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I saw Nedda oft at the station with
a little feeling of relief.
I was sorry she had spoken as she
' did. It upset me. Little by little all
ι these old friends of mine, all these
eld associations, were closing in
iround me, were undermining my
Suppose I should adopt their cyn
ical worldly point of view! What
' :hcn? Suppose I should begin to
think that the great things of life
[A'ere the things that I had really re
"ν I had been so sure love was evcry
. thing. I was sure of that still. But
the question was coming into my
mind more and more insistently—did
I have love?
Sometimes I looked at Win imper
sonally, wondering about him. In
the evenings we sat on the porch
sometimes, more often in the little
living room where Win read the
papers and I read or sewed. I could
see hie profile when I glanced up.
He was and he wasn't handsome.
His ekin had been wonderfully clear
end alive when I prst knew him, but
. the days indoors at the office and the
I evenings and nights Indoors and in
badly ventilated, overheated places,
had affected him as it had affected
"Even if you don't like being here
the fresh air and the n«iet is doing
you good," I said suddenly.
"Oh, I feel all right, I always
have." He gave a little impatient
twist to his shoulders.
I went on with my critical inspec
tion. At some time in her married
life every woman looks at her hus
band, not ae though he were the man
she was wedded to, or that she was
eure she was going to love forever
and ever, but as she might look at >
some perfect stranger, some doubt
ful person on whom she bends a
critical eye.
The man who looks up to meet
that sudden inspection should take
care. For it may be the direct break
between happiness and a gradually
growing misery.
But Win never looked up. He
Went rfh reading.
He had an irregular profile, not a
bad one. His hair was nice in the
way it went back from his forehead,
his chin was not strong, though it
■was well shaped, it was decidedly
weak looking. His mouth—it could
be tender as I well knew. It could
^ be hard too—and then he looked like
hie mother. His nice grayish eyes
would have redeemed a face far less
attractive than his, but I could not
tee the eyes now.
• He looked up, drawn by the mag
oetism of my gaze.
"What's up, Connie?" he asked,
laying aside his paper.
"Nothing," I answered. "I wish .
•ometiimes you—liked It better here.
I don't like to see you bored and un
Win picked up a cigarette and lit
"I'm not dear," he answered
gently. "I'm standing it much bet
ter than I expected. I think I must
be vegetating."
I began to laugh, the first free
laugh for a long time.
"You're not, you are relaxing," I
It happened that we had no guests
the following weekend. Win and I
spent a long Saturday morning
working on the lawn and among the
flowers, and in the afternoon we
went for a swim at the beach. Sun
day came cool and delightful. We
planned a tramp over the hills for
the afternoon, and that morning we
had breakfast out on the porch and
1 made muffins while Win made
It was one of the nicest memories
t have—that morning. But it ended
at noon.
For at noon a great car slid up to
our gate and «topped. Win called
into the house for me, and I went
out to see who the unexpected guests
ivere. They were Gwendolyn and a
party of friends.
"So sweet, such a dear little
house, as cozy as a bird's nest,"
Gwen cried, holding out both hands
to Win as she alighted. "Connie,
dear, how well you look! I really
believe this agrees with you."
We greeted the party and they all
rame in on the porch. Gwen was
too enthusiastic.
"See the child's eyes—bluer than
heaven! You look so different from
last winter. Will it make me as
>-oung and charming? I could even
?nduro the country if it would make
me So attractive."
I turned to talk to the others,
rhey were motoring to the Green
mountains, and ran out of their wg*.,
ïo find our place.
".Lost six times! You are not on
iny motor map I nossess," Gwen
-•ried. "Win, I haven't seen you—
for days, have I? Do you like it
"I hate it," Win answered, looking
lown into her eyes. They were
standing a little apart from the
çroup, but I could overhear and so
:ould anyone who chose to listen.
"Well, she may be making a mls
ake in burying you here all sum
Tier, you with your talent. But the
luiet won't hurt you!" There was
ι glance from those odd green eyes.
"You'll come in town next week
ind lunch with me, Connie! I'm
lome by Wednesday," she said in
"I'll be delighted," I answered me
.hanically. And they drove oft'.
Win watched the car disappear
hen turned and scowled at our
"Hideous place! And the summer
ias only Just started!"
► Husband!
