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'200 its HT FIRST
In Opening of Y. M. C. A. An
nual Instruction Classes—
Competition Later.
With squeals and yelp» of pure Joy
Over ÎBO boys yesterday took advan
tage of the swimming classes at the
T. M. C. Α., where the students In
the local grammar and other schools
Of the city are to be given Instruction
In swimming all this week with, the
exception of today.
It was the opening day of the an
nual swimming campaign and for
moat of the boys their first swim of
the year. There were some who could
earry out stroke· and others who.
could Just wallow, but they wallowed
With a vengeance, the temperature of
the day being an added Inducement,
The water In the pool Is lowered to
(our feat depth to do away with risks.
The boys are first taken to the gym
nasium, where they ar· given Instruc
tion In the "dog-paddle," or prelimi
nary crawl stroke. They are than
given a locker, soap, a towel, and a
bot ahower bath. After the shower
they go la the water. Thar· they are
put through the course of instruction
in stroke· and kicks, which they were
taught tn the gymnasium.
Clsssss of forty or fifty ar· taken
to th· pool at a time. Their period
their appreciation for the opportunity
to get lato the filtered pond, they
Voice In no small or quiet terms.
These classes are a part of the T.
M. O. A. slogan, "Every Man and Boy
in Perth Amboy a Swimmer," and
they have been highly successful dur
ing the past two years of their oper
ation. Men will b« gtven Instruction
individually, if they dealt'· It, the boys
being drilled only in classe·.
Following this week's Instructions
the classes will hold meets, In which
schools will compete against each
other for prisse. Th· meets will be
for th·-novice and for the boys who
have known something of swimming
previous to the classes.
Tonight the first tie In the volley
ball contests of the business men's
claaa of the Y. M. C. A. will be play
ed oft, when the team captained by
Ingvaard Grelaen will meet the team
which plays under the direction of
G. W. Wood. On Friday night, the
team of Jack Klein and Ben Goldber
ger will meet in the second play olf.
After that, there will be two matches
on each Tuesday and Friday nights,
until all of the tie» are played off.
The playing oft of the contests
Çromlses to be a hammer of an event,
he teams were closely enough
bunched and the competition lively
enough to warrant the expectalon of
wonderful excitement when the teams
start to play οft the games, which
wer· tied in the scheduled competi
tion, which ended last Friday.
Ther· wllf be only on· place to go
.aa far as the stun te of the grammar
school are concerned this afternoon,
anfl that is to hop over to the Copper
Works Held. In what promises to be
one of the liveliest rackets staffed
In the eighth grade league la ached-·
uled to be fought out today, when
Room I and Room ■ oppose each
other. Just at the present time Room
I and Room St are tied for first hon
ors with Room I but one gam· In the
rear. The aspect given the situation
la that U Room S comes out victo
rious, there will be a three-cornered
tie-up which will necessitate the play
ing ob extra game·. A large banner
, ta ottered the winner. Room I were
on the top of the heap laat year and
secured the trophy for the biggeat
number of gamee won. The struggle
I# booked to start on the Copper
Work· diamond at 4 o'clock.
Practically «very rac
ing driver of note umi
With life, Hmb and
success at stake,
they take no chances
on lubrication going
You cannot afford to
be less careful.
ΑΛ Jim Mer for fb
Dixon LuMaatina Ckmrt
J«n*r City, H. J. Ν
Markla and
lcyclea. Big
Jrtr Jofcoaoa. Flyina
aLsr^^îî "and
'"IftiHl (oote at hoaaat prie
R. GARDELLA ftiiïïiï1
re HERB Batter than Brer.
We have a trw barrai»m In
Da«d llachlnM
C. JOHNS0N, Dealer.
In Kiw flrunawlcjt Αν». Phoaa «4
The Only
In Perth Amboy
The Ernst House
New Brans wick Ave.
Nmt Smith St
Nice Light, Airy Room·
All Improvements
Vy Special Corretpondent.
Keaabey, June (.—In a close and In
ter eating game of baseball played on
the school diamond yesterday after
noon, the boys from the fifth grade de
feated a team composed of players
from the sixth and seventh grades by
the tune of 11-10.
Parsler and Babo were the battery
for the lower classmen whereas aloft,
Reld and Rogan were In the points ■
for the upperclassmsn. Th· lower
classmen seemed to hare the same
cinched up to the seventh Inning,
when the score itood 11-1. But In the
next two Inning* the upperclasemen
started & batting rally coupled with
some errors by the fifth grader·,
which netted them eight runs, not
enough to win the game.
