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m IN Ν. J.
New Jersey's reformatory at Hahway
' is not #alled by its official title by in
mates ami former In n» tes. They bavs
j adopted for the Institution the name
I which Dr. Frank Moore applied to It
I when he assumed charge as superln·
j! tendent m ml endeavored to do real re
forming of his nearly 1.000 charges. It
j is known throughout the United States
as "the t Diversity of Another Chance."
Dr. Moore cures more for results than
I for red tape. Unable to personally
I study the traita and shortcomings of
Jach of his tKinsand wards, he has set
them to studying themselves. He holds
and tells the reformatory inmates that
his business is not to criticise the bad
In them, but t» And the good and cult)
vate It. Dr. Moore Is no dreamer or
idealistic philanthropist. He is intense
ly practical, aud, being practical, he did
not attempt to reform the reformatory
methods all at once. The process has
been gradual. The Inmates of the Rnh
way reformatory are now self govern
Ing. Two years ago there were report
ed to the snj>erintendeut 4,889 Infrac
tions of the rules.
Offered Self Government.
Dr. Moore broached bis self govern
ment scheme to the Inmates. He told
them that it rested entirely with them
selves whether they were granted au
tonomy or not. Last year the number
of inmates increased, but the number
of reported infractions of the rules
was 2,002 less than during the previ
ous venr. Tbe older inmates, who

m e
Zj A?,/- <?î
■3 'c<j/r.
Λ 1
si osy
s/^z\ ·**
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were working for the privilege of he
| tag treated like citizens, were seldom
reported, and tliey did much to tame
the new inmnteg who were Inclined to
be obstreperous. Dr. Moore called the
Inmates together nnd told them that
the time bad come when he was going
to grant them autonomy. lie outlined
1 his plan, which was to have tilt mis
deed» of inmates Judged and ponlsh
ment for them meted out by η council
of prisoners elected by their fellows.
On July 12 of tUis year each of the
fourteen tier* elected two councilmen
[ to represent it. Each Tuesday and
I Friday the council meet» to act epon
reports of misbehavior by Inmates. ,
Tie council has a president, who is
1 presiding Judge, and a secretary, who (
is clerk of the court Prisoners are
produced before the council nnd faced
by their accusers, who are H.elr fellow
iMnatea or councilmen from their tier
and they are given an opportunity to
cress examine witnesses and testify in
tbeir own defense. If the accused Is .
flBOud guilty he is sentenced to the loss
■ of some privilege.
The decision of the council is final.
It ig not subject to approval by the
superintendent or any officer of the In
stitntlon, and none of the officers is
permitted any Toiee hi it» délibéra
tions. If a councilman misbehaves
and becomes amenable for a serious
brpeett of discipline he is tried by his
fellow counrttmen. If a counctlrnm»
i* oeHted for canne an ejection te «e
lect his successor is Immediately held
on hie tier. Never litis the der ision of
the councH failed to meet with th#
approval of Uie prbwueu.
Rule* Governing Council.
Hen are son&e of the uoweririntj rules
of the council :
To do all in our puwfti to slop the us«- .
of profane language among tht· tnmates.
To try to ascertain tie number of any
inmate euilty ot stoaBnf article* ftw
tile room of another liimate and submit
his name to th« council for action.
To try to do away with all disorder fcn
the dining room, especially hissing and
loud talking, and* to keep perfect order.
To try to have the Wiraates take a pride
In their geaeral behavior »iwl in that wuy
reduce the number of reports against the
Inmate· of the irottlrtrtlon.
To try to instill a better fellowship and
spirit among the inmates. To try to lead
tile m from the habit ecf >totng things ft»·
which they az-e liable to be reported hit
the habit of doing tliimgs ι à ut are nuul;
and cieiu. ;
Tile council siiail take a lively interes".
In all einusements for the benefit of the I
Inmates on iialldBj(i arffc other limce. To |1
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to tin», especially on holidays.
Councilman will ask th« inmates on
their tier* to send them suggestions from
tltne to time for the betterment of the
inmate· of the institution.
