extensively repaired, was opened for
Sunday school service Sunday morn
ing. New hard wood floor, chairs
and memorial windows have been in
stalled. Addresses were made by
Superintendent E. S. Barclay and
S. Slivers. Miss Anna Shock ren
dered a vocal solo and an original
recitation was given by Miss Melvene
Dey, of Pueblo, Colorado.
Wed in Cranbury.
Miss Ethel Dock and William
Bogart were married Sunday evening
by the Rev. Z. W. Wells. They will
take up housekeeping in the Scott
apartments in Scott avenue.
I rail our s ι,onus.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bishop are
entertaining Miss Susan Bishop, of
Munsey, Pa., for two weeks.
M is» Carolyn Lynch, of Harris
burg, Pa., is a visitor with Miss Sara
Perrine for a week.
Miss Cornelia < ubberly, of Hamil
ton Square, le a guest at the home
of Mv. and Mrs. William ('ubberly.
Bertram Miller and Charles Miller
of New Brunswick, were over Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. George
Puerschner and family.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson,
of Hightstown, are visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. R. L. McDowell.
Miss Laura Scudder and Miss Julia
Scudder are spending a mouth with
relatives at Belmar.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bergen are
spending a week with Mr. and Mrs.
Van Hise at < assvelle.
Mrs. Carrolyn Hammond is enter
taining her grand-daughter. Miss
Marian Hammond, of Manalapan.
Clarence M. Perrine has just pur
chased a Ford runabout from S. E.
Dey, the local agent.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wyckoff have
been entertaining Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Knight, Misses Helen and Jennie
Knight. Irene Johnson and Georgi
ana Briggs, of Bayonne.
Rev. J. B. Clark, of Dayton, oc
cupied the pulpit of the First Pres
byterian church Sunday morning.
The regular Communion service
was observed in the Second Presbyte
rian church Sunday morning
Jaiiibimrn taxais.
Owing to the downpour of rain the
Jameeburg baseball team were uuable
to play their scheduled game with
the Bayhead team Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lund, mar
ried at the home of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Krrlcsoii,
last Sunday night, were given a re
ception Saturday night by a party
of their youug friends.
Mrs. A. E. Van C'leaf, a visitor at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wil
liam Κ Iron», in Spotswood, is suf
fering from an attack of rheumatism.
Miss Marion Moore, of Orange, a
guest at the home of Mrs. Cornelius
Stonaker, has returned to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thome
spent last week in Connecticut and
along the Mauasquau Beach, the
orinar being on his vacation.
Dr. John L. Suydam has purchas
ed a new horse.
Edward Weingartner, of Hooker
street, has secured a position at
Bradley Beach and removed his fam
ily to that place.
Fred Cole, Raymond Griggs, Bruce
Pullen, Fred Dey and Edward Dey
are a special committee that are ar
ranging for the holding of a festival
and cake sale in Triangle Park on
the evening of September 12. The
proceeds will be for the benefit of
the Are alarm fund that the local
department Installed. The
Jamesburg bajtd will furuiah the tou
sle for the affair. A cake and bread
sale will be held during the after
Samuel Rothatein entertained a
large number of his friends Saturday
night at hie summer boarding house
at a masquerade ball that was a very
enjoyable affair. No prizes wera
given though a number of the char
acters represented were clever repre
Mra. Margaret Connerty shows an
improvement In her illness that she
suffered about four weeks ago.
Raymond Farr won the live (foliar
gold piece disposed of by the pariah
yesterday morning, following the
morning mass.
Everything is in ship-shape at the
plrqlc grounds at the State Home for
Boys for the annual picnic for the
boys and the clambake for the trus
tees and Invited friends. This af
fair always a very elaborate one, will
be no exception to the rule and will
be held on Wednesday, September
9. A full program of athletic games
will be held among the boys.
J. Howard Coombs, former super
intendent of the State Home for
Boys, with his family, have return
ed from a sixteen days vacation
spent in Burlington county and Phil
Mi"V Benjamin S. Everitt of the
State Home for Hove, Is spending her
sixteen days vacation away from her
du ties.
Ms·, and Mrs. Albert S. Owens
spent Sunday in Prospect Plains,
guests of their sons, William and
Joseph Owens.
A 'PMium Tr«W.