The game was close and Interesting
at the last stages. Parsler, the star
hurler of the Keaabey Rarltans, struck
out thirteen, while GHotf and Reld
made sixteen of the lower graders
whiff the breeze. Parsler allowed nine
hits of which Qloff secured two trip
les and Tiled one. Qloff and Rled only
allowed th· lower graders eight hits.
John Sabo, Joseph Romer, and Irwin
Pfeiffer each collected a two Backer.
Principal Ferdon officiated. The fifth
graders are strong contenders for the
championship of the school, not hay
ing been defeated as yet.
Ingots Lead, but Teams are
Even in Ability and
The factory league teama to date
have run true to predicted form. They
have completed the first round of
«rame·, and Saturday will aee the be
ginning of the aecond round. The In
g<)ti occupy top places, and the chem
ists last place. While the element of
luok seem· to have played a part In
the decision· on the games, still and
all, the general playing Of the teams
would place them just about as they
are in the present standing.
The Ingots are graoed with a team
of veteran players, and they have,
with very few exceptions, Justified the
confidence that they would top the
other teams pretty generally. Harry
Applegate has pitched f»lrly well In
the games to date, last Saturday be
ing nis poorest exhibition. But his
support has been such that when he
wobbled, the team held fast and
steady, with the result that they are
now in the lead, and have every hope
and confidence that they will maintain
that position.
The hard luok to date seems to have
been showered on Alner Jensen, the
crack pitcher of the A. 8. Λ R. team,
whose work has been splendid, bat
who has been handicapped by poor
fielding behind him. He won with ease
on Saturday, allowed his opponents
but four hits, and because his team
mates erred but onoe, certainly did
show his worth, The team which play
ed against Jensen, erred seven times,
and lost their game for their pitcher,
Jeroff, who allowed the Guggles but
two hits, and one earned run.
Simon sen, of the Shot, is the rock on
which that team Is founded. Some one
has said, "Take Worth off that team,
and nothing Is left," but that seems to
be far fetched, as there are many
goçd ball players with the team.
But the general outlook of the Situ
ation would indicate that the pitching
forces are about at a par, with very
little choice between them. It would
seem that the 1817 factor^ league race
will not be so much à matter of pitch
ing skill, as a matter of team Work,
and the team.that- supports.its,pitcher
best, and gets at least an even num
ber of breaks will be «ta the top of the
heap at the end. -
The Copper-Lead works ganje on
Saturday would seem Of Indicate the
reverse of that statement, but tt also
seems to be the exception to the gen
eral rale. In that game the Ingots
mads fir· errors, to one for the Shot,
and Appleffte outpitcMd Stmonsen.
And yet the gain· was nip and tuck
throughout, and the Ingots won
through support of Applegate In the
pinches and good batting behind him.
Certainly the league Is going to be
close. There can be no statement
certain as to who will come out on top.
The way the teams have been playing,
it might readily be said that they are
on a par, but the usual breaks have
played a big part, and so the difference
In etandlng.
In Saturday's games, the Ingots will
meet the Ouggles, while the Shot and
Chemists will play. The first game
takes place on the Lead Works field,
while the other is to be played at the
Copper Works lot. Both games are
to start off at I:SO o'eloek.
Result· »f Games In National) Mmarl
ean and International Leagues.
At Pittsburgh— n. a. >.
Phllad'phla 100*00000-1 t I
Pittsburgh. OOIOOOOI·— I I 0
Lav«rul*r. Burn·; Jacobs, Fischer.
At Cincinnati— n. h. a.
Boston 001011100—1 S 1
Cincinnati.. 000000200-1 I t
Barnes, dowdy; Began, Eller, Wlngo.
At Chicago— R. h. a.
Brooklyn... 000101000-1 Τ 0
Chicago.... 00080100·— « S 1
Cheney, Dell, Marquard, Miller, Meyers:
Vaughn. Wilson, Elliot.
At 8t.*Louls— R. H. a.
New York., 100110000-5 10 1
Bt. Loula... 010200000—8 I I
Anderson, RarMen; Steele, Packard.
w. L. p.c. w. L·. P.c.
New TorlsS U .«07 Boston.... 14 IS .411
PhUa'phlaft U 4fi Brooklyn. 14 It .411
Chicago... Ή If JU Cincinnati 1* 28 .40·
at. Louis. » » .«90 Pittsburg. Μ Π .141
At New York— a. a. a.
