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New Brunswick College Seri
ously Affected by Draft
and Enlistment.
By Special Correspondent,
draft and voluntary enlistments in tho
national service have made serious in
roads in the stall' at the New Jersey
State Agricultural College and Exper
iment Station hero. A service flag
■■vith twenty-two stars is now display
ed on the main agricultural building
at the college farm. The loss of so
many men lias very materially Inter
fered with the investigational work,
as well as the teaching and extension
work and has made it necessary to
discontinue some important lines of
research. The burden thus placed on
the institution is especially heavy,
since the war emergoncy has been
the cause of unprecedented demands
for service from the Experiment Kla
xon for the agriculture of the state.
Among the staff members who very
Recently enlisted are: Allen G. Wal
ler, of the agronomy department;
Robert F. Poole and William H. Mar
tin, of tho plant pathology depart
ment; Joseph R. Neller and J. Man
derson Evans, of the soils depart
ment; and William Whynman, of tho
poultry department. Mr. Waller Is in
the ordnance division at Washington,
and expects soon to go to France.
Messrs. Poole. Neller and Evans have
entered the photographic detachment
of the aviation service. Mr. Poole
and Mr. Neller are at a photographic
school at Hampton, Va. Mr. Martin
has enlisted in the aviation service.
Carl L. Fellers, while not enlisted
In tile army, is actually doing military
duty, being employed in the Govern
ment Public Health Serviee at the
camp at Charlotte, N. C.
Others who are now in the service
Include: L. G. Gillam, at the naval
station in Philadelphia; F. P. Schlat
ter, at Camp Meade. Md. ; H. F. Hu
ber, at tho aviation school, Princeton;
L. K. W'ilkins, H. J. Devine, Eiavid
Schmidt and O. C. Schultz, all at
Cainp Dix, Wrightstown; C. M. Haen
seler, who some time ago left for
France; J. F. Miller, in the aviation
service; T. C. Nelson, in the medical
service; F. E. Allison, in the ordnance
division; D. j. Kay, Carl Egerton, W.
H. McCallum and John Montelth, Jr.
The common council made an effort
to organize yesterday at noon, but
without success. The two new coun
cllmen, Samuel Leagher and Charles
Culver failed to put in an appearanco.
Frank H. VUet was the only member
re-elected who took the oath of office.
Joseph Hodapp was confirmed as bor
ough clerk to succeed Louis Appleby,
resigned. J. Randolph Appleby, Jr.,
of South River, was confirmed as bor
ough attorney, succeeding himself and
Thomas Brown was named as the
n<:W borough collector, succeeding
himself to that office. Ho received
the same number of votes as Frank
Hulit at the last election and it was
thought that opposition would de
velop toward his appointment by the
Democrats, as he is a life-long Repub
lican. No address or recommenda
tions were made by the mayor, J.
Randolph Appleby, and the session
wis devoid of any interest in compar
ison to similar sessions of tho past
two years.
Charles Culver proved that he is a
poor marksman when ho struck his
foot a blow with an axe while cutting
wood, and has been laid up with the
Injury since.
ïlio death of Abraham Applegate
occurred at his late home at Runyon
on Sunday evening at eight o'clock.
Mr. Applegate had been ill for several
months with a complication of dis
eases, and while his death was not to
tally unexpected, it was shocking to
his many friends. Mr. Applegate was
an employe of the Perth Amboy water
works. He was held in high esteem
by all who knew him and he will- be
greatly missed in the circle in which
he moved. He leaves a wife, tltreo
children and a father. The funeral
will be held at the late home at Run
yon on Thursday afternoon at three
o'etofck. Interment will lie at South
Amboy, where his remains will rest
beside those of his mother, who pass
ed away lust March.
This being the week of prayer, the
Baptist church will hold cottage pray
er services at the various homes of
its members each evening of this
woek. All are cordially invited to at
tend these meetings.
Miss Julia Zwinglas has resigned
her position with Old Bridge Enamel
and Tile Company and has accepted a
position as clerk In the station of the
Pennsylvania R. R. at this place.
A Slumberous Auditor.
"I always let you havo the last word,
Henrietta," said Mr. Meekton.
"I've noticed that. Why is ItT"
"Well, what'· the last word, anyhow7
It Isn't worth waking tip for."
