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Patriotic Sports Were Played
. All Over the Country; but
This City? — Not!
The New York Mate championships
lit tennis, which were to linve taken
at I'tica, have been abandoned
ifor the year, but In thetr place the
X^hnundaate Golf Club ha» started
lftns for a splendid Invitation round
ofcin tournament, In which some of
tbte best net players in the country
Nvill participât·. Present indication»
»4ve " that the best eastern, and
feo^iie of tlie western players will be
■c< 11 in action.
' .Harold A. Throckmorton, national
biierschoiaetic champion; William M.
y4lin»on, of San Francisco, former na
tional champion; R. Iylndley Murray,
jCfcirk Garland, 8am Hardy and Irvine
Wright are among the entries re
ceived to date.
In addition, there will be competi
tion for women in which Molla BJur
Jtfcdt, national champion; Miss Mary
Jfc, Browne, one time title holder, and
others are entered.
It is presumed that the round robin
la to Ih> held for the beiu-fit of tlie am
buliuuv ftiixl of the V. 8. National
tami Tennis Association.
A woman's tennis tourpament will
jltart tomorrow at the Olenwood Ten
Ma Club In Kast Orange, with a big
Hat of prominent entries. The pro
cx'<Ls will go for tlie beneiit of tlio
American Ked Cross.
Chick Evans, national open and am
ateur golf champion, and Harry I.egg,
Minneapolis amateur, were beaten
Kiterday by George Sergeant and
Is George In a golf match at Min
uta poll». Tlie maU'h was for Ute ben
of the Red Cross.
All over the country, sporting
•»ents are taking place for the benefit
Ésoino good cause. Associations are
nlelilng ambulance units, aro hold
tournamentg for the Red Cross,
other leagues and patriotic uses,
date there has been no patriotic
•r money raising effort on the part
Of the sporting populace of this city
to set together money for the good
Wises continually appealing, not for
themselves, but like as not for the
benefit of the very fellows to whom
they are appealing for aid.
Go to Port au Peck for First
Big Outing—To Have
Many Games.
/The business mfn's gymnasium clas*
"Srito'l'mK- AhatQ '*«1 stf -se-iB- Inter
esting party this afternoon, when the
VOlUr ball players who recently com
pleted their season at the T. M. C. A.
Will go on their first big outing to
Pprt au Peck, where they will have a
■tyore dinner at Warden's, preceded
by Rames of various kinds.
The outing; will be the closing of the
•Ration for the team·, although they
aspect to have a banquet at the T. M.
C A. later at the expense of the los
liig team, when Ben Ooldberger'a team
Will be feaated at tiie expense of the
three other teams.
' About thirty men will make the trip
tfday, leaving the Y. M. C. A. by
automobile at 1:10 o'clock this after
noon for the shore.
Among the sporting events will be a
tMecball game, foot races, for the fat
■Hen, etc., jumping and other features
usually incorporated Into an outing
of th« kind.
The business men's section of gym
nasium work, was the most active of
the classes at the Y. M. C. A. The
tea ins in the volley ball competition
were the greatest of rivals, and keen
eompetltlon resulted. The players
moved to the tennis courts for the
•ontests when tho gymnasium was In
U«e. and regretted the warm weather
because of the necessity for cutting
down on the exercise.
The physical department of the as
sociation Is certain that the business
men's class will be doubled next sea
eon, Its' Increased popularity being
pontlnually manifested.
The Red-Hot Purpose.
Thst which dominntes the life, which
U ever uppermost in the mind, gen
erally comes somewhere nenr realiza
tion ; but there Is η great difference be
tween α lukewarm desire and α red-liot
purpose. It tnkes steam to drive the
piston In the engine; warm water will
never turn the wheels. The longings
that full of realization ore usually just
|>elo\v the boiling point.—Orison Swett
"Tlii Place That P.easis Everybody "
The Only
In Perth Amboy
New Brunswick Ave.
Near Smith SL
Nice Light, Airy Rooms
All Improvements
Keasbey Feds Win and St. An
thony F. C. Take Three
Games in Single Day.
