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Choirs of Different Churches ο
This City Have Arrangei
Pleasing Programs for tin
.First Sunday in Lont.
Baptist Musical Program,
Prelude—-"Nearer My God to Thee,
Anthem—"Be Thou Exalted," Dem
Offertory—"Depths of Mercy,
Meredith, with solo sung by Miss 1'iel
Postlude—"Allgero In G," Hofmer.
Prelude-—"Album heaf," Ward.
Oftortory—"Serenata," Zeckner.
Anthem—"Great Is the Lord,
Solo—"Plains of Peace," Rarnard
sung by Mrs. R. R. Hoslcing.
Anthem—"What a Friend We Hav
In Jesus," Martin.
Postlude—"A la Marcla," Smith.
Simpson Music.
Morning Service.
Prelude, "Adagio," Flotow.
Processional, "Glorious Things ο
Thee are Spoken," Newton.
Anthem, "Blessed Be the Lord God,'
Ashford. Soprano solo sung by Mia
Offertory, "Cautabile," Mueller.
Sermon, "The True Catholic Relig
ion," pastor.
Recessional, "Blow Te the Trump
et," Wesley.
Postlude, selection from "Fifth Con
certo," Handel.
Evening Service.
Prelude, Andantlnl D Flat, Lemare
Processional, "We're Marching t
Zion," Watts. s
Anthem, "Great Is Jehovah" musl
from "Tannliauaer," Wagner-Gabriel
Epworth choir assisted by the Senio
choir and men's voices.
Offertory, "Aria," Handel.
Soprano solo, "Rock of Ages," Rem
lck. Mrs. Edna C. Forester.
Sermon, "Gambling that Damns,1
Recessional, "Help Somebody To
day," Breck.
Postlude, "Grand Choeur," Merkel.
Presbyterian Music
Morning Worship 11 O'clock
Organ·—-Prelude in A minor. Burges!
Processional Hymn No. 67
Psalter Selection No. 11
Violin solo
Miss Blanche Grieve
Hymn No. 2'/
Offertory anthem—"I Will Lift uj
Mine Eyes" Rogeri
Sermon by the pastor—Subject,
Recessional Hymn No. 63
Organ—Postlude in C Aller
Evening Worship 7:30 P. M.
Organ—Evensong Gllber
Processional Hymn No. 08
Anthem-—Ο Gladsome Light, "Th<
Golden Legond" Sulllvar
• Hymn No. 15
Offertory anthem
Sermon by the pastor—Subject, "The
Love of God"
Recessional Hymn No. 81
Oigan—Allegro in C Coibori:
St. Peter's Music.
Kyrle in E. Hat Nayloi
Anthem—Seek Ye the Lord
Sanctus in A Stuinei
Canticles Gregorlar
Anthem—How Holy Are Thy Dwell
ings Spohi
Simpson M. E. church. Rev. AYilber
Westcott, paator. News and notes fol
Sunday Services.
8:80 A. M.—Morning devotlona
meeting, led by Jacob banning,
10:30 A. M.—Public worship, wltl
music by the choirs, and sermon by thi
pastor upon the subject "The Trui
Catholic Kellgion." All seekers afte
truth and light are cordially Invited.
12 o'clock noon—Sabbath echoo
with classes for all. Following thl;
service there will be a meeting of th<
committee on nominations.
6:30 P. M.—Epworth League Devo
tlonal meeting. Subject, "Christ";
Power to Keep Us." Leader, Gordoi
A. Baldwin.
7:30 P. M.—The third sermon lr
the present series of sermons upoi
"Society's Seven Sins" will be deliv
ered by the pastor. The subject wll
be "Gambling that Damns." Is It righ
to play cards for prizes?" Many othei
questions bearing upon the mora
standards of modern life will be con
sidered. There will be the usual mus
ical services, second to none In thi
oounty. If you want to spend (
pleasant and profitable evening,-· at
tend this service, but come early, foi
while the seats are all free, they art
soon filled.
Simpson Notes,
As the new conference year com
mences April 1 the lntervenlnj
days will be crowded with many ac
tivities. Among them are the follow
Monday evening, a sociable will be
held under the auspices of the Ep
worth League. Tickets, Including re
freshmentsj are fifteen cents.
