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Soldiers' Relief League to
Meet Monday Afternoon.
There will be a meeting- of the
Perth Amboy Branch of the New
Jersey Soldiers' Families Relief
League Monday afternoon at 3
o'cloek at the home of Mrs. W. Park
er Kunyon, 3 00 Rector street. All
members and all of those desiring to
become members are urged to be
present at this time.
Owing to the recent appropriation
of $2,000,000 by the government lor
the soldiers at the Mexican Iroiii md
their families many think that the
work of the New Jersey Soldieis l:e
lief League has come to an c.r.U. iin
local branch announced this moi ..ing.
rhls appropriation will not be avail
able for some and In tho mfwiwjit
the Relief league is raising funds to
meet tho emergencies which a» Lao be
fore this appropriation «111 bo dis
tributed, such as meeting morlx^eR,
paying life Insurance and rent, it Is
the aim of the league to help the sol
diers who own small homes to retain
It during their absence by helping Ό
pay tho mortgage while those «ho
rent homes will bo helped also. Γη»
local Relief League has made this an
nouncement owing to the mistaken
Idea which they know many have as
» result of the announcement of the
The new members added to tho lo
cal branch since yesterday arc as fol
lows: Mrs. George Sharp. Mrs. Joseph
Bruck, Mrs. Karl lake. Mrs. jun.es
Henderson. Mrs. J. Garreteoii. Mr* J.
Wight. Miss E. Oilman, Ml--. I
Brown. Miss E. Greene, Mis. Urecne.
The associate members are J. L. Konr
ny and A. B. Flint.
One dollar more lias been πΛ»!ιμ1 Ιο
the donations, tho total now beinrf
$184.10. They are as follows:
Previously acknowledged .... $181.20
A friend .50
A friend .50
Total $1SII'0
Another Successful Card
Party at the Yacht Club,
There were about seventy-five pres
ent at the cary party held last night
by the July committee of the T.adles'
Auxiliary of the Rnrttan Yacht Club
In the club house. Eight prizes were
given to the winners of bridge and live
hundred, which were the games of
the night. In bridge, Mrs. John So
Held won first woman's prize; Miss
Ann Dover getting second prize. Scott
Burls was awarded first men's prize in
this game and Max Keck second.
Miss Eleanore Mend won first wo
man's prize In Ave hundred and Miss
Elizabeth Hewitt secured second prize.
Among the men In this game William
Grlswold was awarded first and Wil
liam Graham second. Following the
games refreshments were served by
the committee, which wns composed
of the following: Mrs. Ralph E. Sea
man, chairman; Mrs. William Gra
ham, Mrs. William Grlswold, Mrs. R.
8. Hall, Mrs. Rufus Hosklngs, Mrs A.
J. Hollenbeck, Mrs. Max Keck, Mrs.
Lambert Hughes and Miss Agnea Har
Girls' Friendlylociety
Gives Prizes in Games.
Two prizes were awarded to tlu
dinners of tho games at the
»f the Girls' Friendly Socl et
- *"Y I
ïluncy. There were about the usual
lumber of (rlrls present, sixty, who
•n]oyed the entertainment prepared
for them by Mrs. Mandevllle, who
was chairman of the committee In
charge of the meeting. The danclntî
class was hold as usual under the
direction of Miss Cynthia Frost.
Next week's meeting will be In
charge of a committee of which Miss
Mae Thornley will be chairman.
Ready for Shirtwaist Dance.
Tiiβ social committor of the Yountf
Men's Hebrew Association have com
pleted arrangements for the phtrt
waist dance that is to be held at Y.
M. H. A. hall tomorrow night. The
rntasic for the dancing will be furnish
ed by Sol Kaufman's orchestra. The
committee lias spared no pains to
iriako the affair one of the most suc
cessful events of the season. Electric
fans have been installed.
Mrs. Van Pelt Entertains.
Mrs. William H. Van Pelt entertain
ed several children in honor of her
hephews, TCthan and Wesley Woglom,
of Vineland, at her home. 165 Hector
street, last night. The party Was held
Under the trees in the yard, with Jap
anese lanterns used for decorations.
Êbout eighteen guests enjoyed the at
Mrs. J. 'N. Peterson and daughter.
Oak street, and sister, Miss A. L.