It Is not often that no hit eamei are
pitched. There are a lot of one, two.
three and four hit games, remarkable
enough in themselves, but to go
through nine innings without allowing
a single scratch hit is a mark of good
pitching, good headwork, and splendid
stamina. Frank Hitter's stunt on
Sunday, and that of Harry Applegate
on the previous Saturday are two of
the best pitching efforts of the season,
and attest well for the pitching
strength of the Ingots. Hitter showed
himself to be particularly good, Inas
much as he had pitched a line game
the day before in the factory league,
and then turned about and vacuumed
the Acmes.
The Ingots would be fortunate
enough in having one no hit
pitcher, but they sport two, and so,
their chances In the factory league
are considerably boosted.
Macs, Heed tlic * all !
The Liberty Hook & 1.adder Com
pany a^aln demonstrated their good
stuff as baseball players as well aa
firelighters, vAien they won out over
the Kagles for the eeoond time on
Sunday morning.
There is one team In the Are de
partment that the hooks are anxious
to get out and trim, and they are the
MoClellane, who, the Liberties claim,
have sidestepped every time α game
was mentioned. The Liberties arc
anxiously awaiting the acceptance of
their challenge by the Macs.
Keasbey Feds Heat itossvlllc.
The Keasbey Feds continued their
winning streak when they defeated the
Rossvllle team of Staten Island Sunday
afternoon by a score of 11-8. The
game was a batting bee for the Feds
as they collected nineteen hits, most
ly doubles.
The Feds led throughout the game
but the Roasvllle lads made a bold at
tempt to even up the count in the
seventh when they collected four
runs before the rally was ended.
Soo of the Feds allowed the Ross
ville lads six hits, although he was
not up to his usual form, being wild In
many cases.
Keasbey Feds.
AH. R. H.
Maler, If β 3 8
Grispart, lb 5 2 2
Scully, 2b 6 1 8
Tague, hm 4 2 8
Hyde, c . 5 1 3
Shea, cf 4 1 2
Adams, rf 4 1 0
Brush, 3b 4 0 1
Soo, ρ Β 0 2
42 11 β
Roee ville.
A». R. H.
McKay, ss ,...2 1 0
Huthe, ci 4 2 1
Knesel, ρ 4 2 0
U. ï'ilek, -e
Noeller, lb g 1 l
J-aForge, 2b .......... 4 1 1
Prennan, 8b 8 0 0
B. Flick, rf 4 0 0
Gaefe, lf 4 0 1
82 8 e
acor· by inning*:
Iieasby Fed»· 1 0 1 ( I ! t i 0—11
Rosevllle ...00180400 0— 8
Two bane sits. Maler, Soo, Griepart,
Tague, Burke, Byde. Left on bases,
Feds 8, Rosevllle 5. Bases on balls, oft
Soo 7, oft Knesel 4. Struck out, by
Soo 9, by Knesel 4.
Play Tliree on Sunday.
The St. Anthony Field Club played
three games of baseball on Sunday,
of which they won twp, and claim
that the Pioneers handed them a raw
deal by quitting In the seventh Inning
when they were ahead at one to noth
ing. Olsen of the Saints, was more
effective than Jacobson, for the Pio
neers. The former secured twelve
strike out In the seven innings. Λη
error by Manager Mansfield, of the
Saints lost the game for them by al
lowing the Pioneers a run.
The Raritan Rivers were the first
victime of the Saints, and Dominlck
Antonio's Sharks were the victims In
the second, by a score of 10-4.
st. mmmm
St Mark'e M. E. church of Pleasant
Plains won their second game in the
Epworth League of Staten Island, on
Saturday, when they defeated tlie
Qranltevllle team by a score of 6-4.
The Plainsmen won their first game,
played last Saturday, and were lucky
to squeeze by In the second.
The Qranltevllle team led the scor
ing at 4-3 in the ninth frame. With
two men on. In the last half of the
ninth, Bruggeman, of the St. Mark's
nine, brought In two rune with a two
base hit, ending the game. The con
test was staged on Royal field.