Tbe liau's Side uf Married Life
I Tarn Cook
Another evening eaw Dot com
pletely lagged out. Hobble was ir
bed when ι reached home, and Doi
was nearly as listless ana Ured at
"I'm sorry not to bo better com
pany," Bile told me.
"it's certainly too bad we can'i
afford to keep a maid any longer," J
replied, "i'ui airalu you're trying
lo do too much."
"JNo, I'm all light—just tired. Bui
it isn't lair to you lior to Bobble."
".Never minu, 1 tried to comiorl
her. "It 1 set that job with ûdim's
lather a comfortable salary will gc
with it, and everything will be all
right again."
"1 can't understand why there's
been such a deiay," my wile com
plained. "1 should thlllic he'd know
uy now whetner ur iiul he wanted
1, too, was bothered, but 1 didn't
like to admit it. "Oh, tilings in busi
ness sometimes take longer than a
person expects. lou'li see that in
the end X'll get the Job.
"Don't lei's worry anyway; we
can get along lor a while on my
present salary and something else
will turn up if this scheme doesn't
go through."
"Things are all right now if no
body gets sick," Dot said. "It would
be" terrible if that happened because
I don't know how we'd pay the doc
tor'e bill."
"Come on, brace up." I tried tc
be cheerful. "There's no sense in
b making trouble for ourselves. What
are we going to have for dinner?
You just sit in tho kitchen and tell
me what to do."
"Do you mir.d, dear, fixing some
thing for yourself while I lie down?"
Dot tried to smile bravely. "I can
hardly manage to move and I don't
want anything to eat. Just fry your
self some eggs—you'll find them on
the top shelf of the ice-box. Take
the white ones.
" * —J ne*· onmλ
ΛΜίΧ ytlu tail l ly bui lie iiiiiaiwo
with them and make yourself a cup
of coffee. There's a piece of cake in
the bread-box. I'm eorry I can't do
better for you, but you'll excuse me
Juat tonig-ht, won't you?"
"Of course, sweetheart. Lie down
right away and don't worry about
Dot went to our room and I took
off my coat and busied myself in the
kitchen. I had done cooking of a
very simply kind on camping trips
and I didn't mind frying a couple
of eggs.
But domestic life for us, I saw,
had become a rather drab affair. Dot
was more of a maid-of-all-work than
she was a wife. Her duties about
the house were so many that she had
neither the time nor the interest to
give to me.
There must be some way out of
this dismal, monotonous round of
drudgery. One way out, certainly,
was to make more money. I hoped
to be able to do that.
There wae another way, but I did
I not want to think of it.
(To be continued)
(Copyright 1921 by Newspaper En
I 'The «lare lDclln but da not compel."
Sunday, July 3, 1921
(Copyright, 1921, by the McClure
Newspaper Syndicate)
Good and evil stars contend today,
according to aitrology. While Mer
cury, Neptune, Mars and the Sun are
in beneflc aspect Uranus, Jupiter and
Saturn are adverse.
During this planetary government
the mind is likely to be disturbed
and unsettled, because of the con
trary influencee.
This should be a favorable day for
writing letters or for literary work
of any sort.
It is a time for visiting friends,
especially those that may be of serv
ice in ambitious projects.
Young folk will find that attention
paid to their elders while this con
figuration prevails will be well
worth while.
During this sway there should be
much profit at summer resorts. This
is a lucky day for short journeys or
outings of any sort.
Again Uranus and Saturn rule with
evil portent that seems to bode
anxiety for rulers of every sort. All
who represent the head of govern
ment may expect to be the target for
unkind criticism.
Members of congress will proba
bly partake of the public displeasure
for there will be a tendency to find
fault, even where there is no cause
for dissatisfaction.
Saturn is in a place that promises
much Interest in colonization
schemes of every sort. Back to the
land movements will be fought,
probably, and will be subjected to
suspicion, but they will win success
where they are honestly managed.
The weather at this time is likely
to be exceedingly oppressive and
debilitating. The aged will suffer.
Despite efforts at economy in gov
ernment expenses, there will be a
great increase that cannot be avoid
ed, the eeers prophesy, and this will
probably be in the line of coast de
fenses or military preparations.
Persons whose blrthdate it is
should not speculate or risk money.
