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Mistake la Too Much a General One
In Neglecting the Present for
the Future.
Presumably every young mar
lcnows, ns a physical fact, that he can
do nothing next year which he cannot
In some degree, do today. He will not
grow wings or overcome the law o<
gravitation or subsist without food,
But he Is always prefiguring a future
in which his mind will operate differ
ently. The time will certainly come
when he realizes that there is no fu
ture. but only an Indefinite extension
of today. The Important question If
whether that time will come enrlj
enough In life to do htm any particu
lar good.
A lazy man cannot possibly make
himself Industrious in the future; 01
a tippling man, sober ; or an extrava
gant man, economical. If It Is done
nt all he must do It at an immediate
present moment—at some "right now 1"
No man ever saved a penny In the fu·
ture, or ever will. He lias got to save
the Denny In his hand at the moment
or he will be broke to the day of his
death, the Saturday Evening Post In
sists. That Is clear enough to any
body who will think about It. To save
the penny In hand lie must resist the
temptation to spend it. Imagining
himself next year as resisting the
temptation to spend a handful of pen
nies will do lilin the same good that
the drunkard gets out of Imagining
himself reformed next year. Every
year that he does not resist weakens
Ids ability to resist.
This spending business Is us much
a matter of habit as tippling. It Is
wltliln the knowledge of everybody
who hns the ordinary elrclo of per
sonal acquaintances that, after a cer
tain time, the man who lives up to
the limit of his Income—which, about
nine times out of ten, means a little
beyond—accepts that bs a normal eon
I dltlon and Just automatically spends
I whatever he gets.
At twenty a man lives largely In an
I Imaginary future. At thirty he seems
; still to have fairly Incalculable pow
j ers and opportunities to draw upon.
At forty he begins to realize what he
fully knows, probably, at forty-five—
namely, that he has already spent his
future, tn the sense that he has large
ly shaped and fixed it ; so that It will
contain nothing essentially different
from what he lilraself hns already put
Into It.
If he ran realize by thirty that he
is spending his future every day It will
be a good thing for him.
Cooking by Instinct.
In the kitchen of an old monastery
in France a group of British women,
ail of good education, are cooking and
scrubbing and washing up all day long,
and they have been doing it for many
months. The way they cook potatoes
Is a thing to write poetry about, and
the French soldiers who have eaten
them will tell you that they want to
go back to that monastery, which Is
uow a hospital, because the food is so
good. Not only do those womeQ cooks
of the educated classes cook well, but
they are economical.
Another English woman, who before
the war knew nothing aboùt cooking,
Is a past mistress la the art of making
apple dumplings, as many an English
soldier, as well as a few English sail
ors, will bear witness. ""— «
♦ «!« ·1» «1 ♦ tl» fi? ·[♦ *1»
t Î ·
10$ -BLACK-WHITE-TAN- |0<r
F.F.Dalley Co of New\brk.!nc
Buffalo. NY.
Ί· *1· i Ί· ■*!· ··
General Mdse.
By presenting
coupon and
making a pur
chase of $2 or
over on Satur
day, March 3,
you will receive
Fifty S. & H.
Stamps FKEE.
271-273 Smith Street
Perth Aniboy, N. J.
Shoe Dept.
By presenting
coupon and
making a pur
chase of $2 or
over on Satur
day, March 3,
you will l-eceive
Fifty S. & II.
Stamps FKEE.
Special Corset Sale
P. N. Corsets in high, medium, low
bust; regular price $2.00. On sale
at $1.69.
$1.50 grade on sale at $1.29
$1.00 grade on sale at 89c
In flesli and white.
~ oT)e grade on sale at"".'.. " 43c"
P. N. Practical Front Corsets in
medium bust only. Elastic webbing
and laced in front, An ideal corset
for comfort and grace. Regularly
$3.00. Special for Saturday at $2.3é.
Ladies' Rivoli Silk Hose in all
colors and sizes. Regular price
$1.25. Special at 95c.
Ladies' Silk Hose in all the leading
shades. Regidar 59c grade. For
Saturday only, at 49c.
Ladies' 15c Hose in tan, white and
black. On sale at 11c.