•Wednesday evening, the week night
fellowship service. The pastor wll:
speak upon "Foedlng the Five Thou
March 4 will be observed as Church
day. A large class of new members
will be received, and the sacraments
will be given. At the session of the
Sabbath school the last offering for
the conference year for missions will
be received.
At the evening service the pastor
will preach upon "Amusements thai
March 5th the annual meeting of
the Sunday school board. Election of
officers and teachers.
March eth the monthly meeting of
the Epworth League.
March 8tli, an Important meeting of
the finance committee.
March 11th, Dollar Sunday and roll
call. How large will be the offering?
We arc aiming for $250.
March 12th, a very Important meet
ing of the official board.
March 18th, every member canvas
for the new conference year.
Cat Thl· Ont — It la Worth Money
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this slip,
enclose with Be and mall It to Foley &
Co., 28.15 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 111.,
wrltlntr your name and address clearly.
You will receive In return a trial park
age containing Foley's Honev and Tar
Compound, for bronchial and la grippe
coughs: Folev Kldnev Pills, for lame
back, weak kidneys, rheumatism, blad
der troubles, and Foley Cathartic Tab
let* a wholesome and thoroughly
cleanslnar cathartic, for constipation,
' biliousness, headache %*id sluggish bow
el·. Bold everywhere.—Adv.
1JI By Wm. Η. cBaewden
They swell and swell and swell, un
f til they almost buret. In which partic
ular they are not unlike some folk
I of the human spccies. Self-esteem is
' a most deserving character trait, but
it so easily la converted Into self
! conceit that one needs constantly to
be on one's guard, lest the transfor
mation may take place without one
being aware thereof. The French
have one expression for the Wo,
"amour propre," which reveals how
closelyy related are self-esteem and
self-conceit as parts of solf-love.
"Good wine needs no bush," runs
an old proverb. This would seem
■ to be heresy In the light of modern
advertising, until we remember the
' distinction of the foregoing para
• graph. Advertising, to bo effective
amid the complexities of our modern
life, must adopt ways and means to
make known what it would advertise.
> But If it is really good, its praises do
' not have to be sung, all that Is nec
essary being to let people know
! where the article in question may be
procured. It is not necessary to pro
* claim the goodness of the wine, pro
vided it Is known where It flows.
A certain minister was constantly
boasting to the inmates of the board
ing house where he was spending the
summer of the importance of his
ι standing in the city whence he cames
His church was the largest and
1 strongest in town, and his congrega
I tlons were so crowded as to attract at
tention, Just as it had been in another
city where he had formerly lived. A
j lady boarder, whose home was in the
latter place, quietly remarked to an
! other that she did not understand
! why it was necfessary, If he really was
] so great a man as he said, for him to
: be talking about it all the time; and
as for his boasted Importance in her
I home city, she had never before heard
! of him.
I How It tickles one's vanity to listen
; to the flattery and receive the adula
tion, until a little reflection makes
one wonder whether men snicker r>e
[ hind one's back. This is really u good
| thing, for then the swelling slowly
' subsides, and the questionable eelf
! conceit is converted into the better
I self-esteem. Prosperity and a too
; easy success are tho hardest thing·
a strong, virile manhood encounters
j in its development, since self-esteem
, is apt to degenerate into self-con
ceit. Although created In the di
vine Image, man is linked through
his body with the animal creation.
! It Is at th» same time comforting to
be assured of the possibility of over
coming this, through the development
of that which a mere animal does not
Notices and coming events for the
• Danish M. E. church, Rev. Ole Niel
sen, pastor, are as follows:
The pastor will preach tomorrow
both at the morning and evening·
The Sunday school will meet at the
> usual hour, as will also tlio Ε ρworth
; Tlic Scandinavian M. E. Mission
Neville and Cornell streets. Sun
: day achool at 2:30 p. m. every Sun
day. On Sunday afternoon, 3:30,
March 4, also preaching service.
l>urlng the YVeck
The Young Ladles Sewing Circle
' will meet at the parsonage, 1C-4 Jef
ferson street, on Tuesday evening,
. February 27.
The Sunday School Teachers
Training Class will meet In connec
tion with the prayer meeting on
Wednesday evening. Theme: "Jesus
Feeds the Five Thousand." John β,
Other meetings to be announced in
the church. All are most cordially
Baptist church news and notes for
tomorrow and the rest of the week
Meeting In the Young Men's
Christian Association during the con
struction of the new church. A cor
dial welcome to all. Pastor, Kev.