Musterole Works Easier. Quicker
and Without the Blister
There's no tense in mixing a mêss of
mustard, floor and water when you can
easily relieve pain, soreness or stiffness
with a little clean, white Musterole.
Musterole ia made of pure oil of mus
tard and other helpful ingredients, com
bined in the form of the present white
ointment. It takes the place of out-of
date mustard piasters, and will not blister,
Musterole usually gives prompt relief
from sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis,
, rheumatism,
of the back αϊ
_ « : .u:i
croup» stiff neck» asthma, π
ache, congestion» pleurisy
lumbago, pains una aches
The local schools will not reopen
until Monday of next week.
Fred Bronk hurst of New York spent
the holiday with Mr. and Mrs. Charier
I Miller of Broadway. Mrs. Bronkhurat
and daughter Marjory have been
spending several weeks here.
M.rs. Margaret E. Walling of First
street has returned from a visit with
friends at Flat bush.
Κdward Maurer of Osborne street
I lias returned after having spent sev
eral days as the guest of relatives in
New York.
Owing to the very severe weather,
the meeting oC the Xeyport Literary
Club scheduled to take place on Fri
day afternoon of this week will l>e post,
poned indefinitely, probably not be
j ing held until spring, when the host
ess will b-e M its. Charles X. Crawford.
Owing to the severe weathor condi
tions it would toe impossible to make
the trip to the Crawford homo now.
The next meeting will be held on Fri
day afternoon, January 11, as announc
ed in the club year book.
i When A. A. Philo of Ohurch street
paid a visit to the Keyport Hankins
Company on Monday morning to pa>
several accounts he found that ho was
a dollar short of the amount which he
needed. Later in the morning Mrs.
Hyer of First street came to the A.
ί Salz «tore where Mr. Phil ο is em
ployed and handed him the dollar
saying that she had picked it up and
, thought it -belonged to him. Mr. Philo
was much surprised to receive the dol
lar as he was unaware that he had lost
it, thinking instead that ho had made
the mistake in adding the amounts.
Walter Brand of Second street spent
several days this week in New York as
.the guest of friends.
I Mr. and Mrs. E. Francis Ehrlich and
son of Front street have returned af
,ter having spent several days in New
York as the guest of relative*.
I Mrs. Laura Campbell of Klizabetn
I street has returned from a several
days visit with relatives at East Free
! hold.
, amines wmirora or Sharon, Conn.,
has rotuirned aftor having spent sev
eral days the past week with Captain
and Mr.s. John Hyor of Second street.
The musical service given in th<
First Baptist church on Sunday af
ternoon was much enjoyed by all at
tending·. The imisic was beautifully
rendered under the direction ol
George M. Collins, the soloists of thi
occasion being Mabel Perclve.1 Collins
soprano; Mrs, E. S. Ι,ιιρίοη of Mat
awan, contralto; Eugene Magee of Re*
, B;mk, tenor, and George Birch, bass
Miss Kveiyn Bed le, pianist, and G. M
Collins, organist, were the accompan
ists. The cantata "The Shephen
King" was one of the most impressive
which lias yet been rendered by the
oholr of the churoh.
Miss Isabelle J. Dtirrua of Osborne
street spent the holiday as the guesi
of her sister, Mrs. Albert N.. Iteddau
of New York.
Kejiny W. Rowser and Lloyil Jack
son, members of the 160th Field Ar
tlllet-y, Battery D, now at Camp Dix
spent Ν em' Yetur's day with relatives ir
Mrs. A. A PhLlo of Church street
was the guest of Mrs. H. Phil ο of Pertfc
Amboy the past week.
Clarence Bahrenburg of the Head
quarters Company, at Camp Dix, was
a local visitor on Monday.
Captain Frank Stiles of Main streel
Is confined to his home with illness.
Edward Cotton of Ridgefield, N. J.
was the guest of relatives In town thi
pf\st WO'elC. "
MiÛ ΙΎίνηces BcmneKt of Asburj
Park has been spending several dayf
the past week with Miss Gladys Birk
back of First street.
Fred K. Adams and Jreise ThistU
members of the Graves Reg-istratior
Unit 304, now at Camp Merritt, spent
Sunday at their homes here. They ex
pect this to be their last trip before
being called for active service.
Mrs. Frances Lackey of Church
street Is recovering from Illness which
has kept her confined to her liomo for
several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woolley ol
Greenport. L. I., were tlie guests ol
Captain and Mrs. William E. Woollej
of Front street the past week.