Specials in Ladies' Muslin Petti
coats & Night- Gowns
Ladies' Petticoats made of
fine quality cambric and mus
lin with lace and embroidery
trimmings. Regular price $2.
Special for Saturday at $1.69.
$1.49 grade at $1.19
$1.25 grade at $1.00
$1.00 grade at 89c
75c grade at 69c
59c grade at 43c
Ladies' Muslin and Nainsook Nightgowns; neatly
made with iine valencienne lace and embroidery. Regu
lar price $2.00. Special for Saturday at $1.69.
Ladies' Nightgowns, in flesh and white. Regular
price $1.49. Special at $1.19.
$1.25 qualities" afr-rr. ; · $1.00
$1.00 qualities at .... ; 89c
75c qualities at 69c
Ladies' Munsingwear fleece lined Union Suits in low
neck and half sleeves and high neck and long sleeves.
Reglilar $1.00 grade. Special for Saturday at 89c.
Extra sizes; regular price $1.25. Closing out at 98c.
Closing out Ladies' all wool open Drawers, in grey and cardinal.
Small sizes only. Regular $1.50 grades at 79c.
Ladies' Open Drawers; fh-ece lined, in cream color. Regular value
35c. Closing out at 22c.
Children's light weight woolen Munsingwear Union Suits. Regular
price $1.00. All sizes. Special for 89c.
Children's light weight woolen Munsingwear Shirts and Drawers
in cream color. Regular price $1.50. All sizes. On sale at $1.29.
Children's light weight woolen Munsingwear Shirts and Drawers
in white. Regular price 75c. Special for Saturday at 69c.
50c grades special at 43c.
Ladies' House Dresses
Special lot of Ladies' House Dresses in
plaids, stripes aud checks; neatly made.
Values from $1.25 to $1.98. Small sizes only.
On sale at $1.00.
Ladies' House Dresses in all colors ητηΐ
sizes; neatly made. Regular price $1.4J.
Special for Saturday at $1.19.
Regular $1.23 grade. On sale at $1.00
Regular $1.00 grade. On sale at 89c
Unbleached Muslin Remnants, worth 10c
a yard. Special 15c yards for $1.00.
Flannelettes, worth 12He a yard. Special
10 yards for $1.00.
Λ11 our 12Vic Flannels. Special, 10 yards
for $1.00.
$1.25 grey and white Blankets at $1.00.
$1.25 Waists and Middies at $1.00.
Men s Furnishings
65c tiljie Chambray Shirts. Special, 2
for $1.00,
Outing Flannel, grey Shirts. Special 2
for $1.00.
Fleece lined Underweap. Regular 69o a
garment. Simcial. a suit
'Suits at $1.00.
$1.50 Wans at ?i.w. Ο
Odds and end Shirts; broken sizes. Spe
cial 3 for $1.00.
$1.50 Suit Cases .at $1.00.
$1.50 Sweaters at $1.00,
Last Call! All Hands on Deck !
Last Chance on Overcoats
Save 70%. It will pay you to buy now whether you need it
or not. Put it away for next season.
Here Are the Prices
We are offering our entire stock of overcoats at a 35% reduc
tion. We have placed the greater part of our orders for next fall,
paying advances of 35r on identical goods. There seem3 to be no
let up.
You will see at a glance that 70% is a very conservative esti
mate of what you will save by buying now.
Buy $25.00 Overcoats at $ 17.25
Buy $20.00 Overcoats at $ J 2.95
Buy $15.00 Overcoats at $9.75
Buy $12.50 Overcoats at $7.95
Buy $10.00 Overcoats at $6,50
And Buy It Now. It 's Your Last Chance
Next Week We Start With Spring Clothing.
Watch For It I
Early Spring Styles
in Ladies' Fashion
able Footwear
Champagne Tops; greys, browns, black and
whites and pretty combinations of every descrip
tion in the new patterns and latest shades. Also
plenty of white kidskins, calfskins and buckskins.'
