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Donnas Animal Cerrmony.
A» I wa* about to go, little booV
Harvey's old father looked at m
from under bis ihitn white brow
and »atd rather curiously, "And you
husband, doea he know that you hav
attempted thla Sir Galahad sort ο
undertaking: In my son's behalf?"
"Not yet, Mr. . I may tei
him all about it when I go back hom<
but I am not sure. Ton see I do no
feel that I have a rlffht to tell any
one this adventure as it is not my ow:
but the very intimate, personal ex
pcrience of another."
"1 confess the modern woman is
puuio to me," said Harvey's fathe
who had again taken on the more ο
less sarcastic manner with which h
greeted ma. "But them is one thini
you have demonstrated to me, mad
ame," he said as he touched the buz
E«r at hie elbow, "and that is tha
the modern woman docs not lacl
courage. I will go tonight to my son
I am an old man," he added, "but
don't think that age has blinded m
to beauty or courage," and he bowei
me out.
There you have it, little book. Tsn'
it a beastly kind of world that make
a man think he can get away wit]
anything with a woman If he onl:
flatters her? That old man down il
his heart thought he had rehabilitate·
himself in my mind by that bit of flat
tery thrown out to be me as I left.
I did not get back to Donna's unti
late that afternoon and when I got ii
I found her engaged in a mystic am
mystifying rite.
She was gowned In deep mourning
not a bit of white anywhere to relieve
the somber blackness. Her hair, li
Its beautiful whiteness—she had somi
how contrived to make It quite whlti
again—was tho only thing that was
not sober about her. Her lips were
unsmiling: and her eyes were not only
sad but a little hard, as though the
grief she had undergone had crystal
ized her soul a little.
f ' I was cudgelling my braian to tlilnk
I if it wan an anniversary of Bill's
I [ death she was celebrating, but soon
' came to the conclusion that I was
on tho wrong tack for Bill died, I dis
tinctly remembered,' In the spring of
the year.
I went In to Donna's own little sit
ting room and found her placing a
, bunch of violets under a full length
* I picture of herself when she was a girl
_ I of sixteen. Beside tho picture she
" had drawn up α cheval mirror and
I from time to time she looked from
■ I the pictured girl to her own faco and
'} form in the mirror.
". I had come up the stairs unannoune
, j ed and she did not hear me until I
^ ι was in the room. As I turned sud
: ! denly to go out—It seemed to me
I " that I had surprised her doing some
' : thing that was not for the eyes of
II even her devoted friend—I made α
little noise and she turned.
With a little sigh that might have
been a laugh or a groan, she turned
1 to me and put out her hand. "Come
' on in, Margie," she said. "Tou have
1 inadvertantly caught mo. at a little
1 ceremony that I have gone through
■1 with on the recurrence of this day for
1 years. Ever since my first birthday
I after I had left Will, when I found
[ that he was In love with Kitty Mal
I ram, I have been foolish and senti
mental enough to go back over my
■ life on my birthday and also by plac
! ing a few flowers under the picture
ι here I have tried to tell this dead
> girl pictured here that I remember
ι lier.'
ι "But, Donna, I have always thought
this was your portrait."
"Ir Is a portrait of me painted -when
I was sixteen years old. but the girl
In that frame is lust as nvirely dead
as though she had been buried and
had crumbled away to dust.'
I looked at the picture, little book,
and then I looked at Donna. She had
told the truth—the sixteen year old
girl was dead and the woman sitting
near her was someone «luite dlffcr
! ent.
I wondered, little book, if I were
so changed from the girl who way
back in the old days had taught,
school and who had fallen so desper
ately In love with Dick at sight.
(To be continued)
German Diplomat Said to Have Pro
posed It as Peace Mov·.
Amsterdam, Jan. 23.—Count τοη
Reventlow, apostle of pan-Germanism,
recently stated In a lecture that a
German diplomatic representative to
a neutral country had declared that If
negotlatlona could be begun with
America the German U boat warfare
might be restricted or «upended.
Dispatches carrying this Information
quoted the Norddeutache AUegemelne
Zeltung as saying that "no facts to
support this statement were known
Germans Seize Dutch 8teamer.
