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Now Is the Time for All Good Ladies to Indulge in Individual Economy as a War Measure \
Β Dut to Buy, Nevertheless, Without Extravagance, Waste, Miserly Living or Overproduction \
lhi? unusual and effective street
' dress is of navy serge and while
washable satin. Its simple, almost
severe lines and absolute lack of
f ι rimming make it in every sense a
.j, c*"P*rvetive fashion and first in
this class. Designers are not usually
#o fortunate in developing dresses
^ that must depend entirely upon line
ί and' balance for their beauty
By Edith M. Rurtis
' ÀS SPRING advances, the actual
l^*"buyirçg of apparel Increases in im·
jPortance, and unless one is abnormally
j strong minded or absol'itely without
cash or credit, one just can't resist the
desire for some new clothes.
No matter what our seemingly good
L resolutions may have been, we can
[with the advance of spring &
tfOJieii Tt'nJK* pet iêcfly"* good and le·
'gitimate reasons why we should have
ι something pi -tty and fresh and mod·
Irish to wear. Yet there are many
i.women who this year believe that they.
( should not buy new clothes.
, My advice is to obey this impulse,
this natural impulse for something new
end fresh. We are not In tune with
"nature if we cling to the old at this
•time, and the mental stimulus of a
»®ew hat, Crock, suit or even new shoes
. or gloves is too important, too valu·
.able—too vital, in fact—to be disre
You know I believe that we tike
on new courage, broader vision,
'greater faith in ourselves, more gra
•'ciousness of manner and liner sympa
thies witffi new clothes, ant] thés» are
(qualitiesriall too necessary to our suc
cess and happiness, too essential to
ι,our efficiency, to be jeopardized or lost
completely because we do not under
stand the influence of clotr.es.
The effect the knowledge that wo
are appropriately drested has upoi. us
i;s nothing short of marvelous, and as
"quickly felt as though .it were effected
"by some magical process.
ι There is a great deal of talk . bout
erouomy in dress being a patriotic
:,duty. and unquestionably there is
truth in this statement; but let it be
a consistent economy—one in har
biony with the constructive develop
ment of the individual and in keeping
with the very necessary maintenance
of normal business conditions.
i| We do not need individual economy
end retrenchment as a war measure
>υ nucli as we need now and at all
future times, lust as we have always
needed it, a national thrift and con
servation. We want no willful ex
travagance, no waste, 110 hoarding, no
miserly living, no over· roduction or
overindulgence; but a sane, consistent,
honest and honorable production, dis
tribution and use of all the commodi
ties required to make living comfort
able, helpful and beautiful.
If you go out to buy new spring
'clothe· i*ith these thoughts in mind, t
"ara sure yon will buy wisely and profit
ably. TUe stor"' generally have pur
chased tlielr stocks with due regard
to existing condition:], and ar· pie
pared both as to the state of tlielr own
minds and the condition of their mer
chandise to give you the right service.
These things understood and appre
' elated, you need only a definite knowl
edge of what Is most essential and
best for your wardrobe. The knowl·
, edge of these things wilt, aa I have
laid, make your spring shopping
profitable to you and profitable to the
whole general -> heme of our natural
•m showing a rather diverslfU I
tot of wearing apparel today because
•>f t· s ^bought—that you have diversl
-mids and many different opinions
'">—dmg spring clothes.
Perhaps it Is early yet for the selec
tion of a parasol, unless it Is to be an
Easter gift, but even if you do not
want to purchase a parasol at this
time, you will be glad. Τ am sure, to
see one of the newest ideas in thes e
dress accessories. A transparent me
dallion adds a new and distinctive
note to this parasol, which is a pleas
ing example of an interesting trend in
parasol fashions.
You can not be interested in a para
sol without paying som» attention to
the hat shown In this figure, and it is
well worthy of your attention, for it
Is a style which is unquestionably
popular for spring—a close-fitting
turban of straw, with a flower cov
ered crown.
1 have told you much about the
vogue of foulard as a dress fabric, and
have illustrated this point, too. by
A ιιιοϊΊ convincing example υ! the sm.irLnc.-s ami good Jasle of tlie
latest of spring suit fa-hion?. Λ box bolero v.i l» waistcoat of contract
ing material. Λ »1 im uutriinmed skirt in conservative length. These
are fashion details of importance
many attractive garments. Pictured
here is still another foulard fashion,
a new use of this pretty and practical
material, a set of hat. parasol and
shopping bag, very new, smart and
effective. You may think about this
as about the parasol just described^
that it is a little early for these accbq^
sories, but you suiely will not r-egiie^
having this early opportunity Ό tee
thet-e new fashion features.
The girl or woman with a limited
dress allowance, nimble fingers and a
little ingenuity can, with tide infôr
mation. make a set like this at small
cost. This kind of dress economy id
real economy.
Ths smart tailored suit illustrated
today is of immediate Interest, for it
portrays one of the definite fashion de
velopments of the season. The skirt
is noticeably narrow and yet not un
graceful. aud the waistcoat of con
trasting material is in keeping with
the newest and best models of spring
suits. Braid and buttons are accepted
trimming:; for spring tailor-mades,
and here these trimmings are used
most advantageously.
Motor coats are dress needs of every
season and pictured today is one that
la very practical and durable, and yet
not lacking in style. These are quali
ties not always found in company,
with each other in one model. This
coat la of russet leather lined with
cloth. It Is tailor finished with ma
chine stitching, and with belt and
wrist straps held In place by buckle·
or brass. In buying a garment of this
character one should always be sure
that It (its loosely and comfortably, so
:hat if need ai ises one may wear an
extra jacket or sweater underneath.