The year may be rather unsettled,
but it will be wise t# avoid changes.
Children born on this day may be
serious, ambitious and inclined to
be extravagant. These subjects of
Cancer are usually fond of adven
ture and they may attain big suc
Charles W. Harned, son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Gilman. of Wood
bridge, and Miss Rose Feddersen,
daughter of Mrs. Carrie Feddersen,
of Goodwin street,· this city, were
quietly married yesterday afternoon
in the parsonage of Simpson M. E.
church by Rev. Wilbert Westcott,
pastor of the church. They were
attended by Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Jensen and a^ter a reception at the
bride's home, immediately left to
spend their honeymoon In Atlantic
City. They will reside upon their
return in Goodwin street.
Mr. and Mrs. William Pemberton,
Mrs. Jane Pemberton and Mrs. Mar
garet Crowell, of Gordon street, left
Thursday on a motor trip through
the state of Ohio. They will be gone
for two weeks and In the meantime
visit relatives there.
Miss Alice Sterling, of Fairfield,
Conn., formerly a teacher in the
local high school, is visiting friends
in this city.
Miss I.ouise Peterson, of Smith
street, will spend the week-end and
several days in Lakewood, prior to
a two weeks' visit in Maine.
Mr. and Mrs. William Coughlln, of
Washington street, are spending the
Fourth of July week-end in Atlantic
Mrs. Marie Holmes. Miss Tina
Holmes and Jack PfeiiTer. are the
guests of Miss Holmes' sister, Mrs.
De Monslegle. In Asbury Park over
the week-end.
Miss Thelma Emmons, of Madi
son, left this morning to spend the
week at the home of her fiancee,
Mr. and Mrs. Williston, of Spring
field, Mass.
Miss Edith Crowell, of Rector
street, will spend the we4?k-end with
her sister, Mrs. John Addis and fam
ily. at their summer camp in Mil
ford, Conn.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Egan. of Ashley street
on Tuesday. Before her marriage,
Mrs. Egan was Miss Emma Davis.
Donald Manson, of Rector street,
left this morning to spend a week
at the home of his fiance, Miss Leila
Arnold, in Stroudsburg.
Misa Mary Fraser of Kearney ave
nue. and Miss Sarah Jones, of Rec
tor street, leave today to spend the
week-end with their Wellesley col
lege chum. Miss Marian Brecken
rldge, of Woodbridge. at her cottage
in Manasquan.
Miss Ina Butler h .s returned to
her home in Philadelphia after
spending some time with Mrs.
Adrian Johnson, of Wrst street.
Funeral for William Peterson
Funeral services for William J.
Peterson, eleven months old, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson, of 260
Barclay street, who died THursday
at the New York Hospital, will be
held tomorrow afternoon from Holy
rrinity church. The Interment will
be in Holy Trinity cemetery.
Victor Fcjtak '
Victor Fejtak, fifty years old, of
473 Mechanic street, died last night
it his home. He is survived by his
widow and six children. The funer
il services will be held tomorrow
nfternoon at 3 o'clock at the Holy
Trinity church. The interment will
r>e In llolv Trinity cemetery.
Dance Complete Suooms
Lloyd Council No. 11, Daughter*
of America, staged their first dance
most successfully under the com
bined auspices of the Junior Club
Thursday night In Junior hall. The
music for the dancing was excellent
and the evening most enjoyable in
spite of inclement weather for all
who could attend. Mrs. Robert Mil
ler. Mrs. Percy Daub, Mrs. Lillian
Boyer, Miss Cora Mehaffey, Miss
Bertha Oxenford and Miss Helen
Mehaffey\are responsible for the
dance's success.
Society Frernad to Meet.
The meeting of the Society Fre
mad scheduled for Monday night,
July 4, has been postponed until
Monday. July 18, because of the holi
1 .mlles Society to Meet.
The meeting o£ the Ladies' Society
of the First Presbyterian church
yesterday afternoon In the church
parlor concluded the season of 1920
21. The real work of definitely ap
pointing the committees to assist
the various chairmen at the bazaar
to be held in the chapel in the fall
was discussed and laid over until
the first meeting in the fall. This
will take place on the last Thursday
in September and the society at that
time will begin preparations for a
brilliant event In the fall season.