11:15—July 10 11:66
12.07—July 11 12.66
1.10—July 12 1.67
2:17—July 18 H:D0
3; 22—July 14 8:69
4 25—July 15 4.6»
8 21—July „l« 6.43
β:11—July 17 6 27
6:67—July 1» 7:09
7:38—July 10 7:46
8:17—July 20 8:22
8:51—July 21 8:54
9:25—July 22 9:24
9:66—July 28 9:69
10:27—July 24 10:26
Word to the Wis·.
A little girl was just recovering from
nn nttack of scarlet fever and the first !
day sho waa able to «It up she said :
"Mamma, I guess I'll ask papa to buy
me a baby carriage for my dollies."
Her brother, aged Ave. overhearing the
remark, exclaimed: "Well, you'd bet
ter strike him for it right away, for if
you wait till you get well you may not
get it."
WHO ίίΐ Λ FlA.NTr.ES you 100 miles ρ·ι
each tl spent for tiro repatraT
Let θΜΓ(β Do It
Phone 1478. Cornor Smith and High.
IB HERB. Bettor than Ever.
Wo have a few bargains la
Used Machines.
C. JOHNSON, Dealer.
l«* Nov Brunswick Ave. Fhoa* U
Look Who's Here! Matty Defies Precedents,
I Puts Cincinnati Reds in First Division
Malt}' an<l tluw
•re keeping Kodjt
Fmi Tone)· and
below, Uehu> Uroli.
of Uw ν tara who
In rate. Above,
"Greasy" N«-alu|
For til θ flrart time in year» the Cin
cinnati Reds are in the flret division
this late in the season.
This is a tremendous achievement
for Christy Matthewson, the first of
half a score of managers who have
been able to pull th# Reds into the
first four in the National League race.
Matty, one of the greatest and
smartest pitchers the game has ever
known, has established himself as a
smart manager—a manager who does
It is quite possible that Matty will
finish the season in fourth or even in
«11 <rt>.than
the <'ut>s and la making his athlete?
play the kind oi boll which brings out
all the latent power In a ball club. His
clul) is fully an strong· as the Cardinal·
and he Is getting an much from It.
Matty has four players hitting over
.800. Rousoh, who leads the league
with an averago around .360; Groh,
who leads both leagues in ruu get
tin»; r*h(L»e, last year league leader,
who has hit hie stride and Tom Clarke,
the veteran catcher.
Greasy Ne*le and Term Griffith are
near the .800 mark.
Baseball crltlos have watched Matty
onrofuly this year. His success or his
failure was a great question.
. NfKtty ■wjmfî fly en _&_*re*t ball
club, but he was given oue with pos
sibilities. Ile had stare In Chose, Groh
and Totiey. The rest of the club rang
ed between mediocre and fair.
The club was torn by Internal dis
sension. Buck Herzog had left a
bunch of sulkers.
Matty's first Job was to eradicate
this. lie established good feeling
nmong his player». He ihowed them
that ho was for them and with them
and soon they startod to work for him.
Then the Hods began to climb.
Fred Toney, one of the great pitch
ers in the league, has been going well.
Fred Schneider Is getting back wh«ro
he was a oouple of years ago. Mitchell
1· pitch! η J .gQCUja·!!. Etlçr and Ring
are doing well.
Matty lias two good catchers la
Clarke and Wlngo.
With Chase and droll as a nucleus
he has developed a good lnfleld with
Shean, a youngster and Kopf, a Mack
Ian cast-off at the keystone corner. Mis
outfield Is up to average.
Matty has made good.
Hliakenperean hair cuts and whisk
ers a la Huffhee may be quite the
fashion, due to the Impending high
price of toneorlal treatment Let the
bald-headed man re>olce. A raise In
the price of haircut· and shaven Is be
ing contemplated by the Boss Bar
bers Association, and may become a
reality, should the price of commo
Mtlcs, rent, etc., go up.
Conceeslons have been granted by
the Rose Barbers Association to the
Journeymen barbers. At a meetin* of
the Bossob on June 29, it lia* just been
made public, a compromise was af-j
fected by which Journeymen barbers
will receive $15 a week and fifty per
cent, commission on all their receipts
over twenty-flve d-ollars, and the sal
ary without commission should they
make less «than twenty-flve dollars. All
lay of on July 4th, Christmas and New
years will be allowed the journeymen,
beside the usual half holiday. These
darn were formerly only half holidays.
