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BOWLING X 11 ^ 1 X I-/ i/iy ^ ^ x ^ A BOXING, TRACK
t t
Mort Henderson, the "Masked Marvel."
Tonight WTeotMng enthusiasts here
■Will have am opportunity to witnees a
match which should prove at unusual
interest, Mort Henderson, tho "Maak
<d Marvel," and Harold Chriateneen,
fcrmcrly at thte city being the con
tactants. Henderson has be&n in this
cjtv Khice Monday and ie In the pink
Of 1'ondition. Uhrtatensen arrived
here rodejr and declared bte confidence
Jn winr.vne the bout.
Tha two hes-vyiwelghla have lone
■been waiting for a chance to meet
each u!her In a flmah match and to
night they will be given that opportun
ity. Henderson weighs about ten
pounds more than C3iiisteneen but thin
Ai (To.if η ολ in weight is not bothering
the Lfcuûuh grappler In the least. Id
hb« bouts In this city up till now
Chrfcftenseo has given a wonderful ex
hibition of his ability and ie expected
tonight to spring some of his tricks
Upon the marvel which will /esult in
Bet only worry!ne the bigger man but
olermcinfr his rihoulders.
Tli β Hendersom-Chrlstensen match
•will lie the fceet two out of three falls,
ito α finish, catch-ae-catch-can style,
rtrangle hold barred. The semi-final
oui. wMch will bring together IjouIs
Ne! sop, welterweight champion of the
/»orlii, and Bo*> Roscoe, chamjpion of
the Pacific coast, will also be a finish
bout Rofjcoe, ·πΊ»ο tope the scales at
140 pounds has not yet been defeated
by anyone his own weight. A prelim
l iiiery fa also scheduled.
I Henderson·'» appearance here to
niglit will be the third time he has
bean wén in this city, Oluf Nielsen
having been his exponent on former
occasions. In one toout Henderson
■woe thrown and 1n the other he went
to a two hour dm*.
WasMnsrton hall will be the ecene
of the match, wfhich is scheduled to
start at 8.15 o'clock.
Two learns ootmpoeed of employees
; at the Standard Underground Cable
ι Works will meet on the T. M. C. A. al
| leys tonight and bowl a duck pin
; match. This is one of the first match
es with the small vins conducted tits
, aeae&n and is expected to attract eon
I «Ideia'blo attention.
How Butcher· Sharpened Knives.
In the sepalchers at Thebes, Egypt,
botchers are represented M sharpening
their knives on a round bar of metal at
tached to their aprons, which from Its
blue color Is supposed to be iron.
"What Do You Know
About Your Blood Supply?
four ignorance may startle you.
Few people know of the many
Junctions of the blood supply, and
iu*t haw important it is that it be
Jcept absolutely free from all impuri-j
ties. The health of the entire body
depend· upon the condition of the
blood. Yon are invited to write and
obtain a booklet that gives yon some
invaluable Information on this im
portant subject It tells bow to keep
the blood strong and free from th·
many impurities to which it U con
stantly subject
It rives the history of S. S. S., the
world's most successful blood remedy,
which has been sold for more than
fifty years by druggists everywhere.
This book will be sent free to all
who write to Swift Specific Co,
Dept A Atlanta, G*.
S.PemrlBter'sLoan Office
199 Smith Street
Special Sole on Men's Or ere oats
Ice Skates at Bargain Prices
ton't Be Satisfied With Just Ordinary Lumber
Buy Whe e You bet
Quality Stock
And You'll Buy From
Boynton Lumber Co.
Sewaren, IN. J.
T«L 250 Woodbridgt
Newly Organized Bowling
League to Start Friday Nigth
of This Week.
The Big Five Bowline Leaguo'·
organlzaion was completed, a consti
tution adopted and a schedule decid
ed upon at a meeting of the repre
sentative of the various teams held
last nlgrht The schedule, as arranged
by Bill Eyerkuse and Bill Pemberton,
calls tor the playing of serventy-two
games. the first of which will be
played this Friday night.
The Big Five teams are the Roose
velt Five, of Roosevelt; the Sewaren
Bowling Club, of Sewaren; the Pay
ors, Nonparels and Imps, of thU city.
Ail games In this city will be bowled
on either Bohnsack'a or the Imperi
al's alleys. Tlie schedule calls tor the
playing of four matches a week,
Monday and Friday nights being
those selected for the games. Owing
to an uneven number of teams being
In the league, teams will be forced to
alternate at playing once during cer
tain weeks. The last game of the
league will be played on April 21 if
the schedule le carried out as adopt
ed. Each team will meet every other
team six times.
