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Richmond Valley Railroad Sta
tion Robber is Caught
at St. George.
Bu Spécial Correspondent.
TOTTENVILLK, Jan. 18—Detec
tives of the Ninth Branch Bureau
under Captain Ernest L. Van Wagner
have cleared up both the robbery ol
the general store of Samuel Morgen
stein at tlio Atlantic station and thai
j of the Richmond Valley railroad sta
tion Sunday night.
^ Detectives Detroit and Schley ar
rested Michael Olages, sixteen year!
old. at the St. George terminal Wed
nesday on a charge of robbing th<
railroad station at Richmond Vallej
of |400 worth of railroad tickets
Olages, when arrested, was trying tc
dispose of some of the tickets to pas
sengers. When searched at tho De
tectlve Bureau, nearly all of the tick
ets were found in his possession. H<
was locked up and when arraignec
In the first district court yesterday
Magistrate Croak held him in $1,00<
bail to await the action of the granc
Jury. In default of ball he was taker
to tho county Jail at Richmond
Olages, who was at Mt. Loretto som<
time ago, was sent away from that in
stitution because of some trouble
there. He had been sleeping about
in various places and staying aboul
the railroad stations along the lint
during the cold days last week.
He was at Richmond Valley statlor
Sunday afternoon. Suspicion was di
rected against him and a search wai
begun, which led to his capture
William Burke, of Bethel avenue, and
Frank White, of Wood avenue
charged with entering Morgenstein'i
place early Monday morning were
brought Into court yesterday. Theti
caso was put over until Tuesday
when α brother of White asked foi
an adjournment for a time to se
cure counsel. In default of bail the]
were remanded to Jail.
By Special Correspondent.
frOTTENVIDLE, Jan. 18:—Rich
mond borough's three aldermen have
been assigned to responsible commit
tees by tho president of the board ol
aldermen. Alderman John J
O'Rourke Is on finance, rules and
etate legislation affecting the city ol
New York. Alderman John Walsh ii
on salaries and oflice, public letting
nnd public thoroughfares. Alderman
Edward J. Atwell, representing this
end of the island, Is named on build
ings and srener.il welfai·»
Βu Special Correspondent.
TOTTENVIIXE, Jan. 18.—In thi
drive for $60,000 to bo raised by sub
scription through the Home Defensi
ι T.eague of the borough of Richmond
for the Red Cross on Staten Island
the Ninety-ninth precinct statior
league has received pledges for $1,015
according· to the report of Captair
Matli^son of the local league at t
meeting held this week at the Stater
Island club, St. George. The tota
amount reported for the island wa!
$12,000 with many of the district!
still to be heard from. Because of th(
weather many of the teams have beer
unable to get out to thé districts tc
make the house to house canvas.
By Special Correspondent.
TOTTENVILLE, Jan. 18.—A Jury in
the special term of county court Ir
Borough hall, St. George, yesterday
acquitted Michael Verkuk, a formel
saloonkeeper of Mariners Harbor, of ε
charge of murder. The case was tried
before County Judge Harry Tiernan lr
the court room at St. George. It be
gan on Monday and the jury was se
lected on that day. Taking of testimonj
began on Tuesday and the case was
given to the jury yesterday afternoon
Verkuk was charged with having en
gaged two men to kill P/iul Moise, also
of Mariners Harbor on Sunday, Sep
tember 16. Moise had been held up
on Riohmond Terrace by the murder
ers and after his head was crushed In
by a stone his 'body was^hrown Into a
vacant lot.
Moise is alleged to have told the po
lice that Verkuk was selling llquoi
without a license at a storo in Mar
iners Hartjor. This was said to have
caused the murder. Steve Rathboe,
who was also Indicted at the time> was
discharged by the court. The real
murderer Is said to have escaped and
fled to Europe.
\frs. Charles O. Spraguo left yes
terday with her daughter, Mrs. Ella
Hoatr, to spend the rest of the winter
In Washington at the home of the
Mr. and Mrs. James Merritt, of
Manhattan, visited In Prince Bay yes
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
William Manec, of Bloomingdale road
Mrs. Robert Decker, of Tottenvil'c,
visited her parents here yesterday.
William Digman, who underwent α
serious operation last week, Is report
ed to be much Improved.
Dr. McDonald Peggs was In Man
hattan yesterday.
Mrs. J. Tarter has been visiting (In
Elm Park.
James Grover, of Manhattan, was
In town yesterday.
St. Mark's Methodist church have
abandoned all meetings in the church
because of the shortage of coal and
the weekly prayer services are being
held at the homes of members.