The wages of journeymen barbers
are now uniform throughout the city.
The new conditions went Into effect
July 1.
Assurance Doubly 8ure.
Even If η woman I» economical her
husband will go to bed better content
ed If he finds she hasn't been down
town all duy.—New York Evening Sun.
Put the meat in right after lunch—give
it thirty minutes of auick heat, then close
the damper and the New Perfection heat
retaining oven doe· the rest.
It'· the etove that cook· while the cook's
•way. Save· time and money too.
No fire to build and tend, no ashes
to empty. Takes half the drudgery
out of your kitchen and keep· it cooL
A new feature of the New Perfection'
the reversible glass reservoir. Ask your
dealer to show it to you.
a superior kerosene, should be used for
beat results. Always clean and clear
, Pert* Amber
A Beckhoff
Z. Cohen
Ainboy furniture House
Adolph Km·
Kelly & McAlinden
Luawiy Furniture House
J. A. Miller
DcaUn «aie iM emJ rtcommtnJ N*u> Ptrftdun OU Cook Slavct.
Ρ A. Hardware Co.
Roth & Weisbergr
Max Semer
Stern & Co.
A. Falkenstrom
Newark Hardware Store
Brown Bros.
M. Hoffman
Shapiro Λ Levenaon
< brome
Β. Kahn
Benj. StutK
II. Hoaonblaum
Cha« Bulskt
Β. Ό. Ford
B. Kramer
Motuchen Hdw. Co.
Mouth Ambor
f> Medlnota
H. Wolf <k Co.
Humphrey Λ Ryan
K. F. Moore's Sons.
Newark <N«w Wr) jyjew Jcwey
n> l'AlJIj PURMAX .
Liant spring, after visiting tlic >'ew
"ink (ilanta «U their training camp
it Mulln, Tex., I predicted unit tlie
u«ot'iH or failure nf tlie (ilants tlilH
ear would depend η grcut deal u|miii
Iw dlm^tlou tlirtr teniperameM nan
>ermltted to take tliem.
Made up of the greatest collection
>f stars In the National league the
riants might well have run away
vit h the race or do just what they
ire doing.
Whet they did depended entirely
ipon temperament.
Had the Giants been playing the
ilnd of baseball which won twenty
ilK straight games for them last
maimer, they would be iar and away
iheud of any club In the league, but
intil lately they have not been able
ο get started and are now only a
natter of two or three games ahead
>f the Phillies.
Flayer for player the Giants are a
>0 per cent, better club than the
Look them over; at first the young.
brainy Holke compared to Luderiis,
old and slowing up; at second, Her
zog, one of tlie brainloBt men in base
ball. compared to Niehoff. a castoff;
at third, compare Heine Zimmerman,
one of the greatest mechanical in
ileldere and batter» in the game, with 1
Stock, another caetoff. At short, the
Phillies have a little the best of it,
Bancroft being rated somewhat, high
er than Fletcher. The (Hants Jiare
the best of the argument in tVie out- 1
field, Burns, Kobcrtson and Kauff
having an edge on Cravath, Whittcd
and Pa«kert.
Behind the bat Kllllfer lias little
if anything on Mccarty and HnrMcn
brings the New York staff above that
of the Phillies.
Alexander makes Pat Moran's
pitching staff a trifle the stronger of
the Iwo.
All-in-all. however, the Glints
have the best club and as they have
struck their si ride within the last, ι
two weeks should have no trouble
beating out the only dangerous rivale
they have.
Result· of Qames In National, Ameri
can and International Leagues.
Chicago at Brooklyn and Pittsburgh at |
Philadelphia, postponed; rain.
At New York— H. H. W
Rt Louis... 000101000—8 8 2!
New York .002 0 0010 *— 8 0 0|
Ames, 8nyder, Bailee. Rarlden.
At Boston - Β. H. B.
Cincinnati.. 101010100—4 14 0]
Boston 000000000-0 8 l|
ICller, Clarke, Nehf. Tragremer.
w. l. p.o. w. L r.c.