$5.00 Specials at $3.49
$5.00 Ladies' Buckskin, Button Boots, at $3.49
$5.00 Bronze Lace, cloth top Shoes, at $3.49
$5.00 tan, lace, English "Walking Shoes, at $3.49
$5.00 fine calfskins and patent leather lace shoes with woolen
serge tops, at · $3.49
$5.00 Velvet Gypsy cut Boots, at $3.49
Dress Comfort Shoes $5.00
Dressy Comfort Shoes in lace and button, high heels and low
heels, tips and plain toes. A variety of styles and lasts made of
softest grade of vici glazed kid. Such relief for tired and sore feet
is a pleasure.
To be had in oxfords also.
Aunt Polly s Outsizes For Outsize Feet
Sizes Up to 12 in High and Low Heels
Saturday Specials
Boys' Shoes; sizes 8Va to 13Vi, at $1.49
Boys' Rubber Boots; odds and ends $1,00
Ladies' House Slippers; worth $1.00, at 79o
Men's Slippers, small sizes 49c
Ladies' and Men's Carpet Sole Slippers 25c
Children's Felt Sole Slippers, sizes to 2 29c
\ '
Deiches & Abrahamer
Department Store
400-492-404-406 State St Perth AmboyfN.J.
Pearl Buttons; one dozen
on card, small and large
sizes. Regular 10c. Cn
Special, per card
Children's Wool Bibbed
Black Hose; sizes 6 to
[Regular 25c qual- 15c
}ty.. Special
Women's Burson's Black
Hose; some ribbed top; full
seamless, medium weight.
(Regular 25c. 15c
Men's Lisle Hose; tan or
black; double soles. Regu
lar 17c hose. Special,
8 pairs for
Outing Flannel; light and
dark colors; stripes and
checks. Regular '71 η
12%c. Special *
Laoe Curtains; odd lot;
one pair of each pattern;
white and ecru. Regular
$2 per pair.
Middies, new spring styles,
all white ; also trimmed with
rose, blue or green collars,
cuffs and belts. Sizes for
women, misses and children.
Regular $1.50. (t 1
Special Ψ *
Girls' Dresses, new models,
good wash materials; big va
riety of designs and color
ings. Sizes 6 to 14; good
value at $1.50.
|0 >Λ* 10
50 Stamps free
Present this Coupon with a purchase ofj
$1.00 or over and receive 50 Elk Stamps.
Regular Stamps with all amounts over the
first $1. Good March 3 and 5.
Deiches & Abrahamer
Economy Grocery Co.
Three Up-to-Date Stores ; Trade at the Nearest
557 Am boy Ave., Cor Compton Ave.
Near William Street Flione 1891 Near Centre Street
$2.00 Orders Delivered Free
All telephone orders of $2.00 or over delivered promptly.
The Biggest $$$$ Worth in Town.
Genuine Values!
Lowest Prices!
Best Quality Goods!
Only to be obtained at "The Economy"
NOTE! All Goods Guaranteed or Money Back:
We reserve the right to limit quantity.
With groceries only; lb
Strictly fresh Laid Eggs QQ
None finer in Perth Amboy; every egg guaranteed, w w
3 fresh Loaves of Bread 12
Hecker's or Gold Medal Flour fig
12-lb. bag UU
Fresh and crisp ; £0 JU s€
5c and 10c sizes for, a pkg ·,,, ■
Can ' ^2
7 cakes
Aunt Jemima Pancake or
Buckwheat Flour
a pkg
Grandma Washing Powder
The 18c size;
4 lb. pkg.
Cannot be matched for
the price;
Pet Brand ; Carnation
brand ; 121
1-lb; cans
RICE; great value;
5 lbs. broken,
4 lbs. best
Princine Baking Powder
The 15c size; pj
%-lb. can i
Very best; any
flavor; a lb
Fairy Soap Gold Dust h
We reserve the right to limit quantities;
a cake
1 pkg. Mother's Oats
J pkg. Ilecker'e Oats
β cans Oct. Cleanser
i cans Kirk. Cleanser
J pkg. pure Macaroni
i- pkg. pure Spaghetti
il pkg. pure Noodles
]L pkg. Kellogg's Corn Flakes
1 bottle pure Vinegar
1 bottle pure Cider Vinegar
1 bottle pure Ammonia
1 large cake Reekitt's Blue
1 large bottle pure
2 cans Bestene Cleanser

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