William H. Bawden.
Sunday morning at 10:*0 the serv
ice of worship commences, the pas
tor preaching on the theme: "The
Diocovery ul Oli« B L,lle Work " Thla
Is known as Education Day among
Baptist churche» thruout the state.
The Sunday school convenes at 12
noon, for an hour of Bible study,
with classes for all. The Christian
Endeavor meets at 6:45, In the ante
room. The evening song and preach
ing service at 7:30, Mr. Bawden
preaching on the topic: "The Rell
gion with a Mirror." One of the
. world's religions has a mirror In con
nection with Its ceremonies. Which
is it? What is Its significance? What
does It suggest?
During the week: Tuesday after
noon the Women's Missionary Socie
ty meets, at the home of Mrs. Ber
nard, 266 Hector street. Wednesday
evening at 7:45 the midweek meet
ing, In the lower room of the Public
: Library—the covenant meeting.
Thursday afternoon, in the Y. M. C.
A. board room, the Ladles' Aid So
ciety meets. Thursday night the
ladles' Aid Society will serve a clam
I chowder supper, in the Y. M. C. Α.,
the first table being served at 6
o'clock. Everybody is invited.
1 St. Paul's German Lutheran
1 church notices follow:
Location, First street, near Market
Rev. Jacob Ganss. Ph.D., minister,
ι Telephone call 998-W Tottenvllle.
Sunday services: 9:30 o'clock, Ger
man Sunday and Bible school; 10:30
o'clock, preaching in German.
Lenten services will begin this
Sunday and will continue until Eas
Confirmation classes Saturdays, 10
o'clock. German-American school
Saturday from 9 to 10 o'clock.
Young People's Society and mem
bers of the chair next Sunday, 11:30
ι o'clock.
Ladles' Aid Society meets every
first Thursday in the month at 2
o'clock p. m.
Sunday services: 3 p. m., Sunday
school; 7:30 p. m., street service, cor
ner of Smith and Hobart streets; 8
p. m., Salvation meeting:. All are wel
come. Adj. R. Stubb.
Christian Science Society of Scwar
en, 60 Woodbrldge avenue, holds
services every Sunday morning at 11
o'clock and testimony meeting every
Wednesday evening at 8. Sunday
school at 9:30 o'clock every Sunday
morning. All are invited.
Lenten services are in full swing
at St. Peter's church, tho program
for tomorrow and the rest of the
week following:
First Sunday In Lent, Feb. 26, 1917
Holy Communion, 10:30.
Sunday school, 2:30.
Evening prayer, 7:30.
Monday night, service 4:30.
Monday, Hector's Guild, 7:30.
Tuesday, Girls' Friendly Society,
Wednesday, evening prayer, 8.
Friday, Woman's Auxiliary, 8.
Friday, evening prayer and sermon
by Rev. Herbert Parrleh, of New
Brunswick, 8 p. m.
Many persons complain nbout feeling
old before they should. I.Ike a weak
link In a chain, a weak orkan enfeebles
the whole body. Overworked, weak or
disordered kidneys lower vitality. A
W. Morgan, Angola. La., writes: "I suf
fered with pains In the back. I am 43
years old, but I felt like a man of 90
years old. Since I took Foley Kidney I
Pill» I feel like I did when I was 21.·' !
In EOo and 11.00 sizes. Sold every-l
A -warmly contested nine weeks
now membership campaign is now
in progress in the Junior and Inter
mediate Christian Endeavor Societies
of the First Presbyterian church.
The society gaining the larger num
ber of points is to be given a social
by the one receiving the less number
of points. One point Is given for
membership at meetings, two for vis
itors and ten for new members re
At the end of t"io first three weeks
of the contest the Junior Society
leads -with a total of ninety-eight
points and the following members
added to the roll: .Lorraine Warter,
Emma Johnson. Ruth Thompson.
Ena Butler, Katherine Gillls, Robert
and Merrlt Cluney, and Margaret
Fraser. Close on the heels of the
Juniors are the Intermediates with
ninety-four points and two new
members: Helen Miller and Ira
Crouse, Jr.