At on· of the famous Georgia 'pos
sum dinners, one of the guests turned
to the waiter with the remark: "Ra·
tU8, that 'possum muet have gone to
my head. It aehes like fury." "is d«t
eo. auh?" tee ponded Rutus "Pwaaj
how 'passum at»*»» uteka tor ft h»V
'uiifl i.i'
Special to the BVKNINQ NEWS.
Jaraeaburg. Sept. J:—One of the
best fish stories of the season is be
ing told by V. ilUam Richard, ot
Uuckelew avenue, that had Its origin
Saturday afternoon last and the only
part of the yarn that is not fishy u
the fact that it is all true.
Richard was fishing off the white
bridge and hooked a pike estimated
to be around the four-pound size. Ia
trying to land it the flsh broke the
line off a few inches beyond the cork.
Several minutes later Howard Ap
plegate saw the cork bobbing up and
down and soon had his line around
it and in pulling in found the pike
still was fast on the hook. The tackle
was pulled ashore and in attempting
to raise the fish out of the water the
beauty managed to work himself free
when within his grasp.
Another line was baited and this
was also broken in the same manner
by a pike and later in the day was
fished up by Grayson VanCleaf, but
no fish was visible when the hook
was raised out of the water. He
made his escape before the hook was
lifted from the water.
Claims Horse and Wagon.
The owner of the horse and wagon
taken by E. C. Clark, of Fair Haven,
tame to this city yesterday and
claimed his rig, which was delivered
to him, and Clark was turned over to
the Monmouth county authorities at
the same time.
Politiiul ΓοΙ Itoillng.
The political pot is getting well on
toward the lioiling point in this city.
The digging up οΓ past record la be
ginning to be indulged in as new
aspirants for nomination begin to
show up. P. F. Fallon, it is said, will
contest the nomination for council
nian-at-large with Charles Stuart,
and tlieu Prank C. Hoffman will be
the candidate for city clerk on the
Republican ticket. Most of the other
candidates have served the city previ
ously and must oina before the
people on their previous public rec
ord except mayoralty candidate
Lovely, who will have to have a
public tryout before his public worth
can be estimated.
South Λ in boy Locals.
A regular meeting of the official
board of the John Street Μ Ε.
church will be held in the class room
of the church Friday evening
The monthly meeting of the Ep
worth League of the John Street
M. E. church will be held in the lec
ture room of the church tomorrow
evening at 8 o'clock.
Mias Florence Newman, daughter
of Daniel Newman, returned yester
day from her vacation spent in Dela
ware, Philadelphia, Point Breeze,
l'a., Camden and Trenton.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sullivan re
turned last evening from a ten days
vacation in Pennsylvania.
Peter J. Steurwald, son of Game
Warden C harles Steurwald. and Mies
Elsie Stein, daughter of Professor
F. S. Stein, were united iu marriage
Wednesday evening by Rev. C. S.
Lewie, rector of Christ's church, this
Jacob Reiner was au out of town
visitor yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Vandusen were
out of town visitors yesterday fore
Mrs. C. T. Mason was a visitor in
Ocean Grove yeaterday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Campbell were
visitors in Newark yesterday after
G. F. Dlsbrow, of Schenectady, N.
Y., Is spending a short time with rel
-e.s in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Perrine, Jr.,
visited with friends in South Amboy
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnold and
family removed yesterday from the
Strasser flat in Broadway to the
brick dwelling in Second street, oc
cupied by the late Benjamin Green.
E. S. Mason was a visitor in Red
Bank yesterday forenoon.
Mrs. G. W. Applegate was a vis
itor in Oceon Grove yesterday.
lames Nichols is spending part of
his vacation In Ocean Grovo.
Miss May Compton was an out of
isitor yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. E. P. King and son. who
have been sojourniug iu Ocean Grovn
for some time, returned home yes
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Aken, who
have been spending a ten days vaca
tion, returned home Sunday evening.
Mrs. William S. Dey was a Long
Branch visitor yesterday afternoon.
G. M. Church was a New York
visitor yesterday.
Well Known Motuchea Mmb in l.aiil
to Kent.