Marion H. Walling of Main streel
Is confined to her home with illness.
The fire alarm sounded on Monday
night from box 27 for a slight tire in
the store of Nick Tollia in Broadway,
The firemen appeared but 'with the
exception of the chemical extinguish
er, the other apparatus was unneces
sary, as it was soon extinguished. The
damage done was slight.
While trying to board a running
train at the Central railroad depol
yesterday morning Arthur A. Quinn,
while on his way to work at the pow
der works, fell and met η serious mis
hap which resulted in his having twe
toes of his light foot amputated. He
was 'boarding the moving train when
he fell and the wheels crushed his
toes so badly that Dr. Ε. H. Kulnei
had to amputate two of them, aftei
which he was sent to the Perth Ain
boy City Hospital.
Misses Florence Robinson anc
Verna Underwood, of Anbury Park
spent a few days with relatives ir
this city.
The common council met for th<
last session of 1917, at which City
Cleric Petei· J. Coakley and Council
men Hackett and Shuey took theii
oaths of office. Lewis Bloodgood was
j named a patrolman to take the plac<
of the late Thomas Monahan, anc
John J. McCormack was named t<
'replace David J. Qulnlan on the force
The schools of the city will no
open until January 7 owing to th<
blowing out of steam pipes.
Tomorrow night one of the besi
teams In the State of New Jersey wil
come to Parlin and there stage a
game of basketball with the DuPoni
Ave of that place. The game wil
feature Father Matthews' Τ. A. B.'i
of Newark, a team widely knowr
throughout the state for their ability
Sergeant Major Percy H. I.ocker
of Company H, 311th Infantry, spenl
the week-end and New Yeaj-'s daj
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
uel Locker, at their homo in Broad
William Christian, of the 106th
Aero Squadron, has sailed for forelgr
shoree. Christian enlisted some time
ago and has been at. Kelly Field al
San Antonio, Texas. He -was later
moved to the aviation Held at Oar
den City, Long Island. He is In the
supply section of the aviation squad
Joseph Gominger, of the quarter
master's corps at Governor's Island,
spent Sunday and New Year's day
with his parents In Second stroot.
Union watch night service was
held at the Methodist Episcopal
church Monday night. The services
started at » o'clock and the hour
from 9 to 10 was devoted to song
service and the hour between 10 and
11 was given over to a social time for
all who attended, while the last hour
of the old year was spent In prayer.
Again tonight the Allie.? in the
bowling league will open activities
and clash for the third game of the
series. The first game will lind the
American trio of bowlers attacking
the trio of Belgians in a three-game
match. After the first game betua^
the Amerlf»"» and
Says Backache is Sign You
Have Been Eating Too
Much Meat.
J When you wake up with backaohs
ι and dull misery ln the kidney region it
, generally mean· you have been eating
too much meat, says a well-known au·
! thority. Meat forma uric acid which
1 overworks the kidneys in their effort to
ι filter it from the blood and they be
I come eort of paralyzed and loggy.
I When your kidneys get sluggish and
ι clog you must relieve them, like you
j relieve your bowels; removing all the
body's urinous waste, else you have
! backa'he, sick headache, dizzy spells;
your stomach sours, tongue is coated,
: and when the weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges. The urine Is
cloudy, full of sediment, channels often
get sore, water scalds and you are
obliged to seek relief two or three
I times during: the night.
i Either consult a goed, reliable physi
cian at once or get from your pharma
cist about four ounces of Jad Salts;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts Is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon Juice, com
bined with lithla, and has been used for
generations to clean and stimulate
sluggish kidneys, also to neutralize
acids in the urine so it no longer irri
tates. thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Baits is a life saver for regular
■neat eaters. It Is Inexpensive, cannot
injure and makes a delightful, effer
vescent lithia-water drink.—Λdr.
Funeral services were held for Mrs.
John Waddy on Monday of this week
from her late home in Sedgwick street
and the Methodist church. The pas
tor, Rev. Henry Johnson, eulogized
the deceased. Two favorite hymns,
"Beulah Land" and "Sometime We'll
Understand." The bearers were:
j Howard Applegate, Joseph Van Pelt,
C. C. Quinn, W. Harry Lokerson, C.
A. Deveney and Ray M. Hampton. A
brief burial service of song was ob
served at the church by the Pride of
Mechanics Home Council, Sons and
Daughters of Liberty, of which de
ceased was a member. Interment was
in FernwoOd cemetery.
