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Letters Erom
Local Soldiers
from Carl Nabcl
France, April 20, 1918.
^ear Alfred,
Just a few lines to let you know
hat I am still in the limelight of our
lavy. Mother asked me to write you
, few lines as 1 haven't seen you for
, long time but I hope to some day ,
gain. I ha\e been over here in
'ranee since July on the U. S. S.
ioma, formerly Vincent Astor's
acht. I was in the navy from 1910
ο 1914, then 1 went to the auto Held
>s an auto mechanic or anything in
hat line until the war started and of
twrse ί came back to the navy as I
lad the naval training as a gunner's
I think I should have come into the
lerviee of the 17. S. as a Ras engine
(nan in the aviation section but why
try over spilled uiilk.
For war news, I ha\e none as you
people home get more news about
lhe war than we do and we are over
pere right into it, head and feet. As
(or the submarines, we are kept busy
Xnd also keeping them on the go. I
toould have sent you my photo but I
(nust see if the censor will allow me
to send tt. The weather here is good
^nd 1 am in good health. I will close
Kith regards to all.
U. S. S. Noma.
France, March i, 191S. ί
I>ear Mother:
Testerday was the first Sunday we
had of£ In some time and it seemed
Suite strange to have Sunday calls
With no drill again.
They had a service here In the
ûugout at 9:30 in the morning which
H Dr. Hesselgrave, a Congregational
tninister from Manchester, Conn .
conducted. He is in Y. M. C. A. work,
ft rather elderly man, well liked by
the men. He brought stuff to the
trenches to us one time. He had
ftuite a time getting his congregation
together. Had to break up a poker
tame, getting the fellows to stop un
til after the service and go. In the
tfternoon we had movies down hero
ι the dugout. They seem mighty
kood over here and we are like a
bunch of children shouting and yell
ing, etc. Of course we do not have
eeats, etc. This is no regular movie
theatre. Some break every once in a
While like they used to at first in the
p. S. or else the light goes out, but
that doesn't bother us. Movies are a
teal treat. AY. M. C. A. man spoke
also. To show how little one keeps
track of the days, he told of a story
current in the line that in places the
soldiers gamble whether the day is
Sunday or not. This might seem
Strange but really it might not be so
far from wrong as work continues
tlOm day to day and one keeps no
accurate account of time unless there
|s something ahead to look forward
to. Usually we don't know when
things are to take place so we do not
Count the days. When a Sunday
fcomes when we have Sunday calls
èvery one is mighty glad.
I was on guard starting in yester
day and ending this noon
One good thing In addition about
the movies was that I was able to get
& supply of carbide for my lamp.
They use an oxo-acetylene flame for
the movies. My lamp works fine and
I am certainly glad you sent it
There are many interesting things ,
we saw up at the front which are
stock things and I did not write ,
about. For instance the telephone j
System. There aro wires everywhere, ;
And at all heights. That Is one of the
things one has to watch for when out
At night. Don't fall Into a shell hole
And don't trip over a wire on the
iround, fall over one lenee high or
bump into one that is shoulder high.
They are everywhere and one Is prêt
er lucl· f 1.'· doesi umbie over
mm sometimes. They also run them
jhroug' theji°
ihi iter supply.
Ve drank the water out of shell
fcoles. Of course it had to be chlor
inated and 'he combination of the
Bnud anu the puritying chemical cer
ainly make a peculiar tasting mess,
don't wonder that the French never
Irink water. But all these tilings are
general and you can read about them
J the magazines. There have been
Ome very good articles in the Satur
i»y Ivening Post, also In Colliers. I
ihough one I read in Colliers was
Éather imaginary.
Your loving son.
1>β<τ Mother:
Moving around again. Have just
returned from another trip to the
trenches and we are now at our base
behind the lines. I am on guard here
While up at the front this time we
Éd not have so much as the time he
re. The time before the French
id mapped out work in such
fashion that when we came in from
firing or digging all we could say was
•'Are we in time for the next detail ?"
Jfhia time It was not so bad. Easier 1
bid less digging, and more sleep,
everything went fino and we had
Come pretty good times up there I'd
father be there than here. There
^rere some Interesting Frenchmen,
plenty to read, eat, drink, smoke,
Cards, etc.
When we got back we had quite a
party as there were a number of box
r waiting for us among which were
number of Christmas boxes. Γ guess
it is pretty nearly the last of them.
Jjixle Rucker, who was bunking next
me, got one last night mailed in
ifovember. Another fellow got one
1tli some home-made fudge made in
fovember and it was about like a
ement road. Wonderful mail serv
Today they issued us with overalls
»nd Jumpers. I don't know whether
they expect us to be sewer diggers or
failroad engineers from now on but
frt any rate its presence means that
(nuch more clothes to monkey around
When we were up at the front this
last time Fritz shoved oser a little
fcae. Tou should see the fellows try
ing to sneeze and cough with the
toasks on. It's funny enough if you
mxe not the one affected. A little gas
|ackle3 the nose and one sneezes and
Utmost blows his mask off.
We now play quoits with horse
toes quite often. Also monkey
ourid with a baseball a little,
ough as yet the company team has
t had the opportunity to organize.