Detroit 00010400 0— Κ I 1
New York.. 01000001 3— «10 C
Ehmke, C. Jones. Spencer; Mogrldget
Love, Nunamaker.
At Philadelphia— η. H. a.
Chicago.... 101000000-4 S 1
Philad'phia 01( 0 01000-1 Τ t
Russell. Bchalk; Noyée, R. Johnson.
At Boston— a. h. a.
Cleveland.. 100000000-1 Τ t
Boston. 00000100·-! Τ 1
Covaleakle, O'Neill; Shore. Agnew.
At Washington— a. a. ».
St. Louis... 0 I I 0 0 I 1 1 t- I 0 1
Wash'gton. 1 I I 0 I 0 0 0 «-T II «
Davenport. Koob, Park. Sever eld. Shaw,
W. U P.C. W. U P.O.
Boatoa..,.a 11 .TOO Detroit.... 10 Η .410
Cfcteafo... ■ 11 M St Louis. M S .t»
Mew York a IT 604 Wash'ton. 1» M 4M
Cleveland. 14 η IS Phila'phla 18 M .141
At Buffalo— a. m. ■.
Meut reel... IOOOOOOOO-1U t
Butalo » « 0 i 1 t 1 0 ^-1 Β 1
Herache, How lay, Madden; MoCabe.
5 M ï î t ï ï Î ti 21
Arm AlKai WaAop, Hill, echaufatak.
âlà^àsû 'Msλ is "d
Even Count by Taking Three
Games at Y. M. C. Α.—
Golden High Man.
The Perth Amboys, Clarence Hoff
man'· aggregation of Interstate
League bowlers, last night evened the
score which they held against the
Sewareu Bowling Club and Incident»
ally defeated that team In the second
match In which they have lost this
It was a nip and tuck race, with
the exception of the last game. Id
the first game the Amboyans led by
six pins, In the second by thirty
one pins and they won the last game
with one hundred and two pins to
The match was the second of a se
ries of three, whloh the teams have
arranged, the final to take place In
Woodbridge shortly. In the first
match at the Bohnsack alleys, the 8e
warep team won three games, ana
Hoffman's bowler· turned a like trick
last night
Bert Qolden was the big man of
the night. His >11 was but one pin
behind the best mark of the night,
made by Jenkins, and his arréragé was
high, his total pins being 657, as com
pared with 556 made by Hoffman,
Stegmayer was third man, and Jen.
kins next.
The Perth Amboys rolled HI In
the last game, while 851 was the high
soore of the Sewareu team.
The Bewarenltes will roll against
Woodbridge tomorrow night In three
games on the Parish House alleys In
The score of the matches!
Perth Amboys.
Hoffman .
. 17» 18S 191
, 141 1ST 186
, 1ST 17» 111
I 174 171 >11
. 1»1 171 ITT
•41 m 94»
Elnhorn ,
206 147 1ST
1» 176 168
164 180 166
>11 170 160
i>e 17» is»
886 (71 (44
Golden ft Johnson ., 27 21 ( .778 1
Pemberton A Johnson IS 14 4 .778 ]
Hoffman ft Larson .. 86 27
Mallet A Locgstreet
Broderlek ft Parker
Hart A; Benlsh
86 27 » .750
27 18 β .667
24 14 10 .688
21 11 10 .S24
Peck ft Messtager ... 27 18 14 .481
Richardson ft Bly ..,.
Payne ft Hanson .....
Harding ft Jensen
88 12 21 ,868
IS 5 10 .838
80 10 20 .888
8 18 .888
4 8 .888
4 11 .267
4 18 .222
H. Johnson ft Fargey. 24
Warr ft Lee 12
Fullerton ft Romer .,, 10
Brelden ft Holzman ,, 17
Hoffman and Larson added another |
notch to their standing In the T. M.
C. A. two man bowling league on Sat
urday night, when they walloped the
cellar occupants, Brelden and Holz
man In three games, and advanoed
nearer to the coveted goal of first
place. The team has but three game·
or one match yet to roll in the tour
Clarence Hoffman was the high I
point man of the games, the scores of |
which follow!
Hoffman .,,.,...1$· 1(1 lit
Larson ..«.....,.158 186 17*1
80S 844
148 Ï7S
180 121
never walk together
baa cared thousands
•f Rheumatism. Gout,
Lumbago, and WILL
Price 25c per
Positively the best
remedy for oolds In
the head. In the
throat or on the
chest Also excellent
for burns. spralas
and bruise·.
