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Protest Made at Hearing by
Frelingnuysen and Appleby
to Hoover
(Washington Correspondent of P. A.
Evening News)
' igorous protest was made against
the pollution of the New Jersey
beaches, rivers and streams by Sen
ator Joseph Frelinghuysen, Repre
sentative Appleby of Asbury Park
and Representative Radcliffe of Pat
erson at a hearing yesterday before
Secretary of Commerce Herbert
Hoover and other officials of the
commerce department having to do
with waterways.
They complained bitterly that the
ocean waters are being polluted by
tank steamers and vessels of all
* types burning oil and urged that
means be adopted to put an end to
the practice. The oil burning steam
ers putting out of New York and
especially those going southward
flush their engines off the Jersey
coast and throw off great quantities
of heavy oil that sinks to the bot
tom at first and is later washed up
upon the Jersey beaches, along the
shores and into the rivers and
This refuse is ruining some of the
beaches and doing serious injury at
other points. It is killing the fish
in the ocean and along the shores
and up the streams, they asserted,
and is keeping the shad out of the
rivers. Many millions of dollars are
invested on the Jersey beaches and
in the fishing industry along the
Jersey -coast, they said, and it is im
perative that steps be taken to abate
the nuisance.
Senators and congressmen and
representatives of Interested parties
from Maine to Florida joined the
New Jersey representatives in their
protest and endorsed prompt pass
age of legislation to correct the evil.
Senator Frelinghuysen introduced
a hill in the senate some weeks ago
to forbid such pollution of the wa
ters and will now press it with in
creased vigor.
Representative Appleby will intro
duce a similar bill in the House so
that action can be urged on the
measure in both houses. Secretary
Hoover is expected to send a strong
recommendation to congress endors
ing the measure which will aid ma
terially in the efforts to secure its
When will Perth Amboy cease to
be the speedway for the railroad?
Our factory contributes more (in
proportion) than any other city la
the state and we get. WHAT?
. Our stations are a disgrace and
« our train service a joke (the rates
are the real things, however.)
We need and are entitled to either
elevated or depressed tracks, but
in the meantime force the railroad
to reduce tho speed of its trains
passing through here (which is
«fhat they mostly do) or make
them do what our commercial posi
tion entitles us to. Make them
Wtih Perth Amboy a stop, all
trains going south would start to
coast from the Hall avenue bridge,
which would enable the engineer to
ccntrol them at Washington street.
New Brunswick avenue, Smith and
Market streets, while trains going
nerth never get up to full speed till
near the Hall avenue bridge.
Yours for safe crossings in Perth
Alight 1 ask you to give this letter
a bit of space in your valuable paper
under the heading "Public Opinion.”
in the June 13th issue of the
NEW'S, under the heading, “Widow
and live children ousted tor failure
tv pay rent,” there appeared an ar
ticle to the effect that I ousted a
widow named Mrs. Valenceivitz and
her live children because of her in
ability to pay a bill amounting to
forty-eight dollars due me, seven
teen dollars of which is alleged in
the article to be a bill for liquor.
I want to say here that the abovt
entire sum was due me from her
husband for rent. Her husband is
at this time and was then a resident
of the State of Pennsylvania. Upon
being asked for the' rent the widow
replied that she would not pay it
and further retorted that she would
li ave her belongings during the
night and that x might whistle tor
my rent.
The following morning a large
truck backed up in front of her
home and the man proceeded to
move said belongings which were
strewn about the street ready to be
loaded on the truck, when a consta
ble arrived with an attachment
which, incidentally, was perfectly
legal, and attached the belongings of
the debtor to the extent of the bill.
No doubt a great number of peo
ple who read that article arrived at
the conclusion that X played the part
of the harsh landlord, trying to
squeeze a pgor widow with five chil
dren, but such is not the case. She
could have remained in that house
indefinitely and I would have waited
patiently for the rent, as I did during
the three months that it was in ar
rears, had she not flaunted her in
dention to dodge it in the way that
she did.
§ 667 Charles Street,
Terth Amboy, N. J.

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Beauty Center Moves
The center of beauty is shifting southwest. At least that is the
deduction from the appearance of southern beauties as models for
posters and magazine covers, where northern girls used to predominate
Some typical southern beauties are shown here. Above Miss Eugenia
Bankhead, daughter of Senator Ban khead of Alabama. Below, left to
light, Mrs. Robert McCallen .daughter of Senator Carter Glass of Vir
ginia; Miss Margaret Harding daughter of \V. P. G. Harding of the
Federal Reserve Board, whose hom e is in Alabama, and Miss Mary
Hone of Kentucky.