Johnson, of Woodbridge, left Thurs
day for Fort Wayne, Ind., en route to
Cokodale, Colorado. At Fort Wayne
they will meet two sisters and will
go together the rest of the way, where
they will visit a brother.
Social Secretary Theodore T. Marsh,
of the Y. M. Q. Α., who has been on α
vacation for the month of July, will
resume his duties at the Y. M. C. A.
Physical Director S. C. Pew. of the
Y. M. C. Α., will leave Tuesday for
« month's vacation which he will
■pend with his family and party nt
Carr Ijttke, New York. This Is the
name place where the local Y. SI. C.
A. boys camped for two weeks.
ata· with truth before it !■
popular to tide with it. Sid·
with God and humanity and hu
man heps just as fait a· you
can ··· what is best for human
ity. Be fully persuaded in your
own mind. Oo not drift. It ie
not worthy of a man t· drift. A
man ought to have a conviction.
Molt people have only opinion·,
impressions, impulses. The num
ber of people who have convic
tion· i· comparatively «mall,—
Minot J. Savage.
Look on the bright side al
ways. Pessimist· are «ver in
the rear and never in the van
In the march of progr»··. Your
successful men and women are
never chrenio grumblers.—Bish
op Samuel Fallows.
—♦ I
Balance on Side of U, S. Ex
porters $2,136,000,000.
Washington, July 29.—Foreign trade
of the T'nited States closed Its greatest
y eu r lu history June 80 with a balance
of $2,130.000,000 in favor of American
The year's exports aggregated $4,
<334,000,000, the department of com
merce announced today, and Importa
were valued at $2,198,000,000.
The trade balance was double thnt of
last yenr and four times that of 1914.
Exports exceeded those of last year by
$" ,800,000,000.
The exact foreign trade figures an
nounced differing slightly from pre
liminary estimates, show the year's
exports exceed the annual average
from 1911 to 1914 by more than $20,
000,000. Gold imports for the year ag
gregated $404,000,000, compared with
$!5,000,000 last yc ar.
In June exports amounted to $485,
000,000. an increase of about $200,000,
000 over last .Tun?, but a decrease of
about $10,000,000 from May.
Imports for the yenr, $2,198.000.000,
exceeded by $524,000,000 the 1015 total
and the annnal average from 1911 to
1914 by $475,000,000. June importa
were valued at $24«.000,000, the largest
ever shown In a single month, being
$17,000,000 more than the figures for
May and $88,000,000 inorte than those
of June, 1915.
Much Water Needed.
ft takes two tons of water to grow
enough wheat to malte a loaf of bread;
fifteen to tweatj tons to grow a pound
el beef.
Partner In Morgan Firm
Who Will Build Mansion.
Photo by American Pre« Association.
It to announced that Henry P. Davison,
of the firm of J. P. Morgan * Co., will
build one of the handsomest residences In
New York city at Park avenue and Sixty
ninth street, in the exclusive section of
the city.
Let"» Find Our Friend».
It Is about time to look the world
over and see If we have any friends
who con help uvpreserve free lustltn
tions Intact on nils hemisphere. If we
hnve no friends, let us behave so as to
deserve them. Let us acquit ourselves
so that nations will see la us a desir
able ally, and not a partait* for whom
they are to pull chestnuts out of the
lire.—Frank B. Vrooman, In the Cen
tury Magazine.
Gustav Jost Found to Have the
One more ease of Infantile paraly
sis was reported this morning by Dr.
J. L. Lund. The victim Is Gustav
Jost, three-year-old son of Gustav j
Jost, of 609 State street, who was
found to be suffering from the dis
ease. The continuance of the disease
In the city has brought the Board of ι
Health to a point where they are )
taking every step to stop all lnsanl-I
tary conditions, In stores, public or
private places and to stamp out all
nuisances. To this end the sanitary |
and food Inspectors are working in
many sections of the city examining
all complaints and already have sev- '
eral reports which Indicate drastic
action by the department.
The regulation Jn regard to motion
picture houses, which was placed
when the disease was Bret discovered
here, had slackened somewhat, but it
is likely that they will again regulate
the order prohibiting the admission
of children to the theatres.
The Kaplan case, one of the flrst
to be reported In the city, shows
steady Improvement under the treat
ment of Dr. B. F. Blobodlcn. The
case of the Clicaka child Is also
slightly improved.
Investigate Nnlsanecs.