Miss Grace Breckwedel is spending
her vacation from duties as a member
of the faculty of the grammar school
with relatives and friends in Brook
The sessions of the Woman's War
Relief of the Pennsylvania raliroad,
will bo resumed, commencing with
Thursday of this week in Mechanics
hall. All are urged to come out and
bring a friend, as much is to be done.
The Misses Gwendolyn and Loulne
Brown, who have been guests of their
uncle, Clarence Coley, in Now York
city, have returned home.
The watch night dance given in
Lange's hall by the Junior class of the
high school, was a most enjoyable af
fj.ii·. The usual large crowd was pres
ent to enjoy the excellent dancing.
The patronesses were: Mrs. H. C.
Brown, Mrs. Herbert Smith, Mrs. J.
E. Marryott. Mrs. Clinton M. dem
ons, Mrs John H Baremorc The guests
were: Misses Gwendolyn Broton, Lou
lne Brown. Florence Brown, Mildred
Brower, Mildred Leming, Edith Brow
er, Evelyn Deveney. Eisa Lange, Ger
trude Franklin, Elsie Davison. Emily
Do Voe, .Mildred l>o Voe, Ruth Gro
ver, Alberta Jobes, Grace Emens,
Bessie Baremore, Beatrice Appleby,
Elva Appleby, Helen Peterson. Helen
Crandall, Mabel James, Elizabeth
Shapiro, Irene Wheeler. Alice Voor
hees, Florence Mason, Ethel Elliott,
Gertrude Lange, Messrs. Perry Smith,
Donald Dare, Vernon Brown, Earl
Farr, Fred Perrlnc, Arthur Mason,
Courtney Brown, Jr., Ray Wheeler,
William Miller, Franklin Marryott,
Raymond Yates. Aivln Shults, Charles
Paxton, William Clayton, Charles Ur
stadt, Elvin Clayton, Clarence Ben
nett, William Ehrenstine.
Miss C. M. Rigley, who has boon a
guest of relatives in New York city
over the holidays, has returned to her
Miss Alberta Lange, in training at
the MeKiniey hospital. Trenton, spent
her New Year's vacation with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Lange.
The Misses Elsie Baremore ann
Hilda Baremore were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Worts, at South
Amboy, over the week end at a house
party given by them 011 Tuesday. Miss
Blanche Jolly, of Farmingr'ale, a for
mer resident here, was als0 a member
of the party.
ΛίΓ. ana airs, jonii rwiimiger unu
children, of Bayonne, spent tho New
Year's holiday with the latter's moth
er, Mrs. Cornelia Jennings, of Hooker
Miss Edith Brower, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Brower, who Is mak
ing her home with relatives at Bridge
ton, returned to her home Tuesday
after a week's visit with her parents
D. Murray Golden, of Camden, vis
ited ut the home of Mrs. Mitrgaret
Dock Monday.
The watch night services held at the
First Baptist church on Monday even
ing, were largely attended and the
evening spent in prayer and thanks
giving. Despite the cold weather the
room was kept at summer heat with
four stoves. Featuring the exercises
was an adrdess by John Ballinger. of
Bayonne; solos by William Ehren
stine, Jacob VVeisert; addresses by the
pastor, Rev. John FThrenstine. Ilev.
Henry Johnson, pastor of the Metho
dist church and the holding of an ex
perience meeting that was of ranch
benefit, led by Harold W. Bennett. At
the stroke of twelve the audience
sang several anthems of thanksgiv
ing and a social time followed. Re
freshments were served by the ladies
of the church.
Miss Edith Aaronson, of New Tork
city, a guest at the home of Joseph
Shostak, while preparing to adjust a
pair of skates to enjoy her favorite
pastime, slipped and fell on her arm,
suffering a very bad fracture. She
was given temporary treatment and
rushed to a New York city hospital
yesterday, where she Is doing as well
as could be expected.
Be Better Looking—Τake
Olive Tablets
If your ricin I» yellow—complexion pallid
—tongue coated—appetite poor—you bave
a bad taj»te in your mouth—alaxy, no-goal
feeling—you should take Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—a substitute
for calomel—were prepared by Dr. Edwards
after 17 years of study with his patients.