New York 46 88 ,βι» Chicago.. 40 88 .CIS
Phtla'phla 88 80 .658 Brooklyn. B1 80 403
Bt. Louis. 40 85 .688 Boston ...28 89 .414
Cincinnati 42 89 .51» Pittsburg. 28 47 .328
At Detroit— n. h.
Wash'gton. 200020310— ( 10 0
Detroit 000100000-1 β «
Harper, Henry; C. Jones, Mitchell and
Second same— R n. B.
Wash'gton. 00001100ft—t 9 0 I
Detroit 0 0 1 8 1 0 0 0 *-10 14 θ]
Shaw, Alnsmlth, Henry; Jonas, Stanage.
At Cleveland— , Β. Η. κ
Boston..*.... 200000010—8 8 1
Cleveland 00000004 ·— 4 $ 1
Mays, Agnew; Klapter, Gould, O'Neill.
At CuloBJNk— Κ. Η
Phllad'phla 00000410 0- 6 » 1
Chicago — OOOOOJOOO-t 8 l|
Bu«h, Meyer; Williams, Danrorth, Lynn
At St. Louis— Β. Η. Β
New York.. 100000100— I · jl
St. Louis... 000000010-1 8 l|
Russell, Alexander; Davenport, Severeld
w. χ». p.c. w. r.. p.c.
Chlongo... 48 28 «32 Detroit... Î7 87 .600
Boston—4tt 28 022 Wash'ton. 81 41 4SI
Cleveland. 42 87 .682 Bt. Louis 80 47 .W0
New York 87 (M .621 Phlla'phla 28 46 .80)1
Richmond at Newark, rain.
At Buffalo— Β. H.
Toronto 2 0 8 0 1 0 0 8 1-10 11 T|
buftAlo .... < I f f D "Wit
Forester, Gallagher, Tipple. R. Black
bum, Kelley; Wyckoff. Engsl, Chelow.
At Rochester— R. n. ■
Montreal... 00001000 0— 1 8 I
Rochester.. ( 0 0 t 0 0 ( Ι '-I 6 1
Hoyt, Howley; Schacbt, Sandberg.
At Providence— R. H. ■·
Baltimore.. t t 1 to 0 1 0 Φ-Ι t i
Providence, 8200008l»-8 8 <
Hill. McAvoy; Peters, Meyer.
W. !.. P C. W. L. P.O.
Newark... 48 27 .630 Rochester. 87 89 . 4SI I
Baltimore. 44 29 .603 Buffalo..., 81 47 .8!"
Toronto.. . 43 82 .878 Richmond 29 48 .891
Provt'ence 48 32 ,678 Montreal.. 25 47 .847
Tantalum for Pen Pointe.
Tnntnlum, owing to Its hardness,
makeR (food material for writing pens,
which ore less expensivu Ihnn Irldlum
lipped gold nibs. It Is claimed that
?ens from this metal treated with a
special hardening process, prove su
pertor to all others and are uucorrodud
jy any Inks.
"Persons Industriously occupying
themselves thrive better on a little
of their own honest getting than lur.y
heirs on the large revenues left unto
them."—T. Fuller.
Thorp Ικ η variety of woodpecker·
living in California whose inula ar
ticle of diet le acorns. They «tor·
awny their provender In η peculiar
fashion, boring holes In the bnrk of th·
white oak or redwood trees Just larg·
enough to fit the kernels, and tupping
them in, email end first, with their
lu actual, scientific tests our
proves its Purity by the bacte
ria count—it bavin# by far the
least number of bacteria lo the
cubic centimeter.
Danger of typhoid Rud other
disease germs are absolutely
eliminated by our thorough
pasteurizing process (145 de
grees for thirty minutes).
Pure, Rich, Delicious, our
Pasteurized Milk is the Only
safe milk to uso at any time.
Perth Amboy Milk and
Cream Company
195 New Brunswick Ave.
"TV— ——— ) \NHAT IS THIS
(f ini^A / "NOSTALGIA"!
/ τ M LU
whî, that Means
h ' "
UMitcd ST^Tes I
Don't "Try TO η
Show off How MUCH
DCv^T) MNS^Q.6S Î*
— xr i-i

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