The Investigation of several nuis
ances which have existed for some
time in rear "yards throughout the
city continues In accordance with
the action taken by the Board of
Health on Tueaday night. Tho owners
of the places were given a time limit
to dispose of them, and failure to do
so. will mean arrest. The food ln
apcctor is continuing his examination
of all places where food la for sale.
Bake shops, groceries, creameries and
other places are under examination
iind from now on It will be necessary
for these places to be kept in perfect
The Jost home hag been quarantin
ed by Health Officer Willsey this
morning. The health officer conferr
ed with Alderman Wilson In regard to
tho Isolation hospital this morning,
and desires to hav· it Immediately
placed In condition for the reception
of patients. The patent sewage sys
tem Is about ready for use, the sceptic
tanks being the only portion missing.
Funeral for Thfo. Thomas.
Kpcrtul to the EVEfTTNO KJCW3.
South Amboy, July 29:—Funeral'
services for Theodore Thomas, a life
long resident of this city, who died
rhursday night at his home in David
street, will be held Monday afternoon
it ! o'clock from his late residence
followed by a service at Christ Kpls
nopa! church at 1:30 o'clock. Mr.
rhomas was sixty-eight years old and
besides his widow is survived by two
jons, George W. Thomas and Harry
F\ Thomas; a sister, Mrs. David Rid
dle, of Red Bank; and a brother,
Charles P. Thomaa. of Newark. Mr.
Thomas for many years waa In the
smploy of the Camden and Amboy
'allroad and Its succesor. the Pennsyl
vania railroad as a stationary engln
?er. He retired from active work about
twelve years ago. About two weeks
ago he was stricken with paralysis,
which caused his death.
Daniel Trigg*.
South Amboy, July 29—-Daniel
Trigge, of David street, this city, died
here about 8 o'clock this morning fol
lowing about a week of suffering. Re
ports to connty authorities Indicate
that death was caused by the acci
dental drinking of wood alcohol. Dr.
K. A. Meacham, of this city, was in at
Coroner Kugene J. Mullen, of Perth
Amboy, has been apprised of the case.
Ho has thus far not decided to inves
gate, Inasmuch as a physician was in
Looking to tho Future.
TU· teacher In the primary claw at
Sunday school was asking the cliildreu
to try and bring another child to tin
class. Little Willie, who is an only
child, looked thoughtful for a moment,
then raised his hand. "What Is It, WU
lief asked the teacher. "Π1 bring all
uiy brothers and sisters—If I get any."
Real Estate and Building
News Here and Elsewhere
But Large Tracts of Property
are Sold.
There have been few sales tn the
realty Une reported during: the latter
part of the week, but those that have
been made represent large sums.
The purchase of the strip of water
front property by the W. J. Donnell
Co. along the Rarltan river extending
from the river to Smith street and
lying between the C. Pardee plant and
that of National Ftreprooflng Com
pany from the last named company
for about $76,000, was the largest
sale reported. This newly purchased
property will be occupied by the pur
chaser for a lumber plant, it being
necessary to ship both by water and
rail from their new location.
Two sales made by .Fraser Brothers
amounted to over $12,000, one being
the sale of a large two family brick
building on Madison avenue, the con
sideration of which was $7,600 and
the other the sale of a frame building
on Rector street for $5,000.
Six lota on Catherine street were
bought by Philip Levy from Max Gold
berger, Max S. Goldberger and Ben
jamin Friedman, known as lots 10, 11,
12, 13, 11, and 16, on block 272.
The two-story two family house at
89 Madison avenue, sold by Fraser
Brothers was from Thomas Smith to
William Hiliard. The other house
sold by tills company was situated at
101 Kector street and sold from Wil
liam McCullum to William Soler.
The following sales in this city have
been recorded In the county clerk's
office during the latter part of the
week :
The Massopust Realty Co. to Thom
as Vicnicki and wife lots 776-776, re
vised map of Lehigh Park on south
side of Gar/et son avenue.
Christian Nielsen and wife to Hans
J. Jensen and wile northern half of
lot 7. block 25, map of the estate of
John Arnold, on south aide of Sutton
street; consideration $2,100.
Save· New York Official Bitten b>
New York, July 29.—Commissioner
of Weights and Measure* Joseph Hartl
gan la back at his desk again after
nearly taking the count in η battle with
a family of tarantulas lire weeks ago.