Dr. Edwards'CHive Tablets are a purely
vegetable compound mixed with olive oil.
You will know them by their olive color.
To have adMU^^hji^gH····
Suffrage Leader of New York
£ Sent Abroad by Adminietration.
Mrs. Norman de R. Whltehouse, th·
New York suffrage leader, will be Bent
aoroad by the administration and will
maite known American Ideals in foreign
By Special Correspondent.
KEYPORT, Jan. 2:—Mrs. Garrett
Van Giesen. of Church street, enter
tained the Tialois Class of Calvary M.
E. Sunday school at her home on
New Year's eve when a most delight
ful evening .was passed. The evening
was enjoyed with games and music
and the house was artistically decor
ated with greens. A beautiful Christ
At 11 o'clock the guests were ush
ered to the dining room where an
elaborate repast was served. Here
the table decorations were cut rosea,
the color scheme being pink. Those
present were Mrs. Edwin H. Whar
ton. Carlcton Wharton. Mr. and Mrs.
Garrett Van Giesen, Herbert Van
Giesen, Misa Brenda M. Anderson,
Mrs. Fred L. Schildknecht, Mrs.
Frank A. Smith, Miss Annie L. Tilton,
Mrs. Daisy Seymour, DeWitt Seymour
of Yonkers. Owing to the pleasant
social evening spent the business
scheduled will be transacted at fh·
next meeting.
By Special Correspondent.
KEYPORT, Jan. 2:—At the meet
ing of Coronal Council No. 1456,
Royal Arcanum, the otiioe of orator
was filled by Sidnty Tunnii:gton. This
office and lliat »f sentry were left
open at the recent meeting when tho
flection of officers took place. James
Francey, of Matawan, will fill the
office of sentry. At this meeting one
reinstatement took place and three
applications were received. A pleas
ant social hour followed the business
meeting, when refreshments were I
served with a smoker following. Dep- I
uty John Hanson and staff of Middle-1
sex Council, Perth Amboy, attended
and upon the request of the deputy J
the installation of officers will take
place on the fourth Friday in Janu- I
ary instead of the second.
Supervising Deputy A. A. Philo has
announced the following visitations
to be made by hiui: Coast City Coun
cil, Asbury Park, January 11; Atlan
tic Highlands, January 15: Red Bank,
January 24.
Several letters are in the Jiands of
Secretary A. A. Philo from the mem
bers of the local council who have
been called to the colors, each of
whom was most generously remem
bered by the council at Christmas
with a very appropriate gift.
Bii Special Correspondent.
SOUTH AMliOY, Jan. 2.—A very
delightful New Year's party took placc
at the home of Miss May Bennett in
Bord eut own avenue on Monday night.
During the course of the evening
games, music and other pastimes were
indulged in.
Those present were: Misses Flor
ence Robinson, of As bury Park; May
Bennett, Zora Boyce, Edna Stonaker,
Edna Bennett, Estelle Briskie, Messrs.
Clarence S. Thorpe, John H. Thorpe.
Alfonso Nelson, Roy Bennett, William
A. Mills. Ernest Read. Theodore WU
jhelm, Edwin Worth ley, Mr. and Mrs.
[Charles Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Ro»bert
John Lockwood and Thomas J.
Watts, of Monmouth poultry (arm. at
tended the Madison Square Garden
poultry show Friday.
Albert Wilson was a Perth Amboy
visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. .T. D. Conover enter
tained two soldiers on Christmas Day.
Mies Ethel Dore, of English town,
was the truest of Miss Mae Thompson
on Saturday.
Mrs. Edward Eastman was a recent
visitor with Mr·. Albert Boyce.
Miss Ella Warne was a Perth Am
boy visitor Saturday.
John Wilson was a Matawan visitor
Mrs. Edward MagTath was a Key
port visitor Saturday.
Miss Dorothy Deitr was a Keyport
visitor Saturday.
Want No Vermin.
No man Is allowed to enter Germany
from Russia without being thoroughly
disinfected and purified, Itj
irai BOM
Councilman Resigns at Organi
zation—Lloyd Elected
as Chairman.
By Special Corretpondent.