Notices for the Hungarian Reform
ed church for the first Sunday in
Lent, and other news follows:
Tomorroy Holy Communion at
8:30 a. m.: mornlr.g service, sermon
and Holy Communion at 10:80 a. m.:
vespers at 8 p. m. Evening service In
the chapel at 7:30 p. m. Services In
St. Peter's church of Krelschervllle
at 4 p. m.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. In the
parish house, at 2 p. m. In th^^^agl.
The famous rellgtous^MflKHtt
otiurammergau will be
the parish house from
p. m., In seven reel·. The pictures
show the whole life of Our Savior
as It Is played by BOO persons In
Oberammergau. Everybody Is 'wel
Presbyterian church notices for to
morrow and coming events follow:
The church at corner Market and
High streets.
Services at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.
Sabbath school and Bible classes at
9:45. Junior and Senior Endeavor
at 3 p. m. and 6:40 p. m. Intermed- ■
late Endeavor at 6:45 on Wednesday.
Congregational prayer meeting on
Wednesday at 7:45.
Tomorrow all the various depart
ments of the Sabbath school will
meet at 9:45 a. m. in the chapel.
Bible classes for men and women In
the church at the same hour.
The Junior Endeavor Society
meets at 8 o'clock. At 4 o'clock the
Endeavorers hold their monthly
service at the Home for the Aged.
Topic: "Using What We Have." Acts
3, 1-10. Leader, Miss Carrie Mlljes.
The Senior Endeavor Society con
venes at 8:40 p. m. Topic, "The
Home Mission Boards of My Denom
ination; What they are and What
They Do." Isa. 35, 1-10. . Mrs. C. K.
Stevens leads the meeting.
Monday, at 8 p. m., the Board of
Trustees meet in the ladies' parlor.
Wednesday at 6:45 o'clock the In
termediate C. E. Society meets In
the chapel.
At 7:45 o'clock the congregational
prayer meeting will be held. Subjeot,
"Walking With God." Gen. 5:24; 1
John 1:6-7.
Thursday afternoon the ladles of
tho congregation meet to sew In the
Friday afternoon at 4 p. m. Pas
tor's Class in his study.
Grace English Lutheran church
notices for tomorrow and the week
Morning service, 10:30; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. ni.; Second Grace
Sunday school, corner Brace and
Carson avenues, 2 p. m : Young Peo
ple's devotional service, 7 p. m.; ves
p.er service, 7:30 p. m.; mid-week
I<enten service on Wednesday even
Method Lst
Continuing the series of special
Sunday evening sermons the pastor.
Rev. Bowen Bruere, of the M. E.
church, expects to preach tomorrow
on the theme, "Judgment" from the
Feast of Belshaziar. The service,
beginning promptly at 7:45 p. m.,
will bo marked by special mualo,
both vocal and Instrumental.
On the followlhg Sunday evening·
the last service of the conference
year will be of special Interest. The
central theme and the one always
central will be "Jesus Christ." The
quartet singing and violin music will
add to the attractiveness of the serv
ice. Everyone is invited to como and
Services at the Baptist church
Sunday: Sabbath school in the morn
ing at 9:S0 o'clock. Preaching serv
ices in the auditorium at 10:30
o'clock and again in the evening at
7:80 o'clock, conducted by the pas
tor, Rev. C. C, Luther.
Don't Do It.
8elf-p!ty Is the most elusive and 4»·
•eptlve form of selfishness ; it beguile·
:he most acute tulnd which yields to it,
mil disintegrates the clearest Judf- '
iicnt If It becomes a habit—Hamilton
IV. Mublo. ·
What is Going on During
Lenten Period in Churches of
Keyport, Jamesburg, Old
Bridge and Other Places.
Finst Presbytérien.
Rev. I. S. Shultz, pastor.
Rev. W. W. Carhart of Haïlet, who
preached at bqfh services last Sunday,
will preach In this church on Sunday.
Sunday school will be held at 10 A.
M. and morning worship at 11 A. M.
Evening? worship at 7:30 P. M.
The regular monthly meeting of the
trustees of the church was held at
the home of Charles Clayton Wednes
day η lght.
It Is the request of the treasurer, Dr.
J. E. D. Sllcox. that each contributor
will kindly fill out the card which will
be found In the envelope box and re
turn same to him before March 1.
Rev. F. T. Β. Reynolds, minister.