The games on Friday night, which
mark the opening of this league, will
find the Pacers bowling at Roosevelt
and the Nonparels and Imps clashing
on Bohnsack's alleysfl
The matter of prizes was decided
upon at the meeting last night. It be
ing decided to have several different
prizes In order that all of those en
tered may have α chance. Prises will
be awarded to members of the win
ning team, those on the team «rotting
second, to the high aver-.ga man, to
one high score man and to the team
bowling the highest scoro rturio^ the
The teams have until Friday night
to hand in their eligible list contain
ing the names of those who will bowl
In this league. The 41st is limited to
ten. The names on these lhrts will
be published as soon as they are
turned In to the league officials.
Schedule of the Big Five Bowling
League foHows:
Jan. 11—Pacers vs. Roosevelt at
I Jan. 11—Nonparels vs. Impe at
ι Bohnsacks.
I Jan. 14—Pacers vs. Imps at Impe
1 Jan. 14—Nonparels vs. Sewaren at
Jan. 18—Sewaren vs. Roosevelt it
I Jan. 18—Nonparels vs. Pacers at
Jan. 21—Sewaren vs. Imps at Im
Jan. 21—Nonparels vs. Roosevelt
at Roosevelt
Jan. 25—Imps vs. Roosevelt at
κ. ooeoveii.
Jan. 25—Facers vs. Sewaren at
Jan. 28—Pacer* vs. Roosevelt at
Jan. 23—NonpareJs vs. Imp* at
Feib. 1—Pacers vs. Imps at Bohn
Feb. 1—Ncmparels vs. Se war en at
I Feb t—Sewaren vs. Roosevelt at
Feb. 4—Nonparels vs. Pacers at
Feb. S—Sewarea va Imp· at Im
Feb. I—Nonparels va Rooeevelt at
Feb. 11—Imps va Rooeevelt at Im
Feb. 11—Sewaren vs. Facers at
Feb. 15—'Pacers vs. Roosevelt at
Feb. 16—Nonparels va Imps at
Feb. 18—Pacers vs. Imps at Im
Feb. 18—Nonparels vs. Sewaren at
Fo*>. 20—Nonparels vs. Pacers at
Feb. 21—Sewaren vs. Roosevelt at
Feb. 25—Sewaren vs. Imps at Im
Feb. 25—Nonparels vs. Roosevelt
at Rooeevelt.
Mar. 1—Imps vs. Roosevelt at
Mar. 1—Pacers va Sewaren at Im
Mar. 4—Pacer· vs. Rooeevelt at
Mar. 4—Nonparels vs. Imps at
Mar. 8—Pacers ν». Imps at Bohn
Mar. 8—Nonparels va Sewa ran at
Mar. 11—Sewaren vs. Roosevelt at
Mar. 11—Nonparels vs. Pacers at
Bohnsacka Λ
Mar. 15—Sewaren vs. Imps at Im
Mer. ' 15—Nonparels vs. Roosevelt
at Bohneacks.
Mar. 18—Imps vs. Rooeevelt at
Mar. 18·—Sewaren vs. Pacers at
Mar. 22—Pacers va Rooeevelt at
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r it
New Brunswick knm
Perth Amboy
Mar. Il—Nonpar·!· ν», Imp· at
Mar. II—PiMti v* Imp· at Im
Mar. It—Nonpar·!» τ». 8«waren at
Mar. 29—Sewaren v·. Rooeovelt at
Mar. 29—Noeparela vs. Pacer· at
April 1—Sewer en va Imp* at Im
April 1—Nonpareil re Rooeovelt
at Roosevelt
AprU S—Imps v» Rooaevelt at
April I—Pacers va Sewaren at Im
April S—Pacers vs. Roosevelt at
April 8—Nonparels va Impi at
April 13—Pacer» va Imp* at Bchn
• April 11—Konparela va. Setvaren at
April 16—Sewaron ν». P.ooe«velt at
April 16—Nonpareta va Pacors a'
April 19—Sewuren ν». Imps at Im
April 19—NonpareU v*. Roosevelt
at Bohnsacka.
April 22—Impa vm, Roosevelt at
April 22—Seworen »·». Pacrra at
Boh η sacks.
ι ran tu
In Game With Collegians To
morrow Night When Kelly
and Robeson Play.