Howley Rack on Duty
iBy Evening News Staff Correspondent.]
Thomas Howley, of this city, court
constable under Sheriff Anderson,
who won his fight In the supreme
court to be continued as a consta
ble, reported back for duty yester
day. Sheriff Elmer Wyckoff said
he would abide by the court's deci
sion, but would not put Howley
back on the Job until he has been
officially notified of the finding of
the court. He told Hbwley that the
hours for constables now are from
9 o'clock in the morning until court
closes. Howley was dropped as a
constable when the Republicans
went Into power. He made a court
fight on the ground that he was an
exempt fireman and could not be
put out of the Job, and won.
Tight Pot·· Broken OIT
A municipal light pole at the cor
ner of Willocks lane and Smith
street was broken off when struck
by an automobile yesterday after
ηοοη. Officer Seaman took the
driver of the car, B. McMaho, of
New York, to headquarters but he
was later discharged when City
Electrician Jay Franke Investigated
and found that the pole was ready
to fall over before being struck by
the machine.
To Contlnne Wwkly Parties
The ftaritan Yacht Club Auxiliary
will continue their weekly parties
throughout the month of July, dis
continuing them all during August,
as the result of the decision reached
yesterday afternoon at their month
ly business meeting in their club
rooms. Mrs. Charles Seguine was
appointed general chairman for the
next six months to secure Mrs. John
Kelly and she appointed the follow
ing committee for the month of
July: Mrs. E. W. Pollock, chairman:
Mrs. Agnus MacLachian, Mrs.
Charles White and Miss Margaret
Crowell. It was unanimously decid
ed to give $10 to the Firemen's Re
lief Fund and $10 to the Home for
the Aged campaign and this conclud
ed the business session.
Mrs. John Kelly won the bridge
prize in the cards that followed and
Mise Margaret Crowell, the prize in
500. The committee served refresh
ments of delicious sandwiches and
Honor M Ins Ryan. '
Mise Genevieve Ryan, a member
of the graduating class of '21 of the
Fords School, entertained a number
ot her friends at a party at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. T. Rynn In Aintoy avenue, Forda.
on Thursday night. The rooms wero
brilliantly lighte-l with Incandescent
liRhte and the gucitx piayed many
interesting games and danced on the
porch, having a joyous time. Violin
and piano selections were enjoyed
throughout the evening and before
Its conclusion, the hostess served a
buffet supper. Among the guests
were the Misses Grace Stevenson.
Edith Jensen. Helen Guile, Olive
Peterson, Henrietta Morrison, Vero
nica McKinnon, Helen Dalton, Mar
garet Farroat, Betty Cottrell, Mar
guerite Ryan, Margaret Reid and
Genevieve Ryan, Messrs. Kugene
Mullen. Jr., Howard Cottrell, Jr.,
Thomas Cottrell, Edward Dalton. Jr.
Joseph Kilsby. Charles Grey, Thom
as Ryan and Walter Glellng.
T. W. H. A. to Meet.
A special meeting of the Y. W. H.
A. has been called by the president,
Miss Rose Sacarny, for next Tues
day night July 5, in tho Y. M. H. A.
club room to discuss the possibility
of holding a picnic In the near fu
ture. The meeting will begin at 8
o'clock and all mmbers are urged to
be present.
License to Wed
Marriage licenses were recently
Issued to the following persons:
Harry Waterhouse and Bertha Ras
muss'en, John Faezak and Margaret
Yukas, John Norlaskl and Mary
Scamana, Martin Duschock nnd
Stella Keak. John Markoff and An
na Fapoofcka.
Mies Ruth Steinkopf, of Bern
ardsvillo. is «pending the summer
with Mrs. Lewie Triniey.
Richard J. Delaney, state super- !
visor of roads, has been detailed to
Lake Hopatcong to supervise the
laying of a warrenite road by the
State Highway Commission. It is
estimated that construction of this
road will take approximately two
William Christen, of Rahway, vis
ited his mother, Mrs. Seamon
Christen, of upper Main street yes
Kn route to Atlantic City yester
day a motor driven houso car stop
ped on upper Main street. The car,
fitted up with every convenience, at
tracted many people, who were per
mitted to inspect the interior of the
car while the occupants were en
gaged at lunch.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Murphy are
the parents of a baby girl. The
young lady arrived early yesterday
Several trainmen on the local ex
tra list of the Pennsylvania rail
road are to be placed on duty at
Altoona, Pa.