MATA WAN. Jan. 2:—The organi
zation meeting of the Matawan box
ough council was held yesterday a
noon. The resignation of Councii
man Cleveland E. Watrous was rea
by the clerk and accepted. The coun
ell and mayor were sworn in offic
and the clerk and president of th
council appointed for the year, foi
lowing which Mayor Henderson rea<
his first message to the body.
Following the swearing in of th
mayor and councilmen, Clerk Williac
A. Rodgers was reappointed for th
year by unanimous vote.
Former president of the counci
Arrie B. Henderson being electe
mayor, upon unanimous vote Profea
eor Frank Howard Lloyd was aj
pointed president of the board ίο
the ensuing year.
Mayor Henderson informed th
council that he would follow the eus
torn of previous years and make th
appointments at the next régula
meeting of the council.
It wa« decided to have the régula
meeting nights for the council re
main as they have for the past yearf
During the months of June, July am
August only one meeting will b
held, on the second Tuesday of the»
At this time Clerk Rodgers reai
the resignation of Councilman Cleve
land E. Watrous, who it ie understooi
is to move from the borough. Thi
leaves only one Democratic council
man on the board, Asher P. Woollej
and as Mayor Henderson is a Rcpub
iican, it is more than possible that ι
follower of that party will be ap
pointed by him to fill the vacancy.
Marehai John Mulsoffe bond wa
accepted and placed on file.
The councilmen present and «won
were Prank Howard Lloyd, Tunis Γ1
Schenck, George W. Parker, Asher F
W oolley.
The message of Mayor Arris Β
Henderson fotlows:
To the Honorable Council of the Bor
ο ugh of Matawan.
It gives me great pleasure to ad
dress you at this time and to exprès
my deepest gratitude to you anl on
community in having their expressioi
of confidence and good will in beini
chosen to preside over you the no*
two years.
I am also appreciative of the man
ner In which two of my colleague
and myself were chosen, thus indlcat
Ing the fullect confidence In what thi
whole council has done In the pas
and the same confidence for the fu
This to my mind places a largo re
sponslblllty upon ue to so govern on
affairs that all shall receive at on
h*nde the best possible administra
tton with a view to establishing nni
maintaining a government that la to
I the best interesta of all of our people
It wa> my privilege to be appointe,
a councilman to this board by ex
Mayor Van Winckle on November
1909, to fill an unexpired term nn<
was, as you know, elected again li
3910, 1918 and 1916 and 1917 electei
as your mayor.
. During my period of service I hav<
always stood for progressive prlncl
pies and have advocated those thing:
that have to do with the development
and maintaining of a government tcrt
the best Interest of our community
such as new trolley tracks, new light
ing system, rebuilding of our watej
plant, better street* and sidewalks
extension of our boundary line®
- opening up of Broad street, sewei
- system, new library building
t A well equipped fire department
- ι with proper ftrohouses, system of fti f
1 alarm and modern apparatus for th<
- eafety and protection of our citizen!
î and their property.
s Some of these improvements have
. been brought about to the everlasting
1 credit of our council and the peopl<
we represent other Improvement!
» advocated have not been made ο v. ins
ι to circumstances over which this
3 board had no control, and for th(
present it is my Judgment that thej
1 should not be.
i ι We are now, as you are well aware
. i passing through a critical history oi
- j national affairs, in which we are ali
r called upon to participate, and being
1 good loyal citizens shall have to con
: ; tribute our bit.
It is our duty to conserve our ef
> torts to those things that are neces
r : sary for the safety and comfort o1
j our citizens and the health of our
r (Community but beyond this wc should
_ ι not go.
So I recommend to you that only
I j the expenditure of time and money
> j be used for those things necessary to
» ■ promote and maintain the essentia!
j things pertaining to our borough life,
[ ι and all other proposed Improvement»
. I remain in "statue quo" during the
I period of the war.
, I Turning to the business side of our
I affaire, X want to bring to your atten
tion a few things by way of recom
ι During the year 131« we, as a
. council, were forced to recognize con
ditions imperatively demanding tm·
i mediate attention, and the expendi
ture of moneys not provided for in
ι our budget. In total approximately
. $3,000.
Some of the iterms will be taken
care of this year through the neces
sary increase in our budget, all other
items such as the Broad street lot,
■ sewer lot, sewer map, assessment
map and sidewalks should be carried
" as an asset and be provided for by
' cotes, certificates or bonds of indebt
r edness in accordance with laws re
' cently cnacted covering such expend
f itures.