The funeral of James Daaforth
was held at 3 o'clock Sunday after
noon from the Uouie ot hi* sister,
Mrs. William Morris, corner Main
street and Clinton place. Interment
waa In the Presbyterian cemetery
Mr. DaiTforth has been In poor
health for some years past. About
four years ago ha sold his grocery
business, which was located at the
corner of Main street and Middle
sex avenue, to his nephew, W.
r>anforth. During the past year his
failing has been very rapid About
two months ago he suffered a par
aylatlc stroke, from which he did not
recover. A few days ago he was
taken to the Muhlenberg hospital in
Plainfield for treatment, which it
was hoped would be beneficial, but
passed away on Friday afternoon,
August t8. He would have been
fifty-three years old this coming Oc
One Thing Grouch Can Do.
"A trouch," ohaervee the Jmueatown
Optimist, "adds to the happiness at
others only h* k«att>--g away frata
Itm Kamm Olty au*
Victorious Pitcher l.audfil In Wood
bridjco by Admiring Kans.
Nearly loo paraded the streets of
our town last, night, headed by the
St. Anthony», each bearing a differ
ent musical Instrument. Ihe demon
stration was in honor of the pitcher
for the Saints, Henry Nedor. The
boys made Main street quite lively
for a while. Some thought there
was a wedding In town and numer
ous questions were asked about the
unexpected musical treat.
Wootfbrulge Locals.
Mr. and Mrs J. J. Neary enter
tained quite a house party over the
week end. Their guests included
Mr. and Mrs. H. J Hughes and sou
and Mr. and Mrs Heinle and sou of
New York, and Mr. and Mrs. P. F.
Hughes and family of Cuba
Mies Helen Powore is enjoying a
week's vacatlou which she Is spend
ing In the Orange mountains
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Skay enter
tained relatives from out of town
over the week end
Miss Anna Kenton spent Sunday In
West Orange.
Miss Kathryn Ryan has returned
home from Somerville, where she has
been spending the past week.
Misses Helen and Mice I,orch and
Misses Louise and Marian Huber
were out of town visitors yesterday.
Miss Edna Oliver Is visiting rela
tives in Brooklyn.
Mrs. W. W. Oliver and Miss Ruth
Leieen were out of low η visitors yes
A large party of our local young
people enjoyed the bathing'at Ack
er's yesterday.
The teachers of the Presbyterian
Sunday school had a meeting last
evening, when Miss Grace Huber and
Miss Marguerite Pfelffer gave their
report on the summer school which
they attended in Asbury Park.
Mrs. Ε, H. Boynton was a Perth
Amboy visitor yesterday.
Mise Anna Coddington was a New
ark shopper yesterday
William H. Cutter is convalescing
from his recent illness
Thomas Linteua lias opened the
little shoe shop at the corner of
Railway avenue.
There will be a vendue at the IJar
ron homestead Thursday afternoon,
beginning at 1 o'clock. John L
Dunn will be the auctioneer.
Hvecitil Ιο tho RVRNINO NliWa.
Morgan, Sept 1:— Owing to the
many urgent requests of its numer
ous patrons, the management of tlio
Morgan dancing pavilion lias decided
to continue the Saturday night
dances after Labor Day so long a11
weather conditions ami attendance
will permit. Patrons will please bear
ill mind that after Labor Day the
pavilion will be closed on Tuesday
and Thursday evenings and open on
Saturday eveuings until further
Last Saturday evening was a rec
ord night, there being the largest
attendance of any Saturday previous.
Labor Day there will be dancing
both iu the afternoon and evening.
Next Thursday evening the second
popular prine dance will be run and
many couples have announced their
intention of entering the contest.
Suitable prizes will be awarded the
most clever couple. No couple who
have previously received a prize will
be permitted to enter the contest.
HrenK-n'i Camivid Success.
The firemen's carnival cloeed
Saturday evening and was considered
successful. The affair was conducted
in a manner pleasing to all. The
committee deserves great credit for
the work they did to make this affair
so entertaining. Mies Helen Currie
was elected queen of the carnival and
presented with a diamond ring Satur
day evening.
Miss E. Clark, of Philadelphia, la
spending two weeks with her aunt,
Mrs William Donnelly.
D. Desmond, of Perth Arnboy, was
a local visitor Suuday.
Miss KdttU Cohen, of Aabury Park,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs Philip
Cohen, here.
Misses Hei«u and Josephine Sex
ton spent Sunday out of town.
John l<yon. of New York, visited
friends in town Sunday.
Mr*. James Murphy spent Monday
out of town.
Mlas Mary Albas was an out-of
town visitor Monday.
Thomas Slugg ap«ut Monday in
New York.