9.80 Α. M., Sunday school and Bible
10:45 A. M., service and sermon,
subject, "The power of God."
2:30 P. M„ Christian Endeavor
meeting In charge of Miss Olivena
7:30 P. M., service and sermon, sub
ject, "Wβ Seek the Stars."
The Junior choir will render special
music at each service.
Sowing class and Mission Band will
meet at the parsonage on Tuesday at
3:30 P. M.
Preparatory service on Wednesday
at 7:45 P. M.
i The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladies' Aid Society will be held on
Wednesday at 9 P. M.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be administered on Sundav March
4 at 10:43 A. M.
First Baptist.
Rev. A. W. Hand, pastor.
9:30 A. M., Sunday school, subject,
"Jesus at the pool of Bethesda."
Organized classes for all ages, a wel
come for you.
10:45 A. M„ public worship and ser
mon, special music by the choir,
6:45 P. M., B. Y. P. U.
7:15 P. M., organ recital.
7:80 P. M., song service and preach
ing and epeclal choir music.
Monday evening at 8 P. M. a meet
ing under the auspices of the Mon
mouth County I/O cal Option League to
form a branch. Every voter Is spec
ially invited to attend. This Is a union
meeting and all are welcome.
Wednesday at 2 P. M., Ladles' Aid
Wednesday at 7:45 P. M., prayer
and praise meeting.
Thursday at 8 P. M., choir rehearsal.
Friday at 7 P. M., Boy Scout meet
There will be a union meeting at the
Baptist church on Monday night, Feb.
purpose forming a
^^HkgM^nnioAfounty Loc
■ mNHUi -**ho
'lleve^Klthe people of a community
should have a vote on all questions
which affect the welfare of that com
munity is specially requested to lay
aside all other engagements and at
tend this meeting. Thomas Lloyd
Lewis, who ran as a candidate for
assembly last fall and others will be
present "to address the meeting. A
male quartet will furnish the music
for the occasion.
Calvary M. K.
Rev. William Adams, pastor.
9:30 A. M., class meeting.
10:80 A. M., Public worship and
sermon by the pastor, topic, "Pure Re
2:30 P. M„ Sunday School, Phelps
Cherry superintendent.
6:30 P. M., Epworth League meet
ing, led by John Mason, Jr., topic,
"Christ's Power to Keep Us."
7:30 P. M„ preaching service, sub
ject, "Giving Sight to the Blind."
On Feb. 2 2d, the members of the
official board of the church made an
every member canvass In behalf of the
church. They report a successful can
vass with bright prospects for the com
ing year.
On Wednesday evening at 7.45 P.
M., prayer and praise service will be
On Thursday afternoon at 2 P. M.,
the Quilting Society will meet.
Friday evening at 7:30 P. M„ Boy
Scout meeting.
Rehearsals are in progress for the
presentation of "Ou>· New Minister" to
be given in the church the latter part
of March.
On March 15th the Junior Epworth
League will hold a bazar in the church.
Preparations have been started for
the Easter supper to be given in the
church during Easter week.
Preaching by the pastor, Rev. Hen
ry Johnson, at the usual time at 10:30
a. m. Sunday school at 2. The Men's
Bible class will also meet at this hour
and a great time is anticipated, as the
committee are hard at work making
an effort to increaee the membership
to the half hundred mark. But fif
teen is needed.
The Epworth League will meet at
the usual hour, 7 o'clock and the ser
vice of song and prayer at 7:30, when
the pastor will preach.
Preaching by the pastor !n Ger
man, Rev. John Ehrenstein, at 10:30
a. m. Sunday school at the usual hour.
9:30 a. m. Young People's Society
Christian Endeavor will meet at 7
o'clock and the evening service of
song and praise at 7:30. The regular
business meeting of the congregation
will be held tomorrow.
Preaching by the pastor, Rev. W. J.
B. Edgar, at 10:46 a. m. Sunday
school commencing at 9:30 and the
Adult Bible class at 10 a. m. Junior
Christian Endeavor at 2:30 and the
evening service at 7:30, at which time
the pastor will preach a special dis
Oliver W. Stewart, of Chicago, a
former member of the Illinois legisla
ture, will speak on the liquor ques
tion at the Grace English Lutheran
:hurch In Jefferson street, Friday
light, March 16, at 8 o'clock.