Dr. Moere nays that the prisoners
(iorem themselves better than a host
of guards could govern them. The
honor roll has crown under autono>ny
!u the state reformatory, and the de
lin(|uent roll has decreased correspond
Fireless Locomotive.
l'or use to one of Its depots for ei
plosive A the British government has
bad a fireless locomotive built. It has
a reservoir partly filled with water
ind Is charged with high pressure
itenm from a boiler placed outside the
langer zone. It can work on one
•harge of the reservoir for several
lours of continuous hauling or for a
mich longer time on ordinary ahunt
intr work. It caa stand for twelve
iours In the open sflr with only slight
oss of stenm nnd can run bâck to the
;hargiHg station under a pressure of
>nlj fifteen pounds to the square lneh.
•*Eiperi·»·· 1· the beet teacher,"
looted the sage.
"Then why do men commit bigamy?"
■ked the fool.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
Lives of billygoats remind us
We'd be quite misunderstood
If we cast our pride behind us
And dined on salmon tins and wood.
—New York Evening Sun.
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LAgny.—"The women of France art
doing their half of the fighting iu thi
war. Thia Is my conclusion aller talk
Ing with mothers and sisters luui
daughters whom I saw on my trip
through the battle tramped fairyland,
writes a correspondent
"Nothing else explains the heroic
stand of the French against the wall*
of Pari» after the cyclonic southward
sweep of the Germans; nothing else
clear· up the mystery of the sudden
defeat of the Invaders In the battle
of the Marne. The women had lent
a hand.
"I asked a woman whose homo was
la the center of a tmt tie field what she
thought of the war.
"'We will win,' she said.
" 'Bat what do you think about nl)
tills Hgbtiug aud killing of one an
other'/' 1 added, determined to get at
what this woman had to say on the
broader, bigger aide of the great war.
" 'It's horrible, of course,' she Bald
simply. 'Ami If he doesn't come back
1 don't know what I shall do, though
I suppoee I shall have to manage some
"A little girl, perhaps three years
old, came out and Joined her mother
on the Uttered steps, her big, mysterl
ouh blue eyes bent on me and wonder
ing who I could be.
" 'We have two children.' the wo
man continued, 'this one and a baby.
Perhaps we are In for a hard time.
And maybe he won't come Ixtck. They
nay our losses are heavy, but if France
Perth A tnboy
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wins where I loue Τ shall not complain.
I s tin 11 feel Hint I, hare done some
"'Even η «Teat deal,' I «nid.
" 'Yes.' she replied, 'even a greet deal,
for he «'as all 1 had," "
Prison Warden Has Argument Fer
Purchase ef More Land.
Lansing, Mich.—When Warden Simp
son of the slate prison at Juckson
goes before the legislator:? this win
ter to ask for money to boy more
land for prison farms he will have
some fijr vires that are likely to pro ν μ
potent argument*.
The flk'ures show what has been done
on one of the eighty ftcre farms pur
chased last year. The farm cost the
state $2.r..S75 and this year was plant
ed to string beans after a crop of pees
had already lieeu taken off. Tlieee
beans have been harvested and '-aimed
In the prison canning factory and, fig
ured at wholesale ear lot prices, are
worth $20,331.10.
Thus the first year's prop haa paid
the whole cost of the farm, besides
more tlmii enough to pay for the cans
in which tlie beans have been put up.
Child of Four Or*3ged From Boat by
Big Pieh.
Swlnefield, V. J —Robert Hale, four
pears old. sen of Henry Hale of Orange,
ivas being rowed np the Parnate river
by his brother. The lioy trailed au
leorn on a piece of string In the water.
Suddenly he was Jerfced out of the
f>oat and towed through the water at
ι lively rate. He could not let gn of
ihe string-, α» It was fastened afoand
51» wrist. Boaiers pulled blui out. aud
it the end of the string was a carp
tveighing twenty-ou· pound·, wblvb
t>ad swallowed tlx* acorn.
Ancient Gfaaemaking.
When the council of ten ruled Veil
ce thev Issued a deer·"·· regarding the
irt of glass tnakfrm I» rutm: ' If a
»otkmuu carry Uls art beyond the lliu
is of his country to the detriment of
be republic. De shall be desired to ri
uro If or disobey, his nearest »»»»
Ives shall t»r imprisoned If In spite
if tbetr UBiirtMouuieal. be nnnaiu οί»
tiimti· In his wlrtii io live abroad, till
lulwnry el lin."
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Amboy, N,.