He stuck tils-eight arm Into a barrel
at the Kast River Warehouse com
pany's plant to see If tho bottom whs
where a bottom should be.
A father and mother tarantula and
their four lusty offspring—later cap
tured and preserved under glaee—
made a concerted nttack on the com
missioner's hand, with the result that
he had to be sent to the Anna May
private hospital for treatment.
For a time it was thought he would
lose the arm, which swelled until it
Vif-ye·' ri ι a leg, but by au ij> -
Jeofii,wVr a itn» lOBcOvflni rrom inp
poison of a cobra and a copperhead
snake the tarantula veuom was offset
and recovery begun.
Different Joker·.
"This her· paper says," observed Mr.
Lerret, "that the Ore insurance com
panies All their pollclea full of jokers."
"Ain't that nice of >10," exclaimed
Mrs. Lerret. "We don't get alLi&uacs
any more."—Puck.
Compensation· of Success.
Nipp—Would you rather be born
great or acquire greatness?
Tuck — I'd rather acquire It. The
man who is born great misses all the
pleasure of telling how he did it—
Town Topics.
Dr. «loi den
Take care of your "Teeth" and
your "Teeth" will take care of you.
Our patient· find it a pleasure to
Induce others to Rive us a call.
Phone your appointment now and
aave time If that broken down, de
cayed tooth must come out. Consult
a specialist.
Associated with
117-119 Smith St., corner State St.
Phone 1614 P*rtta Amboy
American Bulldlaff
Headaches, nervousness up . othei
troubles are caused by defective «ye*
Proper giaasea will afford relie!
TS (nttt »«.
Dally #:«0 to 1» a. m.; 1:10 to β:!0 p. it
Monday. Friday and Saturday unil
8:80 p. rl
Recommended by Dr. Wilson, Di
Flthlan. Dr. Hay. Dr. Maimer. Di
Smith and other·.
Phone 177* r Bjmday Appointmen
Tk£to Boston, Providei
and all points alone the oMit, for
of caJ
432 STATE STREET (cor Waahlm
Rumor of Big Project Under
Way in Metuchen,
I Residence contracta are the only
Important item in the building world
of this eection for the week. Several
houses are to be erected here, and
there is a boom in building work at
Metuchen, where a block of resi
dences are to be built. All reports
from neighboring places speak of the
extraordinary amount of residence
building being done now.
A persistent rumor lias spread
through Metuchen that S corporation
of builders are to bullu seventy-two
new residences and stores In Main
street, at that place, and the rumor
still further states, that, while the
planned buildings will be of a sub
stantial character. It will be possible
to purchase them very cheaply, &■
the corporation arc planning to buy
all the material by large lots, and
will consequently be able to dispose
of the properties cheaply.
Samuel Kugel has entered Into a
contract with l^ars P. Ilasmusnen for
the erection of a stucco building to
be erected In Neville street at η cost
of $4,270. Of the price, $100 has al
ready been paid to party of second
part; $800 will be paid upon the de
livery of the lot; $500 when the first
tier of beams are laid; $500 when the
roof le completed; $500 when the
building Is completed and ready for
trim: $500 when the trim Is ready for
painting, and $860 upon the comple
tion of the job.
J. H. Haynee has received a per
mit to erect an electric sign in Sheri
dan street at a cost of $300.
Alfred Thompson Is to erect a resi
dence In I,aurle street. The building
will be frume, two stories in height
and will measure 18x43 feet. George
Uolub will erect a frame residence In
Hommann avenue at a cost of $1,800.
The proportions of the structure wlD
be 12.6x25 feet.
County real estate transfer» · follow:
β. I>. MoCormack to Ward F. Cal
11ns, 2 lota at Lincoln, PiecataWay
township, $1.
Ocean Heights Improvement Co., to
Salvatore Morello, 8 lota at Metuchen
Estates, $1.
United Land Development Co. to
Clara Wilkinson, lot at New Market
Heights, $1.
Peter Schmidt and wife to Com
mun! paw Central Land Co., lot at
Woodbridge township, $1.
Abraham Jeiin and wife to Joseph
Fried berg:, 2 21ote on west side J el ta
street. New Brunswick, $1.
R. E. f'omegys to John Varga and
wife, lot on south side Lawrence
street, Perth Amboy, $1.