Mr. Stewart come here under the
lusplces of the Flying Squadron
foundation, of which Governor Han
y, of Indiana, la president. Mr. Stew
irt Is a speaker of no little ability and
ivery one U Invited to attend this j
ecture, admission being free. i
Premier of Hungary
Approve» U-Boat War.
6- <
Photo by American Free* Association.
Replying to an attack by a member oi
the opposition in the Hungarian chambei
of deputies, Count Tisza said he enter
tained the firm conviction that unrestrict
ed submarine warfare would bring th«
success which is the sole precondition of *
quick and satisfactory peace.
New York, Feb. 24.—George W. Per
kins, head of the mayor's eommitte» on
foods and markets, lias taken drastic
action to relieve the serious food situa
tion In New York city.
While the board of estimate was en
gaged In discussing ways anil means
of alleviating the intense suffering.
Mr. Perkins went out and bought up
4,000,000 pounds of rice.
He then called up Taeoma, Wash.,
on the long distance telephone, bought
a carload of fish and ordered It dis
patched to New York Immediately. It
will arrive next Wednesday.
Immediately after purchasing the
rice he obtained permission from the
board of education to petition every
householder In the city through the
school children to purchase rice. In It
he will advise housewives to buy rice
at S cents a pound and not to pay more
than β cents. Should the increased de
mand send up the price of rice he will
control the market with his holdings In
order to force It down again.
Having completed these tasks, In
which he was assisted by the other
members of the committee, Mr. Per
kins sat down and wrote a report to
the mayor. In tt he said:
"Other articles of food and the sup
DlyJn other localities Is Investi,
gated, but it is exceedingly difficult to
do this as private citizens without any
power of authority. We And many of
oar citizens today deeply concerned
over their food supply, without any
centralized department to which to go
and lodge their complaluts, find out
what the trouble Is or any man or
group of men charged with the respon
sibility for constantly looking after
the question of New York city's food
Albany, Feb. 24.—Professional box
ing will die in New York state on Jan.
1. It was announced that an agree
ment to stamp out prize fighting had
been reached between Governor Whit
man and Senator Walters of Syracuse.
The legislation will be provided In
the Slater bill repealing the Frawley
law. Under the proposed legislation
no professionals may take part In
bouts. All exhibitions must be made
without entrance fee and no more than
$50 may be given as a prize.
The new bill U before Senator Wal
ter·' committee. It probably will be
passed early next week.
The State Athletic Commission will
remain until the end of the year. It Is
expected. The opinion was expressed
that the charges of bribe solicitation
•gainst Chairman Wenck of the com
mission would be withdrawn soon.
Uncle Eben.
"A whole lot of whut dey call·
•ports," snid Uncle Eben, "consists In
glttln' Into a powerful fret over sump
tn' dat dey wasn't no particular neces
sity fur."
f '1
Baseball Club
Managers Attention
We represent two of the
largest uniform manufactur
ers in the country which
enables us to give you the
best selection at lowest
prices. Quality and work
manship guaranteed. Com
plete line of iSpaulding and
D.&M. Athletic Uoods.
Fishkin Bros.
Sporting Goods Headquarters
157 Smith St Perth Amboy
Fire Commissioner Adamson
Assures Borough President
Van Name That He Will As
sign one to Richmond.
Tottenville, Feb. 24—After the dis
astrous Are on Shooter's Island In De
cember, 1S16, when thousands of dol
lars worth of property was destroyed.
Borough President Van Name wrote
Fire Commissioner Adamson, and
urged him to station a fireboat at
Staten Island, In order that the many
important Industries on waterfront
t be given adequate protection in case
of Are.
In his reply dated January 26.
1917, Commissioner Adamson stated:
"Regarding the assignment of a fire
boat to Staten Island, Chief Kenlon is
of the opinion which he held when he
recommended the discontinuance of
that assignment, now more than a
year ago. He does not believe that
J the work there Justifies the asslgn
I ment, particularly In view of the fact
that one of our boats became use
' less and had to be disposed of, and
; two of them are now laid up for ex
tensive repairs.