Chivalry Still Lives
The gallant “Sir Walter Raleigh” is holding his hat to shade Mrs. j
Harding’s eyes while she looks at the badge on his coat. The badge is I
that of Columbia Commandery o f Knights Templar, Marion, O. '
Members of the commandery wen t to Washington to confer a degree
on the president.
Mrs. Thora Larsen entertained the
members of the Ladies’ Aid of Cal
vary M. E. church on Wednesday aft
ernoon at the church. A pleasant
afternoon was spent, and a social
hour with refreshments concluded
the meeting. The Society made
plans for the annual picnic to Asbury
Park to be held on Thursday. June
30, when th% trip will be made by
Mrs. Paul G. Zimmerman and Miss
Annie L. Tilton were the guests of
friends at New York, Wednesday.
The Junior League of Calvary M.
E. church, will hold a bread and
cake sale in the church, Saturday,
the procee.ds to be used in the pic
nic fund. After Monday no more
meetings of the League will be held
for the summer. Plane are being
made by the superintendent. Mrs.
Thomas W. Dawson to take the
children to Asbury Park next week.
Dr. H. T. Hopkins and Howard L.
Irwin attended the convention of the
New Jersey Pharmeceutical Associa
tion held at the Essex and Sussex
Hotel, Spring T.ake, on Thursday.
Mrs. Harvey S. Bedle was the guest
,f friends at Newark, Wednesday.
The Ladies’ Aid of Calvary M. E.
church will hold a Tom Thumb wed
ding at the church. Tuesday night of
next week. The children will give
the entire program, all being under
six years of age.
William A. Tilton attended the fu
neral service of Miss Mary Mount at
t. . * ii —ii i -
Navesink, Wednesday. Miss Moun
and Mr. Tilton were old schoolmate.1-.
Mrs. William Maurer was the guest
of friends at Newark on Wednesday
The Keyport Literary Club is con
ducting a sale this afternoon for the
benefit of the Women’s College at
New Brunswick. Mrs. B. M. Stern of
Matawan. will address the meeting
on "Citizenship.”
Lucl Garage, the ten-month-old
son of E. Garage, had a miraculous
escape from possible injuries Tues
day night when the child was run
over by a wagon driven by Walter
Fowler, employed by Perrine &
Buckclew, of this place, and escaped
injuries other than severe bruises.
The child was rushed to the office
of County Physician John L. Suydam
of this place and found to ho unhurt
other than as noted. The wheels
passed ever the abdomen of the
child. According to the statement
given by Fowler, the child was play
ing unattended in the roadway and
the fact that the horse that was
blind on the side that the child was
on prevented the animal from turn
ing out. No action was taken against
Fowler though an attempt was made
by the father to secure a warrant
for his arrest.
William Schade, Perley Bunn and
Daniel Delaney are a committee who
will give a shirtwaist dance in
Lange's Hall tomorrow night. It
will be the last affair by this com
mittee this season.
’V s **
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KEASBEY, June 17—At a special
meeting of Protection Fire Com
pany No. 1 hold last night, the fol
lowing resolution was unanimously
adopted by the company:
‘Eagle Hose & Chemical Co.,
“Perth Amboy, N. J.
“Brother Firemen:
“Whereas, The accident of June
15, 1921, has caused you great loss
and affliction of your membership.
“Be it resolved. That wo the
members of Protection Fire Com
nanv N'«» 1 of Kfi'shey. X._ ■!
hereby extend to you our most sin
cere and heartfelt sympathy.
"Be it further resolved, That we
Join In expressing our sorrow to the
afflicted families.
NO. 1„ Keasbey, N. J.
Announcement was made today
that if tonight is stormy, the pa
geant, “The Pied Piper," which is
scheduled to be given by the schol
ars of the school on the school
lawn tonight at X o’clock, will be
[postponed until the first clear night.
The Brand rally day excursion of
the Order of the Eastern Star of
the state of New Jersey to Asburv
Park will be held on Tuesday, July
19. Tickets nre now obtainable
from Mrs. W. F. Hall, Atlantic ave
nue; Mrs. Pike, Jackson street; Mrs.
Lindquist, Little street; Mrs.| O.
Craig, Middlesex street; Mrs. C. El
lison, Middlesex street: Mrs. Her
bert Burlew of Freneau, and Mrs.
Bliss, of Main street.
Fifty-eight grade students arc I
eligible for high school next year, j
In the state efficiency tests Anna I
VVidly secured an average of 99 i>cr
The general examinations in the
Malawan schools will begin on
' 'londay.
X;*<w. .-. A -lt .
>*i' ' .
*. •«
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