Elk Healty Co. to Joseph Clem
ents and wife, 2 lots at Holly Park,
Plscataway township, $1.
John Qeary and wife to John B.
Geary, laud on
Γι II . Γ ΤΙ 1tT%k . .■
r-iei-««aw*y townanip, »l.
• < 'lar* Hanson anil h unhand to Ma*
(rlblan. lot on oomer of Hayre avenue
and eteadman Place, Perth Amboy,
Jameaburg Park Realty Co. to Peter
James and wife, lota at Jamesburg
Park. $1.
Jamesburg Park Realty Co. to Peter
Klnsch and wife, 5 lots at Jamesburg
Park. *1.
Philip Levy and wife to Adolph M.
Metaendorf, west side of Btate street.
Perth Arnboy, |l.
Metuchen Realty and Improvement
Co. to Stefan Skyta et al., lot at Jack
son Terrace, Rarltan township, $1.
Abraham Rlngle and wife to Ber
tha Mandel, ί lota at Highland Park,
Villa Sites Annex, Highland Park, »1.
Michelin Tire Co. to Borough of
Mtlltown, land northwest aide of
Church street, Mllltown, H.
Michelin Tire Co. to Borough of
Mllltown. sewer grant, |1.
Conrad Albert and wife lo Frank
J. Betel er and wife, lot west side of
Embroidery street, Snyrerllle town
ship. «2 51.
Peter Hay and wife to Andrew R.
Birch, et al., lot at Highland Park,
Jane Colwell T/«m(l(in and husband
to Charles M. Booraem, land on south
east side of Main street, South River,
Edna Colwell Nowell and husband
to Jane Colwell Lumsden, same land
us above,
Rarltan Ridge Clay Co. to Frank
Takacs and wife, lot won north side
Old Post Road. Harttan township. $1.
Andrew I. Albert to Lena and Ber
nard Plltzecker, Ζ lots at Woodbrldge
I-awns, $1.
Alberne H. Burdlck and wife to
Theodore F. Sayre, property In Mid
dle Washington avenue, helne pres
ent Terminus of Fourth street, bor
ough of Dunellen. $1.
, Bache Realty Co. to Bonato Clam
plttl, 2 lots at AVoodbrldgp T,awns, $1.
Canada Realty Co. to Central Rail
road Co. of New Jersey, 2 tracts. 5.G8
acres, at borough of Roosevelt. $1.
The linderstgned desire to thank
.neighbors and friends for sympathy
extended them In their recent bereave
ment, especially employes of R. Λ Η.
'Chemical Work», Dr. J. V. Smith. Un
Idurtaker R. A. Hlrner and the priests
ι of St. Mary's parish.
Margaret Miller and Family.
Plumbing. Uns, Stum FttttT-β.
Estimates Famished.
Jobblna Promptly Attended To.
Téléphona 724. Residence I29-W,
558 State St
Pockets Lehigh Valley Railroad
m M STowEni»
ice, Fall River, Worcester
tates and further Information wxlM
1 at the
Ticket Agency
ton) Ρ BETH AM*OY, W. Jf,
The Home of My Dreams
Every one has a "home of my dreams."
It is our ideal. Why not strive to make it real?
• # *
Homes differ as people differ. Often husband and wife
do not have the same dream. They pull apart. They struggle
good naturedly. Eventually the "dream home" comes—a
softening of each dream and a harmony of both. At any rate
it is "our home," and we live happily ever afterwards.
Perhaps some dreams are nightmares—some of these
"home dreams." They may picture furniture and decorations
that would shock to tears the soul of an artist. For these
dreamers it is time to awake, to see, and to learn the kind of
furniture that should go into "the house in good taste."
The House in Good Taste is a very plain house. A very
comfortable house. A very restful house. A house where
nothing clashes. A house of harmony, of repose, of balance,
of beauty, of symmetry. Yet a house of originality, of charm,
of individuality, of personality. A house to live in, to play
in, to rest in, to sleep in, to love in, to work in, to grow in—
and to dream in; the "home of my dreams."
Would you see this home? See the furniture In the
WANAMAKER AUGUST SALE. See how good It is, how
relatively Inexpensive at its August prices. See how the
individual pieces group themselves together, how they settle
into place—in that dream home.
Monday h a Day of Courtesy opening the August Sale, on
the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Galleries of the New Building.

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