I am going to make a request of the
Board of Estimate and Apportion
ment In a short time for a new lire
boat, and I hope that when the re
quest comes up before the board you
will see your way clear to get it
through. If the new fireboat is allow
ed we can assign a boat to staten Is
You will be lntere«U>d to know that
I have completed an arrangement
with all the railroad companies, the
Standard Oil Company and other
companies operating a large number
of boats, by which approximately 12S
powerful tugboats, equipped with Are
fighting apparatus, will be made avail
able on call from this department in
case of a Are anywhere on the water
front. The city has been divided up
into zones, and every time a fire oc
curs in a given zone the railroad and
other companies within that zone will
be Immediately notified by fire head
quarters and will dispatch their boats
to the scene of the fire. Staten Is
land Is located In Zone G, and In case
of a Are anywhere on the waterfront
or In the Kill von Kull, the tugboats
of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company and of the Standard Oil
Company will be Immediately called,
and they will respond to the fire.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company has about ten powerful tug
boats fitted up for fire fighting.
"Under this arrangement fire pro
tection on the waterfront will be tre
mendously Increased."
The foregoing justifies the stand
of Borough President Van Name and
the citizens and representatives of in
dustrial plants who protested to Com
missioner Adamson and Mayor
Mltchel against the removal of the
fireboat from Staten Island. It em
phasizes the necessity for a fireboat
to be stationed at Staten^M^&nd.
Mayor Mltchel should requ^^Hftta
mlseloner Adamson to ae.'"®^^7~j7
boat tit - ^k>on as pos
Mr. and Mrs. Abljah Formai, have
been entertaining Mrs. Albert Weber
and «on, of Linden, the poet week.
Miss 3/ena Mltterwny. of the Staten
Island hospital nurses staff, vlsitod
her sister here this week.
Mrs. Eugene Dixon, a former resi
dent, visited here recently.
Mrs. Anthony Fornes is visiting at
Holyoke, Mass.
Mrs. M. F. Humphrey has been
entertaining Mrs. James Bauman, of
William Digman Is home from, the
Staten Island hospital.
Mrs. Lillian Beasley has been vis
iting her mother, Mrs. Hanley, at
Lewis Long and family, .of Roselle
Park, have been visiting Mrs. Mary
Shea at Great Kills.
Mrs. Wimund Wlnant is entertain
ing her sister from Newburg.
An entertainment under the aus
pices of St. Mark's Ladies' Aid So
ciety for the benefit of the repair
fund will be held at Amicitia hall to
night. The program will Include «
two-act play, entitled "A Night and
a Day," together with vocal and in
strumental music and humorous se
lections. An excellent program has
been arranged by the committee.
Gain In Franc· and on Tijria, Report·
Loudon, Feb. 24.—More nibbling of
the German positions on the Somme
and Ancre Is reported from Sir Doug
las Haiti's headquarters. A strong po
sition south of Petit Mlranmont, on the
south bank of the Ancre, was captured.
After hard fighting British troops took
a section of a trench north of Gueude
court, northwest of I.e Transloy.
The French have been active on the
Verdun front. A German surprise at
tempt to enter French trenches at He
zonvaux ·νββ frustrated.
The British forces operating against
the Turks on the Tigris have captured
two lines of trenches near Sannaiyat.
Former Editor Dead.
Hackensack, N. J., Feb. 24.—William
A. Linn, county collector, died sudden
ly at his home here shortly after eat
ing supper. He was for many year*
managing editor of the New York
Evening Post. He was one of the
founders of the People's Bank of Back
ensack and its first presideut.
"What makes you so strong in
boosting Bllgglns as an art critic. He
doesn't know anything about pic
tures." "That's why. ""Vs more like
ly to pick out something that doesn't
amount to much and so assist some
struggling beginner."
Everybody's Favorite With
the Liberty Girls, Majestic,
Tuesday, February 27.
I. I. c.
Cornelius Shea is Re-elected
Manager of Baseball Team
at Special Meeting at Club
House Last Night. „
Tottenville, Feb. 24:—Cornelius
8hea was reelected manager of the
Tottenville Athletic Club baseball
team at a special meeting held at the
clubhouse last night. A new club
house will be erected on the grounds
of the club In Bpraguo avenue was
the decision reached at this time.