Copenhagen, Jan. 23.—The capture |
by German warships of the Dutch '
steamship Lima, 1,269 tons gross, from
Holland for Sweden with a cargo of'
sugar, Is reported in a Stockholm dis- j
patch to the National Tldende. The I
Luna was taken into Swlnemunde.
Bandits Rob Jewelry Store.
Detroit, Jan. 23.—Three bandits en
tered the Jewelry store of Ralph
Dewey, In the downtown district,
bound the proprietor, and escaped with
valuables Raid to be worth $60.000.
T\as fereat
-food, value
THE food value
of cocoa has
been proven by cen
turies of use, and
dietitians and phy
sicians the world
over are enthusiastic
in their endorse
ments of it. It is
said to contain more
nourishment than
beef, in a more
readily assimilated
form. The choice,
ί bea
high-grade coc
"Baker's" of
It is delicious, too
on every package
Had· only by
Walter Baker
th Co. Ltd.
ΈλΛΆΜ xyio
mi u.·, pat!off. DorchmatT, Mut.
*^«> ·ορ» <xg" <x»"
Wlf· of Cub·'· Preddent
Rai··· Fund· for Red Crot·.
This photograph of the beautiful wife ol
the President of Cuba was taken a fe^v
days after the had completed the task of
raising a cash fund of $1,000,000 for the
equipment and maintenance in France o1
a hospital to be manned exclusively by
Cuban physicians and nurses.
Regular· Who Do Not Make Good
Faea Reduction in Rank.
Washington, Jan. 23.—The war de
partment has taken new steps to weed
out Inefficiency in the service.
Division or higher commandera
were authorized to order before α
"plucking board" any regular army
officer regarded unfit to hold a tem
porary commission higher than his
normal rank in peace times.
Th· "plucking board" will then de
termine whether such an officer is un
fit, and the war department will past
on its findings. In case the depart
ment confirms the "plucking board"
decision of unfitness the officer will
be ordered back to his previous status
In the regular army.
The abrupt change from
home comforts to camp life may be
trying on your boy's health, but if he
will only take the rich liquid-foodjp
it will create richer blood to es
tablish body-warmth and fortify hii
lungs and throat Thousands ol
soldiers all over the world
take Soott's Emulsion. v|
It is exactly what they need. Tiff
Scott fc Bowne. Bloomficld. W.I. >7-30
New York and Wilkes-Barre
N. J.
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U. S. TAKES $1,000,000 HOTEL
Navy Will Use Big Resort Hostelry at
Cape May.
Cape May, Jan. 23.—The navy de
partment has taken over the Cape
May Hotel, one of the largest and
moat modern hotels along the New
Jersey coast, for a naval hospital.
Till» hotel contains 600 rooms find Is
a mile and a half from tlie Govern
ment's Coast Defense Training School
at Sewell's Point and the aviation Held
nt Wissahlckon, across the harbor.
This is the second big New Jersey
resort hotel the government hns taken
over for war hospital work. Recently
the famoos Lakewood Hotel was
taken and has since been turned into
Base Hospital No. 9 for army pur
It Is believed the navy department
not only plans to have the hospital at
Cape May care for the thousands la
the two coast defense camps and <n
the aviation camp, but that It also
plans to make Cold Spring Inlet and
the new harbor at Cape Slay a naval
base for fleet operations <m the Dela
ware Cape*.
Id that case the famous Cape May
harbor Improvement and city building
enterprise, launched 13 years ago and
I backed by the government \yILh SL,
j 000,000, will have realized 1U purpose.
One Week Whirlwind Campaign to Aid
Knight· of Columbua War Work.
Atlantic City, Jan. 23.—Leading wo
men who have taken part In every pa
triotic movement since Governor Etl;;e
early In the war called for a census of
■ the women of the state to ascertain
I what they were prepared to do to
I meet the exigencies of tlie future now
are enlisted in a whirlwind drive *o
go "over the top" with $10,(XX) in a
week for the war work of the Knights
of Columbus.