Bine. 1»08 iU-w?,nwi«b5r hi;
effective* »··* i£ *>lr*cUon·
Liniment. °» cartons.
Sole Agent for Perth Amboy
and Vicinity
ses rmt at,
\ I \
The moit scrupulous ear· la taken
in everything connected with the
handling of our Pasteurized Milk.
Onr bottles are Sterilised Clean;
our milk comes from healthy, select
ed cows and our method of Pasteu
risation which makes our milk Ab
solutely Safe means that when We
supply the family you are getting
the very best.
Aak any one of our patrons about
our PastanrlMd Milk. _
Perth Amboy Milk
and Cream Co.
195 New Brunswick Ave.
, . Xy· r
In Cbe €b«atres
Today'· offering at the Dltinaa the
atre is "Joan of Arc," which owing
to lt« big patriotic them· will be of
fered with no increase in price·. This
gorgeous spectacle telle tne life's story
of the humble peasant girl who heard
voices calling her to lead the army
and save her king and oountry. She
believed those voice· and crowned a
king and her name 1· now handed
down to posterity as history's greatest
heroine. Two complete performances
will be given tonight starting at seven
and eight, forty-flve.
Vivian Martin Is to be seen tomor
row In "The Spirit of Romance."
Since her first appearance In Pal
las-Paramount pictures, Miss Martin
has made a wonderful success. At the
little girl of the streets in "The Right
Direction," she endeared herselff to
the public, and greatly Increased her
popularity by her clever performance
as little French girl In "The Wax
Model." Now as the patient drudge
who suddenly finds herself an heiress,
she has a role whloh gives her full
scope to display her splendid dra
matic ability.
"The Spirit of Romance" has to do
with a little girl who le a drudge in
an antique shop, presided over by a
testy old man. In her spare moments
Abby Lou as she Is known, reads
book·. of fairy tale· and dream· of
kings and handsome princes. The old
millionaire, not wishing to leave hi·
fortune to hie grasping relative·, de
cide· to pretend he la dead and van
ishes, leaving all of his fortune to
Abby Lou.
How Abby Lou handles her sud
denly acquired wealth, and by her
cleverness makes the supposed dead
man realise his mistake·, la brought
about In a most charming and unus
ual manner,
Mise Martin !· flret seen as the
rig», but later blossoms forth In
array of beautiful and stylish
frocks and gowns. A cast of unusual
excellence supporta her. Including
Herbert Btandlng, Colin Chase, Percy
Challenger, Eleanor Hancock, George
Fisher, Daisy Robinson and H. F.
Several Dur»»· Woree.
Qaak—'X Quitter te one who qui ta,
but a slacker if où· who doesn't begin.
—Buffalo Times.
let Οί«Γ|« D· It
Phone lilt. Corner Smith undHljrh
"Jolan the Woman," being shown
at the Majestic theatre this week, 1· %
treat picture. Many authorities say
that It reaches the high-water mark
of plcturedom. As such, we delight
to point to th« artistic recognition It
sop Jalnly deserves. But we believe
greater In one other respect that
faultless production. The producer
has hit upona theme of tremendous
timeliness. This picture may In brief
become a great shaping force In this
remarkable era of the world's civili
We know here, if Qnly faintly, of
war racked Europe and we can sur
mise what must Inevitably follow this
terrible human cataclysm. Patriot
ism and religious fervor—a great
coupled wave of two-fold emotion—
Will sweep all Europe after the war.
Its reflection will be as here—Inevit
ably. Such a force is two elementally
great to be confined by continents.
It Is just this great human emo
tion that "Joan the Woman" splen
didly, powerfully, thrllllngly typifies.
This picture will fire, ennoble and
sway multitude·. It should exert Its
influence In no unlimited way; fl it
does the motion picture will outdo
the mightiest work ever accomplished
by a free press.
Geraldine Farrar, the colebrated
Erlma donna from the greatest opera
ouae in the world, demonstrates be
yond a question of doubt that as a
motion picture star she ranks (ynong
the screens most cherished Idols. Her
delightful interpretation of "The Maid
Of Orleans" In quite the most artlstio
work that has been offered the thea
tre going public, and her appearance
at this popular amusement resort
yesterday marked one of the most im
portant engagements that has ever
been presented in Perth Amboy.
"Joan the Woman" will be pre
sented twice dally for the balance of
the wek. The unusually low prices
will prove inosct attractive to those
who have learned to enjoy the best
works of the cinematograph.