Plans have been drawn for the new
structure which will be a two-story
frame building, twenty-four by forty
six feet, with every convenience for
an up-to-date clubhouse. A building
committee composed of Cornelius
Shea, William T. Abbott and Alfred
Palmer has been named to take
charge of the erection of the build
The plans were practically accept
ed at this time but the committee
were given time to look over them
before awarding the contract when
they are turned over to the success
| ful bidder. The Tottenvllle Athletio
' Club purchased the enclosed proper
ty In Hprugue avenue several years
ago and have It about paid for. They
leased the present building adjoining
the grounds for the clubhouse, which
has become inadequate for their use.
The new building when completed is
expected to be of more use to the
members In the way of having
dances and card parties for the ben
efit of the club. Theodore Shea,
brother of the baseball manager, is
president of the club and he with
the other officers are endeavoring to
build the club up to the highest
Manager Shea expects to have a
good team In the field again this
coming season. Sunday baseball that
; became so popular last year will be
started early this season. Art Palmer
will be the field captain again this
J ear.
; Special to the FVENING NEWS.
Tottenville, Feb. 24:—In the ap
pointment of sixty-five new patrol
men to the police department by
Commissioner Woods, two young
men from this end of the Island on
the list furnished by the civil service
commission were among the number
I named. Harry Esselborn, of Pleasant
. Plains, and John Fin'an, of Prince
1 Bay, are the two from here appoint
! ed yesterday and assigned to the
ι school of instruction for a three
! months' probationary course. Essel
born, who formerly worked at the 8.
, S. White Dental Works at Prince
Bay, has two brothers now on th·
force, Adam Esselborn, attachée to
the Ninety-ninth precinct, and Rob
ert Esselborn, attached to the
the Staten Inland Rapid Trail
a brother on the force and his
Is a retired patrolman. Three other·
from here will be appointed shortly
from tho list. Τ ( y are FYanJc
. I>ougherty. of Tottenville; James
,Crane, of Pleasant Plains, and Steph
en Doty, of Huguenot. All have beeu
drilling at headquarters on the emer
gency call Issued some time a^o.
Mr». Harry Cossey Is 111 Florid^
for the rest of the winter.
Miss L. Corbett and Ralph Maple·
saw "Nothing But the Truth" at
the Longacre theatre Thursday.
Misses Anna and Zita Punigan vis
ited Miss Frances O'Donnell, of Don
gan Hills, Thursday.
Mrs. Edward Johnson and daughter
Doris have been visiting her parents
in Brooklyn.
Mrs. James Currte visited friends In
Paterson this week.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lease gave
"An Evening With Tennyson" in the
final lecture of the winter course "at
I public school No. 1 last night.
Rev William X. Reed will preach on
"The Birth of a Nation" at the even
ing service at St. Paul's church to
morrow night. Payiotic hymns will
be sung.
Rev. J. Harrison Johnson, the new
pastor of the South Baptist church
will preach at both morning and
evening service tomorrow. - '
A meeting of the executive commit
tee of the Tottenville Branch of the
Civic League will be held tonight at
\ the office of James L,aing for the pur
' pose of talking over several Important
First Known Use of Glaaa.
At Pompeii we find the first example
of the use of glass, the window at the
1 south end of the trepidarium of the
j Forum baths being filled with a . ame
ι of bronze and glass. II was not until
j the first and second centuries, how
! ever, that the window came into com·
J mon utility in all buildings.
I Motorist's Resentment.
"Have yon studied economy in th·
ι home?" "Yes," replied Mr. Chugging.
"I'm tired of paying out all this money
to keep up a cooking range, Instead of
spending It for gnsollne."
Rub Pain Away With Small
Trial Bottle of Old, Penetrat
ing "St. Jacob's Oil."
What'· RheuinatismT Pain only.
Stop drugging' Not one caso in fifty·
require· Internal treatment Rub tooth··
Ing. penetrating "St. Jacob· Oil direct·
ly upon the "tender spot" and relief
come· instantly "8t Jacob· Oil" la A
harmless rheumatism and eclatiea lini
ment. which never disappoint· a.td QM|
not burn the akin.
Limber up! Quit complaintavl (Ml
a small trial bottl· from tout Araaa
f lat and In Just a moment |WU I·
ree from rheumatic and -1-"
raln, aoreness, at lane·· and
>on't «utter! Relief awalta yen.
koneat "St. Jacob· Oil" ha· mired
lion· of rbeumatlam sufferer· ta
last half century, and Is Juet M i
1er eclattca. oserai* la, lui "
" sprain· uT * "

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