Ilere again you could not make note
of the motor coat without your atten
tion being called to the other fashion
item of the photograph. s<M am sure
you have noticed the trim hat of straw
and satin. This Is an excellent model
to use for motor traveling, as it fits
the head well, shades the eyes and car
ries a veil nicely. These are all items
of Importance in the selection of a
hat for motor use.
The unusual street dress of navy
serge and white washable satin Is an
other garment for immediate consider
ation, for it can be worn undjr a
spring coat or with small furs.
This unusual and effective street
!re.'>.s is t l navy serge and vhite wash
able satin. its simple, almost severe,
iines and absolute lack of trimmint
muke it in every sense a conservative
fashion and first In this class. You
know there is a great deal being said
and done and shown in the way of
garments requiring a small amount of
material and little or no t.-im
rning, and these, to suit the
thought of the moment and to
meet the restrictions of certain
fabrics and the complications of
production, are called conservative
fashions. However, despite conscien
i )L- effort le.'-igi trs are not usually
so fortunate as in tliis case in devel
oping dresses that must depend en
tirely upon line aud balance for then
beauty. * .
•J). T>ven if one Is not in need of frock*
.southern wear, a glimpse ut 1 hese
rliogent frocks at this time Is not
vithout j rollt The .outhern fashions
Of the moment are usually the pro
tailing modes foi summer/and uirely
we are safe in predicting that this
dainty frock of white voile is lovely
enough to enjoy an extended popular
ity. The..trimming on this dress is a
simple motif of embroidery done in
a delicately colored flosf and in this
trock we have mother vaiuanle sug
gestion for girls and women who can
cleverly copy prevailing fashions at
about half the cost of ready to wear
In looking at the last photograph
illustrated today one might at first
conteftd that the pretty ,irl had much
to do with the pleasing appearance
of the hat, but this Is not true, for
there Is nothing in the simple lines or
unique trimming that would be un
becoming to women less attractive.
The shape Is conservative and th·
materials well chosen. A fancy atraw
in tan trimmed with wheat and
floral cluster·—surely a bappy com
bination of materials for an effective
spring hatf
i rtm-iparcni tncuaiuons ami a new
ami distinctive note lo this para
sol, which is a pleading example of
mi interesting trend iu parasol fash
ion». The clo.«e-fitthis tùrbari bf
itimw with its flowet-covered crawo
is comparatively rmart and a style
which is popular for spring
* \Vys
Fashion Hints
Τ~Λ Γ : ft SS > ifterr.oon, effectively trim
med frocks are < xpecteu to be in
high favor, and it is thought thai iMV
tyi-e of dress sur'èly mèans a return ot
ihe more elaljoiiitely trimmèd hat.
A great ileal of ribbon is used on
new r;.iiiirr h its and flower*, too, ar >
extensively applied with good effect.
Cully colored wooden bea^s. cpra^
bined with colorful yarns, form a trim
ming that has undoubtedly made an
impression for spring clothes. I'.us·
ii-n motifs on wool Jersey frocks are
an effective use to whicii this unique
trimming has been applied.
There is a tendency in I tots to be
considerably lower In the· crown, but
these models should be aetccted with
care, for they are not generally be
coming unless the trimming is cor
rectly placed.
Very narrow skirts and Jackets ot
contrasting material are a smart vari
ation ot the tailor-made that on· sees
frequently in spring collections.
Modified military touches In th·
Photographs by Fashion Camera
The vogue for foulard has extended beyond
dresses into tlie realms of millinery and
accessories, as may be seen by this photo·
. graph. A «mil in g girl it wearing a match
ing set of hat, parasol and shopping bac,
all made of foulard. The roomy ha| is
finished with colored wool and the lanel
decoration i> of the same material
way of trimming edicts are shown «η
new wool jersey sport suits. This Is
making a pleasing Impression and
should be a good feature of sport
fashions., ^
Many different types of wings are
Even if one is not in need of frock*
for southern wear, a glimpse of lin
gerie frocks is not a waste of time,
for the southern fashions of tlw
moment are usually the prevailing
modes for summer, and surely lliii
dainty frock of white voile is lovely
enough to enjoy ail extended pop»
well liked as trimming for the spring
hat of French origin, as well u thOM ,
of American development
Highly glazed wings and small titrds
•re' tised as trtmtnlng on many hata. ;
These do not stand off from the hit, '·. ;
but"are laid flat against the frame.
Very new tunic skirts are left open
at the left sides and others made with
distending Dutch pockets are fea
tured with suits having semifltted
etons or box Jacket·.
Interesting sleeve developments are
ΞΞΞ1 ;
Fancy straw in tan, trimuied with wheat
and floral wreaths, is ibis little "bonnet,**
to unique in its trimmings and attractive
in appearance
tight sleeves reaching half way to th·
elbow. Still other sleeves are of th·
flowing Chinese type: and others but
ton snugly to the elbow, where th·
sleeve Is open to reveal a puffing of
contrasting material. ,
Lace of different types, dyed to i
match the dr is material, Is a feature
of son)- of the newest afternoon frocka
As has already been reported, capes
are receiving careful consideration and
bid fair to be popular. 1
Lingerie for sport wear Include·
some novelty garments made ot col· '
ored striped silk. ι
Semttallored lingerie, resembling the l
union suits the men wear, «ad
wrapped separately to guarantee ' 1
cleanliness, are a war economy gar
ment presented for women's accept·
·( court leather, lined witk cklk Teller ftnlehfd wilb
Hitching end with belt end wiiM etrept be Id In pine· by
buckle· of bra··. The tri· bal et draw and latin ie an excellent model

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