It Is not fair or Just that we as a
. council should even attempt to pay
5 for such Heme out of our yearly bud
! ! get.
i ! I further recommend that all pro
t posed expenditures be submitted to
- the finance committee before being
ί passed upon by the council.
Furthermore I recommend that all
; bills be presented at each meeting
that it is possible to have presented.
1 1 furthermore recommend that the
I chairman of each committee, super
intendent of any department, or any
' one having charge of expenditures un
| der any dapartmont or for any com
mittee, be ready at any meeting to
' render a correct financial accounting.
Furthermore I recommend imme
diate action upon a resolution pre
sented to and adopted by this council
several years agi, to the effec^^^^
w> see r ta ι η definitely the
di. . j of ail οflicers of this
before their spfrafntmenU arc
I further recommend a change in
our plan of water selling to meet the
unusual conditions brought about by
, the war.
ι May existing relations so pleasant
' in this board continue that our best
, efforts may be given to our work and
ρ good results may be tho fruit of our
' labor.
Always remember the other fellow
and give every cm ρ a square deal.
Respectfully submitted,
DO YOU WORK indoor:
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keep up your blood-strength an<
nerve-force. For nearly fifty year
physicians have prescribed
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sleep is not refreshing, by all
means get Scott't Emulsion
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Newark Woman and!
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Thanks to Tan!
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ί are now enjoying better h<
we've known for a long tH
Mrs. <2 us Richard. 754 So isth
rirk. wh<>. . husband i* empln:d
(David 8. Plumb clock works fl
Norfolk St.
"Indigestion, which botherej
eight years, kept me all fa*
food j ' not digest, bf
in rr.y stomach fermenting·, cal
to belch Ray and sour, burniq
My nerves were bad. often ke
awake at n;g t. When J didL
have awft:] dretrris or nightml
I'd get uj> feeling more tired ttf
I went ' es, tl
a constant source Λί annoyancg
"During those eight long
tried medicines and treatment
ιi 1 I began taking tills Tantii
i' ef 1 have pained in wj
gh Tanlac, jB
part of. it ia that my food
me, never causing that ter
belching. My nerves
stronger each day, and raj
rest instead of nightmare!
band, also, is pleased wifll _
cause it mended his digestion
How Tanlac should be take^,
J results that may be expected
use are bein.i: explained at the L
Drug Co.. 19S Smith St., Perth
Kaufman's Pharmacy, South
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Abtu èruièffûuu mil
By Special Corrctpondent.
of the Rev. W. Λ us.ν
St. Peter's EplscopuJ eh
place, for a vacation fo
' Florida has furnished
The Rev. Daw Is in
is enjoying himself
reasons for giving f"!
session this confide
for he has been
mony having bee
Thursday last at Al
be had for a numb
j ""-tor of a church.
Spotewood. Just who
not been disclosed.
Rev. Daw is c!ose to
of age and has been a
a year. It is said his pr
an intimate friend of hi# :
who died since coming to
KEYPORT. Jan. 2:—1
Hopkins, of Newark, dau
bert M. Be<lle. of Osbor
I confined to her hoene wit
. leg which she sustained
j ago when in standing on
I ladder she attempted
j package on a high siie
1 The ladder tipped and *
was thrown to thé
heavily on her ankle,
snaorved a few inches ι
Bein?r alone in her
forced to remain wh«re ]
en until her hue
kins, returned from. 4
Medical aid was at c
^ spltn
b!e deseni
fleet invites
! Buckner. Son
! feeling all run
i in my back. After Î
I Pills I felt like a'
' ache, rheumatic pa
muscles, swollen an
eyes, and sleèp-dl*
mente, yield quick'
remedy. A boon
and women. Sold <
νΛ·Λ>ΛΑΛ ΓΓΛ-^ρ·>ννΛ/Λ·Λ·Α·Λ Λ·Λ·Λ'Λ·ΝΛ·Λ·ΑΠ^Αη·'Α^>Α·'ΛτΛ<·Α',^·'Λ'α'νΛΛ'ΑίΛ·ΛΛ^'ΓΛ·'/'^^ Λ··ί □ I
|lll|ICl I
This Event is especially im
portant at this time of rising
costs in Furniture when
prices to manufacturers have
gone up tremendously on
cértain woods, mirror plates,
colorings, materials. etc.
of severe
iurers h

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