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School News
The Parent-Teacher meeting will
convene at school No. 7 this afternoon
for the first time this school term.
The object of the gathering will be
for a reorganizf.tlon and election of
officers for the ensuing year. Teach
ers from Woodbridge will be present
at guests at this meeting. The Wood
bridge teachers are trying to receive
helpful hints and suggestions as to ι
the manner of running this move
ment with the object of launching a
similar movement in their town.
The moving pictures given by the
pupils of school No. 7 last Saturday
morning nt the Ditmas theatre, turn- I
ed out successful. Enough money has
been received fjr the purchasing of1
a viclrola and many records.
A regular moi'ihly meeting of all
the teachers of the city will be held
on Thursday, Ocrcmber 21, in the
High School auditorium. |
The Junior class are working hard
for the preparation of the Christmas
eercises. This program will be en
tirely under their control.
The Dramatic Club of the High
School, held a business meeting yes
terday afternoon In room 101. Prep
arations are being made for a playlet
to be enacted some time In January.
A portion of the afternoon's meeting
was pleasantly spent in listening to a
scene from "Romeo and Juliet." The
cast was as follows: Miss Hadden,
Juliet; Miss Emmons, Nurse.
Christian Overgaard, of Barclay !
street, was in Highlands last night. !
Harry Johnson, of Madison avenue,
was entertained by friends in Fords
last night.
Mrs. P. Jensen, of Brooklyn, who
has been visiting friends on Second
street, has returned to her home.
Dr. William Davis, of State street,
has returned home from a business
trip to Newark.
Mrs. Charles E. Sweeney, of At
lantic Highlands, spent yesterday with |
her sister, Mrs. B. Smith, of Compton j
Miss Emily Boardman, of Carson
avenue, is confined to her home with
Theodore Benish, of Rhode Island
State College Is at his home In this
city, having been tken ill while at col
Assistant Boys' Work Secretary
Harold G. Lawton, of the Y. M. C. Α.,
Is a New York visitor today.
Mrs. Westley Llddle and daughter
Arline, of Fords, spent yesterday In
this city, visiting the former's mother,
Mrs. H. P. Ward.
Spécial to the KVEK1NO NEWS. \
Keyport, Dec. IB—The school |
Christmas entertainment will be
given In the high school auditorium
Friday afternoon, December 22, at 2
o'clock, under the direction of Miss
Evelyn Lufburrow, teacher of the first
grade, who has prepared a delightful
program for the occasion. The pub
lic is invited to attend the program
to be given as follows:
Selection-—High School Orchestra.
Selection—High School Choir.
Recitation—"A Suggestion for Santa"
Norma Sclienone.
Recitation—"To Work for Santa,"
J. Raymond Croes.
Recitation—"A Promlsory Xmas,"
Rose Kelly.
Song—"Merry Xmaa Bells," John
Anderson, Jr., Charles W. Moore,
Jr., Cyrus Ross.
Recitation—"A Christmas Dllema,"
Emily Webber.
Recitation — "Christmas Candles,"
Dorothy Reynolds.
Recitation—"The Old Man of the
Snow," Herbert Rothenberg.
Solo—"A Christmas Picture," Alfon
BO Carter.
Recitation—"The Truly Believers,"
Eight Girls of the Third Grade.
Recitation-—"Santa," Grace Antico.
Recitation — "Xmas Preparations,"
Five Boys and Girls of the First
Song—"The Three Little Spirits of
Xmas," Eight Boys of the Third
Recitation—"Just Like a Stocking,"
Ally η Lee.
Recitation—"Santa Claus," Donald
Selection—High School Choir.
Recitation—"A Xmas Vigil," Vera
Recitation—"Dolly's Present," Flor
ence Barker.
Recitation—"Perfect Day," John C.
Anderson, Jr.
Song-—"A Chinese Lullaby," Ten
Girls of the Second Grade.
Recitation-—"The Stocking's Christ
mas," Marian Sieben.
Recitation—"Old Xmas," Bessie Pat
Solo—"A Christmas Wish," Anna
. Belle Smith.
Recitation—"The Man with a Santa
Claus Heart," Hazel Hyer.
Recitation—"Santa Claus In Moroc
co," LeHoy Stultz.
Song—"When Folks Begin to Whis
per," Llllle May Barnes, Evelyn
Moore and Florence Croes.
Recitation—"Santa Claus and the
Mouse," Edna May Wethered.
Recitation — "Kitty's Christmas
Stocking," Vcryl Aumack.
Special to tkf EVENINO NZWa.
Trenton, Dec. 15:—"Every woman
a suffragist by 1919" Is, to be the
slogan of the New Jersey Woman's
Suffrage Association from this time
until the submission of the question
to the voters four years hence, ac
cording to Mrs. E. F. Feickert, the
president, in response to a question
as to the future of the cause.
"We are more optimistic than
ever, especially since the vote from
the West In the last political cam
paign put the women on the map and
th· politicians realize that the women
are an Important factor," declared
Mrs. Feickert. "It Is my own per
sonal belief that by 1920 there will
be a clamor for the women's votes in
the Eastern states lp order to offset
the West in this respect.
The head of tho suffrage organiza
tion was here to aid the Trenton suf
fragists to outline their work for the
coming winter. She was the guest at
a dinner party, at which the leader
urged active personal work among
the women of the state. She suggest
ed to her hearers to get out in each
ward and enroll workers in the local
Mrs. Feickert announced that the
Trenton suffragists would have, be
ginning January 1, the help of Miss
Rita Klssln. of New York, whom the
state organization has engaged as α
field organizer. There are now 283
branches of the suffrage association
with an enrollment of 60,000 mem
I wish to thank Coroner Eugene
J. Mullen for hie services and unusual
courtesy both to me and my relatives
d friends, the officers nnd irrmbers
the Jr. Ο. U. A. M. and Rev. Wm. II.
Aden for their services and kind
ses and Mrs. Johanna Jensen and
family for the caio and consldera
they have always shown my de
.sed father as well as the tender
pathy and loving kindness they
tendered me during my bereave
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