John Salmon will enter on his
annual vacation Menday and will
entrain for parts in northern New
ι ut* ijvvv uuiiie ni iittï Λΐttnanit's
ville Hose Company of this city will
be open for inspection of the pub
lic on tomorrow. Every conceivable
device that tend toward making the
firemen comfortable has been in
stalled in the building. This house
has been built without any of the
city's finances and the largest of
the details were worked in by the
members that comprirse this enter
prising band of firemen.
Mr. and Mrs. William Donnell
and family, of Main street, have
left this city for Asbury Park,
where they will occupy their sum
mer dwelling on Asbury avenue for
the entire season.
Mrs. Meriam Williams has gone
to Loralne, Ohio, where she will re
main indefinitely.
The seashore bus line is becom
ing ' quite a fad for motor lovers,
crowds greet its arrival daily on its
trip to the popular summer resort,
Mrs. Margaret Cotter, of Sewaren,
visited several of her friends in this
city yesterday.
John Leonard, of David streeti
has resumed his duties at the UrF
ion Powder plant at Gillespie, N. J.
Many of the factories were forced
to close down yesterday at 10
o'clock due to the power being shut
off. The trouble lineman of the
-Monmouth Lighting and Heating
Company said that the late storm
had played havoc ftll along the lino
and current had to be shut off till
extensive repairs were made.
Miss Irene Kwilinski is making nn
extensive sojourn with relatives at
Dunkirk and Corning, Ν. Y.
Miss Elizabeth Duggan is spend
I c—3—7 ~ ~ S s ^ I I ■ 1
"A Trick"
After all. about the only way to
leal with tricky people is to match
your wits against theirs and meet
ι trlok with a trick. So when
Sprinkle-Blow discovered that it
was Jack Frost who had mixed hail
and hit Ben Bunny on the nose,
he decided that it was time to put
him under lock and key until he
should be needed in late fall 'or
sweetening up grapes and pump
There stood sly Jack "ha-ha-ing"
and "ho-ho-ing" at a great race and
he made Nancy, and Nick so cross
they wanted to make faces at him;
but Jack wouldn't have cared. Ho
was accustomed to folks making
faces when he was around. Why,
the impudent fellow even went up
to Farmer Smith one time (just be
cause he had made a wry face at
the cold weather) and blew his
breath on him and froze his whis
kersl But that's another story and
there's no time for it here. Besides
when roses and hollyhock» are out A
and the garden's lull of good thing· «
to eat, who want· to talk too much ■
about Jack? He's a nuisance! 1
Well. Jack was "ha-ha-ing" away 1
when a plan popped Into Sprinkle·
Blow's head.
Jack had been keeping back In
the shadow, for as we all know, he
dislikes Mr. Sun. Sprinkle-Blow f
whispered to Nancy, who immedi- -,
ately slipped off to the house where
the good winds lived; In a minute
she returned with lovely warm
South Wind.
South Wind flew up behind Jack
and blew down his back. Jack was
so surprised he forgot and stepped
out into the hot raye of Mr. Sun. j
That dazzled him and the rest was
easy because he couldn't see a
thing. Sprinkle-Blow pushed him
into the house of the Nuisance Fai· >
ries and slammed the door.
(To becontinued.)
(Copyright, 1921, by the Newspapei
ing a ten days vacation at Irving
ton and Tarrytown, Ν. Y.
Mrs. Vincent Buck and daughter
Lavern, of Red Bank, spent several
lays at the home of Mrs. P. Mc
Cards were received from Wil
liam Dykes, formerly of this city,
trom l'alm Beach, Fla., statins that
in the very near future he will be
again in their midst.
Rev. Joseph Sutliff. of Gloucester,
spent tho rast week at the home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Van Pelt, of
Henry street, are making an exten
sive sojourn in Asbury Park.