VIrtunlly every woman's organiza
tion In the city is enlisted. Denomi
national lines have been broken down
and the same women who canvassed
rigorously in person, by mall and by
phone to reach the goal set for the
Y. M. C. A. nnd the Ited Cross drives
now are working just ns enthusias
tically for this new appeal to patriot
Mrs. Silas Shoemaker, wife of a
prominent hanker, is one of the most
active workers. Mrs. Jacob It. Botb
well, chairman of the Women's Con
nervation Committee of the Commit
tee on Public Defense, which brought
about the establishment of the Com
munity Market to rcduce the high
cost Of living, Is nnotlier worker.
Wâc-^ewff*Mr-speafa«Mr KttatM.- Poli
cies, but Body Indorses Stand.
Newark, Jan. 23.;—Sweeping criti
cism against the government and es
pecially the fuel administration was
. made by Dr. Alexander C. Humphreys,
president of Stevens University of
Technology; Austin Colgate, candi
date for the Republican nomlnatlou
! for United States senator, nnd War
ren C. King, director of the body, in
addresses delivered before the New
Jersey Manufacturera' War Council's
session In this city. Following this,
the War Council unanimously adopt
ed α resolution indorsing the Presl
i dent's war policy.
Doctor Humphreys' attack was
principally directed against Secretary
Baker, Secretary Daniels and Doctor
Garfield. Secretary Baker was de
scribed as α "pronounced pacifist"
whose actions were "absolutely sick
Secretary Daniels was criticised for
urging that naval officers he trninod
to make speeches, nnd Doctor Gar
field was condemned for taking the
post of fuel administrator when "he
knew that he was not qualified for the
position." President Wilson was criti
cised for "his failure to make com
petent and proper appointments."
New Jersey Concern Permitted to In
srease Rates by Utility Board.
Trenton, Jan. 23.— The Board of
Public Utility commissioners has filed
reports on the petition of the New
Jersey Gas Company for permission
to Increase its rates. The New Jer
sey Gas Company serves several tau
nlclpalitles In Camden, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem counties.
Except In the boroughs of Vlneland
and Swedeshoro and In Landis town
ship the company has been chnrging
$1.50 gross for gas sold through ordi
nary meters, less 8 per cent discount
for prompt payment, and $1.40 net
for gas sold through prepaid meters.
In the borough of Swedesboro the
charge has been $1.50 gross for gas
sold through ordinary meters, with 10
per cent discount for prompt pay
ment, and $1.40 net for gas sold
through prepaid meters.
In the borough of Vineland and
Landis township the company's charge
has been $1 per thousand cubic feet
for gas sold through both ordinary
and prepaid meters. The company
proposed to charge $1.50 net per thou
sand cubic feet except In the borough
of Vineland and Landis township.
Death of Emory W. Myers.
Boon ton, Jan. 23.—Emory W. M.vera
is dead at his home here. He was flfty
slx years old end was secretary and
treasurer of Corllee, Macy A Co. of
New York. He had served on the
board of aldermen, hoard of education
and sinking fund commission of Boon
A Sale You
Should Not Miss
BMMHi——— ■ :
in tnis mixed group are officers of six allied nations watching shells from the allied guns falling on the OS
ty of Lens where the Canadians are again making "Heini·" get under. Left to right the officers are: Britlab,
Portuguese, French, Siamese, Canadian and American. ^ie officer in the light coat is Major Prince Amôra
shot of Siam.
Says No Soldiers Were Erer
Cleaner Than His Men.
Washington, Jan. 23.—General Per
shing has flatly and categorically de
nied the allegations of those who have
charged the American army in France
with too strong Indulgence in strong
i drink and with other alleged short)
j comings.
I In a cablegram to the war depart
'ment General Pershing defends the
American soldiers at the front, say»
no similar body of men lend so clean
a life and that American mothers will
, be proud of their boys abroad. The
text of General Pershing's telegram
was made public by Secretary Raker
In a letter which the secretary of war
sent to Governor Arthur Capper of
Kansas, who appears to have become
concerned orer the story that has been
uttered against the forces of the Unit
ed States In France.
General Pershing cabled:
"There has never been a similar
, body of men to lead as clean lives as
our American soldiers In France.
They have entered this war with the
highest devotion to duty and with no
other Idea than to perform these du
ties In most efficient manner possible.