Mrs. J A. Moore was a Newark
visitor Monday.
Cheater Hall, of Elizabeth, was a
local visitor Monday
Mrs. Williams and Mra. Wilson
Bullaoh, of Ohio, ara the guests of
their father, Neil Sheridan, here.
John J Engel, of Elizabeth, was
a local visitor Monday.
Miss Florence Meany spent Mon
day out of town.
Mrs. T. F. Simons is entertaining
Miss Mary Buryu, of Philadelphia.
Mra. Dayton Hopper was a Newark
visitor Monday.
Mrs. I. Sabon spent Monday (n
New York.
fireat Excitement In I *inesl>ur»{;
Wagon Was Wrecked.
A horse attached to a buggy owned
by Ezeklel C'amba created lota of ex
citement Saturday afternoon aloes
Railroad avenue when the frisky ani
mal ran away, starting from Hooker
street. In turning into Lincoln ave
nue the vehicle was thrown on tk»
sidewalk of the Marryott property
and smashed. Beyond this no fur
ther damage was done. Miss
Roberts and the owner of the rig
hart Just stepped out whao the ani
mal decided to whoop things up.
«1teoial to the EVENING NEWS.
Milltown, Sept. 1:—About 450
biuhela of unthreshed wheat and rye.
contained lu seven stacks piled in the
field near the barn of Jacob Rose at
Dunham's Cwruer, wore completely
destroyed by fire 8unday afternoon
and only for a prompt response to a
telephone call by Eureka Fire Com
pany No. 1, of Milltowu, the Ross
barn would also have been consumed
by the flamoe.
The fire started around 4 o'clock
and it was not long before it was
beyond the control of the owners
Then word was sent to the home o!
C. W. Waddington, of Milltown, who
together with Mayor William Kuhl
thau soou rounded up a number o[
firefighters and In about eight min
utes from the time they left Milltown
the apparatus was at the scene of
conflagration. The Milltown firemen
could do nothing to save the grain,
but they did save the barn which was
but twelve feet away from the near
est stack that was burning. The roof
of the barn caught fire in one in
stance, but it was soon extinguished
by use of the chemicals.
The barn was so hot that it could
not be touched and it was only for
the application of chemi -als that, pra
vented it being destroyed.
Special to the EVENlNCi NKWS.
Spolswood. Sept. 1.—Up until lati
yesterday afternoon no petitions
liuve been filed at the oltice ot Bor
ough Clerk George W. Do V'oe. The
time for tiling petitions endorsing
borough candidates expires tomor
row night. In addition to the county
committeemen, the local voters will
be called upon this year to choose
a mayor, two councilmen, assessor
and collector. The retiring officers
are: Mayor Arthur B. Appleby, Coun
cilmen William J. Bissett and T.
Francis Perrine, Assessor Arthur D
Appleby, and Collector John II. Dill
All of these officers have expressed
their willingness to step down aac
out, if the voters chose.
Because Spotswood is a Demo
cratlc town, the petitions of tha
party will be watched with mor«
than usual interest. It is under
stood a ticket has been prepared
.«hioh still lacks a mayor Council
man Bissett has declined the honor,
because of 111 health, and former
Councilman Augustine Cornell lias
also refused to run Assessor Apple
by and Frank H. Vliet, a local hotel
keeper, have been mentioned for
councilmen. although nothing defi
nite has been done. Collector Dill
expects to run again. William 8.
Sawyer is the Democratic county
committeeman, and will run again
It is unlikely that he will have op
Better Ten Theutand Sneers.
Better to staiid 10,000 sneers than
one abiding pang such as time could
not abolish of bitter self reproach.—
De Qulncy.
The last dance of the Morgan
Heights flub proved bo successful
that they have decided to run an
other dance at a later date, to be
announced shortly.
Suuday Morgan had the appear
ance of a popular summer resort,
hundreds of visitors from all parts of
the state and county enjoyed tho
boating, bathing and tlshlng
Captain Edward Bloodgood had a
party out tubing on Sunday and re
turned with a large catch of weak
Several Newark guest* spent the
week-end at the Robinson cottage.
The Triton Club have plans under
way for a large house party Labor
Misses Bdna Coxe and Dorothy
Cooper were Perth Auiboy visitors
I.ast Thursday night the Knlghis
of Columbus, of South Arnboy, heid
a corn roast on the beach and after
ward enjoyed dancing until a late
hour at the home of Miss Gertrude
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stack and
tamlly, of Perth Amboy, spent tho
week-end at the Dover cottage on the
Special to the EVENING NEWS.