IntwmtrrUo· ·» Rao··.
her· la plenty of hlatorlc preced
|t for th· Intermarriage· of warrior·
I th· women of th· land· they enter,
ilder th· Roman legion· of Trajan
pd Tltpa, quartered ta Beythla, and
native girl» of the trlot. Thia
ulted In th· race - «oumnnlani,
claimed to b» A*t deicend
nt« of "·» - * *-·
ϋβΜ|β· Oil. Kim am
Snake Oil
Limber Yon Up—A New Croatie a,
?··■ Killer aa4 Antiseptic Combined,
or rheumatism, neuralgia, lumbago,
UfX and swollen joints, corne, bunions,
ï whatever the pain may be it l· aaid
ι be without an equal. For cuts, burns,
>Ulsee, sore throat, oroup. diphtheria
1 tonellltls it has been found most ef
.ive. Accept no substitute. Thlfl
It oil la golden red color only,
re 1· nothing like it Hvery bottle
*nteed; 16c, EOe and 91 #r m ο nef
——r# J
7 heatre
Montagu I^ove, the famous star of
World-Pictures Brady-Made \s star
red in the new World-Picture. "The
Cross Bearer," which tells the re
markable story of Cardinal Mercier,
the world-famous Belgian prelate,
who has stood up so sturdily for the
IrighLs of his countrymen against the
ι aggressions of the German oppress
I ors.
The story is an extremely thrilling
one. It tells of the love story of the
cardinal's ward and of the ivay that
the cardinal protects her. Kxcite
ment abounds in this picture, and it
is a splendid view of the terrific hard
ships suffered by the Belgians and of
the heroic efforts made by the cardi
nal to alleviate their sufferings.
"The Cross Bearer" will bo the
super-attraction at the Dltm&s
today and tomorrow and
the management of this theatre un
hesitatingly recommends this master
ly production to the patrons of this
The lavish scale on which "The
Cross Bearer" has been staged is one
of the notable features connected
with it. The interior of the cathedral
where the cardinal repulses the Ger
man horde is a huge structure espe
cially erected for the purpose of film
ing this picture. Throughout the
whole production expense has not
been spared in making it the very
best ever.
Democracy triumphs over snoboc
racy in Triangle's great prize photo
play, "Real Folks," to be shown as
the added attraction.
J. Barney Sherry, Francis McDon
ald and Fritz! Ridegway are the tri
umvirate that convey the message of
"Real Folks," Triangle's $1,000 prize
photoplay, to the public.
The engagement of "Tho Kaiser or
'.he Beast of Berlin" has again been
extended at the City theatre where it
nas already packed tho newly opened
playhouse to the doors for the first
three days of this weelc. Never in
tiie history of ihis giïy hsut a picture
been tendered the tremendous recep
tion as has been accorded "The Kais
er" and tomorrow will probably be
capacity all day and to meet the. de
mand the performances will bo held
continuous from 2:15 until 11.
"So lions Ijctty."
Local theatre goers have a treat in
store in "So Long Letty," Oliver Mo
rosco's unusual musical comedy
which will be seen at the Majestic
theatre on Monday. "So Long Letty'
has had a successful career of more
than three years, and 13 an actual
coast-to-roast success, having had it*
first performance ia San Francisco.
During tho past two seasons it played
larger cities, and is now making an
extended tour of the smaller cities,
which will take it T>acK home in Los
"So Long Letty" has a plot—a de
licious sequence of improbabilities
that hold the interest and delight.
This plot concerns the plans of two
young married couples—Letty Hob
bins and her serious and domestic
young husband, and Grace Miller and
her frivolous helpmeet. As Letty is
frivolous, and Grace is serious, each
man finds himself attracted by the
wife of his friend, and they plan to
"swop partners."
ΛΝΊιοη the respective wives hear of
this they fix up a little plan themselves
and it is in the working out of this!
plan that makes the story.
"Over the Top.
"Over the Top" a Vitagraph super
feature founded on Sergeant Arthur
Guy Empey's famous wor book of
the same titie, has been booked for
the Strand theatre end will be shown
here Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
Sergeant Empoy, probably the best
known soldier of all the millions who
have fought in the trenches of France
to stem the tide of German barbarism,
appears as the etar of "Over the Top," ]
and he is said to enact vividly the
stirring experiences met by the
French and British who held the lines
against the Boche in the first mad
months of the war.
"Over the Top" the first authentic
reproduction of the drama and trag
edy that is the war, has been hailed
as one of the greatest photoplays In
the history of motion pictures and la
ranked as the foremost of all the su
per,productions or the screen because
of the personality of the star and the
importance of the play as a contribu-ί
tion to the historical phase of the war
and its relation to the war work of
the United States.
Let the Other Fellow Do It.
"It 1* not nece3sary to hate a man
yon nre going to fight," said Grandpt,
Mlntlicker. "Let him do the hating,
If U help to rmttle him."
Use Grandma's Sage Tea an$
Sulphur Remedy and No
body Will Know.
The use of Sage and Sulphur fer re»
storing faded, irsjr hair to 1U natural
color date* back to (randmothor*·,
time. 8ii· used It to koay liar h«4*
beautifully dark, rlony and attractive.
Whenever her haïr took eti that dulL
faded or streaked appearanoe, this ilm«
pie mixture *u applied with wonderful
But brewing at home Is musey nnd
out-of-date. Nowaday·, by asking at
any drug store for a B0-oOnt bottle of
"Wyeth's gage and Sulphur Compound''
you vrlll ce tthls famoue old prépara*
tlon. Improved by the addition ot Other
Ingredients, which can be depended up*
on to restore natural color and beauty
to the heir
A well-known downtown druggist
e«ys U darkens the hair so naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell It ha»
beenapplled. You simply dampen a
sponge or soft brush with It and draw
this through your hair, taking one
strand at a time. By morning the gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
Îlleatlon or two. it becomes beautifully
ark and glossy.
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound
is a delightful toilet requisite for thos·
who deslro a more youthful appearance,
Jt Is not Intended for tb· cure, mttlg*.
|loi « preventle» tf <!■»■■« itifc J
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