Mrs. Charles Kolakovski of David
street, entertained a number of hçr
friends at her home last night. A
tempting repast was served by the
hostess. Among those present were
Miss Bessie Hensburger, Mrs. Rich
ard Powers. Mrs. Stephen Jakolskl,
Mrs. John Spencer and Mr·. Frank
This afternoon hundreds of Iocai
fight fans will hear the return·
from the arena at Jersey City,
where tho world's champion battle
will be staged. The wlreleM tele
phone apparatus has been Installed
In the Knights of Columbus build'
ing by Charles Lovely, assisted by ;
Harold Anderson, wireless operator ;
of the U. S. S. "Eastern Light," who
recently returned from a trip to .
the coast of Africa.
Mrs. Richard Powers a»d Mrs.
Eugene O'Toole attended the wed
ding of their niece, Miss Virginia i
Quinn, to Herman Bteinfeld at Satnt .
Teresa's church. North Tarrytown,
Ν. Y.
Stanlslws Kwlllnsk! Is making
extensive Improvements to hie bouse ;
on Pine avenue. r
May Escape the Dreaded Suffer
ings of That Period by Taking
Mrs. Block's Advice
Hopkins, Minn.—"During Change
of Life I had hot flashes and suffered
for two years. I
sawLydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound adver
tised in the paper
and got good re
sults from taking
it. I recommend
your medicine to
my friends and you
may publish this
fact as a testi
monial. " — Mrs.
Robert Block,
Box 642, Hopkins, Minn.
It has been said thatnot one woman
in a thousand passes this perfectly na
tural change without experiencing a
train of very annoying and sometimes
painful symptoms. Those dreadful hot
flashes, sinking spells, spots before
the eyes, dizzy spells, nervousness,
are ofily a few of the symptoms.
Every woman at this age should profit
by Mrs. Block's experience and
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
If you have the slightest doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's vegetable Com
pound will help you write to Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential)
Lvnn, Mass.. about your health.
317 Madison Ave.
Hill Move on or About July let
Electrical Massage and Scalp Treat
ment, Shampooing. Manicuring.
Hair Goods
10 Α. M.-6 P. M. Tuesdays, Fridays,
Saturdays until 9 P. M.
70 Smith St. Oae flight np 'Phone M2
(Just Half of Former Prices)
Gray Mixed Reduced to $4.00
Some of the best quality now selling
for 18.00
Hair Cutting A Specialty
175 Smith 4t.. Rarltan Building
Tel. IMS Established 16 Tears
formerly 174 Smith Street
Now Located at
Room 214
Corner Maple and Smith Streets
Hbovb IMA
How To Get
When the nerves, which regulate
the temperature of the appendix, are
pressed upon where they leave the
spine, excessive heat is produced In
the appendix, causing its inflamma
tion (Appendicitis).
Removing: this useful organ re
moves the effect but not the sauce,
inrl disagreeable consequences are
Chiropractic adjustments relieve
the nerve pressure and the Inflam
mation subsides quickly. Consulta
tion Free.
Dr. Albert
Palmer Chiropractor
Second Floor, Rati tan Building
Corner Smith St. and Madison Ave.
Telephone 1836
Fords Art'crete Works
Manufacturers of
Architectural Artificial Stone
and Garden Furniture
All our work executed In a moat skillful manner
Vase* Fountain·
Jardinai res Hermes
Balustrades Font*
Sundials Flower Pots
We also manufacture concrete building block·.
Special designs are executed from drawing:· and prices will be quoted on
details submitted, we shall also be pleased to submit sketches In accordance
with individual taste or offer suggestions for the placing of our material in
gardens and interiors.
Art'crete is an excellent building material and well adapted for ose In the
construction of the architectural features of the garden and home.
TEL·. 1378-R P. A.
Flower Boxes
For The Home Shoe Repairer
We carry a lull line of Cut Soles, and Strip
Leather, Rubber Heels and Shoe Repairers
Supplies of every description.
404-6 State St. Phone 1812
Perth Amboy, N. J.
Shoe Repair Supplies For Home Use m
Make It A Sane Celebration
and for your holida y enterU'ning serve
The use of Ice Cream as a food is being urged by the United States Govern
ment in all of its recent Food Bulletin s. People should eat more Ice Cream
and less meat and heavy foods, especially during the summer season.
Dieticians everywhere are advocating the eating of more good Ice Cream as
conducive to better healthy and it shoul d be made a part of everybody's ordi
nary diet.
Because of its purity and superior excel lence, you should always order
The Choice of Two Millions

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