Metuchen. Sept. 1:—The Board of
.ûduoatlou held au adjourned meet
ing in the high school Friday even
ing. Six members were present, in
cluding Mrs. Molineux in the ab
sence of President Prickitt, Mr.
Keely presided.
Mr. Pettit, chairuiau of the build
ing and grounds committee, report
ed that the plans for the kinder
garten school, 25x70 i'eel had been
returned from Trenton approved.
■Clerk Crowell reported that Mr.
Dembrowsky had written ihe board
withdrawing Ills bid of $1,809 for
the erection of thu proposed build
ing. Til's left Mr Itoss's bid of
$1,9 71 ihe lowest Ily ananimous
vote the board instructed the presi
dent and clerk to enter into a con
tract with Mr Itoss for the erection
and completion of the proposed
school by September 30. Mr. Itoss
was present and said that he would
file bond with the board and com
mence work oil Monday, August 31.
A letter was received from Charles
McUernioU, slate inspector of
schools, in reply to a letter sent him
by Ihe board enclosing a letter from
•lie attorney of the state architects
association He stated he knew ol
no law requiring that all plans loi
school houses must be prepartd b]
(licensed architects
Pour insurance policies on tin
high school building were presentee
.and premiums were ordered paid.
A letter was received from the
Raritan township school board ad
vising that hereafter all township
scholars attending schools outside
the township must be arranged for
between the two boards concerned as
the township would not honor tu
ition bills for which tbey had not
Mrs. Molineux preseuted her af
fidavit to the effect that she had been
a resident of the borough for three
years prior to her election to the
board and that she would well and
faithfully perform her duties as a
member of the board
Mr. Pettit was instructed to make
the lowest possible terms to have ail
lug done uuder the now building.
Sugacribe for the NEWS
Spevfal to the BVEKINO NKWa.
South Amboy, Sept. X:-—With
preparations completed for the hold
tug of the big Labor Day picnic oa
Stevetisdale grounds. indications
point to another big succès» for the
Sacred Heart parish, which is to hold
the affair. Headed by Rev. A. B.
Strenskl, the committee lias arranged
a program of athletic events, a base-(
ball game and various amusements.
A large dancing platform is to be
erected and the patrons of the attair
can dance to the strains of good
music which is to be furnished. A
shooting gallery, the "African dip"
and many other fun making device»
will be on the grouuds, as well aa
ι various refreshment stands, and a
'dinner will be served as one of the
features of the occasion.
Handsome prizes, including gold
; watch fobs, suit-cases, etc., have been
: placed ou exhibition in the show
windows of George Green, Casimer
Tomasnewski and Stanlslaw Kwilin
ski, and are to be awarded to the
most proficient of the local athletes
who are entered In the track events.
Kntries for any of the races may ba
tiled with Frank Kabosky, who la
heading this committee.
Special la the Κ VU S ISO NBW8.
Spotawood, Sept. 1 :—Measuring
five feet, two inclies and perfectly
marked, Frank Vliet, of Spotawood,
lias hanging behind his bar a beav)ti- ·
fui specimen of white wood snake'
that lie haft had mounted.
Several weeks ago while walking/
! in the pines close to town Miss Flora.
Fisher, of this place, encountered the
reptile and did not faint or call for
help She did what every courageous
young woman would do. She grabbed
ii club and with one well directed
blow killed it. All who have seen
it and know the reptile say it voua :
! of the largest specimeus ever ta-bejj
*Pn hereabouts.
probability Is that It will never oo·
! our. The line burst of courage which
enable* a mail tc face a marriage
service come* to him only on<je Of
twice In his lifetime.—Topok· Dallj
Duzy Ilenii, KlutUvlug Heart, Float
ing S|>ecks.
1 These are signs of kidney and
bladder trouble. You'll have head
aches too. backaches and be tired all
over. Don't wait longer, but begin
taking Foley Kidney Pills at oace. It
won't be long before your miserable^
sick feeling will be gone. You wilt
jHleep well, eat well and grow strong
and active again. They are a tonic
anil your entire system as well aa
kidneys and bladder-will be be-""te<i
j b> their uae. Try them. 7-,
When a
bv all druggists.—Adv.
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