G indites After Games.
The G in dins are looking for a game
with any good junior or light senior
teams, the Peerless Feds, of Roosevelt
preferred. Any teams who want to
book the Glndlns for an attraction can
dp bo by addressing Thomas Wallace,
162 Madison avenue, city.
The Arlington Juniors would like to
book games with any teams averag
ing 14-16 years of age. Paul Rock
ig ihe manager of the team. Hlr ad
dress Is 671 Catherine street, City.
Norms Talroadg· wtU make h»r flrat
appearano· a· a 8«l*nlok-Plctur·· (tar
at th· Êltmaa Theatre on Thuraday and
ViMa/'ln an adaptation of th· noted
drama "Panthea" by Manckton Hoff·.
Thla U th· pl«y I** which Mm·. Olga
Petrora (tarred ao eucoeeefully on th·
American stag· aeveral seasons agô
and which created a furor· throughout
Europe, being acclaimed on· ο f tU*
strongest dramas of th· age. It wa|
chosen a· Misa Talmadg·'· flrat vehicle
under her new management, as th· title
role affords th· beautiful and talantef
young player the greatest opportunity
of her carier for emotional aotlng.
The story Is that of a young Russian
pianist, who, suspected of Nihilism, M
capes to England, where ah· fall· in
love with a struggling composer. Thsy
are married and settle In Paris, where
Panthea'a husband tri·· In vain to get
a hearing 'or hi» opera. The many
disappointments Impair hi· health ahd
the physician· declare that he will die
uni··· hi· aifcbltlon to have his opera
Eroduo«4 1· realized. For the aalce of
er huiband Panthea makes a compact
with ah elderly admirer who has great
Influent· In musical circles. Her sacri
fie· brings about the triumphant pro
duction of her husband'· opera, but at
tb· hioment of his great succès· he dis
covers the manner In which Panthea
Induced her friend, th· Baron, to «xart
his Influence ,
The situation leads u> one of the
•tronfrest dramatic olitimxe· aver seen
the screen and In the end Panthea
d her husband are reconciled Juat aa
the long arm of the Ruaalan secret po
lice atretches out from Petrograd to
aelze its prey in Paris.
In that great industrial army that is rapidly
mobilizing for tear service, the Bell System
serves in the Signal Corps.
ITS WORK is to keep open the lines of
telephonic communication so vital to the
National Defense and to provide depend
able service for use in mobilizing the
commercial resources of the country.
It is prepared for these duties. It carries
thirty million telephone messages daily.
ITS EQUIPMENT includes a billion dollar
plant ; five thousand four hundred tele
phone exchanges ; twenty million miles
of wire ; ten million telephones.
ITS ORGANISATION consists of one
hundred and eighty thousand trained
and capable workers, imbued with a
sense of responsibility and with a will
to serve loyally and efficiently
This company is taking every precaution to
keep its part of the commercial Signal Corps
worlc of the Nation up to the highest pos
sible point of efficiency,
Yon mi halm by taking good care of your twitch·
board* and téléphoné Initruments, by avoiding an
necettmry "cmrioilty" call», and by cooperating
with the operator under alt condition».
Builders* and Contractors' Directory
>«· Lot Ει
Lot Hncloaur·»
and Granite Monument·
C«rH"trr» nd Bnlldera
Offlce and Shop, >18 Madison Ave.,
Perth Amboy.
Eatimataa Cheerfully Furnished.
Jobblnr Promptly Attended To.
L. D. rluiû· 844.
Telephone 1416
485 State St.
Perth Amboy, N. J.
j. Ν. KENNEDY, Plumber.
It<w and Qui Flttta*. Tlnnlaç, -"t».
Jobbing promptly attended to. Prompt
service and moderate prie··.
Eetlmate» cheerfully furnished.
eat State 8C Tfl»»k.ae eat
Siaeeeeeor to Edward Κ ο yen
Maion'e Materials. Cement, Stone*
Edison's Portland Cement, Hlffginson'*
Plaster, Lehigh CoaL
Serre Af* Tel. 18T&-W
All Kinds of Cement Work a Specialty.
Telephone 441
Corner State and Pateraon St*.
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scribable variety of pattenuu
The Suits at $14.50
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merea, mlxturea, 1
The Suits at $18.25
Worsted·, ohevtota, raejlmeree, mixture·—unusually «oft and
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Women's Low Shoes
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Pumps and Coloniale
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inexpensive blouses.
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Graduation Gift Sale of
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