With two men such as Kelly and
Robeson In tbelr lineup, the Colle
gians of New Brunswick, who will
play the local T. M. H. A. team here
tomorrow night, should furnish the
most interesting game yet Been on a
local court this season. Followers of
basketball have no doubt read of the
victory of the Rutgers live on Monday
night over the star Tale quintet. Ac
counts of the game, which was play
ed on the New Brunswick court and
resulted with the 6core It-ll, give
Kelly and Robeson much of the credit
for winning the contest. These two
forwards are making a wonderful
showing this year, being stars on the
court as they were on the gridiron.
The other members of the Colle
gians team will be Togo Miller, the
crack forward of the Amboy Ave;
Budnack, one of the best men on the
Company Ε team, and Perry, another
Rutgers man of no little ability.
Playing with Amboy will be the
usual men. Leo fichwarts and Jack
Miller will occupy the forward posi
tions; Harry Bchwartz will play cen
ter and Kaplowitz and Sber or Du
bow guards.
Tonight the Y. M. H. A. seniors are
traveling to Paterson, where they are
going to play their second game of
the season on a foreign court. The
first game they played away from
home resulted in a defeat, the Hobo
ken Y. M. H. A. registering the de
feat. As a preliminary to tonight's
big game thelocal Y. W. H. A. team
will meet the Passaic Y. W H. A.
quintet. The local players and root
ers are going by way of auto bus,
leaving the Y. M. H. A. building at ·
The Sewareii ...g tea_in will ce
to New Brunswick Friday nlrht where
they will meet tho Hopkins Seniors ot
tllat place. The Sfwuron team will
be conupoeed of A. Slinonaen. K. Kelle),
C. Klnhorn, M. L&r*n, H. Sxaoneen
and J. J. Dola-n. The Sewaresi Ave are
In the local BLg Five League but their
opening g-ame has bero put oft until
t r*-r**k "non thrtr request.
Square Bottom
Round Top
That* s the shape of the
fire pot in Square Pot
Boilers. This exclusive
construction is a big' step
in advance of all other
designs of boilers. Radi
atingsurface isincreased,
heat is in direct and close
contact with water-con
taining sections, and grate
bars are al I of same length.
This allows quick clear
ance and prevents clog
ging; Square Pbt Boilers
steam quickly and re
quire less attention than
other kinds.
They we made of highest
quality materials by expert
workmen and designed on
scientifically correct, practi
cally proven heating princi
ples. Consult your dealer or
write direct to us. No mat
ter what your requirements
are, there's a Square Pot
Boiler or Furnace to fill them.
SMIL Mr Imfcir, New T«fc
In Friday Night's S. S. A. L.
Games at "Y"—Presbyte
rians and Danes Clash.
Friday night'· games In th· Sun- ι
day school athletic league will mark
the teelnmlnf of the last round. ThiB
year1· sdiedul· call· for each tsaiu
playing th· other three times. The
teama chat have played all at the!
gam·» on Uieir schedule have com
pleted their eeoond round and will play !
their eleventh came at this time
Th· First Methodist team, which
Dour leads th· senior league will play j
the Baptist seniors In wteat mhould be ;
the best game of the might although t
the 4aitter five will have to show an
unptreeected burst of speed and floor
work . Th· First Simpson aggregation
has (had pretty easy going this year,
having won seven of nine tames. They
lost one pum to the Presbyterians,
and th· Other to the Danish M. E.
Liaat Friday η if ht the Baptiste earn,
back and won from the Presbyterians
so tha,t they may be the cause of some
fan In the First Simpson'» ranks this
The first run· in the senior league
Friday ntrht mar bave some Inter
esting result·, the reorganized Dan
ish M. E. payers t>eing scheduled to
meet th· fast Presbyterians. The
Danes cam· back strong last Friday
night and if they appear with the
same lineup this weak M 1s a foregont
conclusion that the Presbyterians will
have more than they bargained for.
Τ be Danish M. E. 6vo at the beginning
of th« season made a wonderful «how.
lng «Mer which they want Into a
stomp. They air· now showing their
■old spirit however and are expected
to continue their games with theii
former ">pep "
The other senVor game on Friday
night will be between the South Ara
boy John Street Methodists and the
Second ÉHmrpeou Μ. Β. team. Th·
Somith Anxboy team have been unable
to win a game as yet this season but
are <ieservlng at oorasMerabl· credit
for the gameness they have shown by
keeping In the league. In spit· of the
fart that they are handicapped in
having no place to practice, and that
they must come to this city in all kind;
of weather to play, this team has been
one of the assets otf the league and
promisee to be a nucleus for a much
wtronfi-er team next year. The Sec
ond Methodists who are now in sec
ond place do not expect to have trou
ble in winning another game. This
game will start at 9:20 o'clock.