"They fully realize their obligation
to their own people, their friends and
the country. A rigid program of in
struction is carried out dally with trm
ditlonul American enthusiasm. En
gaged In healthy, Interesting exercises
In the open air with simple diets, offl
1 cers and men, like trained athletes,
I are ready for their task. Forbidden
Itlie use of strong drink and protect
ed by stringent regulations against
sexual évite and supported by their
I own moral courage, their good be
i havior is the subject of most favora
ble comment, especially by our allies.
"American mothers may rest as
sured that their sons are a credit to
them and to the nation, and they may
well look forward to the proud day
when on the battlefield these splendid
men will shed a new luster on Ameri
can manhood."
Take a Glass of Salts if Your
Back Hurts or Bladder
Troubles You.
No man or woman who eate meat
regularly can make a mistake by flush
ing the kidneys occasionally, says a
well-known authority. Meat forms
uric acid, which excites the kidnej'S,
they become overworked from the
strain, get sluggish and fall to filter
the waste and poisons from the blood,
then we sret sick. Nearly mil rheuma
tism, headaches, liver trouble, nervous
ness. dizziness, sleeplessness and uri
nary disorders ct-ne from sluggish
The moment you feel a dull ache In
the kidneys or your back hurts or If
the urine Is cloudy, offensive, full of
sediment. Irregular of passage or et
tended by a sensation of scalding, stop
•sting meat and get about four ounces
of Jad Salts from any pharmacy; take
g tablespoonful in a glass of water be
fore breakfast and in a few days your
kidneys will act fine. This famous
salts Is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon Juice, combined with llthia,
Snd has been used for generations to
ush and stimulate the kidneys, also to
neutralise the adds in urine so it no
*ΌΗΙ IIKRB! ! Wot's til' French for amouSagc?"
Reported Bolshevik! Will Send
Another Note to Miles.
Petrograd, Jan. 23.—The All-Russian
Convention of Workmen's and Sol
dier·' Soviets, which Is expected to
form the new government of Russia
now that toe constituent assembly la
dissolved, was delayed In assembling.
All of the delegates have not arrived.
Foreign Ulnlster TrotzVv and other
members of the Russian pence delega
tion are expected here daily from
Brest-Litovsk. It was asserted that
Tratzky would address another appeal
to the allies outlining the progress
made at Brest-Litovsk and again urg
ing them to Join In general peace nego
The murder of former Minister* Ko
koshkln and ShlngarefT was officially
announced as the work of Bolshevik
fanatics, who were stirred to a frenzy
by the appeals of sailors from the Bal
tic fleet, Just arrived, that they take
the live· of those opposing them.
Attempt on Savinkoff*· Life.
Stockholm, Jan. 23.—An attempt has
been made In Petrograd to assassi
nate Boris Savinkoff, former acting
minister of war in liere.isky's cabinet.
It 1· reported from Hapnranda.
Previously it had been reported that
members of the Red Guard were sco'ir*
lug Petrograde for Savinkoff because
of his anti-Bolshevik activities.
Premier Lenlne has issued a war
rant for the arrest of li. Tchernoff. a
Social Revoletloaarjr, ate was elected
Are You Stilt '
Young at Heart?
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Than You Feel ? --1
Every women is as young: as sh"·
looks, so why let sentiment ο* ρ«ψι·
dice prevent your keeping youthful
long as you wish?
Not long: ago many women would not
use face powders or cosmetics. Today,
moat women know their need and use .
This is equally true of the hair re
storer. Thousands of women keep their
hair dark and youthful with
It is not a dye. t**.t a delightful toilet
preparation, which gradually bring·
back all the natural color and gloss»
Q-ban will not stain the scalp, waiafcf
or rub off; and does not interfere wltb
washing or waving the hair. Keeps It
glossy and healthy.
Sold by good druggists everywhere
on Money-Back guarantee—price 75c.
Q-ban Hair Tonic
h an antiseptic, hygi
tnic hair droning as
necessary to the proper
care of the hair aa a
dent if rice to the teeth.
Should be wed daily
by childrenand adults.
Removes dandral,
keeps the hair soft «ad
ta -ν

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