The initial advantage ou the Black
sea apparently lies witli Turkey lu the
opening of hostilities against Kussia
according to observers. In addition to
the battle cruiser Goeben, which has
attained a speed of 27.2 knots and Is
one of the uiosi formidable craft afloat,
and the protected cruiser Breslau of a
2t).U knot record, Turkey has in the
Black sea two battleships of Dread
nought class, four pre-L>readnoughts,
two swift cruisers and numerous de
stroyers and guutuats, many of them
bought from Germany. This fleet ln
■Indes these battleships:
Reshad-i-ilninis. 23.000 tons, 2t> knots
Blrenzi Osman, 27.1KJO tons. 22 knots,
bought frum Brazil.
Khyer-ed-din Baibarossa and Torgut
Heiss, 11,5*10 tons each, 17 knots, for
merly German battleships, and two
others of the same type.
Two cruisers, the liamkileh and the
Medjidieh. 3.800 tons. 22 knots.
Russia's Black Sea Fleet.
Russia's Black sea Iteet consists of
six pre- f > read η ought battleships, one
protected cruiser, two armored gun
boats and a number of old torpedo
boats and gunboat*.
Three Dreadnoughts are under con
rtructlon, but may not l)e in commis
lion fur months.
We are still gaining from all the
flanks because we were prepared
with a big stock of· all kinds of
food dnd now we beat tbem all.
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The Very Best Pure Butter
a pound iJHc
4 lbs. Granulated Sugar for .... 25c
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Condensed Milk for 25c
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a dozen 29c
2 largo packages Macaroni
or M oodles for 15e
The Very Best Cream Cheese
a pound 19l/2C
Fairbanks' Lard, pound 10'/2c
'λ boxes Argo Starch or Bluo
Tip Matches for 10c
3 Loaves Fresh Bread for 10c
Bring This With Yon.
20 Stamp» Frw With a pur
chase of 98c or over.
M. Margolin**.
M. Margolius
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If Portugal lie counted. Turkey I» th
eîerenth nation to be Invotved In the
içrvat European struggle. Her partiel
pa lion has been expected for weeks,
and diplomats now «ay that Greece,
Itoumanla and Bulgaria are likely to
tie added, and possibly 'taly.
Notwithstanding the \>arulngN of (ht
fillies, It has been deemed Inevitable
that Turkey would yield to German In
juence and Join against Russia. Since
the opening of the war 000 German of
leers have arrived In Turkey, as well
)s a large quantity of munitions ot
war, Including some of the big siege
fiins. German kuus were mounted In
lie Dardanellefl forts and a German
ifflcer, Weber Pasha, placed In com
nand. All the fortifications of the
liosporus and the Asia Minor coast
lave been overhauled and mines have
)een sown In Greek waters.
Lineup Will Favor Alii··.
If the entrance of Turkey Into the
onfllet embroils Italy and the other
Balkan states, as expected. It will
irlng 3,371,000 additional men Into bat
Ie, as well as three more navies. In
his event the line up will probably be
ti faror of the allies.
Turkey, with an army on war footing
igiired at approximately 1,000,000, and j
t navy of thirty-five warships manned
>y HI.000 men, will thus contribute
.031.000 men to the German cause.
The allies will profit to the extent
>r 210 warships and a total of -MM'J,
)00 men contributed as follows: Italy
-Army, 1,200.000; navy, 1H» ships man
led by 80,000. Greece—Army, 150.000;
tavy. forty-oee ships, manned by 30.
>00. Bulgaria- Army, 380.000, and
jtosmania, army, 500.000. About Bui
rnrta's future moves there I» much
loubt. as she is still bitter against li.'r
•neiules In the recent second Balkan
var, and she ntay Join Turkey.
ubt About Gosben «nd Br««lau. |
JVurkey mobilized her army early In
August, supposedly with the mom I
rapport of the German government, it
vas thought the forces would be e> i
iloyed against Greece for the reeovt* y
if territory lost In the Balkan war.
ireece bought the battleships Missis
ilppl <>nd Idaho from the tJnlt';d
states, and to offset tills Turkey ptir
■based ostensibly two ships from Ger
nany, the Goeben and Breslau, which
«tight refuife from the allied lieet In
ha Mediterranean. There has beeu
ome doubt, however, that there was
bona fide purchase, for It has been re
xirted that these ships, although fly
a* the· cresceet, rctiiInert their Ger
nan crews and officer*.
^ -J
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