The Junior games "Will find the two
Presbyterian teams playing and the
Methodists clashing with the Baptists.
The g*une in which the Baptists were
defeated by the First Presbyterians a
lltitle over a week ago doos not count
and must 'be played over owing to the
Ineligibility of one of the Presbyte
rian players. This makes the Baptists
and First Presbyterians ti· for flrit
place. The Methodists oooupy second
place and the Second Presbyte ris its
are last. The first Junior game 1*
scheduled for 7 o'clock and th· sec
ond game at 7:10 o'clock.
Will Meet Strong Team on the
Local Y. M. H. A. Court
Keeping in Trim.
The members of the Amboy Five
are now fast petting in trim for their
game here Saturday night. Who their
opponents will be has not been an
nounced as yet, but It ia certain that
a strong combination of players will
be secured to combat them. Since
'Togo" Miller and "Blackie" Regan
have been kept out of th· Amboy five
lineup owing to injuries "Jiinnier"
Wight and "Da" Macan have been
playing In their places. These two
players havç been making good with
the local championship claimants
and will probably be used often.
The other members of th# team
neamely: "Bi" I.a Forge, "Ray" Han
derhan and "Chick" Evans ar« keep- j
Ing in the best of condition In order
to be able to meet anything that Man
ager Regan signs up for the locale to
Saturday night's game was a dem
onstration of what the local quintet
can do, the visitor· proving no match
for them whatsoever, although they
Tvere expected to give an exhibition of
some fast work.
Basketball fans are anxious that
the Amboy Five take on a team which
will give the spectators some thrills,
such as the Company Ε same, when '
the second half ended in a tie making
It necessary to play an additional -
five minutes. The soldiers won, but I
it was a game which the Amboy FIvp ;
could well be proud of.
Know What Geode l«?
Whoa next the reader goes on a trip
Id the mountains It villi be well for
him to keep a sharp lookout. Perhaps
he may discover a geode. Probably
he docs not know liow α geode ehoukl
look, but If he chance» upon one lie
will Immediately recognize !t. For a
geode is one of the most wonderful
things In nature, says a writer. In
the beginning It was nothing more
thon a cavity In a rock. Then water j
trickled Into the cavity, leaving a de
posit containing many chemical ele
ments. These element· In the course
of time became crystals, and If they
contained the neceeeery Ingredients 1
the crystals evolved Into gems. Sup
pose for a moment that oxide of man
ganese became mixed with the crys
tals. Then they woold turn to ame
thysts of a hue and beauty quite past
description. It Is the interior of a
geode that is priceless. Some have
been found In which a small iment of
water still remained in their center,
confined there for thousands, perhaps
millions, of yean. By turning them
this war «ad that, the water could he
piaUif mi to mvt
CAMP SHERMAN O., Jan. 9:—Among the most instructive of a-th
etle activities in army training camps Is boxing.
For when he is boxing the soldier learns the fundamentals of bayonet
»ork in addition to the physical benefit he derives from it.
PracticaJly every bayonet thrust is similar to some common blow
mown to boxln*, the feet, body and arms assuming the same positions in
A number of great boxers, including several world champions, have
rone to army oamps to Instruct the Bammies in the fundamentals. As a
reneraJ rule no attempt has been made to make finished boxers of the
nen—they are simply shown the fundamentals on which boxing is based.
I bayonort Instructor then shows the bayonet thiuete and between the two
nstructlone the rookie learne his bayonet work more easily and at the
>ame time is thoroughly trained in the science of .^lf-defense.
Johnny Kllbane, featherweight champion of the world and one of the
freatasrt of scientific boxers, past or present, is instructor at camp here,
^is work has been remarkable. His classes, numbering hundreds, go
hrough their drills perfectly, although they have only been under Me
fuidance tor a few months.
The pictures taken showing Kllbane's instructions In boxing and com
MLrlng them with the regulation bayonet drills were taken at Camp Sher
nan in a driving snowstorm.
Kllbane's pupil, in this case, is Marty Delmore, an Ohio boy, who was
luite a skillful amateur boxer before he entered the army.