The body of the colored man founl
beside the tracks of the Rapid Tran
sit at Prlnco 9ay, has been Identified
as that of James Wilson, of New
Springville, a brother of Thomas
vti«on 0f this pl.ic.
Honor Roll of Men in Service
from Tottenville and Rich
mond Valley.
By Special Correspondent.
TOTTENVILLE, Jan. 18.—A tablet
will tie placed in tho Tottenville
branch of tho New York Public Library
In Amboy road that will contain the
names of all those young men who
went out from Tottenville and Rich
mond Valley and aro now in the ser
vice of the government. The tablet will
be placed at tho library by the Daugh
ters of tho American Revolution. Miss
Annie Cole has been in Charge of
compiling tho list of names of the boys 1
who are in the various branches of the j
service. Some ore in France, England, '
Canada, while most of them are still I
at the cantonments in this country un- I
ι dergoing training for service on the
other side of the water. The list con
tains the names of eighty-two young
j men in the service. Service flags have
( (been unveiled by churches, lodges,
' schools, clubs and other organizations
but this is the only tablet to be dis
played for those in the fight for de
mocracy. The following Is the list:
John J. Allen, Earl Anderson, Emil
Anderson, George Arverson, Andrew
Anderson, Charles Agnew, Alexander
Brown, Wallace Brown, Walter Bruck
man, Walton Beauvias, Alfred Bruck
man, Raymond A. Butler, James row
er, Charles Cole, Thomas Cavalla, Wil
liam Carrington, Thaddeus Cltne, Rob
ert Cullen, Chester Cole, Ernest Cope
land, William Covell, Royal Daggett,
Nprman Dilg, Albert Dougherty, Rob
ert J. Dletz, Walter W. Eagle, Clifford
Early, Eugene Fountain, William D.
Frerichs, Jr., Richard Fitzgerald, Wil
bur Gray, Joseph Grifiln, Frank Glan
nandre, Wilbur Harvey, John Hewitt,
Charles J. Hudson, Charles Fred Jar
rett, Benjamin Jaeger, Herbert Jones,
Frederick Kaufman, Andrew Knott,
George Knott, Edward Lang, Thomas
Lalll, John Laraen, Lars Larsen, Roy
Lehman, Frank Lehman, John Lln
ane, Robert M. Lewis, Charles L. Long,
Raymond McCarthy, J. Leonard Mc
Donald, Georgo D. Morehouse, Ed
ward V. Marshall, George Moffett, Jos
eph J. Mitchell, James Napier, John
O'Mcara, Victor H. Parsons, Edgar
Price, Luther Paugh, Charles Rellly,
Henry R. Relchert, Fred Scherer, Wil
liam Sher, Daniel Schuchard, Freder
ick Sohl, George Stiles, Jack Trafford,
Henry Tencate, James Ure, Horaco |
Vaughan, William Vitzthum, Cornel-1
lus White, David Henry Wood, George
Warner, Frederick Webb, Ralph Warn
er, James Wright, Charles Woglom aud
William A. Yetman.
By Special Correspondent.
TOTTENVTLLE, Jan. 18.—Borough
President Van Name has received the
following letter from the Mayor of
Klchmond, Sorrey, England:
1 "Dear Mr. Mayor:—
As we now st&nd on the threshold of
the New Tear, I desire as Mayor of
iho Royal Borough of Klchmond,
durrey, England, ta send fraternal
greetings to you and your fellow
townspeople, and to say that all the
loyal inhabitants, not only of this
borough, but of the British empire
throughout the world, view, with feel
ings of the greatest admiration the
spirit of spontaneous patriotism which
1 animates tile Sons of the United States
of America in entering into the pres
ent great world struggle updp the side
of right and Justice.
It must indeed bo α source of un
bounded satisfaction to the great
American nation to know that the sac
rifices they are so willingly making in
this sacred cause will inevitably tend
to shorten the period of terrible carn
age and suffering caused by the war
and to hasten the day of the final vic
tory of the Allies.
Henceforth and until that day, the
peoples of the British empire and the
United States will stand shoulder to
shoulder, united in the common bond,
the cause of freedom and humanity..
I am, Dear Mr. Mayor,
Yours fatihfully,
Mayor of Richmond, Surrey, England.
The Worshipful The Mayor,
Town Hall, Richmond,
New York, U. S. A.
Dated, December IS, 1917.
By Special Correspondent.
TOTTENVILLE, Ja*. 18—Interest
Ins papers were read at the meeting
jof the Philemon Literary and Histor
ical Society Wednesday afternoon by
Misses Emma Herrel and Miss Kath
erine Dodds and a reading was çiven
by Mrs. William D. Frerlchs. Mrs.
William David rendered selections.
Reports of the annual guest night and
reception, which Is to be held next
Friday night at the South Baptist
church, were made. The delega'.es
to the city federation named at a re
cent meeting are Mrs. Arthur Locke,
Mrs. Arthur Yetman and Mrs. George
Williams. The alternates are Mrs.
Herbert Moore, Mrs. W. D. Frerichs
and Mrs. George M. Kiofer.
Mrs. Arthur Wright Is with her
mother at Albany, who is reported
seriously ill at that place.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Harold James Ward recently.
Howard Blalght, who has been with
the Simplex concern at New Bruns
wick for the past year or more, goes
with the Hllllard Company the first
of the week.
Announcement has been made of
the marriage of Emil Walkerllng, for
merly of this place and Miss Frances
Rayot, of Portland, Oregon. Mr.
Walkerllng is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Walkerllng. He went to Port
land, Oregon α year ago.
Fireman Michael Wall of Engine
Company 151, returned yesterday to
his home from St. Vincent's hospital,
I whjere he had been the past three
weeks as the result of a fall at the
fire houes.
Edward Marshall hoe been trans
ferred from the Brooklyn Navy Yard
to Tompkinsville. He is In the radio
department. |
John Linane of the naval militia. |
has been noitified that he has passed ι
his examination as α second class ma- j
chinist's mate. !
Edgar Price, who was in the .brig
at the Brooklyn navy yard for three
months for overstaying his leave
while at the training camp at Tarry
town, has been released and 1· now in I
service again.
The first degree was conferred on'
five candidates by Huguenot Lodg·,
No. SSI, F. and A. M., last night I
the Masonic temple.
Wallace Brown h an been elected
trustee of the Bouth Baptist churc
In place of Fred Parsons resigned
because of moving away.
Welcome Council, Daughters ο
America, met last night at K. of F
Go and Do It.
A man was asked how he aceom
pllshed so much In life. "My fathei
taught me," was the reply, "when ]
had anything to do to go and do It"—
' Insurance Companies Pool
' To Cover Dangerous Risks
[ By Special Correspondent.
TRENTON, Jan. 18—The State De
partment of Banking and Insurance
I has solved a puzzling situation
I brought about by tho provisions of
the compulsory workmen's insurance
law in the information received yes
terday that the department has been
advised that tho pool of ten compa
nies, known as "The Associated Com
panies," will accept insurance of
employers in Now Jersey who engage
men In what are known as extra- j <
hazardous risk·. In this classifica
tion are included munition making , <
establishments, chemical manufactur- ;
In g concerns, companies which engage
men in window cleaning work and Ν
similar occupancies in which thcr· ,
is unusual danger of accidente or
The ten companies forming the
pool are: Aetna Casualty & Surety
of Hartford, Conn.; Aetna Life Insur
ance Company, also of Hartford:
Employers Liability Assurance Cor
poration, Ltd., London and Boston; ·
Hartford Accident & Indemnity Com- :
pany, Hartford; London Guarantee & '
Accident Company, Ltd., London and
Chicago: Maryland Casualty Com
j&ny, Baltimore; Ocean Accident i
guarantee Corporation, London
ïtandard Accident Insurance Com
>any, Detroit; Travelers Indcmnlt;
Ompany, Hartford, and th«5 Travel
■sa Insurance Company, of Hartford
Hungarians Demand Peace
5.V Cnitcd Press.
PARIS, Jan. 18.—Workers at Bud
tf>cst staged a great demonstration ti
>ack up their petition to the govern
nent for conclusion of peace with th<
/Uliee according to a dispatch froi
Zurich yesterday.
Russians in Pitched Battle;
Battleship Fires on Rebels
Vy Γ il itctl Press.
PETP.OGRAD, Jan. 18—A pitched
battle in the streets of Odessa on
Tuesday with heavy casualties was re
ported in dispatches reaching herV,
yesterday. The Battleship Sinop and
other war crafts opened fire on the
' rebels.
Dispatches do not make It clear
whether the Ukrainians hold the ars
enal or other important pointe.
mr lead to Chronic )unr troubla, or
mean that the chronic ataco already
la reached. In olthar η» try
Thia tonic and tlaauo-repalrer eirp
pllaa the acknowledged benefit· of Cal
cium treatment without disturbing tha
atomach. Contaiaa no Alcohol. Iiir>
eotlo or Hsblt-Fonala· Drue,
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