A few ciaye itg-o Branch Rickey. the
facetâoiis president of the St. Ix>uls
-ardineJs, was in a humorous mood
rnd d&ckied to teJl the world just what
tie would take for hie bright shining
star, Rng-ers Horasby.
To Chicago the magnanimous Rick
ey offered HorMlby for $100,000 arid
Pitchers Grovcr Alexander and J:m
To New York he consented 1o trade
Horneby for a. cash consideration
(amount unknown) and'\ players
Fletclier. Kauiff, Burns and Shupp.
Of coarse these offers were not made
ία earnest It was Ju»t Rickey's wa/
of teliing that Hornfby was not for
sais at any price which would t>e con
ridered reasonable to anyone else
But there was something to think
ibout in tile two offers and it dates |
track eererul years in baseball.
Alone about 1908 the New York
Oiajrts ipaid Ind^inapolis something
tike $12,500 for Rube Marquard.
Tiie baseball world eat up in as
tooieliiTvent. Marquard was the high
est priced baseball player who had
ever been 1>ougrht or sold.
That was the beginning of the era
of buying ballplayers; an era which!
continues and is coating men who j
would b'.'iid up championship ball I
clufce thousands of dollars every year
Marty O'Toole was fhe next bl?r sale.
Marty brought $22,500 on the market.
Larry Ciiappelle was the next to com»
from minors at a fancy price.
ThenOoimte Mack decided to break
up Me wonderful ball cl-ub an<l the
climax came when he disposed oi Ed
die Collins for $60,000.
This was the greatest deal in base
ball until Char lee Weeghman came
alone this fall end bought Alexander
and Killefer for a prioe estimated at
from 17 5,000 to $80.000. although Tit"
the meantime Trls Speaker wee sold by
Bovton to. Cleveland for a price said to .
equal that paid for Collins
Ie there a limit?
Probably not eo long as men in|
baseball are willing to pay money for |
ballplayer* who will give them a pen- j
nant winning team.
The only thing improbable about ·
Rickey's offer ti that he should ask
for valuable player» in addition to a ι
lot oi coin. The com—that is any,
amount within the wildest kind of.
reason—probably wrjuld be forthcom
ing if the player was wanted badly I
enough, lb at the man who 1» after a I
championship will not trade hie good I
player·. '
Teaspoon· From Cotton Fiber.
Cheap teaspoons have been manu
factured from compressed cotton fiber.
south mat league
Presbyterians were ! t-f ortcO two
srames out of three 1*81 night by the
Methodist pinner? on the alleys of the
r. M. C. Α..
Notwithstanding heir -West >n the
Bret game ihe Methodists cann' hark
strong In the second game, und von
the game by thirty-thre-3 p'nu. This
pame marked another two hundred
«core. McDowell making 211.
The third and last *rai«e *aa the
second victory for the Methodist»^
who took the fray by a cbunt Of ebciy
one pins.
Tames 1«7 ··. ί..
Gominger 154 200
McDowell 1S1" 211' 143
Hoffman 1.74 IÇ8 18»
Wist 17 1 157 210
Fox 170 155 178
863 845 >20
Ingialiam 186 178 177
Dixon 215 ICI 178
Schuyler 1D6 1«S 1G1
Anderson 176 182 187
Donnell 353 14g,, 156
936 812 859
Presbyterians 14 10 .583
Episcopalians 11 .11 .042
Baptists 12 12 .500
Methodists 11 13 .458
Harold A. Throckmorton is one of
the four American tennis play*™ me
Jeçtca^to ^
played at Montreal and will be for
the benefit of the British Red Crow.
The other members of the American
team will be Frederick B. Alexander.
Merrill Hall and Nat W. Niles. The
Canadian players ha.\ e not been an
nounced. The invitation to send a
team came from A. H. Grier, presi
dent of the Montreal Indoor Tenni·
Club, and in view of the purpose for
which the match 1* té be (riven. Julian
S. Myriolt. as acting president of the
national aseoclatlon, decided to send
the team.
An additional supply of autouioMl·
license platoe for 1818 arrived at
agency at the Perth Amboy gagâtfV
last night- All thoee vrlio have not yet
obtained them, mut»! get thorn toda/
or tonight.
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Select any one of the hundred models of high-grade used
Overlands and Willys-Knights and other make ears now being
shown at
and untii April 1st we will
If in the Spring you decide that vou would prefer to have a
new car, we will arrange with your local Overland dealer to
credit you with your deposit on a new car.
Broadway and BOth Street, Haw York
Open Kreninfi Ontaf Show Waak
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